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Rob Bruce


Ut labo. Harchiti Katherine sitios dolessiminum Lozell que coreraera vel mo bero volorrum que nus,

consent. Tur? Ipsam saped quas ipid untiis a nus.


Marcs Bacera


Stanley Lucas


Brian Anson


David Hyde


Azim Aftab


Tasmai Dave

Jacqui Irvine

Joseph Wilton


Antoine Jackson

Hafiz Arslan


Criteria 6

New Zealand10

Kia Ora New Zealand13

Discover Wellington15

Hawke’s Bay 21

The Whanganui River 27

Hidden Gem | Paeroa31

Pedlars Motel32

A Culinary Nirvana35

French Polynesia 38

History & Culture 41

Scenic Shopping Tour 44

Divers Paradise47

Australia 50

Road Trip Country53

A Wildlife Adventure 57

South Australia 62

South Australia 65

Authentic Australia69

Vanuatu 70

Vanuatu Top 5 73


Adam Cole

Joseph Malabanan

Zach Ford

Peter Clement

Joyce Lee


Jerald Jaime



Tracy Morgan

Joseph Malabanan

Aisha Ahmed

5 6


Excellence in Service is an important category, as customer

service can often be responsible for having guests return

year after year. We look for the hotels and tour operators

that go out of their way to please their guests, those that

provide a personal level of service and take the time to

get to know each visitor so that they might anticipate their

every need. This can be something as simple as a 24-hour

concierge desk, a hotel manager who offers a personal

greeting or a tour guide who is happy to create bespoke

private tours – but whatever it is, we are always pleased

when we encounter staff that have been trained in the art

of customer satisfaction.


It is no question that style and design plays a big part in

selecting our awards shortlist. A guest will form an opinion

about a hotel as soon as they arrive so it is important

to us that all our winners make those first impressions

count. We’re certainly not partial to a particular period of

architecture – but whether we’re judging a gothic castle or

an environmentally friendly lodge, the criteria remains the

same. We consider factors such as architectural features,

use of materials, creation of spaces, décor and the overall

feel. We love it when we find a hotel that tells a story

through its design and construction, or offers a design that

embellishes the natural surroundings of its location.


Knowledge of the local area is essential for any

organization, be it a hotel or a tour operator. The quality of

services takes a great hit when the quality of this element

is not up to the mark. Quite a few of our winners in this

category have displayed excellent knowledge about the

surrounding areas. The criteria for a hotel is slightly lenient

compared to a tour operator, as the latter is expected to

have thorough knowledge of the area in order to provide

good services.

Image by: Casey Horner




Award-winning guest rooms come in all shapes and sizes,

but they all have one thing in common – a home-awayfrom-home

feel. The comfort of the facilities on offer are

of vital importance; we look for luxurious linens, stylish

bathrooms and a coordinated colour scheme that work

together to create a cohesive sense of relaxation. Additional

touches, such as complimentary toiletries, free Wi-Fi or

tea and coffee making facilities are always a bonus in

making us feel welcome. We’re always impressed to find

hotel rooms that embrace technology and offer amenities

like tablets or smart thermostat systems, but this does not

always necessarily trump the traditional – four poster beds,

ornate fireplaces or antique furniture can add a touch of

decadence to a hotel stay.


Location is one of the most important factors, but also

one of the most subjective, as the ‘ideal’ is very much

determined by the type of visitor and the type of hotel

itself. However, there are a few factors we take into

consideration when determining the winners of locationbased


The first is convenience; that is, hotels that are easy to travel

to. Many of our winners in this category are in convenient

locations, such as adjacent to airports, close to beaches or

found in the heart of easy-to-navigate cities. We are always

impressed when hotels go the extra mile to take the hassle

out of traveling and offer such additional services as airport

shuttles or car hire services. However, we’re always excited

to come across a hotel that is, to use a familiar phrase, offthe-beaten-track.

A hotel that can offer something a little

different, in terms of natural surroundings, can make the

difference between a good holiday and an incredible one.

In today’s modern age, a hotel or tour operator cannot

rely on word of mouth to get their message out into the

world. As social media has become a vital part of everyday

life, we like to see companies that go the extra mile to

engage with their guests, both past and future. Attractive

and informative websites and engaging and honest

content are what we look for when judging a company’s

use of marketing; how well they display their services, how

up-to-date their content is, how well they get their brand

message across, and, most importantly, how well their

marketing can tempt us to go and see what they have to

offer for ourselves.

