NZPhotographer Issue 21, July 2019


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F8, 1/30s, ISO400

Behind The Shot With Gary Reid



Born in Durban, South Africa I'm now living in Auckland

with my wife. My passion for photography first started

with an interest in wildlife way back in primary school.

Game Rangers used to visit school, showing us wildlife

movies and as I got into my teen years I wanted

to capture these wildlife moments. Saving up and

buying my first camera at age 15, I taught myself

photography by reading books and asking many


I had my first trip into the Hluhluwe game reserve

when I was a teenager and I got hooked. Once you

experience the sights, sounds and smells of the African

bush, it gets into your blood, it never leaves you…

The sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking! I wanted

to capture everything through my lens, from the big

game animals to the smallest of birds and insects and

the moods of the African sky.

Aside from the spectacular visual feast, there's the

unique smell of the African bush and the cacophony

of sounds. The night noises fade when the early

morning sun starts to colour the horizon, only to be

replaced by the daytime sounds and so it goes on,


After I got married, my wife and I started to spend

longer and longer holidays in the bush and I really

started to get into my wildlife photography. Forty years

on, and I still can’t get enough! I am very fortunate

that my wife and later on, our daughter, has the same

passion for wildlife, because we have spent many

long hours, waiting patiently in the heat of the day for

the perfect shot!

In the last 15 years I have also gone into other aspects

of photography such as portrait, weddings, fashion,

sport, and fine art.

I won Photographer Of The Year (2005) in South Africa

and have had my images published in a variety of

South African magazines after winning competitions

(Getaway, Custos, and South African Country Life) as

well as getting published in NZ Photographer issues

2,9,11,16,18 & 20.

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