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Russian made missile explodes in Cyprus

Story: UK Defence Journal: George Allison

A missile has exploded in

Northern Cyprus, according

to Deputy Prime Minister

of Northern Cyprus Kudret


The missile fell on a mountainside

around 1 am on

Monday. The impact reportedly

set hills ablaze and was

heard for miles around.

No casualties have been


The first assessment is that

a Russian-made missile

which was part of the air defense

system that took place

last night in the face of an air

strike against Syria, completed

its range and fell into

our country after it missed,”

Turkish Cypriot Foreign

Minister Kudret Ozersay

said in a post on Facebook.

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Typhoons scrambled twice in one day to intercept Russian aircraft

Story: UK Defence Journal: George Allison

Typhoon fighter jets operating from

Ämari Air Base in Estonia launched

twice on Tuesday 25th June to intercept

Russian military aircraft flying close to

(but not inside) Estonian airspace.

Typhoons first intercepted a Russian

military transport aircraft before later

intercepting two Russian Flanker fighters

and another military transport aircraft.

This is a routine mission for the Typhoons

conducting NATO enhanced

Air Policing, providing reassurance that

the UK is working in partnership with


The contacts on both scrambles flew safely

and operated in a professional manner

throughout the intercept.

Squadron, attached to 121 Expeditionary

Air Wing (EAW), who was conducting

Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) duty when

the first scramble was called said in an

MoD release:

“We were scrambled to intercept a single

aircraft that was flying down the Finnish/

Estonian border from the East. We were

tasked to identify the contact and shadow

which is standard protocol. More here...

A Typhoon pilot from XI(Fighter)

Ministry of Defence to step up effort to tackle veteran suicide crisis

Viv Johnston, mother of special forces hero Danny

Johnston, has been among those demanding change.

Story: The News Image: Tom Cotterill

LEADING defence

ministers are drawing up

a major action plan to

tackle Britain’s veteran

suicide crisis, it can be

revealed today.

In a victory for The

News, the Ministry of

Defence has bowed to

public pressure and will

now take greater action

to protect future loss of

life among the nation’s

ex-forces community.

It follows an investigation,

spearheaded by

this paper and its parent

company JPIMedia,

revealed the nation

didn’t record the number

of veterans killing themselves.

The government had

been accused of turning

a blind eye to the issue,

with the study revealing

that the UK did not

monitor the number of

veterans taking their

lives, unlike allies such

as the USA, Canada and


Defence secretary Penny

Mordaunt has now drafted

new proposals which

will include expanding

on-going studies and

creating a suicide monitoring


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