rks for Pianoforte and Violoncello

EXT / Ed. Jonathan Del Mar

rks The for String Pianoforte Quartets and Violoncello

EXT tas URTEXT for / Ed. Pianoforte Jonathan / Ed. Jonathan Del and Mar Violoncello Del Mar

, Nos. 1 and 2,

9, op. 102, Nos. 1 and 2

rded tas String for with Pianoforte Quartets the German op. and 18, Music Violoncello 1–6 Edition Prize “Best Edition 2005”

, A Nos. 9012 BA 1 and Score 9016 2, with Parts part in slipcover

9, op. TP 102, 916 Nos. Study 1 and score 2

rded with the German Music Edition Prize “Best Edition 2005”

A String 9012 Score Quartets with op. part 59, 1–3

BA 9017 Parts in slipcover

TP 917 Study score

ive String huge Quartets sonatas, important op. 74 and op. 95 “Cellists, pianists, and Beethovenlovers

everywhere have been eagerly

s, thoroughly researched,

BA 9018 Parts in slipcover

ccably edited, re-explored and awaiting an authoritative version

xamined TP 918 Study score

ive huge sonatas, by Jonathan important Del Mar, “Cellists, of these sonatas pianists, for and far Beethovenlovers

now we everywhere will have an have edition been that eagerly

too long;

beautifully s, thoroughly printed researched, with even

String Quartet in E-flat maj op. 127

ccably age turns edited, taken re-explored account of…” and awaiting promises to an remain authoritative THE standard version

xamined BA by 9029 Jonathan Parts (Piano, in Del slipcover Mar, GB) of text these for the sonatas foreseeable far too future.” long;

beautifully TP 929 printed Study with scoreeven

now we will have an (Steven edition that Isserlis)

age turns taken account of…” promises to remain THE standard

String Quartet in B-flat (Piano, maj GB) op. 130text for the foreseeable future.”

BA 9030 Parts in slipcover

(Steven Isserlis)

TP 930 Study score

String Quartet op. 133 Große Fuge

tions BA for 9033 Pianoforte Parts in and slipcover Violoncello

45, op. TP 66, 933 WoO Study 46score

A 9028 Score with part

tions Publication for Pianoforte date: and Fall Violoncello


hoven’s 45, op. three 66, WoO sets 46 of cello variations comprise the “Twelve Variations on

eme A 9028 “To from sum Score Handel’s up with this edition part Oratorio in two Judas words: Maccabaeus” magnificent (WoO and 45), mandatory.” the “Twelve (Arco)

tions on the theme Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen” (op. 66) from Mozart’s

hoven’s a String The Magic three Quartet Flute sets in of and C-sharp cello the variations min “Seven op. Variations 131 comprise on the the “Twelve duet Bei Variations Männern, on

he eme Liebe from BA fühlen” 9031 Handel’s Parts (WoO in Oratorio 46), slipcover also Judas from Maccabaeus” The Magic Flute. (WoO 45), the “Twelve

tions TP on 931 the Study theme score Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen” (op. 66) from Mozart’s

a The Magic Flute and the “Seven Variations on the duet Bei Männern,

he Liebe Publication fühlen” (WoO date: 46), 2020 also from The Magic Flute.


The String Quartets

URTEXT / Ed. Jonathan Del Mar

The The String Masses Quartets

String URTEXT URTEXT Quartets / Ed. Jonathan / Ed. op. Barry 18, 1–6 Del Cooper Mar

BA 9016 Parts in slipcover

TP 916 Study score

String Mass Quartets in C maj op. op. 18, 1–6 86

String BA Quartets 9016 BA 9039 Parts op. in 59, slipcover 1–3

TP BA 916 9017 Study Parts score in slipcover

TP Missa 917 Study solemnis scoreop. 123

String Quartets BA 9038op. 59, 1–3

String BA Quartets 9017 Parts op. in 74 slipcover and op. 95

TP BA 917 9018 Study Parts score in slipcover

TP Symphony 918 Study score No. 9 in D min op. 125




/ Ed.



74 and op.