What better way is there to know about an organization

than by getting first hand reviews? Customers are the best

judges of any service out there as they are the ones who

experience them and can assess whether they were up to

the mark or not. Considering reviews from hundreds of

customers gives us a fair idea about the general pros and

cons of any organization and also gives us valuable inputs

for the other criteria as well.



Diversity is one important aspect that needs to be taken

into consideration when in the travel and hospitality

industry. It is essential to have staff that has varying diversity

to ensure that the organization can properly connect with

their guests. Diversity is taken into account in terms of

gender, nationality as well as languages spoken among

other factors. Not only do we take the diversity of the staff

into account, but even that of the facilities and services

offered; a hotel or tour operator providing a better range

of services is preferred over those that do not.

It is of prime importance that an organization has thorough

in industry knowledge. Without knowing the nit-bits of the

in, it is difficult to flourish and provide services which are

a class apart. Before any organization ventures into the

industry, it is essential that they know how the industry

is moving and how they should make changes to their

methodologies in order to remain relevant and also be a

top-performing organization.




9 10


Image by: Rod Long

11 12


New Zealand is a traveller’s

playground. Whether it is

mountains, lakes, beaches or forests

there is something here for everyone. The

hardest part of your trip will be deciding

what to do, with so much to choose from,

brace yourself for a trip that will last long in

the memory.

The country is made up of 29 regions, which

stretch more than 1600 kilometres across

two main islands – North & South Island.

The capital, Wellington, can be found on

the northern half; conveniently it sits at the

bottom tip of the Island next to the Cook

Strait, which separates the Islands. The

great thing about New Zealand is that it

is relatively compact, so it is easy to travel

around, you can hire a car or campervan,

take a boat or catch a plane and see the

country for yourself relatively easily.

The first thing you’ll notice when you land

is the friendly and down to earth people

that inhabit this country. Then there is the

culture; the strong presence of Māori and

non-Māori Pacifics Islanders adds a layer

of history and culture to this country that

is deeply interesting and fascinating. Of

course this is represented best in the New

Zealand rugby team, the back-to-back

World Cup champions!

As your plane descends to land, you will

notice the incredible, varied scenery that

makes up this country. It’s diversity means

you can go from unspoilt beaches one day

to rainforests the next, while there are also

mountains, lakes, glaciers and amazingly

volcanoes. Whatever you set out to do, this

is a trip of a lifetime.

13 14


Wellington is a little city with a big heart. Perched on the harbour’s edge and

surrounded by nature, New Zealand’s compact capital is packed with arts,

culture, cuisine, astounding technology and wild ideas. Fuelled by a creative energy that

makes life interesting, Wellington attracts makers, artisans and entrepreneurs making their

mark on the world, from the world’s coolest little capital.

Explore our national

museum, Te Papa

Discover the stories and treasures of

New Zealand at Te Papa, the bold

and innovative national museum. A

recognised world-leader in interactive

and visitor focused museum experiences.

Te Papa lets you experience the nation’s

art, culture and science – all in one

breathtaking waterfront location. Better

still, general admission is free.

Browse through Toi Art, the spectacular

national art gallery, spans over two-levels

of the museum and features iconic works

from the national art collection, alongside

new art created especially for this space.

Visit Te Taiao Nature, an interactive

experience with hundreds of rare

specimens showcasing Aotearoa’s

unique environment. Māori culture and

cutting-edge science combine in this

dazzling brand-new space. There are

dozens of exciting experiences, from

creating your own tsunami to weighing in

against a giant moa, and the return of two

old favourites from Te Papa’s previous

nature exhibition: the colossal squid and

a revamped Earthquake House.

Website: www.tepapa.govt.nz

Address: 55 Cable Street, Wellington

15 16

Wander down

Hannahs Laneway

Explore Hannahs Laneway and see why

it’s been dubbed ‘Little Portland’. This

culinary hub is home to many locally

made goods such as Leeds Street

Bakery’s salted caramel cookie, Fix &

Fogg’s delicious peanut butter and

Wellington Chocolate Factory’s organic

and ethically traded chocolate and more.

For late night options, head to Goldings

Free Dive or Fortune Favours for craft

beer, Hanging Ditch for cocktails and

Shepherd Restaurant for fresh cuisine.

