July 2019 Issue 60 features an insight into independent film A Boy Called Sailboat and diverse event Coombe Weekender plus interviews with Karmel Jäger and Rick Live.

July 2019 Issue 60 features an insight into independent film A Boy Called Sailboat and diverse event Coombe Weekender plus interviews with Karmel Jäger and Rick Live.


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Dance with Karmel Jäger as she makes

waves in the rebellious Sydney scene.


A lethal and exciting combination, Rick

Live collaborates with Katie Price.

A u d i a t i o n M a g a z i n e i s a g l o b a l m o n t h l y m u s i c p u b l i c a t i o n

w h i c h i s f r e e t o r e a d o n l i n e a n d a v a i l a b l e f o r o n d e m a n d

p r i n t p u r c h a s e s . W e f e a t u r e a l l s t y l e s o f m u s i c a n d v a r i o u s

l a n g u a g e s i n t h e m a g a z i n e , e a c h p i e c e i s a n e x p r e s s i o n o f

w h a t o u r w r i t e r s a n d f e a t u r e d a r t i s t s w i s h t o s h o w . W e d o

n o t h a v e s e t r u l e s a n d a l l o w t h e w o r d s t o c o m e n a t u r a l l y

w i t h f e w e d i t s . A r t i c l e s a r e n o t c o n s t r a i n e d t o s i m p l y m u s i c

- w e l i k e t o b e b r o a d i n t h e w a y w e e x p r e s s o u r p a s s i o n a n d

i n c l u d e a v a r i e t y o f t o p i c s i n c l u d i n g p o e t r y , f a s h i o n a n d

l i f e s t y l e . E a c h c h o s e n t o p i c w i l l r e fl e c t t h e t h o u g h t s o f t h e

w r i t e r a n d r e v o l v e a r o u n d m u s i c i n s o m e w a y . T h e

m a g a z i n e i s f r e e t o r e a d a s w e u n d e r s t a n d t h e d i ffi c u l t y i n

w h i c h c r e a t i v e i n d i v i d u a l s f a c e w h e n t r y i n g t o g o f a r , t h u s

w e w a n t t o h e l p t h e i r t a l e n t s r e a c h a s m u c h o f t h e w o r l d a s

p o s s i b l e . W e h a v e w o n d e r f u l p a r t n e r s , V i n y l F o r A C a u s e

b r i n g t o g e t h e r t h e i r f a v o u r i t e m u s i c i a n s w i t h a p e r c e n t a g e

o f p r o c e e d s g o i n g t o c h a r i t y , a n d , R i g h t C h o r d M u s i c w h o

h e l p t o p r o m o t e a n d d e v e l o p i n t e r e s t i n g i n d e p e n d e n t

m u s i c i a n s .

W e w i s h t o i n s p i r e m i n d s , e x p r e s s c r e a t i v i t y a n d r a d i a t e

o p t i m i s m t o t h e w o r l d t h r o u g h m u s i c .

w w w . A u d i a t i o n M a g a z i n e . c o m

"Music is much more than

sound. Music can be a

comforter, party maker,

career path or a way of


Ruby, Editor & Owner

"Music is much more than

sound. Music can be a

comforter, party maker,

career path or a way of


Rokuro, Associate Editor

"The birth of one's child is

the only feeling that

comes close to getting

lost in music."

Cessle, Associate Editor

"Music is a form of art

that reveals a truth in a

world full of mystery."

Sarah, Staff Writer

"No matter what's

happening in life, it's

usually great music will

keep you going."

Malachi, Staff Writer

"Music is life. It's a

universal language that

has no barriers. It unifies

people around the world.

It brings people joy."

Andy, Staff Writer

"Music & love are the

same things really. If kids

grew up with music in

their lives, then their lives

would always be filled

with love."

David, Associate Editor

"The moment you feel

happy about music, that is

the very essence of it.

Being in the vibes and

understanding what music

has for your soul."

Steve, Staff Writer

"Music is the way I see the


Mary, Brand Ambassador

"It's an escape, a relaase, a

chance to write how I feel

and allow other readers to

relate. Music has saved

me many times."

Jessie, Staff Writer

"Music is love, you can

feel it. Music binds people

together, ending war and

bringing peace to the


Ashna, Creative Assistant

"Music is a material

artwork of my dreams that

inspires me to overcome

difficulties of everyday

life. I admire people who

can make it!"

Tamara, Brand Ambassador

"You know you are a

music addict when you

get a natural high when

you hear a tune you love!"

Christina, Vice President

"Music is my Truth.

Techno is my Heart. Love

the mediator that led to a

connected, liberating,

beautiful, surrender to my

inner peace."

Sharm, Staff Writer

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Hi Guys & Dolls...

A s t y l i s h s h o t o f K a r m e l J ä g e r a d o r n s o v e r c o v e r w i t h l o v e l y p e a c h

a n d b l u e t o n e s , t h e b l u e b a c k g r o u n d i s c a r r i e d o v e r o n t o t h e b a c k

c o v e r . T h i s m o n t h h a s s h o n e t h e l i g h t o n t h e j o y o f d i v e r s i t y a n d

l o v e w i t h t h e c e l e b r a t i o n s o f P r i d e m o n t h a n d , o n e o f o u r f a v o u r i t e s ,

W o r l d M u s i c D a y . A q u o t e I ’ d l i k e t o s h a r e h e r e , f r o m E l e x i s A n s l e y :

“ A l l e t e r n i t y i s i n t h e m o m e n t “

I n t h i s i s s u e : C e s s l e fi l l s u s i n w i t h i n f o o n t h e s t a n d - o u t M i n t

F e s t i v a l i n L e e d s a n d t h e d i v e r s e C o o m b e W e e k e n d e r i n C o v e n t r y .

N e v e r w a i t o r r e l y o n a n y b o d y . I c h a t w i t h U K D J a n d p r o d u c e r R i c k

L i v e w h o a i m s t o b r i n g p e o p l e t o g e t h e r t h r o u g h m u s i c , h e a l s o

r e v e a l s h i s e x c i t i n g c o l l a b o r a t i o n w i t h K a t i e P r i c e . D i s c o v e r A B o y

C a l l e d S a i l b o a t , t h e w h i m s i c a l fi l m o f a y o u n g b o y s p r e a d i n g l o v e

a n d p o s i t i v i t y t h r o u g h a s i m p l e g u i t a r . H e a d o v e r t o E e k l o , B e l g i u m

a s I c h e c k o u t J o s h L a s d e n ’ s u p c o m i n g e v e n t w h i c h c e l e b r a t e s 2 5

y e a r s o f h i s m u s i c a l c a r e e r . G e t y o u r 2 4 H o u r G a r a g e E x p e r i e n c e

w i t h M i d i L o g i c ’ s e p i c m i x o f t h e g e n r e : p a s t , p r e s e n t a n d f u t u r e .

