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It’s been our pleasure to work with the friendly and knowledgeable people at CFAS since June 2017, when

DewertOkin became members. Ever helpful, the efficient CFAS team never fail to impress. Through them,

we connect with an extremely wide audience via the CFAS website, social media channels, and of course

the Journal. We’d like to say a sincere ‘thank you’ to the whole CFAS team!

The CFAS team have been very helpful in supporting our brand development with our customers. The

online tools help our brand exposure to the market and the CFAS team are always ready to help and offer

advice on how to reach out to the trade using their online tools and publications.

Mark Hawkins | General Manager

CFAS provides an excellent platform from which to advertise our products to the industry.

We have worked regularly with CFAS for more than 16 years and have always received an

outstanding level of service.

Dave Broad

As a service provider it is difficult to find a platform to advertise our services, however CFAS offers a

targeted marketing solution which has proved to be very effective. We find the CFAS team to be very

accommodating and able to offer good advice around products and marketing strategies.


A very warm welcome to the CFAS Summer Journal, let’s

hope this lovely weather continues throughout the summer!!

During May we were proud to be part

of another successful Clerkenwell

Design Week where they celebrated

their 10 th anniversary and us our 7 th

year as media partners.

From conversations since the event, it proved

very popular this year with substantial new

business being gained.

As usual the showrooms pulled out all the

stops to welcome new contacts, together with

friends and colleagues from the industry.

We were also impressed with the pop-up

showrooms, enabling our members not based

in Clerkenwell to participate, the location lends

itself to these and helps to create the festival


We had the pleasure of visiting Staverton’s new

showroom which is most impressive, to trying

out the Herman Miller’s Aeron Hockey, catching

up with members also visiting CDW and then

of course attending numerous events and

seminars which provided many inspirational


One that particularly stands out is that of Oliver

Heath’s Biophilic presentation.

CFAS was kindly offered a base within the

Edge Design and Metalicon Showrooms,

where we were made extremely welcome by all

the teams. We thank you all for your hospitality

and allowing us the use of your boardrooms for

the CFAS presentations which took place.

You will notice on the following pages that this

journal’s feature section is Public Space. Please

take a look and read through the interesting


We hope you enjoy this edition!









The Biggest Challenge – Noise! (Brian Daisy)

Interior Design of Healthcare Facilities

Millennials driving hotel design

Sustainable Design – Camira Fabrics


Public space

Industry News

Product News


Sit Stand

Contract Furniture and the GPSD


The information in this journal is supplied in good faith but its accuracy is not guaranteed and no warranty or

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Welcome to Our Main Feature

Public Space at a time when the weather

encourages you to socialise, we look at

the areas designated for us all.

We have some great articles identifying the changing faces of

our environment whether we are at work, rest or play. It is

fascinating when you sit back and remember how uninviting

libraries used to be with anything above a whisper frowned

upon, whereas now they are social spaces inviting clubs,

societies and individuals to utilise their buildings, welcoming

interaction, work, learning and fun.

Reading these articles makes you realising how design,

research and science influences the spaces we inhabit today,

making public spaces social spaces, inclusive and

accommodating whether you belong to Generation Z or the

Baby Boomers. Although beanbag and space-hopper

seating may be comfortable for some, with there being no

limit to retirement age, public areas need to be accessible

and comfortable for everyone, with a variety of seating,

standing and free movement.

Our next Journal released in the Autumn is themed

Workplace Health, so if you would like to write an article

about your experience, observations or latest research,

please do get in touch.

Enjoy the journal, and enjoy summer.




When I think of the word “public space”

I immediately think of lazy sunny summer

afternoons relaxing in the park, reading

the paper, walking the dog, or taking

the children out to play

We now have low level benches, stools, rocking chairs, scatter

chairs, sound proof booths, and colour, so much more colour

and textures. We are able to demonstrate presentations on

seating incorporating IT and visual displays, charge our mobile

devises and make phone calls with a degree of privacy.

We have moved from a place of awkward silence to a hive of

activity. The public space has become the entrance, entrance

to the building, entrance to the business, entrance to the

working environment.

Yet in the office interiors sphere, “public space” has taken on a

whole new significance and perception. Reception areas that

were simply waiting rooms with hard, functional seating with

brown or grey fabrics have now become much, much more.

These areas have transformed over the past ten years, not only

in product, but more so in function and perception. Reception

areas have become a corporate statement of a company’s or

organisations intent, a declaration of whom we are, what we do,

and how we are going to serve you better.