Escape to Kapiti Island

Kapiti Island is only a 45-minute drive from the CBD and a 10-minute

boat ride from Paraparaumu. Join a Kapiti Day Tour with Kapiti Island

Nature Tours to learn the rich history of this predator-free island which is home to many

rare birds such as the kokako, saddleback and stitchbird, and enjoy genuine Maori

hospitality over lunch at the lodge. If a day trip isn’t long enough, go on an Overnight

Kiwi Spotting Tour for the opportunity to spot a Little Spotted Kiwi.

Website: www.kapitiisland.com

Walk or cycle Wellington’s trails

Whether it’s a thrilling mountain bike ride, an energising morning run through native

bush or a serene stroll to take in the scenery, Wellington’s network of trails are easily

accessed from the central city and has something to suit everyone. To find your wild,

check out WellingtonRegionalTrails.com.

Website: www.wellingtonregionaltrails.com

Wine tasting in Wairarapa

Get a taste for fine cuisine, wine and

relaxation at one of the country’s top food

and wine destinations, Wairarapa. Just an

hour north of Wellington by car or train, the

Wairarapa region is the perfect complement

to a city break in the capital.

Wairarapa is also home to wine village

Martinborough, which holds over 20

largely family-owned wineries, most within

walking or cycling distance of each other.

Pinot Noir is the flagship wine although

Martinborough also produces some

stunning whites. The town is a popular

weekend destination for visitors who

enjoy the premium wines, vineyard cafes,

boutique stores, quality accommodation,

olive groves and restaurants.

Website: www.wairarapanz.com/home

17 18

Explore Wellingtons

ecosanctuary Zealandia

Just minutes from central Wellington, step

into a nature lover’s paradise and groundbreaking

restoration project at the awardwinning

Zealandia eco-attraction. See some of

New Zealand’s rarest birds, reptiles and insects

living wild in their natural environment in The

Sanctuary Valley. Visitors can also step back

1,000 years to the ‘day before humans arrived’

in The Exhibition, and discover Zealandia’s

story, 80 million years in the making. Enjoy the

many tours that Zealandia has to offer, from a

Zealandia by Day Tour to a Twilight Tour and

more. Check out their website visitzealandia.

com for more information on tours.

Website: www.visitzealandia.com

Address: End of Waiapu Road, Karori,


Visit Weta Studios

Learn the secrets of filmmaking at Weta

Studios on the Miramar Peninsula.

Weta Studio Tours is your gateway to

filmmaking experiences in Wellington.

Get up close to the incredible miniatures,

props, weapons, armour, creatures,

vehicles, models and more, all made right

here in Wellington. From Middle-earth to

Tracy Island & beyond: Weta Workshop

is your entry to immersive filmmaking

experiences & the famous Weta Cave.

Join the Weta Cave Workshop Tour to

see the practical effects crafted for The

Lord of the Rings and Avatar or visit a

real shooting stage in our Miniatures

Stage Tour: Thunderbirds Are Go.

Website: www.wetanz.com/cave

Address: Corner of Weka Street and

Park Road, Miramar, Wellington

19 20


Hawke’s Bay is celebrated as one of the world’s best wine regions, and rightly so.

But there is so much more to the area than just wine. Nestled on the east coast of

the North Island, Hawke’s Bay has a pleasurable, Mediterranean-style climate making it

one of the country’s warmest and driest regions.

Wine connoisseurs have to make a stop here, known for its red wines, particularly cabernet

sauvignon, merlot and syrah as well as some fantastic chardonnays. You can enjoy them all

while riding a bike, yes that’s right you can do a bicycle wine tour. Don’t worry; this is a nice

casual cycle on some flat roads as you travel from cellar doors to sample some fine wines.

21 22

Another highlight of Hawke’s Bay is the

architecture. Napier, the main city of the region

is home to one of the largest concentration of

Art Deco buildings in the world. The reason

why Art Deco has made a name for itself in

this region is because of a massive earthquake,

which devastated the area in 1931. The

city along with Hastings, another city in the

region, was rebuilt in Art Deco style after the

earthquake. A week long Art-Deco Festival

takes place in the region every February

which tens of thousands pack out the area

celebrating and appreciating the beauty.

Another highlight of the region is Cape

Kidnappers, which has the status of being only

one of two mainland gannet colonies in the

world. A gannet is one of the world’s most rare

seabirds, identified with long, pointed wings

and golden yellow heads. What makes these

birds stand out though is their amazing fishing

technique, a whole flock can dive straight into

the sea from a great height at 145 kilometers

an hour, a truly incredible spectacle.