O g g i e i s t h r o w i n g t h i n g s b a c k w i t h h i s n e w a l b u m o f f e e l g o o d

n o s t a l g i a , I ’ v e g o t y o u r r e v i e w . I l o v e m a k i n g p e o p l e g e t u p a n d

d a n c e . S h a r m g e t s t o k n o w S y d n e y a r t i s t K a r m e l J ä g e r a s h e r

e x p l o r a t i o n i n t o e l e c t r o n i c m u s i c l i f t s h e r i n t h e u n d e r g r o u n d s c e n e .

W e ' v e g o t y o u r e v e n t s g u i d e , s h o w l i s t i n g s a n d m u s i c f r o m E m i l y

B e a r , M o r g a n w a y , A x e l J a n s s o n , O t o s a n , S o r a n a a n d m o r e .

R u b y x

C o n n e c t w i t h u s :

F a c e b o o k / A u d i a t i o n M a g a z i n e

T w i t t e r @ A u d i a t i o n M a g

6 www.AudationMagazine.com

I got my copy of @audiationmagazine!! I’m

humbly reading this beautifully written article on

page 24 and I had to capture some silly pictures!

Couldn’t be more grateful to be able to do what I L.

O.V.E. & have friends like you take notice! Thank

you for all the support all these years and for

everything you’ve done to help me get noticed.

- Karina Nistal


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10am Clara Amfo | Variety - BBC Radio 1

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10am Clara Amfo | Variety - BBC Radio 1

10am Neev | Variety - KISS FM UK

2pm Danny Blaze | House, UK Garage & Club Classics - Flex FM

6pm Relive The Madness | Dance - One World Radio


10am Clara Amfo | Variety - BBC Radio 1

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Mint Festival, one the most stand out festivals in the North of England,

returns to Leeds with a stonker of a line-up for what is set to be one

of its greatest editions.




Once again being held at RAF Church Fenton, just by Leeds East Airport,

the 28th of April promises to deliver some out-of-the-world stage

production with a matching line up to boot featuring industry

heavyweights such as Patrick Topping, Gorgon City, Enzo Siragusa,

Claptone, Apollonia, Seth Troxler, MK & More. On top of this is the

mouthwatering news that world renowned party starters Elrow and

cult underground crew FUSE will host their own arenas.




Rick Live

Rick Live has worked in the DJ scene

since his teenage years, having played

in clubs and bars across the UK and

Internationally with residencies in

Ibiza, Malia, LA, Thailand & Australia.

He currently co-owns the notorious

UKG Chronicle festival and holds a

show on London’s Flex FM 101.4FM.

Rick Live also enjoys remix and

production work in the house & garage

genres. His recent releases include the

energetic club song ‘Take It Out On The

Dancefloor’ with Sam Bailey, and the

bubbly modern twist of ’Something In

Your Eyes’ with Shelley Nelson. He is

now working with some exciting

names in the industry including Ed

Sheeran, Steven Marley and Yazmin


Rick Live’s latest collaboration has

rapidly gained media attention as he

teams up with Katie Price for her brand

new single ‘Hurricane’ which is set to

be released 25 July 2019. Rick Live

previously remixed Katie Price’s song

‘I Got U’ which was also performed at

the BH Mallorca pool party for the

launch of the ‘Hurricane’ release.

Amidst this excitement, we caught up

with Rick Live to find out more…

You’re quite a one-man band, tell us a

little about yourself and what you do.

I’m an up-and-coming producer and DJ.

I’ve currently worked with some of the

largest names in the industry both sides

of my career…

The DJ - supported the likes of Will Smith

A.K.A The Fresh Prince, DJ EZ, Luck &

Neat and even Boy Better Know, to name

but a few.

The Producer - tracks with UK garage

icon Sweet Female Attitude, Shelley

Nelson, X Factor winner Sam Bailey, Ed

Sheeran, Jethro, and my latest up-andcoming

release with household name

Katie Price.

You dabble in a mix of genres from

house to garage to R&B, where does

your inspiration come from when


My inspiration has always come from

the greats in the music industry from all

types. From tracks like Man In The Mirror,

Changes by 2pac and even current

artists such as MK, Swedish House Mafia,

Low Steppa, Sam Divine…


12 www.AudationMagazine.com

Your latest work has been with Katie

Price for her new single ‘Hurricane’,

can you tell us what it is like to work

with her?

She is a dream to work with - dedicated,

hard-working and knows how to


How did the ideas and the song come


We are currently working on a album

together, and, each song has an

underlying meaning to both of us which

makes our combination quite lethal and

exciting at the same time.

You co-own UKG Chronicle - in one

sentence, tell us what makes it this

festival stand out?

It’s welcoming to everybody. From the

rainbow-coloured circle to the word

“Chronicle”, we deliver a story, past and

present… A trip down memory lane with

an incredible team Steve Kiel, Nikki Deal

& Colin Bull)

What are some of your favourite

memories and highlights in your career

so far?

Two spring to mind.. In 2014 my first

performance at Wembley arena, with

UKG Chronicle, and to perform with so

many of my friends from UK Garage

scene - MC Kie, Artful Dodger & Ms

Dynamite. In 2017 in Blackpool, being

able to stand on the same stage as Will

Smith. They are both moments I will

treasure forever.

to succeed in the music biz?

Never wait or rely on anybody. If you

want something, it will never be handed

on a plate. This is an extremely tough

industry and, if you’re hungry, give it

your all and go get it.

What’s in store for the future?

To continue to do what I love to do, and

that’s to bring people together with


Any last words?

Would love to thank everybody that’s

helped me along the way, and I still have

such a long way to go. I’m extremely

honoured to be able to work with so

many incredibly talented artists and

people. Special thank you to all and

every person that supports me, worked

with me and my amazing wife and

family. THANK YOU X


Listen to Rick Live Thursdays, 10am

on Flex FM 101.4FM



on the Coast

13 December 2019

Vauxhall Holiday Park, Great

Yarmouth, UK




What is your advice for those wanting


A Boy Called Sailboat

The whimsical film will charm you with the quaint story

of a young boy who discovers a love for music.

