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Veterinary practice

“The Needle”

Last week the decision was

made to open up my beautiful

girl Lola to retrieve a “bent

needle” somewhere in her

abdomen. I debated over this

for 24 hours as I don’t like

her having anaesthetics and

I hate cutting her open. She

was telling me she wasn’t

right though, lagging behind

on walks and eventually not

wanting to leave the house,

tucked up sore in her abdomen,

head hung low and those sad

eyes staring at me. She may not

speak English but she sure talks

to me.

She is loved and adored by

everyone at the clinic so my

nurses took blood from her

and run them in house. Everything tested

was within normal limits. Richard Lucy then

ultrasounded her abdomen and again

nothing of concern was seen - thankfully.

We radiographed her spine which appeared

normal. What we did find was what looked

to be a needle

sitting ventrally

in her abdomen. I

was aware of the

needle after her

first surgery to

remove her kidney

due to cancer. The

specialist surgeon

mistakenly had

left it behind. I had

been monitoring

its position with

regular X-rays

and it hadn’t

moved in years.

Last week when

we radiographed her the needle

had moved and appeared bent,

necessitating removal.

My colleague surgically operated

on Lola as I find it difficult to cut my

girl open. The rusty looking needle was

removed and it had passed through a lobe

of liver causing adhesions to the peritoneal

wall lining. This would have caused her pain.

These were freed up and she was closed and

recovered so quickly with the aid of our “Bear

Hugger’ which blows warm air around Lola

on recovery.

She’s getting lots of TLC at

home and work and with my

clients. She’s adored by so

many and everyone wants

her to recover speedily. She’s

fought kidney cancer and

chemo, split pad disease and

intervertebral disc disease.

She’s hard to keep down

and out for too long. So far

so good ( Lucky her parents

are vets!!)- she’s more

comfortable and

moving better and

that needle had

to go!!

Dr Michele


Bus lanes planned

for Addington

• By Georgia O’Connor-



lanes could be installed

on Lincoln Rd and

Moorhouse Ave in a bid to

stop buses from running

behind schedule during

rush hour.

A decision on

introducing bus priority

measures on the two busy

roads to try cut travel

times for public transport

is expected to come to the

city council on Thursday.

City council staff have

recommended peak hour

bus lanes on the inbound

and outbound sides of

Lincoln Rd between

Moorhouse Ave and

Whiteleigh Ave and on the

south side of Moorhouse

Ave between Selwyn St and

Lincoln Rd.

The inbound bus lanes

would operate between

7am-9am on weekdays

while the outbound lanes

would operate between

4-6pm on weekdays.

If the recommendation

is approved, it expects to

reduce average bus trip

times by about 6.5min in

the evening and 4.5min in

the morning.

But split views has meant

a report on the proposal

will go to the city council

without a recommendation

from the Spreydon-

Cashmere Community


A report was presented

to the board on Tuesday.

Chairwoman Karolin

Potter and deputy

chairwoman Melanie

Coker voted against the

recommendation while

board members Helene

Mautner and Lee Sampson

voted in favour.

Mrs Potter was initially

Karolin Potter Lee Sampson Melanie Coker

supportive of having

bus priority lanes which

allowed buses to get the

green light 40-50sec

ahead of other vehicles

at the Barrington St,

Whiteleigh Ave, Lincoln

Rd intersection.

But she then supported

Dr Coker’s view to go

with the second option by

council staff of “no return”

bus lanes which means

there would be peak bus

lanes in the morning but

not in the afternoons.

“The theory behind that

is while there are time

constraints over getting

people to work and their

appointments in town

the same time constraints

don’t exist for people

returning,” Mrs Potter


Dr Coker said it

would make it viable for

businesses in the evening

to have customers park out

the front otherwise they

will lose their customers.

“It still means that

people can take the bus

more reliably into town on

their way to work to get

there on time,” she said.

City councillors Tim

Scandrett and Phil

Clearwater were absent

from the meeting.

Mrs Potter said she

tried to leave the matter

on the table to allow Crs

Scandrett and Clearwater

to vote, but other members

of the board informally

turned it down.

Last year, the city council

sought feedback on the

plan to introduce the bus

priority measures and

received 247 submissions.

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