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Above: A backlit crucifix provides a stunning focal point in the guest

bedroom and alludes to The Bath House’s former use as a church

Right: The master bedroom

to encourage the association, and at the end of that – just

in case this wasn’t already the dream home for boys – a

secret tunnel, which pops up in the kitchen…

Though perfect for a tribe of boys the house may

be, their educational needs are forcing Sol and Laurie

to move everyday life to a new house back up towards

Sevenoaks, where Sol’s two older boys are at school.

For now, the future of the amazing Bath House for the

Parker family remains open. They might make it available

as a special rental, or if the offer is right adept negotiator

Sol (he’s an agent for major musicians) says he might sell.

After all the work they’ve done, it must be a tough choice.

Head back up from the basement to the top of the stairs

and you arrive at the new upper floor, which Laurie and

Sol added to give them a master bedroom with its own

bathroom – cleverly tucked behind a wall panel the bed

sits in front of – and a dressing room on the landing.

With a sea view out of a porthole-style window, next to the

boat bath, this room has a very maritime feel – enhanced by a

vintage life belt from Saltdean Lido they bought in Greenwich

Market long before The Bath House entered their lives. It looks

as though it has been bought exactly for that spot – a happy

serendipity that seems to have played out in the whole house.

“We sourced as much as we could locally and by the time it

was finished, we couldn’t remember what we had, but when we

got it all out, it all fitted and the colours just went together.”

Which makes you think that if you put enough effort

and determination into a project, in the end the details

can seem to sort themselves out. Acts of faith rewarded.

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