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19. 08. 2018

The first day we met , I was just trying to get a

boy for the night and I'm completely sure you

wanted that too. I remember watching you and

thinking that you were completely wasted with

your funny dance, however, the thing which

made us talk was that glass of water which

ended up being a glass with vodka, I want to

give a special thanks to that glass of "water" for

make me speak with u.

Despite the fact you don't remember anything of our

first meet, I do. I remember what we talked and how

you didn't guess my nationality and confused me

with an Asian girl (LOL). All the memories and

moments we have lived after that have been

amazing, our first night sleeping together with me

being "shy" and you trying to get into my pants, or

what about the time I kissed a boy because I was mad

at you and then we tried to have sex but the fucking

condom didn't work hahaha.

Also how we can forget our first official date

outside a bar or a nightclub, when we met at fat

badgers to eat a delicious pizza and have a long

conversation. That date was the first of many

others, when we took our first photo together or

when I showed u all the delicious Colombian

drinks and Brazilian food. It'll take me hours to

mention all of them, but I think I have a good

memory from each of them.

What about our arguments because time

and relationships, the funny thing here is

that they still being the reason why we

fight. However, in the middle of the storm

there will always be a reason to be happy

like the time that you left the keys inside

the room and we almost broke the window


If we move forward , we can't skip the part

where we said goodbye more than four times

because Queenstown didn't let you go, and I can

admit I was so happy because of it. All the tears,

letters and of course I have to bring out the time

you decided to miss your flight and stay in

Queenstown, I couldn't be happier.

Our trips together, everyone says that the best way to

meet someone is by traveling with them. I have had

the bless of travel with you 3 times, counting Milford

Sound. Then some months later, we would be in a

cruise in Paris enjoying a champagne glass. And of

course, the last one " Portugal" and I can admit that

this one was one of my favourites ones, even if every

corner remains me of our time together.

Thank U!

I don't know where 365 Days have been gone, when

we left NZ I thought our paths would be completely

separate, but here we're one year later in the same

continent, and with less than 3 months of seeing

each other. I don't know if we'll be together one day

or if we're gonna still in each other's life in a couple of

months or years. However, I know that I would never

change anything of this story, every good and bad

has taught me something. I know that even if we

aren't together as a couple one day, we'll be an

important person and memory for each one.

Thank you for all the things I have learned from you

this year, you have opened my mind to many things

I'll never believe I'll do. I hope you always be the

amazing and wonderful person who always strive for

the best even if it's hard or not, never let the

boredom get to you. And remember that being lost

doesn't mean anything. Get so lost that you can get

back and learn from it, enjoy the good and the bad,

be grateful for being where you are and how you are.

Thank U!

" Life is a rollercoaster full of surprises, some of them

better than others and we can't be prepared for every

single one of them. We don't know what is gonna

happen tomorrow, we aren't sure about anything

related to the future because it hasn't happened yet

( even if it sounds stupid). However, we can be sure

about what we feel know, in this exactly moment,

and all those moments we have spent together have

showed me that I just need to live day by day without

worrying, panicking or planning what is gonna happen


I don't know if there will be a chance for us being

together one day and I don't have an answer for that,

right now. But I do know, that even if you travel or I

do, we'll always be there for each other, I'll just let

destiny impressed me and as long as I can enjoy this

I'll do it.

Thank you for being with me as a lover, as a friend

with benefits, as a normal friend, as a party friend, as

anything you want to define this.

I hope you had enjoyed this 365 Days with me in

your life as a much I did. I hope there will be more

days and adventures to discover..

Of course I can't end up this message without telling

you that I miss you a lot, a lot, a lot and I'd do

anything for being with you today!

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