Sailboat, played by Julian Atocani Sanchez, is an

enigmatic character with a warm and loving heart. His

innocence and kind nature spread optimism to those

around him, and spark a little emotion in the hearts of

each viewer. The heart strings are further tugged

through sadness and difficult moments, yet this little

boy never gives up hope.

In a slanted home beyond the reaches of a droughtridden

town, an isolated Hispanic family accept an

impossible blessing and name their only son "Sailboat".

Sailboat brought fresh love and hope to his family who

have forged a simple but proud life in America, but one

afternoon he brings home something more: a "little

guitar". From this moment, Sailboat and his ukulele are

inseparable, and when his ill grandmother requests he

write a song for her, Sailboat meanders through

adversity to deliver the unimaginable - the greatest song

ever written.

‘A Boy Called Sailboat’, directed by Cameron Nugent

and presented by The Movie Partnership, is available

to watch via DVD and digital download. A few notable

members of the cast include Oscar winner J.K.

Simmons as well as Jake Busey, Noel Gugliemi,

Elizabeth De Razzo. The independent film is being

received well and is a winner of the Boston Film

Festival's Festival Prize, Newport Beach Film Festival's

Audience Award and the Prescott Film Festival's

Director's Choice Award.

Will the mysterious song breathe one last miracle, or

reveal a hapless twist of fate that will return his family

to a house held up by a stick; a car with no doors; an

unchanging wardrobe; and a friend who can't blink..?

'A Boy Called Sailboat' is available to watch on all

major digital download stores.

14 www.AudationMagazine.com



7 August 2019 sees artist Josh Lasden celebrate 25 years of his career in

Eeklo, Belgium. The DJ & producer has proudly found success with his

passion for house, electronic and futuristic music. He also founded the El

Futuro Recordings label which holds releases from artists such as Synoptic,

Major K, Sharm Pillay, Mátyás Blanckaert and the founder himself. Josh

Lasden has played at some of the hottest events and clubs including

Tomorrowland, Decadance, 10 Days Off, Fuse and Herbakkersfestival.

The ’25 Years Josh Lasden’ event will be held at his hometown of Eeklo in

the lovely location of Eeklo Beach - Eeklo Centre. The joyous summer

atmosphere brings forth a beach house with themed games for children, a

graffiti workshop as well as the chill out and music lounge. It will feature

live sets from Josh Lasden and Sven Van Hees. It is a free and familyfriendly

event where all are welcome!

This is just the start of the celebrations as Josh Lasden will present a series

of projects and events dedicated to his 25-year career. More events are in

the works together with a special compilation album, this will all span

across the year, commencing from this first event. Josh Lasden reveals

more detail with us...

16 www.AudationMagazine.com

Career highlights…

Too much fine memories and highlights

really, but there are a few I really have

to mention. My gig in The Egg, London

with Nils Hess, the Tomorrowland gig,

Bob Sinclar lifting me up for a packed

Fuse club in Brussels after the warming

up, the closing of Carl Craig and a year

later top of the bill together with

Laurent Garnier at the legendary 10

Days Off festival, my longtime

residency in Club Decadance and my

first events that I organized in Club N9

in my hometown Eeklo City in Belgium.

Playing Folies Pigalle in Paris several

times and the CE Festival in Milan were

all memorable visits. The MuZZic

residency for the Kozzmozz concept in

Ghent are still some fine memories. And

the day I met Synoptic, in Café d’Anvers

in Antwerp, asking me to produce

progressive house as a duo - that is

currently still a great partnership that

started back in 2004.

The future…

Well my personal vision has always

been futuristic, so that means I’m

looking forward to the future. Meaning

more releases on the El Futuro

Recordings label and so much events I

want to play and invite visitors to the

world of futuristic music.

About that, I also launched the term

‘progressive chill out’, as since day one

we are producing chill out music having

that special futuristic feel in it. We also

add progressive (house) elements to

those tracks and therefore we decided

to use the term progressive chill out. Or

just listen to the tracks Coral Dreams

(Chill Out Mix), When The Lights Go Out,

Meeting The Mermaids and Love The


Event preview…

The 25 Years Josh Lasden concept will

be held for over 1 year with different

events and also a special compilation

release that will be available on portals

such as iTunes, Beatport, Juno

Download, Spotify and many more.

A first event will take place in my

hometown, Eeklo City, during the Eeklo

Beach concept. This night is a cooperation

with Horeca Markt Eeklo and

the City Of Eeklo, bringing you futuristic

music ranging from chill out, lounge,

progressive chill out towards beach

house music. This will be held on the 7th

August and will have a free entrance and

I invited Sven Van Hees - the biggest

international lounge artist of Belgium.

Next to this event, there’s also a special

release planned or the 25 Years Josh

Lasden compilation that will be

released on my El Futuro Recordings


I’m also looking forward to the M.M.A.D.

Festival, this is brand new and organized

at the historical Castle Of Laarne which

is gorgeous. This festival will take place

on the 11th August and I will be playing

a 25 Years Josh Lasden DJ set there.




Garage girls and boys unite, this is the ultimate mix for 24 hours of

pure raving. This epic mix features tracks from Sunship, Mike

Delinquent, Charles Jay, Mind Of A Dragon, Wideboys, Soulecta and


24 hour mix of the best UK Garage.

Past, present and future.

From the underground, to the tower blocks.

This is 24 Hour Garage Experience - Mixed by Midi Logic.


18 www.AudationMagazine.com

" S e e i n g e v e r y b o d y g e t l o s t i n t h e

m u s i c I p l a y a n d p r o d u c e , e v e n i f

i t ’ s j u s t f o r a m o m e n t . " R i c k L i v e



The ’Throwback Season’ album by Oggie is a great medley of moods and

genres. This is a wonderful compilation whereby he simply takes various

tracks from warm old school memories, and really enjoys exploring his own

versatility and performing these nostalgic gems.

‘Feel’ featuring Miami Rockz holds a huge burst of bright energy with an

upbeat tempo as well as high frequencies in both the dance melody and the

gripping vocals.

‘Anyplace Anytime’ drops down into a dirty Hip Hop vibe boasting of

smooth and seductive vocal ranges.