In fact, “the reception” has become a word associated with

institution, and it has been replaced with words like, break out,

touch down, and meeting place. Indeed “the reception” has

become an extension of the work place and working

environment with many meeting taking places there and visitors

never actually entering the business.

We have graduated from the four-legged chair covered in

clothes sweating vinyl, past the black leather standard couch

with chrome legs, with a brief stop at bean bags – (which I really

think never caught on?)

Transversely the working environment has become the

entrance, making a corporate statement of our success, care,

responsibility and who we are! The entrance is now the centre

of activity, meetings, and conference, no more out of date

publications and dead blue bottles on the window sills! you plan, sell or simply visit a company entrance

remember what are they trying to say?

Stephen Russell – Director - Pledge Office Chairs

The changing face of

PUBLIC SPACES - overcoming

the biggest challenge,


Public spaces have radically changed.

Libraries were once a place to borrow a

book, now they are where social groups

meet and the hub of a community.


Hotel foyers were where you checked-in, but now are a hive of

activity with meetings and even hot-desks. Offices were for staff

only, now shared work spaces enable people from different

companies to share the same amenities, enjoying networking

and collaborating opportunities.

Public spaces have to become versatile, not originally designed

for such purposes creates challenges, noise being one of them.

These spaces although functional were often uninviting. Today is

different, when developing multipurpose areas considering the

ABC of acoustics becomes increasingly important


All soft materials have some absorption benefits. Whether you

fill your space with soft seating, plush carpeting, or consider

integrating acoustic products into the design, the addition of

absorptive materials will improve the general acoustic comfort.

Blocking can be achieved by high barriers such as booths,

dividers and fully enclosed pods. Even in the most open plan

environment, there are options such as glass pods which can

be as small as a telephone box, or large enough to

accommodate large meeting tables. Allowing speech privacy

whilst following the open plan concept.


Sound masking has been developed to be barely noticeable

and sounds similar to airflow, but it is specifically tuned to the

frequency and amplitude of human speech to make speech

less intelligible. Sound is introduced through speakers in the

ceiling, creating a blanket of sound. People can still

collaborate with their neighbours, but speech is intelligible from

15.2m to 4.5m, enabling speech privacy and reducing noise


Next time you are in a public space, have a look around as

there is probably a combination of ABC, there for your comfort

and enjoyment of the venue.

Written by Bryan Daisy

Founder & CEO of The FREM Group - innovative and beautifully

designed furniture for the commercial world, including acoustic

products for every environment

Visit London or New York showrooms

Contact Cobal Signs for more information on their

comprehensive range of workstation accessories, including

nameplates, pin and dry wipe boards and letter trays, all

available in a range of colours to fit any workstation.

Tel: 01635 570 600

Seaton Seating - a range very close to the heart of Triumph. Initially

designed as a custom piece for a client, the Seaton offers high

comfort with stylish proportions - and is now available for you!

Contact Triumph to learn more about the stylish Seaton - perfect

for public spaces.

Tel: 01685 352 222


Designed by David Fox

t: 01274 731900







Public Space

The architecture and interior design of contemporary

healthcare facilities has, thankfully, come a long way

in recent years. A new generation of ageing baby boomers

have created demand for high-end interiors in private

hospitals, clinics and care homes.

Meanwhile the facilities in more challenging environments such

as those created for patients dealing with mental health issues

are now designed with deep consideration to the welfare and

recovery of residents and visitors.

Gone are the days of hospitals and surgeries with stuffy,

depressing waiting rooms and bleak wards filled with hard

surfaces. In their place new progressive healthcare spaces are

created with welcoming light-filled lounges and restorative,

comforting rooms with subtle colour and texture abound.

Not merely a trend or fad, these new designs are research-led.

Studies have shown that wellbeing is enhanced by

environmental factors such as light and acoustics, both of which

can be controlled within interior design through the choice of

materials. Additionally, beautiful interiors can help create

soothing atmospheres that are more conducive to recovery and

general wellness.


Knightsbridge Public Space

As healthcare demands the highest quality standards and

unique functionality, its furniture ranges must be created in

consultation with healthcare professionals to ensure that the end

product accurately meets the needs of the user.

The ability to create furniture that adheres to specific health,

safety and maintenance requirements has been a source of

pride for Knightsbridge, who’s skilled carpenters and upholsterers

have produced chairs, storage and tables for healthcare

spaces for 80 years.

