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the streets

for 25 years

Russley golfer



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a name for herself as an artist.

At the inaugural Creators’

Room art exhibition, the

17-year-old St Margaret’s

College student took out the

people’s choice award for her

painting The Breadmaker.

The Creators’ Room was

launched last year to provide

year 11-13 visual arts students

with a


to sell their

work and be






belief systems

Ruby McCallum

and cultural



of her work is based on her

upbringing near “some of

the stranger places in New


A total of 1282 artworks from

16 Christchurch secondary

schools were submitted for the


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McCallum’s painting The

Breadmaker won the people’s

choice award at the inaugural

Creators’ Room art exhibition.

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Promising St Margaret’s artist

takes people’s choice award



‘sick and

tired’ of


• By Matt Slaughter

WELL-KNOWN businessman

Phil Mauger is sick and tired of

hearing about where he lives as

his campaign to become a city

councillor heats up.

Mr Mauger, who is standing in

the Burwood Ward, has fired a

tirade at sitting councillor Glenn

Livngstone in an

increasingly testy


Mr Mauger,

head of Maugers


Ltd, lives in

Avonhead, but

grew up in the

eastern suburbs.

Cr Livingstone

has questioned Phil Mauger

the impact Mr

Mauger could have living outside

of Burwood if he was elected. Mr

Mauger said this would not affect

the job he would do.

“Glenn’s about to get a rocket

right up his a*** very soon in the

next couple of days, because I am

sick and tired of hearing about the

fact that I don’t live in the ward,”

said Mr Mauger.

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2 Tuesday July 2 2019

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from the editor’s desk

A MAJOR dust-up (puns entirely intended)

in the build-up to the local body elections

(see page 1).

The protagonists are Avonhead

businessman Phil Mauger and the sitting

councillor Glenn Livingstone, who both

want the Burwood Ward seat. Only one can get it.

Mauger has used his clean-up of some of the shingle pile

opposite The Bower near the New Brighton Rd/Wainoni Rd

roundabout as an electioneering platform.

That of course has been picked up in media reports, which have

got reaction from Livingstone, who not surprisingly says it is


That in turn has led to a sharp retort from Mauger, who

appears to be tiring of the constant reference to the fact he lives

outside the ward.

We’ll keep you posted . . .

–Barry Clarke



Star Media, a division of Allied Press Ltd

PO Box 1467, Christchurch


Celebrating Matariki

About 750 people were treated to a light show, lantern-making,

marshmallow toasting, flax weaving and a hāngi in Richmond.

Pages 8


Young farmers’ final looms

Months of preparation will culminate in a gruelling

agri-food event for St Andrew’s College students Jack Stokes

and Charlie Kinney.

Page 11

tasty bites


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Need an idea for dinner? Look no further than the new weekly

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Home needed for March 15 hearts

• By Georgia O’Connor-Harding

THE SEARCH is on to find a

home for thousands of crafted

hearts sent to the city following

the March 15 mosque attacks.

More than 5000 hearts, along

with messages of support,

flooded in from around the

world after Barkers Wool And

Haberdashery manager Jacquie

Jewell established the initiative

Muslim Hearts of Christchurch.

The goal was to collect as many

crafted hearts as possible, made

from knitted, croquet, origami,

mosaic and vintage materials,

to gift to those affected by the


Mrs Jewell has now delivered

3000 hearts, along with copies

of messages, to the Al Noor

Mosque, Linwood Islamic

Centre, police and St John. But

she has about 2000 left which she

is hoping to publicly display.

Initially, Mrs Jewell asked for

permission from the city council

to hang the remaining hearts on

a designated tree in the Botanic


But city council Botanic

Gardens and garden parks

director Wolfgang Bopp said it

wanted to maintain one location

(at the Rolleston Ave tribute wall)

where there was ample space to

lay, stand or hang a tribute.

After bringing the matter to

the Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton

Community Board, Mrs Jewell is

now seeking permission to have

the hearts displayed in a city

council facility.

She is looking to place them

on an artificial tree either in the

city council chambers, at the Arts

Centre or the Tūranga library.

Mr Bopp said city council

staff are working to come up

with options for the long-term

display of the hearts, which may

or may not include exhibition

opportunities in city council


Mrs Jewell said while she is

disappointed the city council will

not allow there to be a designated

tree placed in the Botanic

Gardens, she is more excited

about the second option.

“They wouldn’t last as long if

they were outside . . . I am excited

to think they are going to be

inside,” Mrs Jewell said.

She said the display will give

the hearts longevity for all the

city to see.

Mrs Jewell said presenting

the crafted hearts with her two

daughters to the two mosques

was a “moving experience”.

“To walk into them (the

mosques), to know what

happened there, I actually felt

numb . . . it was something I will

never forget,” she said.


Jacquie Jewell

has had more

than 5000

crafted hearts

sent from all

over the world

after creating an

initiative aiming

to show love for

those affected by

the terror attacks.



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for Performance per

Consultant in NZ


The Annual Harcourts Awards

were held in Auckland in

May and Harcourts gold

once again came home with

the top award of Number 1

Franchise in New Zealand.

The Redwood team are very proud to

be a part of this winning franchise. We

have now held this award since 2017

and with such fierce competition, it is

an outstanding achievement.

To form a world class company, many

components must work together:

culture, teamwork, drive and


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winning team, contact Margaret

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Mark O’Loughlin

For his work as a

Charity Auctioneer

Last month gold launched an exciting

new initiative where each month we

announce a ‘Pay It Forward Champion’

from the gold team. These are gold

people who go above and beyond for

their community.

In May, we acknowledged Mark

O’Loughlin, for his work as a charity

auctioneer, fundraising for a huge

number of charities. Mark has been the

go-to auctioneer for various causes

Harcourts gold School Holiday Giveaway!



Family passes to

the Antarctic Centre

including a VIP Backstage Penguin Pass!

including Pillars, Fight for Life Cure

Kids, Redwood School – Art Auction,

Battle of the Rebuild and Ronald

McDonald House, which raised $80,000

recently at Fashion for a Cause. Mark

has given countless hours of his time

and raised hundreds of thousands of

dollars for these and other causes. His

booming voice, ready smile and large

heart have made both his family and

his colleagues very proud.

The consultants at the Redwood Office are always

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community. We support a number of local schools

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Tuesday July 2 2019 5


Election campaigns heat up

•From page 1

Mr Mauger’s comments

come after media reports last

month on the Coastal-Burwood

Community Board’s bid to have

a pile of shingle removed from

a car park alongside the Avon

River near the intersection of

New Brighton

and Wainoni


The article

prompted Mr

Mauger to get

his staff and a

digger to clean

most of it up.

He posted



a photo of the

clean-up on

his election

Facebook page, which

Cr Livingstone said was

“electioneering.” Mr Mauger said

it wasn’t.

But the day after it was cleaned

up, a Maugers Contracting

truck appeared at the site with

a sign saying “Vote Mauger For


Interviewed again last week,

Mr Mauger said a staff member

had made the decision to take

the truck to the location.

“I just said to my guy on the

truck, ‘you drive where ever you

like’,” he said.

When asked what he thought

Cr Livingstone would think

of this, Mr Mauger said he

was sick of criticism (from Cr

Livingstone) about the way

he was running his election

campaign, and the fact he lived

outside of the Burwood Ward.

Rather than criticising him,

Cr Livingstone should “do

door-knocking and just do

commonsense electioneering,”

he said.

Cr Livingstone responded to

those comments by saying doorknocking

had played a much

bigger role in his campaign than

criticising Mr Mauger had.

“Maybe he’s just been caught

up in a moment of passion,

which is quite understandable

because campaigns can be


Phil Mauger

says he will

clean up the

rest of the

shingle piles

in a car park

beside the

Avon River

this week.

stressful at times,”

Cr Livingstone said of Mr

Mauger’s comments.

“It’s not the approach I’d take


“I think there is a propensity in

campaigns for candidates to try

different things to attract votes

and I really have to leave this one

up to the community to judge for





In Brief

Fire rages, homes at risk


A project to upgrade Horseshoe

Lake Reserve will start this

month and finish in September.

It will involve the construction

of a new car park, the removal

of an earthquake-damaged

bridge, upgrades to the existing

footpaths, landscaping and

stormwater improvements.

Traffic and pedestrian

management will be in place for

the duration of work.

Young artist


•From page 1

Fifteen top artists were

selected to display their

work, which included Ruby,

who is in her last year at St


The exhibition invited

members of the public to view

the works and bid on them

in a silent auction. Three of

Ruby’s artworks were sold for a

combined total of $2075.

The Breadmaker was sold for

$1000, The Explorers went for

$675 and Angel netted $400.

Ruby’s success puts her on

the way to achieving her goal of

exhibiting and selling her work


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water services

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Find out more

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Cathy Falconer

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027 660 1920

Ian Falconer

Brand and Territory Owner

027 849 0404

Kelvin McMillan

6 Tuesday July 2 2019

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Thank you for

helping your

Fall Zones


To all of you who have had your

trees trimmed before they became

a problem, thank you for keeping all

the families in your community warm,

happy, healthy and connected.

You can be proud of the fact that you have allowed your

neighbours to stay warm, cook dinner and even charge

their mobile phones. You may not have realised that what

you’ve done has had much impact, but from all of us here

at Orion, we just want to say thank you.

Notice and Growth limit zones



Power line voltage A. Growth limit zone B. Notice zone

66,000 volts 4.0m 5.0m

33,000 volts 2.5m 3.5m

11,000 volts 1.6m 2.6m

400/230 volts 0.5m 1.5m

We’re not exaggerating.

On our network, 10-20% of all unplanned power outages are

caused by trees — including vegetation — coming into contact

with power lines. Other than this, fire damage to property from

branches sparking in dry conditions and serious injury from

electrocution from contact with trees touching power lines are

also possible consequences of not maintaining your trees.

