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Who Is Babajide Olushola Sanwo-Olu?

Twenty Years Of Democracy In Lagos

State– Mr. Dele Alake

Journey To Alausa – HE Babajide Olusola


The Babajide Sanwo-Olu I Know –

Otunba Femi Pedro

The Babajide Sanwo-Olu We Know –

Unilag Executive MBA Class 1998-2000

Towards A Greater Lagos. “My First 100

Days” – HE Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu

The Role Of The Deputy Governor

Otunba Femi Pedro

My Deputy And I – HE Babajide Olusola


Godfatherism In Politics – Mr. Dele Alake

Lagos Prays – Henry Balogun

Nigeria 2023 – Chief Akinsanya Sunny

Ajose (OON)

The Lagos We Want

Footprints Of A Leader – LSDPC STAFF


Closing Remarks – HE Babajide Olusola


Appreciation – Henry Balogun

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Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu was

born into the illustrious Sanwo-Olu

family of Lagos Island on June 25,

1965, and he has grown to become a

symbol of integrity, hard work,

diligence, selflessness and empathy

that are second nature to his worthy


A scion of the Sanwo-Olu family of

65, Omididun Street, Lagos. Babajide

had the privilege of proper and

quality upbringing, which has

continued to guide his path through



He is happily married to Dr. Ibijoke

Sanwo-Olu, a Medical Doctor with 27

years of professional practice, and

their marriage is blessed with lovely

children. Mr. Babajide Olusola

Sanwo-Olu is a devout Christian and a

firm believer in humanity.






Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu is an

alumnus of the prestigious Harvard

Kennedy School of Government,

London Business School and the

Lagos Business School. He also

earned a Bachelor's degree in

Surveying & Geo-Informatics and a

Master of Business Administration

(MBA) from the University of Lagos.

His early education was at

Government Demonstration School,

Gbaja, Surulere and Ijebu-Ife

Grammar School, Ogun State.





Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu is an associate

member of the Chartered Institue of

Personnel Management (CIPM). He is also a

member of the Institute of Directors (IOD),

Chartered Institute of Personnel Management

(CIPM), and Fellow of Nigeria Institute of

Training and Development (NITAD).


Prior to his banking career, Mr. Babajide

Olusola Sanwo-Olu worked (Post – NYSC) as a

Seismic Surveyor with United Geophysical

Nigeria Ltd (a seismic data acquisition

company) in a role which took him around

the whole Niger Delta and Lake Chad region,

prospecting crude oil for Shell Petroleum

Development Company (SPDC) and NNPC

between 1989 and 1991.

Like every entrepreneurial mind and

adventurous youth, he tried his young hands

on a start-up business by starting a company

called “Dial a Plumber” with his funds

between 1992 and 1993. The experience

garnered from the venture made him realise

that Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

(SMEs) require a considerable amount of

government support to thrive.

From 1994 to 1997, Mr. Babajide Olusola

Sanwo-Olu was a Treasurer at the former Lead

Merchant Bank. He later joined United Bank

for Africa (UBA) as the Head of Foreign Money

Market, and subsequently moved to First

Inland Bank Plc (now First City Monument

Bank, where he retired as Deputy General

Manager and Divisional Head.

His valuable experience garnered from

executive-level roles in both the private and

public sectors have not only distinguished him

but also made him a valuable resource to some notable organisations on whose boards he served.

Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu's board roles include being the chairman of Baywatch Group Limited and First

Class Group Limited


His public service career began in 2003, when he was appointed Special Adviser on Corporate Matters

to the then Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Femi Pedro, and later Special Adviser on Corporate

Matters to the Executive Governor, His Excellency, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Due to outstanding performance, Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu was appointed acting Commissioner

for Economic Planning and Budget. He went on to become the Commissioner for Commerce and

Industry under Governor Bola Ahmed Tinubu, in 2007.

After the General Elections in 2007, Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu was appointed Commissioner for

Establishments, Training, and Pensions by Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola.

His meritorious service to Lagos State continued when Governor Akinwumi Ambode appointed him as

the Managing Director/CEO of the Lagos State Development Property Corporation (LSDPC) in 2016.





He is a board member of the Department for

International Development (DFID/DEEPEN) Fund

and Caverton Offshore Services Group, where he

served on the Audit Committee.

His remarkable aptitude in policy formulation,

implementation & monitoring, innovation

architecture & solution design, has also earned him

a seat at important decision making tables in Lagos

State. Some of these include being the Chairman of

the State Consultancy Board, membership of the

State Tenders Board and serving on New Projects

Initiation and Promotion Committee.

Mr. Sanwo-Olu, in addition to his love for public

speaking, is a member of numerous prestigious

clubs which include Ikoyi Club 1938, the Island Club

and Yoruba Tennis Club.

On the 16th of September 2018, Mr. Babajide

Olusola Sanwo-Olu formally declared to run for the

office of the Governor of Lagos State on the

platform of the All Progressive Congress (APC). His

declaration attracted endorsements from major

stakeholders in Lagos State politics, including the

Governor's Advisory Council (GAC), Lagos State

Council Chairmen and members of the Lagos State

House of Assembly. He went on to win the Party

primary elections and became the APC candidate

for Lagos State Gubernatorial elections which took

place in March 2019. An election he won by a

landslide and was announced by the Independent

National Electoral Commission (INEC) as the next

governor of Lagos State.

This is who we have all come to know Babajide

Olusola Sanwo-Olu as. However as we hop on the

train towards a greater Lagos, his administrative

leadership will tell for certain who Mr. Sanwo-Olu

really is.





Twenty Years of Democracy in Lagos State

As an elder statesman who served as a

commissioner under Senator Bola Ahmed

Tinubu, what significant difference would

you say Lagos has experienced before and

after 1999?


Going down memory lane on happenings in

Nigeria before 1999, we were deep in the

thrills of militarism for a number of years

from Jan 1st, 1984 to May, 29th 1999, that's

quite a number of years if you do the


During that time, we were strictly under

military decrees, edicts and there was a total

absence of democracy, it was a rule of force

by the military establishment, and given the

nature of the military, is obey the last order,

orders were issued, there was no single iota

of pretenses to carry along the public

because the military usually shot its way to

power, there were no campaigns, no

programs, no policies, no elections… nothing,

so you found yourself listening to the radio

and just hearing about a change of

government. Once the military got there,

they did everything according to their whims

and caprices and so the nation was held

down, held by the jugular for those number

of years, and it took its toll on the

development of the country, on the progress

of the country, on the socio-economic and

political emancipation of the country. And

some of us were in the vortex of it all,

because of the absence of democracy, there

was no parliament, no houses of assembly,

no senate or house of reps, in short there

was no legislature, no participatory

democracy, no representative of the people

to promote democracy.

Shortly before Democracy Day on May 29th

1999, Gen Abdulsallam had opened the

political space for political activities; of

course, parties were formed but the major

Mr. Dele Alake

ones being Alliance for Democracy (AD), the PDP

and a host of others. Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu

came back, and insisted he was coming to take

part in political activities. So he did and we joined

forces together. I remember he actually came back

wanting to go to the Senate, but by the time he

got back a lot of things happened to change his

mind, and I remembered it was in my office at

Concord; myself, Segun Babatope, Tunji Bello and

himself in my office when I said “look, my own

view was that he had to go for the governorship

because it would afford us the opportunity of

coming to implement the programs and policies

and philosophies of June 12 which we were all

part of but that had been aborted” and he agreed.

We took on the whole challenge, we went into the

campaign and after a very acrimonious primary

and highly contentious election, he won. Then we

started the business of forming a transition

committee and sub-committee, for

conceptualizing various policies and programs for

the incoming Asiwaju government, and the rest is

history. That's what happened before 1999.





Primarily, the main thing responsible for what

you see in Lagos constituency today, the

progress and development trajectory of Lagos

constituency today is due to the political

system Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu instituted

and the enduring structures he put in place

starting from 1999.

I would say with all sense of modesty that

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu's political system

is about the only one that I can see in the

political firmament of Nigeria since 1999 that

has been well grounded philosophically and


If you look at the various political systems in

other parts of Nigeria, you would have what I

call an agglomeration of interests, views,

groups forming political parties. Ideally, by

definition that should be it, a political party

should be an agglomeration of this divergent

interest and all that, but the demarcation

point with that of the Tinubu's system is that

those other ones are not grounded in any

philosophical framework or ideological

perspective, perception or even inclination.

The other parties and the other political

systems in other parts of Nigeria, emerged

largely “in my own view” as a platform to

protect peculiar interests, not necessarily

platforms for altruistic purposes for the larger

interest of the public, and for the envisioning

of deep-seated political structures that would

usher in real progress and developments. That

has been the marked difference between the

Tinubu system and those other systems that

has been the necessary ingredient for the

continuity of the Bola Tinubu system in Lagos

state, not necessarily without prejudice to the

individuals that have occupied offices in Lagos

state. It is because of the system and the

endurance of the system put in place, which

then means that anybody who comes in as

the driver of that system, would literally have

little room to maneuver but to go forward,

and build on the structure that he/she meets

in place.

That continuity has largely helped the state

that is Lagos state in forging ahead with its

giant developmental strides, progressive

policies, implementations of social services

that seek to make life convenient and

comfortable for its inhabitant. That's really

the issue, the kernel of the issue. It is the

philosophical ground norm of the Bola Tinubu

political system that has ensured continuity

and the focus on the programs and policies

that in totality ensure the convenience of

Lagosians and that has attracted people from

all works of life from other states in Nigeria

into Lagos, which is why today Lagos is

bustling as it seems with population.

Everybody is coming to Lagos because Lagos


The opposition parties are at liberty to spew

out inanities and mouth slogans that literally

or metaphorically and figuratively means

nothing. It is just in the nature of oppositions

to criticize whatever it is because they also

are hanging to seize power. So whether you

are the best performer in the world your

opposition must seek to run you down. I

don't take such things seriously because you

also have to put these “opposition” and its

people into proper perspective and context.

What is the track record of achievement of

any leading light of this opposition? What?

Where? None… practically none or very

negligible, so therefore, they don't have the

basis to make very intellectually rigorous

criticism. If you must criticize, you must put in

place viable and constructive alternatives,

they are not bringing any alternatives to the

table, they just say “oh, this is a one-man rule

for 20 years”, compare and contrast in other

climes or in other states in Nigeria. What has

been the developmental trajectory in those

other states? They are all trailing behind

Lagos state which says implicitly there's





something good in that so-called“ one-man

rule for 20 years”, and now come to the nittygritty

of it, I would disagree vehemently that

it's a one-man rule, No, it is a system, that's

why I ab-initio analysed the major difference

between the Tinubu system and those other

systems. Tinubu has put in a system that is

grounded in a forward-looking progressive

philosophical framework and it has an

ideological perspective. Now when you want

to put a system in place, you have to

establish the philosophy behind that system.