These qualities have ensured that Knightsbridge are at the

forefront of the innovative design and manufacture of furniture

made specifically for healthcare environments and their unique


The requirements of some furniture in healthcare is truly unique

to the sector. For example, in hospitals a chair is not simply a

chair. It must go above and beyond, never failing to provide

support and be accessible to people who are physically

challenged, perhaps in terms of injury, weight or age.

In spaces that we refer to as ‘challenging environments’ some

furniture must be weighted at the base, so that it cannot be

easily lifted and thrown. The seams of upholstered furniture must

not be able to be removed and used to harm or self-harm.

Fabric selection for healthcare is a speciality of Knightsbridge, as

the sector requires high quality fabrics that will withstand the

rigorous cleaning required to maintain hygiene standards.

Specialist seams that avoid accidental harbouring of germs and

the latest anti-bacterial surfaces have been developed and

sourced to accommodate these needs.

Through close consultation with specialist advisors, Knightsbridge’s

design team are also adept at advising suitable colour

schemes for projects. For example, the needs of patients dealing

with illnesses such as Alzheimer’s are unique – bright colours

can help trigger memory and cognitive function but may be

disorienting if used in the wrong setting. Choosing a calming

colour such as blue can help sooth and comfort, so may be a

good choice for a bedroom, for instance.

The Knightsbridge hospital furniture collection embraces a wide

variety of bespoke, style-forward products, including waiting

room and patient seating. Knightsbridge stock an extensive

collection of hospital furnishings and can provide bespoke

hospital recliners, overbed tables, bedside lockers and waiting

room chairs to suit all healthcare environments.

As an approved NHS furniture supplier, Knightsbridge offer a

complete project management service, including pre-contract

planning, installation services, and guidance on selecting

furniture or fabrics.

Jessica Burston - Marketing Manager - Knightsbridge Furniture



Leaders in Affordable Ergonomic

Office Furniture

Century Office are a leading UK office

and contract furniture supplier, with

over 40 years’ experience in the

industry. They provide workplace

solutions and offer a tailored approach

for architects/trade, interior designers

and facility managers for small offices

to large corporations as well as

educational facilities.

Tel: 0800 092 9301

Smart locking solutions is about

minimizing locker management,

reducing cost and increasing user

experience. It is about enhancing

security as well with maximum

flexibility to adapt your locker system

to any changing working environment.

GANTNER´s innovative locking

systems are valued across many

industries, including hospitals,

universities, commercial, and leisure

facilities. From battery-powered to

networked locking systems. Rather

than requiring mechanical keys, the

system conveniently uses pre-existing

employee-id cards or mobile phones

or even Oyster cards.

Some of the many features that

GANTNERS range of RFID locking

solutions include, managing your

lockers with their Mobile Locker

Management App, charging your

phone in your locker which has been

equipped with GANTNER’S hardwired

RFID locking system with LED and 2

USB ports or using their Mobile User

App to reserve and open your locker


GANTNER integrates existing ID cards

and badges in a range of high end

battery-operated and hardwired

locking solutions for activity based

workspaces and hot-desking. For

employees the system is very

convenient - one credential (RFID or

NFC card or key tag) for access

control, locker usage and time

recording. The benefits are numerous -

reduced space and operating costs

and increased security and user


The perfect fusion of art and science

go into making the ergonomic chairs

from Comfort Seating UK. Recently

adding a new chair to their range,

Pofit, they are the manufacturers and

distributors of the acclaimed

Ergohuman range. Visit their website or their

Clerkenwell Showroom in London.

Tel: 0845 652 0693

Eurofit systems are industry leaders

for supplying furniture fittings and

components. With over 25 years’

experience, their impressive portfolio

allows them to distribute all over the

UK. Eurofit supply an extensive range

of table bases in various finishes and

sizes to suit home/ office


Amongst their range, Black, White &

Stainless-Steel Square Bases &

Columns are popular amongst their


Tel: 01482 714 488


brand new cable management range

aimed to tackle the growing number

of cables and chargers that are

appearing in the workplace. Prolong

the life of your cables and improve

workplace safety with Durable’s stylish

range of solutions – View the range on

their website.

Tel: 01202 897 071



Manufacturer WSOF Ltd are

experiencing an abundance of orders

for their Wooden Leg Bench Desking.