How close is too close?

While most damage is caused by trees falling on power lines,

significant risk exists from trees merely touching them. This risk

increases the higher the voltage of the power line.

The minimum distances that must be maintained between trees

and power lines, as defined in the Electricity (Hazards from

Trees) Regulations 2003, are outlined in the diagrams above.

All vegetation should be kept out of the growth limit zone and

preferably the notice zone.

Sometimes it may not be practical to have a tree trimmed at the

rate at which it grows and unfortunately, this means it may need

to be removed. Other situations may require trees to be removed,

most commonly when they are at a high risk of falling due to

disease or adverse weather events.

Where do I start?

Before you begin, remember to keep yourself, and those around

you, safe. We recognise that not everyone is experienced in tree

trimming and are happy to advise you on what to do. We can arrange

for trees near power lines to be trimmed at your expense, however

we recommend you hire professionals to safely carry out the work.

If you or someone working for you intends to work within four

metres of power lines, a close approach consent is required from

Orion before you start. As a tree owner, you may be liable for any

damage caused by carrying out trimming or felling of trees.

Will I be fined if I don’t comply?

If a cut or trim notice is given to you and you fail to have the tree

trimmed and/or advise us of the time and location of the trim

without a reasonable excuse, this is an offence. This will make you

liable for a fine not exceeding $10,000. If the offence continues,

you will be liable for a further fine of not more than $500 for every

day or part day during which the offence continues.

More info can be found on our website and if

you have any questions or notice any trees

touching power lines in your area, please call

us on 03 363 9898 or 0800 363 9898.

Orion New Zealand owns and operates the electricity distribution

network in central Canterbury between the Waimakariri and Rakaia

rivers and from Canterbury coast to Arthur’s Pass.

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Tuesday July 2 2019 7


Volunteers patrol streets in

the city’s north for 25 years


been held to mark the

25th anniversary of the

Christchurch North

Community Patrol.

More than 120 past and

present patrollers from the

north and other parts of

the city gathered for the

milestone which is shared by

four community patrols.





Board member


Campbell told



the patrollers

they are a


example of

voluntarism in practice.”

It was held at The Atrium

in Hagley Park and included

representatives from the

Christchurch South, Sumner

and Hornby patrols.

The Community Patrols

of New Zealand trust board

was represented by chairman

Chris Lawton, treasurer

Robert Fowler and national

support manager Cheryl


The event was also

attended by police acting area

commander Superintendent

Mike Johnson and Hornby

patrol patron Greater

Christchurch Regeneration

Minister Megan Woods. It

was hosted by Ken Bye, of the

Christchurch South Patrol,

and started with a waiata

from the Hornby-based Actus


A surprise presentation

of the CPNZ gold shield

for services to community

patrols was made to Hornby

patrol secretary Ann Smith.

Mrs Smith is also the

regional co-ordinator for all

Canterbury patrols.

She has had input into

many of the policies

formulated by CPNZ.

Also acknowledged was

Helen Todd, who has worked

on a special project over



More than

120 patrollers

met to mark

25 years of



the last three years to help

integrate young people who

want to join the police onto


After the official speeches

had finished a large cake was

cut by the leaders of the four


CPNZ is a volunteer

organisation with more

than 150 patrols and 2000

patrollers across New





13 & 14 JULY, 10AM TO 5PM



SCHOOL ART EXPO sponsored by



Resource Management Consultants




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With spectacular views across to the Southern Alps this home

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An ideal entertainers’ kitchen and large living areas will

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8 Tuesday July 2 2019

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Lights and treats to mark Matariki

Fire rages, homes at risk

Elizabeth Crawford (left)

enjoyed some treats

at ​Matariki in the Zone

at Avebury House in

Richmond. About 750

people enjoyed a light

show and the chance

to take part in a range

of activities, including


marshmallow toasting,

flax weaving and a hāngi,

which fed more than 500

people. The event was

jointly hosted by Avebury

House, the Richmond

Community Garden and

Avon-Ōtākaro Network.


Final Apartments Available From $495,000


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The Homestead where you will find Abode Café & Brasserie, a cinema, library, arts & crafts space and hair

salon. The Ashley Suites, our boutique care facility and serviced apartments, is due to open in November

and will provide residential care up to hospital level.

Holly Lea Village is nestled in the heart of Fendalton within beautifully tailored grounds. The village

has recently undergone a major refurbishment and has just released the first stage of new apartments.

The Morven apartments, comprising of eight spacious two bedroom apartments, are architecturally

designed with comfort and safety in mind and offer the latest in contemporary retirement living.

03 351 7764

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For enquiries contact

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Tuesday July 2 2019 9

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10 Tuesday July 2 2019

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Future Problem

Solving Program 2019

The international competition was held this year at

the University of Massachusetts in the USA.

Future Problem Solving has several components

and is primarily a program for GATE students.

We had students competing in the team and

individual global issues problem solving program

(GIPS) and also in scenario writing. These students

were only invited to compete at the international

competition after placing 1st or 2nd in the national

competition in Auckland at the end of last year. This

years’ topic was De-Extinction.

We are happy to report that William Wray, a Year

11 student - who participated in the Middle Division

Individual GIPS event placed 1st overall in the WORLD!

Future Problem Solver

William Wray


The annual SPACPAC Pasifika Emerging

Leaders Breakfast was held at the Christchurch

City Council Civic Offices this month.

Our Head Boy Ofa Puleiku, who is also our

Pasifika and Maori leader along with Euriel

Mudu, our Pasifika Leader, were recognised

for their cultural leadership and service by the

sPacifically Pacific Education Team.

Burnside High vs Ashburton College Winter

Sports Exchange

The Annual sports exchange was held on Tuesday 18 June.

Overall 7 wins each, but the deciding vote was the Win by Default to Burnside in Senior A Netball. So

the final score was 8-7 to Burnside.

All the teams represented their respective schools with pride and passion, and once again it was

fiercely contested. Ashburton College won the exchange last year 7-5, with limited sports being able

to be played because of the weather/ground conditions in Ashburton. So it was great to have a perfect

day in Christchurch, weather-wise, to play all the outdoor sports.

Congratulations to all participating teams and special thanks to our staff who are either Coaches/

Managers/Teachers in Charge, our outside coaches and managers, and our staff and student officials.

Thank you also to Darion (ASH Sports Co-ordinator) for her fantastic organisation her end for the

exchange and her team of staff from Ashburton College who travelled up

Left to Right: Ofa Puleiku, Jack Mudu, Euriel Mudu

Enrolment Closing Dates for 2020:

Friday 26 July 2019

Years 9-13 students in zone

Friday 26 July 2019

Year 9 students out of zone

Friday 2 August 2019

Years 10-13 students out of zone


Showquest was held on the 20th and 21st of May

in the Christchurch Town Hall. Burnside High

School took two teams to compete against a

number of other schools in a showcase of dance,

drama, music and art.

The junior team were lucky enough to win 1st place

and a number of other awards including lighting,

costume, drama, props and video wall. The Tikanga

Award is given to the school who has the best

team spirit and attitude towards the staff and other

teams throughout the day so winning this was

definitely a highlight.

The theme was about the loss of arts and we

basically wanted to ask the audience, “What are

we, who are we without The Arts?” and “What will

you do to save the arts?” The arts are a crucial part

of our sense of self and are especially important to

everyone competing so we wanted to highlight this

through our performance.

Burnside High School | Greers Road, PO Box 29 677, Christchurch 8540

Telephone: 358 8383 | Website:

NOR’WEST NEWS Latest Christchurch news at

Tuesday July 2 2019 11





Final looms in young farmers’ competition

Fire rages, homes at risk

A GRUELLING agri-food

event will be the culmination

of months of preparation for St

Andrew’s College students Jack

Stokes and Charlie Kinney.

Jack, 17, and Charlie, 18, are

two of four Canterbury high

school students who will

compete in the FMG Junior

Young Farmer of the Year

grand final in Hawkes Bay on


Almost 30 students across New

Zealand will take part in the

competition which tests practical

and theoretical knowledge of


“We’re really excited. It’s been

a few years since a team from our

school has made it through to the

grand final, so it’s an amazing

opportunity,” Jack said.

“We’ve had an unbelievable

amount of support in the lead up

to the event,” he said.

“We’ve been meeting weekly

with our school’s two leaders of

agriculture who’ve been quizzing

us on our general and agricultural

knowledge. It’s been really


The duo will go head-to-head

with Caitlin Rhodes, 17, and Luci

Grigg, 17, from Rangiora High


“We’re starting to get a bit nervous,

it’s not long now until the

YOUNG FARMERS: St Andrew’s College students Charlie Kinney, 18, and Jack Stokes, 17, will

head to Hawkes Bay on Thursday to have their farming knowledge tested..

competition kicks off,” said Caitlin,

who lives on a lifestyle block.

“We’ve been doing a lot of

study and trying to grow our

knowledge and skills as much as


It will be the first time both

teams have competed at the

grand final.

Last year’s national final in

Invercargill was won by St Bede’s

College students Angus Grant

and Nick O’Connor.

Last week the school’s teacher

in charge of agriculture John

McPhail organised a mini version

of the competition.

Seventeen teams of students

competed in the event, including

the two teams which will

represent Tasman in Hawkes


“Students were given eight

minutes to complete each module.

It was a really successful

day and I hope it helped them

prepare for the grand final,” said

Mr McPhail.

The modules included calculating

and allocating feed to dairy

cows, sheep genetics, measuring

a soil’s water holding capacity,

fencing, freshwater ecology, onfarm

risks and 50-question agriculture

and horticulture general

knowledge quiz.

