2019-20 Southern Adirondacks Guide to the First Wilderness Heritage Corridor


A guide to everything Adirondacks! Dining, Lodging, Activities, Entertainment and so much more!

A Guide to the

First Wilderness Heritage Corridor

restaurants, shops, galleries, in and outdoor activities,

brew crafters, theatre, lodging & more Since 1982

Summer~Winter 20192020

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Brant Lake

Town of Horicon

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Within the forest there ’s

a wonderful enchanted place . . .

nown for nature-inspired housewares, accessories,

unique light fixtures, table settings and garden features. Here

too you will find unique resort wear for men, women and children.

In the historic stable below, find furniture made from hickory

and reclaimed barn timbers, displayed with mountain-themed

lighting, artwork and taxidermy, and adorned with colorful

blankets from Pendleton, Hudson Bay & Woolrich.





art prints







Abode, our Adirondack Interior Services can help you with

all your interior decision-making. Share your vision with us and

let us do the work to pull it all together, a little or a lot! Call for an

in-home consultation, for new construction, or a home that needs

a little reconstruction.

Country Store experience

unlike any other because...

We know nature

inside and out!

Open daily at 9:30

Near the historic

train station


& Build

The clients

lake view

painted by

house artist

Overlooking the Hudson River in North Creek, NY

518.251.4461 • www.HudsonRiverTradingCo.com

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Cover photo: Brant Lake, Town of Horicon by Carl Heilman II

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Warrensburgh Museum 40

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Hudson River Trading Co. 2


J&J Brown Garnet Studio 62

The First Wilderness Heritage Corridor 5

Natural Stone Bridge & Caves 20

Ski Bowl Park Mountain Biking 63

Ocho Cincol Restaurant 41 Garnet Hill Lodge 64

Lake George

Town of Lake Luzerne 21 Hudson Headwater Health 42

Lake George Chamber of Commerce 6-7

Baileys Wine & Liquor 22 Cronin’s Golf Resort 43 Town of Indian Lake 65

Moose Tooth Grill 8

Lake Luzerne Chamber 22

Abanakee Studios 66

Adirondack Brewery 9

Heritage Walking Tours 23 Town of Chester 44 Marty’s Chili Nights 66

High Peaks Distilling 9

Painted Pony 23 OP’s 45 Binder’s Cabins 67

Craft Trail Map 9

Adirondack Folk School 24 Bullhouse Kitchen & Bar 46 Pines Country Store 67

Pizza Jerks 10

ADKTubing 25 YMCA Wellness Center 47 Adirondack Trail Motel 67

Ausable Chasm 10 Town of Hadley 26-27

Main Street Ice Cream 47 Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts 68

Christies on the Lake 11

Indian Lake Theater 68

SJ Garcias 11 Town of Stony Creek 28

Town of Horicon 48-49

Lake George Steamboat Co. 12 Stony Creek Inn & Restaurant 29


Boardwalk Restaurant 12 Mountain Days Festival 29

The Lazy Moose 50

Sushi Yoshi 13 Tavern 16 30

Adk General Store 50

ARTinrondacks 30

Bolton Landing

Marcella Sembrich 14

Trees Adirondack Gifts & Book 14


Sweet Basil Restaurant 14

The Log Jam Restaurant 15

West Mountain 15

Schroon Lake 16

Sticks & Stones 17

Seagle Music Colony 17

Paradox Brewery 17

DeCesare’s 17

The Strand 18

Schroon Lake Bed & Breakfast 18

Word of Life 18

Flanagan’s Pub & Grill 19

Schroon Lake Marina 19

Town of Thurman 31

Thurman Maple Days 32

Thurman Concert Series 33

The Glen Lodge & Market 34

Wild Water Outdoor Center 34

Toad Hill Mpaple Farm 35

Nettle Meadow Farm 35

Thurman Farm Tour 35

Blackberry Hill Farm 36

Burlap & Beam Wedding Bar 36

Town of Warrensburg 37

Lodge on Echo Lake 38

Deadwood Mountain 39

Riverside Gallery 39

Edward Jones 39

J Gallup Farm 40

Oscar’s 40

Town of Johnsburg 51

Tannery Pond Center 52

Alpine Lodge 53

Summit at Gore Mountain 53

Becks Tavern 54

Barking Spider 54

Adirondack Spirits 54

Basil & Wick’s 55

What’s going on?

Where to eat? Are they open?

What will we do today?

Poiema & barVino Cellars 55

Barkeater Chocolates 55

TC Murphy Lumber 56

The Hungry Crow 57

Hudson River Trading Co. 57

Dr. Lee Townhome Rental 57

Adirondack River Outfitters 58

North Creek Depot Museum 59

Revolution Rail 59

Gore Mountain 60

Streamside Outfitters 61

Garnet Mine Tours 62

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Use our

& Southern

guide as a




to Southern






history, explore our lakes, rivers, mountains and historic


Learn our history,



our activities

our lakes,





the many


small historic towns landmarks. along our Enjoy back our roads activities and country and discover highways

the many –their small hidden towns treasures along our will back delight roads and you. country

highways–their Welcome hidden to the treasures North Country. will delight you.

Welcome We’re happy to the North you’re Country, here!

We’re happy Sincerely, you’re here!


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Town of Long Lake/Raquette Lake

Long Lake Chamber of Commerce 69

Adirondack Hotel 69

Sagamore & Sail 70

Hoss’s Country Corner 70

Long View Lodge 70

Adirondack Trading Post 70

Town of Minerva/Olmsteadville 71

Lil’ Noni’s 72

Morningside Camps 72

The Owl At Twilight 73

The Town of Newcomb 74-75

9 Dragons Restaurant 76

Monty’s Discount Wines & Liquors 76

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Welcome to our North Country,

and the First Wilderness

Heritage Corridor

You will notice that the businesses and organizations participating

in our guide represent small businesses, organizations

and entrepreneurs. They are the strength of our economy, they

hold our communities together, they work tirelessly to give

you the very best in services.

Each town, village, hamlet in this guide is unique because

of its history and natural characteristics, each has a story to

tell you. While you’re here relax, kick back, and enjoy the

people of the North Country.

Top 10 Reasons to Support Locally

Owned Businesses

1. Local Character and Prosperity –In an increasingly

homogenized world, communities that preserve their one-of-a-kind businesses

and distinctive character have an economic advantage.

2. Community Well-Being –Locally owned businesses build

strong communities by sustaining vibrant town centers, linking neighbors in a

web of economic and social relationships, and contributing to local causes.

3. Local Decision-Making –Local ownership ensures that important

decisions are made locally by people who live in the community and who will

feel the impacts of those decisions.

4. Keeping Dollars in the Local Economy –Compared to

chain stores, locally owned businesses recycle a much larger share of their revenue

back into the local economy, enriching the whole community.

5. Job and Wages –Locally owned businesses create more jobs locally

and, in some sectors, provide better wages and benefits than chains do.

6. Entrepreneurship –Entrepreneurship fuels America’s economic

innovation and prosperity, and serves as a key means for families to move out of

low-wage jobs and into the middle class.

7. Public Benefits and Costs –Local stores in town centers

require comparatively little infrastructure and make more efficient use of public

services relative to big box stores and strip shopping malls.

8. Environmental Sustainability –Local stores help to sustain

vibrant, compact, walkable town centers-which in turn are essential to reducing

sprawl, automobile use, habitat loss, and air and water pollution.

9. Competition –A marketplace of tens of thousands of small businesses

is the best way to ensure innovation and low prices over the long-term.

10. Product Diversity –A multitude of small businesses, each

selecting products based, not on a national sales plan, but on their own interests

and the needs of their local customers, guarantees a much broader range of

product choices.

We encourage you to use our printed magazine, our electronic

magazines and our downloadable app as a map to

Adirondack experiences. Learn our history, explore our lakes,

rivers, mountains and historic landmarks. Enjoy our activities

and discover the many small towns along our back roads and

country highways – their hidden treasures will delight you.

Welcome to the North Country, We’re happy you’re here!

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— About The Corridor

Established in 1999 as a way to boost tourism, the First

Wilderness Heritage Corridor was designed to highlight

the attractions, events, outdoor activities and businesses

along the railroad corridor between Saratoga Springs and

North Creek. With a memorandum of understanding - the

railway spans two counties, Saratoga and Warren, and follows

the Hudson River north as it did when it first opened

as Thomas Durant’s Adirondack Railroad in 1871.

There are currently two aspects of implementing the

First Wilderness experience. First planners have to answer

the question, “What can people do when they come here?”

Then there is the physical side - the infrastructure - such as

improving streetscapes, constructing train stations, or developing

waterfront parks.

The First Wilderness Heritage Corridor program is

primarily managed by Wayne LaMothe, County Planner

for the Warren County Planning Department. LaMothe

approaches he First Wilderness Heritage Corridor project

with one goal in mind: enhancing the economic opportunities

by creating a corridor-wide tourism experience. “When

it all comes down to it, it’s an economic development activity,”

LaMothe said. “There’s no other reason for it. It is

to enhance what the community has A) for itself and B) for

the visitors that come here. Hopefully, it’s a quality experience

and through word-of-mouth and promotions, other

people will follow.”

Yet, in order to be successful, the corridor needs to

be promoted as a whole, and not on a town-by-town basis.

“The way for this to work is each town has to complement

each other and not compete,” LaMothe said. Promotion

of the Corridor focuses on coordinating efforts that

will showcase each town’s attributes and the Corridor to

potential visitors.

But it’s theFirst Wilderness” experience that sets

this region apart. It was the first place where Americans

realized that wilderness was going to be a distinguishing

and permanent feature of their civilization. By the 1880s,

more had been written about the Adirondacks than any

other wilderness area in America. In 1892, the Adirondack

Park was created as the largest protected wilderness area

east of the Mississippi. Since then, the Park has challenged

each generation to define the role of wilderness in our increasingly

urbanized civilization.

Today, there is a concerted effort to create a genuine

Adirondack experience for the visitors to the corridor.

The communities of the First Wilderness Heritage Corridor

invite all to experience the wilderness way of life.

For more information, visit us online at firstwilderness.com

or find us on Facebook.

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Discover the First Wilderness Heritage Corridor

for sweet summer fun and new adventures

Take it to the River …

Take it to the Hudson



Our First Wilderness Heritage

Corridor Communities

Stay in touch with our First Wilderness Communities so that they may

assist with your future visit. Then share your discovery with family, friends,

neighbors, and business partners for a return trip.

Town of Newcomb (518) 582-3211


Town of Johnsburg (518) 251-2421


Town of Horicon (518) 494-3647


Town of Chester (518) 494-2711


Town of Warrensburg (518) 623-4561


Town of Thurman (518) 623-9649


Town of Stony Creek (518) 696-3575


Town of Hadley (518) 623-4797


Town of Lake Luzerne (518) 696-2711


Town of Corinth (518) 654-9232


City of Saratoga Springs (518) 587-3550


First Wilderness Information

and Travel Resources

Tel: 518-761-6409

Email: planning@warrencountyny.gov

This advertisement was prepared with funding provided by the New York State Department of State

under Title 11 of the Environmental Protection Fund.

Photo Credit: Greg Klingler

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European-style Christmas Market returns to Lake George

A popular tradition in the

Alpine region of Europe is

jingling all the way to Lake


Adirondack Christkindlmarkt

is back for a second

year! Join us from December

6 through December 8 as we

celebrate the holiday season

with Adirondack flair during

this European-style festival!

Warm your holiday spirit at

this outdoor event at Festival

Commons in the Charles R.

Wood Park located on West

Brook Road in Lake George.

Open air Christmas markets

known as Christkindlmarkts

(pronounced KRIS-KINDEL-

MARTS), have been popular

events in Europe for centuries.

These family friendly winter

events offer a medley of sights,

sounds and tastes that embody

the season.

At the Adirondack Christkindlmarkt,

you’ll find something

for the whole family

with live entertainment, local

flavors, artisans, crafts and


This event debuted in 2018

and was organized by the Lake

George Regional Convention

and Visitors Bureau (a division

Photo by Tom Stock

of the Lake George Regional

Chamber of Commerce)

and Adirondack Folk School

in partnership with LARAC

and other local businesses.

highlight the business that are

open year round.

If you would like to be a

vendor at Christkindlmarkt or

would like to learn more, visit

the Facebook page at facebook.com/ADKChristkindlmarkt/.

A European-style festival with an Adirondack flair!



Lake George Regional

Chamber of Commerce & CVB


Adirondack Folk School

present the:

Funding provided by the Joint Town and Village of Lake George Occupancy Tax Committee.

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Taste what all the buzz is about.

An initative of the

Supported by


“Canada Street shuts down

after Columbus Day.”

There are more than 25 businesses

open all year in the village of Lake

George. Find unique shopping,

craft beverage tasting rooms, bars,

hotels, a grocery store, convenience

stores and a variety of dining

options in every season.






A year-round destination.

An initiative of the


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Visit LakeGeorgeChamber.com to view our

Travel Guide online or request your paper copy!


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Nice Liquid Since 1999!

The Adirondack Pub & Brewery tapped their first keg in 1999.

They have since grown to producing nearly 10,000 barrels of their

handcrafted ales and lagers annually. With recently announced expansion

plans, the brewery’s capacity will triple. Adirondack Brewery

contributes its success to consistently producing quality beer brewed

with local ingredients and bedrock spring water free from minerals

and impurities. Adirondack Brewery brews over 30 unique beers annually

including year-round,

seasonal, and one-off offerings.

“Our brewers have an

excitement for their craft

that is reflecting in their creativity

and endless research

in discovering new tastes

and brewing techniques”,

said owner John Carr.

New for 2018, High

Peaks Distilling, located across the way from the brewery, produces

world class spirits using traditional Scottish techniques. After decades

of brewing and perfecting the complex art of malt fermentation,

the next step was obvious; why not take the love of malt to the

next level and produce thought-provoking malt whiskey.

This includes their first release, a multiple award-winning singlemalt

whiskey, Cloudsplitter, which has taken silver medals in the

Denver International Spirits Competition & the 2018 Great American

International Spirits Competition, amongst others. Named after

the tallest peak in the Adirondacks, Mt. Marcy, Cloudsplitter lives

Reach our advertisers at:

up to its namesake by delivering a fresh, clean taste. Their use of

multiple casks rounds out the taste with a subtle sweetness backed

by the complexity of European and American Oak. Cloudsplitter can

currently be found at numerous, high quality restaurants and bars in

the Lake George region.

The tasting room and distillery will be opening to the public in

early summer and will offer tours, tastings, and bottles available for

purchase. Learn more about the distillery by going to HPDistilling.

com or facebook.com/HighPeaksDistilling.

Discover all the products produced by Adirondack Brewery, High

Peaks Distilling, and Lake George Soda Works at supermarkets, beverage

centers, bars, and restaurants throughout the Adirondack region

and in over 40 New York State counties. Stop in at the Pub & Brewery

located at 33 Canada Street

in the southern end of the Lake

George Village to enjoy lunch

or dinner, sample their award

winning ales, and take a brewery


The Pub is open at Noon,

7 days a week throughout the

Summer. Head over to www.

adkbrewery.com for more information

and be sure to follow all

that is happening on their social

media accounts: Facebook- Adirondack

Pub & Brewery Instagram-

@adkbrewery Twitter- @


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813 Mirror Lake Drive, Lake Placid, NY 12946




5686 Cascade Road, Lake Placid, NY 12946




193 Glen Street, Unit 2, Glens Falls, NY 12801




41 Stewart Dam Rd, Corinth, NY 12822





154 US 9, Schroon Lake, NY 12870




4933 Lake Shore Drive, Bolton Landing, NY 12814





1. 329 Canada St, Lake George, NY 12845



2. 11262 NY 149, Fort Ann, NY 12827




1 Canada St, Lake George, NY 12845




4 Charles St., Fort Ann, NY 12827




184 Glen St., Glens Falls, NY 12801




58 Saratoga Ave., South Glens Falls, NY 12803




147 Broadway Fort Edward, NY 12828




462 NY 29, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866




250 Excelsior Ave, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866




18 Hicks Rd, Granville, NY 12832








1. 285 Canada St., Lake George, NY 12845



2. 4971 Lake Shore Dr., Bolton Landing, NY 12814




133 Clements Rd, Queensbury, NY 12804




381 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866




1. 1 Main St., Greenwich, NY 12834



2. 6 Broad St., Cambridge, NY 12816





33 Canada St., Lake George, NY 12845




11975 NY-40, Schaghticoke, NY 12154





2 Sagamore St. Glens Falls, NY 12801




1043 State Route 9, Queensbury, NY 12804




637 Colonel Burch Rd, Valley Falls, NY 12185




31 Main Street, Granville, NY 12832







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Grand Canyon of

the Adirondacks

May-October, Open Daily

November-April, reservations required

EXIT 34 AND 35 OFF I-87


(518) 834-7454 • AUSABLECHASM.COM

GPS COORDINATES/44.525149 -73.462702

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Clams, Shrimp, Tuna, Raw Bar

The Best Burgers & Salads in Town

Live Entertainment • Daily Specials

Steak & Steamhouse Lounge • Fine Wine & Spirits

Located right above Christie’s on the Lake

Expertly prepared steaks, fresh seafood, pastas and more

to delight even the most discerning gourmet palate

Christie Lane, Lake George, NY • (518) 668-2515

Handicap Accessible • Gluten Free (F) & Vegetarian (V)

Open Daily: 11 am-3 am • Happy Hour 3-5 pm at downstairs bar • Dinner 5-10 pm


Open Daily at Noon for

Lunch & Dinner

All Your Vegetarian


Kids Menu Always Available

Sizzling Fajitas, Mexican

Salads, Combo Platters,

Juicy Steaks, Tender

Chicken, Seafood, Fresh

Burgers, Wraps



192 Canada Street • Lake George, NY • (518) 668-5111

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Gluten Free (GV) • Vegetarian (V)



MON: Draft Night - $5 Drafts

TUE: Ladies Night

1/2 Off apps & $5 Sangrias

WED: Margarits Night

Traditional $5 • Flavored $6

THU: Fireworks Night

FRI: All You Can Eat Tacos

SUN: Wine Night-$5 a Glass



ADKDiningGuide.com • ADKStoresandGalleries.com • ADKEntertainment.com • ADKAccommodations.com


“Relax and enjoy a ride on beautiful

Lake George aboard one of the

Lake George Steamboat Company’s

three cruise ships”



in Lake George!

FREE Parking for Diners

(come by car or boat)

11am on: Lite fare

on deck upstairs

4:30pm on: Steaks, Seafood,

Ribs and more downstairs

Waterfront Restaurant

in Lake George Village

Live Music

on the Water!

Receive $3 Off

Adult Ticket

When you bring this ad in.

Good for up to 4 adults.

Excludes the Minne-Ha-Ha one hour cruises.

518-668-5777 • LakeGeorgeSteamboat.com



Celebrating 200 Years of

Cruising The Past & Present

In 2017, the Lake George Steamboat Company celebrated 200

years of being in business, the longest continuously operated boat

company in the world. We are planning many special events during

the months of 2017, including special cruises, dock concerts, special

mementos and drinks, and other occasions to celebrate our unique

business, the community and other businesses of Lake George, and

the Queen of American Lakes, Lake George.

