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Summer Newsletter

Suite 125

Summer 2019

Volume 36

Number 2

Indianapolis Landscape Association














2002 W 3RD ST



Three decades of field work, research, design, innovation and testing go into crafting the most advanced

cutting machines in the world. You’ll see, firsthand, why the most respected landscape professionals trust

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Based on QZE702GEM42200 • 42” fabricated

deck • Exmark 702 V-Twin engine • Up to

7.0 mph

Based on RAE702GEM44300 • 44” UltraCut

Series 3 deck • Exmark 702 V-Twin engine

• Up to 8.0 mph

deck • FX751V Kawasaki ® engine • Up to 8.0 mph


Visit or your dealer for complete financing details.

*Trusted 2-to-1 over the next best-selling brand of zero-turn mowers. Based on U.S. Data study by Wiese Research Associates Inc. Market Share and Additional Equipment Study (February 2016)

2019 Indianapolis Landscape Association

Officers and Board of Directors


President..........Brian Franco

Franco Landscaping

Phone (317) 858-3858

Vice President..Joshua Brown

Tiffany Lawn &

Garden Supply, Inc.

Phone (317) 228-4900

Secretary......... Wesley Addington

Wesley’s Landscape

and Lawncare

Phone: (317) 867-1796

Board of Directors

Term Expires 2019:

Term Expires 2020:

Term Expires 2021:

Matthew Kelly - The Turf Boss, LLC

Phone (317) 769-5912

Blake Herbst - Aspen Outdoor Designs

Phone: (317) 774-0156

Ryan Coyle - Vive Exterior Design

Phone (317) 773-9933

Todd Engledow - Engledow Group

Phone (317) 575-1100

Bret Berry - Barthuly Irrigation

Phone (317)873-3700

Treasurer.........Chris Geryak

MG Landscape & Irrigation

Phone: (317) 861-6080


Director............Jim Calvin

Calvin Landscaping

Phone (317) 247-6316

Rick Hughes - Automatic Supply

Phone (317)842-3123

Executive Financial

Officer: David Todd - Phone (317) 691-1752


4000 West 106th Street, Suite 125

Carmel, IN 46032

Indianapolis Landscape Association

As I write this

letter over

Memorial Day

weekend, I would

like to thank all

those who have served in our armed forces that

protect us and this great country we live in. It

is because of what you do that makes this a safe

place to live in and great country to call home!

Living here in Indiana, we all know that the

weather is so unpredictable. The age-old saying

of “April showers bring May flowers” seemed

fitting at the beginning of May, but at the end

of May that phrase should be reconsidered.

This year, our “April showers brought nothing

but May showers” and because of that, we had

trouble getting our flowers planted! As far as

temperatures are concerned, this has been a

great spring. We were able to go days without

the heat or the air conditioning on and just being

able to enjoy the spring temps has been nice. If

only if the sun would come out! This rain has

put a damper on all of our spring projects. It

has not necessarily been a problem starting the

project, but it’s been a problem finishing them

up, especially all the grading jobs that need to be

completed. I call this the challenges of running

a landscape business as are so dependent on our

weather. Even the farmers in the agricultural

industry cannot get their crops in yet and this is

the latest that I have ever seen farmers start to

work in the fields.

our bus trips, it’s a great experience learning new

things, and networking with your fellow peers,

and building great vendor relationships.

Please make your calendars for the annual golf

outing that comes up on Friday September, 13.

Once again, our golf committee has done an

excellent job putting together this event, we plan

on having a sellout crowd, so please register

early. I believe last year we only had eight spots

left to be considered as a complete sellout, and

with some great additions this year we plan on

having a full crowd. This is, by far, the largest

golf outing that the green profession has to offer

and the most organized and well-run golf outing

that you could attend! You don’t want to miss it

so once your email invite arrives, please be sure

to sign up early before all spots are gone.

Now that summer is here, I want to wish

everybody a successful summer and great

working conditions that, in turn, will create

good profitability for all. Don’t hesitate to send

me a message if you need any help, or if I can

answer any questions. Thank you for being a

valued member of the Indianapolis Landscape


Everything happens for a reason. Just make the

best of it!