The teams heading to the final

finished in the top three – a good

omen for next week.

“Competing in the mini

contest helped a lot. It was great

to get in some more practice to

help us sharpen our skills and

highlight areas we need to work

on,” said Jack.

3 issues $20 • 6 issues $44.50 • 10 issues $65 0800 77 77 10


Tuesday July 2 2019

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Tuesday July 2 2019




Make your own working windmill

FREE these school holidays*

8 – 21 July, 10am – 4pm daily

Located near Muffin Break

*See for terms and conditions. While stocks last.


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Tuesday July 2 2019


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In your



Keep your car safe and

on the road this winter

The team at Allan’s Tyre & Auto, Burnside include

fully-qualified, MTA approved and highly-experienced

mechanics who can turn their hand to most types of

vehicle repair and maintenance. Although they are

Mitsubishi specialists with over 20 years experience

between them, they welcome cars of all makes and

models and their friendly team are there to make sure

that all their customers leave in a vehicle that is safe on

Canterbury’s winter roads.

They can give your car a thorough check and their

well-equipped workshop and expertise means that if

your car needs repairs or new parts to pass its WOF,

they can be carried out on-site with as little disruption

to your busy life as possible.

Their focus is on making sure customers leave in a

vehicle that is safe – they provide wheel alignments

which improve handling and fuel economy, service

and repair CV joints, check and replace cambelts, and

will inspect your brakes to make sure they are fully


Winter is a key time to check your car’s battery –

their technicians will use a digital tester to see if your

battery needs to be replaced or how much life is left.

And if you do need a new one, they will recommend

the one that is right for your vehicle.

In short, they can do anything from changing oil

to extend the life of the engine, inspecting your car

exhaust and muffler to make sure it is not leaking right

through to checking, repairing or replacing your car’s

suspension, shock-absorbers and steering.

Although their experience means they can work on

any car, Allan’s Tyre & Auto is the only independent

workshop in Christchurch specialising in Mitsubishi.

That means they are experienced with Mitsubishis of

all models including the newer ones with common rail

diesel and have the latest Mitsubishi Factory Scan tool.

It can code Keyless Entry remotes, Immobiliser keys

and scan your vehicle for fault codes.

Located at 164 Kendal Avenue, the business will

soon be expanding as they continue to welcome

customers old and new. Visit to find

out how they can keep your vehicle safe and on the

road this winter. Open: Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm

and Saturday, 8.30am –1pm, call in or telephone

(03) 358 9399 to book your vehicle in.

Allan’s Tyre & Auto will

soon be expanding as

they continue to welcome

customers old and new.



Well equipped repair shop incorporating

our mechanical workshop, tyre,

WOF & brake servicing.

Making car repairs easy

& affordable...

The team at Allan’s Tyre & Auto are here to help.

Ph: 358 9399. 164 Kendal Ave, Burnside


Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, Sat 8:30am-1pm




We’re a local boutique early childhood centre that

focuses on creating a wonderful environment for your child

• Quality education and care for

children 0-6 years

• Small home-like environment

• Excellent child to teacher ratios

• Primary caregiving

Come and visit us today!

20 hours free

for children

from 2.5 years

255 Greers Road, Bryndwr | Phone 03 359 7944

For all your healthcare needs

Elmwood Pharmacy provides

you with all your pharmaceutical

solutions. We have a great reputation

for delivering personable customer

service and professional advice

✓ Prescriptions

✓ Flu vaccinations

✓ Vitamins and supplements

✓ Free local delivery

And so much more!

3 Normans Road, Strowan

Phone 03 355 9479

Open Monday to Friday 8.30am-6.00pm

Elmwood Pharmacy

Pop in to Elmwood Pharmacy or give us a call today!

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Tuesday July 2 2019 15




Thank you to everyone who contributed ideas and feedback as part of our first phase

of consultation as we plan for our new school.

As well as the online survey, feedback was gathered from Post-It Stations at various

school events and from student House Groups and workshops.

A Community Consultation Report is now with the design team to assist in developing

the preliminary concept design for the new school.

The key findings in the report shows our community would like a new school which:

► Reflects Marian’s Roman Catholic Special Character, values, story and history

► Is inclusive and supportive. For example, reflects and celebrates Māori, Asian and

Pasifika cultures

► Fosters Marian’s family environment and supports small class sizes

► Has designated and comfortable spaces to pray, eat, prepare, teach, learn and be


► Is eco-friendly and sustainable

► Has full-sized, modern facilities designed to be functional and welcoming

► Has plenty of green, leafy space.

The full report is available on the Marian College website.


This term, Marian students have filled paper bags with more than 200

non-perishable food items for Christchurch families in need.

During the July school holidays, Marian students will be working in the

Stanmore Road St Vincent de Paul shop. Please call in with your preloved

gently used clothing and household items and say hi.

Marian College has a long tradition of service. Both students and staff

members are actively involved and contribute positively to the wider

community. All students complete at least six hours of meaningful

service within the school and community, every year.


Year 10 New School Workshops

Reminder: Year 9 2020 Marian College

enrolment applications close 1pm

Friday 26 July, 2019


We have had many questions from families, prospective families and the wider

community about the relocation and rebuild of Marian College.

The Marian College website is your first port of call for all Marian news and

information as well as progress updates on the new school.

A regularly updated document is available on the school website to assist with

inquiries. Visit and click on the ‘New

School Questions & Answers’ button.

If we haven’t answered what you need to know on the website – please email or

phone the school office, and we will respond as soon as possible.

Congratulations to Year 10 student Brie-Ellen Harding and the Canterbury Baby Hawks

who came second to the Philippines in the Softball World Championship U16 Women’s

division, held in the Czech Republic from 13 - 23 June.

Next stop, Brie-Ellen (pictured back, fifth from the left) will be travelling to Queensland,

with the New Zealand Developing Sox Girls U15 squad, to compete in this month’s

Friendship Series. Good luck Brie-Ellen, we are very proud of you!


Natasha Mazey, a 23-year-old former

Marian College student, may be the

youngest female in the University of

Canterbury’s almost 150-year history,

to earn a doctorate. Natasha began her

academic journey studying commerce and

digital technologies at Marian College,

which she enjoyed.

UC describes her as an ‘unstoppable force

of nature’ - congratulations Natasha on

your remarkable achievement! | 03 385 8449 | | follow us!

16 [Edition Tuesday datE]

July June 218 2019 2019

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Latest Christchurch news at

In your



New neighbourhood salon in Bishopdale

Fred Daisy Hair & Body in Bishopdale might be a new

or daughter looks amazing for their school formal, the

The salon’s retail range includes Angel en Provence,

salon, but the team behind the scenes has a wealth of

younger generation are fully catered for. The adults can

Natural Look and Super Blonde.

experience and local knowledge.

have everything from a buzz-cut to a colour with foils,

Keep an eye on their Facebook page (

Ingrid has lived in the area for so long she is well and

smoothing Keratin treatment, a perm or a whole new look.

Fred-Daisy-Hair-Body) to keep up to date with what is

truly a local. Selena and her worked at Bruno’s many years

They are open Tuesdays to Saturdays with a late night on

going on and any upcoming specials, and if you mention

ago and have come together again for Ingrid’s new venture.


the advertisement from this edition of the Nor’ West News,

They have the same belief in offering great service to clients

Ingrid and Selena’s experience means they are efficient

you will receive $10 off.

at affordable prices.

and highly professional so they can give you great advice

Book your appointment by ringing

Customer service and making everyone feel welcome

about what will work best for your hair and lifestyle. The

03-359 0224 or call into 2 Leacroft Street, Bishopdale –

is their first priority. Whether it is a baby’s first cut,

salon’s friendly atmosphere sees customers returning again

appointments are not always necessary and walk-ins are

getting the kids ready for school, or making sure a son

and again.

welcome. They will be happy to see you.

Call us today for a


one-on-one consultation

with a pharmacist

• Ask questions about your medications

• Get advice on how to get the most

out of your regular medicines

Call us today and book a time!

108 Memorial Ave, Burnside | Phone 03 351 8633

Open Monday to Friday 8.30am-6pm

Brand new salon open in

your neighbourhood

Mention this ad and receive

$10 OFF your first visit

Cnr Isleworth Rd & Leacroft St, Bishopdale | 03 359 0224

Naturally protecting family

health for generations

Quality ingredients Quality products Quality prices

Now available in Christchurch

and surrounding areas!

For catalogue/pricelist,

contact us.

Independent Rawleighs Distributor

Fiona Head, 283 Woolridge Road, Harewood, Christchurch 8051

Ph: 03 550 1544 Mob: 022 086 7300

Shop 8/501 Wairakei Road, Harewood

Phone 03 359 2166

Open Monday to Friday 6.30am-3.30pm

and Saturday 8.00am-3.00pm

Sydenham Bakery


NOR’WEST NEWS Latest Christchurch news at

Tuesday July 2 2019 17


football cup

kicks off in


Hung hits the treble at

Canterbury Golf Awards


Hung took the spoils at the

Canterbury Golf Awards,

winning the Liz Douglas Trophy,

female golfer of the year and

junior female golfer of the year


The Burnside High School

student was unable to attend the

awards at the Christchurch Golf

Club as she was competing at the

Taiwan Amateur Championship,

where she finished seventh.

It was the latest accolade

for Hung, who was named

outstanding young sportswoman

of the year at the Canterbury

Sports Awards in March. She

followed in the footsteps of

former Burnside student Amelia

Garvey who won the award last


Hung, 17, played a key role

in the Canterbury women’s

second place finish at the Toro

Interprovincial championship

at Waitikiri in December, where

she played as the team’s No 1.

Last year she represented New

Zealand at the Youth Olympic

Games in Argentina, and also

competed at the home of golf,

St Andrews, Scotland, when she

was selected to play in the Junior

Open Championship.