On April 15, 1817, the Lake George Steamboat Company was

incorporated by the Legislature of the State of New York. Our young

America was, in 1817, also busting out in relatively untroubled years

following the conclusion of the War of 1812. The Louisiana Purchase

had almost doubled the land area of the United States, Lewis and

Clark had carried our Flag to the Pacific Ocean, James Monroe (the

Fifth and last of the founding fathers to be elected President) had

just taken the oath of office. Still living were Thomas Jefferson, John

Adams, James Madison and Andrew Jackson (future President). Napoleon

Bonaparte was living as a prisoner on the Island of St. Helena.

The Lake George

area, Ticonderoga and

south to Lake George

Village (then known as

Caldwell), was familiar

to the many soldiers who

had fought in the French

& Indian War and in the

Revolutionary War. As

Code: SoADK

2 Lower Amherst Street

Lake George Village

(518) 668-5324


more people came to this area, townships such as Hague and Bolton

and Caldwell were formed. By 1819, Caldwell was estimated to have

500-600 people.

As the 1800s went by, the rich and famous began coming from

New York City and other cities on the East Coast to vacation and

spend summers here on the Lake. Before the roads were built, people

would arrive at the Steamboat Station (now our gift shop) on trains

run by the Delaware and Hudson Railway, transfer to steamboats, and

complete their journey further up the Lake to their homes or summer

hotels. The Steamboats would also deliver mail and provisions

to towns along the Lake.

Fifteen ships have sailed for us throughout our 199-year history.

You know about the three ships that sail for us right now, but you may

not know about the 12 fine vessels that have sailed for us in previous

years. The Steamboat company’s first boat was the “James Caldwell”,

80’ long and 20’ wide, whose best speed was 4 mph. She was followed

by the” Mountaineer”, the “William Caldwell”, the “John

Jay”, the first “Minne Ha Ha”, the “Ganouskie”, the first “Horicon”,

the first “Ticonderoga”, the first “Mohican”, the “Sagamore”,

the second “Horicon”,

and the second “Ticonderoga”

(which went out

of service in 1994). Currently

sailing are the second

“Mohican”, the second

“Minne Ha Ha”, and

the “Lac du Saint Sacrement”.

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518.644.2431 • TheSembrich.org • Bolton Landing, NY

Call Today for Tickets!


15 Years!

Menu Sampling

Early Bird Specials 3:00 to 6:00

(Including Kids Menu)

In House Only 7 Days a Week

Stuffed Pork Chops

Stuffed Shrimp

Baked Boston Scrod

Chicken Parmigiana

Broiled Salmon

Schnitzel Cordon Bleu

Plus Salad Bar and Potato $16.95

Great Kids Menu

Pizza & Wings!


Proud member of the AWA

(Adirondack Wedding Association)

Reach our advertisers at:

Dinner Menu Sampling

Full menu boasts over 100 entree choices!

Broiled Atlantic Salmon $21.95

Eggplant Parmigiana $16.95

12oz Angus Top Sirloin starting at $16.95

14oz Prime Rib $25.95

Surf & Turf

14oz Prime Rib & Lobster Tail $39.95


Twin Broiled Lobster Tails $36.95

Broiled Sea Scallops $24.95


Fresh Eggplant Parm with Tomato Sauce $16.95

Chicken Scarpelle $18.95

Zuppa di Pesce $34.95

Lobster Tail, Shrimp, Sea Scallops, Calimari served Fra Diablo

Eggplant Rollatine $17.95

All entrees include a 35 item salad bar

Lunch Specials starting at $6.50,

Lunch Served 12:00 to 3:00

Dinner; 3:00 to 9:00:pm

Reservations always appreciated

Fast free delivery in local area

Featuring New Talent

Sweet Basic Comedy Club

Sept–June; Call for details

Saturday Nights

Dinner & Show $38.00

Show Only $15


1012 Rt. 9 Queensbury NY

1 mile south of the Great Escape,

4 miles south of Lake George

ADKDiningGuide.com • ADKStoresandGalleries.com • ADKEntertainment.com • ADKAccommodations.com

The Lake George Region is Bicycle Friendly

Residents and visitors to the Southern Adirondacks have discovered

some great cycling. The Warren County Bikeway, a 10

foot wide paved and landscaped County bike path was completed

in 1978. This destination bike path begins in Lake George Village’s

Westbrook Park and passes through 10.5 miles of Southern

Adirondack scenery to Queensbury, where it passes over Quaker

Road and links riders to the Feeder Canal System. Combined, the

two bikeway system will offer visitors and residents twenty plus

miles of “destination” bicycle riding opportunities.

As cycling has become more

popular, the Warren County GIS

Program has taken on the goal

of creating a series of hiking and

biking maps for Warren County.

The maps are available for download

on the program’s website (http://warrencountyny.gov/gis/

maps) and on the First Wilderness website (http://www.firstwilderness.com).

Additional maps are added regularly.

In addition, Warren County GIS offers two interactive map

websites, the Community Map (http://gis-2.warrencountyny.

gov/warrencountygis), which includes information on bicycling

and other recreation opportunities throughout the County, and

the First Wilderness Heritage Corridor Story Map (http://gis-2.

warrencountyny.gov/shortlist/), which offers details about a variety

of recreation and cultural opportunities throughout the First

Wilderness region.

Welcome, whether you’ve come for a nice relaxing vacation

or want to discover all the Adirondack region has to offer, what

better way to experience the area than on a bicycle?











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Waterfalls, Rivers & lakes

3 Santanoni Preserve Trait to the Old ‘Farm

Walk (2 miles RT, easy) Take the firSt mile of

the old Santanoni Road from the Gatehouse

to the farm and you will see the old cow barn,

creamery and spring house.

4 Calamity Brook to Flowed land (9.4 miles

RT, moderate)

This is an interesting route with ponds,

brooks and a monument. Extend your outing by

exploring the area around Flowed land.

5 Santanoni Preserve Trail to Newcomb

Lakes (10 miles RT, easy) Follow the gravel

road from the gate house to the “Great Camp


6 Bear Pond loop (moderate) This bluemarked

trail makes a loop with the Rock Pond

- Clear, Pond Trail from Heart Pond to Bear

Pond and back to Rock Pond. It is 1.0 mile from

Heart Pond to Bear Pond and l.5”miles from

Rock Pond to Bear Pond.

7 Grizzle Ocean (5 miles RT, easy, entrance

fee to state campground) Walk to the lean-to on

this picturesque pond and explore its shores on

the trail that circles the pond.

8 Moose Mtn. Pond (6 miles RT, easy) The

trail to this remote pond parallels a. stream and

marsh, and passes th rough a grove of large

hemlocks and pines. There are great views of

the pond and surrounding mountains from a

ledge at the pond’s edge. A side trail leads to

Bass Lake (l.4 miles RT) which has rock, ledges,

cliffs and great fishing in its deep, cold, water.

9 Crane Pond via Blue Hill (6.2 miles RT,

moderate) This is an interesting walk through

an old growth forest to a nice picnic spot and


10 Pharaoh lake Trail The new trail head

on Pharaoh Road, which heads northward from

Beaver Pond Road, is 1.0 mile south at the old

trail head at Mill Brook. The Pharaoh lake outlet

is 3.4 miles from the new, trail head. The

trail to the take, which is an old road, is marked

and maintained as a horse trail. Another horse

traM begins near the village of Adirondack and’

leads north, then east for 7.4 miles before intersecting

the Pharaoh Lake Trail just south of

the Pharaoh Lake outlet. The trail along the east

shore o( Pharaoh Lake begins at the outlet and

is marked with yellow trail markers.

The trail offers many fine views of the lake

and Pharaoh Mountain. It intersects the long

Swing Trail at the north end of the lake, 2.3

miles from the outlet dam. The west shore trail,

marked in yellow and red, passes three lean-tos

within the first mile. The summit of Pharaoh

Mountain is reached 3.2 miles from the outlet


11 Boreas River–Hewitt Eddy (2.4 miles

RT, easy) This is a level walk along the turbulent

Boreas River to a wide, quiet eddy and

picnic spot.

12 Blue Ledge (5 miles RT, easy) Enjoy

a rare riverside view of the turbulent Hudson

River Gorge near a horseshoe bend where, on

the opposite shore, an impressive 300-foot cliff

drops precipitously to an unusually calm section

of the river. The trail into the river is delightful

and lined with wildflowers in the spring.

13 Cheney Pond-Lester Flow (5.2 miles RT,

easy) The grassy lane of an old road leads to

panoramic views in almost every direction at

Lester Flow ‘which is also a good waterfowl

viewing area.

14 Hewitt Pond-Stony Pond 16 miles, moderate,

2 cars needed) This trail traverses rough

and interesting terrain as it winds through a

deep col and beside several lakes.

15 Hoffman Notch Traverse (7.6 miles,

moderate, 1 cars needed) An old wagon route

leads through this remote and little-traveled

mountain Pass and dense forest. You’ll pass

huge trees, glacial erratics, 200 foot cliffs, fern

meadows, cascading streams, several marshes

and excellent views across the waters of Big


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Wood Fired Bistro & Bar featuring authentic

Neapolitan style pizza, steaks, chicken, seafood,

pastas, salads, gluten free and vegetarian

options. Dine alfresco on our dog friendly patio

by the fire pit or fireside in our handcrafted

lodge. Our exquisite handmade cherry bar

serves up the best in local craft drafts,

fine wines and made to order cocktails.

739 US Rte. 9, Schroon Lake

518-532-WOOD - Open 7 days/week year-round


Opening North Hudson Location

Late Summer 2019 !!!

Mon-Thurs 3 -- 10pm

Fri & Sat 11:30 -- 10pm

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Schroon Lake Bed & Breakfast




Open Year Round.

Easy on/off Exit 28

on the 87 Northway.

The Strand

at Schroon Lake

Auditorium • Performance Venue

Movie Theatre

Main St. • Schroon Lake, NY (518) 532-9077

See the latest movie shedules and

showtimes on our Facbook page:


Gracious hospitality, concierge service and modern

amenities. Private bath, WiFi, A/C, mini fridge and

microwave in room. Farm to table breakfast, afternoon

snack and complimentary beverages included.


at Word of Life Ranch

Friday Nights | July-August














Jonathan Falwell & the Revive Band

4th of July Concert (Schroon Lake Beach)

Dennis Swanberg

Bryan Drake (Illusionist)


Ninja Warrior Night

Outcast Moto




at Word of Life Lodge







Spanish Family Retreat

Fall Marriage Retreat

Fall Family Retreat

RISE Pastor's Conference

Women's Retreat Weekend 1

Women's Retreat Weekend 2


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Flanagan’s Pub & Grill

Full Lunch & Dinner Menu:

Outstanding Wings ♣ Pizzas ♣ Burgers & Kids Menu ♣ Seafood

Steak ♣ Vegetarian Dishes & More


Large Selection of Local Craft Beers ♣ Frozen Drinks

Full Bar ♣ Join Us for Cocktails on Our Smoking Deck!

Open Year-Round, Daily @ 12 Noon

TVs ♣ Pool Table ♣ Jukebox ♣ Wifi

1067 Main St., Schroon Lake ♣ 518-532-9096 (Take-Outs)


Everything you

need to get out

on the water for

a day, a weekend,

or a season!

We are a Pro Shop with

wakeboards and waterskis


Repair & Service

Boat Supplies

Boat Rentals

Book Online

31 Marina Rd.

Schroon Lake, NY

(518) 532-7884

Boat Sales

Dock Sales

Motor Sales

Winter Storage


named Ponte de Dios

(Bridge of God) and later described

in Morse’s Geography of 1790, the

stone bridge has captivated visitors

for over 200 years. Take a walking

stick, map, and camera and

set out on a self-guided, aboveground,

natural stone step nature

trail and experience up-close the

many unique rock features, such as

potholes, grottos, and waterfalls.

Descend into lighted surface caves

with raging waterfalls or tranquil

dark pools. Try an “Adventure

Tour” for those willing to crawl and

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The massive


bridge arch

- the largest

marble cave

entrance in

the East -

dominates this


display of




get a bit dirty,

ending with a

float through

Garnet Cave.

An extensive

Rock Shop

offers many

fine crystals,

gems, fossils,

bookends &

geodes. Additional




mining, gold rush mine, crystal

quest mine, climbing walls,

18-hole disc golf course, fish

feeding, jewelry making,

decorating walking sticks or

uncovering ancient bones in the

dino dig. Food service includes

a snack bar at the caves facility

and over 40 flavors of soft

ice-cream at the Rt. 9 Stone

Bridge Ice Cream Stand.

Cabins available for rent May-

Oct. Snowshoe trails (14+

miles) & tours Dec-March.

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“”Beautiful and amazing… nature at its best!”

-See all our 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor.com





Two minutes from Exit 26 on the Northway


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Established 1792

(518) 696-2711 X6



Lake Luzerne Regional Chamber of Commerce

37 Main St., Lake Luzerne 12846

info@lakeluzernechamber.org (518) 696-3500

“Luzerne Loves High Adventure, History and Horses”

Pulp Mill Museum

“Adventure Row”

Ride, Raft & Rest Along the Hudson River

4 Adirondack Folk School for “Hands

on Learning”

4 Arts, Crafts & Antiques

4 Bicycling, Hiking, Zip Line

4 Boat, Canoe, Kayak, Raft & Tube

4 Campsites, Cottages, Motels, B&B’s

4 Fishing, Hunting, Hiking, Golf, Bird

Watching & ADK Licensed Guide

4 Group Tours Welcome

4 Harris Land Preserve

4 History & Heritage Walking Tours

4 Library, Learn & Listen Programs

4 Lots of Ice Cream and Mini-Golf

4 Luzerne Music Center Summer


4 Maple Sugaring, Festivals & Garage


4 Meeting & Wedding Location

4 Museums, Ambassadors and


4 Parks, Picnics & Swimming

4 Restaurants, BBQ’s & Deli’s

4 Rodeos & Horseback Riding

4 Snowmobiling & Skiing Nearby

4 Summer Night Concerts

4 Winter Sports: Sled, Skate, Ice Fish

Lake Luzerne is located just 10 minutes

South of Lake George Exit 21 on 9N South

Bridge of Hope



July & August


Historic District


July & August

Thur- Sun

Star Maker,

Thank You Day

July 4

Book Fair

by the River

July 20



Cowboy Day

July 27



Day & Duck Race

August 31

Pugs &


September 22



December 1

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37 Main Street, P.O. Box 222

Lake Luzerne, NY 12846



Wine & Liquor Tastings 4-7 on Saturdays

Offering 5% Veteran Discount

Summer hours (beginning Memorial Day

weekend): Mon–Sat 10-10, Sun 12-8

Off-season hours (after Columbus Day

weekend): 10 am - 9 pm Mon–Sat, Sun 12-8

Bailey’s Wine & Liquors

107 Lake Ave., Lake Luzerne


Regional Chamber of Commerce

Surrounded by crystal clear lakes, the Hudson River

and spectacular fall foliage. Lake Luzerne is a four-season

vacation community, offering horseback riding,

championship rodeo, white water rafting, free summer

concerts, Plus golf, tennis, fishing, and snowmobiling.

2019 Summer Concerts at The Pavilion in the Park

Thursdays 6:30pm - 8:30pm

July 9: Grit ‘N Whiskey

July 16: Elvis “Donny Romines”

July 23: Marty Wendell

July 30: Lake Luzerne

Music Camp Students

Aug. 6: Bobby Dick & Suzie Q

Aug. 13: Nobody Special

Aug. 20: Blue Grass - Cedar Ridge

musicians, and free Tuesday Night Concerts provided by the regional

chamber at Lake Luzerne Pavilion at Colonel Butler Park

lake luzerne

at 6:30p.m.

The town of Lake Luzerne and its natural beauty and charm

You will fall in love with our past, present and future this

beckons you to an adventure of discovery. People have been enjoying

the serenity of the lake and the thrill of white water or

summer, especially the fun and exciting array of activities for the

whole family to enjoy in beautiful Lake Luzerne. A leisurely

horse back riding since the time Colonel Benjamin Butler coaxed

stroll along Downtown Main Street to the four historic sites staffed

the Adirondack Railroad to venture north of Saratoga Springs

by Heritage Ambassadors Thursdays thru Sundays is a village delight.

The four sites include the Rockwell-Harmon Cottage and

to the forest preserve and the confluence of the mighty Hudson

River and the great Sacandaga River. It was Butler’s dream to

visitor center, the Gailey Hill School House, the Kinnear House

draw visitors from the heat, dust and smoke

Museum of Local History and the Pagenstecher Pulp Mill Museum.

Each site is unique, telling a part of

of the large cities to Lake Luzerne for its scenic

beauty, restful resorts and hotels, and fine

Lake Luzerne’s past. This summer season


will include activities for the history buffs,

like Lake Luzerne’s Own History Day and

Come to Lake Luzerne, just 10 minutes

National Day of the Cowboy July 27 with

south of Lake George Village. Here, the

Re-enactors, displays, and guest speakers.

Hudson River squeezes into a narrow gorge,

September 7 & 8 we welcome the Adirondack

Regiment of the 114th NY Infantry as

tumbling over the dramatic Rockwell Falls.

Water from the Great Sacandaga Lake joins

Civil War soldiers encamp at The Pavilion

the river in a flurry of white water, creating

at Colonel Butler Park on Route 9N, featuring

a community campfire, canon firing,

some of the best white water in the area.

Further downstream, the river widens into

military drills and candlelight tours.

“Phelps Bay,” known to the natives as “Ti-osa-ron-da

a stretch of water broad enough for

a breathtaking ‘photo shoot moment’ from

Be sure to bring your camera to capture

water skiing, sailing or canoeing. For those

the Bridge of Hope, which spans the mighty

who seek quiet water, a chain of four beautiful

lakes offer fishing, camping and boating

picturesque location - Rockwell Falls. You

Hudson River at its’ narrowest and most

with two public swimming beaches on Lake

are surrounded by flowing waters from Lake

Luzerne itself. Nearby, Lake Luzerne Music

Luzerne to Wells Creek as they flow into the

camp attracts world-class musicians. There

Hudson River and from the other side of the

are concerts by students and professional

bridge watch as the Great Sacandaga River

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Rockwell-Harmon Cottage

Visitor Information Center:

The last remaining cottage of

the Rockwell Hotel circa 1842

The Kinnear House

Museum of Local History:

Early 1900s decor and local

history displays

to four historic sites

Main St., Downtown Lake Luzerne

Open 11:00 am-3:00 pm Thursday-Sunday in July & August

The Gailey Hill one-room

school house: 1930s-era

schoolroom artifacts

The Pagenstecher Pulp Mill

Museum: Home to the first

USA-made pulp grinder

Wayside Beach, Colonel Butler Park,

Garnar Leatherworks Tannery Chimney

Contact Sue at (518) 696-4947


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rushes in from the west to join the mighty Hudson. But, the roar

of the waterfall is most enchanting behind the Rockwell-Harmon

Cottage, while enjoying an ice cream cone and resting in an Adirondack


Climb into the oversized Adirondack chair at the

entrance to the Adirondack Folk School, it makes a

perfect group picture. The Adirondack Folk School

founded in 2010 is open year round for the joy of

hands-on learning the arts, crafts and customs of the


Lake Luzerne is the place for thrills and chills, and

for the outdoor adventurer it’s fast becoming known

as “Adventure Row”. With plenty of opportunities

for river paddling, tubing, floating, rafting, canoeing,

kayaking, water boarding, hiking, biking, rodeo and

horseback riding with guided mountaintop dinner rides

available and the thrill of soaring on a zip line, with

age appropriate zones. In winter, there’s cross country

skiing, snow shoeing, ice fishing and snowmobilers

can ride over 200 miles of forest trails.