Brian Franco

ILA President

Please mark your calendars for our annual

educational bus trip coming up August 15-

16. We’ve gone back to our original format

of two days and one night. We are traveling

to Illinois and going to Aquascapes for an

afternoon of learning and fun. The committee

also has selected a great resort to stay in that

night. They have a couple more stops planned

at Ball Seed Company You can learn more and

register by visiting

event-3257719. If you’ve never attended one of


Indianapolis Landscape Association

My name is Susie Zabel, and I am the 2019

Decorator Chair for the St. Margaret’s Guild

Decorators’ Show House and Gardens

in Indianapolis, an annual event and the

longest-running show house in the country.

All monies raised during the show house

season are donated to Eskenazi Health, an

Indianapolis-based care center focused on

providing health without “bias or financial

consideration.” We have been raising money

for the hospital since 1908. To date, we

have raised in excess of 13 million dollars.

This year, proceeds will specifically benefit

Eskenazi Hospital’s Center for Nursing Excellence,

one of only three in the nation.

I am grateful to Brian Franco and the board of

the ILA for assembling a team to blind judge all

participating landscape architects in this year’s

show house, which was held at 4160 Washington

Boulevard in Indianapolis. The grounds this year

were exceptional. Many of our patrons spent an

extended amount of time walking around the

gardens after touring the interior of the home. The

gardens greeted our patrons as they approached

the property and welcomed them as they exited the

back of the home, encouraging them to stay awhile.

I believe the quality of the landscape had a direct

impact on the success of this year’s event. I am

excited about the continued support of the ILA and

believe it will be beneficial to all of us.

Your source for landscape and building stone products.

4455 E. Conner St., Noblesville, Indiana 46060


In August, an invitation will be sent to past

participating firms and those expressing an interest

in participating in the event to a Designer Coffee

where they will tour the property and list their

top choices for design spaces. Normally we gain

possession of the property in late January to start

work. The 2020 Decorators’ Show House and

Gardens will run from April 25 – May 10, 2020.

I hope you consider participating in this great event.

I personally find the experience of working alongside

talented people, for such a worthy cause, extremely

rewarding; I feel certain you will too.

Feel free to visit our website

for further info and contact the 2020 Decorator

Chair, Margaret Murrmann, with any

additional questions. You can reach Margaret at


Margaret will be sending out

the invitation to the Designer

Coffee in early August. Please

let her know before then if

you would like to join us.

All the best,


Susie Zabel

Decorator Chair

2019 Decorators’ Show House

Saint Margaret’s Hospital Guild


Trees Growing in Indiana from the Moon!

A moon tree was planted on the grounds of the State

House in Indianapolis.

There are trees growing in Indiana from the

moon! “What?”, you say. “Trees don’t grow

on the moon!” True, but during the Apollo

14 mission in 1971, which included Alan

Shepard, Edgar Mitchell and Stuart Roosa,

the astronauts were allowed to take a personal

kit. Many remember Alan Shepard’s famous

golf shot from the surface of the moon, but few

remember that Stuart Roosa carried 400-500

seeds in his kit as he orbited the moon.

Upon their return to earth, it was thought

that the seeds were lost because the

canister that they were in burst open during

decontamination, but afterwards they

successfully germinated, and the seedlings

were used to mark the American Bicentennial

in 1976. Unfortunately, records were not

kept as to where the seedlings were sent, but

some known plantings included the White

House, Valley Forge, Washington Square in

Philadelphia, Brazil, Switzerland and, possibly,


Seedlings were in hot demand for the Bicentennial

as Senators and other dignitaries

clambered for a tree from “out of this world”.

This project became later known as the “Moon

Tree Project”. If you know of another moon tree

please contact Dave Williams at NASA. Dave.