If you want to take your enjoyment of the

outdoors a step further than why not take

a trip along Lake Waikaremoana, one of

New Zealand’s most sought after wilderness

escapes. The track around the perimeter

of the Lake is one of New Zealand’s great

walks, it takes three days to complete

(you need to camp) and you can take your

exploration a step further by hiring a kayak

or canoe, and you can also do a spot of

fishing during your trip too.

You might be feeling a bit tired from all the

various hiking trails in New Zealand but

there is one more thing you have to do if

you find yourself in the Hawke’s Bay region,

the Te Mata Peak. A truly awe-inspiring

view awaits you at the top of this peak, walk

the Giants Circuit, a not too taxing 5.4km

with an elevation 357m as it winds its way

around the peak.

23 24

New Zealand




127 Gilligan Rd, Napier 4183, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand ♦ Tel +64 27 249 5096 ♦


Do you like the idea of a getaway

to the sunny fruit bowl & Art

Deco Capital of NZ? How about adding

to that, history, art, and some fine wine

and cuisine as well? Maybe you fancy

the outdoors, hiking, biking, walking

or golfing, or wine tours - all available

from Kalldeen.

Kalldeen Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand

offers this and much more, it’s the ideal

place for a leisurely vacation. If you are

planning a holiday in this region, make

sure you book your stay at Kalldeen

Luxury Accommodation.

The 5 star resort, located in the

vibrant city of Napier, is built on a

ten acre lifestyle block surrounded

by mesmerizing orchards. It is just

5 minutes away from the renowned

Mission Estate Restaurant and Church

Road Wineries.

Located 11 km from the nearest airport

in Hawke’s Bay, the resort offers a

free chauffeur service. What sets this

property apart is the warmth and

hospitality exhibited by the hosts, Lynn

and Wayne.

Kalldeen Luxury Accommodation offer

privacy and state-of-the-art facilities. The

chalets & suites are stylish and comfortable

featuring temperature control, satellite TV,

Wi-Fi, coffee machine, and has its own

elegant ensuite. At Kalldeen, we strive to

be sustainable, with electric car charging,

solar power, solar hot water with Eco Heat

pump back up, sound insulated walls, bio

cycle plant and UV water treatment plant.

The suites have an equipped kitchenette,

while the chalets have a well appointed full

kitchen. Each chalet also has an outdoor

seating area, a spa pool, and a neatly

manicured palm garden. A generous

continental breakfast is provided with

seasonal organic fruits for the guests.

Recreational facilities at Kalldeen include

a seasonal swimming pool, an Astro Turf

tennis court with future plans this year of a

golf driving range and putting green. The

sun terrace is ideal for spending a relaxed

afternoon with your favourite book. The

resort is also located just 20 minutes away

from Napier’s best golf course.

The central location of Kalldeen Luxury

Accommodation makes it the ideal base

for exploring the city of Napier. Take a

stroll down the streets and marvel at the

stunning Art Deco architecture. You can

also book a tour of the best wineries in the

region from Kalldeen.

For a relaxing and fun-filled getaway in the

sunny Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand book now

& stay at Kalldeen Luxury Accommodation.


25 26


The longest navigable river in New

Zealand, The Whanganui River

(Te Awa o Whanganui – its native name)

is an explorers dream. Whether you are

a cyclist, hiker, canoeist or just a casual

passer by, a stop here is an enthralling

one. This is sure to be a highlight of your

trip to New Zealand, follow the road that

winds along the river and edges towards

the Whanganui National Park and take

in a truly special journey where you can

appreciate the tranquillity of nature’s


The river is so sacred and special to

the local Maori tribe that the river itself

has been granted the same legal rights

as a human being. This highlights its

magnificent beauty and how connected

the Maori people are to New Zealand’s

natural surroundings.

For over 800 years, Maori have lived here

building marae and kainga (villages),

many descendants of the original

inhabitants call it home today too. It

was discovered by westerners in the late

1800’s and early 1900’s, which opened

the river up to tourists enjoying activities

such as luxury leisure boat cruises.

The best way to see this river is by

getting up close and stuck in, the

upper Whanganui River is the best

spot for canoeing, kayaking and seeing

the infamous ‘Bridge to Nowhere.’