The Liz Douglas Trophy is

awarded to the player with the

lowest stroke average over the


Meanwhile, Rangiora junior

golfer Kazuma Kobori was

equally dominant at the awards,

winning the Vardon Trophy

(lowest stroke average), junior

male golfer of the year and male

golfer of the year awards.

Services awards were presented

to Canterbury women’s rep

Catherine Bell (Christchurch),

Canterbury masters rep Andrew

Dufton (Russley), Kate Turner

(Waimairi Beach) for her service

as a Canterbury senior, masters

rep and her involvement in rep


RECOGNISED: Juliana Hung

collected three accolades at

the Canterbury Golf Awards. ​

management, and Mel Brew and

Robyn Gillespie for their years of

service as women’s rep selectors.

Canterbury Golf president

Steve Kilpatrick and past

president Peter MacDonald

received distinguished service

awards. They were recognised for

their service in many volunteer

management roles over the last

15 years.

Canterbury masters rep

Aaron Forsyth (Waitikiri) was

named ambassador of the year.

Forsyth was recognised for his

conduct on and off the course,

and also for giving up a week

to caddy and support the men’s

Toro Interprovincial team at

Clearwater in November.

The awards for promising

junior girl and boy of the year

went to Deanna Matthews from

Weedons and Lachie MacKay

from Waimairi Beach.

Avondale general manager

Richard Sinclair received the

administrator award for efforts

over the past 12 months on the

back of their clubhouse rebuild

which has seen membership

numbers, casual player

patronage, and clubhouse

revenue increase.

MORE THAN 1000 young

footballers across 74 teams will

kick off the fourth edition of

the Christchurch International

Cup on Saturday at the stateof-the-art

football centre in


The presence of A-League

glamour club Sydney FC

underlines how far the event

has come in only three years.

Tournament director Lew

Gordon said the skill levels

of the participating teams

and the matches have grown

incrementally with each

tournament. It will be held

at the Christchurch Football


“And with academy teams

from Sydney FC and Onehunga

with their Wellington Phoenix

connection, as well as other

high-profile clubs in the draw,

we may see several future All

Whites in action,” said Gordon.

The size of the tournament

has increased to a point where

different age groups will now

compete across 10 days, with

the under-14 teams playing

from Saturday to Monday, the

under-13s from July 9-11, and

the under-12 and under-10s on

July 13-15.

Gordon said the players

love coming to Christchurch

because they get a small taste

of what it is like on the big


“We try to run every game

like it is a FIFA event, with

proper match officials, coming

onto the pitch with music, and

just making sure all the details

feel professional, and the

players love it,” he said.

Create your own


Cnr Withells Rd and Merrin St



10AM, 11AM, 12PM, 1PM


Get creative these holidays by making your very

own moving art robot! Create and then decorate

your robot with some crazy hair, arms and eyes

and then watch it draw for you!

Bookings essential at

18 Tuesday [Edition datE] July 2 2019

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Email by

5pm each Wednesday

Senior citizen activities

Monday, 12.30-3pm, Tuesday,


Enjoy a range of different

activities for senior citizens.

There will be a card group on

Mondays and indoor bowls and

friendship groups on Tuesdays.

An old time dance is held on the

first and third Saturday of each

month. For more information,

phone Veronica on 383 4682 or

Beth 388 2375.

Scottish Society Hall, corner of

Caledonian and Edgeware Rds,

St Albans

Knit ’n’ Yarn

Today, 1-3pm, and Thursday,

2-3.30pm, at Bishopdale.

Wednesday, 1-2.30pm, at

Redwood. Friday, 10am-noon, at


Take your knitting, crochet or

another craft project and have

fun with a social group. This is a

free, drop-in event.

Bishopdale, Redwood and

Papanui libraries


Today, 12.15-12.45pm

If you have questions about

your Ipad, smartphone or tablet,

head down to GenConnect

where Papanui High School

students will help you for free.

Papanui Library

Games at Papanui

Thursday, 2.30-4.30pm

If you have a love for games,

head down and choose from a

wide selection, including the

classics, at this fun and social

event. Free for all ages to enjoy.

No bookings required.

Papanui Library

Scrabble Club

Today, 10.30am-noon, at

Redwood. Wednesday, 1-3pm, at

Bishopdale, and 1.30-3.30pm, at


Play Scrabble with a friendly

group. Just head down when you

can – no bookings required. All

materials are supplied at this free


Redwood, Bishopdale and

Shirley libraries

Culture Exchange

Friday, 3.45-4.45pm

Go along and make new

friends, practice your English

and learn about Christchurch.

Shirley Library

JP Clinic

Today, 10am-1pm, at Papanui,

today and Wednesday, 10am-

1pm, at Shirley, Saturday, 10amnoon,

at Bishopdale

A justice of the peace will

be available to members of

the community to witness

Join in on the fun activities every week during the Makerspace sessions today at Redwood

Library from 3.30-4.30pm. There will be creative and tech activities to try and fun to be had

for kids of all ages. No bookings required for this free event.

signatures and documents,

certify document copies, hear

oaths, declarations, affidavits

or affirmations, as well as sign

citizenship, sponsorship or rates

rebates applications. No charge.

Papanui, Shirley and

Bishopdale libraries

Reading to Dogs

Today, 3.30-4.30pm

Reading to dogs aims

to provide a relaxed, nonthreatening


which encourages children to

practice and develop a love of

reading. This programme uses

dogs which are pets of the city

council animal management

team. These furry friends have

all been trained and tested for

health, safety and temperament.

Registration is required for this

free event.

Shirley Library


Thursday, 1-2.30pm, Monday,


Go along and play

Rummikub – an exciting,

interactive strategy game. Free,

drop-in event.

Bishopdale Library


Today, 10.30-11am, at Shirley,

Wednesday, 10.30-11am, at

Bishopdale, Thursday, 11-

11.30am, at Papanui, and

Monday, 10.30-11am, at


This free event aims to

encourage learning through a

love for stories. Storytimes is an

interactive programme for all


Shirley, Bishopdale, Papanui

and Redwood libraries


Monday, 2-4pm, at Shirley,

Saturday, 2-4pm, at Papanui

Go down if you are interested

in playing or learning about

mahjong. These sessions are

free for beginners and advanced

players alike. Registrations

required for Shirley Library.

Shirley and Papanui Libraries


Secure your

future lifestyle

in Geraldine

Just a handful of villas are now

available, so don’t you be the one to miss


From humble beginnings the 4.8ha

of farmland has grown to an impressive

modern architecturally-designed

development, offering independent living

for the over 55 across 115 villas. You can

secure your future lifestyle here. Priced

from $335,000.

2019 welcomes assisted care units close

to all the amenities of the village. Care

packages can be tailored to suit. If you

currently receive in-home assistance you

are welcome to continue those services,

to continue living independently.

Main meals are supplied to each unit

daily. Target completion is planned for

September. Feel free to inquire about

securing a single or double unit today.

If you seek a lifestyle within a small

caring community with a big heart,

Geraldine offers that and more. The town

has a long proud diverse history and

being along the gateway to the southern

lakes and Mt Cook/Aoraki, your friends

and family will be visiting regularly!

To see if McKenzie Lifestyle Village is

right for you phone today on

0800 845524 or visit


FREEPHONE: 0800 845 524 LANDLINE: 03 693 8340



NOR’WEST NEWS Latest Christchurch news at

Tuesday [Edition July 2 datE] 2019 193


The tree of LIFE

New research on Gingko

Biloba excites researchers!

For decades scientists believed brain

damage with age, after a stroke or injury

was irreversible and brain neurons could

not be repaired. In more recent times,

new research has shown that neurons

can grow back with the right conditions

and that a special extract of Gingko

Biloba (EGb-761 or TEBONIN) has

been clinically found to assist in this.

The implications for stroke recovery are

obvious, but researchers also know many

of us suffer from undetected “microstrokes”

that over a period of time slowly

reduce our cognitive function. TEBONIN

is prescribed worldwide as a natural

supportive agent for a healthy brain and

cognitive function. It supports healthy

mental performance, concentration, focus,

alertness, motor function and to help

with many conditions including tinnitus

(ringing and noise in the ears), vertigo

and normal balance. TEBONIN improves

micro-circulation and helps the blood

flow reach those critical places it needs to

get. It is a potent anti-oxidant and makes

the red blood cells more pliable and

capillary walls more flexible.

TEBONIN is one of the most widely

studied and researched herbal products in

the world and is the only Ginkgo biloba

extract manufactured via a patented

multi-step extraction process. Each small

tablet contains a highly concentrated

50:1 extract to give you a therapeutic

clinical dose without having to take a large

amount of the herb. Of 25 Gingko biloba

products on the market, and tested by a

major medical journal, only TEBONIN

passed all five of the test requirements.

Ten brands didn’t meet any requirements

and the rest didn’t pass more than three

out of five requirements. TEBONIN is

the only Gingko biloba extract shown

to activated all areas of the brain and is

considered the gold standard in Gingko.

TEBONIN has been trusted by millions

of consumers worldwide for over 30

years with more than 8,000,000 tablets

consumed each day.

TEBONIN and further information

is available from the Natural Health

Advisers at Marshall’s Health & Natural

Therapy in New Brighton. PH: 388-5757.

They are always happy to help!

1 in 2 people

deficient in B12

Emerging research has shown as many as 50% of older adults and

as many as 25% of younger adults are deficient in vitamin B12.

Scientists at Rush University Medical

Center found those most deficient

in vitamin B12 to have the smallest

brain mass and the lowest scores on

tests measuring short-term memory,

concentration and brain performance.

