Pegasus Post: July 16, 2019




• By Matt Slaughter

Tuesday July 16 2019

Council hopeful finishes

clearing shingle pile

PHIL MAUGER has followed

through with his promise to

clear a pile of shingle in a car

park near The Bower.

Pegasus Post previously

reported the Maugers

Contracting Ltd boss, who

is trying to oust Burwood

Ward city councillor Glenn

Livingstone for his seat in

October’s local body elections,

got a digger and started clearing

piles of shingle last month,

which had been there since the


But one pile remained and Mr

Mauger said it would be cleared

by July 5, and it was.

Mr Mauger said he was always

going to follow through and get

the job done as soon as he and

his staff were on the east side of


“Our gear was in the area and

it was a bit wet on Friday, so we

said stuff it, we’ll go and do that

because we can do that in the

wet weather.

“We’ll always get around to

getting it done, it just came

down to timing because it had

to fit into what we were doing

because we were doing it for


Coastal-Burwood Community

Board chairwoman Kim Money

spoke to Pegasus Post last month

about the need to clean up the

shingle piles, which led Mr

Mauger to take matters into his

own hands.

Ms Money praised Mr Mauger

for finishing the job.

“I just think it’s great when

people put their hand up and are

willing to help the community,

which is awesome and saves

the council a job and it’s been

done a little bit earlier than


THe city council told Pegasus

Post last moth dumping in

the car park is illegal and has

now placed signs in it saying:

“Contractors are not to stockpile

materials in this area.”

TEAMWORK: A crew from Phil Mauger’s contracting business

cleared shingle from a car park near The Bower.

Cr Livingstone told

Pegasus Post last month he

believed Mr Mauger cleaning

up the shingle piles was


Mr Mauger said others had

expressed the same opinion

online, but he had done what he

said he was going to do and was

not worried what people thought

of his actions.

Latest Christchurch news at

“You’re never going to please

everyone all of the time.”

He said he would use the last

of the shingle, which had been

cleared to cover muddy and wet

ground at his worksites.

Mr Mauger said his focus

was now on door-knocking

and talking to residents about

changes they wanted to see in


Pedestrian safety outside

hospital could be improved

Readers react to the war

of words which erupted

between Burwood Ward

city council candidates

Phil Mauger and Glenn

Livingstone over the

removal of shingle from a

car park near the Avon River

Sandy Robb – Great to see a

man like Phil Mauger standing

for Burwood. An action man is

what is needed, not a talker. He

will get my vote.

Brian Seque – As someone

who has lived in Burwood for 30

years and has seen nothing of Cr

Livingstone in all the times he

has been the councillor, I have


CONCERNS: Hans Wouters

discussed dangers for

wheelchair users such

as Brett Ladbrook when

crossing the road outside

Burwood Hospital.

• By Matt Slaughter

IMPROVED pedestrian safety

measures outside of Burwood

Hospital could be a step closer.

New Zealand Spinal Trust

chief executive Hans Wouters

said a meeting at the Burwood

and Mairehau Rds intersection

last Tuesday between it, city

council staff, the Coastal-

Burwood Community Board,

New Zealand Transport Agency

and Canterbury District Health

Board representatives went well.

Pegasus Post reported last

month the trust wanted traffic

lights to replace the traffic

islands and roundabout at the

intersection to keep unexperienced

wheelchair users from

Burwood Spinal Unit and other

patients safe while crossing it.

Mr Wouters said the trust’s

safety concerns were heard at

the meeting and city council

staff would now report back to

those who attended with their


City council transport operations

manager Steffan Thomas

told Pegasus Post last month

there were plans to improve the

intersection, but Mr Wouters

had been told this would be “a

couple or three years down the


Mr Wouters hoped the meeting

will lead to these improvements

happening sooner and

traffic lights would be chosen as

the best option to improve the


“I’m confident that once the

report comes back, those people

on the inside will be saying

okay, so what’s next? Who has

the ball? Let’s get movement to

make it happen.

“I think what we’ve been able

to do is just say, look, you’ve

got it earmarked way down the

track, but really, we need to

bring it forward, because it is

an issue that’s not going to get


also seen none of his so-called

work for the community. In fact,

the last time of hearing anything

about him was his motion to city

council that QE II should be shut

for a time for the Muslim women

community to be able to swim.

Why has he not been lobbying for

the roads to be repaired? They are

still disgraceful after eight years.

He, I think, is past his use by date

and should step aside for new

blood to come through and look

after the interests of the east side.

If he is looking for the tap on the

shoulder for higher political office,

then he needs to be told that

is not going to happen. But hey,

anything is possible within this

left-leaning council.



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