Set off in search of an adventure at Harris Land

Preserve. As one travels northeasterly through Lake

Luzerne towards Fourth Lake, Potash Mountain, with

its classic, rugged profile, looms straight ahead. This little peak is

one of the best-loved, iconic features of the southern Adirondacks

- left by the glaciers, and weathered by water, ice, and the sun

for thousands of years. At a modest 1752’ elevation, its position

makes it seem huge - and climbers know it is a ‘real’ mountain.

This route up Potash takes you through The Harris Land Preserve,

a 112 acre preserve is a beautiful wooded area used for forestbased

education, and year long outdoor recreation. Hiking, snowshoeing

and horseback riding are all in the mix.

An adventure awaits you in Lake Luzerne so grab your camera

and your friends to discover the natural beauty, charm and thrill

Lake Luzerne offers.

Photo - PilotGirl Productions

Pictured with the

Adirondack Regiment

114NY Infantry is


Elise Stefanik to her left

is Captain Peter Gilbert.

Photo - Luzerne Productions

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With over 250 classes, there’s plenty to explore, discover and create!

Visit our Gift Shop featuring handcrafted items from our talented presenters.

51 Main Street, Lake Luzerne | 518-696-2400


Adirondack Folk School

(AFS) is a non-profit 501(c)(3)

charitable organization, unique for

its dedication to teaching the arts,

crafts, and cultural heritage of the

Adirondack region. Made up of local

artisans, crafts people, and volunteers,

we offer noncompetitive

education focusing on the student.

Located in Downtown {might add

to the location, seeing how route

9N runs through the center of Lake

Luzerne} Lake Luzerne, NY, we

are situated in the southern Adirondack

Park, a State park of over

six-million acres of “forever wild”

protected land. The beauty and

natural abundance of this environment influenced the skilled artisans

that created the pack basket, twig furniture, birch bark containers, the

Adirondack lean-to, the guide boat, and the Adirondack chair, [while

visiting, be sure to climb into the oversized Adirondack Chair for a

group photo.]

These are the home furnishings, boats, and decor still found in

cabins, lodges, and homes today throughout the region which have

helped create the unique “Adirondack Style”. Today, our region hosts

these and numerous other creative forms of expression. Our instructors

from around the country share their knowledge and skills, and

inspire you with their enthusiasm. In addition to our hands-on classes,

Adirondack storytellers and musicians share the cultural heritage of

the Adirondacks through demonstrations, special programs, and our

fireside evening gatherings. Join us August 17th for “Hot Fiddlers,

Hot Forges and Hot Fudge” 1-4pm at the Adirondack Folk School,

52 Main Street, Lake Luzerne.

The Fire Tower Challenge

Whether it’s the view from the summit or from the tower--or the experiences in route--”fire tower fever” grips you right away and

there’s no turning back. The Glens Falls-Saratoga Chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK) created the Fire Tower Challenge

to encourage hikers to appreciate fire towers, their history and the peaks where they are located.

What is the Fire Tower Challenge?

The Fire Tower Challenge began with the publication of the guidebook, ‘Views from

on High: Fire Tower Trails in the Adirondacks and Catskills’ by John P. (Jack) Freeman.

The Challenge hikes are described in detail, along with a fascinating essay describing the

history of Forest Preserve fire towers by noted historic preservationist Wesley H. Haynes.

The book is published by the ADK Mountain Club.

To buy “Views from on High” call 1-800-395-8080 (8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Mon

through Sat.), or visit the Club’s Lake George or Heart Lake facilities, at I-87 exit 21 or

purchase online from the ADK Mountain

Club Online Store, It is also available from bookstores and outdoor

retailers. In North Creek, Hudson River Trading Company

typically carries the book and in the Gift and Book Shop at the Kinnear

Museum of Local History, Lake Luzerne, while on your way to

climb Hadley Mountain Fire Tower. You don’t need to be a member

of ADK to take part in the Challenge.

Rules of the Fire Tower Challenge:

To complete the Challenge and receive the official full-color

patch, hikers must climb and document, by date, ascents of at least

23 fire tower summits: 18 of 23 Adirondack Park summits and all 5

Catskill Park summits. Climbing each tower itself is not required,

nor in fact recommended, especially (for) those towers that have

not been restored for safe public use. The mountain should have a

standing fire tower on the date of your ascent. Two of the Adirondack towers described

in Views from on High have been removed—see list on reverse. When registering the dates of your climb, be sure to use extra sheets

of paper to describe details of interest: weather, wildlife sightings, your impressions, your companions - and whatever else caught your

attention. We really want you to share your experiences with us, so please be expressive.

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(518) 696-6133

877 Lake Ave., Lake Luzerne, NY


Jump, climb and zipline your way through the beautiful forest canopy!


Combine both great activities for the ultimate Adirondack Experience!


Guided trips near Lake George & Saratoga perfect for all ages!

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Hadley – On the Road Less Traveled

In the most northern part of Saratoga Country, at the confluence of the Great

Sacandaga and the mighty Hudson Rivers is where you’ll find a little gem called


Hadley is a quaint little

town where the roads are less

traveled, the people friendly,

the whitewater the best in New

York and the view from the

top of Hadley Mountain is

breathtaking. You won’t find big

industry here, what you’ll find

are some very talented, genuine,

hard-working people raising a

family and enjoying the world

around them at a slower pace.

Hadley is a

wonderful place to

The 1885 landmark parabolic Bow Bridge spans the Sacandaga River, where you’ll find some of the best whitewater in New

York State. Photo credits to: Luzerne Productions and PilotGirl Productions

Come... Explore Hadley...

A Great Destination for Adventure


Breathe fresh air


Make friends


Ride a bike

Climb a mountain

Get dirty

Fall in love

Pitch a tent

Eat well


Swing a golf club

Work hard

Raise a family



Make a memory


Cool off


Contact: Supervisor Arthur “Mo” Wright: 518-696-4797

www.townofhadley.net | supervisorwright@townofhadley.org

Hadley Business Association: Sue Wilder: 518-696-4947

Explore.HadleyNY.net | hadleyba2003@yahoo.com

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town of hadley

A phrase from one of Robert Frost’s poems,“I took the road less

traveled by and that made all the difference” certainly describes the

hamlet of Hadley nestled at the confluence of the mighty Hudson

River and the Great Sacandaga Rivers.

The Bridge of Hope, with the American Flags waving in the

wind spans the mighty Hudson River connecting Lake Luzerne to

Hadley. This is the narrowest spot of the Hudson River causing it

to tumble and fall from the rock ledges creating Rockwell Falls. For

generations the force of water has provided water-power to operate

lumber, paper, and grist mills along its banks.

The southern view from the Bridge of Hope is where the Sacandaga

River roars

in from the west to join the mighty Hudson River from the east.

The Sacandaga River once cut a path like a shoelace, back and forth

in the Sacandaga Valley finding each spring to overflow its banks

causing flooding to down state residents in Troy and the Capital

District. In the 1930’s a remarkable engineering project of an earthen

dam was constructed at Conklinville to control the rising flow

of water, thereby, creating the Great Sacandaga Lake, the largest

man-made body of water in New York State and some of the best

whitewater. The newly released DVD “Harnessing Nature, Building

the Great Sacandaga”, produced by Jason Kemper, Lauren Roberts

and Peter Pepe in association with the Great Sacandaga Lake

Advisory Council tells the story of how the people of the Sacandaga

Valley had to sacrifice their homes, their farms and their livelihoods

for the greater good. It is a must see movie of heartbreak, rebirth

and a remarkable engineering project in its own right. The DVD is

available for sale at the Hadley Lake Luzerne Historical Society.

Today, many enjoy boating, fishing, swimming, and skiing on the

flat-water lake, while others enjoy the thrill of whitewater rafting on

the Sacandaga River below Stewarts Dam.

Spanning the Sacandaga River is the 1885 historic parabolic

Bow Bridge (shown in photo on previous page). It was rescued

from demolition and restored to use in 2006. It’s fun to drive over to

the the Dean Mountain Whitewater Park for a picnic lunch to watch

the rafters on the best regulated whitewater in New York State or to

explore the nature trail charted by the local Boy Scouts.

While on the road less taken, another park to discover is the

Sam Smead Memorial Park located at the corner of Stony Creek

Rd and Maple Street. Besides pavilions, play ground equipment,

picnic tables and grills, horse shoe pits, tennis and basketball courts

there will be summer music performances conducted most Friday

nights at 7pm during July and August. It’s free, and all are welcome

to attend.

Friday Night Music in the Park kicks off July 12th with fireworks

at dusk and the sounds of music with The Norm Allen and

Tim Rodrigue Duo and the Stony Creek Band.

7/19 Old Soul

8/2 Nobody Special

8/9 Studio Two “A Beatles Tribute”

8/16 Spoiler 80’s Music

8/23 Kelly and Son

8/30 Warren County Ramblers

Rain of shine ~ Bring you own chairs and dress in the layered

Adirondack style because the weather has been known to change

quickly. Local vendors will be promoting their items and the Park

Committee Concession Stand will be open. On July 19 and August

Reach our advertisers at:

30 the music will be

held at the Hadley Senior

and Community


Keeping Community

active is the

mission of the Hadley

Business Association



promotes the spring

Maple in April Festival,

the summer community-wide

Garage sales and the fall Holiday on the Hudson Tree

lighting event.

Hiking the Hadley Mountain Fire Tower trail

which affords spectacular views ranging from

the Sacandaga valley to Vermont, the Catskills,

and to both the southern Adirondacks and their

northern high pecks is breathtaking anytime of

the year. By following the red trail markers and

an ascent of 1,525 feet leads to the fire tower

where a summit steward, working on an internship

and hired by the Hadley Mountain Fire

Tower Committee may greet you. Starting the

first of June the steward will spend the majority

of the summer engaging and telling hikers about

the history and characteristics of the Adirondack

Park and Hadley Mountain Fire Tower. When

not greeting the public, the steward helps maintain

and repair the trail and structures under the

supervision of the local forest ranger, and stays

in the primitive quarters of the old ranger cabin, which can be seen

just prior to the final turn up to the summit and its restored fire


To learn more about hiking to the Hadley Mountain summit

visit www.hadleyfiretower.org or contact New York State division

of Lands and Forest Region 5 @ 518-623-1278. The second contact

is Linda Ranado who is the chairperson for the Friends of the

Hadley Fire Tower Committee. Her email is


DIRECTIONS: To get to the trail head of

Hadley Mountain take exit 21 of the Adirondack

Northway I-87 continue west on route

9N for 11miles to the Hadley-Luzerne High

School turn right onto Mill St which becomes

Main St., then right onto Bridge St., cross the

Hudson River into Hadley. Continue straight

to the four-corner intersection, turn right

onto Stony Creek Rd. (County Route1) for

3.1 miles left onto Hadley Hill Rd. 4.3 miles

right onto Tower Rd, take a sharp left hand turn onto N. Strawberry

Lane, the parking lot and sign-in is on your left.

Hadley’s less traveled roads will lead you to a community of

cottage industries. Discover and learn the various types of lettuce

grown at Adirondack Aquaponics, a fresh produce farm, where the

combination of aquaculture (raising Tilapia fish) and hydroponics

to raise plants of lettuce whose roots are nourished in highly-filtered-nutrient-rich

water, provides fresh produce. adkaquaponics@

gmail.com There’s much to discover and explore on the road less

traveled in the quaint little town of Hadley. You won’t find big

industry there, but you’ll find a wonderful place to breathe fresh air,

climb a mountain, enjoy music, fall in love, swing a golf club and

make memories.

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Stony Creek – The Road to

a Friendly Town is Never Long

The “Biggest Little Town” in

NY State has more than thirty

thousand acres of Forest Preserve

waiting for hikers, hunters and

campers. Fresh mountain streams

feed into Stony Creek and the

Hudson River, where native brook

trout seek out the fisherman’s lure.

Horseback riding trails wend their

way through the woods, providing

spectacular views of the southern


At the heart of Stony Creek,

the 4 Corners, also known as

Creek Center, offers great food,

entertainment and basic amenities.

Choose from a range of prices and

features at local campgrounds,

guesthouses, inns, and lodges.

Along the winding roads, look for

natural mountain water springs

to quench your thirst. Bring your

family to a campground on Stony

Creek, or enjoy the public park for

a cook-out next to the old fashioned

swimming hole. Truly a place to

get away, Stony Creek boasts fresh

mountain air and a quiet reprieve.

The town celebrates its heritage

through the annual Stony Creek

Mountain Days Festival the first

full weekend in August. Music in

the Park is offered Tuesday evenings

in July and August. Visit the

information lean-to at Creek Center

and take a free map of the area for

a self-guided driving tour, locating

trail heads, boat launches, or any of

the local cemeteries dating to the

Civil War. Remember, the road to a

friendly town is never long.

Lens Lake offers access to pristine waters for fishing and a silent retreat.

Courtesy of Barbara Brooks

Capture the spirit of

adventure among friends.

Courtesy of Sue Catana

Making memories on the Dean Farm Hiking Trail

Courtesy of Pam Morin

New Dean Farm trails.

The Town of Stony Creek is in the

southwest part of Warren County

and is named for a stream that flows

through it and is a main tributary

directly to the Hudson. The town

was first settled in 1795 and then

incorporated in 1852 enclosing 82.4

square miles. Known to many where

the road to a friendly town is never

long.” The east town line is marked

by the Hudson River and the west

town line is the border of Hamilton

County. Fifty-two percent of the

town's land is New York State

Forest Preserve, mainly in the

western half of the town and the

remaining is private ownership.

The Hudson River Watershed

All Warren County townships have a

portion of their land that drains into

the Upper Hudson River.

Stony Creek is one of 4 towns to

have all of its land in the Hudson

River Watershed. Stony Creek the

stream, drains nearly 50% of that

land mass. A few of the waters that

form Stony Creek are Lens Lake,

Roaring Branch, Swears Creek,

Willis Creek and Kenyontown

Creek. Stony Creek merges into

the Hudson, south of the old

Stony Creek Station on the

Warrensburg Road.

– Warren County Soil & Water


Stony Creek Town Hall

Location: 52 Hadley Road

Mailing address: P.O. Box 96, Stony Creek, NY 12878

Telephone: 518-696-3575 | Supervisor: Frank E. Thomas

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The Dean Farm Trails –

With the support of Warren County Department of Planning and

Community Development Director Wayne LaMothe, towns such as

Stony Creek have been able to secure funding to create infrastructure

projects that help promote the Corridor to tourists.

Visitors will find

that Stony Creek has

created a trail system

around the Dean

Homestead Museum at

4 Murray Road. In the

1990’s about 8 acres of

the old Dean farm on

the west side of Murray

Road (creek side) was

bequeathed to the Stony Creek Historical Association to be a museum,

and 217 acres on the east and west side of the road was bequeathed

to the SUNY-ESF Foundation by David and Edyth Haskell. Edyth

Haskell was a direct descendant of Francis J. Dean.

Phase 1 was the establishment of a 1.3 mile ADA compliant trail

around the museum and along the creek. Phase 2, located on the east

side of Murray Road on the SUNY ESF Foundation property are approximately

4 miles of more rugged hiking trails. Phase 1 and 2 are

largely complete with amenities and interest points to be added as time

goes on. It will continue to be a work in progress.

The town has completed a third phase of this project with the

purchase of 8 acres of property at 13 Lanfear Road. This property is

directly across the road from the Dean Homestead Museum. This enables

continuation of the Dean trail system with the intent of a connection

to Creek Center. The property also sits adjacent to the town’s

current park, Green Meadows. The town has added another section of

trail at 13 Lanfear directly across from the Dean Homestead Museum.

This trail makes a loop around the meadow with the intent to connect

to Creek Center. The house at 13 Lanfear will house offices for the

town historian and the Chamber of Commerce. On June 1, 2019 the

Town Historian, Cynthia Cameron, with the help of the Warren County

Historian, Stan Cianfarano, sponsored the 1st Annual “Other Side of

the Creek” history event. The town’s youth planner, Casey Beal, has

created a Community Youth Garden in the back yard and is busily

adding features and plants to the garden. A pedestrian bridge is in the

design phase to connect the Green Meadows park with 13 Lanfear

Road property and Dean Trails.

Discussion and planning on other uses of this property are ongoing,

and include overflow parking for large events such as the annual

Mountain Days Festival, a library/community center that will accommodate

large and small groups of people for a multitude of uses, such as

plays, concerts, arts and crafts workshops, conferences, book signings,

nature programs, creek side water ecology, gardens and greenhouses,

and possibility a museum depicting the town’s history of logging and

tanneries. The goal is to create a destination that attracts visitors to our

area and the First Wilderness Corridor and provides them with activities

to do and things to see. The more people that visit, the more opportunities

expand for businesses to offer services and products, making

for a memorable experience people will want to repeat.





Restaurant - Bar - Hotel

Daily Full Menu Includes:

Lite Fare • Seafood • Steaks • Prime Rib • Surf n’ Turf


Soup or salad

A HOT LITTLE ROAD HOUSE included with dinner

Sundays: Mexican Menu 5-10 pm

Top Bands, Jazz, Blues, Rock & Country

Summer ~ FridayS 7 pm & every Sunday 7 pm

OpeN MAY thru NOVeMBer

Only 20 min. from Lake George, 15 min. from Warrensburg,

25 min. from North Creek and 30 min from Glens Falls


Weekly Specials

Thursdays – Open at 4pm:

$5 & $10 Menu

Fridays: 2 for $36 Dinners

NY Strip/Prime Rib/

Surf & Turf

Closed Mon, Tue & Wed • Open Thurs at 4pm • Fri–Sun Open at Noon

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Live Music Every Saturday with Creekside BBQ 2–6

ARTirondacks Gallery Shop & Studio

New endeavor in Stony Creek!

Open Daily at 12 Noon Year Round

$5 Small Plates • Daily Lunch & Dinner & Drink Specials

Full Menu on Weekends • Black & Tan Room

Private Creekside Dining Open Fri., Sat. & Sun. @ 5pm

(518) 696-5949

Reservations Greatly Appreciated

16 Warrensburg Rd.

Stony Creek, NY

Town of Stony Creek

Music in the Park 2019

FREE Concerts at the Stony Creek Town Park

every Tuesday night at 7:00pm

July 3rd – August 28th, 2019

Rain or Shine • Bring a Lawn Chair

For more information, please contact Hank Soto at 518-696-3379

7/2 Randy Rollman

7/9 The Stony Creek Band

7/16 Professor Louis & the Crowmatix

7/23 Bluebillies

7/30 Mulebone

8/6 Capt. Squeeze &

The Zydeco Moshers

8/13 Circle of Willis

8/20 Lustre Kings

8/27 Smokey Greene & The

Greene Brothers

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A few years ago the Stony Creek Free Library (SCFL) acquired

the neighboring historic Methodist Episcopal Church located

at 33 Harrisburg Road in Stony Creek, New York. Although

original plans to relocate the library fell through, a great new venture

is underway. Building on the passion for a strong community

and love of the arts that previous members worked hard to create

and grow, the Library is taking steps to transform the “Church”

space into an artist hub for locals and visitors alike as the new

Stony Creek Free Library’s ARTirondacks Gallery/Shop/Studio!

