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Northern Patagonia Lodge | NPL

Tres Rios Lodge | TRL

The River House I TRH

Estancia Huechahue | HCH

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Guests of PRG North enjoy signature service, state-of-the-art equipment and the country’s best

pro guides in Patagonia’s most northern region. Like all of PRG’s programs, PRG North offers the

most complete all-inclusive programs in the country so anglers don’t have to worry about a single

detail. The difference between PRG South, which manages only one lodge in each region, PRG

North utilizes a portfolio of huge private estancias surrounding the quaint towns of San Martín

and Junín de los Andes. The estancias offer first-class lodging, delicious food and wonderful

service in addition to private access to Northern Patagonia’s best waters. The private estancia

program is the best way to get a glimpse into authentic country lifestyle and culture at its best.

Incredible rivers such as the Chimehuín, Aluminé, Collón Cura, Malleo, Traful, Limay and the

Filo Hua Hum offer guests some of the best dry fly fishing in all of South America. Hatches are

prevalent including unique giant yellow mayflies, aphids, and willow worms. Classic mayfly,

stonefly and caddis hatches - similar to those in the Western US - also bring fish to the surface,

while pancora crabs and minnow runs keep trout fat and super charged.

Hundreds of miles of productive rivers and millions of acres of wide-open spaces await those

interested in fishing the Patagonia’s Northern Region, but careful planning and expert outfitting

is critical to make the most of one’s stay. PRG offers the knowhow and expertise to program and

then execute your ultimate flyfishing adventure.



Fish the Best Rivers with the Best Guides

PRG North is directed by PRG North partner, Alex Knull, along with Rance Rathie and Travis

Smith, founders of Patagonia River Guides. Alex was born and raised in the region and started

guiding for area outfitters and estancias when he was eighteen. Alex’s diverse experiences in

the region helped form a wealth of knowledge, especially considering that his family has been

involved in the industry for three generations. Alex books each PRG North trip and ensures

that each and every guest has a trip of a lifetime!

Guides are the strength of all of the Patagonia River Guides operations, and PRG was

specifically built around the principle to attract, train and retain the country’s best guides.

PRG North is no exception to the rule. As long-time pro guides and outfitters, Alex, Rance and

Travis understand that a good guide can often be the difference between an average trip and

the trip of a lifetime, which is why they take great care in maintaining the best guide staff in

the region. Without exception, PRG’s guides are talented professionals, enthusiastic teachers,

passionate fishermen and expert oarsmen. Apart from their extensive fishing skills, they also

enjoy sharing their local knowledge of flora, fauna, culture and history.




PRG North’s Estancia program is different from all other PRG Programs in that anglers can pick and

choose programs, lodges, and estancias that match their desires. Guests are matched with one of

PRG’s top guides and assistants. The guides stay on-site with the guests and often join them for

dinner. The estancia program is the most authentic program offered by PRG where guests will enjoy

a true working ranch, wide-open spaces, and private water within. Each lodge or estancia house has

distinct personnel, managers, and own culture. The history of the estancias are apparent in that most

areas have been settled for over a century, often being run by the same families, thus experiencing

very little development.

Long fishing days are the norm at the estancias, and it is not unusual to fish in the morning, return to

the estancia for a relaxing lunch, then resume fishing until dark. Another option is to spend the entire

day on the water, stopping to enjoy a wonderful picnic lunch set by the river.

Flexibility is the key to the estancia program and any length of stay from three days to two weeks

can be designed. In addition to the excellent estancias offered, PRG North is also home to PRG

Unplugged and any itinerary can also include a wilderness camping trip, offering a unique way to

experience 5-star lodges and 5-billion star skies in the same trip.


Contact us today! We’re happy to provide you with more information and to answer any of your

questions. We’re also happy to provide you with custom itineraries and pricing and to work with

you to book the fishing trip you have always dreamed of!

