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This month, we recognize the 50th anniversary of

two compelling events that took place in U.S.

history. During a four day span in July of 1969,

mass elation and isolated devastation filled the air.

The Apollo 11 lunar mission ignited the hopes and

dreams of millions all around the world.

In the same window of time, the hopes and

dreams of one aspiring young woman, were

abruptly extinguished in Edgartown,

Massachusetts. To this day, the details surrounding

her drowning remain shrouded in a political

cloud of mystery. Rumor has it, the massive

news coverage of the Apollo 11 mission, was

strategically utilized to overshadow the circumstances

surrounding her death.

Her passing came just eight days before what

would have been her twenty ninth birthday. The

pain felt by her family and friends must have been

immeasurable. Especially for her parents, as she

was their only child. Her tragic story has never

garnered the attention it deserved. Sadly

however, on rare occasions, she is sited as a mere

footnote when one particular political figure's fall

from grace is mentioned.

This song focuses on my interpretation of the

deception and lies surrounding this tragedy. I

spent countless hours crafting these lyrics, so the

timeline would reflect all the stories passed down

over the last 50 years.

A special thanks to Rocka Studio for capturing the

emotions of my lyrics, and producing another

quality work of art.

Please take a moment to read my interpretation of

these events, and listen along to the accompanying

link containing the song, "The Lyin", regarding

this pivotal time in our nation’s history.










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