It was only launched late last year, but

along with their locker units, it’s

proving to be a very cost effective

option in the marketplace. The range

includes tables and stools and is

available in all their standard finishes.

Tel: 01243 512 215

Dams Furniture have launched their

new Social Spaces website,

Social Spaces is Dams’ collection of

innovative, contemporary, designer

products for modern agile

workspaces, corporate breakout

spaces, open plan offices, reception

areas, meeting rooms, dining areas,

and much more, designed and

manufactured in the UK by Dams.

Tel: 0151 548 7111

Burland Technology Solutions winners

of the Queens Award in 2016 for

Export and again this year 2019 for

Innovation, are pleased to announce

they are expanding their sales team.

Adrian Marston, Sales Director and

Sales Managers; Stacey Marston and

Liam Donaghy have joined to establish

the new sales division.

Solutions 4 Office are experts in

providing Acoustic classrooms for

schools. The latest project for large

acoustic classrooms created a

calming space for efficient learning

within a very busy school.

The students and staff love the new

acoustic classrooms making full use

during the school day and for after

school meetings and further learning.

Schools need to ensure the best

acoustic learning environments.

Solutions 4 can help you!

Tel: 020 7309 2909

LOOK no further for invisible joints.

Moduflex’s NEW edge banding

machine is up and running!

As a manufacturer of office furniture,

storage and library furniture, Moduflex

understands the need to utilise the

latest technology in manufacturing.

The ‘invisible joint’ represents high

quality, premium value, and a clean

finish on office furniture and storage.

Using compressed super-heated,

high-velocity air to activate the

adhesive layer, airTec technology is a

clean, cost-effective bonding method

that uses a combination of technically

engineered hot air and special edge

material to produce the ultimate

invisible joint.

For further information contact


Tel: 01179 822 882


Government Data

In 2017/18 there were 194 million visits to, and 157

million book loans from, libraries in England.

More than visits to Premier League football games + UK

cinemas + English Heritage sites combined

Millennials driving

Hotel Design

Great article in “”, from surveys and

research carried out, where they point out that a lot of hotel

concepts adopted by hotel chains are concentrating on the

Millennials (also known as Generation Y).

“Millennial travellers, as born collaborators, place a strong

importance on being highly interactive. It falls upon hotel

designers to provide these millennial travellers with interactive

and social environments, communal areas in which they can get

the full experience, whether this is social networking (in real life

and online) or working away from the office.”

In their section ‘Hotel lobbies verses communal spaces’ they

delve into the changing expectations of hotels, designed to instil

a strong positive first impression, with the importance of grand

staircases and designer chandeliers decreasing. Millennials

valuing experiences over products and services, with hotel

lobbies being designed to act more as communal space, and in

keeping with the local culture – no more grand Hollywood style


Government Data

In November 2015, DCMS asked the Libraries Taskforce

to develop a vision for the next 5 years, providing a

framework to stimulate and inform discussion about library

services at local and national levels.

DCMS – department for culture, digital media and sport

Services continue to be targets for local authority budget

cuts, with remaining services increasingly reliant on

voluntary staff …. decade’s austerity pressures see local

authorities continuing to apply swinging cuts to budgets.

Guardian, 7th Dec, 2018

712 full-time employees lost or left their jobs and volunteer

numbers increased by 3,000, to 51,394

The Guardian, 7th Dec, 2018

spending on libraries by local authorities fell by £30m

to £741m

The Guardian, 7th Dec, 2018

Read the full article at:


130 public libraries have closed in the last year in Britain

The Guardian, 7th Dec, 2018



What is Coworking

Higher Education

and Public Libraries:

Partnerships Research

A report for Arts Council England was released at the end of last

year, researching the feasibility of a framework for public and

academic libraries to come together. Although libraries are an

important part of our community, there isn’t always enough

funding for them to be sustained in rural communities, and if

they are funded they are often manned by volunteers, having

limited opening days/times. This might be the answer.

The research found that there were some partnerships already in

place, with collaborations including: public engagement events

and activities in the library building; using library collections for

research purposes; and higher education staff and students

volunteering in public libraries.

“Public libraries and higher education institutions use different

language to describe their priorities:

• public libraries focus on

- opportunities to engage more and new audiences

- raise the profile of their organisation and

- bring in volunteers with new skills to support library


• higher education institutions are

- primarily focused on public engagement to support

research impact and

- their civic responsibilities to benefit local communities

Despite the differences in language and motivation, there is

significant overlap between the priorities of public libraries and

higher education institutions, especially in relation to activities

and events to engage and benefit local people in the public

library space.”