“Consulting Arborist Corner” is brought to you

by Jud Scott, an ILA member and a Registered

Consulting Arborist. As a Consulting Arborist, Jud

is available to assist you with tree care and tree

conflicts that may arise. Jud can be reached at

Jud Scott Consulting Arborist LLC, 317-815-8733

or by email at Website



In Indiana, one sycamore (Platanus

occidentalis) was sent to Camp Koch Girl

Scout Camp, one sycamore was sent to Lincoln

State Park, two sweetgums (Liquidambar

styraciflua) were sent to the U.S. Forest Service

for their office at Tell City, and one sycamore

was sent to the State House in Indianapolis.

Hoosier National Forest

More than a showroom for

major manufacturers…

O’Malia’s is the local go-to home store for questions, parts and service.

Give your customers the peace of mind knowing it is backed by local

family service.


Judson R. Scott

Registered Consulting Arborist

Consultant to the Professionals!

● Tree Appraisals

● Tree Inspection Programs

● Hazard Tree Analysis

● Premise Liability Audits

● Expert Witness Services

● Forensic Analysis

● Arboricultural Dispute


● Tree Preservation Planning

4721 East 146th Street

Carmel, IN 46033

(317) 846-3778

Lafayette, IN



South Bend, IN



Indianapolis, IN


Fort Wayne, IN


Bloomington, IN



Indianapolis Landscape Association

1. What year was your firm established?

- Reed + Everett was established in 2016.

2. What market segments do you currently

service (i.e. commercial maintenance,

residential design/build, commercial/

residential mowing or fert, etc.)?

- We serve the residential and commercial sectors.

3. Roughly, how many employees do you

employ at your peak?

- We currently have two owners and one designer.

4. What motivates you to get up and do

what you do every day?

- We are motivated by our drive to provide

creative design solutions for our clients and to

protect their vision with our expertise from design

to construction. Our motivation is driven by

customer feedback and company growth that they

achieve from collaborating with Reed Everett.

5. What interested you most to join the


- Our interest came from conversations with

current ILA members, who we work with.

Having the opportunity to interact with other

professionals in the industry is something we

feel is very important, and ILA would allow us to

accomplish that.

6. What one piece of equipment can you

not do without?

- Our computers and the software that we

run are crucial components to the operation

of our company. These tools allow us to produce

architectural plans and renderings for our

contractors. The documents we produce are

essential for sales, construction and approval for our


7. What one piece of equipment would you

most like to own? (that you presently do not)

- We strive to continuously update and advance our

use of technology.

8. What do you like to do with your non-work


- I am an avid golfer. I have been fortunate enough to

play some of the best courses around the country.

9. What is your favorite part of the year and


- Our favorite part of the year, related to our work, is

spring time. The design process continues throughout

the winter months, and installation happens once

spring hits. Outside of work is the fall season. The fall

colors and cooler weather makes for great golf.

10. What is at least one thing you would like to

see changed in our industry?

- The biggest change we would like to see is the

collaboration between professionals in our industry.

Using resources that are available to increase

production and profitability is very important. For

example there is no reason to waste time on design

and sales when you have a team of professionals

that are able and willing to complete that for you,

especially if this option is more cost effective for

business operations.




POLYON® Controlled-Release Fertilizer. Feeding YOUR Success.

POLYON® is a radically different fertilizer concept – one that can deliver radically better

growing results for you. The key to the consistent, predictable release of POLYON® fertilizer

is all in the exclusive, durable polymer membrane that coats each granule (our proprietary

reactive-layer coating, or RLC). During the coating phase of the manufacturing process,

a bond is formed with the substrate ensuring consistency and durability in every particle.

Choose POLYON® and you will get guaranteed results backed by our POLYGRAPH® Guarantee.

For more information visit or contact Gary!

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Indianapolis Landscape Association

John Deere 331G

Track Loader

• Cab with Heat & A/C

• Joysticks

• Rearview camera

• Wide tracks

• LED Lights

Great financing and lease options available! *

Equipment | Service | Parts:











*Subject to approval from John Deere Financial. Some restrictions apply.

See Reynolds Farm Equipment for details.


Dear ILA Newsleaf reader,

My name is Matthew Kelly.

