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Health & Wellbeing

Summer fitness fun

with or without kids!

Sarah Maxwell breaks down the sometimes daunting

prospect of exercise into easily manageable activities

that can be slotted into a busy lifestyle

Whether you have children or

not, summer is the time when

your regular exercise class can

go out of the window, or even stop for the

summer altogether! Holidays, days out

and family time give us endless excuses for

‘getting back on it tomorrow’. However,

summer can be a great time to shake up

your fitness routine or get started on a

new one – with or without the kids! Nicer

weather (hopefully) and longer evenings all

give perfect opportunities to get out there

and get moving, so this summer I have been

trying out something a little different to get

all ages moving. Here are my favourites…

Playground memories

I recently went to a ‘Rabble’ class in

Tunbridge Wells (at the cricket ground) and

it took me straight back to my schooldays,

running around playing British Bulldog,

Dodgeball and throwing frisbees! I had

such a great time at the class and can’t wait

to go back. An hour passes in the blink

of an eye and you get a great workout

without even realising it – maybe next

time I won’t fall over trying to “Dodge

that ball”! The beauty of it is that all ages

are welcome so you can go along with the

kids or on your own.

Bouncing into fitness and fun

If you do have children to entertain over

the holidays, open jump sessions are

perfect. Many of my clients with children/

grandchildren find that the summer holidays

can be rather stressful and often tell me

they feel guilty when they use ‘family time’

to do their fitness programmes. It needn’t

be that way. Open jump sessions are for

all ages and are a brilliant way to burn off

those calories and have some fun with the

kids at the same time. I went to urban

Jump in Heathfield, East Sussex, to try it

out and can definitely recommend it.

Entertaining teenagers can be tricky but

urban Jump’s urban Fit is something a

little different for those aged over 16 – a

45-minute class involving 30 minutes of

trampoline fun followed by 15 minutes in

the urban rainforest assault course. Swinging

and climbing at your own pace makes for

a fun and effective workout and will work

multiple muscle groups.

Love being in water? Prefer

looking at water?

With Bewl Water on our doorstep there

is definitely something for everyone here:

cycling, walking, watersports AND the

new Aqua park! There is 1500 metres

of inflatable fun for individuals, groups,

families, adults and children. I know

where I’m heading this summer!

These are just a few of the things I have

tried, but there are lots of activities and

courses over the summer that will take

you outside and get you moving – with or

without the kids! Try searching the local

area online or checking our your local

Facebook groups to see what’s on offer

Now for something that can be done

without leaving the comfort of your own

home, this month’s exercise of the month!

With my hectic lifestyle I have to fit in

exercise as and when I can. Contrary to

popular belief, many of us in the health and

fitness industry stand around a lot telling

other people what to do without actually

doing the whole classes we are teaching!

This simple exercise (see right) can be

done anywhere – I often do it while I’m

brushing my teeth! A triple achievement

– clean teeth, improved balance and

stronger core in just two minutes!

Now that really is multi-tasking!

Sarah Maxwell is a

multiple award-winning

Fitness and Lifestyle

coach and mum of two

who juggles a lot of

balls. Find out more

about Sarah and her

work at sarahmaxwell.

com Sarah shares her

Fitness and Lifestyle

tips on Instagram


Exercise of

the month:

Core strength

and balance

It’s well known

that working on

single leg balance or

simply standing on

one leg can help you

with foot and knee

stability, but did

you know that this

simple exercise engages

your core muscles too?

Stand straight (maintain

a good posture) raise

one leg off the floor and

balance with the other.

Aim to maintain this

position for a minimum

of 20 seconds. If you

can do it for longer

than 60 seconds, try it

with your eyes closed!


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