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Mission: Haiti To Sponsor Community Health Outreach This Fall

There are as many stories from Haiti

as there are people living there. Some are

stories of triumph over tragedy, sacrifice for

others, persevering in poverty. Too many

stories are of people struggling an many

failing against the terrible hardships of

daily life in a country filled with obstacles.

Too many children given away orphanages,

parents distraught at the loss of their

families, elderly without anyone to care

for them, families without the basic needs

of life. Sometimes we think that people

should be able to rise above, work harder,

be more resourceful, but after 20 year of

working in Haiti I can attest to the fact the

people of Haiti are very hardworking and

tremendously resourceful.

Unfortunately, at times they are

resourceful to their own detriment. They

build homes, unsturdy shelters really, from

whatever they can find: tarps, broken

cement block, found lumber and plywood,

cardboard, palm branches, mud and straw.

Mothers make mud cookies using dirt,

water, and a little salt or oil if they have

it, then dry them in the sun, to fill the

stomachs of their children so they don’t cry

from hunger.

If only we could help every child and

every family in Haiti but no organization can

be all things to all people. We believe that it

is our job to help those God place before us

with the resources we receive. We do our

best to invest in people so they can invest in

their families, communities and churches.

Our great resource is the Love of God

shown through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Good News is central and primary in all

we undertake. Beyond that we strive to use

the resources of talent, time and

treasure as the Holy Spirit leads to

benefit those God places before us.

In some cases, the support

we offer is medical, or educational.

Sometimes, the need is food, a

community goat co-operative

or a business grant. Through

the generosity of individual and

church partners, Mission: HAITI

presently sponsors 22 students in 9 schools

and universities in 7 communities. Getting

kids in schools and keeping them there is

paramount to keeping families together

and helping communities help themselves.

When we sponsor a child and enroll them

in school the family receives a mentor and

assistance to become a contributing

part of the community. Sponsoring a

child in school is only $30 a month.

Mission: Haiti will sponsor a

Community Health Outreach this

coming October and 8 to 10 servant

teams in 2020 including a conference

for 100 Haitian teachers, teams to help

complete stucco, painting and the

entryway to a church in Colminy, Haiti;

set up a water harvesting project for

the church and school that was just

completed with the help of a dozen

different individuals and churches.

We can’t do everything, but with

the help of the Body of Christ we can

make a difference in lives that will

build healthier families, churches and

communities in Haiti.



by Helen Roenfeldt

Executive Director

Mission: Haiti

For more information on how you

can be part of a servant team, sponsor

education, agriculture or water or

community building projects in Haiti, see

our website missionhaiti99.org, email us

missionhaiti99@aol.com or call (954) 868-

8218. a

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