I am a current ILA board

member and small business

owner in the professional

green industry. I am

humbling serving as your

GIA Board Secretary in

addition to my role as an

ILA board member. The

Green Industry Alliance (GIA) is a united body representing

every facet of the green industry in Indiana. GIA represents

organizations such as the Indianapolis Landscape

Association, Indiana Nursery and Landscape Association,

Indiana Professional Lawn & Landscape Association, and

Indiana Irrigation Contractors. A main benefit of being

under the GIA ‘umbrella’ is that we work directly with The

Corydon Group to monitor and protect our professional

industry through legislation.

ongoing topic in the green industry national legislation


Now, as for Indiana, things are quiet on the legislative

front. We will update you as things get closer to the

beginning of the next session. GIA will be hosting our

annual golf outing on July 18, 2019 at Twin Lakes

Golf Club. Registration begins at 10 am, with lunch at

the clubhouse and a shotugun start at 11 am. Prizes

and scoring will immediately follow the outing. You

can contact me for the sign-up sheet at matthew@

Please reach out to your association board for knowledge,

guidance, and news in the upcoming season. Please don’t

forget how our community of various networks is so

valuable to you and your business.


Matthew Kelly

As you may have heard, on May 7, the Department of

Homeland Security and the Department of Labor released

a rule starting the application process for an additional

30,000 H-2B visas for the fiscal year 2019. Visas were

limited to returning workers who had H-2B status in one or

more of the previous three working seasons. The USCIS (US

Citizenship and Immigration Services) still need to make

changes in the future to send relief to countless companies

that heavily rely on new and returning workers. This is an

GIA Board Secretary

ILA Board Member

President of The Turf Boss - TTB Design Group


Sources Cited:;;;; SEA



Indianapolis Landscape Association

This is why the ILA works hard to raise money to

give the biggest Green Industry Scholarships in


Two years ago, I sat at

the table—dressed up,

nervous, and ready for

an interview with the ILA

scholarship board for the

Frits Loonsten Scholarship.

Now, two years later, I’m

part of Indiana’s green

industry, thanks in part to

the Indianapolis Landscape Association. That

scholarship helped me pay for college, make

connections with professionals in the Indiana

green industry, and ultimately land a job as an

assistant grower at Brehob Nurseries/Utopian

Plants here in Indianapolis.

But my journey didn’t start there. I began

by working at a ramshackle greenhouse and

produce farm in Monon, Indiana as a teenager.

I sweated under the sun and blistered from

using a hoe, but I discovered that the joy of

growing outweighed the pain. As time went

on, further experiences confirmed my interest

in the field, such as studying horticulture at

Purdue, interning at the gardens at Newfields

(formerly the Indianapolis Museum of Art)

and spending a summer at Bailey Nurseries in


At the end of my junior year in college, I

was given the honor of interviewing for and

accepting the Frits Loonsten Scholarship.

The financial help enabled me to spend my

senior year on campus, to get more involved

with hydroponic/aquaponic research, and

to become a student ambassador for the

Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

department at Purdue. But even more

importantly, the scholarship gave me an

opportunity to meet many of the green

industry professionals in the area. From the

ILA scholarship board to the people I met

during the ILA golf outing and awards day, these

connections have been invaluable. I have felt the

encouragement, support, and genuine interest

of several ILA members in particular, Chris Rice

of Brehob Nurseries was one of them. Chris saw

some potential in me that day and passed my

name along to their production team—and the

rest is history.

In May of 2018, I graduated with a bachelor’s

degree in horticulture production from Purdue.

I am now enjoying my job as an assistant

grower for Utopian Plants IN (the production

side of Brehob Nurseries), here in Indianapolis.

I spend my days doing everything from

irrigation, pruning and propagation to dabbling

in inventory management—all with plenty of

impromptu Spanish lessons and tacos thrown

in, of course. I am thankful to have chosen a

career that allows me to work outside, grow

plants, and help make our city a more beautiful


I would not be where I am today without the

Frits Loonsten Scholarship. Thank you for

investing in me and in so many others. I am

excited to see what the future holds for all of us

in the Indiana green industry.