20 www.AudationMagazine.com

‘Like A Dream’ featuring Draztik is a statement piece consisting of a heady

blend of playful, sexy and imploring voices together with a gnarly bassdriven

track and funky flairs.

‘Dreamin’ is a subdued UKG number where we see an interesting playful

dance between hard and soft vocal tones - it tugs at your curiosity.

'I Swear’ is a ballad of lovely strings and a gentle

tempo, the voice sweeps you off your feet

with sweet and charming

heartfelt emotion.

The inspiration for Throwback Season was a combination of things really, my best

friends, my taste in music growing up over the years, and just the idea of singing

songs that evoked a lot of happiness. I was in a place where I wanted to sing songs

that, for the most part, made people feel good and made me feel good to sing.

I have always had an eclectic taste in music, all the artists that inspired me most

always crossed musical genres, Listen to any Michael or Janet Jackson album and

you hear that, and Prince also. I loved 90's R&B growing up with a passion and

UK Garage, House, even indie music - I could listen to Nirvana in one heartbeat

and then Denzee singing ‘Sorry’ in the next.

This album, for me, really pays homage to that and has a very light laid back feel

to it, it's a summer album for sure. My friends helped me choose the songs that

eventually made the cut, I want people to put it on and just feel good.

- Oggie

The entire 12-track collection is a wonderful

celebration of Oggie and his passion and dedication to music.




Lindsay Ell - Criminal

Carmel de Jager - Trafalgar Square

Daniel Wanrooy - Can’t Stop The Heat

Claudio Desideri - Let Me Live

Diamond Dixie - Without your love

Emily Bear - Dancin


Lindsay Ell - Criminal

Carmel de Jager - Trafalgar Square

Daniel Wanrooy - Can’t Stop The Heat

Claudio Desideri - Let Me Live

Diamond Dixie - Without your love

Emily Bear - Dancin


We are #AudiationNation - The playlist chosen by you.

Have your say and let us know what you’re listening to

with our bi-weekly feature. Tell us your favourite song

every other Saturday on our Facebook page or add tracks

to our collaborative Youtube playlist.

22 www.AudationMagazine.com


“Music . . . can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable.”

- Leonard Bernstein

Sydney is brimming with female talent! From London to Sydney, Karmel

Jäger continues to make huge waves in the music world.

Mezzo-Soprano, DJ, and electronic producer, Karmel started her musical

journey on the violin at the age of 5. After teaching herself piano and

studying viola, she discovered classical singing at the age of 16. Initially

honing her craft at the Sydney Conservatorium, she spent three years

abroad in the UK from 2014 where she studied at the Guildhall School of

Music and Drama, performed throughout Europe and recorded

extensively as a session singer at AIR and Abbey Road Studios. She has

appeared on soundtracks for films, TV and video games, lending her

voice to the likes of BBC’s Sherlock, The Avengers, Star Wars and World

of Warcraft.

Her return to Sydney in 2017 has seen the artist land firmly on her feet,

moving swiftly into the electronic music community and releasing her

debut single ‘Back of You’, to critical acclaim from Triple J Unearthed and

KISS FM. Charting at #2 on the Dance Charts and #7 on the Electronic

Charts, this “knock out first track” and “classic-feeling anthem” is only

just the start for this budding producer.

Karmel released her second single, ‘Trafalgar Square’, in May 2019, along

with her first music video and a synthpop remix by Fynn's Arcade. With a

debut EP set for release later in the year, Karmel will also collaborate

with international and local producers and develop her shows, both as a

DJ and live performer, making for a jam-packed year ahead.

As a DJ Karmel has been booked for club nights including Birdcage

(Slyfox), Sunday Service (Sweethearts Rooftops), This is Living (Blue Fig

Bar) and Gigs in the Garden (The Roundhouse) - DJing everything from

RnB and 90s throw backs to Deep House and Techno.

Karmel’s sonic journey into the electronic scene has seen her flourish

into a versatile artist making her one to watch. As a producer she

continues to explore her artistry across a wide variety of genres, likening

her sound to Roisin Murphy mixed with Robyn.

Karmel sports an impressive classical journey. Wow!


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Karmel Jäger

How did it all start for you?

I first remember music grabbing me at

the age of 5 when I cried until my

parents bought me a violin. The original

plan was to be a classical violinist but I

ended up going into classical singing. I

also studied viola and piano along the

way - it was always going to be classical

music of some kind. So it has come as

quite a surprise for me to end up DJing

and producing electronic music!

My journey into electronic music

actually began during a video game

session recording back in London. I was

inspired to get back into composing

after recording the music by a female

composer, realising that women were

highly underrepresented in that space.

I started composing a mass for 8 voices

but ended up writing a song on guitar

later that night! One thing led to another

when it came time to produce the track,

and I ended up learning Ableton and

producing myself. The interest in

electronic music led to an interest in

DJing and once I started I was totally


What do you love playing the most?

This keeps changing - I love playing

whatever I’m currently obsessed with,

but I also love making people get up and

dance to music that they like too. For

my own taste at the moment, I’m well

into deep house and deep tech. Very

different vibes but both totally


Favourite Food?

Too many favourites… Maybe just

anything my mum makes - good old

fashioned British home cooking. I don’t

get to eat her food very often anymore

as she lives in Brisbane, but she’s the


Who’s your muse in the music world?

BRUX. I just love how much amazing

music she’s put out and how she doesn’t

conform to a particular style.

How would you describe the dance

scene in Sydney?

Rebellious. The powers that be have

tried to stifle it, but it’s just resulted in

a growth in the underground scene.

There’s still a bunch of clubs going and

new club nights cropping up. But it really

does feel like a nanny state now. I went

to Curveball the other week and there

were so many security guards it was just

so over the top. It felt like I was at a

protest with police everywhere around!

There were sniffer dogs too, which is

pretty ridiculous in my opinion. Like

being at the airport! And I got locked out

the other week for arriving 15mins after

lock out. I was pretty annoyed.

Favourite Colour?

Sea Green

“ T h i s t o o s h a l l

p a s s . ”





What single night out has been the

most memorable for you? As a DJ? As

an attendee?

As an attendee… Printworks in London.

I went right after I’d started learning

how to DJ and suddenly for the first time

I would stand still and analyze what the

DJ was doing instead of dancing! It’s an

amazing venue and the vibe was huge.

Didn’t really notice security guards

around either - haha!