In February of 2018 the

SCFL approved an Art Director

position to initiate the transformation

of the building and

manage the future scheduling of

artists and events at this new location.

The immediate plan is to

get the Main Floor of the building

ready to open to the public

as a seasonal Gallery/Shop/Studio,

extending to encompass the

entire building yearlong as time moves forward to have a space

for all in support of practicing, viewing, and purchasing art, both

from local and visiting artists.

This summer the SCFL will focus on opening its doors for

Open Studio hours and volunteer efforts. As time moves forward,

and support and funding grows the Library plans to move the Studio

space downstairs and to expand the Shop and Gallery to fill

all of the Main Floor. A positive meeting with the Building and

Electrical Inspectors has pushed this project forward at a faster

pace than originally anticipated, and the Library is entertaining a

light Summer Opening. Serving as storage for the Library’s annual

Book Sale for the last few years, a plethora of literature is

ironically the greatest obstacle at the moment. Until the books and

pews can be purchased/

rehoused setting up the

Shop space will most

likely have to wait until

next Spring.

To ensure the project

is moving forward work

will begin soon on rewiring

to accommodate

future electrical needs

and applying a fresh coat of paint to the walls. A careful effort

is being made to maintaining the original beauty of the building

and scaling back alterations to focus on just the necessities at this

time. The historical status of this building allowed the plan to be

streamlined as some projects did not need to be immediately addressed

for the building to be open to the public.

Like and Follow “Stony Creek Free Library’s ARTirondacks”

on Facebook. Local artists and those interested in volunteering are

also asked to contact Casey Beal- SCFL Art Director at artdirector.scfl@mail.com

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The roads leading into Thurman

twist and wind along rivers once

choked with logs bound for the

mills. Their serpentine course

compels you to slow down, step

back from daily cares and enjoy the

mountain vistas. Today, instead of

logs, the river may carry a raft full of

revelers or invite the solitary canoeist

or kayaker. It laps around the feet of

the fisherman angling for the supper

skillet or a swimmer finding respite

from summer’s heat.

Thick forests blanket the hills

of Thurman—more logs for the

mills and a haven for songbirds

and other wildlife. Spring foliage

appears gradually. Early on you’ll

spot the yellowy-green growth of

the “popples” (aspens) as they leaf

out, and crimson tinge of the red

maples, set off by the deep shades

of evergreens. Early harbingers of

spring are the phoebes, who love

to nest under the eaves of a porch

roof, or even on top of a porch light.

It’s not long before other feathered

friends appear. The feisty hummingbirds

dart about, eager for a sip at a

feeder, and as the season progresses,

you may be treated the insistent call

of the wood thrush. On the many

local ponds this is the time you can

see Mr. & Mrs. Canada Goose,

taking their offspring out for a swim

or parade, and you might catch the

V-shaped slice in the water caused

by a swimming muskrat or beaver.

Thurman comes alive in spring.

Canada geese make their home on many Thurman ponds, spring

through fall.

In fall the mountains blaze on the horizon, welcoming visitors for

the last pre-winter hurrah.

Summer is the season for gardening.

Many fill their pantries with canned

produce, and two farms specialize in

organic and/or all natural vegetables

for marketing. Summer is also a time

for swimming, fishing and getting in

wood for the coming fall and winter.

Come the fall most Thurman homes

have wood smoke curling from

their chimneys and during hunting

season, local guides can lead visitors

to the abundance of deer, bear and

wild turkeys. Autumn also brings

October’s Thurman Fall Farm Tour,

a celebration of fall harvest.

Winter follows, luring ice fishermen,

showshoers and downhill/

cross-country skiers and snowmobilers.

As late winter gets in its last

licks, and sap rises in Thurman’s

abundant sugar maples, sugaring

begins—the age-old art that turns

sap to syrup and syrup to other

delectable confections, luring and

tantalizing visitors from all over the

northeast and beyond during the

three weekends of Thurman Maple


As the weather warms, look around

Thurman for an ice cream social,

the Annual Woods Walk and

Artisan Market, six free outdoor

summer concerts, and a barn loft

“Cheese Jam” concert. Perhaps

you’ll take in a wedding at our local

rustic barn wedding venue or a trail

ride at Thurman’s newest ranch.

Spring, summer, fall or winter,

you’ll find a warm welcome at our

local B&B, campsites, and private

rentals. Don’t just sit there; Visit

Thurman, where nature is a way

of life.

thurmanny.com | VisitThurman.com/events

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Thurman – Cultivating its

Rural Heritage

Thurman has forever romanced her land and waterways. Hardy settlers

cleared thick forests to create pastures, build homes and grow

crops. They harnessed creeks to power mills for grinding grains or

sawing lumber. The woods also offered wild game and maple sap,

while streams and rivers supplied fresh water, fish, furs and transportation.

Today, many in Thurman still seek sustenance from nature’s

abundance, by heating with wood, and hunting. fishing or farming to

fill freezers and pantries. Many sell their goods, both at area farmers’

markets and from home garden


Some, like our internationally acclaimed

goat cheese farm and many

of our maple producers, establish

websites for online orders. Thurman

boasts the four largest commercial

maple producers in Warren County,

along with a number of smaller and

growing operations. Their list of delectable

products is exceeded only by

these farmers’ desire to innovate and increase their offerings. When

you visit, look for more than pure maple syrup. The menu of possibilities

includes exotic choices, such as bourbon-flavored maple syrup,

maple cotton candy, maple cream bonbons, maple raspberry cream,

maple brittle, maple glazed nuts—the stuff dreams are made of.

At Thurman’s free annual farm events you’ll find animal encounters,

demonstrations, tours, talks and walks, along with such activities

as product sampling, wagon rides to the sugar bush and a pancake

breakfast. Maple farms starring in our local events are Adirondack

Gold, Valley Road, Mud St. Maple, Hidden Hollow, and Toad Hill—

Reach our advertisers at:

each with its own special way of welcoming you to Thurman’s maple


This passion to produce wholesome food has fueled many in Thurman

over recent decades. Since 2005, Nettle Meadow, a 50-acre farm

has been expanding its herd, its facility and its product line of internationally-acclaimed

gourmet cheeses made from sheep, goat and cow

milk. Two local farms are producing sought-after products. Whitefields

offer all-natural turkeys, eggs and garden goods, and Blackberry

Hill markets with certified organic vegetables, breads and herbs, poultry

and non-GMO pork. Ready to jump on board soon will be Pink

Rose Farm.

Many in town work in logging, now with increased attention to sustainability

of this valuable resource,

a trend exemplified at explained at

the annual Martin’s Lumber Woods

Walk & Artisan Market, held on the

first Saturday of June. During Woods

Walk and Fall Farm Tour, you’ll find

not only an array of artisans in and

around a new traditional Dutch barn,

but also guided walks to learn about

sustainability of forests, about edible

and medicinal wild plants, and about

mushrooms, even learning how

to inoculate logs with mushroom

spores or dowse for water.

Visit our farms in March for Maple Days, Saturday of Columbus

Day weekend for the Thurman Fall Farm Tour with its quilt show, artisan

market and many farm open houses. Visit at other times by chance

or (recommended) by appointment.

Come spend the night at The Glen Lodge, our riverside B&B. You

continued on page 54

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Minutes from Lake George

Concerts in the Park

Music in the hills of

Monday Night Free Concerts in the Park

Monday nights 7–9 pm @ Veterans’ Memorial Field

311 Athol Road, Athol NY | 518-623-9649 | www.ThurmanNYEvents.com

Free concerts partly funded by Warren County occupancy tax dollars

Under cover; Bring chair, extra layers. Wheelchair/bus accessible

Jul. 15-Aug. 19 • 7-9 pm

Veterans’ Memorial Field

311 Athol Road, Athol, NY 12810

August 19: a fireworks display will

wrap up the season at the end of

the concert.

Sit under cover in your own lawn chair or

on our benches, and enjoy refreshments

served by volunteers from local nonprofit


Consider wearing layers for rapidly changing

mountain weather.




The Lustre Kings





Grit ‘n’ Whiskey

The Blind Owl



The Bluebillies

The concerts are hosted by


the town of Thurman using

Warren County occupancy


For more information:




Big Fez & the Surfmatics



Stony Creek Band • FIREWORKS

Cheese Jam Benefit Concert for

Kemp Sanctuary

Held in the old barn loft at Nettle Meadow

484 S. Johnsburg Rd., Thurman, NY 12885

Friday, August 9, Doors open at 6 pm, first band at 7 pm.

The Old Main about 8 pm

Cheese plate and regional beers and

wines will be available.

Admission: $10


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may be able to schedule a rafting trip with the lodge’s

partner business, Wild Waters Outdoor Center. Like

camping? Check out two outstanding campsites in

town, Glen Hudson and Daggett Lake. Other rental

properties may be found by an online search.

Some with a yen for excitement climb Crane

Mountain’s trails, and those really daring and skilled

may scale its rocky face with Jay Harrison, a local

guide. A new ranch offers trail rides. There’s so

much to do – taking in one or more of the nine townsponsored

free Concerts in the Park offered this summer along with

Nettle Meadow’s August concert to benefit Kemp Animal Sanctuary.

Find out what Thurman has to offer you. Event and concert details

can be found at www.VisitThurman.com, also a source of information

if you need the skills or products of our artisans, home maintenance

and improvement providers, loggers or food producers. Just request

information via our website contact link. While you’re there, click the

link that allows you to subscribe to our Thurman Event emails notifications.

You’ll also find us on Facebook at Visit Thurman. explained

at Martin’s Lumber Woods Walk, held on the first Saturday of June.

Loggers cut the vigorously growing forests, for lumber, like Martin’s

and Northern Hardwoods, or for firewood or paper.

Each year these farms share their art and experience with visitors,

opening their facilities for tours, talks, tastes and interactive demonstrations,

as well as shopping. Martin’s offers handmade woodenwares,

jewelry and more in a small artisan market in their traditional

barn. Check out ThurmanNYEvents.com for information about Thurman

Maple Days in March, Thurman Farm Trail in August and October’s

Thurman Fall Farm Tour.

Come visit and spend the night at our riverside B&B, The Glen

Lodge. You may catch a rafting trip with the lodge’s partner business,

Reach our advertisers at:

Hudson Base

1123 Rte 28 The Glen

Warrensburg, NY 12885


Sacandaga Base

1115 Lake Ave

Lake Luzerne, NY 12846


Wild Waters Outdoor Center. Others with a yen for

excitement climb Crane Mountain’s trails or scale

its rocky face with local guide, Jay Harrison. Adirondack

Ranch offers trail rides. There’s so much

to do – taking in one or more of the 11 concerts

offered this summer, hunting down some of the

artisans hidden in our hills, such as artists George

Searing, Diane Golden or Anne and Al Rohe.

In the mood for music? On Mondays in July

and August, music (bluegrass to blues, rockabilly

and American roots) resounds from the hills, entertaining guests under

the town pavilion and tent, and the kids play on the adjacent playground.

Summer comfort food is dished up with a side order of banter.

This year the free series is highlighted by a July 9 performance by

nationally-acclaimed singer/songwriter

Tom Chapin.

This free concert series,

like many of our events, is

made possible with Warren

County occupancy taxes.

Nettle Meadow also hosts

two fundraiser concerts in

their barn loft, with cheese

plates and regional beer

and wine available. Ross’s

Charity Barn Party on August

11 also features music from 1–11 p.m.

Find out what Thurman has to offer you. Event and concert details

can be found at ThurmanNYEvents.com, and if you need the skills or

products of our artisans, home improvement folks, loggers or food producers,

just request information from our local community and business

group, at www.ThurmanCommunityAssociation.com.

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Online orders

Gift shop stocked

with maple goodies

and other items

Shop online or call for an

appointment to visit Toad Hill


Visit the animals and taste internationally-acclaimed

cheese at Nettle Meadow’s Sanctuary Farm

Open 10-4 Daily

Free tours and tasting every Saturday at noon

484 S. Johnsburg Rd., Thurman

Come try our most awarded

cheeses: Kunik

Apple Cider Fromage Frais

Briar Summit Sappy Ewe …

as well as European Style butter

Cheese Jam Concert

August 9th Doors open at 6pm

137 Charles Olds Rd., Athol, NY 12810 • (518) 623-4744


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Grass Fed Beef

Non-GMO Pork

Certified Organic




Burlap and Beams Wedding Barn is nestled

in the Adirondack Mountains, boasting

picturesque views, breathtaking fields and

woods that are bordered by a babbling brook.

Burlap and Beams is your premier wedding

destination spot. We are conveniently located 15

minutes from Lake George NY.

Farm stand open 10–4 on weekends


15 Mud St., Athol, NY • (518) 744-3351


You Love It Here / Why Not Start Your Life

Together Here? Unique Adirondack Weddings

Emily Stein, Owner of The Lodge on Echo

Lake says “Couples have either grown up

spending time with their family in the Adirondacks,

gone to overnight summer camp in the

ADKs, and always dreamed of getting married

at an overnight camp and/or are just looking

for something different than the standard hotel

or big room “cookie-cutter type” wedding

venue - where they can really make the space

their “own.” Also important is having a “destination” where family

and friends can all come to enjoy their time together for longer

than just the wedding ceremony and reception. More and more

bridal couples want a location where their guests can 1) “spend

the night or weekend”, 2) hang out and play games on the various

sports fields on the grounds of Camp Echo Lake or hang out on

the shores of the lake and/or go boating on the lake and above all

relax and enjoy the fresh air and peaceful outdoors. . Every aspect

of your wedding is carefully planned by you, with the help of our

professional Wedding Coordinator. Kathy helps each couple create

truly unique weddings by customizing as much or as little to

suit your needs and will assist you with taking advantage of all

The Lodge and its property has to offer. Attention to detail, finely

prepared cuisine, a wide range of recreational activities, and

charming accommodations are just a few benefits of booking your

wedding at The Lodge. www.thelodgeonecholake.com

Terri Larson, Owner & Wedding Coordinator of Burlap and

Reach our advertisers at:

Beams Wedding Barn says “You can create a truly magical wedding

at Burlap and Beams Wedding Barn, a rustic chic wedding

venue in the heart of the Adirondacks. We

offer top-notch vendors for catering, planning,

photography and everything you could

possibly need to make your wedding day

one that will be remembered as one of the

best weddings your friends and family have

ever attended.” Come see why people say

that our venue effortlessly mixes the rustic

feel of a barn venue with the romantic

vibe of a garden wedding. There is nothing more romantic and

memorable than being surrounded by

gorgeous gardens and all of your loved

ones gathered together as you celebrate

the greatest night of your life. At Burlap

and Beams, you can exchange vows

with the Adirondack Mountains as your

backdrop, followed by a reception in

our cluster of barns and beautiful white

peak tent complete with beautiful draping

and lights. The historical barns feature

windows, hand-hewn beams, and

wrought iron chandeliers. If your dream


Katia Popik

is to have a rustic and romantic themed wedding in the Adirondacks,

then look no farther. Burlap and Beams Wedding Barn is

the barn venue for you. Go to our web site www.burlapandbeamsweddingbarn.com

fill in the inquiry form and see how we can

make your romantic barn wedding a reality. continued on page 36

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Come back to a simpler time, where

handsome Victorian era homes

intermingle with later period residences along

tree-lined streets, Nestled in the Adirondack

foothills along the Schroon River, Warrensburg

is just 10 minutes north of Lake George and

20 minutes south of North Creek.

Outdoor recreation year-round

• Hike or ski nature trails.

• Canoeing, kayaking or tubing on the

Hudson and Schroon Rivers.

• Play 18 holes of golf along the Hudson

River at Cronin’s Golf Resort.

• Climb Hackensack Mt., an easy hike

right in town.

• Cool off at Echo Lake, our public bathing


• Play tennis at free town courts.

• Fish for rainbow, brown and brookies.

• Downhill ski at Hickory or Gore Mt.

• Enjoy groomed snowmobile trails.

• Relax in one of our many parks.

• Visit Warren County Fish Hatchery.

Antiquing and shopping

Discover Warrensburg

Gateway to the Adirondacks

• Antiques – we’re the Antiques Capital.

• Adirondack furnishings, jewelry and

quality crafts.

• World’s Largest Garage Sale (believe it!)

the weekend prior to Columbus Day


• Garage sales weekends May to October


• Historic Mills District with three riverside

parks provides a picturesque link to its


• Over 400 properties on National and

State Historic Register

• Walking and Driving tours at


• Warrensburgh Museum of Local History

– from Glacial to Global

Camping, lodging and dining

• Campgrounds - riverside or lakeside

• Bed and breakfasts, from elegant

Victorian mansions to charming restored


• Dude ranches – rides and rodeos!

• Motels offer reasonable accommodations

• Dining from fine gourmet in historic

buildings to simple hometown cooking.


• Warrensburg Bike Rally: May 31-June 9

at Warren County Fairgrounds

• Summer Concert Series: Wednesdays

from 7 p.m.-9 p.m., June 26-September 4

• Smoke Eaters Jamboree (July

26-27): Auction, Karaoke & Children’s

Entertainment, Midway & Rides,

Clowns & Magic, Food & Music,


• Farmer’s Market: Friday afternoons from

3 p.m. – 6 p.m., Memorial Day through

Columbus Day Weekends

• Christmas in Warrensburg: December

7-8 (first full weekend in December)

Warrensburg Bandstand

Courtesy of Greg Klingler

Warrensburg mural

Courtesy of Steve Parisi

Fall colors on the Hudson River

Courtesy of Greg Klingler

Veterans Park Monument and Gazebo

Courtesy of Greg Klingler


Warrensburg Chamber of Commerce

3839 Main Street, Suite 2

Warrensburg, NY 12885

Phone: (518) 623-2161


Warrensburg Town Hall

Town Hall Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30 to 4:30

Closed Saturday & Sunday

3797 Main Street, Warrensburg, NY 12885

Phone: 518.623.9511

Town Supervisor Kevin B Geraghty

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Owners Jim and Frances Rucker and their staff

welcome you to Garnet Hill Lodge, offering the ultimate

in Adirondack backdrops for your wedding

day. As a four-season destination resort, overlooking

pristine 13th Lake and the majestic Adirondack

mountains, a wedding at Garnet Hill is perfectly

breathtaking in any season. “Our historic Adirondack

Lodge is the perfect rustic yet elegant setting

for your desired dinner or reception service. The

beautiful vistas and stunning wilderness surrounding

Garnet Hill Lodge will create memories for you and your

guests that will last a lifetime.” States Jim Rucker. Garnet Hill

Lodge offers you the best in hospitality, activities, and service for

your destination wedding! You will find twenty-five rooms that

comfortably accommodate

two to four people each and

on-site activities from spring

through fall include hiking,

mountain biking, kayaking,

and canoeing. Our Adventure

Center activities can be

arranged for many interests

in the area including museums, rail bike trips, whitewater rafting,

etc. On-site winter activities include use of our 55k of Nordic

ski trails and snowshoe trails. Whatever the season, Garnet Hill

Lodge envelopes you in a relaxed and free mountain lifestyle. It

is a refuge from the pace and pressure of everyday life, relax and

unwind enjoying life lived on simpler terms. Start your search


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Weddings at Gore! Start your adventure together

in the Adirondacks! Gore Mountain is a

perfect venue for wedding ceremonies, receptions,

rehearsal dinners, and vow renewals. Pair a scenic

mountaintop ceremony together with professionally

catered receptions to create a memorable

experience for all your guests. The 8-passenger

Northwoods Gondola is wheelchair accessibleyour

entire group of family and friends can easily

share in your experience. Exchange vows at the

top of “Fairview,” an appropriately named trail with an impressive

Adirondack vista. Ceremonies at Gore can be planned simply

and quickly, or lavishly and years in advance. Gore’s brand-new

Tannery Room banquet space can hold up to 260 guests and our

exclusive catering team can provide a top-notch plated buffet

or family-style dinners. The Tannery features a wooden panel

wall, large airy windows, air conditioning, its own bar, a large

hardwood dance floor, and plenty of space for your guests, decorations,

and festivities. Receptions can also be held at our midmountain

Saddle Lodge, or on the Base Area lawn with a tent.