That is the envisioning; what do you seek to

achieve? The methodology, how do you seek

to achieve it? Then the knowledge. There are

three attributes of leadership in any clime of

progressive leadership. The attributes are

vision, knowledge, and the will which is the

courage. You must have the vision, you must

be able to envision long term goals for your

society or the sphere in which you operate,

you must have the knowledge to translate

the vision into reality and to chart the

methodology of achieving those goals and

lastly you must have the will, that is the

courage to push through those policies that

would achieve your set goals. Those three

attributes are fortunately for Lagos State

embedded in Bola Tinubu, and the bane of

the progress of Nigeria till date has been that

we haven't had a leader nationally that has

those three attributes combined. We've had

one or two with one aspect of those three

attributes or two aspects of the attributes,

but we haven't been lucky to have a leader

with the three major attributes combined in

him. We are lucky to have had that in Lagos.

I have worked with Tinubu, I have known

him, I have been with him in the trenches

during the NADECO days before we got into

office, I know the stuff he is made of, he is a

man with vision, he can envision long term

goals and I would give you examples. Take

the revenue of Lagos State for instance, when

we came in 1999, the IGR (internally Generated

Revenue) of Lagos State was 600 million naira,

what we were receiving from the federal

government as allocation was a little over 1

billion naira, meanwhile the wage bill of the

workforce and the civil service alone of Lagos

was about 1.6 billion naira, that is excluding the

tertiary institution, the Judiciary, capital

expenditure, administrative charges and all of

that. Then the man put on his thinking cap, and

he started crafting what we call social

engineering, and by that time we were in the

executive council and he brought out a memo

into the EXCO for us to discuss about how to

make sure Lagos was put on a path of financial

recovery and eventual path of financial

independence, we argued for weeks on end on

that policy and he insisted that was the way to

go, and we started implementing the mechanism

he had put in place.

I remember vividly at a point in 2005, after we

had started implementing those policies and

putting the mechanism in place, the IGR started

climbing, and at a point in the executive council

in 2004 or 2005, he did say quite unequivocally

that, “if we went on implementing those policies

at that pace we were going, that the

administration or the successive administration

that would take over from us will start swimming

in money”, and he became prophetic. Today, you

know the IGR of Lagos State, where it hovers.





There is no state in Nigeria that is close to what

Lagos State generates, that is what we call

visioning, He is a man with vision and he's got

the knowledge, and he's got the will/the

courage to push through those goals.

I remember there was a particular incident

where he demonstrated the knowledge; we

wanted to embark on radical and massive

infrastructural development and renewal of the

urban centres of Lagos, that was when we

proposed the dualisation of Yaba to

Itire/Lawanson, the Awolowo road you see

today, was only two lanes, we dualised it

without demolishing a single structure on

Awolowo road, that was close to 20 years ago,

till today, you don't see a single porthole on

Awolowo road. Then we embarked on Adeola

Odeku, then Akin Adesola and a host of others

that we did, but there was no money. Then he

said we should go and take short term loan and

hedge against inflation, because the way he

saw things, if we didn't take the short term

loans while looking at the horizon, the financial

health of Nigeria and the situation, inflation

was going to rise, we would not be able to

afford the materials again, but that it was

better for us to hedge, take short term loans,

buy all the iron rod necessary, the cement, the

materials, for all those constructions, so that by

the time the inflation climbed higher, we would

have amassed all the materials necessary for it.

We argued and argued, those of us who are not

financial experts, we argued against it,

even those that were finance people in the

EXCOs, then Wale Edun was commissioner

for finance, Yemi Cardoso was

commissioner for budget and planning. We

confronted Tinubu on it in the executive

council, and he maintained his stand, at

some point, some of us kept quiet, it was

left to Wale Edun, the commissioner of

finance, who also was on our side, he took

on the governor, he was wearing suit,

when the argument ensued and persisted,

at some point he took off his jacket. Wale

removed his jacket and the argument went

on, then he loosened his tie and the

argument went on, then he rolled up his

sleeves. I remembered Mrs. Kemi Nelson

was also in the cabinet then, Mrs. Kemi

said; “Wale, at this rate, you would remove

your shirt”, and we all laughed in the

EXCO. That was how hot our executive

council deliberation was, because when

you have a suffix of technocrats and

professionals, and you are also deep

yourself, our executive council meetings

were always like editorial conferences,

contentious, you bring a memo, everybody

would draw out their knives, and punch

holes in your memos, so you must have

done your homework before you brought

memo to the executive council, and

defend. Everybody would bring ideas, it

was an intellectually robust session that

we had, and so at the end of the day,

issues were exhaustively discussed, and

conclusions were logically reached, and

from there policies were conceptualized,

formulated, executed, tracked and

monitored, so the resultant effect is what

you have in Lagos today, and that is why

Lagos would keep moving ahead. So those

who are mouthing one-man rule, one man

rule, they are probably quite ignorant or

mentally vacuous.







HE Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu


t's been about nine (9) months

Isince I resigned as the head of

LSDPC, and so far, it has been a

pretty interesting journey, at some

point, it seemed like a rollercoaster,

but I was able to fare well and stabilize

all of the expectations, both from the

public and myself.

It has been an eye-opening journey,

right from the point of being an

aspirant, to a candidate and then going

through all of the turbulent campaign

processes, going around the 20 local

governments and 37 LCDAs, having

several meetings with all level of

stakeholders and pretty much selling

my campaign programs to everyone

and letting them understand the

different things I am about and the

different ideas I plan to bring in.

Debates, interviews, and more

meetings, down to the election day

itself and having it postponed again,

and then the final election day with the

anticipation of the results and finally I

was declared the winner. I had to deal

with post-election fever and the

transition period. It has been pretty

interesting, revealing and engaging but

in my own way I've had to create my

own positive journey through it all. It

has been a journey that God has

personally helped me pull through and

I have received massive support from a

lot of people, from the entire

leadership of the party to the teeming

population of Lagos, from friends and

family members and personally, I truly

appreciate what the journey is turning

out to be.

So much greater than what is behind, so

we all need to be forward-looking and

expectant because greater and mightier

things are ahead of us.

My emergence as the flagbearer of the

party brought about a sense of belief in

what the party was trying to achieve,

which was giving power to the teeming

party flag bearers at that time.

It wasn't such a difficult call, just that a lot

of people probably didn't have any idea of

my previous experience in governance, so

it wasn't turbulent in anyway, because my

emergence as a candidate was something I

was certain about and I had a lot of

support coming out from that which was

really humbling to me. Moving from that

point, we believed that Lagosians needed

to be convinced, we never really imagined

that victory was a done deal, we rolled up

our sleeves and got to every Lagosian,

every stakeholder that truly wanted to

hear us. We went to every nook and

cranny of the state, visited almost every

part of the state that we could identify. I

imagine that we communicated properly

and sold our programs adequately and we

ran a campaign that people testified to be

unique and the most innovative in the

political scene of the country. Having

worked that hard and having it being

capped with a victory at the end of the

day, one has to be appreciative to both

God and the people that gave their

support throughout the entire journey.




The Babajide

Sanwo-Olu I know


I worked with Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu

for roughly four years in the banking industry,

he was our treasurer at a point, and then later

on he became the general manager for

investment banking. In all these years, he was

assigned very sensitive responsibilities and in

very sensitive positions, that could only be

held by someone that they trust, someone

that has character and integrity. He was in

treasury department, the life-wire of any

bank, you could not just pick anybody from

the street, you had to put somebody that you

trust, somebody who is reliable and has

competence, and Jide was a thoroughbred


I was quite impressed with him because of

the way he took his job, he took his job

seriously in the course of the years we worked

together at treasury, and if you speak to any

bank MD, they would say that the closest

relationship they have with any of their staff

would be first his treasury manager, and

second, the foreign exchange manager.

Jide and I had a close relationship, we worked

together as a team, I respect his level of

judgment, his decision making capabilities

and his competence level, and that's why I

didn't hesitate when I was appointed deputy

governor to request him to come along with

me, because I needed somebody at that level

Otunba Femi Pedro

whom I could trust, going into a new job.

In the private sector, he creditably delivered

himself, I didn't have any problem with him

whatsoever. In the public sector, we just

practically continued where we left. He was first

my adviser, and he advised very well, we worked

together on several assignments given to us by

the governor, and I didn't have any reason to

complain about him at all. At a point in time, I

felt that he needed higher responsibility, so I

personally approached the governor to humbly

and kindly elevate him, to the level of a cabinet

ranked special adviser, and the governor obliged,

and from there onward he worked directly with

the governor, but throughout our tenure he was

a very, good public officer, and I really didn't




have any reason to complain about his performance.

I believe he discharged himself creditably well.

20 years of Lagos state has been years of progress

and tremendous development, there's no doubt

about it, if you grew up in Lagos or you were born in

Lagos, you would see the difference, there has been

giant strides. This has happened basically because

there has been continuity in the governance, the

foundation has been laid by Asiwaju Bola Ahmed

Tinubu, he actually had a blueprint for the

development of Lagos, which was the “Ehingbeti”

program, which was held every year between 1999

and I think about 2009 or 2010 before it was

stopped, so this really formed the bedrock of the

developmental effort by Lagos state. What has

changed between then and now is the tremendous

influx of people into Lagos, the population has

grown tremendously in fact geometrically beyond

anybody's imagination, so the state has been so

burdensome under a weight of demands by her

populace that it could not meet, revenue growth has

not been able to match up with developmental

needs of the state so this has created a lot of

problems. The second issue is the leap frogging

technology, the state has not been able to keep up

with the technological advancement of the world

and one of the reasons behind it is also because of

the large influx of people coming into Lagos. It is

extremely very difficult to cope with the challenges

of environment, housing, and transportation,

congestion, providing education and healthcare for

the populace. These are the problems that incoming

governor, Gov. Sanwo-Olu would meet.





However, if you followed his campaign very

well, he has the campaign slogan called

‘’THEME’’, which spell out many of these areas

that I have mentioned. He is very well prepared

to meet these challenges because he has

worked through the system. He knows that

every year, if we don’t leapfrog, these

problems would catch up with us and it would

be more difficult to overcome. I have had

several discussions with him, I have listened to

him when he was campaigning, I have listened

to him on TV, radio, and I know he's ready to

face this issue frontally, particularly the issue of

transportation, the gridlock Lagosians face

every day, the environmental challenges Lagos

face, the problem of education, the large influx

and the young population, particularly youth

and creating jobs for them, I'm sure he is very

much aware of all these and he is very much

ready to cope.