What are your future plans for your

music career?

I am currently working towards

releasing my first EP, which I’m really

excited about. I’ve written loads of

tracks with quite a variety of styles, but

haven’t fully decided which

soundworld I want to go with for the

short term. For the future I want to keep

building up my DJ career and making

that closer to a full time thing.

What is your advice to emerging talent

and how they can set aside any fears

and pursue their dreams with courage?

Emerging talent - go for it. If you love

something and are willing to work hard

and learn the ropes, you can do anything.

I think the best way to gain courage is

to listen to the stories of artists who

went before you, who overcame their

own doubts and struggles. Hearing that

getting to where you want can take time

and that it’s not always a straight path

to get there is really encouraging. We

usually only see people’s success and

their ‘end product’ rather than their

journey, but there are plenty of podcasts

and interviews available that tell of a

bigger story. One of the best pieces of

advice I’ve ever received is to never

compare your beginning with someone

else’s middle. You’re not where they are,

yet, and that’s fine. If someone else can

get to where they want to be, why not


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Favourite holiday destination?

Back from my days living in London -

The Cotswolds. Just a wonderfully cold

and beautiful countryside. It feels really

untouched and otherworldly to me. My

life has tended to be a bit crazy, as a

freelancer, going from one thing and

one place to the next, so being still in

nature is really special for me.

What are the things that bugs you about

the DJ scene?

The lack of female representation, and

the lack of respect towards female DJs

and producers. It’s so obvious that that

shouldn’t be the case - it doesn’t need

to be spelled out, but it’s there and it’s

sickening. Some of the things I hear and

read that are said about women in this

space both shocks and scares me. I don’t

know how much I do to change it, but I

do hope to see change, within the DJ

scene and beyond, of course.

Name one track that never gets old for

you no matter how many times you

hear it?

1UL - Danny L Harle

I’m really inspired by all the Aussie

female DJs and producers that continue

to kill it - BRUX, Nina Las Vegas, Anna

Lunoe, Alison Wonderland… the list

goes on and on. I listen to their music a

lot and find it really inspiring. Alison

Wonderland’s ‘Happy Place’, Anna

Lunoe’s ‘Bullzeye’, BRUX’s ‘Belong’, and

Nina Las Vegas’s ‘I Know How it Goes’ in

particular I have played to death!

Any parting thoughts for emerging


If you work hard anything is possible.


Latest release ‘Trafalgar Square’ is out



Comfy Grrrl Present 'The Classics'

27 July 2019

Tokyo Sing Song, New South Wales,





If you could get eternally stuck in one

year's music scene, which year would

that be?

Woah, I think I’d like to go and live in

1989 in the era of acid house in

Manchester. That must have been such

a time!

Who do you aspire to and who

influenced you the most?


19 27

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‘ H u r r i c a n e ’ b y K a t i e P r i c e & R i c k L i v e i s a n a b s o l u t e b a n g e r ! T h e

h o t c l u b p r o d u c t i o n i s c o m p r i s e d o f l i v e l y , b u m p y b e a t s a n d a

b r i g h t f e e l g o o d m a i n s e c t i o n t o g e t y o u j u m p i n g . T h e v o c a l s a r e

s t r o n g a n d c o n fi d e n t w i t h a s e x y v i b e , t h e y a r e p l a y f u l l y c h o p p e d

a t th e ch o r u s to fit wi t h th e mo d e r n da n c e st y l e . Th e ly r i c s f o c u s

o n p u s h i n g t h r o u g h d i ffi c u l t t i m e s - t h e h u r r i c a n e - b e c a u s e t h e

l o v e i s w o r t h t h e b a t t l e . T h i s i s d e fi n i t e l y o n e f o r y o u r s u m m e r

p l a y l i s t s !

w w w . i n s t a g r a m . c o m / o ffi c i a l k a t i e p r i c e

w w w . i n s t a g r a m . c o m / r i c k l i v e o ffi c i a l



The weekend of August 3rd & 4th will see the launch of

Coombe Weekender - a brand new festival in Coventry

which promises to deliver an eclectic music selection,

embracing and promoting Coventry’s diverse, cultured

nature. Set in an old 12th century Cistercian abbey and

running over the course of 2 days, this brand new event

will aim to captivate 20,000 revellers with an array of

acts playing the best in Funk, Soul, Indie, Pop & Dance

music. Each day will bring its own merits…


3 - 4 AUGUST 2019


Saturday sees The Libertines, who are one of the most

exciting, chaotic rock’n’roll groups of the past 20 years,

headline with a rare set, potentially the only one of

2019 with The Big Top second stage witnessing a

performance from Crystal Waters and dance music

royalty Faithless.

Sunday takes party goers on through a pop and

electronic journey with Underground music general MK

headlining the main stage alongside the ever impressive

Sigala and US sensation Kelis. Beyond the stage,

numerous other areas of entertainment come from Raver

Tots which gives kids of all ages the chance to bust a

move. Offstage entertainment will come from a food

village, bars and day time activities creating a friendly

event for people of all ages.





Get lost in

the rhythm of love...


Emily Bear - Dancin



‘Paris!’ by AYLØ is the moment of waking to find yourself in another world,

remembering the night before… the regret sweeping over you. The cool and

contemporary production sets the mood of a leisurely vibe. Transfixing waves

of sound move together with the oozing vocal flows creating a somewhat blasé

muddle of feelings. The slurring emotions drizzle down the sides of a

discontented mind. A haze of foolish mistakes. Careless.

The fast-rising rapper, singer, songwriter and beatsmith is one of the seminal

Nigerian creatives, alongside the likes of Odunsi The Engine and Santi, who are

pioneering the innovative fusion sound coming out of Africa, popularly known

as alté, which is currently making waves, disrupting the sound and culture on

the continent, and quickly gaining traction and attention internationally.

His brand new single 'PARIS' is co-produced with fellow alté frontrunners Le

Mav and Odunsi The Engine, and is the first offering from his forthcoming

mixtape DNT DLT, which is due for release this July. DNT DLT is the long

awaited follow up to his critically acclaimed 2017 album Insert Project Name

and his 2016 Honest Conversations EP before that.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the single, AYLØ says, “Paris is about

finding beauty in everything. Beauty is in our damage and in our stories.

Paradise is what you make it. ‘Paris’ is the subject’s favourite city, so hence the

concept of. Beauty, if in, is out, and as above, so below. Me never having being

to Paris, it wouldn't matter because I’ve found paradise in Lagos... Right now, in

this moment."