Step 1 Contact us and let us know the following:

• Preferred travel dates – month and if you have any flexibility

• Desired Length of stay – short, full week or extended

• Type of Lodge – Deluxe, authentic, remote or boutique

• Desired fishing preferences – walk, float or both

• Skill Level – expert, intermediate or novice

• Group Dynamics – fishing and non fishing members

Step 2 We´ll send you more information including:

• Available Dates

• Lodging and fishing options

• Complete itineraries for your stay

• Pricing details

• Pre-trip travel package and travel details

Step 3 Confirm your dates:

• Book your travel

• Send in a 50% deposit

• Plan for your trip




TPK - Tipiliuke Lodge

QQT - Estancia Quemquemtreu

UNP - PRG Unplugged Camps

MM - Mamuil Malal

SH - San Huberto

3RL - Tres Rios Lodge

CCL - Collon Cura Lodge

TLL - Tres Lagos Lodge

AV - Arroyo Verde














Gourmet food


Tipiliuke Lodge is located on fifty-thousand acre Estancia Cerro de los Pinos, a short twentyminute

drive from the town of San Martin de los Andes. As one of the finest five-star lodges in

the country, Tipiliuke offers nine bedrooms which can hold up to sixteen guests while limiting

the fishing activities to twelve anglers. Tipiliuke is distinguished for its incredible service,

deluxe accommodations, and gourmet meals. It is also well known for its private access to

over nine miles of the Chimehuín River, an equally large stretch of the Quilquihue River, and

a private spring creek. Tipiliuke, located in the center of the San Martin de los Andes region,

provides access to five other rivers within an hour drive.

The lodge has a comfortable living room with an open bar and an adjacent dining room. Lunches

are traditionally served outside, allowing guests to enjoy the warm and pleasant summer days.

It is customary, but not mandatory when fishing on the estancia, to return to the lodge for

lunch followed by an optional siesta. Anglers will appreciate long fishing days and ability to

fish late into the evening hatch.

The lodge offers a basic spa in a separate building including a wonderful sauna and special

room for massages. The amenities and service make Tipiliuke one of the best choices for

couples that are interested in non-fishing activities or just relaxing around the lodge. Tipiliuke

offers full and half-day options for horseback riding, hiking, bird watching and biking directly

from the lodge. Due to its proximity to San Martin and the National Park, it is also possible to

arrange other non-fishing activities such as: shopping, cultural tours, biking, kayaking, hiking,

golfing and climbing.





Day 1: ARRIVE to Chapelco Airport (CPC)

in San Martin de los Andes and transfer to

Tipiliuke Lodge (15 minute drive).

Day 2: Float a section of the Chimehuín River.

Day 3: Wade a section of the Malleo River.

Day 4: Fish Tromen Lake.

Day 5: Float a section of the Alumine River.

Day 6: Wade two sections of the Chimehuín

River within the ranch’s private access and

enjoy a great lunch at the lodge.

Day 7: Drive into the National Park

and wade the Filo Hua Hum River.

Day 8: DEPART from CPC airport in

San Martin de los Andes.

7 nights / 6 days package: $ 7,000

Nov. 1st to Dec. 28th

7 nights / 6 days package: $ 7,700

Dec. 28th to Jun. 1st





Cell phone Service

Deer hunting

Quail hunting


estancia quemquemtreu I qqt

Estancia Quemquemtreu (QQT) is one of the largest working estancias in the area encompassing

close to two hundred thousand acres. The main house and lodge sit in the middle of what used

to be a small town in the early 1900’s and are surrounded by corrals, paddocks, and over thirty

unique buildings. The estancia is everything one would imagine in a true Argentine working

ranch with over five thousand head of cattle and a small community of gauchos to tend the

livestock and estancia. The fishing lodge includes five spacious double rooms with a separate

building comprised of an additional five rooms designed to handle larger groups. The living

room and sitting area, classically decorated in English style, are centered around a cozy fireplace.

The lodge has a great feel and genuine warmth only topped by manager and host, Paula Eddy,

who has worked tirelessly since she was twenty years old maintaining the lodge and estancia

keeping it as authentic and exclusive as it was twenty five years ago. In addition to the lodge,

guests enjoy a separate building with a full open bar, pool table and quincho with an oversized

fire pit for asado night.

Guests of Quemquemtreu enjoy private access to more than twenty-five miles of the best

sections of the Collón Cura River, fifteen-miles of Quemquemtreu Creek, several miles of the

Caleufu, and a private spring creek. The Collón Cura is the crown jewel of the estancia and is

one of the most productive rivers in all of Argentina, offering a large main channel, hundreds

of side channels, and unique land-locked lagoons fed by spring water. Anglers can fish to large

browns and rainbows on foot or enjoy long float trips in our comfortable RO drift boats.