Another study showed that older people

with higher levels of B12 in their blood

have bigger, healthier brains and score

higher on cognitive tests than those with

lower levels. Yet another recent landmark

study showed that B12 supplementation

slows the accelerated rate of brain

shrinkage and declining cognitive function.

B12 is essential for energy production, cell

health, regulation of mood and sleep cycles,

nerve health and repair, and prevention

of homocysteine a serious cardiovascular

risk factor that is known to cause damage

and plaque in the blood vessels. It can also

increase the chances of a stroke. Harvard

researchers found

a 34% decrease

risk of vision

loss in a study

of participants

aged 40+ who

supplemented with

B12. Another study

linked a higher risk of hearing loss in

subjects in their 60’s who were low in B12.

The reason so many people lack B12

appears to be our body’s ability to absorb

it declining with age as the digestive

system becomes less efficient. Anti-reflux

medication and other drugs further reduce

B12 absorption. The good news is B12 in

the form of Methylcobalamin sublingual

tablets that are dissolved in the mouth and

thru bypassing the digestive tract have

been shown to effectively raise B12 levels in

the body.

Further detailed information is

available from the Natural Health

Advisers at Marshall’s Health & Natural

Therapy, 101 Seaview Road, New

Brighton, Phone: 388-5757. We are

Always Happy to Help!

you can stop him

snoring with a


Why put up with a broken

night’s sleep?

Ph 377-4318 or 027 682 1752




Would you

like to profile

and grow your


For feature advertising

please phone

Jenny Wright

03 364 7446 or 021 220 3484

A Leader in Healthcare

Excellence for the

Older Person

Lady Wigram

Retirement Village

210 Kittyhawk Ave,


Phone 03 341 0543

Golden Age

Retirement Village

96 Harewood Road,


Phone 03 375 0720


Rest Home

137 Barrington Street,


Phone 03 332 5897

Hoon Hay House


16 Anvers Place,

Hoon Hay

Phone 03 335 0297


Retirement Village

29 Alport Place,


Phone 03 384 5046

Camellia Court

Rest Home

84 Harewood Road,


Phone 03 375 0722


Rest Home

80 Harewood Road,


Phone 03 375 0727

Hoon Hay

Rest Home

16 Anvers Place,

Hoon Hay

Phone 03 379 7825



TEBONIN is the No 1 Ginkgo Biloba extract in the World with more than 8 million tablets

being consumed every day. It is also the most researched herbal extract with more than 60

controlled clinical studies & over 400 scientific studies. It has been shown to have excellent

efficacy, safety & tolerability. Millions of consumers have trusted TEBONIN for over 30

years to support blood flow, capillary health, brain health & performance.

Studies on TEBONIN Show:

- Improved Brain Performance & Function up to 30%. This includes improvement

in mental sharpness, focus, attention, concentration, understanding, memory & recall.

- Reduces errors made & mental stress.

- The only Ginkgo shown to increase activity in all areas of the brain. Can help restore

brain function after a brain injury such as from a stroke.

- Helps relieve tinnitus (ringing & noise in the ears), vertigo, dizziness & supports normal


- Improves blood flow to all areas of the body.

- Reduces plaque formation in the blood vessels.

- Protective effect against eyes damage caused by light.



Bringing You the Best in Natural Health



30 tablets only




60 tablets only




TEBONIN is a highly concentrated

proprietary herbal extract of Ginkgo biloba

leaves that has proven superior to other

brands under scientific scrutiny.



101 SEAVIEW RD, NEW BRIGHTON • PH 03 388 5757 • Email:


Brain fog, forgetful, feeling old, low energy, mood swings,

difficulty sleeping, pins & needles, numbness in legs

Up to 1 in 2 people may have a shrinking brain due to a lack of vitamin B12.

Supplementation of methylcobalamin B12 has been shown to reduce the rate of brain

shrinkage & support memory & brain function. B12 is also known to protect against

homocysteine a serious cardiovascular risk factor that can also damage the hearing,

eyesight & affect the mood. B12 is essential for energy, cell health & nerve function.


• Memory & Brain Performance

• Helps protect brain

from shrinking

• Energy & Recovery

• Nerve Function

• Vegetarian’s Diet

• Helps protect blood

vessels from damage

• Sleep

• Cellular Health & Repair

• Good Health

• Cardiovascular Health

See a


in as little as

48 hours!


Superior Methylcobalamin B12

(High Absorption Sublingual Lozenges)

100 Lozenges 200 Lozenges

Only $ 32 .90 Only $ 59 .80


Bringing You the Best in Natural Health



101 SEAVIEW RD, NEW BRIGHTON • PH 03 388 5757 • Email:


20 Tuesday July 2 2019

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Tasty Bites





Fire rages, homes at risk

Slow cooked, healthy butter chicken

Making healthy meals

packed with flavour is

easy in a slow cooker,

says chef and food writer

Ross Dobson

In his latest recipe book, The

Healthy Slow Cooker, Dobson

shows it doesn’t take too much

effort to make food in a slow

cooker that is not only healthy

but can also be gluten-free,

vegan or vegetarian. He uses

inspiration from Asia, India and

the Middle East, with flavours,

ingredients and spices that work

well in a slow cooker.

Light butter chicken

(serves four, gluten-free)

Prep time 20min

Cooking time 4.5 hours


750g chicken thigh fillets

1 brown onion, chopped

3cm piece ginger, chopped

2 cloves garlic, chopped

1 large green chilli, seeded and


1 Tbsp olive oil

1 Tbsp butter

½ tsp chilli powder

1 Tbsp ground cumin

1 Tbsp ground coriander

1 Tbsp garam masala

1 Tbsp sweet paprika

5 green cardamom pods, lightly


2 Tbsp tomato paste

(concentrated pure)

2 tsp chicken stock


400g can crushed tomatoes

1 Tbsp cornflour

1 cup (260g) natural yoghurt

To serve

Brown basmati rice

Handful roughly chopped

coriander (cilantro)

Lemon wedges


Heat your slow cooker to high.

Trim the fat from the chicken

thighs and discard. Cut each

thigh in half, or into thirds

if large, bearing in mind that

they will shrink as they cook.

Refrigerate until needed.

Put the onion, ginger, garlic

and chilli into a food processor

and process until you have a

chunky paste.

Heat the oil in a large frying

pan over medium heat. Add the

paste and cook for 8-10min,

until the liquid from the onion

has evaporated and the paste

looks dry. Stir through the butter

and cook for a minute until the

butter has melted.

Stir in the chilli powder,

cumin, coriander, garam masala,

paprika and cardamom pods.

Add two tablespoons cold water

and stir to incorporate any stuckon


Stir in the tomato paste and

stock powder, then scrape the

contents of the frying pan into

the bowl of the slow cooker.

Add the crushed tomatoes,

cornflour, yoghurt and chicken.

Give everything a good stir,

nudging the chicken into the

sauce, then cover and cook for

two hours.

Give it a stir, then quickly

cover again to avoid losing too

much heat. Cook for a further

two hours, until the chicken

is very tender and the sauce is

thick. Serve the butter chicken

on brown basmati rice, garnished

with chopped coriander and

lemon wedges on the side.


Jim Beam Gold & CC premium 4pk

Jim Beam Gold/CC premium 7% Gordon’s G & T 7% 12pk

Double Jack 330ml Cody’s 18pk 7%

Gordon’s Pink Gin

355ml cans/Jim Beam & CC 4.8%

250ml 12pk/DC 8pk all cans

Long white 10pk bottle range 10pk cans


Woodstock 5% Bottles/7% 250ml

4pk bottles $

4pk 330ml bottles

22 .99 ea $ $

$ 22

12 .99 .99 ea


24 .99 ea 27 .99


28 .99 cans all 18pk


11 .99 ea $ .99 ea


Mud House range Wither Hills range Church Road Range Taylors estate Esk Valley range Blackheart 1L Smirnoff 1L

Wolf Blass yellow

(ex syrah)

(ex Pinot Noir) (ex Pinot Noir)

range (ex PN & Syrah) $ $

label range




9 .99 ea 11 .99 ea 14 .99 ea $

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34 .99 35 .99

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13 .99 ea Cruiser 7% 12pk cans


23 .99 Jim Beam double oak 700ml/ Baileys 1L

Coruba 1L (incl Jim Beam 1.125L/Jim Beam

Canadian Club (incl spiced) 1L/

Gold) Black 1L/Devils cut 1L

Jagermeister/Mt Gay


39 .99

Famous Grouse 1L/Russian Std 1L


39 .99 ea $

43 .99 ea Eclipse 1L


$ 46

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Jameson 1L/Chivas

Regal 700ml

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Scrumpy Cider

Old Mout Cider 1.25L Tuatara 6pk range

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Sailor Jerry/Fireball

Somersby 10pk cans

Tui/DB Draught 15pk bottles

Glenlivet 12yr 700ml 1.25L

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Cinnamon whisky 700ml $

8 $



49 .99 $ 22

$ .99 ea 8 .99 ea 19 .99 ea .99 ea Kronenbourg 12pk 330ml Bottles

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Monteiths 12pk beer range

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Carlsberg 15pk bottles Heineken 12pk bottles Export gold & 33 15pk bottles


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Available from 1st – 31st July. Specials while stocks last. Available at participating stores.

1147 West Coast Rd, West Melton

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495 Papanui Rd, Christchurch

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65 Victoria St, Christchurch CBD

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NOR’WEST [Edition NEWS datE]

Latest Christchurch news at

Tuesday July 2 2019 21


Choosing the

right heat pump

for your home

The facts about

Home Ventilation

Balanced Pressure

vs Positive Pressure

Are you struggling with the heat of

Summer or wanting to get organised for

Winter? With the ever changing weather

patterns, heat pumps have the flexibility

of being able to heat and cool which is an

advantage no other appliance can offer. This

represents great value for your investment

as you can use it all year round. The team

at Enviro Master Ltd can help keep you

cool this Summer either at home or work.