Constructed in 1936, its purpose was

to improve access to the Mangapurua

Valley Soldiers settlement; it now sits

totally desolate deep in the forest,

hidden away from the world. A short

hike gives you the unique opportunity to

see the stunning views from the bridge.

27 28

New Zealand



Eco-Friendly Tour Company

Whanganui River Adventures 2522 Pipiriki Raetihi Rd, Pipiriki 4576, New Zealand ♦

Tel +64 800 862 743 ♦ whanganuiriveradventures.co.nz

New Zealand is a land filled with an abundance of natural attractions. The country’s

second longest river - the Whanganui River, which is over 300 kilometers long, is among

the most sought-after tourist attractions. Its tributaries are located high on the Volcanic Plateau

in the middle of the North Island and the river flows out to the Tasman Sea at the city of

Whanganui. The destination is apt for those looking to indulge in adventure sports and an

eco-friendly tour company that goes by the name of Whanganui River Adventures facilitates

just that.

The tour company offers several adventure

trips including The Bridge To Nowhere,

a trip to a historic bridge tucked away

in the midst of a forest. You can opt for

the Manganui O Te Ao River trip as well,

which takes you up to the popular ‘Drop

Scene’ area of the river. The area houses

three caves. The unique name originates

from the musical hall days of the 1900’s.

The tour company also offers a One-Dayer

adventure, which starts with the ‘Bridge

to Nowhere’ and then takes you on a jet

boat ride back down to the river. It is a

22-kilometer long ride, guided by experts.

You can even choose to do an unguided

canoe or kayaking activity or explore the

Pipiriki stopping along the way. Those

who are interested in spending a night in

the region can choose the Overnighter

package. Enjoy listening to the history of

New Zealand on a jet boat trip, followed

by a walk to the Bridge to Nowhere. The

journey concludes with you paddling down

from the Whanganui River, all the way till

Tieke Kainga hut.

The river itself has spectacular scenery. Situated in the North of Pipiriki, it passes through a

series of narrow gorges set amidst lush native forests. It is marked as an important cultural

trip in New Zealand as the river was historically used by the local Māori as a highway, food

source, playground, and a spiritual home. A well-known whakataukī (proverb) describes

the space perfectly, i.e. ‘Ko au te awa ko te awa ko au,’ which means, ‘I am the river; the

river is me.’ And with Whanganui River Adventures, you can truly live the river experience!

29 30


If the town of Paeroa sounds familiar, then you might be thinking of New Zealand’s

homegrown soft drink ‘LP’ (Lemon & Paeroa.) It’s hard to miss the town’s monument

to its greatest export, a giant bottle standing seven meters high of the stuff sits on the

eastern end of the main streets.

Another must do in the

area is the Hauraki Rail Trail.

This 160km bike trail is

accessible from Paeroa and

showcases some of the very

best scenery New Zealand

has to offer. Highlights

include Karangahake Gorge

– one of the 14 wonders of

New Zealand, historic gold

mining towns and luxurious

mineral spas. This trail is the

perfect adventure for those

looking for a relaxing, yet fun


Paeroa is a bit of a hipsters paradise, as dotted throughout the town are artisan shops

packed full with collectables making it the antiques capital of New Zealand. This historic

theme is continued with the Paeroa Historical Maritime Park where you can see restored

vessels and fascinating displays. You can also learn about local maritime history and

stories about Captain Cook, The Northern Steamship as well as Naval Displays.

As you complete the trail, a definite highlight will be Karangahake Gorge. With a

plethora of walks and tunnels you can discover the multi-layered history that exists here.

It is truly one of most beautiful stretches of river in the country, its history is fascinating

too, as one of the busiest and most lucrative goldstrikes in the country took place here.

31 32

New Zealand


Affordable Motel

2A Arney St, Paeroa, 3600, New Zealand ♦ Tel +64 7-862 8788 ♦

stay@pedlarsmotel.nz ♦ www.pedlarsmotel.nz

Pedlar’s Motel brings to you premium

accommodation right at the heart of

Paeroa. It’s situated right beside Hauraki Rail

Trail, which is one of the best places to go for

cycling in New Zealand.

The superior quality of services and amenities

offered by the motel will ensure that you can

get the best vacation experience possible.

Each room comes with 55-inch smart TVs for

your entertainment.

Choose from the hotel’s lavishly furnished

deluxe suites or go for fully equipped family

units for a great stay with your family.