If the research enables legislation and funding to enable a

collaboration of libraries to bring together a more robust library

experience, ensuring access and resource for all, then this may

be a way of stopping the closure of libraries around the country.

Offices have changed over the years. To set up your own

business you had the expense of renting a commercial office

and had to stand on your own two feet. Then came along

shared buildings where you could rent an office within their

estate, even renting furniture and paying a fee instead of a

myriad of bills, plus utilising their resources such as manned

receptions. Now there is coworking.

Is this just for the hip and trendy entrepreneurs? What are the

rules? Are there any rules? Who came up with the concept?

These are comprehensively answered by Bernhard Mehl at with some key points.

The History of Coworking

The actual use of the word “coworking” in relation to a shared

office environment was first used by Brad Neuberg in 2005. He

was an intrepid entrepreneur with big dreams who created the

first coworking space, as we know it today, in San Francisco.

It was called the “San Francisco Coworking Space” and was

open only 2 days a week (Mondays and Tuesdays) inside Spiral

Muse, a feminist collective space in the Mission district in San

Francisco. It sat empty for the first month as nobody had ever

heard of a “coworking space” before.

Growth of coworking

Now a global phenomenon, coworking spaces are

popping up in most major cities with an annual growth

rate of 24.2%.

Growth of coworking

It is predicted that there will be more than 30,432

coworking spaces and over 5.1 million coworking

members by the year 2022.

What is Coworking?

• Coworking is sharing of infrastructure and cost

• belonging to a community

• accessibility

• sustainability

• new way of working and sharing

• spaces are designed to provide a productive and

collaborative environment for their dynamic inhabitants

• created without corporate constraints on what is perceived

to be an “office” environment

• offering flexible memberships to suit most needs.

The rest of the article covers, many aspects such as: why do

people use coworking spaces? The Many Types of Coworking

(and Coworking Spaces!) and Famous companies that started

in a coworking space. Definitely worth a read for anyone, not

just young, hip and trendy entrenpeurs


Sustainable design:

the future of hospitality interiors?

An increasingly relevant topic, sustainability has risen to the forefront

of conversation in recent times, and looks to show no signs of abating,

such is the concern around the preservation of our environment.

Sustainable Design

Feeding into every element of the way in which we live – from the

clothes we wear to the food we eat – it is of no surprise that

sustainable design is now a priority for many architects,

designers, and consumers. With pioneering projects occurring in

almost every sector - from the “Waste House” by the University

of Brighton to the eco-friendly development of the National

Trust’s Swindon headquarters - there has never been a better

time to embrace our desire to live, work, and relax in places that

are not only aesthetically appealing, but also beneficial to the

environment - and the hospitality industry is certainly beginning to

recognise this.

With many major hotel groups, such as IHG, Marriott and Hilton

Worldwide, publishing their own sustainability reports, the trend

towards transparency in relation to the actions taken, processes

implemented, and results achieved is one that looks set to

inform the future direction of the industry’s approach to


Indeed, we have seen an increasing number of customers

opting to specify Camira’s sustainable textiles within hospitality

projects – to great effect; from Motel One’s incorporation of wool

and flax fabrics, such as Patina, alongside textiles made from

innovative eco-materials, such as hemp in the form of our

Hebden fabric, through to Staycity Group’s selection of Main

Line Flax for its suites’ sofa beds. This wool and flax blend is

incredibly durable, tactile, visually appealing and, when

combined with its inherent Medium Hazard flammability

standard, is the model textile for use in hospitality – ensuring

guests can have a relaxing night’s sleep, safe in the knowledge

that they are not doing so at the cost of the environment.

As Gaurav Chawla, Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Hotel

Management at the University of South Wales, comments

“Tourists themselves are increasingly aware of the issue of

sustainability, expecting hotels to assume responsibility and

conduct their business sustainably”; and this is something that

will continue to impact and further the industry’s commitment to

operating in an environmentally responsible manner – which is

only a good move forward.

Mark Holliday - Camira


product NEWS

Porthole is CMD’s extremely popular in-desk power module, which now

features a dual port Type A and C adaptive fast charger. Available in

black and white, Porthole is now available with UK or a choice of

international sockets. CMD-LTD.COM/PORTHOLE

Tel: 01709 385 470

DOM UK Limited are pleased to

introduce the new ENiQ LoQ, with its

smart, versatile and flexible features.