Enviro Master supplies, installs and services

all the leading brands including Panasonic,

Fujitsu, Mitsubishi and Daikin. This means

our team can show you which system and

brand will best suit your needs.

With new regulations coming in for

Landlords to provide heating in rentals,

now is a great time to beat the 1st of

July deadline. Inadequate heating and

ventilation can lead to mould growth and

dampness in your property, leading to

costlier maintenance and an unhealthy

living environment. Providing a fixed

heater with a higher heat output and lower

running costs, like a heat pump, will enable

your tenants to heat the area effectively.

It will also discourage them from using

unflued gas heaters which can make a

house damp and mouldy.

It is important to remember, when

selecting an installer, the manufacturer’s

warranty does not cover the installation

and consumers could be responsible for

any repair or damage caused to the system

due to poor installation. Enviro Master’s

five-star installation guarantee ensures

correct installation, and a demonstration

so customers have an understanding on

how it will best meet their needs.

For a free in home consultation, call

Enviro Master on 366 0525 or visit our

showroom at 41A Shakespeare Rd,

Waltham, Christchurch.

Under the New Zealand Building Code,

all buildings, including residential, need

to be suitably ventilated, either with

opening windows or forced ventilation.

Clause G4.1 states: “The objective of this

provision is to safeguard people from

illness or loss of amenity due to lack of

fresh air.” There are many benefits to forced,

or mechanical, ventilation over opening

windows, including warmth, security,

reduction of outside noises and reduction

of condensation.

Traditional domestic ventilation systems

are ‘positive pressure’. They bring air in

from outside via the roof space and force

the stale air out through gaps around

windows and doors. The incoming air

from these systems has to be heated or

cooled to keep the house warm in winter or

cool in summer.

The Smooth-Air HEX390 is a ‘balanced

pressure’ system. It extracts air from the

house and at the same time brings in fresh

air. These two streams of air pass through

a heat exchanger, which warms incoming

air in winter and cools in summer if air

conditioning is being used. This means that

up to 80% of the energy which would be

wasted using a traditional positive pressure

system is recovered, resulting in significant

energy savings and therefore lower heating

or cooling costs.

Until recently, balanced pressure

ventilation systems have been considerably

more expensive than traditional

positive pressure systems. However,

with Smooth-Air’s unique

manufacturing capabilities, a

HEX390 balanced pressure system

can be installed for a similar price as

a traditional positive pressure system.

You can contact Smooth-Air on

0800 SMOOTH (0800 766684).



Amazin’ WINTER Specials!!

• We will offer you the best quality brands and

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• Providing Heat Pump solutions for over 17 years to Cantabrians

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Ventilation Equipment Suppliers



The most efficient way

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HEX 390

For Healthy Indoor Air

Heat is transferred to the

incoming filtered fresh air


Made in New Zealand,for New Zealand conditions

Fresh air

from outside

Exhaust air

to outside

Warm, stale

air from house

Warm fresh air

to house

Substantial energy savings

over traditional domestic

ventilation systems.

T. 03 376 4608




(0800 766 684)

264 Annex Rd



03 343 6184

Monday - Friday

7.30am - 5pm


Tuesday July 2 2019


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A new house is just the beginning....

52 McCormacks Bay Road, Mt Pleasant

Auction: Thursday 18 July 2019 Unless Sold Prior

3 bedrooms | 2 bathrooms | 1 living room | 2 car-garage | Listing Number: SM0205

Built in 2015, this impressive, architecturally

designed home has been immaculately finished

and created to ensure minimal maintenance

and easy living; allowing you to make the most

of life, creating new adventures and memories!

Solidly constructed by Benchmark Homes

with quality in mind, you will be supremely

cosy here even in the coldest months thanks

to the double glazing, heat-pumps and extra

heavy-duty insulation. Extra large windows

provide dramatic and uninterrupted blue water

views of the McCormacks Bay Estuary and

beyond, allowing an abundance of natural light

and warmth to flood in.

Tastefully decorated throughout, with

superior fixtures and fittings, there are many

extra touches here that make this home so

special and economical to maintain, including

solar water heating and LED lighting. Whether

you are a smaller family, a professional

couple or perhaps looking to downsize from

a larger family home, you will appreciate the

accommodation on offer here. Two double

bedrooms and a full bathroom on the lower

level complement the Master Bedroom with

luxury ensuite and open plan living on the

upper level.

The section is a perfect example of good things

coming in small packages. The 291sqm site is

attractively planted and offers a variety of spots

for you to relax in; enjoy your morning coffee

on the sheltered balcony or take afternoon tea

with your friends and family on the sunny deck

below. Private and fully fenced, this is a very

practical property, with an electric gate opening

to your double internal access garage.

Our vendor has loved their time here, with

so much on offer in the vicinity; the coastal

pathway to Sumner provides easy access to

beaches and the village vibe, the Mt Pleasant

farmers market and community centre is the

place to go for your organic veggies or morning

yoga classes, and the Port Hills and Estuary are

the perfect playground for those who love an

active lifestyle! However our realistic owner is

committed to moving on and has made their

instructions clear - they would love to see this

immaculate home sold on or before auction

day. Don’t risk missing out, come and see for

yourself or call for more details, this may be

more affordable than you might think!

Call for open home details or to arrange

a private viewing – contact Michelle Ward

of Harcourts Grenadier Sumner (Licensed

Agent REAA 2008) on 384 7950 or mobile

027 203 7858




Independent Easy Living for Over 60’s


Brand New Villas Available Today From $469,000

• Henry Roil Lane, Papanui (50 Sawyers Arms Rd) – private cul-de-sac

• Beautifully designed, quality finished two bedroom Villas

• Choice of three different floor plans from 97m2 - 103m2

• Focus on privacy, security and lots of daylight

• Freehold (Unit) Title - 100% Ownership. No weekly fees!

• Stroll to Northlands Mall, Buses, Swimming Pool, Cinema

Display Villa Open Saturday 12noon - 2.00pm

Or call today for viewing by private appointment


readership up

14 %


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Star Max Circ Package.

For advertising enquiries

please contact Shane Victor

Phone: 021 381 765



022 090 2627 • 0800 500 123

Mike Pero Real Estate Ltd REAA (2008)

*Source: Nielsen CMI Q2 18 – Q1 19.

• By Sophie Cornish


Coastal-Burwod Ward city

counci lor David East wants

park’s private owners into

a “trip and vehicle” hazard.

WorkSafe chief inspector


Surf club move

Cr East abou the car park.

“WorkSafe has completed

to rebuild on new site

to advise them that it is their

risks a propriately.”

are owned by various people

and the Coastal-Burw od

Community Board recently

around health and safety.

owners and ge ting them to

High-tech Cleaning

friendly cleaning products.

Temperature Contro led Drying

Re-oiling & Rejuvenating

Same Day Pick Up & Drop O f

a difficulty in co-ordinating

said the le ter.

are required.

Convenient Location

Drop blinds into us by 9am, at

30 Cashel Str et (near the

Fitzgerald end), and co lect

them a th end of the day.

New Blind Sales Priced from $30

per blind

Ph 3 7 0 70,

30 Cashel St,


• By Georgia O’Co nor-Harding


have taken a step back in time,

s eing first hand what men and

horses l oked like during war.

The New Zealand Mounted

Rifles Charitable Trust president

Mark A pleton and member

Mike Donaldson t ok their

horses to the sch ol on Monday,

Li ter library

River working group

Problem areas for li ter


Rebuilding a healthy

ecosystem in the Selwyn River

Ja z Competition.

• By Sophie Cornish

THE ST Andrew’s Co lege big

band had extra incentive to

win a the National Youth Ja z

Competition – ba s player, Tom

Fastier, co lapsed and died the

to undertake work.

Cr East said there had b en

a “number of incidences” in


Mon - Fri

8. 0am to 5. 0pm

in a bid to educate pupils on the

sacrifice their ancestors made in

World War 1 and World War 2.

Mr A pleton and Mr Donaldson

a rived a the sch ol dre sed

in World War 1 uniforms while

their horses Tommy and Kruze

wore 1 0-year-old sa dles donated

to the trust.

The presentation is a prelude

christchurch east

Ca l to make an

a pointment

P: 384 9459

Pool plans for Edgeware

Designs for ind or learner’s

p ol revealed

themselves which had gone


“I’ve always though that it

or senior citizens perhaps

Loca ly Owned

Authorised by Jo Hayes

Unit 6/950 Fe ry Road, Christchurch

day before the competition


“Tom was a ba s player from

Cashmere High Sch ol who was

playing with our big band this

year. He had a strong chance of

wi ning best ba s player a the

to the Gr endale Recreation Reserve

Management Commi t e’s

upcoming Anzac Day service.

As a tribute to those who

served, members of the trust wi l

ride horseback to the service.

Mr A pleton said it was

important children were

educated on what soldiers

wen through during World

Cyclist’s helipad bid

Serious crash gives new

perspective on ride to hospital

• By Gordon Findlater


returned from the United

Kingdom last w ek after

festival as he was a very a complished

musician,” head of music

Duncan Ferguson said.

“We were delighted to win, but

it was bi tersw et,” he said.

St Andrew’s won the most

outstanding big band title a the

He is confiden the new

a proach wi l bring results.

“I think the WorkSafe

Joy Butel AREINZ - Dip.R.E.