34 www.AudationMagazine.com

A moment of

wonder in the

pursuit for love.

The story of a

tainted heart.


‘Lost Control’ by Alan Walker featuring Sorana is passionate presentation

of weakness. The sweet and seductive modern vocals are brought with light

piano chords and a pop atmosphere. There is a lovely surprise of the main

tune with gorgeous ethnic influence of Indian strings and rhythmic

percussion. I don’t know who I am. The theme of the lyrics surrounds the

loss of self-love and self-understanding, straying from the path and

needing to find yourself again. What is love without pain?

After arriving in London Town from her native Transylvania 3 years ago,

young, fresh faced, fresh sounding singer-songwriter Sorana, has been

solidly on the grind, recording and learning about the music business with

a drive and a determination to succeed very few have in the modern day.

Transylvania, as some of you will know is a region in Romania, and its main

claim to fame is also being the home to the fictional arch-villain Count

Dracula! Well you’ll be pleased to know the Vampire similarity begins to

end as you listen to Sorana’s latest release called “Lost Control”.

There is a Greek Myth of an Island in the Mediterranean Sea, that was only

inhabited by women called ‘Sirens’. Fearsome creatures who infamously

lured sailors in ships towards land, due to the sound of their angelic voices.

Sirens who eventually caused the hypnotised sailors to a watery grave

after becoming shipwrecked on the rocks directly in front of the island.

Quite a dichotomy wouldn’t you say? but if I could describe the overall

sound of this great modern commercial pop track, I would describe it as

“Siren-Like” – It draws you in…

Technically, it’s an Interesting arrangement. Very pleasing to the ear, where

Piano intervals accompany vocals as the song starts and when the hook

first comes in, the music builds ever so slightly. It’s only when the hook is

finished you have the full dynamic revealing itself with a catchy synth

melody. Very ‘current’ sounding. The synths and the general feel of the

song when it hits is, albeit with a solid kick underneath, like Bollywoodesque

with a gentle reggae twist to it. It’s a very well-rounded track and the

mix is top class too. Whatever the genre, it’s always nice to hear someone

who knows what they’re doing – Well, that’s what happens when you start

singing over Whitney Houston songs from the age of 3…

…You see that’s how it all works. With a bit of luck and a lot of hard work

and practice, one day, you might just make it



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53 37

‘Dancin’ by Emily Bear is simply gorgeous! The contemporary Jazz production

in delightfully charming with a lovely intricate piano melody and a rhythmic

beat. I know it’s always dark before the dawn. Her voice is so pretty and pure

with soft waves and sweet notes. Took the power into my hands. The lyrics talk

of emerging from the darkness into better days. The smooth tones go straight

to your hips, allowing a gentle swaying motion to ensue as you close your eyes

and absorb the pleasant atmosphere.

17-year-old critically acclaimed singer/songwriter, composer, pianist and all

around super talented Emily Bear, has released her brand new single entitled,


"'Dancin' is a song about celebration," says Emily. "It's about breaking free

from something toxic, taking back your power and turning a negative into a

positive. It was so great to be able to perform it for the first time on Ellen, I

really feel as if I've grown up on the show and couldn't imagine a more perfect

place for the debut of my new music. Ellen's support has meant the world to

me. I can't believe it's been almost 12 years since I was first on the show."


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The ‘Delirium’ EP by QZB is a pristine work on the art of bass. ‘Tech

Priest’ plays with electronic blips and then drops into a dark gritty

underworld. The title track satisfies every need of dysfunctional

imbalance, frayed emotions and a deluded mind with deliciously

syncopated and intricate beat work. ‘Take It All VIP’ featuring Charli Brix

is beautifully eery with her soft voice, then the hard exterior takes

control. Break down my walls. The complete 5-piece collection is a

thrilling journey of darkness.



‘Rock It’ by Ofenbach injects a strong spirit of rebellion through the ears.

The French pop / grunge style production is edgy and sassy to thrill your

senses. You're my ecstasy, I'm your remedy. The combination of a sexy

female and a rough male vocal add to the saucy, scandalous nature.

Everybody, let loose.

Paris duo Ofenbach have become a global proposition after releasing

just a handful of tracks. Now Ofenbach build on that huge attention with

a double-shot of new releases: the new single ‘Rock It’ together with

their self-titled debut EP, both of which are out now.

Always eager to infuse their electro productions with the propulsive

energy of a live band, Ofenbach present a new take on the formula

with ‘Rock It’. Its tight grooves and addictive vocal-focused hook create

an unconventional blend of funk ‘n’ roll. Think Chic filtered through The

Stones for the Spotify age.

‘Rock It’ is one of five brand new tracks that feature on the band’s debut

EP. That melding of electro and rock is further explored with two of the

EP’s other highlights: a collaboration with ‘Feel It Still’ hit-maker

Portugal. The Man on ‘We Can Hide Out’, while ‘I Got Burned’ finds the

duo teaming up with modern funk icons The Bamboos.

The EP is completed by Ofenbach’s three biggest hits to date in the

shape of ‘Katchi’, ‘Be Mine’ and ‘Paradise’ (featuring Benjamin Ingrosso),

which together have amassed hundreds of millions of streams already.

Ofenbach are two 24-year-olds, César du Rummul and Dorian Lo, who

have been friends since school César is a classically trained pianist and a

hobbyist drummer, while Dorian sings and plays guitar. They played in

numerous bands together, but discovered a passion for synths and beats

while studying at film school.

They initially wanted to create a new take on French Touch to reflect

their admiration for the likes of Bakermat, Daft Punk and Justice. But

after remixing Bob Sinclar, Clean Bandit, Portugal. The Man, Bebe Rexha,

Robin Schulz they revaluated their sound. By infusing their love of The

Rolling Stones, Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes into their club-ready

style, they discovered a sound both fresh and immediately accessible.


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‘Lose It All’ by Otosan is an interesting meld of styles. The pensive, moody

vocal tone is one of which would fit into a dark Indie/alternative track, yet

instead it is paired with an lively dance beat. The wobbles of emotion spill

over into an intense middle section. Keeping the light once it’s faded. The lyrics

tell a sad story of a failing relationship. There’s nothing to hold to break the


The track comes with a trio of remixes: The Wildfire edit steps up the beat with

a focus on the dark tones, the Jordan Burns remix is an experiment with hard

electronic grit, and the Dan Aux version increases the intensity and adds a

flavourful beat.