Whatever your wedding

vision- Gore Mountain is

ready to help host your

unforgettable day. We

can’t wait to start planning

with you. Contact

our Sales Office at (518)

251-2411, extension 1122

to book your date!

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Riverside Gallery

~ Expert framing services

~ Beautiful handcrafted jewelry by local artisans

~ Unique home accessories and décor

~ Art prints & posters


Monday – Saturday, 10 am – 5 pm

2 Elm Street, Warrensburg, NY



WARRENSBURG, NEW YORK, the town between two rivers,

where handsome Victorian-era homes line tree-lined streets

and where local retail shops, businesses, and civic organizations

serve a year-round community of caring people.

Spend a day in Warrensburg, and you’ll want to stay forever!

Get outdoors! Both the Schroon and Hudson rivers offer canoeing,

kayaking, and tubing through rapids and calm waters, and

fishing, stocked annually, for the angler. You can also hike or ski

nature trails along the Hudson River or at Pack Demonstration

Forest. Play golf at Cronin’s in a beautiful mountain riverside setting.

Marvel at the views from Hackensack Mountain, an easy hike

starting right in town. Relax in our parks. Or work up a sweat on

our public tennis courts. Cool off at Echo Lake, our public bathing

beach. In winter enjoy groomed snowmobile trails through field

and forest or downhill skiing at nearby Gore Mountain.

Warrensburg has over 400 properties on the National and State

Historic Registers. Four walking tours and two driving tours help

visitors discover them. The Historic Mills District provides picturesque

links to the past, made accessible from three riverside


Antique and Adirondack furnishings shops continue to serve

continued on page 41

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Download the Kaywa QR Code Reader (App Store &Android Market) and scan your code!


J. Gallup Farm

(518) 504-4033

3952 Main St., Warrensburg, NY

Homemade Pies & Baked Goods

Cookies, Breads, Jams, & Fruit Buckles

Picked Eggs

Pickled Sausage

Fresh Made Salsa

Organic Eggs

Local Produce

Check out our new Co-Op

Business Delivery Service

available on our website:


Look for us

at the World’s


Garage Sale!

Home of the Famous

J. Gallup Farm


Fickle because it’s sweet

and tart at the same time!

Makers of fine smoked

meat and cheese for

more than 70 years.

At Oscar’s, the customer is a friend …

and we treat friend like family!

We’re dedicated to providing our “friends”

with the highest quality products

available in a “family-style” atmosphere.


(518) 623-3431 • 800-627-3431

22 Raymond Ln. • Warrensburg, NY 12885

Hours: 8:00 am-6:00 pm, 7 days a week




Open Memorial Day to Columbus Day

Expect the unexpected!

Discover Warrensburg!

The story of

an Adirondack

Mountain town and

its people, from

glacial to global,

told chronologically

in pictures,

narrative and



Wed. 12-4 pm, Sun. 1-3 pm

PLUS July-Sept.: Sat. 11-3 pm


Free admission

Fully accessible. Kid-friendly.

3754 Main Street, Warrensburg


Discover Warrensburg at the

Museum of Local History

Click on this link to see a 360-degree view of the museum and

then come see our latest exhibits in person - it’s even more amazing.


The Warrensburgh Museum of Local History was founded in

1975, at the start of America’s Bicentennial Celebration. Exhibits

for pre-schoolers to adults chronicle the town’s history from prehistoric

times, through Warrensburg’s Golden Age, to the present.

Now characterized as Discover Warrensburg, we want you to

learn about Warrensburg today, and where we are going in the


The Museum is a joint accomplishment between the Warrensburgh


Society and the

Town of Warrensburg.

Location –

3754 Main Street

(VFW Building)

Wa r r e n s b u rg ,

NY 12885. Parking

and entrance

at rear of building.

Free admission. Fully accessible. The VFW Building with

two 70-foot murals on it.

Hours - Year-round: Sundays, 1pm to 3pm, Wednesdays, 12


noon to 4 pm. Also, July-September: Saturdays, 11am to 3pm.

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the quests of shoppers. Garage sales abound. The annual World’s

Largest Garage Sale (believe it!) happens the weekend prior to

Columbus Day Weekend.

– The Smoke Eaters Jamboree

is held on the last weekend of

July.. It has been a staple of

the community since 1963.

Come enjoy the fun at the

Town Recreation Field, Library

Ave. Founded at the

turn of the 19th century along

the Schroon River where a 70-foot-drop in 3 miles offered opportunity

for three dams. Tanneries, sawmills, grist mills, a woolen

mill and, later, shirt and pants manufacture, provided hundreds

of jobs. At the turn of the 20th century, the town boasted of municipal

water and sewer systems, and even electric streetlights. It

was among the first towns in the area to offer a free high school

education to all residents when the Warrensburgh Academy was

converted, by popular vote in 1888, to the Union Free School. A

trolley line provided cheap access to towns and cities to the south,

and the populace and industry were soon serviced by a major railroad

line, the Delaware & Hudson.

You can learn all about it the Warrensburgh Museum of Local

History, with its two 72-foot long murals. Among its native sons

was Floyd Bennett, the pilot who flew Commander Byrd to the

North Pole, who was awarded the Medal of Honor, the nation’s

highest military award. U. S. Congressman Louis Emerson was

born and bred in Warrensburg, as was his brother, NY State Senator

James Emerson, a long-term and influential legislator who

helped create the New York State highway system in the early

part of the 20th century.

Warrensburg has always been hospitable to travelers and visitors

from its earliest days when numerous hotels lined its streets.

Vacationers seeking a respite from hot cities found Warrensburg

quiet bucolic ways and mountain scenery a tonic from hectic

lives. Warrensburg continues that tradition, with several bed-andbreakfasts,

from elegant Victorian to charming farmhouses and

lodges, dude ranches and several motels and campgrounds. Fine

gourmet dining in historic buildings, and hometown cooking in

traditional diner settings draw visitors from far and wide.

Warrensburg is easily accessed via Interstate I-87 (Adirondack

Northway Exit 23) or by public transit: Adirondack Trailways

buses stop several times daily in Warrensburg and Amtrak has

train service to Fort Edward, where private arrangements can be

made to Warrensburg. Local taxi service is available.

OchoCincoCantina.com •(518) 623-0085

85 Hudson St., Warrensburg, NY


•Open year round for Lunch & Dinner

•Margaritas, Kids Menu, Take-Out

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Let’s get you

back out there.

Urgent Care Centers are open in

Warrensburg and Glens Falls


Here For Life.

Primary Care, Urgent Care and More!

Right here in the Adirondacks and

Lake George/Glens Falls Area

Reach our advertisers at:

With 18 health centers from the greater Glens Falls area to the

Canadian border, Hudson Headwaters has the North Country covered.

Through our extensive network, comprehensive services

and affordable access, we make sure that care is within reach.

When people in our region need health care, they look to Hudson

Headwaters first. We promote healthy lifestyles, diagnose and

manage illnesses, and coordinate care, while serving patients of

all ages. Our patients are served in Hudson Headwaters’ local

health centers, in hospitals, nursing homes, work places, schools,

an in their homes.

Our medical professionals care for more than 1,000 patients a

day. In 2018, Hudson Headwaters provided care for over 84,347

patients through 381,631 patient visits.

As a Federally Qualified Health Center, we provide care to everyone

in our communities, regardless of income or insurance.

We participate with most major insurers

including Medicare and Medicaid. We offer financial

and billing assistance through budget agreements,

a Sliding Fee discount for medical, dental

and other services, and RX Assist for financial assistance

with ongoing prescription needs.

In addition to comprehensive primary care (including

pediatrics and OB/GYN), we offer behavioral

health, palliative care, dentistry (in Warrensburg),

diagnostic imaging, lab tests

and some specialty care services such

as cardiology, orthopedics, podiatry,

nephrology, rheumatology and more.

Two of our health centers – the

Warrensburg Health Center and

Health Center on Broad Street in

Glens Falls – provide Urgent Care

(and “walk in” care without appointment) – seven days

a week and most evenings. Head to our website to check wait

times at each location and even reserve your spot in line!

With our Patient Portal access, attention and appointments are

just a click away. Our Patient Portal allows you secure and convenient

online access to your health care team, personal health,

billing information and more!

In the Glens Falls area, residents and visitors are served by six

health center offices – in Fort Edward, South Glens Falls/Moreau,

two in Glens Falls (on Broad Street and North Country Obstetrics

& Gyne- cology on South Street), and three in Queensbury

(Queensbury Family Health, and West

Mountain Health Services 1 & 2). In the north

country, care is available at health centers

in Bolton, Champlain, Chestertown, Indian

Lake, Moriah, Plattsburgh, North Creek, Schroon

Lake, Ticonderoga and Warrensburg.

For more information about our health centers,

providers or services, visit us online:

www.hhhn.org or find us on Facebook!

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Cronin’s: Since 1945 - Five Generations of great golf and good friends!

Located just seven miles north of Lake George Village in

Warrensburg, Cronin’s Golf Resort offers an 18-hole, 6,121

yard, Par 70 course that is one of the most scenic golf courses

in the area. The entire golf course runs along the upper Hudson

River, making for an enjoyable round of golf with a spectacular

Adirondack backdrop.

What’s new this season? Meet your friends and make new

friends! Happy Hour will return from 5 to 9pm and pub fare

will be served. Dine on the Edge, the resort’s outdoor deck, on

comfortable Telescope Casual furniture and wait for the music

to begin. Regional musicians and animated DJ’s will keep you

entertained into the night.

Cronin’s offers you Pub Fare every night. You can spend the

day on the course and dine overlooking the spectacular scenery of this course or you can stop

in to visit and dine with friends. Not a golfer? Then the new pool area is for you! Available for

both the

Reach our advertisers at:

overnight and day use guests. Enjoy a good book, a swim and a

cocktail by the pool while you wait for your golfing enthusiast.

Today, the resort is open from April 1 through October 31,

daily from 6 a.m. to dark. Rental carts are available, and here’s

a big pro shop for all your golfing needs. In addition to the regular course, Cronin’s has a driving range for practice.

Lessons are available as well. Cronin’s offers daily

lunches and continental breakfasts. The cocktail lounge

stays open until around 11 p.m. nightly and is open to the

public. For those who want to stay where they golf, the

resort has housekeeping cottages and motel unit’s onsite.

The resort can accommodate golf outings of up to

120 people. Tournaments feature dinner and drinks for

all participants. If golfing is your passion, while you’re

in the area be sure to drop by Cronin’s Golf Resort in

Warrensburg, and find out why it’s been one of the

locals’ favorite places to golf for over 50 years. Make

the Cronin’s family golf tradition your new tradition!

Voted #1 Golf Course of the Region for 2018

Stay & Play

1-2-3 Bedroom

Housekeeping Cottages.

Only a chip shot from the first tee!

Steps from the Hudson River.

Partner Golfing? Hang out at our pool with

a book, a meal and a cocktail!

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TOWN OF CHESTER – Come & Settle In

The Town of Chester,

just 20 minutes north

of Lake George (Northway

exits 25 & 26), offers a

glimpse of the simple

life. Beautiful lakes, small

towns, unique shopping

and dining, and Southern

Adirondack style are in


Hike the Chester

Challenge, comprised of

ten local, scenic hiking

and nature trails through

wetlands and nearby

mountains. All skill levels

are welcome. The yearround

trails are great for

snowshoeing as well as a

simple walk in the woods

and traditional hiking.

Thousands of people have

already earned the Chester

Challenge patch and pin.

Sign in at the Chamber

Building on Route 8 at

Dynamite Hill.

A perennial bevy of events

are maintained by various

organizations. Bring

your dog to Woofstock in

June; taste fare from local

restaurants at November’s

Taste of the Tri-Lakes; the

Krazy Downhill Derby

is a signature event in

February; classic car shows,

farmers’ markets, live

performances at the Carol

Theater, and fireworks

occur throughout the

summer months and into

fall (July/August).

Chestertown Farmer’s Market every Wednesday throughout the

summer months on the lawn of the Chester Municipal Center

Courtesy of Nancy Austin

Riding at Circle B Ranch


Courtesy of Nancy Austin

Kayaker on the

Schroon River

Courtesy of Nancy Austin

View from Kipp Mountain overlooking Loon Lake

Courtesy of Nancy Austin


Do you have a dream and

determination? Then you are

invited to come see what the

Town of Chester has to make it

come true.

We are a community of

doers – craftsmen, entrepreneurs,

professionals, artists, contractors,

and more. We have chosen to

live and work here because of the

people and the place. It works

for us.

Easy to access to & from Vermont

or Buffalo, Montreal or NYC,

the location suits many business

needs. We have available

commercial space in our active

hamlets, approved industrial

sites, power, municipal water, and


Housing can be convenient or

remote, depending on your wants.

Schools are top notch. Goods

and services are readily available.

Rivers and lakes, fields and forests,

mountains and valleys make the

landscape rich and year-round

recreation close at hand. It’s all

you need, all nearby.

We value our quality of life, we

appreciate what we have, we are

proud of who we are, and we work

hard to make it better. We would

love for you to come and see if

Chester is a place for you. This

could be the place you have been

looking for.

Look forward to seeing you!

Craig Leggett, Supervisor

For more information contact

me at


Or the Chamber of Commerce at:


North Warren Chamber of Commerce

PO Box 490

3 Dynamite Hill

Chestertown, NY 12817

Telephone: (518) 494-2722

Chester Municipal Center

6307 State Route 9

PO Box 423

Chestertown, New York 12817

Telephone: (518) 494-2711

Town Supervisor: Craig Leggett

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Would you like to take a walk in the

woods? Over streams, through a rocky path,

up to a summit overlook, or to a pond destination?

The Chester Challenge offers walking

and hiking trails for all ability levels,

easy access and parking, and a nature-based

experience. Most of the trails are available

year-round, so bring your snow shoes or

cross country skis in the winter months!

Comprised of eight hiking and walking

trails—you can choose a trail based on difficulty,

time, and distance—the Chester Challenge

begins just off Northway exit 25, only

20 minutes north of Lake George. Visit all

eight trails and you will receive your choice of a patch or lapel pin.

Thousands of people enjoy the trails, and you will too!

Chester Creek Trails • 1.2 to 1.9 miles / 45 min to 1 hr – parking

at the Chester Municipal Center

Take a leisurely stroll along these mostly level trails. Enjoy the

varied views of the meandering Chester Creek and its surrounding

wetlands, fields and woods that contain an abundant variety of flora

and fauna. Hike this trail in the early morning and you are likely to

be rewarded with all sorts of wildlife sightings!

Dynamite Hill and Caroline M. Fish Memorial Trails • 2.6 mi /

1 hr – park at either Dynamite Hill Route 8, Chestertown or Caroline

Fish parking lot on Landon Hill Road

Dynamite Hill is a 4 season recreation area offering lighted tubing/sledding,

downhill skiing, ice skating, x-country skiing during

the winter; and hiking, single-track bicycling and picnicking during

the rest of the year. It connects to the Caroline Fish Memorial Trail

which is a slightly graded trail that offers a wonderful escape into the


Kipp Mountain • 1.92 mi / 2 hrs – parking on Ben Culver Road,

1 mi west of Landon Hill Road

This moderate hike has some steep sections and winds through an

official tree farm. It leads to a cliff line with beautiful views of Loon

Lake and is a great spot to experience fall foliage.

Cougar Nature Trails • .9 mi/ 45 min – parking at North Warren

Central School, Route 8 Chestertown

Take a short, steep trail or a long gradual trail to reach the top of

Cougar Hill—the decision is yours. Once at the top, you will find

great views and an excellent spot for picnicking. There are additional

Nature Trails—a short inner loop or a more challenging out loop—

that will take you through woods and fields. The varied ecosystems

contain diverse plants and animals to observe and enjoy.

Local craft

brews, wines &

other favorites


5064 State Route 8 | Chestertown, NY



dining with

daily specials

Early bird


4–5:30 pm

Meade Mountain and Beckman Mountain • 2.1 mi / 2 ½ hrs –

parking on Igerna Road, ¾ mi west on Rt 9

This moderate hike has several long, steep sections leading to one

of the best views of Gore Mountain. Continue on and make a short

descent followed by an ascent as you travel from Meade to Beckman

Mountain. This leads to several views of Look Lake, other mountains

to the east and north, and a view of Blythewood Island, home of

a former six story resort hotel.

These are just a few of the Chester Challenge trails awaiting you.

For more information, visit www.townofchesterny.org and click on

the Chester Challenge link or call (518) 494-2722.


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Live Music! Prizes! Car Fun!

North Creek Brant Lake


North Creek, Thursdays 6-8 PM

Main Street June 20, 27, July 11, 25, Aug. 8, 22

Fridays 6-8 PM, Brant Lake

At The Hub, June 7, July 5, Aug. 2

Chestertown Panther Mt. House

June 21, July 19, Aug. 16



Ski Bowl

Sat 9/14


visitnorthcreek.org | trilakesalliance.com

Chestertown Farmer’s Market

Wednesday’s 10am- 2pm

Front Lawn of the Town Hall on Rt. 9

2019 Live Music Schedule

7/3 George Parrott

7/10 Mark Rabin

7/17 Gordon Munding

7/24 Dave Hyde

7/31 The Taylor Hill Ramblers

8/7 Northern Bourne

8/14 Bill Broderick


8/28 Gordon Munding

9/4 Rich Ortiz

9/11 Big Time Kitty

9/18 Mark Rabin

Local Farms, Local Food, Local People


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What better way to enjoy a summer day in the Adirondacks

than to visit a local Farmers’ Market?! You can find a Farmers’

Market virtually every day of the week throughout the Southern

Adirondack Region and one of the best is the Chestertown Farmers’

Market held on Wednesdays from 10AM to 2PM at the Chester

Municipal Center on

Main Street (Route 9), Chestertown.