I say this not in any way as a form of flattery, it

is the sincere truth about the kind of person I

have come to know Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu to


I would like to advice Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu

to remain true to himself, not to allow the

office to change him, he should stay focused,

and he should stay in the place of prayers at all



The Babajide Sanwo-Olu We Know

Unilag Executive MBA (Class of 1998-2000)

Engr. Jude Okpala

My name is Engr. Jude Okpala, I am the

MD of Cliché Limited and we are into civil

engineering, petition engineering, and

metal components productions.

I happened to be classmates with His

Excellency in UNILAG while doing our

Executive MBA in 1999. He specialised in

Finance while I specialized in General


He is a very amiable man. When we were

in school, we used to look up to him as

someone who was very organized, he was

there to take notes and submit on time.

Everyone always looked up to him and was

always saying, “I want to be like Jide He is

an embodiment of what it takes to be a

total manager, I think we have got the

right person to take care of Lagos State.”

While we were in school we looked at him

as a man with a very bright future, he was

so much “together” that he could hold

sensitive positions back then and until

now, we are very proud of him and that is

why we are celebrating him today


for not disappointing any of us.

Even after school, our relationship

continued, he was a down to earth person

keeping in touch with all his old folks. The

relationship continued because while he

was still working with the past government

in Lagos State, he was keeping in touch, his

doors were always open, as long as you

were coming with positive ideas.

He knew how we all toiled to bring out

success in our academic works so he was

always willing to meet with old friends to

share ideas and tap out of them. It

continued till this moment, that is why we

can call upon him every moment and that's

another reason he likes to spend time with

his friends.

I was very happy when I heard of his

candidacy for the governor of Lagos State,

as you know I am the chairman of the

alumni so we celebrated him in absentia,

then we reached out to him to tell him we

are so happy to have him in that position.

It was a thing of pride to know that one of

ours has been picked for such a sensitive

position. We were all super excited.

Lagosians should expect a total change in




governance for this administration, expect new

ideas, expect pleasant surprises because Jide

would like to keep his good ideas within his

chest and throw them out when you least

expect it.

At the end of it all you come out positively

surprised and excited. We should expect

positive change, we should be ready for

dynamism in governance, and we should also

expect some seriousness, in the sense that he is

going to bring some clarity from his first

assignment in the financial industry, he is going

to bring that to the way things are interpreted in

Lagos State, so I tell Lagosians that they are very

lucky to have Jide. They should expect that

there would be a total change in the way things

are done and they are going to see a seamless

approach to governance.

Finally, we want to wish him well and pray for

him as

we have always done.

We look forward to the energy he is going to

unleash on Lagos state, and that is my prayer for


I also wish that he enjoys this position because

in everything we should always enjoy whatever

we are doing.

Adegoke Omotola

My name is Adegoke Omotola, I am the CEO of a

management consulting firm.

Mr. BabajideS anwo-Olu is a friend and also a

brother to me and I have known him for about

twenty (20) years.

We were classmates during MBA school, and

while we were in class he was a stickler for

time, he was also a leader and always had the

ability to pull people together. He led his

ideas, was very knowledgeable, and had an

excellent memory.

From what I can see and what I know about

him, I feel Lagosians should be excited and

expectant because there's going to be a lot of

transformations and he is going to lead by

example… That I know of!

I was quite surprised when I heard about his

candidacy for the governor of Lagos State

because I did not see him as a politician,

however, I think it was a good thing. Having

his kind of person in the political scene will

encourage others who are contemplating to

come in and add value.

Nigerian professionals are a bit shy when it

comes to politics, but I believe that the time

has come for professionals to come into the

political scene and bring in their professional

experiences, so Nigerians can benefit from

them in the long run. I think the next four

years is going to be quite interesting. The

programs and initiatives of his excellency, I

believe will have human faces and will also

have balance in terms of reaching out to

Lagosians from all spheres of life. Whether it's

the businessmen and women or the market

women or professionals and so on.

I believe there's going to be a lot of

dynamism from the very beginning, so

Lagosians should be excited and expectant

because I believe that at the end of the first

four years, there will be so much to be

grateful for, during his time in office and he

will be able to leave a lasting legacy.

I wish him well, I wish him well in office and I

trust God will give him the grace to carry such

a huge responsibility, and our prayers will

always be with him to excel and do well as

our governor.





deliberate; they are going to be quite


Tunde Falase

My name is Tunde Falase, I am the MD of Brain

craft, a consulting firm.

I am a former classmate of our incoming governor

of Lagos state, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

When I heard that BOS “as we know him” had won

the election, I was really excited because I had the

privilege of being his classmate for 18 months

during our MBA studies in the University of Lagos.

He has always impressed me with his unique

qualities, if I have to summarize, I would say that

in class BOS was always very composed, he was

very calm and he was also very considered in

terms of his contributions. He was a man of good

contribution and they were also deliberate

considerations, he was somebody that stood out

for being deliberate in his thinking.

The class actually did well by having BOS as a

member of the class and it's a bit of a paradox

because it is almost from one legacy to another. I

was the first governor of the class and to hear that

he is now becoming the governor of the biggest

and perhaps the most considered state in Nigeria, I

think to him it is an honor and of course, it also

does us, his classmate an honor as having to be

part of what we hope is the shaping of BOS.

“BOS doesn't strike me as a person who is going to

rush and then access the consequences of his

actions later. His actions are going to be quite

One of the things we saw a couple of weeks ago

was BOS preparing himself for this new role,

attending a leadership class at the Harvard

school of leadership. That speaks volumes to

the type of person he is.

I know that BOS will have a legacy in mind, this

is not a small mantle that he has taken on and I

know that he is not coming into the office to

enjoy the role of a governor. I know he is going

there to deliver what the role demands and I

think Lagosians should lookout and expect a

person who has a legacy in mind, which is one

of the things you look forward to in the great

leaders of today.

Personally, I think I would like him to work on

improving the quality of life of Lagosians, and by

saying the quality of life, it allows me to speak

about a variety of things. We do know that Lagos

is probably the envy of all the states but this

doesn't hide some opportunities that people

like BOS will be able to address. We start from

the seemingly mundane; what people are

talking about at the moment it's almost a

distraction in a mega-city like Lagos, we

shouldn't be talking about roads and potholes

and the likes. I know these are things that are

with considered leadership, likely to be a thing of

the past and then we can focus on the things that

actually touch the common man on the streets,

like the ease of doing business, quality of life and

the comfort of life. When you go home to your





haven, are you proud of the fact that your

home is in Lagos state because of the things

your governor has brought to bear for you? I

think with BOS we can expect to see these

things brought to bear.

Power supply, now this might be a federal

thing but then the state government also has

its contributions in terms of some of the

decisions that are taken.

As for transportation, we are already seeing

some steps in Lagos State no doubt, but we

expect this to get even more deliberate and

touch the lives of those who count; the real

Lagosians who are making Lagos the vibrant

city that it is.

I wouldn't choose one thing though, I would

offer BOS a basket because he is capable, he

has been tempered by the right type of fires,

he has gone through the institutions and the

work experiences both in the banking sector

and in public service.

This is a time for a leader like BOS to step

forward and deliver what Lagos is really

looking for. I have every confidence that we

will be seeing exciting things, lasting things,

sustainable things coming from BOS.

I last saw BOS 20 years ago and from the

pictures that I see of him, he is even looking

younger perhaps than when we last saw but I

am really proud of him as I said earlier on, I

used to be the class governor now I stand

behind him as he becomes my governor, so I

look forward to his time in office as our


Mr. Bolade Daranijo

My name is Mr. Bolade Daranijo, and I have been

friends with Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu for

about 30 years now.

Mr. Sanwo-Olu is a calm, focused and intelligent

gentleman. I think Lagos has got the best that

they will ever get because this is someone who is

calm and does not get agitated even under

pressure. He listens to everybody, he will take all

the information that a thousand people have,

absorb, digest and bring out the best of them.

Lagosians should expect a very successful time

and very brilliant time, and I think he will be the

best that Lagos has ever had.

I was extremely surprised when I heard about his

candidacy because I think that for anyone to have

looked and chosen someone like Mr. Sanwo-Olu,

there must have been a very big thought process.

His qualities are in-built and he is always trying to

develop himself to a point where I thought it'd be

blissful for Lagos to be governed by a man like


I wish him a very successful tenure and I pray that

the Lord will be with him throughout his time in


Omolara Ogunkoya

My name is Mrs. Omolara Ogunkoya, I am a

friend of Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu, and

we have been friends for almost 30 years now.

Mr. Sanwo-Olu is a goal getter and nothing

stops him from getting what he wants to get if

he believes in it, that is the impression I have

always had of him since our very early money

market days.

The Money Marketers Association of Nigeria

is association of treasurers. In the days where

we had just about 89 banks, and among

members of the association, you will find

people that will not keep their words and the

motto of the money market was your word is




your bond, so for a lot of us that know that

integrity matters, we were really able to get along

very well, even when the banks had problems,

people like Jide and a handful of others were still

together because even though the banks had

problems, we the treasurers know that we had a

relationship that would even transcend the

banks, so that was the relationships we had those


I was really excited when I heard about his

candidacy, I knew that with the energy he put

into banking and his time as a public servant,

Lagos state will be the greatest beneficiary of his

agility and his intelligence and his uprightness.

To a very large extent, I will tell you he is a very

upright person.

If you look at the way the campaign was carried

out, you will see that it was a whole new

dimension, it wasn't the usual everybody is going

to the stadium with a crowd of people following

them, make some noise and retire back to their

homes. This one he tried to touch all the groups,

all the professional groups, all the local groups,

the Iyaolojas, the bankers, the Igbo traders, it’s

like he touched everywhere and that is why we

saw that kind of result that had a landslide


I would like for him to work on the poor state of

electricity in Lagos. He has worked with the

former governor, Babatunde Fashola, who is now

the minister in charge of power and I know that

he knows what Lagosians need and he is going to

use that his relationship to let Lagosians benefit


I know that he has made a lot of promises to a lot

of people, I just want to assure them that he is a

man of his words and that in the fullness of time

they would know who he is and they will

appreciate him even more.

Caroline Odoh

My name is Caroline Odoh, I worked with Nigeria

Deposit Insurance Corporation. I retired 2017.



Babajide was my classmate, MBA, 1998 – 2000 at

Unilag. We did the course together for about two

years and we graduated together. That was how I

got to know him.

Babajide, honestly when I heard that he came out

as a governor, I was so shocked myself because in

class, though he was very intelligent, he was like

an introvert, always on the quiet side, so I was so

shocked when I learned that he was going to

contest for governorship. I was just like waaooww!

But I know, during that period, his brain and his

intelligence will get him through.

He doesn't look for trouble, he is so quiet not

knowing that…I don't know what to say. He was a

smooth operator because he was very intelligent.

In fact most of the things we do, at times he

solves problems for us.

