NZPhotographer Issue 21, July 2019


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We continue on the topic of

nature and wildlife photography

in this edition that's packed

full of photos, stories, tips,

and inspiration along with

the best entries from our Wild

Neighbours competition. We

hope you'll be filled with so much

inspiration you'll be throwing

off that blanket and picking

up the camera along with the

thermals to see what new photo

opportunities you can find!

Farms are a reoccurring theme

this month with both Greg Arnold

and Vicky O'Connor letting us

get a glimpse into their life that

revolves around farming and

photography whilst we head out

onto a game reserve in South

Africa for our Behind the Shot

feature with Gary Reid. We learn

about Carole Garside's journey

with photography in our interview and pick up macro nature photography

tips from Shaun Barnett.

For true inspiration, we look to Ana's article discussing the Starfish Story and

how our photos can impact people, whilst Brendon reminds us that we

don't have to travel far to find adventure and new photo opportunities.

Last but not least, and if we can't coax you away from that warm fire,

Richard's article will keep you busy indoors as he discusses why it's so

important for us to print our images in today's online world.

Emily Goodwin

Editor NZ Photographer

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NZPhotographer Issue 21

July 2019

Cover Photo

Carole Garside


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Ana Lyubich


Emily Goodwin

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Maksim Topyrkin

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