Thank you!

Brittany Weerts





The largest

Natural Stone

Inventory in

Central Indiana


North Indy 317-228-4900

South Indy 317-782-8600

Noblesville 317-774-7100





Indianapolis Landscape Association



Five Stones Marketing provides creative services

for a variety of situations. Whether you are a startup

organization, looking to brand your products or

services, or you are an established company that

needs a fresh look, we are here to help.

With backgrounds in art, design, print, and

management, the team at Five Stones Marketing

is experienced are prepared to work with you to

achieve your goals.

We do this and much more. Contact us to learn about

all of our creative opportunities.


When Irrigation and Landscaping Just Isn’t Enough

Indianapolis Landscape Association

Steve Brookes, Sonance – San Clemente, CA

My friend, Rick Hughes at Automatic Supply

in Fishers, asked me to pen a short piece on

the backyard living room and how music

can add to its enjoyment. To be totally

transparent, I haven’t written a piece like this

since high school. Having said that, this topic

is one that I am passionate about.

In the last decade or so, the backyard has

gone from being a place to sit under a

shade tree, to a full-blown entertainment

space, pools, kitchens, sports courts, water

features are the new “norm”. Divergent

industries compete for budget dollars in

these luxury spaces and find opportunities

from the suburban quarter acre lot up to the

multi-acre compound. The opportunity that

gets me the most excited is the inclusion

of technologies that make the backyard

experience a place people remember.

Some clients are looking for ways to connect

to the internet while they lounge in the

outdoors. Others don’t want to miss the

televised big game. Still others want music

that sets a mood. As a matter of fact, when

surveyed, almost 50% of respondents say

that music is on

their radar for

future projects.

However, when

it comes to music

systems, there

seems to be this

mystique around

what it takes to

make a great

experience. Some

will say “big

speakers”, some will

say “more power”.

What we


really be


is, “How

do you

want your


to look?”

Most, if honest, will answer that they don’t want

the sound to LOOK at all. It shouldn’t be visible

at all. At Sonance we took the path of hiding

the speakers where they aren’t seen. Many

companies are following this lead and going the

route of “Heard but not seen”.

The opportunity for the landscape professional

is one of a new category for their portfolio. In my

experience, most of the landscape professionals

I have met have all the skills they need to

provide music in their clients backyards, except

experience. Think of it this way. Speakers act

like lights in that they project their energy in the

direction in which they are aimed. The expertise

used to design outdoor lighting scenes is the

same for music systems. So if you’re designing

and installing landscape lighting, it’s a small

step to leverage that experience toward music


The next issue is one that can get very confusing,

but it doesn’t have to be at all. “What pieces and

parts do I need to make great sound outdoors?”

These days most clients will ask for “music from

my mobile phone” because they saw a friend

do it, or maybe they saw an advertisement

for some Alexa/Siri/Google device. Bluetooth

is also discussed frequently, but it has major

drawbacks. The range of most Bluetooth devices,

that is the distance between the transmitter

(phone) and receiver (connected to the speaker


system), is


around 30-40

feet. In many

cases, that

wouldn’t even

span from one

side of the

pool to the

other; it’s just not suitable for the distances we see in

outdoor spaces. WiFi streaming systems (like Sonos

or Amazon Echo) are much better suited as their

ranges are much longer. WiFi streaming devices also

provide the source; that is the music is delivered to

the music system over WiFi and is controlled by the

clients phone.

1. The source, like a CD player, a streaming

device, etc.

2. The amplifier, which takes the small

electrical signal from the source and boosts it

to the speakers level

3. The speakers, far and away the most

important element of any music system.

There are an almost infinite number of

choices for each of these three elements,

but discussing the clients needs with your

supplier is the best advice I could give you.

They want to help you succeed and have the

experience to guide you through this process.

I’m often asked to supply a list of equipment that

is needed for music systems. I boil it down to three




Upcoming Events:

Indianapolis Landscape Association

4000 West 106th Street

Suite 125

Carmel, IN 46032


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