As I said, he was very intelligent and I know he is

going to showcase that intelligence in these four


I expect him to be more organised, I expect him to

be more focused, I expect him to carry everybody

along and I know Lagos is such a place that if

you're not focused, you wouldn't be able to do

what you are supposed to do. We all live in Lagos,

but I know with his education, with his

experience, with his intelligence, he is going to do

wonders for Lagos state. That I know!

We as his classmates, we have to pray for him

because Lagos state is not a state anybody can

rule anyhow, he can easily be distracted.

My advice to him is that he should be focused as

he has always been. If he stays focused, he is

going to be able to do wonders and transform

Lagos from what it is now.

There are too many jobs to be done in Lagos state.

If as a governor, you're not focused and you lack

vision, you might not be able to achieve what you

want to achieve.

I know that a lot has been done under

infrastructure but there are still more to be done.

Infrastructure which may include road network

because we all live in Lagos, we know what we are

going through, so he should focus on that. I know

there may be some resistance but if he focuses on

infrastructure, on road network, he is going to

perform wonders.




My first 100 Days in office

Towards a



I wouldn't want to let the cat out of the bag

before time, with regards to what I plan to

achieve during my first 100 days in office. I

would like every Lagosian to hear and find

out about it at the same time.

What I can tell you for certain is that the

first 100 days will be a period where we

solve issues that can be quickly resolved. It

will be a time for us to reflect and think

about a clear policy direction of how we

would like to run the affairs of the state. It

will also focus on the appointments we

need to make and the various square holes

and square pegs that we need to put


The first three months will be about solving

teething issues that are critical to Lagosians.







Otunba Femi Pedro

As a former Deputy Governor there is the

myth about the role of a Deputy Governor

and the general notion that based on

provisions of the constitution, they are

actually “Deputy” governors and not

“assistant” governors, thereby relegating

their role. What are comments on the role

of Deputy Governor?

Well it is a myth as you called it because

there is no ambiguity.

The role of the deputy governor is clearly

defined in the constitution, in fact every

aspect of the constitution that deals with

the governor, deals with deputy governor,

the way the governor is elected is the way

the deputy governor is elected, the way the

governor can be impeached, the deputy can

also be impeached.

The only aspect that is different is the

responsibilities of the governor and his

powers and authorities. Those are clearly

defined in the constitution, but that of

deputy governor just says one word, as

assigned by the governor. It then means

that the deputy governor is second in

command in the administration but

subordinate to the governor, and his

responsibilities is as assigned by the


From my own perspective I had a wonderful

time as the deputy governor, I had very

important and sensitive roles to perform,


the governor gave me assignments and he

supported me to the best of his abilities, and of

course I aligned myself absolutely with the

programs and policies of the administration

during my tenure, so there wasn't really much of

a problem, but the truth must be told, the

nation is littered with issues of governors and

deputy governors being at logger head, even

during my own time at the tail of my

administration, I had issues with the governor

basically on the issue of succession not as per

my role as deputy governor.

I didn't have any issue whatsoever with the

governor, it all depends on the attitude and

character of the deputy governor and of course

the way he perceives and sees his role. Some

deputy governors might think they are equal with

the governor or they may want to be competing

with the governor, it's not the case, that's why the

word deputy comes before governor, to deputise,

you are more like the second in command and

subordinate to the governor, so I don't think there

is any ambiguity at all.





My Deputy and I

I expect to have a fantastic relationship with my deputy. Thank God he is also my friend and I've

known him for close to twenty (20) years now. As individuals of varied background, we might have

slight opinion issues that might need to be straightened out, which is natural with every human,

but I can assure you that whatever issues that may arise, will be dealt with and resolved swiftly, we

would espouse ideas and opinions and I believe at the end of the day, Lagosians will be better off

for it. There will not be any doubt in the minds of Lagosians about any sort of rift between us.

We would rather concentrate on solving the problems of Lagosians and making life better for

them, and that is what we would be doing. My deputy and I know what the job entails and we are

ready to deliver. So, there is actually nothing for anyone to be worried about. The jobs are clear,

the roles are well defined and the co-operation is very deep, the engagement will be very robust

and the relationship between my deputy and I goes way back and I hope to keep it that way.





Mr. Dele Alake



I would categorise people who are ranting about

godfatherism in Lagos politics as belonging to the

class of the opposition saying one-man rule, they

are just mentally vacuous or at best merely playing

to the gallery to attract attention to themselves, for

their own ulterior motive. Yes, I'm sure it's the

governor of Kaduna state that brought this into

focus recently from the lecture, whatever it is that

he came to give in Lagos, and he made those

statements about godfatherism.

Let's define what exactly is godfatherism, even in

religion isn't there a godfather? Even when you have

a newborn baby or child, a lot of family members

aggregate together giving names and some people

say, “I'm his godmother or godfather” and stuff like

that, even in religion, isn’t there a godfather? More

so in politics, and everywhere in the world. My own

basic understanding of godfatherism, in the esoteric

format is somebody who helps somebody

to achieve or to climb a ladder, either social,

intellectual or business, whatever ladder, can

be regarded as a godfather. If I'm in a position

to help you succeed, progress or develop, then

I can be labelled your godfather that is in the

esoteric form, in the positive form. Now when

you say godfatherism in a negative context,

that is what we don't have here. Awolowo the

sage, our revered sage, in this part of the

country, he was a godfather, how? He bred

many leaders, he gave birth not biologically,

but he gave birth to many leaders, he created

many platforms that enabled many other

leaders to flourish, that's a godfather. So if you

refer to Asiwaju Bola Tinubu as a godfather,

then I would put him in that mould of a

godfather because he has also bred many

leaders, he has created a system, a platform

that has enabled scores, myriads of people and

leaders to flourish. However, when you put it in

the negative form of the El-rufai format, we

don't have that here and I would like to ask Elrufai

if he can honestly in good conscience say

that he is not a beneficiary of godfathers, has

he not had people who helped him climb the

political ladder, who was El-rufai before Atiku

brought him out, and took him to BPE at that

time, which led to his being noticed by

Obasanjo, was he Obasanjo's younger

brother? Did Obasanjo pluck him from his

cubicle to come and make him minister?

Somebody gave him a platform to get noticed





before Obasanjo took him on and made him a

minister, so Atiku was his godfather, Obasanjo was

godfather and now Buhari is his godfather,

because we have seen him genuflecting before

Buhari, kneeling down and paying obeisance,

there are pictures of him doing that to Buhari and it

is common knowledge anyway that he rode on the

political wings of Buhari to become governor of

Kaduna state, that's not debatable, you know it in

Kaduna, so is he himself not a beneficiary of that

godfatherism he seeks to denigrate? He said he

had retired some godfathers in Kaduna, I do not

know of any godfather that he retired in Kaduna, I

do not know of any godfather that helped him into

office in Kaduna or on whose back he rode into

office in Kaduna that he retired, except if he meant

senator Shehu Sani that he fought, and Shehu Sani

would never label himself as a godfather or Nkuyi,

that one who's house he demolished, won't call

himself a godfather, I think any other person would

call that one a godfather, so I don't know the

godfathers that he retired in Kaduna to justify his

rethorics. I think he was only playing to the gallery

to draw attention to himself. Again he was like

Awolowo on one of his birthdays when the then

head of state General Badamosi Babangida wrote

him a letter and called Awolowo the issue in

Nigerian politics. Which meant “Awo” was very,

very important that whatever was happening in

the country, you had to think of what “Awo” would

say, and what he will do. Tinubu has become the

issue in Nigerian politics, so if you want to attract

attention to yourself, the easier route is to take a

pot shot at Tinubu, so that you would draw

attention to yourself for your own ulterior motive.

I want to wish BabajideSanwo-Olu lots of goodwill,

heavy dose of goodwill and good luck because he

needs it. Governing a heterogeneous society like

Lagos is not a tea party, I have had the privilege of

being part of it, and given my proximity to the

dynamics of Lagos power play since I left school,

it's not a tea party, but again like I said he is

mentally qualified, he is well equipped, he is

socially and emotionally stable for it, and he has

the knowledge, the intellectual capacity, the

people skills and above all the humility to see him

through. His deputy is also quite knowledgeable

and humble, so they share a lot of attributes. I

think it's a very fantastic combination and I think

Lagos state is quite lucky to have this team coming

in. I wish Sanwo-Olu success in all his endeavours

and I would enjoin Lagosians to give him maximum

co-operation, so that his team can take Lagos to

the land of Eldorado which is all our objective.





Lagos Prays


“Open the floodgates of heaven, Lord. Let your grace, mercy, and supernatural insight rain on

Lagos. Let fresh ideas, kindness, selflessness, humility, and empathy rain on Lagosians even as

we enter into four years of plenty #ForAGreaterLagos in Jesus name.” - HE Babajide Sanwo-Olu


Lagos Prays is an inter-denominational

group coming together to cover Lagos

with a blanket of prayer 24 hours a day, 7

days a week. Our mission is to mobilise

people to pray across the state.

We gather online or in designated

locations around Lagos to offer Jesus-

Centred prayers for Lagos, our leaders and

concerning challenges that confront

Lagos. We stand in the gap for our state,

our leaders and our people.

The challenges confronting Lagos State are

enormous and require not just skills and

competencies but continuous intercessory

prayers, from traffic and transportation to

health and environment, from education

and technology to making Lagos a 21st

century cosmopolitan mega-city in the

heart of Africa and from entertainment to

tourism, arts and culture, coupled with

recent rapid growth of population due to

influx from other states, preponderance of

indiscipline and impunity. The

regeneration of Lagos demands “praying

without ceasing”.

Lagos Prays plans to include governmental

leaders and walks on strategic sites within


Lagos Prays is designed to promote a culture

of prayer and bring prayer to the forefront by

igniting, motivating, mobilising and activating

ordinary people from all godly faith in Christ

Jesus to pray for state and local government

leaders, staff, co-workers, family, friends,

neighbors and all citizens, as we bridge gaps,

bring unity and change the spiritual climate

over our state as we invite God into our

everyday affairs.

We will pray for all authorities including

government leaders and pastors, church

elders, school boards, school principals,

employers, businesses, art and

entertainment and media.

“Guarding” means to encircle, hedge around,

pray, war, protect, serve, watch, guard,

patrol, intercede, cover and to shield. The

Lagos Prays team is composed of

intercessors, prayer warriors, prophetic

intercessors, prophets and spiritual warfare

intercessors whose mission is to guard our






Chief Sunny Akinsanya Ajose (OON)

What is your take on rumours of Asiwaju

aspiring to be president in 2023?

