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to second or third, changing to a

narrator’s voice, or stepping away

from the story line to give some

background. For instance, in Born

to Run, Springsteen slows down

for a few bars to proclaim his

undying love for Wendy beforeback

back down “highways

jammed with broken heroes.” In

The Dock of the Bay, Otis Redding

laments that, in the end, his journey

to the West Coast was a bust.

In America, Simon and Garfunkel

bring us from the idea of the bus

trip onto the bus itself, showing

the interaction between the characters

as they make their way up

the New Jersey Turnpike.

To my mind, there’s a rule that

says a song should have only one

bridge, but there's another rule

that says all rules in songwriting

should sometimes be broken. In

other words, one bridge is almost

always enough, but sometimes it’s

not. If that’s the case, write another

one. On occasion, I’ve used a

second instance of the bridge for

the solo section, just to shake

things up a bit. Note that it’s also

OK to have no bridge at all. And if

you repeat a bridge too many

times, it becomes something

other than a bridge—more like

another verse or chorus.

Happy SongwR x iting

The Lyrics Doctor

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