Fresh produce from

local farms, honey, maple

syrup, fresh fish and meats,

and baked goods all from

local farms and businesses

will tempt your taste buds.

Jewelry, hand crafts, soaps,

pottery, wood crafts and so

many other absolutely necessary,

must have, authentic

Adirondack souvenirs are

available. LIVE MUSIC

every week and cook to order crepes are calling you – take the

morning off from work if you have to (in fact, bring your boss!).

Benefits of shopping at the Farmers Market

• The fruits and

vegetables are grown

locally and picked

when perfectly ripened.

This enhances

the taste, texture, and

aroma of the produce.

• Often, market

prices are lower than

at grocery stores.

• Our existing system

of food transportation

and distribution

requires enormous

amounts of energy

and resources. Before

reaching your table, the average food item in the United States

will travel 1,300 miles! In fact, only about 10% of the fossil fuel

energy used in the world’s food system is used for production.

The other 90% goes into packaging, transportation, and marketing

of the food. All this inefficiency creates many environmental


• Shopping at the Farmers Market

benefits the local farmer and

strengthens your local community.

• Since our selection is picked at

the peak of the season, nutrients, and

phytochemicals will be more abundant.

Hippocrates said, “Let food be

your medicine.”

• Listen to some incredible

local music talent like Mark Rabin





YMCA Adirondack Regional Wellness Center

Location: Town of Chester Municipal Building

Funded: by the AHI Innovation Grant

Partners: Town of Chester, Hudson

Headwaters Health Network

Silver Sneakers & CDPHP

Memberships are available!

Includes state of the art cardiovascular and

strength training equipment

Need help with fees?

Ask about our financial assistance program.

518.803.4028 | glensfallsymca.org/adkwellness

6307 State Route 9, Chestertown, NY 12817

main street

ice cream parlor

& restaurant

~ Old fashioned Ice Cream Parlor

~ Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

~ We grow our own produce!

~ Unique Gifts & Clothing

~ Open 7 Days a week


6339 Main St. (exit 25 off I-87)

Visit us on facebook for hours & menu


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Horicon – Hidden Treasure of Warren counTy

You can always find

a peaceful place in

Horicon – to fish, paddle,

hike, bike or just

relax. Tucked between

Schroon Lake and Lake

George, Horicon has

wild land in every direction

and more lakes and

ponds than any other

town in the county.

Horicon is comprised

of two hamlets, Brant

Lake and Adirondack, Quiet and Serene

situated off the beaten

path. Horicon, once a sleepy country town, is being discovered as one of

nature’s precious gems.

Brant Lake, Schroon Lake, Schroon River and a myriad of quiet ponds and

creeks are accessible by public boat launches and winding country roads.

Old-fashioned country

stores are located

in both hamlets as well

as public beaches. The

picturesque Mill Pond

in Brant Lake is the

perfect spot for a stroll

or picnic.

Fishing from a boat,

bridge, shoreline or

the middle of a stream

should satisfy any angler.

Hike trails into

Beautiful Brant Lake

quiet ponds of the southern reaches of the Pharoah Lake Wilderness to camp,

canoe, kayak or just commune with the wonder of nature. The new Brant

Lake Bike Park on the Mill Pond has been a popular destination this year.

Winter brings ice fishing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing or snowmobiling

on well-groomed trails.

Doesn’t this little treasure

sound like just

what you are looking


The Town of Horicon is

located in the northeastern

boundary of Warren County,

settled in early 1800s

and incorporated March

29, 1838 from portions of

Bolton and Hague with total

of 71.8 square miles. During

the Civil War, the town held

the proud distinction of

providing more volunteer

soldiers in proportion to the

population than any other

town in NYS with only one

man being drafted. The

Horicon Museum affords

visitors a look into the past:

of the early settlers, their

homes, churches, industries,

boarding houses and special

occasions. The displays in

this restored, 19th-century

farmhouse give a glimpse

into the lives of those who

lived in an earlier time.

There are many items

reflecting the local history

and the Civil War. In 2020

the 1881 Church Museum

Annex will be open with

additional Town of Horicon


“Horicon is off the beaten

path of historical events, but

its development through the

spirit and help of her people

is a fine example of community


Town of Horicon, what a

treasure in Warren County!

Photos on this page

courtesy of Carl Heilman


Community Center

6604 State Route 8

Brant Lake, NY

518-494-3647 www.HoriconNY.gov

The Hamlet of Brant Lake surrounds a picturesque mill pond

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Town Parks in Adirondack

& Brant Lake

With everything you could want

to enjoy on a summer day, we have

athletic fields, picnic areas, and playgrounds

for the kids. The Town Park

in Adirondack features a tennis/

pickle ball court, basketball, bocce

ball and baseball. In Brant Lake, we

have a pavilion, baseball field, and a

fishing dock. Enjoy the military monuments in honor of our

veterans for their service.

The Heintzelman Library, Brant Lake

Construction began in

1906 and was completed

the following year for

this distinctively rustic

stone building. The Library

served the town

of Horicon until 2001,

when a new facility was

opened in the new Town

Hall. Located on Mill

Pond, the building is now on the NYS Registry of Historical

Buildings and the National Registry of Historic Buildings.

The Town of Horicon Historical Society

Museum, Brant Lake

This Museum—a nineroom

restored 19th

century farmhouse—affords

visitors an intimate

glimpse of the areas

early settlers: their

homes, churches, industries,

boarding houses,

and special celebrations.

Tuesday, July 16th, 2019 Scott VanLear presents “The History

of Forest Rangers in the Adirondacks”. Saturday, August 10,

2019 don’t miss the preview of the newly completed construction

of the 1881 Church Museum Annex. Tuesday, August

13, 2019, join Mark Frieden as he shares the “Legends

and Lore of the Adirondacks”.

Brant Lake Winter Carnival

The Brant Lake Winter Carnival is distinguished from other

carnivals by its small town authenticity and participatory

fun. The event attracts

visitors from

around the region

for a busy day of activities

for all ages.

Everyone joins the

fun! Local favorites

include human

foosball, sledding,

Photo courtesy of Brandon Himoff

curling, ice skating,

broomball, ladies, men, and children’s fry pan toss, a great

outhouse race, and spectacular fireworks. These activities all

take place on beautiful Brant Lake just off the beach in front

of Jimbo’s Club at the Point. The 2020 Brant Lake Winter

Carnival will take place February 15th. Put that date on your

calendar now!

YMCA Adirondack Center, Brant Lake

A Year-round



center with the

focus on clearing

away barriers

for youth to

be successful,

to eliminate generational poverty and to serve unmet needs.

A wellness center to promote healthy living has been added

in our region to accommodate all ages.

Starting June 28th




Community Center

Rt. 8 Brant Lake

5-8 pm

Buena Comida

Given to Fry

The Town of Horicon Historical Society Cheesy Does It Moby Dick’s Fish Fry

Museum Annex, Adirondack

Chilly Willy’s

O’ Pablo’s

In 1881, seven Adirondack community families contributed

Cub Scout Hot Dogs Red Wagon BBQ

funds, material, and labor to build a church on land donated

by Mr. Wells who owned the

Full Cord Pizza The Mac Factor

… and more! Not all trucks will appear every Friday


Tannery and General Store. The




building stood unused since the


Jun. 28 ......... 1979 Band


1990’s. Today, construction has

Jul. 5 ............. Willie Playmore



Jul. 12 ........... Dirt Cheap Band


been completed. Look for the

Jul. 19 ........... Michelle (Leddick) & Tyler

Jul. 26 .......... Lindey Meade

Grand Opening event in August

of 2020. The building will

Aug. 9 .......... Andy Smith/Bob Gagnon

Aug. 2 .......... 1979 Band

Aug. 16 ......... The Blonde Roots Band

display historic items from the

Aug. 23 ........ Joe Burka

Hamlet of Adirondack including

Aug. 30 ....... Willie Playmore

Arrow Head Lodge and others.

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NEW FOR 2019: Wine & Beer Available for On-Premise Dining




YMCA Adirondack Center

Our signature programs We also impact our community

include our summer reading with our Y Achievers program

program No More Learning that is offered to students in

Gap, that runs six weeks for grades 6 th -10 th grade, after

students entering 1 st - 3 rd school and provides a safe

grade. The goal is to build environment for tweens and

better readers and prevent teens to be with friends while

the loss of reading skills participating in STEAM and a

over the summer.

variety of other activities.

At the Y, we believe that no one should be turned

away due to the inability to pay. Financial assistance

applications are available at the center and are granted

on eligibility and available resources.

518.494.4422 | glensfallsymca.org/adkprograms

146 Tannery Road, Brant Lake, NY 12815

Hours: Sun.-Thu.: 7:00 am-6:00 pm

Fri. & Sat.: 7:00 am-8:00 pm

New: Dinners-to-Go

Pizza Available

after 4:00 pm




Breakfast, Lunch

& Dinner Specials


Full deli with house

cooked meats •

gifts • groceries

• seasonal toys •

ATM • propane • ice

• ice cream • large

selection of

craft beer

New Owners Joe & Yvette Gallacchi

899 East Shore Dr. • Adirondack, NY 12808

www.ADKgeneralstore.com • (518) 494-4408

Old-Fashioned Country Store

“Come experience

the Adirondacks of yesteryear”

Garden Center • General Store •

Gourmet • Fresh Cider Donuts • Deli •

Hardware • Kids ADK Gifts

and so much more!


6499 State Rte 8

Brant Lake, NY 12815

Phone: (518) 494-4039

Fax: (518) 494-2141

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20km of single track boasting a variety of challenging experiences

at Ski Bowl Park, including the newly constructed Long Trail.

Whitewater rafting on the

mighty Hudson River, Spring,

Summer & Fall.

Courtesy of Jim Swedberg

Andrea Hogan

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Tannery Pond Center

Main St., North Creek, NY

For Arts, Education &

Community Gatherings

Dedicated to enriching lives with quality

arts programming and a welcoming

community center.

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“A true GEM in our

community. Great


and art exhibits! ”

– Scott W.


The Historic Town of Jonsburg is a four-season Adirondack destination

located along the Hudson River and surrounding NY’s premier ski

destination—Gore Mountain. You can trace the Town of Johnsburg’s

history back to hearty settlers who made a living logging, mining and

running tanneries. Today, the Town of Johnsburg is a lively oasis and

perfect jumping off spot to explore the Adirondacks.

Year round, visitors will enjoy exploring the seven Hamlets that make

up the town—Wevertown, Riparius, Sodom, Garnet Lake, Bakers Mills,

North River and North Creek. North Creek is the most visible Town of

Johnsburg hamlet due to its Main Street with quaint shops and restaurants

The Tannery Pond Community Center in North Creek offers theater, concerts

and gallery displays.

In winter, thousands of skiers trek to Gore Mountain which offers the

largest vertical drop in the eastern US. The spring thaw releases Maple

sap and the chance to see area Sugar Houses producing real Maple syrup.

The spring also brings migrating birds back to the forests and birdwatchers

flock to the area. Adventure seekers also flock to the area for the

white water rafting and kayaking on the Hudson River.

Summer brings warm days and cool nights to the region and campers,

hikers, boaters and other vacationers who find the Town of Johnsburg

is the perfect Adirondack location. Changing leaf colors transforms the

Town of Johnsburg into a fall foliage destination. Visitors can take the

Gore Mountain gondola and view the fall splendor throughout the Adirondacks.

Arts & Community Thrive Here

Make your way to the intersection of Main Street and Route 28N in

North Creek, and you will find one of the greatest treasures of the area:

Tannery Pond Community Center. The center was built in 2002 and

features a 150 seat auditorium, the Widlund Art Gallery and several

multiuse meeting rooms.

All are welcome to visit – take a break from the summer heat (or

come in to warm up!), view exhibits in Widlund Gallery, learn about

and attend upcoming concerts and events, or fill water bottles before

heading out on the adjacent Carol A. Thomas Memorial Walking Trail.

Come see why Tannery Pond is a true gem of Johnsburg and the region.


July 9 – Seagle Music Colony children’s opera:

Monkey and Francine in the City of Tigers

July 18 – Lake Placid • Sinfonietta

August 1 – “Leader of the Pack” musical produced

by Adk Lakes Center for the Arts


August 4 – Harpist Natalie Salzman, Blues & Country Singer/Songwriter

August 18 – Lake George Music Festival Pianomania!


August 24 – The Oldies Show

August 31 – Trio Casals


September 8 – “The Great Adirondack Stagecoach Robbery”

a radio play by Gem Radio Theatre

September 28 – Emilio Solla y Bien Sur!

October 5 – “Voice of the Mountains” by Johnsburg Historical Society

November 18 – Durham County Poets

December 7 & 8 – Holiday Celebration with North Country Singers

Please visit TanneryPondCenter.org or email info@tannerypondcenter.org for more

information and to subscribe to emails about upcoming exhibits, concerts, and special events.

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Connect to learn more and for a

list of upcoming performances

and gallery exhibits:

228 Main St., North Creek | 518-251-2505 x128



Photo credit: Dave Warner, Lake George Music Festival

For Trails to Dining, Shopping, Lodging & More



Music by the River 2019

Sat., July 13th Stony Creek Band

Sat., July 27th Raisinhead

Sat., August, 17th Knot Dead Band

Sat., August, 31st Finger Diddle

Summer concerts will take

place at Riverfront Park on

Railroad Place on the banks of

the Hudson River from 6-9pm

Bring chairs, blankets, coolers

or whatever you need for an

evening of great music.

Music by the River is

sponsored by the North

Creek Business Alliance

with help from Town of

Johnsburg Occupancy Tax.

A darn good

reason to stay



Guest Rooms & Suites

Efficiency Rooms

Gas Wood Stoves

Private Jacuzzis

Great Room



Lodging in the


264 Main St. • North Creek, NY 12853 • (315) 251-2451

Sure, we’re located in the heart

of all Adirondack Mountain

activities including skiing,

rafting, fishing, hiking and

kayaking … but we really can’t

blame it if you decide to stay inside.

Comfortable Adirondack-style lodging in

the small mountain town of North Creek

Outdoor Year-Round


Walk to Restaurants & Shops

1 Mile from Gore

Mountain Ski Area

1/2 mile to Rafting



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North Creek’s



& bar

Featuring German

inspired cuisine

Located next to THE LODGE

OPEN DAILY Noon-10:00 pm • (518) 251-5100

For those late-night snackers: Burgers, Soups, & Salads

Full Bar • Local Breweries • Blackboard Specials

Book your Summer

escape, Fall foliage

adventure, Winter ski trip

or corporate retreat

881 Peaceful Valley Rd.

North Creek, NY 12853

(855) 846-7365 • goremountainlodge.com

We’ll serve you the burger your

doctor doesn’t want you to have!


518.251.9911 • 302 Main St., North Creek, NY

Adirondack Spirits

Fine Wines

& Liquors

You’re invited to our

Wine Tastings

Every Saturday

from 2pm–6pm

Enjoy a Free Sample of our

Wine of the Week

Join our

Customer Loyalty

Program for Monthly Discounts!

Red Tag Discounts

Offering even more savings!

10% OFF

Any wine by the case

Mix and Match

Your favorite brand

name liquors at

warehouse prices!

Chilled Wines & Prosecco





Monday–Thursday 9:30–8pm

Friday & Saturday 9:30–9pm

July and August, Sundays 12–6pm

Main St., North Creek, NY

All credit cards accepted



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274 Main St. 518.955.7621

...bridging a gap between trendy and classic to encompass

what is timeless, whimsical, distinctive and lovely.

A focus on locally made soaps, textiles, jewelry, local fine art

& pottery. Here too you will find organic artisan-blended bulk

tea & accessories.


Wine Club Memberships Available


272 Main Street, North Creek

Tues. - Sat. • 4 - 10 pm


Cruise Nights is Back For Summer 2019!

Downtown North Creek • A Free Event!

All years, Makes and Models of Vintage cars,

Classic cars, Sports Cars, Hot Rods And Motorcycles

are invited to attend.

Every Other Thursday Night - 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Date Entertainment

July 25 Dave Hyde

Aug 8 Tom Volcheck

Aug 22 Tom Volcheck

Sept 14 TBA

Grand Finale! Ski Bowl Sat 9/14 12-4

Door Prizes, Games, 50/50 Drawing and Live Music!

Main Street,

North Creek

Live Music

on site and at

other locations

in town.

Check our

Facebook Page

for updates and

Rain Cancellations.

(usually by 4PM, Thurdays)

@ Cruise Night in North Creek

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Proud Supplier of

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Your ADK Source for



Tinctures • Lotions • Salves • Honey Sticks

Caramels • And More

Full Spectrum & Organic • The Future of Healing!

Hudson River Trading Co.

292 Main Street • North Creek, NY


The Hungry Crow

Market &

Tasting Room

Farm to you is the rallying cry.

More people are trying to eat closer to the

source. So we have decided to create a

unique retail experience on Main Street.

Browse and sample Organic Infused Olive

Oil & Vinegar direct from the orchard in

Northern California.

Local Cheeses & Yogurt direct from the farm.

Locally Made Breads & Pies, Pickles, Sauces, Mustards, Chocolates,

Caramels, Jams, Maple products, Fermented Living Food, No Nitrate

Bacon, Smoked Meat & Cheese and much more.

This summer organic soft serve and Giffords Ice Cream

Coming soon craft beer, organic wine, & local cider.


Dr. Lee Townhome Rental

Overlooking the Hudson River - 2 miles from Gore Mountain Ski Area

and 1 mile from Historic North Creek Ski Bowl and Nordic Center.

Fully Restored second-floor townhome. 1800’s doctors home conveniently

located on Main Street in this historic Adirondack ski town of North Creek NY.

l Two Bedrooms with Serta Plush Queen l Arts and Crafts Furniture l Gourmet Kitchen

with Custom Hand Built Mission Cabinets l Concrete Countertops l New Ceramic Bath

and New Fixtures l Butlers Pantry with Stackable Samsung Washer and Dryer l Library

Room with TV & Cable, Books and Games l Leather Morris Chairs in front of Fireplace

l Detox Sunlight Sauna on the Enclosed Back Porch l Heated Ski Closet in the Downstairs

Entry l All Amenities, Linens, and Kitchenware.

Reach our advertisers at:

For more information and to see our YouTube video

of the 2 townhomes go to

www.HudsonRiverTradingco.com or call

518.251.4461. Sleeps 6, sorry no pets.

You can also find us on Air B&B

On the free “winter” weekend and holiday village shuttle.

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Adirondack River Outfitters

ARO Adventures

800 525-RAFT (7238)




Hudson River, a

17 Mile wilderness


ARO is NY State’s

Premier Outfitter

Providing Family Fun

to High Adventure

Since 1980



with Aerial Ropes

and Zip Line Course

Paint Ball Forest

Rafting On The Hudson: Family

Fun to High Adventure

Whitewater Rafting on the Hudson River is a 17 mile wilderness

adventure. We begin on the Indian River and continue through

the Hudson River Gorge. With great whitewater and spectacular

Adirondack scenery, it is the longest stretch of whitewater in New

York and is considered the “Grand Daddy” of N.Y. rivers.