It is the expectation of the general populace that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu will run for the 2023

presidential elections. He has not even told anybody that he is coming out to run, but that is what the

people want. People are flying that kite, unfortunately, some people are jittery about it, but you cannot

throw away gold or diamond for just a raw iron. If the man is capable of pulling Nigeria out of its death

root, then there is nothing stopping him. He is Nigerian. He has the qualification, he has the expertise,

he has the knowledge and he is open to the people. There are so many qualities that the man has that

the others don't have, so you cannot just adjudge him by trying to blackmail him that he cannot come

out because that's exactly what people are trying to preempt, but I am sure when the time comes, we

all will see what the population will say.

This is the first time in Lagos State since 1999 that an incumbent governor did not get

the support of the party in Lagos State. As the deputy chairman of the APC in Lagos

State. Can you shed some light on this?

You are right that this is the first time in

twenty years that this kind of thing is

happening, it is quite unfortunate that it

happened that way but in our own case in

APC, we take seriously, the affairs of the

general populace and members of the party

especially the down trodden ones. We had

series of experience during the course of this

administration, however, the idea of removing

all the street sweepers from the road and then

incapacitating the PSP operators gave the

party leaders a lot of concern. As you can see,

there is so much garbage in every nuke and

cranny of the state which turned the state almost

to a point where it was during the period of the

military when Asiwaju came in before

restructuring the pattern of how we evacuate

refuse from all the homes.

Deviating from that, gave us a bad image both

locally and internationally and during that period,

there was fear of Lassa fever because rats were

beginning to have a place of abode in all the

debris that are all over the state. So they brought

in the vision scape. The concept vison scape





brought into the state was quite different from

the revenue we generate, it was not as

effective as we expected in Lagos state. With

that, there was concern from the leaders and

they felt that they were not consulted neither

was the intention made known until this people

came into the state. It appears that they don't

even know their terrain. The operations were

not as effective as it could have been, so that

was what gave the final straw to the patience

of the leadership. Later, they actually closed

down LAWMA headquarters by moving all the

staff back to Alausa, as if they are going to start

a new process and that in itself gave the PSP

operators concern and they started protesting.

So with that, the leadership now felt that well,

we were informed that the incumbent was

invited and matters were discussed with him,

but it yielded no positive result. At that point

they felt that well, if given the opportunity for

the second term, it may be an adverse

damaging effect on the party itself so that was

how they took that decision and was not even

the governor-elect alone that was considered.

There was a screening process. He just

happened to be the one that emerged at the

final stage of which he himself doesn't even

know. There are People that they put on the

line and they screened their antecedents in

terms of their professional skills and the ability

to govern Lagos state with all its uncertainties

and then the governor elect has also been

through the meal in the public service so he

wasn't a novice so he knew exactly all the nitty

gritty that needs to know and he's equally a

professional, So that opportunity came to his


door step. And I can assure you when he was

initially informed, he was dumbfounded

because he could not speak for like, twenty

five minutes or so because the thing hit him

with surprise but as a person, you have to

take up the challenge. You have been given

an assignment which people believe that you

have the capacity to man so there's no way

you can now turn back and say I'm sorry I

cannot do it. Put your talent to skill and put

all your ability at it. With the support of your

peers and the general public, you'll be able to

achieve success but one thing is that, don't

allow power to consume you because at the

bottom line, one is responsive to the

generality of the populace. So that was how

he emerged.

Do you think Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu will

meet up with the expectations of the


I have no doubt. He will meet the challenges

and he will even surpass the expectation

everybody is looking at. But one thing for

sure is that, he's going to meet a huge

challenge on ground. He needs to restructure

the entirety of the public service. He needs

to put a structure in place, going back the

memory lane of what happened in 2006

when civil service was restructured. Some

ministries that are very cogent to the needs

of the generality of the rural areas have been

appropriated or scrapped; they need to be

resuscitated. All our parastatal organisations

need to be properly monitored for

effectiveness of discharge of their

responsibility. Not necessarily because the

ministries are




supposed to be supervisory ministries, there

must be an independent body that will have to

monitor their activities. That was how and why

things were moving at a very fast pace during

the era of Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Fashola. One

thing is that, by scrapping it, you don't even

look at the effect of it, then you move them

under another ministry without looking back.

In Lagos area metropolis today, you have a high

level of people migrating from the rural settings

to Lagos. That is why you have over congestion.

Many people sleep under the bridge because

many people want to come for greener

pastures. Things that are supposed to go to

them in their own area has been taken away so

they have to struggle to get back to Lagos.

Most of them don't even have any place or

people to come and meet here. You go around

Iganmu area, you see so many of them sitting

or lying on the floor or sleeping on the street

there. So I think we need to go back to the

drawing board and do a proper restructuring of

the service in order to meet the challenges

that will bring a holistic approach to the

development to the entirety of the state and

not one segment of it.

I'm sure a lot of things are going on now, trying

to reinvent the will of progress. I think with the

work that they have done so far, in terms of

preparation for taking over the mantle of

leadership here in the state.

They have looked into an area where they can

incorporate some new agendas into the whole

ten point agenda that was being used by the

two earlier civilian administrations besides that

of Jakande. Jakande too came in with a focus.


Definitely there must be a drive that we need

to do and there must be something we call

continuity. Like the governor elect has said,

he's not going to abandon any project that this

administration has done. He's going to

incorporate the whole administration's project,

which has been abandoned for quite some

time and revive them because it's the public

fund that was used in developing all this

projects for the benefit of the generality of the

populace. You don't just set it aside as if

nothing has happened. Even if we're setting it

aside, the populace knows that these

structures are there so I think it's time that we

must not try to be a preposition where we set a

project, a people oriented project at bay for

the purpose of our own personal something.

What is Godfatherism in Politics?

Godfatherism is not a question of just picking

or pushing any kind of person, I tell you about

some people jittery is exactly what is

happening with El Ruffai's statement. I want to

know how El Ruffai retained his own

governorship candidacy. Is he the best

candidate in the north? He is part of the cabal.

So he cannot come and tell us here in Lagos

that we have godfatherism. Yes! Asiwaju

mentored so many people and you can see the

quality of the people that he has mentored.

They are not just riffraff's'. They are people

that can stand their ground anywhere. So

definitely it's not a question of that. If you're

good, you're good; if you are not good, you are

just not good. So it's not a question of you




want to lobby me to become something that you are not or cannot even mange. These are

things that I believe. He should manage his own Kaduna that he has he turned into a war

zone rather than coming to Lagos to tell us what we are doing. We can't even put Lagos

state on the same pedestal with Kaduna. Is he telling me that Lagos state is far behind

Kaduna or they are still coming here to learn what we do? I'm very certain that we are not

complaining. If it is godfatherism, we love it ate lest it's a progressive godfatherism and we

love that so we are okay by what we are having.

What should Lagos expect from

Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s Administration ?

Under the administration of Babajide Olusola

Sanwo-Olu, I am almost certain that we are

going to move at a very fast pace, and I know

that is what he is determined to do. Although

the magnitude of the financial position of the

state will have to be properly determined.

Nobody knows the financial status of the state

at the moment, not until the final take over.

Then you begin to see or examine the volume of

debt that has been owed to contractors, stages

of things that are happening within the

ministerial structure, and the needs that we

actually need to improve upon. All those

aspects have to be looked into. Determine the

volume of the finance base that we have, before

you can now project how you're going to do or

tackle projects. We all know that Lagosians are

very very restless, they will be expecting a

miracle to happen overnight so we must also

challenge ourselves to meet the needs of the

people so that they don't feel disappointed and

I'm sure they will never be .

I want to wish the incoming governor a very

successful tenure and I want to suggest that

he should listen to advise and not allow

people that will surround him to mislead

him into something that will damage the

image of his government.







My name is Sunday Salami and I

am a building materials supplier.

Considering that the incoming

governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, is a

member of the APC political party, I

am very certain that we will achieve a

Greater Lagos, because I believe that

party has already laid the ground work

and platform for Mr. Sanwo-Olu to


I think one of the major challenge we

are facing in Lagos is the issue of poor

electricity, which everybody is

clamoring for something to be done

about it. Not only the people staying

here in Lagos but other investors

coming to Lagos are also clamouring

for stable power supply. I would like

for Mr. Sanwo-Olu to address this

issue first when he comes in.

For self-employed Lagosians like me, I

think our major challenge is the capital

to develop our business which is not

really available at the moment. If Mr.

Babajide Sanwo-Olu can set up a

scheme for us to borrow money and

also a panel that will monitor the

growth of businesses so they can be

inclined to return the money

borrowed from the scheme, I think

self-employed Lagosians and

entrepreneurs will be empowered.


My name is Stella and I am a cloth


I want the incoming governor to build

markets, roads, and improve the

standard of the state of education in

Lagos. I also want him to support the

beggars on the street because they

don't have Jobs and find it difficult to


The governor also needs to provide

jobs for graduates because we have

many of them still seeking for jobs

after years of graduation.

My name is Gift and I am a Market


I want the incoming governor to

build markets for us to sell our

products and find a way to stop the

AGBEROS ( Area boys) from

disturbing us, so that we can make

enough money to live a nice life.





I wasn't selling orange before, it was

because the government demolished my

shop that I am selling oranges. The only

thing I want the government to do for me

as a business woman is to support and to

make my business grow. I don't want to

sell orange again I want to continue my

initial business, it was during Fashola’s

administration that my shop was


I am a member of the APC, the platform

which the incoming governor, Babajide

Sanwo-Olu, ran under and I would like for

him to help me and others like me so life

can be better for us.

My name is Nasir Abdul and I am an


I like the new governor of Lagos state. I

would like him to come to the aid of bike

riders by helping to reduce the amount of

money we pay to our union from seven

hundred Naira to three hundred Naira. I

would also like him to help us deal with

the issue of Area Boys, in Lagos.

Sometimes they beat, harass and

humiliate us, just to extort money from

our hands and it's not like we make a lot.

My name is Victoria Obi and I am a

fish seller.

What I want the governor to do is build a

market for fish sellers, so me and other

fish sellers like myself can have shops to

sell our fishes. Not everyone has the

resources to collect the regular shop that

are available because of the expense. I

think it is the responsibility of our leaders

to help us get shops that we can sell our





My name is Jibike Onigbanjo, I am the Assistant General Manager, Property and Land Management,

LSPDC (Lagos State Development and Property Corporation). Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu, to

me is a well-rounded person. He is hardworking, he is compassionate, he is full of wisdom, he's got

so much empathy, a leader, and a team player. I have worked with so many bosses in the course of

my career but honestly, thumbs up to him!

He walks the talk. He doesn't just give you direction, he does it with you. He is a leader in all

ramifications. That is the Mr. Babajide Olusola

Sanwo-Olu that I know and I have worked with

in the last two years and three months before

he vied for the governorship of Lagos state. I

joined LSDPC in year 2000 so this is my 19th

year. Mr Sanwo-Olu is a total package. I've had

the privilege of working with about five CEOs

directly, maybe one indirectly and Mr. Babajide

Sanwo-Olu surppasses them all.