The digital lock is designed to fit

equipment utilised for storage, such

as lockers, tool chests, cabinets and

other applications and can be easily

connected to the ENiQ Access

Management system, allowing

end-users to manage their own digital

locking system.

Tel: 0121 569 7790

Eclipse is a modern mesh back chair

featuring beautiful design lines from its

structural back plastic surround.

Adjustments come from a

synchronised seat and back tilt, seat

height adjustment and body weight

tensioner. An integral sliding lumbar

support is standard whilst height

adjustable arms can also be specified

for increased user comfort.

Tel: 01525 376 181

Teknik Offices Quantum executive

chair has a breathable mesh backrest

and multi adjustable padded armrests,

seat-slide and a recline and height

adjust lever allowing additional

comfort for the user. The components

are brushed aluminium which means it

is as resilient as it is stylish. Available

with black or white backing.

Tel: 01234 328 804

Need a Boost?

The new Metalicon Boost power

module is the ultimate in desktop

power. Its incredibly compact and

stylish appearance provides power,

data and USB charging exactly where

you need it. Boost is available in all

black or all white with individually

fused sockets and master switch.

Power and data leads are included as

well as easy to install clamps.

For more information contact them.

Tel: 01502 533 444


Launched during Clerkenwell Design Week

ezoBord distributed by Frem Group

Don’t worry if you missed out during Clerkenwell

Design Week, ezoBord products are on display

in our showroom.

Join us at 20-24 Kirby Street, London, EC1N 8TS

product NEWS

yuno by Wiesner-Hager has been shortlisted in the category of

Product Design - Office for the 2019 London Design Awards.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design for a

component or overall product. They would greatly appreciate it

if you could take a few minutes to view the nomination and rate

the entry at the below website address.

BOX15 now offer a new range of modular bench desks that are

perfect for call centres and multi-personnel office environments.

Just like the other X Desks; X73 uses a modular connection

system which allows for any shape and size table to be created.

Available in all metal or with elegant wooden leg inserts. Contact

BOX15 today for prices.

Tel: 01295 565 001 |

CFAS Graphic Design Services - Design all styles of publications, magazines, newsletters, journals,

booklets, annual reports, brochures, leaflets, advertisements etc.

Artwork can be taken from templates or designed from scratch. Having the latest software packages

enables us to accept and process files supplied in various formats.

The CFAS Graphics team work with you, with unlimited amendments and advice, spending that extra time

and effort to have your promotional material looking perfect.

Contact us now for a very competitive quotation.

Tel: 0845 388 7973


Connecting Power,

People and Organisations




Craftsman Lockers are experts in space planning and

creating innovative storage solutions. Craftsman design,

manufacture and install bespoke storage units, lockers,

changing room furniture and other specialist joinery items

using a comprehensive range of materials. From conception

to completion, speak to Craftsman Lockers today for all your

bespoke furniture needs.

Tel: 0800 030 6082

Storage Tailored to Every Environment

As Made in Britain furniture manufacturers, Crown can tailor

your storage solutions to suit every leisure and business

requirement and location, whatever the size, finish or colour.

Whether standard or bespoke storage, Crown’s lockers,

cupboards and ancillary furniture can fit every environment.

Their dedicated project managers are there to assist.

Tel: 01803 555 885


Aaron lockers are the perfect solution for adding secure storage to

any workplace. They are supplied with a key lock and with either

Left or Right-hand opening, making them suitable for any

workspace environment. There are single or double width modules

available, at either 2, 3 or 4 lockers high.

These will be available in their new 2019 Price List and Brochure,

which are available now.

01489 892 111


Lowe & Fletcher have been making locks since 1889. As a fifth

generation family business we are proud of our heritage.


Our 7,400 square meters factory houses all the essential skills and

processes under one roof, giving us full control over quality and

output including design, tooling and component manufacturing.


Market and application driven innovation are the cornerstone of

our existing and future products, enabling us to provide solutions

that are applicable and relevant.

Investing in the future

Lowe & Fletchers’ sustainable growth ethos is supported by ongoing

investment in skills and the latest manufacturing platforms.

Leading global manufacturer

The Locking Systems division produces over 60 million locks a

year. We have a proven track record of supplying a wide range

of high quality products to your sector.