Land size


Land size

Bedr om

Alistair Hazeldine


Land size

Bedr om



Bathr om


Bathr om

Car pad


Car pad


4 2 1

Boat pad

Boat pad



Land size

Bedr om

Mobile: 021 353 280 | Phone: 0 384 7950



Shower Study

P ol

Te nis court

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 12 13 14



Bedr om




Bathr om


Car pad







Bathr om


Shower Study

Car pad


4 2 1

Boat pad




Shower Study

P ol

Te nis court

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 12 13 14

P ol

Te nis court

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 12 13 14

850m 4 2 1 2.5

Boat pad



Shower Study

P ol

Te nis court

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 12 13 14

Mobile: 027 572 1 5 | Phone: 0 384 7950



Cartwright steps downs

Community board chairman

stays true to his word

New pi za joint

Fire and Slice fina ly se to

open in Sumner

June 29 - July 1


021 914 565

competition in Tauranga.

The band dedicated it se to

Tom, who died while on his way

to Cashmere High on March 27.

His death was po sibly related to

a medical event.

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ge ting closer than mos to

Joseph Parker in the build up

to his world heavyweigh title

unification fight with Anthony

Joshua in Cardiff.

• By Georgia O’Co nor-Harding

A CRACKDOWN on mobile

traders acro s the districts could

be l oming.

However, the public has li tle

interest in having input into the

i sue.

Only eight submi sions were

received for a potential bylaw

aimed at regulating commercial

activities in public places.

The district council wi l be

holding a hearing for the Public

Places Bylaw and Policy on Commercial

Activities and Events in

Public Places.

A hearing i scheduled to be

held on Thursday.

The bylaw comes as an increasing

number of mobile traders

are s eking to operate in Selwyn,

especia ly during the summer


In the past year, the district

council has received five inquiries

about se ting up a mobile busine s

on private or public land.

A report said there are two

str et operators in Darfield, a

coff e cart is parked beside the

railway in Ro leston, and a pi za

cart visits Lincoln w ekly betw en

September-May along with a Thai

f od truck.

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20 Tuawera Te race, Clifton Hi l - $980, 0 3 2 2 2

• By Emily O’Co ne l

call 332 4004 TexT 027 537 0567

230 BarringTon sTreeT

Restore your oiled CEDAR BLINDS with ou re-oiling service.

Rejuvenate your lacquered CEDAR BLINDS

High-tech Cleaning

We clean and repair a l types of blinds –

Venetians, Cedar, Verticals, Ro ler, Ho lands,

Romans and Pleated – with environmenta ly

friendly cleaning products.

Temperature Contro led Drying

Re-oiling & Rejuvenating

Fabric Blinds - such as Austrian and Roman

Same Day Pick Up & Drop O f

We o fer a same-day, pick up an drop o f

service for mos types of blinds. B okings

are required.

Convenient Location

Drop blinds into us by 9am, at

30 Cashel Str et (near the

Fitzgerald end), and co lect

them a th end of the day.

New Blind Sales Priced from $30

Grenadier Real Estate Ltd MREINZ is a Licensed Agent Under the Real Estate Agents Act 2 08

above his Au sie rivals at an

international competition.

Elite Meats owner Corey

War 1 and World War 2.

But he said the presentation

didn’t go into t o much detail

and was more of a “show and

te l” to make them aware of what

the soldiers l oked like.

Children were shown the type

of kits horses were required to

wear in the war.

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Pip Su ton BCM (Marketing)

Residential Sales & Development

Specialist - Licens e Salesperson

Next Step Realty Limited

Licensed (RE A 2 08)

Mobile: 027 24 9524

DI: 03 421 8417


includes W olston butcher

in the competition.

members met in Auckland

Loca ly Owned

The former New Zealand

title-holder trave led with his

father George and brother

Bryce to London ahead of the

fight where they spen time

them a th end of the day.

New Blind Sales Priced from $30

• By Sophie Cornish and Julia Evans


Community Board has taken the

rare step of starting a petition

to figh the city council over


Signatures are being co lected

in a bid to get funding for a community

facility in Shirley.

It comes after the city council

removed funding for the centre

pla ned for Shirley Rd, near the

intersection with Hi ls Rd. This

was the site of the former community

centre, which was badly

damaged in the February 2,

20 1, earthquake.

The removal o funding

prompted community board

chairwoman Ali Jones to threaten

to stand down, citing it as her “die

in the ditch” project.

Ms Jone said the board’s role

is to represen the community,

and by gathering signatures from

residents, it was fulfi ling that


“One of the roles of a community

board is to represent and act

as advocate for the interests of its

community and this is what we

are doing. The LTP and a nual

plans are a l about lo bying the


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• By Emily O’Co ne l

international competition.


per blind

Barks • Peastraw • Composts - we su ply the best available

A gregates - Chip, Round and Basecourse

Pavers & Schist products • Pungas

Decorative Stones & Landscaping Rocks

Trailer Hire first hour fr e with purchase

• Bag & Bulk - pick up or delivered

Ph 3 7 0 70,

30 Cashel St,


High-tech Cleaning

friendly cleaning products.

Temperature Contro led Drying

Re-oiling & Rejuvenating

David, Carol & Mike

Same Day Pick Up & Drop O f


are required.

Convenient Location

Drop blinds into us by 9am, at

30 Cashel Str et (near the

Fitzgerald end), and co lect

them a th end of the day.

New Blind Sales Priced from $30

be ahead of Australia is an

even bi ger thing for us,” he


But Mr Winder admires the

Traffic plan at The Brae

Bid to ease traffic on busy,

na row str et

Loca ly Owned

with Parker in the build up.

Mr Calvert, 47, comes from a

boxing mad family.

•Turn to page 6


Mon - Fri

8. 0am to 5. 0pm

Ro ler Blinds cleaned

from as li tle as $20

per blind

Ph 3 7 0 70,

30 Cashel St,



Your local

hi l and



P: 384 7950 M: 0274 318 960





W ekdays 7.30am-5pm. W ekends 8.30am-3pm


• By Sarla Donovan

THE OWNERS of Sumner’s Cave

Rock Apartments ar expecting the

Earthquake Commi sion to sign-off

on a se tlement agr emen this w ek.

on February 20, and signed off

on a deal with IAG on February

2 – coincidenta ly seven years

to the day after the February 2,

20 1, earthquake. However, they

are waiting for EQC to sign the

agr ement.

“Given that EQC actua ly drafted

in the February and June, 20 1,

earthquakes and were demolished in

late 2012. In 2016, IAG’s offer of the

difference betw en indemnity value,

$10 mi lion, and the sum insured,

$16 mi lion, was rejected by the body


The mediation agr ement

prevented Mr White from disclosing

the se tlement amount, but he said it

involved the two parties paying “a bit

more money than they’d wanted to


•Turn to page 6

Loca ly Owned

It was the firs time Mr Garth

had competed in the cha lenge

butcher shop of his own someday

but says for now he wi l fo-

A WOOLSTON butcher proved

Ri carton Community Board

to be a cut above the rest in an

has b en given the gr en cus ligh on to ge ting mor experience

“We produced some top qual-

o pose the pla ned qua ry near

New World Fe ry Rd butcher

competition brought back his

Jeremy Garth and his team, the with a g od result so we’re very

Mayor Lia ne Dalziel told going the back to try and win the

Pure South Sharp Blacks, recently

came second a the World The preparation for this year’s m eting new from people, the city s eing council new to make U per a Ri carton butcher Co-

board on Thursday it had the okay

Butchers’ Cha lenge in Northern World Butchers’ Cha lenge was

submi sion if Fulton Hogan rey Winder a plies was part of the Pure

intense as the team members

for a resource consen to create a

met in Auckland



Emily O’Co


ne l

Mr Garth hopes to own a

months for THE lengthy HALSWE w ekend L-Hornbyand

he was “rea ly proud” of practices.

how the team performed.

Mr Garth, who has b en a

butcher for 14 years, said the and on the 2020 cha lenge.

ity products and came away


“In two years’ time, we’ l be

pa sion for the job.

ha py,” he said.

“Doing a l thi stuff and title,” he said.

ideas, it just brings that flair

back for you,” he said.

South Sharp Blacks team.

qua ry.

Board chairman Mike Mora

Ro ler Blinds cleaned

from as li tle as $20

per blind

Ph 3 7 0 70,

30 Cashel St,


Driver hazard?


Australian team.

“Those guys over there


“And it just showcases that

New Zealand has got some

of the best butchers in the

world,” he said.

since the age of 19.


Mon - Fri

8. 0am to 5. 0pm

8047287 A

8214716 A


Mon - Fri

8. 0am to 5. 0pm


Used tyres from

told Western News the submi sion

would likely o pose Fulton Hogan’s



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New Tyres - Ba teries

Discounts on sets of tyres



New tyres from


x 13




NOR’WEST NEWS Latest Christchurch news at

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technology*. From $70

single story. 0800 SWEEP

ME or 021 0277 1927



installation and repairs,

Gorbie Electrical, ph 021

026 73375 or 03 322 4209

Trades & Services



Wingfields Contracting, all

interior & exterior painting

& all forms of interior

plastering & jib fixing, ph

Mark 021 171-1586


A Top Plumbing job

completed at a fair price,

prompt service, all work

guaranteed, Ph Brian 960-

7673 or 021 112-3492


Fully qualified, over 40

yrs experience. Ph John

027 432-3822 or 351-

9147 email johnchmill@

SHoe rePAIrS

Belfast engraving. Shoe

repairs, key cutting &

engraving. (10 yrs exp)683

Main North Rd, ph 027



Spouting Unblocked,

Cleaned Out and Flushed

Out. Call Trevor 332 8949

or 021 043 2034


Best price guarantee Tony

0275 588 895


35 years exp, no job

too small. Ph Ross 027



Flooring - Splashbacks -

Wall incl tile removal, reg

master tiler, ph Dave 027

334 4125

T.V. SerVIce


Repairs, tvs, microwaves,

audio amps, soundbars.