I always try to analyse what his weakness is and

usually I end up realising that his weakness is

actually more of his strength. In administering

maybe a penalty or punishment for any erring

staff, he will turn it into positivity. He doesn't

see anyone as being totally useless. He would

rather call you and have a chat with you and tell

you about life experiences, give you examples

and before you realise, the person is better off.

So in comparing him with the other CEOs, he

comes down to everyone's level and he takes

people as they are and he believes everyone

has a role to play and everyone must play. So to

me, his management style is totally different

and very worthy of emulation and it worked. He

was here for like two years, three months and

he was able to impact the people, the

environment and the process.

He started what we call the “Project Eagle”. It's


still an ongoing thing. The project eagle is to

come up with new processes of doing things

easier, faster, interacting with the public, ways

of doing our jobs and service delivery.

Generally, public servants, service servants are

seen as lazy, not doing their jobs, not ready to

work and all that but he changed that notion

and with regards to the working

environment;anyone coming into LSDPC, in the

last two years or one and half, and has been

here before Mr. Sanwo-Olu came would notice

that the environment is totally different. Even

my office, compared to before Mr. Sanwo-Olu

came is so much more better now, it looks like a

bank you know. So he actually affected all the

facets of the corporation. Total Package!

Honestly, BOS!

He was still at work on Friday, of course

weekend was full of activities, and then we

heard that Mr. Sanwo-Olu has been chosen as

the party's candidate, and everyone was like oh!

We were all shocked. On Monday morning he

didn't come to work and for the next

management meeting, he had to call and he was

put on speaker and everyone was like…just like

that? He was still working, we even carried

some files to him, “oga please can you look at

this?” So it was sweet and sour for us; sweet in

the sense that Yes! Higher calling for him and




the best for Lagos state. If given his

antecedent and knowing who he is, and

having had conversations with those he has

worked with in the past, and his person, it is

quite obvious that he is the best person to

lead the state, and God helped him by giving

him the best running mate.

Sour for us because oh my God!, this was a

dream, changing the whole face of LSDPC,

everyone is already keying into his ideas and

now he's just been yanked from us. We were

shaken a bit but we have to continue his

legacy; we must not let him down and we are

trying our best and I hope that we are

maintaining the standard he left behind. For

example, he started what we also call the

merit award day. In times past, we usually

have end of year get together to thank God,

and the party, but he said he will rather have

a merit award day to appreciate and

recognise members of staff who had worked

meritoriously in the last one year and this I

think started in June 2017, he came in 2016

June, so a year later we had this and he said

he will like for us to have a choreography

group as well so we interject an put a little bit

of fun inside the merit award day and I like

dancing that's my best hobby so I became

that class captain or the coordinator of the

choreography group and Mr. Sanwo-Olu is a

student. He would come for practice every

day, with us. He practices with us. We usually

have the practice for one hour, between2-

3pm and everyone goes back to work. The

days he cannot come, he will tell us to please

record and send to him and he will practice.

He suits to present awards and attend to

people but when it is time for the

choreography, Mr. Sanwo-Olu will yank off his

jacket and join us.

Honestly, he's a leader who walks the talk.

What we have seen him do during his

campaign, like him getting down to help

people, the hair dresser, the mechanic, etc.

That is actually the kind of person he is. He

will say “roll up your sleeves, roll up your

sleeves”. He is not a leader or an MD that will

sit down and expect you to do. No! Everyone

must be involved. That is the kind of leader

and man he is.

Thank God for the kind of people or the kind

of candidate or the kind of breeding that the

former governor, Bola Ahmed Tinubu has

been able to come up with. He came up with

the likes of former Governor Raji Fashola who

is currently a minister; he came up with Dr

Femi Hamzat, the running mate, and Mr

Sanwo-Olu. These are people that have

served in his cabinet. So I am expecting that

Lagosians will see the best of governance

with two technocrats that have learnt from a

former performer and now coming to deliver

to Lagos state. They have been schooled,

they've learnt and they have performed

during the regime of Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Dr Femi Hamzat also served under the

current minister Babajide Raji Fashola, what

are we to expect? They are very humble and

down to earth human beings. They've got the

values, they have the right interpersonal

relationship, they've got the technocrats,

they've got the brain and they're ready to


Judging from the way the campaign went,

going to every sector, having discussions,

identifying the needs and the challenges, you

can tell that they are already putting down a

book on what the challenges are, and what

are the likely solutions? They want to hit the

ground running. Like Mr Sanwo-Olu himself

will always tell us, let's pluck the low hanging

fruits especially the ones that will reach the

populace. So I expect that in the next four

years, and by God's grace, Lagos will

experience the best of governance, judging

from what I have experienced in working

here, judging from their campaign.

Putting into consideration what his running

mate Dr. Obafemi Hamzat, what has done at

the state, and at the federal level with the

current minister, because he was his special





adviser on works, I expect the best for Lagos

state. I expect that the dark areas that

Lagosians are mourning about will be

addressed immediately. So I believe

governance will be felt in the next one year

and that things are really going to change

for the better within the next four years.

That is my belief and I pray God proves me

right and they prove me right.

Mr Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu, this is for

you boss! My oga, oga mi, we know your

worth, we know your standard, we know

what you can do and we believe you're not

going to change and if you do, it is going to

be for the better. Most of us have stuck our

neck, we've staked all that we've got on you

as a performer, God willing. Please go ahead

and dazzle Lagos with performance. Let

them say “oh my God, it has been good

during Asiwaju, it was good during Fashola,

and now we are having a blast in Lagos”. Like

he said, he wants to take Lagos to his

“THEME”. We're talking of Dubai; we want

Lagos to be the “Dubai” of Africa.

I believe that God has deposited all that you need,

ably assisted by your deputy governor and I

believe that with your cabinet, the one that you're

going to be having, you're going to be putting

round pegs in round holes and they will key into

your vision and mission and you are going to

ensure that they perform in your gentle manner

and ably assisted by your lovely wife because

without the support of your spouse, and having a

peaceful home and peace of mind, a man would

come to work and he's just disoriented. That is my

prayer my belief and what I think Lagos is in for

best in the next four years


My name is Olorunnimbe Ismail, Snr. SA Surveyor

Valuer, LSPDC

Personally, I will describe Mr. Babajide Olusola

Sanwo-Olu in two ways;

1) As a union person; I am presently the secretary

of senior staff association of the corporation so I

will describe him from the union point of view and

from a staff point of view. I remember one of the

first things that Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu did when he came into office was to invite the union

representative. One of the statements he made that day was that he invited us because we are all

stake holders in the corporation and to me that was a very wonderful idea because he saw us as a

partner in progress, which is very wonderful and going forward, he ensured that he engages us

periodically when there are issues. This is actually being very proactive because before issues start,

we've already discussed them with him and this is very, like I said, it means that he is a person that

prioritises staff welfare.

2) As a person, I have been opportuned to meet and interact with him on many occasions. I see him

as a mentor, as a father, as a leader and someone that has a very vast knowledge of experience.

Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu is someone that encourages hard work and rewards hard work too. He

usually tells us he is very finicky. He's very particular about his things. One of the few things he did

when he came into office in 2016 is the present block we are in. (he made a lot of changes to the

corporation). He actually turned the block around and like he says, for a total overhauling of the

system, you need people and a process. Process is easy but you have to change the mind-set of the

people which he actually did. He is a people's person, he makes sure he interacts with you when he

sees you and if he forgets your name, he will ask again. That is one of the good things about him.

As a leader, he has three qualities which I admire. He is accessible, he is a listener and he is selfless.

Like I said this block is one of the physical examples of the impact of Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu as well

as the reception. Asides that, he actually invested a lot in staff welfare. Like during his program,

most staff actually went for training.





This is part of the process. It is like feeding the goose that lays the golden egg. He invested so much

in staff welfare which is a very nice thing to do. He made each staff feel like a part of the

development process itself. One of the programs he actually engineered was project eagle. Project

eagle is actually an initiative to take LSDPC to the next level, and why did we choose eagle? We chose

eagle because of its peculiarity, its ability to survive. We realised we are in the construction industry

and whether we like it or not, LSDPC of today, is not the same LSDPC of 30 years ago. LSPDC was the

only company 30 years ago that builds houses, now we have a lot of competitors and we need to

have an edge and put our head above course if we want to remain relevant in the industry, that is

one of the reasons we had ‘’Project Eagle’’, to revive the corporation; the total over hauling.

I was really excited when I heard about Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu's candidacy. They say “he that is

tested with small shall be tested with large”. In the small capacity, within two years, he has done a lot

for the corporation like I said, so I can now imagine with a lot or resources and the bigger scope,

what the state will enjoy when he is the state of power.

I am just happy for Lagosians because he is one of the best things that has happened to Lagos in

recent times.

My name is Ayo Alabi, Head of council, LSDPC

Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu to me is a man that fears God and I believe that makes him wise, and that

has helped him in his work in LSDPC. The wisdom that he exhibits has given him a better edge in the


He achieved so much in so many areas while

in LSDPC; he improved the life of staff in

LSDPC, staffs were well trained, officers that

had never been out on training were out on

training and most people that had not been

considered for capacity building or to improve

themselves in any area, had the opportunity

of adding knowledge to what they know

before. I can say he had that as a credit to

himself; Improving the lives of members of

staff on the job and even in their personal

lives. Most people were well taken care of

while he was in LSDPC.

During his tenure, everything was going on

smoothly, if you are lacking in any area, you

can go to him, even officially you will be

considered. Your life gets better. Leave

bonuses were paid, furniture allowances were

paid, people became more comfortable when

he was around and you can see a lot of

improvement still going on in the corporation,

those are his handiwork. That is what he

started when he was here, he has added to


the colour of LSDPC, more buildings, better

infrastructure in strategic places, like this office

that we are in, was completed just some few

months before he left LSDPC and as a

management staff, we had the opportunity of

riding new cars, that was to his credit. He did

quite a lot for us.

When I heard about his candidacy, I was surprised

and along the line I had to adjust myself because I

saw it as an improvement on his own personality

and he is a man I've always been praying for; that

God will take him to higher grounds because he is

been so good to us, members of staff of LSDPC so

I have to adjust myself quickly as to “this man is

going for something better you better allow your

mind come together and just wish him well as a

person” which I succumbed to. Lagosians should

expect the best because while he newly came into

LSPDC, we heard about him that during his time at

the state office, he added a lot of improvement to

people's life, staff welfare, and in the ministries

where he had served before. So we were also




watching if in LSDPC he will do something similar or better and he didn't perform less than that. So

Lagosians should expect the best. I will continue to pray for him that as God has given him the

opportunity to advance, God himself will sustain him. He is wearing a larger shoe and I believe he

did not scheme himself to become the governor of the state.