Australia meets NZ duo OTOSAN have a knack for effortlessly crafting finelytuned

dance music with a timeless quality, and that’s exactly what they’ve

done again on the new single ‘Lose It All’. With an impeccable Indie vocal

treatment that meshes seamlessly with on point electro meets future house

production, the duo have once again struck dance floor and airplay gold.

Sitting alongside the original, the lads have enlisted an impressive collection

of remix compadres including Jordan Burns who turns out one of the nastiest

pieces of dark tech/electro you’ll hear this year, Wildfire who brings the main

room tech vibes and NZ’s finest Dan Aux who delivers an epic progressive

workout that’ll turn heads on both sides of the Tasman and beyond.


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Strong vibrations

of excitement

and desire.

A futuristic



‘Wanna Know You’ by Axel Jansson is a song which implores

you to open yourself up. Let me in. The raspy folk voice lurches

into a passionate, reaching energy which reinforces the sense

of yearning for a deeper connection. I got faith in you. A lively

indie / pop-rock production adds a kick to this feeling with the

trendy percussion and guitar melody.

Wanna Know You is the new single from Axel Jansson,

described as Bruce Springsteen meets War on Drugs. He

recently revealed the visuals for his new single Wanna Know

You and has a special message to all the LGBT fans: Love Grows

Beyond Traits, it is not normal for a heart to hate. No-one is

banned from our band! – Axel

Wanna Know You is the follow up single to Everything I Crave,

which featured paralympian Cassie Cava (as featured in The

Independent and Guardian). Earlier in 2018, Hopeless Ever

After, another single taken from the forthcoming album

‘Weight Of The World’ (due for release Sept 2019) was

playlisted across 65 radio stations across the UK and secured

Axel a prominent spot on the Foodies Festival 2018 Tour with

performances across the country. Axel’s debut single, Shine

was featured in The Metro, The Mirror, The Sun and the

Huffington Post.

Axel’s first gig with a band was supporting Turin Breaks, to such

positive feedback that they were asked to play the Indie Week

Europe Festival and global music event MIDEM. Axel then took

to the road with The Coffee House Sessions which performed

to 24 university coffee lounges over a two week period. He has

performed at Busk the Box, London Live and I Luv Live has been

invited back on the 2019 Foodie Festival Tour.


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The ‘Crazy Dance’ EP by Sampladelic is a lovely little moment of joy and

old school flavours. The title track is a nifty little number with choppy

vocal cuts and a trendy beat. ‘O.K. for the PARTY’ brings smooth jazz

influences with a little spicy attitude of the seductive percussion. ‘Jazz’ the

Kobe JT Remix is a bumpy edit of the second track, playing with the

atmosphere. This trio of tracks flit across the sounds of the underground

garage movement in a pleasing way.

Bass=Win returns with yet another instant UKG classic with the banging

'Crazy Dance' EP from Sampladelic. 2 original floorfillers in the form of the

title track and 'O.K. for the PARTY' along with a remix of 'Jazz' from

Guildford producer/DJ, Kobe JT make this one a must-have summer



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‘Anyway Friday’ by Kamandi is a

refreshing piece of calm and

solitude. The dark undertone and

thick sturdy beat gives the mind a

place to rest and reflect. Delicate

fragments and waves of good

energy weave through to create a

comforting warmth. The subtle

vibrancy in the melody lifts you

above the clouds for just a

moment. Close your eyes and

allow the sounds to guide you.



The ‘Atlas’ EP by James Grow is a brilliant Tech House trio for the summer. ‘Faith’

is a timeless piece which will smash any great club set, it simply comprises of a

monotonous yet heady beat which drills steadily into the subconscious as the

track progresses. ‘Dombovar’ has a bold intensity in the atmospheric sounds

which grip you. The title track is last, but not least, it brings the dark desires

forward with a cheeky smile of that warped synth and pumping beat.

This an EP James Grow wrote with Kenja specifically in mind. We welcome him to

the family as he drops three blinding club tracks in a deep tech style: ATLAS is a

banger in true Kenja style. FAITH was a labour of love for James but the love

totally shows in the music. DOMBOVAR shows James’s versatility as a producer

and DJ.


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A perplexing mix

of emotions.


‘Hurricane’ by Morganway delivers a whirlwind of emotions. The fierce guitars

lead us in with a powerful strength. A subtle, charming violin adds a touch of

beauty and innocence. Her voice enters. Fragility through the pain, sweet hints

of vulnerability are given. The chains that you wrapped around me. She gains

strength as the emotions fill her soul, gnarly wrathful notes and big bold power

replace the sweetness. It's our world that's crashing down. The sound and

vocals fill every inch of space, the great energy surging through your mind. A

story of hurt and love’s anguish is told.

East Anglian rock / Americana collective Morganway have released their

second single ‘Hurricane’, taken from their upcoming self-titled debut album

due this summer… ‘Hurricane’ was one of the first tracks written by the band,

and has become the staple show closer, “It’s been with us pretty much since

the beginning. We tend to end every show with it, and each time it’s a little

different” Callum Morgan comments. The version presented on record captures

that raw spontaneity, and has the signature crunchy guitars, roaring vocals and

marriage of melody, harmony and pulse-pounding rhythm that has charmed

live audiences around the UK, “The bulk of it was recorded live, with minimal

overdubs. We also changed its key at the last minute, and suddenly there was a

newfound urgency to the song that I think was always missing when we’d

attempted to record it before. SJ did her lead vocals late at night, with all the

main studio lights dimmed to create an almost eerie atmosphere, and she gave

the most ferocious vocal take we’d heard from her.”, adds Callum.