The Hudson

River rafting season

begins in April

and runs into October.

Spring is “Big

Water” season. It

will provide you

with all the excitement

and heart

pumping adrenaline

you can handle.

As we move into late Spring and early Summer, water levels

and weather conditions mellow a bit. The river becomes a perfect

trip for anyone with an adventurous spirit. When rafting on the

Hudson began, this was the end of rafting for the year, but now,

when Summer arrives, dam releases on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday,

and Sunday, insure that the excitement continues. The warm

weather and guaranteed whitewater provides an ideal adventure

for the entire family.

In the Fall rafting continues through Columbus Day and the

gorge is turned into an aurora of scenic splendor not to be missed.

Hudson River Adventure Center

Rafting may have drawn you to the North River/ North Creek

area, but it is just one of many exciting activities in this beautiful,

and less crowded part of the Adirondacks. The Hudson River Adventure

Center, located at our rafting base in North River, allows

you to expand your Adirondack adventure. We have an Aerial

Ropes and Zip-Line course, a wooded paintball area, canoes for

guided and unguided adventures, and more. Allow us to help plan

your adventure vacation in the Adirondacks.

A Day of Adventure… A Lifetime of Memories

North River, NY Near Lake George (35 min)

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If These Platforms Could Talk!

5 Railroad Place, North Creek, NY

Museum is open Memorial Day Weekend – July 1st

Saturday & Sunday –12:00–4:00

July 1st – October 12th Thursday–Tuesday 12:00–4:00

Groups & Schools – Call for private tours 518-251-5842

Admission is FREE! Donations gladly accepted..

For more information, please see our website @


Explore The Adirondacks By Railbike!

See the Adirondacks in a brand-new way this summer with

Revolution Rail Co.’s railbike tours!

Founders Robert Harte and Michael Dupee launched Revolution

Rail Co. in 2017, with a goal of sharing the railbiking experience

with everyone who loves the Adirondacks.

“We are excited to share this fun family activity with even

more people in 2019,” said Harte.

“It’s such a fantastic way to get outside, get a little exercise,

and experience the Adirondacks in a way that you just can’t ottherwise,”

added Dupee.

This innovative new excursion business operates out of the

historic North Creek Railroad Station. Once railbikers check in at

the station, they take a short shuttle bus ride 5 miles north of town

to the tour launch point. After a safety briefing, tour leaders take

the railbikers further north on a 7 mile round trip adventure. The

tour takes riders through the beautiful Adirondack forest along the

banks of the Hudson River, and then over the Hudson on a spectacular

trestle bridge, where railbikers take a short break before

turning for home, returning to the launch point and boarding the

shuttle bus for the ride back to the station.

Railbikers may choose to reserve two-seat (tandem) or fourseat

(quad) bikes, depending on the size of their party. Total trip

time is approximately two hours and fifteen minutes. Tours are

offered at 10:30, 12:30, 2:30, and 4:30 daily, with additional time

slots and special events added throughout the summer. Revolution

Rail is open seven days a week between June 14 and Labor Day

and Thursdays through Mondays after Labor Day.

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Gore Mountain- An Adirondack

Escape in All Seasons

By Julia K. Johnson & Emily A. Stanton

Whether you’re soaring down Gore Mountain’s well-loved ski

trails or taking a scenic skyride amid peak Adirondack fall foliage,

Gore offers year-round escapes for catching, or just enjoying, some

fresh air.

Located 25 scenic minutes off Exit 23 of I-87, Gore Mountain is

a destination for summer and autumn adventure. The signature attraction

is the skyride aboard the Northwoods Gondola or Adirondack

Express chairlift that whisks guests to stunning vistas and is a

thrill for all generations. A quick hike to the observation deck at the

top of Bear Mountain provides one-of-a-kind photos and breathtaking

views, and weddings and special gatherings are frequently held

here. Free interpretive talks are led daily at 11am and 1pm by staff

and/or guest speakers who will discuss local vegetation, the history

of Gore Mountain, and facts about the surrounding vistas. From

the skyride summits you can hike, bike, or simply ride back to the

Base Area.

The Base Area offers a sundeck with foodservice, bungee trampoline,

climbing wall, inflatables, climbing structure, disc golf, and

new for 2019- a 300’ zipline ride!

Don’t miss Harvest Fest on October 12-13- Gore’s most popular

event! During peak Adirondack fall foliage, enjoy free admission,

an artisan shopping village, live music, a hearty food and

drink menu, and loads of activities for kids.

Skiers and snowboarders flock to Gore

Mountain, home to the most skiable terrain and

largest lift system in New York. With four different

mountain peaks to explore, Gore offers

plenty of options for every ability. There are

several terrain park areas for all the jumps and

jibs a freestyler would want. For experts, there

are plenty of challenging steeps and 28 glades

that seasoned skiers and riders respect, while

beginners can take part in a terrific value-added

learning program. A nordic and snowshoe

center complete with snowmaking and lights

for evening activity is open daily during the

winter at the North Creek Ski Bowl.

Gore’s award-winning sustainability initiatives include the

mountain’s massive solar array- the largest dedicated to a ski resort

in the United States. Read more about other environmental projects,

such as new electric car charging stations, at the environment

page on Gore’s website.

Plan to add Gore Mountain to your summer, fall, and winter

itineraries. For more information, visit GoreMountain.com or call

(518) 251-2411.

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Full and Half Day

Trips for Fishing

Full and Half Day float trips for Trout, Salmon, Bass & Pike

A FULL-Service Flyshop!

We supply everything, rafts, gear (fly & spin rods)

and a great lunch

Call ahead for dates and pricing


Thomas Welsh - owner

Corner of 28 N & Main St., North Creek


North Creek Farmers Market

2019 starts on the

SUMMER Solstice

The North Creek Farmers Market returns to Riverfront Park

this year. This location has plenty of parking, bathroom facilities,

a pavilion and in case of extreme weather, the option of an indoor

venue in a historic building. Besides locally grown and organic

vegetables, market organizers say vendors

will have organic meat,

baked products, wine and

spirits, cheese, maple products,

jams, crafts and more.

North Creek Farmers Market

is a “Producers’ Market”

which requires vendors

to produce what they

are selling. Live music

and kids’ activities will

encourage attendees to

linger in the park and enjoy the setting which is steps

away from the Hudson River. This year frequent shopper cards

are available with awards given to repeat customers. As was the

case last year, the market is dog-friendly and will continue to designate

a dog-of-the-week on our Instagram site. Go to our website

for weekly updates of produce expected. www.northcreekfarmersmarket.org


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Garnet Mine Tours




EXPLORE the mine & discover

your own precious garnets.

LEARN about mining history & geology

SHOP the Gore Mountain Mineral Shop:

jewelry, gems, science & nature toys



Monday-Saturday: 9:30 am-5:00 pm

Sunday: 11:00 am-5:00 pm


Sunday, October 13, 2019

1126 Barton Mines Road

North River, NY 12856 • (518) 251-2706


from Lake George!

Garnet History

The Town of Johnsburg enjoyed a “garnet-rush”

starting back in 1878 when Henry Hudson Barton came to North

Creek in search of a better abrasive. Miners, prospectors and

geologists explored the mountains of Johnsburg and adjacent

Indian Lake. The target of their search was the rich deposits of

garnet commonly knows as the “Adirondack Ruby” the official

NYS gem stone. Like the diamond, garnet can serve dual roles.

If it is a clear, uncracked crystal, it can be faceted to produce a

beautiful gem stone, if imperfect, garnet can make an excellent

industrial abrasive. With the help of local people, Barton found

an outstanding source of garnet on Gore Mountain.

After Barton’s visit, garnet was no longer

a curiosity, but rather a valuable product to be

mined and used commercially as an abrasive.

The discovery provided a long term supply

of the hardest commercial quality garnet ever

found in the world. With good management, this

allowed Barton to be the only garnet mining company

to continue its existence as an important business

contributing to the economy of Johnsburg. During

the “hey-days” of garnet mining


were over 300 people

involved in the various garnet

mining activities. Besides Gore

Mountain many small “handpicking”

mines were found and mined

for short periods. The garnet from North Creek

area is almost as hard as a diamond and it fractures

into a multitude of sharp cutting edges. As an

abrasive, garnet has dominated the industrial market

for over 130 years.

Today it is possible to visit the world famous

historic garnet mine site and treasure hunt for your

own precious garnet gemstones. A talented staff

conducts the tour on the hour that begins with an

informative lecture on the history and the geology of

the Barton Mines and is followed up with instructions

on how to identify and find your own garnet treasures!

It is so much fun for all ages! For the shopper,

exploring the old fashion mineral shop that was

built in the early 1900’s is another treasure hunting

experience. The shop is filled with fabulous garnet

jewelry, garnet gifts for home decorating, science

and nature

toys, and

so much

more. This

is a great



you should

not miss.

Left on 13th

Lake Road

1.5 miles to right

on Casterline

Rd. and Garnet


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Ski Bowl Park Trail System


The Ski Bowl Park in North Creek is a four season destination.

In the spring, summer and fall it is the starting point for 15 miles

of hiking trails and 20 Kilometers of purpose built single track

mtn. bike trails. In the winter the Park is operated by Gore Mtn.

Ski Center which runs two lifts, the Hudson Chair and the Village

Lift, to service great terrain and connect with the rest of Gore

Mtn.’s alpine ski center. In addition to alpine skiing Gore Mtn. Ski

Center makes snow

and grooms trails

for Nordic Skiing in

the Bowl. The Park’s

trail system also connects

to 10 miles of

“ride up, ski down”

backcountry ski trails that have shuttle service provided by the

North Creek Business Alliance on snowy weekends in the winter.

Snowshoeing is available on the Ski Bowl

Loop and Ski Bowl Connector trails.

For the snowless six months of the year bikers and hikers have

access to some incredible experiences. Don’t worry about getting

lost the trail system has kiosks with large maps at the entrances

and you- are-here maps at key locations on the Ski Bowl Loop

and color coded trail markers on each trail.

Bikers - Have 20 Kilometers of single track riding designed

to give intermediate and experts a variety of challenging experiences.

1. The

Long Trail

- is the newest


and longest

trail in the


It will be


to the top of

Little Gore

for a 10 km up and back trip, that is a fun ride up then provides

750 feet of vertical fun on the 5 km downride with lots of berms,

banks, rollers, tree gaps and momentum drops to make it your

favorite ride.

2. Ski Bowl Loop Trail - is the single track multi-use

trail that allows you access to the bike specific trails up on the

mountain and to Main Street by way of the underpass on the Carol

Thomas Trail to a cold beer and dinner in town.

3. Hoot and Alternative Trails - provide classic flowing

single track with rock rides and lots of alternative lines.

k20km Trails


Just for Mt.


Mt. Bike!

k1 Mile From

Gore Mt!

Ski Bowl Park | North Creek

Hike The Schaffer Trail up to Gore Mt. - waterfalls,

and beautiful views. Maps/Info VisitNorthCreek.com

Bike The new Ski Bowl Park Trails - Flow trials for

all ability levels! Maps/Video UpperHudsonTrails.org

Backcountry Ski Trails including Raymond

Brook Trail and the “Ride Up - Ski Down” Shuttle

Bus - North Creek Business Alliance

VisitNorthCreek.com | UpperHudsonTrails.org

4. Heart Brake

- requires the technical

expertise and physical fitness

that old school experts


5. Ski Bowl Connector

Trail - climbs

up to the Lower Raymond

Brook Trail.

6. Lower Raymond

Brook Trail -

being a very fast ex- pert

downhill trail ending at

the Rt. 28 trailhead which

means you should ride

down the north end of

main street to get some cold hydration after the thrilling decent.

7. On-the-Rocks is a sessions trail that has many technical

rock riding challenges which insures you won’t ride it all the

first time.



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Lodging, Dining, Adventure


(518) 251-2444

Garnet Hill Lodge is an outdoor enthusiasts dream. Imagine

creating your outdoor adventures at this beautiful location right

in the heart of the Adirondack mountains. Whether you like to

hike, mountain bike, canoe, kayak, cross-country ski or snowshoe,

it’s all available right there at Garnet Hill. With an amazing view

overlooking pristine Thirteenth Lake and the mountains beyond

the resort’s excellent restaurant and cozy pub make for enjoyable

and relaxing evenings after a strenuous day exploring the mountains

and lakes. Whether you love to explore, or explore a good

book, the lodge is a great place for the whole family to enjoy.

The main Loghouse building at Garnet

Hill was built in 1937 by Frank Hooper, a local

mine owner, for his daughter and son-inlaw

to run as a guest house. The charming log

structure was built in the classic Adirondack

Camp style. It has kept that charm to this day

and walking into the Loghouse takes you back

to more tranquil times. The large fireplace in

the guest lounge, made of stone from Hooper’s

mine, sparkles with nuggets of garnet and invites

visitors to sit back and relax.

who wish to venture further, the Siamese Ponds Wilderness, one

of the largest wilderness areas in Adirondack Park with approximately

114,000 acres of forest preserve, is accessible from the

Lodge campus and offers endless opportunities for more strenuous


With access to a private beach on nearby Thirteenth Lake,

overnight guests are able to make the most of those pleasant summer

days, swimming, paddling or just relaxing in an Adirondack

chair. Thirteenth Lake is a beautiful, clear wilderness lake. Almost

entirely surrounded by forest preserve, there are no buildings on

the lake and no power boats permitted. This

is an idyllic spot to contemplate the majesty

of the mountains as you listen to the sounds

of nature and the call of the loons.

Over the years, Garnet Hill has become

nationally known for the excellence of its

cross-country skiing, both trails and programs.

It is widely acknowledged to be one

of the very best Nordic ski centers in the

country and was recently voted the top cross

country ski resort in the northeast by readers

of USA Today. Winter opens up 50 kilometers of beautifully

The Outdoor Center at Garnet Hill Lodge is the focal point

for guests to enjoy the many opportunities for outdoor activities

that the Adirondack mountains offer. The friendly and well and snowshoe trails and it’s only 15 minutes to downhill skiing at

groomed cross-country ski trails, countless miles of backcountry

informed staff help guests with any of their outdoor adventures, Gore Mountain.

be it paddling, hiking, mountain biking, back county or on piste Whatever the season, Garnet Hill Lodge envelopes you in a

skiing, snowshoeing and more. The Lodge’s owner Jim Rucker, relaxed and free mountain lifestyle. It is a refuge from the pace

an outdoor enthusiast says that, “what makes Garnet Hill Lodge and pressure of everyday life, a place where the entire family can

such a special place is the opportunity to enjoy world class four

relax and unwind, enjoying life lived on a simpler terms.

season outdoor activities, right from the front door”. For those

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Indian Lake





HIKING: lndian Lake has over 100 miles of hiking trails

for most ages and abilities, including popular mountain hikes

such as: Blue Mountain, Snowy Mountain, Wakely Mountain,

Baldface Mountain and Chimney Mountain. But we also have

modest-effort, high-reward

dark horse hikes like Watch

Hill. For years, this underrated

gem was difficult

to find. But now, you can

easily find the Watch Hill

trailhead about 7.5 miles

south of the town center

on Route 30. Much of the

route is easy hiking terrain

before you wind up Watch

Hill for a short but fairly steep climb. When you get up to the top,

just keep pressing along the ridge line until you reach the rock

ledge. You’ll have a partial view of Indian Lake, but the real star

of this hike is the amazing panoramic mountain view to the west.

On a clear day, you can easily spot the fire tower on top of Snowy

Mountain. Just sit down and enjoy the view.

You and your family can participate in Indian Lake 4-3-2-1

Hiking Challenge! Select 10 hikes and receive a custom-made

badge when you complete them all. Using the Indian Lake Chamber

of Commerce Hiking Map, select and hike 4 Easy trails

(green), 3 Moderate trails (yellow), 2 Difficult trails (red) and

(1) Either Snowy Mountain or Blue Mountain. Stop at the Indian

Lake Chamber of Commerce Office at 6301 NYS Route 30 (Main

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Street) to get your 4-3-2-1 Form and Hiking Map to get started.

There is no deadline to complete the 4-3-2-1, so you can do it at

your own pace.


is the new Queen of all hikes, being one of the

highest waterfalls in the Adirondacks. The parking

area for OK Slip Falls located almost 8 miles

east of downtown Indian Lake on Route 28. Hiking

round trip is 6.4 miles. You should allow at

least a half-day for this hike, especially if you

want to linger at the falls viewing area or spend

time taking lots of pictures along the way.

SNOWMOBILING: Indian Lake forms

the hub

of Adirondack snowmobiling

with access to over

1000 miles of groomed

snowmobile trails. Our

central location makes Indian

Lake an ideal place

to start and finish your

snowmobiling adventure.

Abundant snowfall often

gives us a long snowmobiling

season from December

well into March. Accurate and honest snowmobile trail

condition reports are always available at www.ilsnow.com

continued on next page

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Celebrating Our

20th Anniversary



Mexican restaurant

& south of the

border decor within

a rustic setting

Serving Burritos,

Chimichangas, Enchiladas,

Quesadillas and Tacos




7 to $


Hours: Wed.-Sat. 4:30-8:30

Reservations Welcome

Air conditioned

Free Wi-Fi


13 choices

Dos Equis on tap

All entrees served with

vegetarian refried

beans and Mexican rice.


with Mango Salsa,

Spinach & Mushroom

Quesadilla, Jalapenos


6303 NYS Rt. 30

Indian Lake, NY

(518) 648-5832


LAKES, PONDS AND RIVERS: Our region is speckled

with dozens of lakes, ponds and rivers that offer scenic fishing,

kayaking and canoeing opportunities.

Indian Lake is well known

as the White Water Capital of

New York State, with timed water

releases from Lake Abanakee

to ensure quality rafting from

spring to autumn. Power boating

can be enjoyed on Blue Mountain

Lake and Indian Lake.


Indian Lake has quaint cottages and cabins with real Adirondack

charm that people have stayed at for generations. Many of them

are on the lake

or have scenic


views. You

can find them

at www.


com. We are

also the home

of three New

York State

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Public Campgrounds at Lake Durant, Lewey Lake and Indian

Lake Islands.

WATERFALLS: By now, nearly everyone

has heard of OK Slip Falls. But give Pashley Falls

a shot! To reach this hidden gem, turn from Main

Street onto Pelon Road across from the school building.

After a short distance, take the right fork and

travel down to the cul-de-sac parking area. Don’t let

the lack of a trailhead sign fool you. Walk around

the metal gate and head down a snowmobile trail

down to the Cedar River. Then turn right and walk

along the river until reach the gradually rolling Pashley Falls.

For hiking maps and more information, stop by the Indian Lake

Chamber of



building in

the middle of

town. We are

open 7 days a

week during

the summer

and early autumn

for your


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6204 Rt. 28 • Indian Lake, NY

(518) 648-5500

Outstanding views and lodging

in the heart of Indian Lake.

Relax in Adirondack elegance

with convenient access to Byron

Park on Adirondack Lake.