God that has lifted him, brought him up, will sustain him, back him up, and give him the wisdom

beyond that which he has exhibited in LSDPC because he is now going to get himself involved with

the state as a whole, that he will be able to perform even beyond his expectations.

I told him when we met with him that people's expectations are so high but I believe that God that

backed him up in LSPDC will see him through all his tenure. He will be able to perform even beyond

the expectation of men by the grace of God.

Femi Ajayi - Security Man at LSDPC

Babajide Sanwo-Olu is a leader and he is an ideal boss. He is an easy going man and he is very

generous to me personally and the other staff members as well.

He made an immediate impact from the very beginning of his time with LSDPC. Personally, for the

nineteen years that I have been working here, I only got a promotion and the other basic things but

when he came, he promoted and gave me

an award.

When I heard about his candidacy, I felt it

was a good thing, but considering the

quality of his time here, we didn't want him

to go. I personally didn't want him to go but

I know the next level is where he is going.

Personally, I'm happy.

Lagosians should expect that Babajide

Sanwo-Olu is a man that will bring about

changes to Lagos. I trust that from day one,

he will impact everyone both young and


The promise he gave during the campaign,

he should ensure that its fulfilled and his

impact will also be felt at LSDPC now that

He is Governor.

Olusola Martins - Deputy GM, corporate,

Comm. & Marketing LSDPC

Mr Sanwo-Olu is someone I find to be an

astute administrator, he's a man with a

vision, he is a man with a purpose, and he is

a man that takes measured steps towards

achieving his purpose. He spent only just

about two years and about three months,

here in LSDPC and he was able to achieve

very major positive changes. I will say he left


lasting legacies. I am sure you have seen some of his

legacies around, in terms of physical infrastructure

and he left legacies in terms of human capital

development, in that short period of time.

There were times when things were a little bit at the

low end for the corporation, operation wise; we

were a bit on the low side, but despite that

situation, he was able to achieve a turnaround. You

would recall that was the period that even the

national economy itself, was not doing too well and

finances were hard. Mr. Sanwo-Olu applied his

ingenuity, and by the time he left, we had close to

about six projects with three or four at advanced

stages and all out of almost nothing.

He was able to open about three projects in lekki

axis, doing very well and another three projects on

the mainland. So I would say that he is an ingenious

person. He applied himself to the job, he was able

to bring in his wealth of experience; he has a wealth

of experience, having been in government for a long

period of time and he was able to leverage on that. I

am sure there are good things in his confines for


If you are given little resources and you cannot

manage it, how do you want to manage bigger

ones? Let us not forget that this man has operated

at the bigger level before coming here so for him,

managing Lagos state, the challenges are not new.




He had participated in the conception of the developmental programs that were done between

1998 and 2003 most of which is what is being implemented in the last 20 years.

I don't have any doubt, he will take Lagos state to greater heights no doubt about it. There is so

much to expect; I know what happened to us, he turned around this place, he improved the

personalities here, people were trained, bigger exposures, bigger responsibilities, people were

challenged, people were fulfilled, people were motivated and that is what happens when you

motivate your staff, they will deliver bigger. So Lagos state government staff should be thrilled.

They are going to be motivated, they will be happy doing what they are doing and God willing,

Lagos will be better for it.

We should all join hands with the governor, support him with our prayers, we should also support

him with what is expected of us, in terms of our civic duties and once we do that, the sky is the

limit for Lagos state.

Oluwakemi Lateef - GM, Admin & HR LSDPC

I can describe Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu in many forms because he is many things to a lot of people

but from my own purview which is HR, he is a man that has workers welfare at heart. Right from

his inception here at LSDPC, he took staff welfare as his priority, even when there were

challenges. Initially when he came in, the system wasn't too smooth, there was the challenge of

funding, the challenge of labour issues and many other challenges, but he came in, and probably

due to his vast experience at the private and the public sector, he was able to resolve all the

lingering problems within few months that he was here. In fact, I am also a testimony to one of

his early achievements here at LSDPC. Before he came in as the managing director, the highest

that any staff could get to here was the deputy general manager so he came and he said for him

he doesn't see anything stopping any staff here, a deserving staff from getting to the zenith of

their career; so he changed the existing rule. He was the one that brought in the idea of elevating

staff to the position of general manager. That is how few of us in the system were able to get to

the position of general manager.

Before he came to LSDPC, we had this idea of, training is done only when there is money, but

when he came in, he said if you want to get the best from staff, you need to motivate them. He

took staff motivation as his priority and no matter what constraint he has at that time, he

ensured that every month or at every point in time, staff training and other welfare are taken as

priority and at times, some of us wonder how he is able to achieve these things that he achieved.

The other thing that I also see is, since I got to LSDPC, I dare say I have not seen the

infrastructural regeneration that he undertook and he completed most of them. This office is a

testimony. You need to be here some few years back and see the state of the office but he went

round and he said look, if you want your staff to give you the best, it is not only training them,

you also must give them the best environment to work and that will challenge them to give you

the best. So he undertook that project, he started with Block A, that's where he was when he was

here and when he completed that block A, people thought “oh this is the best LSDPC has ever

seen” but, little did they know that he was just bringing out the bird from his pocket. He took this

one too and he did a complete renovation. At some point, some of us were thinking he was overtrading,

when we looked at the cost implication of what he was doing, but he was able to achieve

all those with the problem of cash flow that was inherent in the system at that time.

Apart from his love for staff welfare, he also came with a genius financial engineering that some

of us do not really understand and we have never seen before he got here.





The other area that I can also comment on is

his ability to bring out the best in every

member of staff. Some of us were not so

challenged to bring out the best of ourselves

before he came. When he came, he gave us

the environment to excel and also challenged

us with tasks. He will give you a

commensurate task to what he thinks your

experience should carry. For some of us, it

was a new experience because we were used

to the usual standard, but when he came, he

brought that touch of excellence and he

demands the best from you every time and

that was a challenge to every one of us. Most

times we had to go back to crosscheck, before

we even go before him to make presentations.

He will ensure that you go back and check and

double check to make sure that what you are

bringing will meet his standard.

I wouldn't say it's a pity he left shortly

because if you compare what he did here to

the number of years he did with us, you will

probably want to say he was the shortest

serving CEO in terms of his achievements. We

served under those who served ten years and

they hardly achieved a quarter of what he

achieved. So for me, he was a wonderful

person, and in so many aspects, in terms of

welfare, he was up there, in terms of bringing

out the best in staff, he was there.

Also, I need to mention this, he never failed to

reprimand when necessary. When you take

things to him and he feels this does not meet

the required standard, he wouldn't fail to

chastise you and he wouldn't do that because

he hates you, some times when you leave, he

will find time and call you and tell you “look.

That thing could be done better than what

you did and he wasn't just out to hurt you but

there to correct you and ensure he brings out

the best in you.

When I heard about his candidacy, I was

happy for the state. If using his achievement

here as a parameter, he probably will take the

state to the level that we've never seen

before, because I think cumulatively, he spent

two years or less here and you need to go round

and see what he achieved compared to most of

his predecessors who were here for so many

years, so taking that and applying it to the state,

I am assured that he is going to transform the

state. More so, he's not new to administration in

the state. He was a commissioner and his

footprints are everywhere in the record of Lagos

state on things achieved during his tenure when

he was in treasury and when he was also in

establishment “that is the ministry that deals

with HR and Human resource issues”. I have this

belief that he is going to take the state to great


I am asking Lagosians to give him the maximum

support, and to be rest assured that he is not a

man that will disappoint them.

Aladeloye Leo Francis - Asst. Town Planning

Officer, LSDPC

Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu is an astute

leader, he is a man of character, he is a leader

and a mentor per excellence.

He is ever interested in bringing out the best

from his employee and I have benefitted

immensely from his wealth of experience and

his leadership style.

Before Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu got to

LSDPC, the corporation had a process but the

process was not as defined as much as it is now.

The major cardinal points while he was here was

the people, the process and then the


He was so much interested in the people,

knowing fully well that it is the people that will

drive the process and that was why he invested

so much in human resource development.

During his time, a lot of staff both senior, junior

and middle ranking staff in the corporation went

on training within the state, outside the state

and even outside the country.

He was also much interested in the environment

and you can also see that in the transformation

that took place in Block B and in Block D and he





had already started in Block B before the clarion call came for him to lead the state as the


When you also talk about the process, he made the process seamless, he made the process easy

currently, he made the process to flow and that was why he also started a project while he was

here and they call it the project eagle; trying to make sure that the process in LSDPC is seamless

and also as fast as it could. He had started working on that before he left. The difference is too

clear and we are sure that in his coming to the state, the state will move forward and get better

for it.

I was very happy to hear about his candidacy. While he was at LSDPC I used to say he is like

somebody that has capacity for 50 and is only given five, so he still has forty five. I worked with

him closely and by God's grace, he is somebody that rewards hard work. I benefitted from that.

When he went to pick the form, I was very excited because I know that Lagosians will be happy

for the governor that they have chosen. I am very excited, I look forward to his leadership in

Lagos state, I look forward to a Lagos where things will work again. So I'm very happy and I'm

looking forward to his ascension of the leadership of Lagos state come may 2019, by God's grace

Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu, you have excelled before especially in the private sector and

also in the public sector, and I have no doubt in me that you're going to excel in Lagos state as

you take us steadily, step by step, as we follow you, and in four years' time, when we look back,

we will say “no, this cannot be Lagos, this is actually the Lagos of our dreams”.

Jibike Onigbanjo

Oluwakemi Lateef

Olorunnimbe Ismail

Ayo Alabi

Aladeloye Leo Francis

Olusola Martins

Femi Ajayi








My Name is Hon. Babajimi Benson, I am a

member of the Federal House of

Representatives, I represent the finest

constituency in Lagos State, Ikorodu Federal


Babajide Sanwo-Olu has been a great

mentor and a big brother. I've known him

for couple of years and I have always loved

his antecedents, pedigree and he comes

with a lot of work experience. He has

worked in the private sector and the public


Mr. Sanwo-Olu is a trisector athlete, he can

view things from three different lenses or

dimensions. Looking at his history, he has

worked in a lot of private sectors, public

sectors and done social works. He is

someone I also look up to, he has capacity,

and wisdom. I am sure he is bringing

something fresh and new to Lagos.

I think he has the capacity to take Lagos to

great height.

He was commissioner for budget, planning

and establishment and M.D of LSDPC. So

that gives him the requisite skills and

should be able to add value to what he

meets on ground.