Normal mayfly, stonefly, and caddis hatches are prevalent in the river system, but the unique

hatches of willow worms during summer months and phenomenal minnow runs from mid

February onward are incredible and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Due to its distance from civilization, the lodge is unsuitable for non-anglers but perfect for

anglers who desire a flexible schedule, want to fish hard, and enjoy a truly unique and authentic

Argentine experience.

Estancia Quemquemtreu has plenty of water to fish for a whole month just on the Collon Cura

River. Nevertheless, we think it is an ideal destination for 2 or 3 full days of fishing during

the months of January, February and March, whereas in the earlier months of November and

December, adding miles and miles of the smaller Quemquemtreu Creek, staying for 4 or 5

without seeing the same piece of water is also possible.



Gourmet food

Family Friendly

Couples Friendly

PRG unplugged

PRG North offers exceptional overnight camping trips on the Caleufu, Aluminé and Limay

Medio Rivers. Guests choosing to “unplug” and get away from it all enjoy long and incredible

fishing days. Camping is often the highlight of the entire trip, and for those who like to fish

a few more hours or skip the “chitchat” at the lodges, the PRG Unplugged program offers

the perfect opportunity.

PRG’s Unplugged camps are deluxe and include a high level of service and surprising amenities.

Guests enjoy spacious tents outfitted with two comfortable beds, one for each angler

in double occupancy. This is not your ordinary camping setup as beds are furnished with fine

cotton linen, warm comforters, and down pillows, allowing guests to spend wonderful and

cozy nights under the stars. Camps are fully catered and come with a professional chef to prepare

both regional and gourmet meals _ cooked over the riverside fire! Our state-of-the-art

pressurized water system offers an endless supply of hot water for the private, enclosed shower.

In addition, all camps come with two private bathroom facilities and a unique 12-volt lighting

system for the tents, common areas, and trails making it easy to navigate the camp at any time

in the night. The camp includes a fully stocked bar with ice, mixers, delicious wines and snacks

to enjoy. Guests choosing PRG’s Unplugged program do not need to pack anything extra or special

for the trip and all camps include fresh towels, bathrobes, soap, shampoo, and headlamps.

Each morning, guests enjoy a healthy breakfast consisting of fresh fruits, cereals, and eggs

made to order before grabbing their rods and making their first casts right from camp. PRG’s

assistants pack up and reassemble the camp in a new location downstream and have hot pressurized

showers, crackling fire, appetizers and a full bar waiting guests. Dinner is nothing short

of amazing and evenings around the fire are memorable.



PRG Unplugged trips can be

organized at the beginning,

middle or end of a trip.

They may also be arranged

as a stand-alone adventure.

A minimum of four guests are

required to book a camp.

For pairs or single guests who

want to experience this unique

program, we recommend you

inquire about joining existing

groups. We are able to arrange

trips from a minimum of two

nights to a maximum of a full

week, although the majority of

trips last two to three days.







special combo!

with PRG Unplugged

for $4,900.00

(see page 46)

Family Friendly

Couples Friendly

Gourmet Food

Non-Fishing Activities

Horseback riding



Northern Patagonia Lodge I NPL


Northern Patagonia Lodge (NPL), owned and operated by Nervous Waters, is the newest lodging

choice for guests of PRG North. NPL and Nervous Waters pride themselves in running high-end

destinations in Argentina and abroad. PRG North has been selected to exclusively outfit NPL

with our top guides, state of the art gear, all-inclusive tackle program, and extensive river access.

The lodge accommodates a maximum of eight rods in four twin or double bedrooms and one

single room. Each guest suite is well-appointed, like one would expect at the world’s top

lodges and includes a private bathroom. The lodge offers two living rooms, a reading/internet

room, open kitchen, and a large dining area where guests enjoy delicious gourmet and

regional meals. Outside, anglers will enjoy a large deck, hot tub, and outside fireplace where

they can relax in the evenings and enjoy great views of the upper Chimehuín River.