• Bed Linens

• Bath Towels

• Kitchen


• Table Settings

• Coffee Pot

• TV

• Screened-in


• Charcoal Grill

No pets. No smoking inside cabins.

WiFi available


Photos by Laurie Dirkx

Pine’s Countr y Store


Mats, Tents, Tarps

Fuel, Sleeping Bags

Rainwear, Propane

Coleman Products

True Value Hardware with

“A Little Bit of Everything”


Bike’s, Mowers,

Kid Carriers, Tools,

Kayaks & SUP’s

Snowshoes & MORE



Hi-Tech Hiking Boots

Wigwam Socks

Sandals & Flip-Flops

Aqua Shoes

Fishing, Beach & Boating Supplies

Hardware, Gifts & Crafts

Deer Food • Bird Food • Souvenirs • Tees & Sweats

Housewares • Life Vests • All-Weather Clothing From Head to Toe

And Much More...

“Downtown” Indian Lake, NY • Junction Routes 28 & 30

Open 7 Days a Week

518-648-5212 • www.pinescs.com


trail motel



In the “Heart of the Adirondacks,” our motel is located

just minutes away from the pristine lakes, mountains

and trails Indian Lake, New York has to offer.

6450 RT 28/30

Indian Lake, New York


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Our 2019 Adirondack Lakes

Summer Theatre Festival

3 productions at locations around the Adirondack Park


July 14-17


July 19-28

Leader of the Pack:

The Ellie Greenwich Musical

August 2-6

This year’s festival is sponsored, in part, by NYSCA

and David Myers in memory of Anne Vaccaro

Save the dates for these events:

July 5 - Yard Sale, Auction

July (Tuesdays and Wednesdays) - AC Summer Kid’s Art Camp

May 16 – September 12 - Thursdays at 8 am - Yoga

Check our website for our Concert Series and Classes

Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts

3446 NYS Route 28

Blue Mountain Lake, NY 12812

Phone (518) 352-7715




screen &




Adults: $7

Kids (

Long Lake

raquette Lake


Long Lake has events galore coming up in 2019, our community

is a giant summer camp for all ages. We offer paddling adventures,

hiking adventures, competitions, live music and fun ways to create

life-long memories.

We kick the summer off with a traditional 4th of July Celebration

complete with fireworks in both Raquette Lake and Long Lake as

well as Kids Games, and Live Music with Grit N Grace a modern

country, rock and dance band to help us celebrate and kick it up a

notch. Look for them on the Long Lake Town Beach. On July 20,

the US Waterski Show Team returns to perform their competition

ready performance piece. Human pyramids, jumps, and death-defying

stunts will be featured. The US Waterski Show Teams wows the

crowd Saturday, July 20th Long Lake Town Beach 1204 Main Street.

The fun Cardboard Box Floating Competition starts at 11am - 1pm so

come to Long Lake and stay all day.

Durant Days in Raquette Lake celebrates the birth of Great Camps

Architecture. Our Adirondack region is steeped with history,

the evolution of train travel ,historic American Iconic

financial titans and the birthplace of the American Vacation.

Do not miss this opportunity to enjoy a dining cruise on

Raquette and access to Great Camps only available during this

exclusive weekend Durant Days, August 2nd – 4th. On Friday,

August 2nd, 2019 there is a special cruise making stops at historic

Camp Pine Knot, the original Great Camp, as well as Saint Williams

Long Poing and the site of the original Durant Village. On Saturday

Durant Days continues with Live Music with a cappella group Wide

Variety and a Boat Parade at 6pm. At 7pm, new for 2019 is Hollywood

Magician, critically acclaimed Magician, James Warren. Tickets

are $20. Saturday nights finale will conclude with a showstopping

Fireworks display sponsored by the Town of Long Lake.

Sunday as Durant Days winds down there will be tour of Great

Camp Sagamore and Vespers on St. Huberts Isle in the afternoon.

In 2019 Long Lake will be hosting Music by the Lake at the

Long Lake Town Beach. Upcoming concert events include a

show by Saratoga Based, Fenimore Blues on Saturday, July 13th,

Bob Stump performs on Friday, July 19th, NCPR will be beachside

for the popular Beat Authority on Friday, July 26th followed

up with live music by Alex Smith. August sees the Bad Chaperones

playing all the hits and Music by the Lake winds up with the

Award-Winning Country Duo, Turning Stone’s very own, Beadle

Brothers will be performing at the Fire Department Chicken

BBQ on a new date for 2019 on August 24th. All Music By

the Lake Concerts will be held on the Long Lake Town Beach at 1204

Main Street except for Beadle Brothers who will perform live at

the Mt. Sabattis Pavilion. Arrive by boat, car or the nature trail!

Long Lake and Raquette Lake are both small Adirondack towns with

authentic local flavor. No big box stores, no chains, just down home,

unplug and unwind. You don’t need more than the lakes, but there’s

plenty to explore and see when visiting this area. Find out what it

means to go on a vacation in the heart of the Adirondacks. Leave

your worries at home, we’ll take care of the rest.

Open year-round

7 days a week,

serving lunch & dinner

from 11 am – 9 pm

20 guest rooms

Summer barbecues

on Wednesdays




1245 Main St., Long Lake | 518-624-4700

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Visitors looking for a classic Adirondack vacation spot need look no further

than the Town of Minerva. Located just minutes off the Northway in the

southern part of Essex County, NY Minerva has been a favorite year-round

destination or base camp for Adirondack tourists since the late 1800s. Founded

by farming families after the Revolutionary War, Minerva’s economic history

includes iron mining, tanning, milling and logging. Today the focus is

on tourism, recreational boat building and forest products. Minerva, which

was incorporated in 1817, covers 162 square miles with over 60% of its land

in the “forever wild” ADK Park Preserve.

Visitors to Minerva will find that Minerva Lake, with its

beautiful beach, playgrounds, pavilions, campground, bathhouses

and food stand serves as the hub of town summer activities.

The town-wide Minerva Day celebration culminates with a

vibrant fireworks display at Donnelly Beach, and will take place

on Saturday, July 6th. The Gregson Brothers Band will play

before the fireworks, and Finger Diddle will play in Courtney

Park on Sunday to end a perfect Minerva Day weekend. Winter

activities include ice fishing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing,

cross-country skiing and a Town maintained sledding hill for kids.

The Hudson and Boreas Rivers flow through Minerva, providing recreational

fishing, whitewater rafting and canoeing opportunities. Many

top-rated hiking trails start and end

in Minerva including hikes for Moxham

Mountain, Stony Pond and Blue

Ledges. ADK Park land acquisitions in

2013 added additional camping, hiking,

biking, paddling, snowmobiling

and horseback riding access to lands

in northern Minerva which have not

been open to the public for the past

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100 years. Birders and other nature enthusiasts should keep Minerva on their

radar screens for interesting sightings and species.

The summer Concerts in the Park series will open its fifth season:

• June 12th with a performance by Lake Effect

• July 17th Blonde Roots

• August 14th Finger Diddle for our final concert!

The Concerts take place from 6:30 - 8:30, and desserts are offered by the

parents of Minerva Central School students at each concert.

If you’re looking for an authentic Adirondack experience or a base camp

for further adventures, look no further than Minerva. Conveniently

located just minutes from Northway Exit 26, Minerva

offers year round amenities and adventures including

Minerva Lake, Donnelly Beach, the Minerva Campgrounds,

boating, fishing, hiking, ice fishing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing,

cross country skiing, biking, birding, hunting and

so much more! We offer scenic views, comfortable isolated

sites, tennis, basketball, bocce and pickleball courts, horseshoe

pits, concession stand, restroom and bathhouse facilities,

and best of all, Donnelly Beach.

Stay at

the Minerva Campgrounds

Spring to Fall (518-251-

2869), find a room at one of

our local Cottages or B&Bs,

or start looking for your next

home. Come for a day, a week

or come to stay. You’ll find the

essence of the Adirondacks in

Minerva, NY. Minerva is located

within a 90 minute drive

of Albany, 2 hours of Burlington, VT, and 40 minutes north of Glens Falls.

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18 cabins nestled on quiet Minerva Lake

Unwind, Reconnect, Return to a Simpler Time

(518) 251-2694 www.morningsidecamps.com


pies, cakes

and tarts

using fresh


Cinnamon Rolls • Donuts • Breads

Ask about our famous

Orange Torte & Turtle Cheesecake

Minerva Paddle By Lisa Salamon

The Adirondacks are a paddler’s paradise boasting more than

3,000 lakes and ponds, and 30,000 miles of rivers and streams.

With that many paddling choices, it’s often mind-boggling to

choose one without a little local knowledge. Locals know Minerva

Stream is an underused paddling gem with

easy access, wildlife and great scenery along

the way. Minerva Stream is located within the

91,854-acre Vanderwhacker Mountain Wild

Forest with some parts bordering private land.

To paddle to Minerva Stream, it is best to

use the well-marked canoe access adjacent to

the Minerva Transfer Station on O’Neill Road

in Irishtown/Olmstedville and leave one car at

that location and a second at where Morse Memorial Highway

crosses the stream or at Minerva Dam parking lot in Olmstedville

which about a mile further south.

As you travel downstream from the Transfer Station, you will

enter a large marsh area studded with cedar trees where paddlers

usually see great blue herons and deer plus an occasional bald

eagle. Further down the stream--which basically parallels Federal

Flats Road--the stream is bordered with a mix of larger pines and

cedar trees. Note Federal Flats Road is named after the flat area

where Civil War soldiers drilled and prepared before leaving the

ADKs for points south.

Meandering through the forested area and then through more

open wetlands, depending on the time of year you may see swamp

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Enjoy Breakfast and Lunch at theSandwich Shop with

homemade cole slaw, salads, deli sandwiches & more!

Our Menu is on our Facebook page @

Lil’ Nony’s Bakery and Sandwich Shop.

— Call for take-out! —

We Cater

every type

of event

1385 Count Rt. 29, Olmstedville, NY

Call (518) 251-2289 for seasonal hours

milkweed, cardinal flower and a wide range of wetland native

plants and the pollinators that feed on them. Minerva Stream’s

abundant beaver population will force you to walk on a beaver

dam to ease a boat across or get out and carry the boat across

small dams in shallower areas.

Minerva Stream is home to Brook and

Brown Trout and many locals fish from the

Morse Memorial Bridge. If you have left

your car at this take-out your paddle will end

at the dirt takeout path to the left. Otherwise,

paddle under the bridge a few hundred yards

to where Minerva Stream makes a sweeping

left-hand turn in a marshy area and continue

your paddle downstream to the dam.

The stream widens and almost appears to be a canal as you

approach Minerva Dam. Look for warning signs that will direct

you to the grassy take out near the gazebo on the left side of the

dam area. Several grist and lumber mills once occupied this area,

but an ice flow damaged the previous wooden dam and mill businesses.

Today’s concrete dam was built in 1934 as a replacement.

Minerva Stream can be paddled in as little as two hours; however,

most paddlers allow a half day to explore and photograph as

they paddle. As with any ADK paddling experience, you will enjoy

it so much more if you have the proper gear, which includes:

Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) for each member of your group;

drybags to keep camera, phone, and food from getting wet; and

water shoes since you may have to get out and push your boat

over beaver dams.

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Moxham Mountain

Our hike up Moxham Mountain on Sunday afternoon had

a decidedly autumnal feel with bare trees and a cold, steady

wind. But the crisp air, the few remaining colorful leaves, the

open woods and wide ranging views left us feeling that fall may

indeed be the best season for hiking.

Moxham is a real

treat, sure to become

one of the most popular

hikes in the Southern

Adirondacks as

its reputation spreads.

Why? Simple. It’s got

what people want: tons

of views, a moderate

length (5 mile round

trip) and vertical

(1200-ish feet), and

a grade that is never steep. Kudos to the DEC and the Student

Conservation Corps for the layout and construction of this trail.

From the trailhead, the trail rises gradually through hardwoods

(lots of beech) to the top of a ridge, then descends to a

pretty beaver meadow. A moderate climb then leads to Moxham’s

ridgeline and the first of many lookouts. A hiker could be

satisfied with the views of Gore, Puffer and Bullhead mountains

and turn around here, but that would be a shame as the views just

keep getting better as the trail gradually ascends the ridgeline to

the summit.

A series of interconnected ponds and wetlands come into

view a little further up the trail. Moxham’s summit comes into

view as well as the trail alternates between woods and open

ledges. The summit comes almost as a surprise - you’ve seen it

getting closer all along, but the trail never gets steep to signal the

summit’s approach. 180-degree views open up from the broad

summit ledges, taking in the ponds and wetlands below, Gore

close by, Crane, Puffer, Bullhead, Snowy, Blue and many lesser

peaks in the distance. The ridgeline you just ascended sweeps

away to the west. It’s a spectacular spot.

Between the chilly breeze and our late start (just after 1pm),

we didn’t linger on the summit for as long as we might have.

Extra calories from a quick summit snack, more views and a

gentle grade made our return hike pass quickly. Our round-trip

time on the hike was a little under 4 hours, but experienced hikers

without young children would probably come in closer to 3

hours. This is a very kid-friendly

hike. Our kids - ages 9 and 5 (6

in December) - had no difficulty

with the time, distance or elevation,

although I would say they

are relatively experienced hikers

for their ages.

The trailhead is located 2

miles west from NY 28N on

Fourteenth Road in Minerva, just

after the pavement ends. There

is a small parking area on the left.

TheOwl Twilight



Memorial Day – Columbus Day

Dinner Nightly from 5:00 pm

Dine in Our Lovely

Screened Porch

Baked Danish Brie • sun-dried

tomato, garlic, evoo, crostini

Prince Edward Island

Mussels • steamed in a saffron

coconut broth

Island Shrimp Ceviche • citrus

marinated, cherry tomato, serranos,

red onion, herbs)

Garden Kale Ceasar • shaved

parmesean, fried capers, housemade


Seafood Stew • shrimp, scallops,

mussels in a spicy coconut milk w/

roasted sweet corn, plantains, our

garden greens, saffron rice

Slow Roasted Boneless Prime

Rib • merlot demi, fried leeks, daily

potato and vegetables

Jumbo Crab Cakes • roasted red

pepper remoulade, saffron rice, daily


Oven Roasted Babyback Ribs

• spice rubbed, peach bbq sauce,

daily potato and vegetables

Fresh Seafood & Specials Nightly

Housemade Desserts and Ice Cream




Roasted Cauliflower • lemon

garlic cream, sun-dried tomato, capers

Seared Sea Scallops • leek

vinaigrette, micro greens

Oven Roasted Wild

Mushrooms • local goat cheese,

basil chili oil, micro greens

Grilled Calamari • arugula,

roasted garlic aoli

Owl Wedge-iceburg • cherry

tomato, onion, bacon, house blue

cheese buttermilk dressing

The Owl’s Tuscan Cousin • pan

seared chicken scallopini, fresh garlic,

spinach, mushrooms and tomato,

lemon cream sauce, fettuccine

Grilled Lamb T-bones • mint

parsley chimichurri daily potato and


Barn Owl Burger • black angus

beef, bacon, cheddar cheese, tomato,

onion, arugula on brioche w/ sweet

potato fries

Menu Subject to Change Periodically Depending on Local Farmers and Fisherman

AWARDS: Top 5 Romantic Restaurants in The Adirondacks

OPEN TABLE: Top Neighborhood Gem (Upstate NY)

TRIP ADVISOR: Top 10 Destination Restaurants in Upstate NY

Mark Christian Nazigian, Proprietor • Susan Callanan, Chef


1322 County Rte 29, Olmstedville • 518-251-4696

Just minutes off Exit 26, Pottersville – Northway Rt. 87


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by Jeff Farbaniec

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During 2018, the Newcomb

Historical Museum celebrated

the 125 th anniversary of the opening of

Camp Santanoni with an exhibit entitled “The

Pryns of Camp Santanoni.” Focusing on the

life and times of Robert C. Pruyn, an Albany

banker, his wife, Anna Williams Pruyn, and their

four children, this exhibit highlighted many family

photographs, documents, and artifacts, some to

the public for the first time. The exhibit featured

family traditions and the ways the Pruyns shared

their Adirondack lives with extended family and

well-known guests. Mrs. Pruyn was particularly

noteworthy because she, more than her husband,

loved the wilderness and actively enjoyed her time

in the mountains, especially trout fishing. Mr.

Pruyn’s preoccupation was establishing a working

agricultural complex that was architecturally beautiful

and would feed all who lived and visited his manor

house deep in the woods of Newcomb. Incidentally

the farm also fed his Albany family and their servants

for most of the year. Art Tummins made weekly

trips from Newcomb to Albany with the Larrabee

truck full, including chickens, hams, bacon, eggs,

dairy products, vegetables, spring water—basically

whatever was requested.

Although the Pruyn farm was an impressive

experiment and their hospitality legendary, several

questions continued to surface about the full-time

and seasonal work force: Who did all the work?

Who cared for those Wyandotte chickens, the Black

Berkshire pigs, the Black-faced Highland sheep?

Who coordinated large dinner parties? Were there

head waiters who supervised the dining room and

kitchen? Who embroidered “Santanoni” on all

those towels and made sure they were

laundered for the next round of guests?

Which carpenter built the Farm

Manager’s House that was sold as

a kit house? Who cut 450-600 ice cakes

out of Newcomb Lake each January or February?

Who were the talented stone masons, teamsters,

barn builders, and cooks? The list of tasks seems

endless. The valuable resource, Santanoni: From

Japanese Temple to Life at an Adirondack Great Camp,

started the search, but how could we learn more

about the women and men not yet identified?

“BEHIND THE SCENES” answers these and many

more questions, not only about workers from the

Pruyn Era, but also those who were employed

by the second owners, the Melvin Brothers from

Syracuse, and finally, for the State of New York

(DEC). These loyal employees came from all over

New York State and as far away as Georgia. Many

were recent immigrants who eventually sent for

family members, set up their first homes in America,

and had children at Santanoni. They were Irish,

Italian, Bulgarian, Russian, and more. As an exhibit

poster now clarifies, they were the “COMMONFOLK,”

in contrast to the wealthy owners, and they came to the

Adirondacks by way of Santanoni employment.

Many of their descendants are still here, or nearby.

We encourage everyone to visit Camp Santanoni.

It’s a moderate walk or bike ride (4.9 miles one

way), but visitors can also reserve a horse-driven ride

by calling teamster, Larry Newcombe at 518-639-5534;

518-480-1743. BEHIND THE SCENES is open now thru

Columbus Day (October 14th). Hours are Monday-

Friday 12-5; Saturday 10-5; Sunday closed. Please call

518-582-2274 with questions or to make

a reservation for a large group.

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Best Food

in Town!

All You Can Eat



starting at

Lunch • $9.99

starting at

Dinner • $14.99

994 State Route 9

Queensbury, NY 12804

Exit 20 of I-87

1/4 mile south of the Great Escape

Monty’s Discount Wines & Liquors

Largest Selection Free Tasting

next to

WalMaRt in


Reach our advertisers at:

open until



Sunday noon til 9

909 State Rte. 9, Queensbury

518-798-0455 • MontyWine.com

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