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Audrey Hendley, President of American Express Travel - with the

latest news from her full-service travel and lifestyle network

Audrey Hendley is President of American Express Travel, and as such,

is responsible for delivering premium travel and lifestyle services

to Card Members. With the growing importance of millennials as

a traveller group, American Express has undertaken extensive research in

this field, with the “Consumer Travel Trends” survey. We asked Ms Hendley

what the survey indicates about the way millennials are travelling.

Audrey Hendley


American Express Travel





Millennials are taking back their vacation

days. Through American Express Travel’s

research, they have found that 68% of

Millennials surveyed plan to use all of

their vacation days this year. In addition

to travelling more frequently, two-thirds

of Millennials also feel that the point

multipliers added by a loyalty program is

worth it to adjust their travel plans with

over half of Millennials agreeing that

they will limit their hotel options due to

a specific loyalty program. Millennials are

also willing to pay for a premium when it

comes to travel, with 25% spending more

on premium travel per year compared

to 18% of Gen X. Additionally, 67% of

Gen X and 66% of Millennials agree that

the experience at a premium hotel is an

important travel perk, and 74% of Gen Z

believe a premium hotel is worth the cost.

Do these travellers actively seek

“perks”? If so, what are they looking


These travellers are looking to maximise

their time off, regardless of the length of

the trip and budget at hand. Our research

shows that these travellers are willing to

spend more for a better experience. About

half of consumers are willing to spend up

to $50 more on a $500 hotel bill for early

check-in or late check-out. Generation Z*

also love their free breakfast, with 3 out

of 4 willing to spend up to 7% more on

their hotel stay for complimentary breakfast

compared to half of the Millennials

surveyed. This is a testament to our perks,

as our Platinum Card Members receive an

exclusive suite of benefits at Fine Hotels &

Resorts properties when booking through

American Express Travel, with an average

total value of $550 at over 1,000 properties

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