+44 121 505 0400 |


Speak to the friendly, professional

team at DewertOkin about your

requirements for height adjustable

desk lifting columns, under desk

frames and feet. German designed,

European manufactured, UK

customer service and support.

To find out more please contact them.

Tel: 01296 611 660

Sit-Stand Working Made Easy

The new Levado Height Adjustable Desk encourages employees to add

Smarter by design and expertly

made, the Levado includes SwiftLok

assembly for quick and easy set-up,

whilst the Feather-Lift LED control

paddle achieves the ideal height and

working position in seconds.

Email Tim Browning –

Find out more at




Single or back-to-back desks with a

choice of electric or manual sit-stand




Touch Pad

Manual Crank


Wellbeing in the workplace

T: 01953 453830 | E: |

Make Unique a Standard

with LINAK ®


Creating an office space

with acoustic comfort

Today, most human animals are spending leisure and worktime

in open plan environments, which can cause them varying levels

of discomfort. We can perhaps begin to overcome the

challenges of noise by turning to Psychoacoustics, the scientific

study of how humans perceive sound.

Oseland DARE us to tackle noise:

Displace noise with

the provision of areas

for noisy activities

Avoid noise by

allowing a choice

of spaces to work

One publication taking this psychoacoustic approach is the

‘Ecophon guide to eliminating office noise’ (web address below

for free download ), where Paige Hodsman and Dr Nigel

Reduce noise distractions

with the provision of

reasonably sized desks

and limiting occupational


Educate with the

introduction of office

etiquette about noise


The introduction of

acoustic wall panels

added to reduce

speech clarity and


The introduction of

enclosed meeting

pods of various sizes

Designated noisy/quiet

and zones

Live or artificial moss

walls and planting


It’s clear, from distraction and stress, to poor concentration, the impact of noise comes at a high cost to both individuals and

businesses, whether at work or at leisure, we all want to feel acoustically comfortable.

Reference and download for further information:

Jayne Cox,

co-founder of Fusion-Spaces, a ground-breaking consultancy

fusing innovative audio-visual solutions with workplace stress

management and wellbeing.











Almost every ‘product’ that is made

commercially available for use by

consumers falls within scope, “(a)

‘product’ shall mean any product -

including in the context of providing a

service - which is intended for consumers

or likely, under reasonably foreseeable

conditions, to be used by consumers even if

not intended for them, and is supplied or

made available, whether for consideration

or not, in the course of a commercial

activity, and whether new, used or



Contract furniture and the General Product Safety Directive (GPSD)

This not only includes products that are intended for use by

consumers, but also commercial, or non-domestic, products

that may reasonably find their way into the hands of a consumer.

A good example of this is in relation to furniture products which

could be used in a home office.

The Research Association’s guide aims to give a basic

understanding of how the Directive can apply to furniture

products and in particular to:

• explain the content and reach of the General Product Safety

Directive, the products or industries to which it applies and

its relationship with other existing Regulations and Directives

• identify how this impacts on manufacturers, producers or

distributors of furniture products in the UK

• explain the value of risk assessment, when this should be

undertaken and to highlight useful tools

• highlight the relevance of product testing and the hierarchy

of documents such as harmonised standards including

where this sits within the GPSD

• identify who is responsible for enforcement of the Directive i

ncluding the penalties that may be involved

• explain the RAPEX system (Rapid Alert System for

Non-Food Consumer Products), including actions which

may be taken by enforcement and market surveillance


Although an EU Directive, the requirements were transposed into

UK legislation as the General Product Safety Regulations 2005,

and it is fully expected that this will not be affected post Brexit.

The Regulations, as with the Directive, have a single aim to

ensure that only safe products are placed on the market.

Furthermore the Regulations transpose requirements for

monitoring and traceability of potentially dangerous products to

ensure they can be traced and removed from circulation to avoid

any risks to consumers.

The full ‘The General Product Safety Directive: A guide to legislation and its application

in the furniture industry’ is available from



September 2019

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The Furniture Makers’ Company has launched a new

campaign, ‘One Step at a Time’, challenging companies

in the furnishing sector to raise awareness of the charity’s

welfare support.

The campaign will ask companies to sign up as One Step

Champions and commit to communicating the charity’s

welfare provision among their employees.

On signing up, One Step Champions will be given a suite

of tools to help promote the message, including a

certificate of involvement, posters, flyers, case studies and

social media content, and be kept up-to-date with news

on how The Furniture Makers’ Company can support their


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