Educational Music and

Collections for Piano Solo

These “Two-Part Piano

Miniatures on One Page” are

ingenious small piano pieces

for beginners which are

easy to play yet melodically

interesting. Here children are

introduced to the character

of classical music as well as

various dance forms: cha-chacha,

tango, waltz, polka, blues

and boogie-woogie.

Cofalik, Antoni

Twardowski, Romuald

At the Zoo for piano

☞ BA 8125

Hradecký, Emil


Two-Part Piano Miniatures

on One Page. 16 simple piano

pieces for beginners

☞ H 8034

The pieces are composed on

whole-tone, pentatonic and

gypsy scales and include a

folksong arrangement.

• Small recital pieces for

beginners at the piano

• Clever illustrations to kindle

children’s musical


Kleeb, Jean


Baila Negra. 13 new Latin-

American Piano Pieces

Ready to Play

☞ BA 10604

Graham, Peter



Subversive Etudes for piano

☞ BA 9585

These piano miniatures are

a distinctive and unusual

addition to the teaching

literature. They offer glimpses

into the musical cultures of

different countries (“Hunting

in Hungary”, “Gamelan”,

“Balkan Dance”, “African

Games”) and music history

(“Medieval Feast for the

Left-Handed”). Besides training

finger technique, the pieces

help students to think in terms

of counterpoint and to develop

an expressive delivery.

Joplin, Scott


NEW 2018


Easy arrangements for piano

by J. Kleeb

Ready to Play

☞ BA 10644

• 7 typical and well-known

pieces in their entirety

• Difficult passages are


• With fingering

Classic goes Jazz

With a CD including all pieces

☞ BA 8760

• Classical melodies in a jazz


• Pieces of medium technical


• Fun and variety guaranteed

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