I was extremely happy to hear about his

candidacy and fortunately, LSDPC breeds

super intelligent people which I am one of

them. I used to be the company secretary

and legal adviser before he assumed office

as the M.D. Anybody that comes out of

that institution and establishment, comes

with a rich pedigree of experience and

capacity to change things positively.

I am happy that he is our number 1 citizen

in Lagos and I know he is going to add

value and ensure that the GDP of Lagos

increases and improve. I am sure he is

going to put Lagos in the pride of world

smart cities.

I know that BOS will assist Ikorodu in

attaining its eminence that the good

qualities offer.

We have infrastructure deficit, we need

more political positions so that our people

can enjoy the dividends of democracy. If

you look at the last election Ikorodu really

surpassed all expectations, Ikorodu came

first in delivery of votes to its candidature,

so we expect a very good thing and he has

promised to deliver.






My Name is Moses Patrick and there are quite a few things I expect from the new governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu:

1: Reduction of Traffic on our Roads

2: Cleanliness of the state; Virtually everywhere is dirty, so we have to engage people that will do a thorough

cleanup of the state.

3: Unemployment: I would expect him to Create New Jobs for Lagosians, so that more people will be recruited

into the working class level.

This also means that more roads need to be built in order to reduce the traffic that might be created as a result.

As for people in my field of work, which is engineering, I believe the governor can ensure that every household

and business in the state,have a prepaid electricity meter. People all over the country are clamouring for that and I

believe it's something he can look into.

My name is Akintade Olayinka Victor, I work in

Dolphin Estate for Gosslink Engineering


I believe God himself anointed Mr. Babajide

Sanwo-Olu to be our governor and not any

man. If it were to be by the will of man, he will

not be successful during the past elections.

I will like to encourage him to continue the

projects left behind by his predecessor. Most

governors would not continue from where the

previous governor stopped, but I would

encourage him to promote continuity.

I would also like him to look into improving the

standard of education in the state. Another

area I would like for him to look into are street


We all are praying for better Lagos, we want

Lagos to be like the U.K, US, Dublin, and

Canada and this means that there's a lot of

work for him to do in order for Lagos to reach

the heights that those cities have attained. I

expect him to visit other countries and come

with results that will improve the state.

As an engineer, I think the current issue of

PHCN delays with distributing prepaid metres,

is one pressing issue that needs to be looked

into and resolved as soon as possible. I will like

him to see into this as I believe it's very



My name is Temitayo Israel, I work at Gosslink

Engineering Limited

First and foremost I would like to welcome the

new governor, Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu

into office.

I expect him to focus on the educational sector of

the state. I understand that there are other sectors

in the state that demand attention but I feel like

the educational sector is poorly monitored and it

is the same sector we might all turn to in a few

years time as it is the bedrock for the future of the


Let the school be a training ground when it comes

to developing skills. What we need in Lagos state

is people who are great with creativity who can

actually mentor students who can bring in

something new to the state.

I work in the power sector and in Lagos, I must

admit that power supply is nothing to write home


The power sector is very cogent; when you

channel more resources on building human efforts

it will go a long way towards yielding increase

concerning the capital aspect. So I expect the

incoming governor to look into the building of


There are many other areas of energy; we have

the solar, wind, hydro, and renewable energy

through biomass and other sources of renewable

energy, yet we are not actually making use of any

of them. We are not taking advantage of their


I generally will expect the incoming government to

focus more and increase the capacity of power

supply not only on the electrical and the manual

part that we use as before but with the many

available options that can be explored.




My name is Olatunji Olusogo, and I do not

expect anything less from the incoming

administration of governor Babajide Sanwo-

Olu, than the level of success the outgoing

administration was able to achieve.

Lagosians will be expecting Babajide Sanwo-

Olu to actually complete all the projects that

the outgoing governor was unable to

complete because governance definitely is

about continuity, and if that is broken, it will

have a negative effect on Lagosians.

Looking at the recent collapse of buildings in

Lagos, I believe Babajide Sanwo-Olu should

try as much as possible to raise the standard

of engineering in the state, particularly when

it comes to the building and infrastructure, to

ensure that due processes are followed as well

as the standardization of the materials that are

being used.

I think the governor should look at ways to

generate power for the state internally so that

Lagosians can have a better power supply.

I am a media executive and I would expect the

incoming governor to invest more in the media

industry. I do know the field is doing pretty

well for itself right now but it can get better…

way much better, and I know Mr. Sanwo-Olu is

into entertainment and media and I expect him

to do a lot, to the extent of his capacity as

governor of Lagos State.

During his campaign, he spoke about the media

and has done a lot of things in that regard. So I

expect him to supercede our expectations,

really and just make sure the media sector in

the state is working and improving.

My name is Kehinde Adegboyega, I am a

sustainable development expert and a

documentary filmmaker.

My expectations from this new government is

first, the completion of abandoned infrastructural

projects. I think the incoming governor needs to

look at the huge number of uncompleted

infrastructural projects in the state. Not just bad

roads and transportation but all abandoned

projects need to be completed in order to ease

the living situations of Lagosians.

I also wish that Governor Sanwo-Olu will take a

look at power supply , because when there is

better power in the state, small and medium

scale businesses will flourish, which will enable

them to pay up their taxes. I think he has to look

at alternative power generation and supply

methods, such as renewable and solar energy.

Unemployment is another issue that needs to be

looked into; I love the initiative of Lagos State

Employment Trust Fund and I understand an

MOU was signed with World Bank, I believe that

should be judiciously used to reduce the

unemployment rate in the state.

Another issue the state government needs to

look at is the NURTW members. These people

have become so unlawful and have started

harassing citizens. This is a major security issue


and in a 21 century, that should not be heard of

as It's very embarrassing to a state like Lagos

State which has global recognition.

Lastly, I really hope the incoming governor looks

for ways to support young filmmakers and

documentary makers because apart from

technology, we are still scratching the surface of

this industry.

He can look at investing in buildings and structure

for the filmmaking industry.





I am a corp member and I also do media related things.

My expectations from the new governor is continuity. I think it is very important that projects

that have started from the outgoing administration are continued and completed as I believe

that continuity is very important.

I also feel that he should tackle the seemingly never-ending issue of traffic in the state. Traffic is

the major problem in Lagos and I know for sure that some of the issues that cause traffic are

bad roads and bad drainage systems, because when it rains in Lagos, you already know that

there's going be traffic.

Sometimes there are just too many cars on the road so transportation is something he should

look into as well. I believe there is so much he can do with our waterways, he just needs to

make sure that they are safe and people can make use of them properly. So I think proper water

transportation can help reduce traffic.

We also have the railway transportation system that was started a long time ago, but we don't

know what has happened to it, I wish that can be worked on as well.

Transportation and traffic go hand in hand so I think this is something that should be worked on.

Traffic lights! yes, traffic lights before I forget, I feel our traffic lights should be wired in a proper

way that works with traffic flow. You know, not just 60 seconds, 10 seconds and all that.

Something else Babajide Sanwo-Olu should work on, is tourism in Lagos. Lagos is a business hub

and we have a lot of people coming in and going out and feel there are a number of places we

could turn into tourism hubs for the many visitors that flood the city. I know that Badagry is one

of those places that could be developed into a globally recognised tourism hub. I recently

visited Badagry and the road was horrible and that should be looked into. Like I said,

transportation, our road system, Badagry itself should be at the top of the priority list as it is a

great place for tourism which is a very good way for the state to make money.

I also think housing is another sector that needs to be worked on.

There are so many things, but I think for me, what is really important is transportation, our road

system, good roads and all that.

Also, continuity; continue projects that were started by the outgoing governor.







HE Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu

would like to let Lagosians know that I am

Iexcited about what lies ahead of us, I am excited

about the inauguration and I am excited that we

will be able to show Lagosians a clear roadmap of

how we will achieve all the things we have said we

will do on a month to month basis. Our government

will be open, our government will be inclusive, our

government will be transparent, our government

will be participatory. With regards to engagements

we can continue and burning issues in the hearts of

Lagosians that can be resolved swiftly. We will bring

about solutions that will improve the quality of life

of Lagosians, we will ensure that the ease of doing

business in Lagos will be part of the immediate

issues we can resolve. We will ensure that all of the

challenges that are within our immediate

resolutions will be resolved pretty swiftly.

On the medium to long-term, we will

clearly articulate our plans, policies,

programs, and vision for Lagosians so

that as they are being carried out. The

people will know what we are doing

and why we are doing them. We will

have a plan that will transparently

explain to Lagosians what they should

expect in one year, two years and so on.

The relationship, however, has to be

both ways, so we will have to have a

contract with Lagosians, regarding what

the administration will be expecting

from them, behavior wise, culture wise,

the attitudinal change, the expectations

of revenues that we will need to

achieve our goals once Lagosians fulfil

their part, we will definitely fulfil our

end of the bargain.

I would like to assure Lagosians that

they have made the right choice and

voted for the right team and the right

team will ensure that the quality of life

in Lagos state is improved, security of

life and property is assured, ease of

doing business is well defined and well

anticipated, such that at the end of our

first tenure, Lagosians will be most

certainly better off for it.


Dear contributors/Readers of The Governor,

It is less than three weeks now since the idea of The Governor was first mooted, a unified news

platform and monthly magazine focusing on the business of government and governance in Nigeria

and specifically highlighting activities, projects and social transformation initiatives of state

governors in Nigeria.

The platform was launched online on May 5th 2019. The idea was to bridge the gap between state

governments by keeping citizens informed and bringing government closer to the people and the

people closer to government, as well as showcase business and investment opportunities in various

states. In this short time, The Governor has undergone rapid growth and is fast becoming the go-to

news platform for public sector news and updates.

This Special Inaugural Edition in such a short time frame is a tremendous achievement. Clearly there

was scope for a sector specific news platform which could offer fast track insight into the business of

government and governance, whilst maintaining internationally accepted standards of peerreviewed


The rapid acceptance of The Governor has resulted in a greatly increased workload for the honorary

editors and editorial board members as well as the highly committed staff of The Governor.

As The Governor is evolving, so also have the expectations for publication standards and the

requisite review processes.

I would like to thank all the contributors to this Special Inaugural Edition of The Governor, for your

interest in the publication and for granting our request for interviews at very short notice. We are

extremely encouraged by your support and ask that you send us your invaluable feedback and ideas

for further improvement of our publication.

I am indebted to the Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Adeyinka Igbinoba, for the tremendous support she has

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act as Joint Editor-in-Chief of The Governor.

I wish to acknowledge the contributions made by the dedicated members of our Editorial Board and

the hard working, professional staff of The Governor, the media crew at Ibile Foundation Lagos and

AIG Media Pro, who worked day and night to ensure we delivered on our mandate. This Special

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Henry Balogun

Publisher / Editor-in-Chief.

The Governor- The Business of Government | Special Inaugural Edition | May 2019

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