String BA Quartet 9018 Parts in E-flat in slipcover maj op. 127

TP BA 918 9029 Study Parts score in slipcover

TP Finale 929 Study “Ode score to Joy”

String Quartet BA 9009-90 in E-flat Vocal maj op. score 127

String BA Quartet 9029 Parts in B-flat in slipcover maj op. 130

BA TP A 929 9030 Pronunciation Study Parts score in slipcover Guide for Japanese Singers

TP With 930 an Study introduction score on the work’s reception by Eizaburo Tsuchida

String Text Quartet booklet in B-flat in Japanese maj op. 130

String BA Quartet 9030 BA 9009-14 Parts op. in 133 slipcover Große Fuge

TP BA 930 9033 Study Parts score in slipcover

TP A 933 Pronunciation Study scoreGuide for Choral Singers

String Video Quartet available op. 133 on Große the Bärenreiter Fuge website and on YouTube

Publication BA 9033 Parts date: in Fall slipcover 2019

TP 933 Study score

“To sum Song up this Cycle edition in two words: magnificent and mandatory.” (Arco)

Publication date: Fall 2019

String An Quartet die ferne in C-sharp Geliebte min op. op. 98131



sum URTEXT 9031



this / Ed. edition

in Barry slipcover

in Cooper two words: magnificent and mandatory.” (Arco)

TP for 931 high Study voice score and piano

String Quartet BA 7862 in C-sharp min op. 131

Publication BA 9031 Publication Parts date: in slipcover 2020

date: Spring 2020

TP 931 Study score

Publication date: 2020


The Masses

URTEXT / Ed. Barry Cooper

URTEXT / Ed. Jonathan Del Mar

The The Masses Nine Symphonies

Mass URTEXT in URTEXT C / maj Ed. Barry op. / Ed. 86Cooper

Jonathan Del Mar

BA 9039

No. 9 in D min op. 125

BA 9009

URTEXT / Ed. Jonathan Del Mar

No. 3 in E-flat maj op. 55 “Eroica” Nine Conducting Scores

Symphony BA 9003No. 9 in D min op. 125 BA 9000 in a boxed set




/ Ed.




Del Mar

BA No. 9009-90 4 in B-flat Vocal maj score op. 60

Nine Study Scores

BA 9004

TP 900 in a boxed set

Finale A Pronunciation “Ode to Joy” Guide for Japanese Singers

With BA an No. 9009-90 introduction 5 C min Vocal op. on score 67 the work’s reception by Eizaburo Linen-bound Tsuchida full score of

Text booklet BA in 9005 Japanese

Symphony No. 9 in D min op. 125

A Pronunciation BA 9009-14 Guide for Japanese Singers Includes an introduction by Barry

With an No. introduction 6 F maj op. on 68 the “Pastoral” work’s reception by Eizaburo Cooper and Tsuchida the complete Critical

Text A Pronunciation booklet BA in 9006 Japanese Guide for Choral Singers Commentary (Eng)

Video BA available 9009-14 on the Bärenreiter website and on YouTube BA 9009-01

No. 7 in A maj op. 92

A Pronunciation BA 9007 Guide for Choral Singers

Video available on the Bärenreiter website and on YouTube

An die ferne Geliebte op. 98

Song URTEXT / Cycle Ed. Barry Cooper

for high voice and piano

An die BA 7862 ferne Geliebte op. 98

URTEXT / Ed. Barry Cooper

for high Publication

BA voice 9000and date: piano Spring 2020

BA 7862

No. 8 in F maj op. 93


BA 9008

Mass Missa in solemnis No. C maj 1 in C op. op. maj 86123

op. 21

No. 8 in F maj op. 93

No. 12 in C D maj op. 21 36THE BÄRENREITER No. 89 in CATALOGUE

F D maj min op. 93 125

BA 9039 9038 BA 9001

BA 9008

BA 9001 9002

BA 9008 9009

Missa solemnis No. 2 in D op. maj 123 op. 36

BA 9038 BA 9002

Symphony No. 9 in D min op. 125

Song Cycle


The Nine Symphonies

The Nine Symphonies

No. URTEXT 1 in C / maj Ed. Jonathan op. 21 Del Mar

BA 9001

No. 23 in E-flat D maj maj op. 36 op. 55 “Eroica” No. Nine 9 Conducting D min op. Scores 125

BA 9002 9003

BA 9009 9000 in a boxed set

No. 34 in E-flat B-flat maj op. 55 60“Eroica”

Nine Conducting Study Scores Scores

BA 9003 9004

BA TP 9000 in in a boxed a set set

No. 45 in C B-flat min op. maj 67 op. 60

Nine Linen-bound Study Scores full score of

BA 9004 9005

Symphony TP 900 in No. a 9 boxed in D min set op. 125

Includes an introduction by Barry

No. 56 in C F min maj op. 68 67 “Pastoral”

Linen-bound Cooper and the full complete score of Critical

BA 9005 9006

Symphony Commentary No. (Eng) 9 in D min op. 125

Includes BA 9009-01 an introduction by Barry

No. 67 in A F maj op. 68 92 “Pastoral”

Cooper and the complete Critical

BA 9006 9007

Commentary (Eng)

BA 9009-01

No. 7 in A maj op. 92

BA 9007

BA 9000

BA 9000

Publication date: Spring 2020

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