The lodge is located a short 15-minute drive from the town of Junín the los Andes - the capital

of trout fishing of Patagonia. This strategic location allows for access to countless stretches of

four of the major rivers in Northern Patagonia (Malleo, Chimehuín, Aluminé and Collon Cura) along

with access to several lakes and smaller creeks, all within a one-hour drive. Guests booking

with PRG North will enjoy our signature fish a different river daily program with Argentina’s

top guides all while enjoying world class service and accommodations at Northern Patagonia

Lodge.NPL can easily be combined with other destinations in the PRG portfolio including

PRG’s Signature Unplugged camping program to add more diversity and to create a truly rich

and custom fly-fishing experience.

Non-anglers are also welcome and can choose from a wide variety of activities including:

horseback-riding, hikes of different difficulty levels, daily tours to San Martin and Junín de los

Andes, guided visits to the local Mapuche indian reservation, and other recreation or cultural

tours. Other options are available for guests of all ages, and those interested are encouraged

to contact us for more information.



Other Lodges and Estancias








Tres Rios Lodge is one of the newest lodges in the area located at the confluence of the Chimehuín

and Collon Cura Rivers. Set on a bluff overlooking both rivers, the lodge offers endless views of a

classic Patagonian landscape. Tres Rios holds up to eight guests in four double occupancy rooms,

providing a more intimate and exclusive experience than other estancias and lodges. The lodge is

beautifully constructed with a spacious living room and bar area connected to an adjacent dining

room. The lodge has an additional building which includes the mud room and welcoming fire-pit

for asados and to enjoy a refreshing cocktail before each dinner. An experienced chef prepares both

gourmet and local meals which are always accompanied by a great selection of Argentinian wines.

The service is simple, but top notch, enhancing the authentic lunch and dinner experience.

Due to its remote setting, Tres Rios is disconnected from the electrical grid and thus is constantly

generating its own electricity through solar panels and small windmills. The lodge has a large,

reliable solar-powered water tank which provides hot water throughout the day. Tres Rios Lodge

is truly a green-oriented and sustainability work of art.

Tres Rios Lodge has private access to ten miles of the Chimehuín River, an accessible river to wade

and dynamic river to float for those who would like to cover more water. The main section, right

before the confluence with the Collón Cura River, receives the least pressure because only guests

of Tres Rios are able to access this section without having to float more than ten miles to reach the

river at the border of the estancia. From Tres Rios, PRG North has access to an additional twenty

miles of the Collón Cura River and various side lagoons that hold large brown trout, offering a

great variety for 3 or 4 night stays.

Although remote and isolated, the lodge is just under an hour away from San Martin de los Andes,

allowing those looking to do more than fish to escape to town to enjoy an array of other activities.

Tres Rios Lodge is ideal for guests and anglers looking to enjoy the peace and tranquility of a

smaller lodge set in a pristine and quiet environment.











The River House is the newest offering from Estancia Cerro de los Pinos and Tipiliuke lodge. The

private house can accommodate a maximum of eight guests in four double rooms (all double

beds). Two suites offer private baths while the other two twin rooms share a bathroom. The main

house is distributed over three spacious floors. The first floor consists of a bright, inviting living

room connected to an elegant dining hall. Both the dining and living rooms have verandahs to the

garden offering beautiful Chimehuín River views. The two rooms sharing a bathroom are located

off a separate wing accessible through a glazed corridor overlooking the gardens. The second floor

is highlighted by a comfortable master suite with a double bathroom, dressing room, fireplace

and large terrace with panoramic views of the Chimehuin river. The second floor consists of an

additional suite with dramatic river views and a accompanying room used as a study and rest area.

The River House is managed by Tipiliuke Lodge, guaranteeing a high-level of service, excellent food

and warm atmosphere. PRG guests have private access to all of the estancia water, including ten

miles of the Chimehuín River, plus their recently improved private spring creek. The River House

also enjoys one mile of private water exclusive for guests of the house. There is a wonderful trout

pond, ideal for those wanting to get some practice before hitting the rivers. The River House’s

location offers a perfect central location to nearly all of the best rivers in Northern Patagonia and

perfect for small groups wanting a private venue. The River House is an ideal option for nonanglers

due to the privacy, coziness and atmosphere of the lodge. Non-anglers enjoy all of the

non-angling activities provided by Tipiliuke and PRG North, and because the River House is just a

short drive to San Martin de los Andes, day trips can easily be arranged.













estancia Huechahue I hch

Estancia Huechahue offers guests of PRG North a great central location and authentic cultural

experience. The lodge consists of a spacious main house with four bedrooms along with two

separate cabins with five additional bedrooms a short distance from the lodge. Meals and drinks

are served in the main house or in the incredible “quincho” where signature Argentine asados

are cooked over an open fire. Huechahue can be described as a no frills fishing lodge with casual

hosting and service but offering comfortable accommodation and authentic home-cooked meals.

