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Uproar over use of

Confederate group for

Fourth of July event

The Southwest Suburban

Activists group issued

on its Facebook page July

2 a call for the Village of

Mokena to “not glorify the

Confederacy” by allowing

the 2nd Kentucky Cavalry

to participate in firing of

cannons during Mokena’s

Fourth of July events.

Emily Biegel, the

group’s director, said the

use of the 2nd Kentucky

Cavalry was “inappropriate

and insensitive” to

members of the community.

She went on to lament

a lack of response in other

recent racial incidents —

including two separate

rounds of swastika vandalisms

and an incident in

which three Lincoln-Way

Central students were publicly

spotted wearing what

appeared to some to be

blackface — from the Village’s


“[Village officials] are

going to have to open their

mouths,” Biegel said about

the lack of public condemnation

of such acts.

Mokena Mayor Frank

Fleischer defended the use

of the 2nd Kentucky Cavalry

by reiterating previous

responses that “Everyone

has a right to their beliefs.”

Fleischer said there was

“no way in heck” that he

supported slavery, but

he supports keeping our

nation’s history alive —

“the good and the bad”

— through monuments,

documents and other public

displays, lest the public

“lose its reference point”

for such events.

The 2nd Kentucky Cavalry

group on its website

declares: “We chose to be

Confederates because they

fought hard for what they

believed in — protecting

their homes, states’ rights,

equal treatment in commerce,

elimination of illegal

tariffs, and preservation

of the agricultural way

of life.”

Reporting by T.J. Kremer

III, Editor. For more, visit


Vietnam veteran, 84,

receives Honor Flight

It was a thrill a long time

in the making, and it is one

he will not soon forget.

Jack McCarthy, 84, a

Vietnam veteran from

Homer Glen, recently returned

from a trip cour-

Please see nfyn, 13

Seven Tinley

businesses robbed

evening of July 4

Jacquelyn Schlabach


Seven businesses in Tinley

Park were robbed starting

at approximately 11:30

p.m. Thursday, July 4, according

to Sgt. Patrick St.

John with the Tinley Park

Police Department.

Five of the businesses

hit were in a strip mall in

the 7900 block of 171st

Street and included Plush

Horse, Jimmy John’s,

Nancy’s Pizza and Pine

Cleaners. The other two

businesses were located

in the area of 183rd Street

and Harlem Avenue.

“We had literally just

cleared out from the fireworks

show because that

strip mall on 171st Street

is jam-packed during the

fireworks show," St. John

said. "So I probably had the

fireworks show cleared out

around 10:30 p.m. so it was

within the hour after that.".

St. John said that nearby

Lockport businesses also

were hit. The police said

From July 5

that there are two male

suspects in their late teens

to early 20s who are believed

to be involved.

“They look for the businesses

that they think have

cash on hand,” St. John

said. “All instances they

went straight for the cash

registers and they were literally

in and out.”

He added that the suspects

broke out the windows

of the doors, grabbed

money from the registers

and left. It is unknown at

this time how much money

was stolen from each business.

St. John also said the

suspects are believed to

have been driving a vehicle

that was reported stolen in

a nearby jurisdiction.

It is unknown if the suspects

are armed, but St.

John said that it is “always

safe to assume they are.”

“The public should always

be concerned," he

said. "Our motto is [if you]

see something, say something."



The Tinley Junction


708.326.9170 ext. 28


From Page 5

“They feel that it is very

alarming,” Rohde said of

the Village Board’s decision

to replace Hawley as


Rohde, however, said

the concerns were not

about Rea being named

commissioner — but rather

the process by which the

decision was made.

“I’m not saying in any

way that I think the assignment

of Pat Rea is

a bad decision by any

means, but I think before

any decision is formally

made we need to consider

the individuals involved

… in hopes that we can

make a better understanding

of how we work together

on the commission,”

Rohde said.

After Rohde’s comments,

Trustee Michael

Glotz said it was his recommendation

to Mayor Jacob

Vandenberg to appoint

Rea as the new commissioner

of the Sister Cities


“That man probably

knows more about the Sister

Cities and Tinley Park

than anyone in this town,”

Glotz said. “I couldn’t

have asked the mayor to

put a better person — more

qualified, more knowledge

and done more for this

town — than Mr. Rea.”

Glotz, however, did ask

Rohde to share the email

with him.

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