Bärenreiter Piano Album

Easy Classics for Piano

36 Originals from Bach to Satie

Ed. M. Töpel

Fingering by A. Töpel

☞ BA 8758

Bärenreiter Piano Moments

Favourite Classics arranged for

piano by Christoph Ullrich and

Andreas Skipis. With fingering

☞ Baroque BA 8764

☞ Classical BA 8765

☞ Romantic BA 8766

Klavier-Festival Ruhr

Bärenreiter Piano Album

Contemporary music

for two and four hands

Ed. T. Bleek, M. Töpel.

Fingering by P.-L. Aimard

and T. Stefanovich

☞ BA 9659

Bärenreiter Piano Album

From Handel to Ravel

39 Easy Originals for Piano

Ed. M. Töpel

Fingering by A. Töpel

☞ BA 8771

This collection contains

39 easy-to-play piano pieces

from the Baroque to the

Early Modern period.

It offers a wide-ranging

repertoire which includes

popular classical pieces but

also small gems such as Satie’s

“Berceuse and Méditation”.

Bärenreiter Piano Album

Early 20 th Century

Includes additional

explanations, suggestions

and information on the pieces


Ed. M. Töpel

☞ BA 6555

Piano Album Bärenreiter

Contemporary Composers

Ed. M. Töpel

☞ BA 8762

• Contemporary music for

beginners to advanced


• With suggestions for your

own improvisation

• Includes information

(Ger/Eng) on the pieces

Buckland, Graham


NEW 2019

Ancient Modes of Transport

Eight Pieces for Piano Four

Hands (piano duet)

☞ BA 10932

• Character pieces based on

2 types of modes; modes

of transportation and

church modes

• Piano duets ideal for

students during lessons

and for recitals

• Easy to moderate technical



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