The laid back atmosphere reflects the way many think a Patagonia experience should be and is a

good choice for anglers looking for a central fishing location at a lower daily rate.

From Huechahue, PRG North and our guests have the opportunity to fish a different river daily - the

signature program offered by PRG - with easy access to some of the best rivers in Argentina such

as: Chimehuín, Malleo, Collón Cura, Quilquihue, Catán lil, Filo Hua Hum, Limay and Aluminé.

Each day is totally different and the variety is incredible.

Estancia Huechahue is known as one of the finest estancias for horseback riding in all of

Patagonia. Other non- fishing activities are easily put together making the non-fisherman’s stay

at Huechahue as fun and exciting as the fishermans. These activities include: visits to San Martín

de los Andes, bird watching, day hikes, art tours, golf, and other cultural tours.

Huechahue is a great central location for 4 to 5 nights and can be easily combined with other

area estancias or PRG’s Unplugged camp.




Gourmet food

Couples friendly



Horse Back riding

Brid watching



San Huberto Lodge is known as one of the regions finest and is one of only two estancias with private

access to more than twenty miles of the most productive stretch of the Malleo River. The beautiful lodge

was completely renovated in 1999 and has room for up to sixteen guests but with a maximum of twelve

anglers at any time. The first floor of the lodge consists of the dining room with individual tables for

each group and a long corridor containing nine double and single rooms. On the second floor, a full bar

and living room surrounds a large fireplace allowing fishermen to gather for cocktails prior to dinner.

In conjunction with high-end service, gourmet meals are enjoyed each night after a late evening of dry

fly fishing.

The private water on the Malleo River is without question the crown jewel of San Huberto. The Malleo is

one of the most scenic and easily wadable rivers in the region and is also known to have the best hatches

of any river in Argentina. Mayflies, caddis, stoneflies, and terrestrials can be found at different times

throughout the season and match the hatch dry fly fishing is the norm. Apart from the unforgettable

Malleo, anglers fishing with PRG North have other options within a half hour drive including: Huaca

Mamuil Creek, Aluminé River float trips and dry fly fishing on Tromen Lake.

San Huberto borders Lanin National Park and overlooks the imposing Lanin Volcano. Scenery is

spectacular! Non-fishers are welcome at San Huberto and non-fishing guests can enjoy the sauna

and massage room as well as hiking around the property. PRG North can also organize numerous

non-angling activities including: visits to the towns of San Martin and Junin de los Andes, touring the

Mapuche Indian reservation, hiking around the base of the volcano, or an adventurous day of birdwatching

in this beautiful setting!



Horse-back riding

Regional food

Couples Friendly



Estancia Tres Lagos is a privately owned cattle ranch located forty miles southwest of San Martín de los

Andes and situated deep inside the Lanín National Park. Built at the end of the Filo Hua Hum Lake,

guests enjoy the lake’s amazing scenery from any room in the house. The main house is comprised

of a cozy sitting area, small but well stocked bar, and dining area where breakfast, lunch, and dinner

are all served. Apart from the main lodge, there are three separate cabins with two rooms and an

accompanying private bathroom for each. In the middle of the lawn, you will find a wonderful rustic hot

tub that many anglers enjoy in the evenings following a long day of fishing.

The main draw of Estancia Tres Lagos is the opportunity to fish the entire Filo Hua Hum River. This gin

clear mountain stream runs for about 15 miles connecting the two lakes. This stretch is not known for its

high quantity of fish, but rather its above average brown trout. The wade-only stretch provides anglers

the opportunity to stalk and target individual fish against the light colored bottom. Lake Nuevo and Lake

Filo Hua Hum are also options for catching good numbers of rainbows along with the occasional large

brown on attractor patterns. These lakes provide a great back up plan for overcast or windy days when

sight fishing is impossible on the river.