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Holi Festival Of Colours

1 June - 7 September


Jazz A Vienne

28 June - 13 July

Vienne, France

Hideout Festival

1 - 5 July

Novalja, Croatia

Innversisions Festival

3 - 7 July

London, United Kingdom

Les Eurockeennes

4 - 7 July

Belfort, France

Love Supreme Jazz


5 - 7 July

Lewes, United Kingdom


5 - 7 July

London, United Kingdom

Paradise City Festival

5 - 7 July

Perk, Belgium

El Dorado Festival

5 - 7 July

Ledbury, United Kingdom

British Summer Time

Hyde Park

5 - 14 July

London, United Kingdom


6 July

Oberhausen, Germany

Prog The Forest

6 July

London, United Kingdom

Kew The Music

9 - 14 July

London, United Kingdom


10 - 14 July

Dour, Belgium

Mad Cool Festival

11 - 13 July

Madrid, Spain

NOS Alive

11 - 13 July

Lisbon, Portugal

Hospitality On The Beach

11 - 15 July

Tisno, Croatia

Ultra Europe

11 - 18 July

Split, Croatia


12 - 13 July

London, United Kingdom

Ostend Beach Festival

12 - 14 July

Ostend, Belgium

TRSMT Festival

12 - 14 July

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Cocoon In The Park

13 July

Leeds, United Kingdom

BBF: Barcelona Beach


13 July

Barcelona, Spain

Mauritius Open Air


14 July

London, United Kingdom


13 - 14 July

London, United Kingdom

Fresh Island Festival

15 - 17 July

Novalja, Croatia


18 July

Barcelona, Spain


18 - 21 July

Cheshire, United Kingdom


18 - 21 July

Poble Espanyol, Barcelona,



18 - 22 July

Suffolk, United Kingdom

Pitchfork Music Festival

19 - 21 July

Chicago, United States



19 - 28 July

Boom, Belgium

Melt Festival

19 - 21 July

Gräfenhainichen, Germany

Lollapalooza Paris

20 - 21 July

Paris, France

Standon Calling

25 - 28 July

Hertfordshire, United


Camp Bestival

25 - 28 July

Dorset, United Kingdom

Clubland On The Beach

26 July

Redcar, United Kingdom

Positivus Festival

26 - 27 July

Salacgriva, Latvia

Fuji Rock

26 - 28 July

Yuzawa, Japan


27 July

Birmingham, United


Wacken Open Air

1 - 3 August

Wacken, Germany

Let It Roll

1 - 3 August

Milovice, Croatia


1 - 4 August

Portimao, Portugal

Untold Festival

1 - 4 August

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Osheaga Music And Arts


2 - 4 August

Montreal, Canada

OFF Festival

2 - 4 August

Katowice, Poland

Reggae Sun Ska Festival

3 - 4 August

Vertheuil, France

Coombe Weekender

3 - 4 August

Coventry, United Kingdom

Eastern Electrics

3 - 4 August

London, United Kingdom

Neopop Electronic Music


7 - 10 August

Viana Do Castelo, Portugal

Medusa Festival

7 - 12 August

Cullera, Spain

Sziget Festival

7 - 13 August

Budapest, Hungary

Edinburgh Summer


7 - 18 August

Edinburgh, United


Way Out West

8 - 10 August

Gothenburg, Sweden

Defected Croatia

8 - 13 August

Tisno, Croatia


9 - 10 August

Montreal, Canada

Paradigm Festival

9 - 11 August

Groningen, Netherlands

Loveland Festival

10 - 11 August

Amsterdam, Netherlands


11 August

Laarne, Belgium

Barrakud, Croatia

11 - 15 August

Novalja, Croatia

La Route Du Rock

14 - 17 August

Saint-Malo, France

MS Dockville

16 - 18 August

Hamburg, Germany

Elrow Town London

17 August

London, United Kingdom


17 August

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sonus Festival

18 - 22 August

Novalja, Croatia

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Zurich Openair

21 - 24 August

Zurich, Switzerland


21 - 24 August

Zamardi, Hungary


22 - 25 August

Daresbury, United Kingdom

DGTL Barcelona

23 - 24 August

Barcelona, Spain

Uprising Festival

23 - 24 August

Bratislava, Slovakia


23 - 25 August

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Reading Festival

23 - 25 August

Reading, United Kingdom

Leeds Festival

23 - 25 August

Leeds, United Kingdom

Rock En Seine

23 - 25 August

Paris, France

Drumcode Festival

24 - 25 August

Amsterdam, Netherlands

South West Four

24 - 25 August

London, United Kingdom

Dimensions Festival

28 August - 1 September

Pula, Croatia

Summerburst -


30 - 31 August

Stockholm, Sweden

Sundown Festival

30 August - 1 September

Norwich, United Kingdom

Southport Weekender

31 August

London, United Kingdom

PURE At Le Château

31 August - 1 September

Saint Aubin, Mauritius

Tranzmission Festival

1 September

London, United Kingdom


1 - 3 September

Budapest, Hungary

Outlook Festival

4 - 8 September

Pula, Croatia

Elrow Town Festival -


7 September

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Into The Woods Festival

13 - 14 September

Amersfoort, Netherlands

Oasis Festival

13 - 15 September

Marrakech, Morocco

Life Is Beautiful Festival

20 - 22 September

Las Vegas, United States

Hospitality In The Park

21 September

London, United Kingdom

Southbeats Festival

21 - 22 September

Sevenoaks, United


ABODE In The Park

22 September

London, United Kingdom

Groove Island

27 - 30 September

Catalina Island, United


Boundary Brighton

28 September

Brighton, United Kingdom

Mint Festival

28 September

Leeds, United Kingdom

Stand out from the crowd with Fieldcandy 53


Mint Festival



Rick Live




Katie Price & Rick Live - Hurricane






A Boy Called Sailboat




25 Years Josh Lasden


24 Hour Garage Experience - Mixed by

Midi Logic





Oggie - Throwback Season







Karmel Jäger - Trafalgar Square





Coombe Weekender




AYLØ - Paris!






Aaron Static ft AKACIA - I'll Know




ZeroFG - You Or Me EP


Alan Walker ft. Sorana - Lost Control







Emily Bear - Dancin






Karmel Jäger




54 www.AudationMagazine.com

QZB - Delirium EP






Ofenbach - Rock It





Otosan - Lose It All






Metta & Glyde - Instant Gratification






LVTECE - Land1000 EP






Axel Jansson - Wanna Know You









Kamandi - Anyway Friday






James Grow - Atlas EP


Mattia Cupelli - Electric Shrines







Dead Pop Stars - Hell Is Just Around The







Morganway - Hurricane






Sampladelic - Crazy Dance EP




Audiation Magazine, Issue AM060

On The Cover:

Karmel Jäger


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With love

Ruby, Rokuro, Cessle, Sarah, Malachi, Andy, David,

Steve, Jessie, Mary, Ashna, Tamara, Christina & Sharm


Issue AM060, 1st July 2019

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