At Pedlars Motel we make every effort

to ensure that your stay provides finest

comfort and the perfect visitor experience.

With seamless check in and check out

facilities our quality units will meet every


Even in terms of location, it’s located right

next to the town’s swimming pool where

you can go and take a dip to enjoy a lazy

afternoon relaxing.

If you wish to dine, the restaurant and

bar One3One is situated right next to the

motel. Head to this place to enjoy all your

favorite gastronomic delights all under one

roof. Pair it up with their wide range of

liquors to get the best experience possible.

Paeroa is a beautiful place to explore

and the motel allows you to get the best

experiences in the region. Go for a serene

river cruise, enjoy a peaceful evening in a

farm park, or go trout fishing. There’s so

much that you can do in Paeroa and make

the most of your trip to the region.

33 34


New Zealand cuisine

is highlighted by its

unique position in the world.

Its proximity to Asia, history

of European influence and

Polynesia position, means

it’s an amalgamation of

foods from all around the

world. With a blend of

influences, you are sure to

find something new and

exciting in the many cafes

and restaurants that line its

metropolitan cities, as well

as local fresh food that can

be found in various coastal


It’s not just modern highlights

that can be found in New

Zealand, you can discover

some local delicacies and

old techniques such as

Maori cooking that uses

native plants. There are

plenty of tours that give

you the chance to learn

about ancient techniques

where the ground is used

as an oven, where food was

cooked underground, a truly

authentic way to experience

this traditional way of


35 36

New Zealand has an ever-evolving street food scene, where pop-up cafes and urban

stalls can be found aplenty. If you visit during the summer, then get ready for some of

the world’s best wine and food festivals that are annually held in Auckland, Hawke’s Bay,

Martinborough, Nelson, Canterbury and Queenstown with highlights being the Kawhia

Kai Festival or the West Coast’s Wildfoods Festival.

Culinary national highlights include dishes made using lamb, pork and cervena, salmon

crayfish, bluff oysters, whitebait, abalone, mussels, scallops and pipis and tuatua (shellfish).

What you can’t fail to notice when enjoying these meals is the laid back atmosphere, there

is no pretentiousness when it comes to enjoying food with the kiwis, just sit back and

enjoy it. This relaxed attitude often takes the form of barbeques; this casual nature of

dining is a big part of the Kiwi culture.

37 38



Image by: Bob Bradley

39 40


Comprising of more than 100 islands in the South Pacific, French Polynesia covers

a vast area – four million square kilometres, but its many islands are small and

plentiful. Perhaps the best known is Tahiti, maybe the closest thing to paradise on the

planet. The spectacular beauty of the region is well known, but there is also a fascinating

history and deeply special culture that can be found too.

The culture of Polynesian people can be traced from their ma’ohi ancestors. Once you

step foot here the first thing you will notice is the kindness and generosity of the people.

The attitude of Tahitian people emanates from the philosophy ‘aita pea pea’, roughly

translated as ‘not to worry’. This stress-free, relaxed attitude is the perfect accompaniment

to your holiday and you will find it to be incredibly infectious.

When you look around the many

islands here, you will discover that

Tahitian and French Polynesian

culture permeates every aspect

of everyday life here. You may

notice the bamboo huts built with

pandanus roofs that are actually

still used to live in; you will see the

many colours that the locals wear

in the form of ‘pareus’. Traditional

Polynesian clothing was made

from tapa cloth, which is made up

of dried pandanus leaves, coconut

fibers and breadfruit bark. Today,

you will see many wear colourful

quilts known as tifaifai as homage.

Other aspects of the rich and

vibrant culture take the form of

weaving, woodcarving as well as

tattooing. All of these are sacred

and can still be enjoyed today.

You might be familiar with the concept ‘Mana’, it doesn’t really have an exact translation

but words such as; strength, power, influence, control, nobility, presence and many more

have been used as a guide to its definition. It is a life force and spirit that connects all living

things and is often associated with the region.

41 42

The first people to come to the French Polynesia region were from Southeast Asia, in

roughly 500BC. These were likely to be sailors who miraculously navigated the Pacific

Ocean using wooden canoes. They were later discovered by European explorers during

the 16th century and eventually colonized by France. Now officially known as French

Polynesia, Tahiti is an autonomous overseas country of the French Republic.