We generally recommend a two or three night stay at Tres Lagos in order to make the most of its magical

location. The lakes are great for fishermen of all skill level due to the numerous healthy sized fish that

occupy the systems; however, the river itself is technical and should only be considered by experienced

anglers. Non-fishing activities are limited to hiking and just enjoying the amazing estancia.



Couples Friendly


Horseback Riding


Bird Watching


Estancia Arroyo Verde is one of the finest lodges in all of South America. It is truly deluxe and offers

a high-end experience for discriminating guests. The estancia borders Nahuel Huapi National Park

and sits in one of the most magical valleys in all of Patagonia. The main house contains a quaint

bar, spacious living room and elegant dining room all surrounding a fireplace creating a cozy and

relaxing atmosphere. Attached to the main part of the lodge, four double bedrooms, each with

private bathrooms, located down a long corridor. In an adjacent building, there is an additional

guest bedroom with an en-suite bathroom and private porch. Finally, two miles from the lodge,

set on a cliff overlooking the lake, a private cabin with breathtaking scenery is available for those

desiring a truly unique and private experience.

Although fishing is limited to the Trafúl River, there are more than ten miles flowing through the

estancia and the only way to access and fish the best water is to stay on the estancia. Fishing

is challenging but guests always have the potential to catch trophy rainbows, browns as well as

landlocked salmon. Sight fishing is the norm and anglers must be willing and prepared to fish

dries, nymphs and streamers to wary fish in gin-clear water. Trophy fish are landed throughout

the season, but the river will produce just as many “skunks” as trophies, so anglers looking for

numbers or easier fishing should choose another destination.

Arroyo Verde is very popular among guests traveling with non-fishing spouses due to the extensive

offering of high quality non-angling activities such as horseback riding, hiking, and bird watching

right on the property along with top notch service and accommodation.



Couples friendly

Family Friendly

Regional Food





Estancia Mamuil Malal is located at the base of the Lanin Volcano on the south bank of the Malleo

River. The owners, Bertil and Dolores Grahn, offer their home as a casual, original and genuine

homestead. Mamuil Malal takes a maximum of eight anglers in four double rooms with private

baths. The lodge consists of a ground floor with a classic English-style country living room, bar and

dining area. Guest rooms are distributed throughout the second level and the owners occupy the

third floor. The Grahns serve home cooked meals and take pride in local and traditional dishes that

are both hearty and delicious. Wonderful snacks are provided at cocktail hour around the large

fireplace or at the quaint bar traditionally stocked with local wine, spirits and beer.

The estancia offers private access to the best stretches of the upper Malleo River and is what

really defines this as one of the most exclusive venues in Patagonia. The owners have also recently

improved a spring creek providing a secondary stream for those who enjoy wading small spring

creeks. From Mamuil Malal, guests can also easily fish the unforgettable Tromen Lake, which

offers exceptional dry fly fishing or venture off property and float one of several sections of the

Aluminé River.

Staying at Estancia Mamuil Malal is a unique experience providing an unparalleled opportunity

to fish the best of the Malleo River with a short five to ten minute drive. Some guests believe the

lodge is too casual; others make Mamuil Malal part of their annual routine and return each year

to fish the Malleo and enjoy Bertil and Dolores’ hospitality. The estancia and the Grahns are true

treasures of the ranching world in Patagonia.

Guests typically stay at Mamuil Malal for up to four nights then combine with a second estancia

such as: Estancia Quemquemtreu, Tres Lagos Lodge, Tres Rios Lodge or Arroyo Verde.




Couples Friendly


Gourmet Food.


Collón Cura Lodge offers a unique lodging option for those looking to fish Collón Cura with

easy access and short drives to over 30 miles of private access. The estancia is owned by Ted

Turner but managed by a charming local couple, Nano and Malú Acuña, who will make you

feel at home the moment you step on the property. The lodge offers a maximum capacity of

eight anglers in a charming outbuilding with four twin bedrooms, a large room with a satellite

TV, cozy fireplace and a computer for those who don´t carry their own and want to keep in

touch with thereal world. The mail lodge, although basic, offers an ample dinning room

adjacent to a beautiful and cozy sitting are and a wonderful covered porch.