.Aerial & satellite

installations, kitsets, 480D

Moorhouse Ave, ph 03 379



& all camera tapes

converted to DVD, video

taping special occasions,

ph 03 338-1655

Vehicles Wanted

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unwanted vehicles, ph

347 9354 or 027 476 2404

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AAA Buying goods

quality furniture,

Beds, Stoves, Washing

machines, Fridge Freezers.

Same day service. Selwyn

Dealers. Phone 980 5812

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TOOLS Garden,

garage, woodworking,

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sawbenches, lathes, cash

buyer, ph 355-2045

Public Notices

Wairakei School

Board of Trustees Election 2019

For 3 Parent Representatives



Parent Representatives



CLEVERLEY, Michael John 25




I therefore declare the following duly elected:

Jason Bretherton, Michael John Cleverley and

Emma Harnett-Moore.

Wayne Jamieson

Returning Officer

Wairakei School (Christchurch)

Online Editor

Star Media is seeking

an online editor

to join its award

winning newsroom.

The appointment will coincide with a

refreshed and new-look online news site

being launched to market.

You will be the champion for our site

and responsible for sourcing and loading

content to engage our target audience

each week.

TUESDAY, APRIL 10, 2018 Loca ly Owned

Page 3 Page 13

The successful applicant will need to have an excellent knowledge of

Canterbury, its issues and people.

You will need to work as part of our team, making quick decisions under

pressure each day

Key duties will include:

• Assisting in the relaunch of the new website

• Co-ordinating and sourcing content and local news

• Ensuring content is up to the minute, fresh and factual for our target audience

• Co-ordinating within our business divisions promotional and paid content

• The continuous development and improvement of our digital platforms

The successful applicant will ideally have experience in growing audience to an

online news platform and must have a full New Zealand driver licence.

The position will be filled as soon as the right applicant is found.

If you want to be part of a progressive media company,

please email your CV to:

Barry Clarke, Editor In Chief -

Public Notice

Situations Vacant

has b en a proached in a bid to

fina ly repair the potholes in New

Brighton’s Hawke St car park.

WorkSafe to pre sure the car

repairing the potholes which are

a se sment southern Da ren

Handforth said it may be able to

take action under the Health and

Safety at Work Act 2015, “as a

person conducting a busine s or

Mr Handforth said WorkSafe

is aware of the concerns raised by

New Brighton surf club opts

an a se sment visi to the site

and is engaging with the owner

responsibility to manage their

Different parts of the car park

wrote to them about its concerns

Cr East said the bi gest i sue

in the past has b en ge ting in

touch with the landlords and

agr e to anything. “The board

a preciates that multi-ownership

of the parking space may present

repair/resurfacing but felt obliged

to pa s these concerns onto you,”

One reply has b en received so

far from an owner who is wi ling

to discu s the i sue. However, a l

the owners would have to agr e



New bid to fix potholes

Action looms

on Hawke St

car park

the car park of people injuring

has b en quite amazing that we

haven’t had any serious a cidents

tri ping in those potholes and

doing themselve some damage.”

HAZARD: Coastal-Burw od Ward city counci lor David East wants WorkSafe New Zealand to put pre sure on the Hawke St car

park owners to fix the dangerous potholes. PHOTO: GILBERT WEA LEANS

BLINDS .Cleaned, Repaired & Restored .

Restore your oiled CEDAR BLINDS with ou re-oiling service.

Rejuvenate your lacquered CEDAR BLINDS

We clean and repair a l types of blinds –

Venetians, Cedar, Verticals, Ro ler, Ho lands,

Romans and Pleated – with environmenta ly

Fabric Blinds - such as Austrian and Roman

We o fer a same-day, pick up an drop o f

service for mos types of blinds. B okings

Ro ler Blinds cleaned

from as li tle as $20 SCAN QR code for Info >


Page 3 Page 5

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1, 2018 Loca ly Owned

Page 3 Pages 10 & 13

HISTORY: Pupils have taken a step back in time learning about what

SW ET SOUNDS: St Andrew’s Co lege year 12 students Lewis Edmond and Je na We ls performing a the 41st National Youth

New Zealand soldiers and horses l oked like in World War 1. Abi P oler,

5, sits on Kruze, alongside Mounted Rifles Charitable Trust president


Bittersweet win for St Andrew’s big band

involvement may prove to be the

lever that we are l oking for.”

Pupils learn about role of war horses








to get new



BLINDS .Cleaned, Repaired & Restored .

MAgic on clifton



Grenadier Fe rymead

Four Seasons Realty

Page 3 Page 5

Former champ hooks

up with Parker in UK

AN U PER Ri carton butcher

has proven himself to be a cut

Winder was named in the a l

star team a the World Butchers’

Cha lenge in Northern Ireland.

Mr Winder and his team, the






New sections

selling now

Star Media is a division of Allied Press.

Ro ler Blinds cleaned

from as li tle as $20 SCAN QR code for Info >

There’s no be ter place to se tle out wes than at Falcon’s Landing. Pop in to our sales and

information office, 17 Branthwaite Drive, this Thursday, Friday or Sunday from 1pm to 3pm

to find out more. Contact us on 03 741 1340 or mail anytime.

Mega centre f edback

Denton Park a tracts more

submi sions than Cathedral

Page 3 Page 5

Dyers Road Landscape

& Garden Supplies

We wi l deliver!


Phone: 03 384 6540

183 Dyers Rd, Bromley • OPEN 7 DAYS

Alison Carter



Cave Rock



expect EQC


this week

Pedaling acro s NZ

Stroke survivor finishes long


Pure South Sharp Blacks, which

Jeremy Garth, finished second

He said the cha lenge started

as a “transtasman test match”

seven years ago.

The preparation for this

year’s World Butchers’ Challenge

was intense as the team

Page 7 Page 10

From New World Ferry Rd

to second in the


Body corporate chairman Mike

White said the group had gone

into mediation with IAG and EQC

the agr ement, there’ l be no

problem with them doing that.”

The apartment suffered damage

Fishin’ for w eds

Children’s event at risk if The

Groynes’ lakes not cleaned up

GLOBAL STAGE: W olston butcher Jeremy Garth back home after his team came second in the World Butchers’ Cha lenge.

BLINDS .Cleaned, Repaired & Restored .

AWARD-WINNING: Corey Winder is back home after his team came second in the World Butchers’ Cha lenge .

Restore your oiled CEDAR BLINDS with ou re-oiling service.

Rejuvenate your lacquered CEDAR BLINDS

We clean and repair a l types of blinds –

Venetians, Cedar, Verticals, Ro ler, Ho lands,

Romans and Pleated – with environmenta ly

every two months for lengthy

w ekend practices. Mr Winder

said coming second against 1

other countries was a “fantastic”

Fabric Blinds - such as Austrian and Roman

We o fer a same-day, pick up an drop o f

service for mos types of blinds. B okings

“To get second behind Ireland

was a huge achievement and to SCAN QR code for Info >

Community board member

blasts Yaldhurst Rd island

Elite butcher cut above the world

Your best choice

in the West

Restore your oiled CEDAR BLINDS with ou re-oiling service.

Rejuvenate your lacquered CEDAR BLINDS

High-tech Cleaning

We clean and repair a l types of blinds –

Venetians, Cedar, Verticals, Ro ler, Ho lands,

Romans and Pleated – with environmenta ly

friendly cleaning products.

Temperature Contro led Drying

Re-oiling & Rejuvenating

Fabric Blinds - such as Austrian and Roman

Same Day Pick Up & Drop O f

We o fer a same-day, pick up an drop o f

service for mos types of blinds. B okings

are required.

Convenient Location

Drop blinds into us by 9am, at

30 Cashel Str et (near the

Fitzgerald end), and co lect SCAN QR code for Info >

[Australia] are on top of their

game, they do a g od job,” he

Mr Winder has b en a butcher

BLINDS .Cleaned, Repaired & Restored .

Calling for exhibitors


Sunday 25th August, 2019 Air Force Museum, Christchurch

To exhibit at this fantastic show, please email for more info.

$ 40




ca l 32 4 04 TexT 027 537 0567

230 Ba ringTon sTr eT


board get


to oppose



“You can just about guarant e

it . because we [the community

board] don’t believe qua ries

should be so close to residential

areas,” he said.

Mr Mora said he wasn’t sure if

the city council would endorse the

board’ submi sion.

“I’d like to think so because the

city council has had their eyes

open as we l ove recent years over

the crysta line silica risk,” he said.

Mr Mora said the community

board wi l be “representing and

advocating” for the Templeton


Quality Secondhand Tyres

A l at very competitive prices

FR E PICK UP & DELIVERY (in local area)

Ph 348 0626



$ 70

9 Main South Rd (cnr Wa ts Rd), Sockburn




ca l 32 4 04 TexT 027 537 0567

230 Ba ringTon sTr eT


Dyers Pass


limit from

early next


A NEW 60km/h sp ed limit and

double ye low lines wi l be in

place on Dyers Pa s Rd by early


The sp ed limit change was

a proved by the city counci last

w ek.

A decision to paint double yellow

lines on the stretch betw en

Summit Rd and the Sign of the

Takahe was earlier made by the

Spreydon-Cashmere Community


Bu the Banks Peninsula Community

Board decided against

ye low lines on the Summit Rd-

Governors Bay section due to the

road’s na rowne s and general


The changes are designed to try

and reduce the crash rate.

Insta lation of the double

ye low lines, the new sp ed limit

signs and raised centre line pavement

markers wi l begin in mid


The work i scheduled to take

place betw en April 15-18, 2-26,

29 and May 2.

While the work is done, Dyers

Pa s Rd wi l be closed to traffic

from the Sign of the Takahe to

Governors Bay betw en 7pm and


Latest Christchurch news at

Tuesday July 2 2019


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