If you want to take a closer

look at the history of the region

then a visit to the Museum

of Tahiti and Her Islands is an

absolute must. It is celebrated

as one of the best and most

beautiful museums in the whole

of the South Pacific. Here you

can find carefully recorded

Polynesian history, it comes

wiith a stunning backdrop

found about 10 miles south of

Papeete in the small surfing

town of Puna’auia. You will find

the museum is conveniently

divided into four separate

sections; geography and natural

history, pre-European culture,

the effects of colonization and

natural wonders. Some stunning

artefacts can be found here

such as rare collections of art

carvings and historical artifacts.

The displays are in English and

French and the gift shop is quite

good too.

43 44

French Polynesia



Tour Company

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Quietly nestled away beneath the blue skies of the South-Pacific Ocean, sultry French

Polynesia is a place that will take you into a mellow, warm, and laid-back experience of

island culture. This rather unexplored tourist destination lined with moss-green peaks and vivid

turquoise lagoons has a lot to offer to its visitors. Adventure activities such as snorkelling, surfing,

whale-watching, or simply exploring through the islands - there is a lot to French Polynesia than

meets the eye. However, the one experience that grabs the most attention is the experience

offered through the eyes of Scenic Shopping Tour.

This private tour company specializes in both exclusive and group tours. The tour lasts up

to 2 hours and is designed to deliver maximum comfort to its members with the help of a

comfortable A/C minivan, an expert multilingual guide, and transfers to the beach or attractive

shopping centers.

The tour takes you through numerous

popular destinations of French Polynesia,

including Moorea Juice Factory, wherein

you can discover how tropical fruits are

turned into exotic juices that every Tahitian

loves. The best part about such factory

tours is that they almost always end with

a never-ending tasting session. Discover

the best shopping experiences in Moorea

with your very own expert guide. Many

creative people have made Moorea their

home, choosing its peaceful environment

over bustling Pape’ete. The list includes

painters, sculptors, wood carvers, and

tattoo artists.

Many of these professionals have their

studios, boutiques and galleries settled

on this beautiful island. They are most

famous for selling black pearls and others

sell pareos (Tahitian sarongs) and originaldesign

clothing and jewelry that will surely

impress you.

The tour will also take you to the Agricultural

High School, best known for its jam testing.

This space is filled with some of the most

wonderful experiences and they are all

waiting to be explored by you, only with

Scenic Shopping Tours.

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The inviting turquoise waters of French Polynesia are only broken up by the infinite

beauty that sits atop of them in the form of the islands themselves. A quick dip

below the surface of these surrounding waters will lead to a discovery of a world packed

full with wildlife and stunning corals that any diver, experienced to beginner would


On the main island of Tahiti, then you will no doubt take a dive to see The Wrecks. Here

you will discover the remains of a World War Two minesweeper that was sunk in 1967. It

is thought that it was used as an inter-island ferry before it was deliberately sunk. Schools

of fish weave in-between the wreckage, making it a must see site. Whale season is from

August – September to October – November and can usually be spotted in Moorea and


11 of the islands currently have diving

centers, leaving you with plenty of options

as you select where you want to dive,

whether it’s the Tuamotus famed for its low

lying coral atolls, or the Society Islands that

are brimming with deep green mountains

and picturesque waterfalls. The best time

to visit is between March and September,

having said that, conditions for diving are

usually excellent no matter what time of

the year. Water temperatures never usually

go below 25 degrees Celsius.

Infamous dive spots of the region include

Tiputa Pass in Rangiroa, particularly for

drift divers as you will be awe inspired by

the Barracudas and sharks that call this

place home. Bora Bora contains a thrilling

lagoon where you can get super close to

manta rays, sharks and turtles alongside a

coral wall. Moorea is a dive spot exclusively

for those who want to dive with sharks, in

particular reef sharks and lemon sharks. For

those that love Stingrays, head to Taotoi

which has the exciting ‘Stingray World.’

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French Polynesia



Diving Company

The center also organizes night dives upon request.

Diving experts at the center understand the ingoing and

outgoing currents before organizing the diving sessions

to ensure that you have safe dives. The center also

specialises in offering Nitrox so that you can dive deeper

and for longer. If you do not have prior Nitrox experience,

you can opt for Nitrox training upon request.

Tetamanu Village, 98763, French Polynesia

The Tetamanu Pass of French

Polynesia is extremely popular

for the wealth of underwater life that it

houses. It is also among the few places

on Earth that has been preserved well.