The Collón Cura is one of Argentina’s finest rivers. Apart from the 30 miles of private water

on the estancia, there are an additional 45 miles of side channels, natural slews and lagoons

for anglers to fish. The river offers unique hatches and excellent dry fly fishing and both

floating and walk wading options. The upper and middle sections of the Limay River are also

accessible with longer drives making Collon Cura lodge a great option for three to four days.

Overall, Collon Cura Lodge provides a basic but comfortable base camp and strategic location

for three to four days of fishing and for those that anglers who want to fish both the Collon

Cura and Limay medio from a lodge and are not interested in camping with PRG Unplugged.






Our itineraries are tailor made for each customer taking into consideration: length of stay; type

of lodge; desired fishing; and group dynamics. Please use the itineraries as examples of how a

week in Northern Patagonia can be fully enjoyed. The combinations are limitless so contact us

for more information and to plan your own custom adventure!


7 Nights | 6 days fishing.

Enjoy the San Martin area and National


Day 1: Arrive Tipiliuke Lodge.

Day 2, 3, 4 & 5: Fish any of the various rivers

in the area such as the Chimehuin, Alumine,

Malleo, Quilquihue or Filo Hua Hum Rivers.

Day 6: Transfer to either Arroyo Verde

Lodge to fish the Traful River or to Estancia

Tres Lagos to wade the Filo Hua Hum and

fish all day.

Day 7: Fish the Traful River or the Filo Hua Hum.

Day 8: Depart San Martin or Bariloche Airport.

Price: $5,950 to $7,700 per person

depending on lodges and season.


9 nights | 8 days of fishing.

Combine two or three lodges for the

most variety.

Day 1: Arrive San Martin Airport. Transfer

45 minutes to San Huberto Lodge.

Day 2, 3, & 4: Wade the Malleo River,

float the Alumine or fish Tromen Lake.

Day 5: Transfer to Tres Rios Lodge, Quemquemtreu,

Tipiluke or other.

Day 6 & 7: Fish full days.

Day 8: Transfer to final estancia like Tres Lagos

or Arroyo Verde and enjoy a full day fishing

in the National Park.

Day 9: Full day fishing from Tres Lagos or

Arroyo Verde.

Day 10: Depart San Martin or Bariloche Airport

Price: $7,650 to $9,900 per person

depending on lodges and season.


7 nights |6 days of fishing

Combining Northern Patagonia

Lodge & PRG Unplugged

Spring: November 1st to December 28th

Fall: March 7th to May 30th

Day 1: Arrive San Martin Airport transfer

to Northern Patagonia Lodge (NPL)

Day 2, 3 & 4: Fish a variety of rivers from NPL

Day 5: Depart on a two-night camping trip

down the Limay River with PRG Unplugged.

Full day fishing.

Day 6: Fish the Limay River full day night

at campsite.

Day 7: Fish the Limay River full day.

Day 8: Depart San Martin, Neuquén or

Bariloche Airport.

Price: $4,900


These are great for single anglers and

those wanting to join a fun group. Please

inquire about any pre-set itineraries. These

trips are generally pre-planned with single

anglers in mind where they do not have

to worry about single angler supplements.

Some are classic seven-night itineraries at

high-end lodges and some are extended

trips which can include a variety of lodges,

plus a couple of nights camping and possibly

a night in the town of San Martin de

los Andes giving the adventurous anglers

a chance to see it all. Flexibility may be

required as the itineraries and dates are

already fixed.


7 Nights | 6 days fishing.

Tipiliuke & Quemquemtreu.

Day 1: Arrive CPC Airport transfer 15 minutes

to Tipiliuke Lodge.

Day 2, 3 & 4: Fish Chimehuín, Aluminé, Malleo,

Quilquihue or Filo Hua Hum River.

Day 5: Fish the Collón Cura River your gear

transferred to Estancia Quemquemtreu.

Day 6 & 7: Fish different sections of the Collón

Cura River.

Day 8: Depart CPC Airport.

Price: $6,550 to $7,100 per person

depending on season.


7 Nights | 6 days of fishing.

Central Lodge + PRG Unplugged Camp

Day 1: Arrive San Martin Airport. Transfer 45

minutes to Huechahue or Northern Patagonia


Day 2, 3, 4 & 5: Fish Collon Cura, Chimehuín,

Aluminé, Malleo, Quilquihue or Filo Hua Hum


Day 6: Depart on a two-night camping trip

down the Limay River with PRG Unplugged.

Full day fishing.

Day 7: Fish the Limay River full day camp on


Day 8: Depart Neuquen Airport.

Price: $4,900 to $6,000 per person

depending on lodges and season.


Choose any lodge or program:

4 Nights | 3 days fishing or

5 Nights | 4 days fishing.

Day 1: Arrive San Martin airport.

Transfer 15-45 minutes to the lodge.

Day 2, 3, 4 & 5: Fish any of the various rivers

within reach from the selected lodge.

Day 6: Depart San Martin Airport.

Price: $3,400 to $5,500 per person

depending on lodges and season.


Choose any two lodges + PRG Unplugged


10 Nights | 9 days of fishing.

Day 1: Arrive CPC airport. Transfer 15-45

minutes to the lodge.

Day 2, 3, & 4: Fish any of the various rivers

in the area.

Day 5: Fish a river in between lodges. Gear

transferred to the lodge. Full day fishing.

Day 6 & 7: Fish different rivers or different

sections of private water.

Day 8: Depart on a two-night camping trip

down the Limay River with PRG Unplugged.

Full day fishing.

Day 9 & 10: Fish the Limay River full day.

Day 11: Depart Neuquen, Bariloche or San

Martin airport.

Price: $8,300 to $9,600 per person

depending on lodges and season.


Price is based on lodges chosen and number of days in your itinerary. Prices also depend on season but

vary between $750 and $1,100 per night per person. The higher end prices include deluxe lodging and

fine dining, while the lower end prices include comfortable lodging, regional foods, and standard food

and beverage. Every trip booked with PRG North is ultra all-inclusive and includes: all lodging, food and

beverage; local transportation, fishing license, and private water fees; all fishing gear and tackle like

Simms waders and boots, Winston rods, Hatch Reels, dry bags, ALL flies, leaders, tippet; pro guide plus

assistant guide (1:1 guiding for wade trips); pre-trip travel and logistic services..




PRG takes pride in offering custom packages and programs

for each guest, and we personally handle every booking

and every reservation. The process is simple: tell us what

you want to experience, when you can travel, and we’ll

recommend the best program for your desires and

timeframe. During the booking process, we will send you

complete pre-trip information, link you with PRG’s travel

professionals, and help you with every step along the way.

Visit for

complete information on all of PRG’s programs,

to read more on our blog, and to join our

newsletter. Contact us for more information

and to reserve a spot today!


PRG’s programs are all inclusive and

we are proud to provide every guest


• Simms Waders and Boots

• Winston Rods

• Abel Reels

• All Flies, leaders, tippet,

fishing license, and other

tackle necessary

• All food and beverage including wine,

beer, liquor

• Professional and assistant guide per

two fishermen - everyone enjoys a

single guide while wading

• Local Transportation

• Private water and access fees

• Non-fishing activities

• Free professional travel assistance to book

your trip

• Complete pre-trip travel information

and personal service


PRG offers a different approach to outfitting, fishing, lodging, and service than any other

fishing company in Argentina. We believe that if you are going to travel five thousand miles to

go flyfishing, you might as well have it all. The PRG brand represents quality and we’re proud

to offer the absolute best programs in Patagonia. We understand that guests are buying

an experience, and to many, time is everything. It is our desire to provide that “once in a

lifetime” experience and to maximize enjoyment in every aspect of the trip from lodging,

food, and beverage to the actual sporting adventure itself. We are also proud to offer the

most friendly and professional staff ensuring enjoyment on and off the water.

We personally book, handle, and host every trip so that you aren’t sold something we can’t

deliver. If you have been to Patagonia before, we promise your experience with PRG will be

different. If you have never been to Argentina before, we know you will be completely blown

away by the friendliness of the people, the beauty of the country, and the incredible flyfishing.

Contact us today to start designing your ultimate flyfishing adventure and remember that we

can organize any kind of trip from family trips, corporate trips, couples trips, trips for buddies,

trips for single anglers, etc. and trips of any length.




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