While it’s usually difficult to experience

the Tetamanu Pass closely, the Tetamanu

Diving Center makes it possible for all to

live the ultimate diving experience.

The Tetamanu Pass is full of hundreds

of fish and sharks and every experience

organized by the diving center lets you

witness the undersea life with complete

grandeur. There is also something for

those who do not prior diving experience.

The dive beginner ocean side, which is

somewhere between 20m to 30m deep,

allows one to discover the ecosystem of

the pass, loaches marbles, nasons, wrasses,

and evolving coral roses. The pass also

has an ancient cave, the Napoleonic cave,

which is located 28m below the sea level.

As per research, this natural cave has been

dug in the right flank of the pass where

there are several sharks. This particular

region is referred to as the shark’s wall.

Apart from diving, there are a range of activities that you can indulge in. For instance, you

can go on an excursion to the paradise-like beach or wander and relax peacefully on the

lagoon. You may even choose to go lagoon fishing, troll fishing, or spear fishing from the

resort boat. Arrangements for the same can be made by the center upon request.

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Image by: Johnny Bhalla

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Australia is the perfect to country to take a long drive in. It is so vast, its terrain so

varied and sights so diverse – it really is one of the world’s best places to go road

tripping. North, South, East or West, whatever direction you travel you’re sure to have a

great time. One excellent road trip you can undertake is a drive from Sydney to the Gold

Coast. This stunning, coastal drive stands at a distance of 842km, it may seem daunting

but it is relatively tame, by Australian standards.

One of the massive advantages of Australia is the road trip culture that exists there. It is

super straight forward getting your hands on a car, with so many rental companies offering

a variety of cars, campervans and 4x4s. If you are staying in Australia for an extended time,

it is very easy to buy a car, you will have no trouble selling it on afterwards thanks to the

high demand to see this country on four wheels.

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As you say goodbye to Sydney, the first

stop on your tour will be The Central

Coast. Standing an hour North of

Sydney, it may only be right at the start

of your road trip but it is certainly worth

a stop here. A stop off at Terrigal is worth

a look too, a popular beach destination

thanks to the cosmopolitan vibe of the

seaside town. For those that want to get

lost in nature than visit Bouddi National


The first city you will see after Sydney

is Newcastle. This beach side city has

a plethora of great beaches, while also

offering the convenience of city life.

Plus, tucked away on streets like ‘Derby

Street’ are some great pubs, restaurants

and great spots for live music.

Your first stop off after Newcastle has

to be the Hunter Valley region. Home

to over 140 wineries, this is where to

go to sample Australia’s most famous

and fabled wines. As you head back

up the coast, our next highlight is Port

Macquarie. This unspoilt town is nestled

in the mouth of the Hastings River. A

highlight here is the St Thomas’ Anglican

Church, which was built by convicts in

the 19th Century, time your visit here

during the winter (June - August) and

there are cruises where you can go whale


Coffs Harbour marks the halfway point

of the drive, this stop of is sure to be a

highlights thanks to the many sites such

as stunning beaches, marine sanctuary

and the iconic big banana. Whatever you

do, make sure you enjoy the spectacular

views from the Forest Sky Pier at Sealy


As you edge closer to the Gold

Coast, you will come across one

of the most popular spots in

Australia, Byron Bay. It is best

known for its almost hippy-like, laid

back atmosphere. So if you are into

surfing, make sure you hire a board

and take a dip here.

Shortly after Byron Bay, you will

have reached the Gold Coast.

How long you want to take is up

to you and your time constraints.

You would need at least a week to

appreciate some of the highlights

we have mentioned, but if time

permits than why not take your

drive at a leisurely place and enjoy

up to three weeks?

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Did you know that kangaroos and emus cannot walk backwards? That is why these

native Australian animals are often featured on Australian sports teams kits and

Australian passports. It is a point of pride that make these animals representative of the

Australian attitude – always moving forwards.

Although we all love them there is more

to Australia than Kangaroos and Koalas.

Current records indicate that there are

386 species native to Australia. One of

our particular favourites is the Shingleback

Lizard, aka Sleepy Lizard or Short Tail. A

fun fact about these is that they mate for

life, and often go into hibernation during

the winter months and find their significant

other again during the summer…how


Of course you cannot talk about Australian

animals without mentioning Kangaroos;

the loveable bouncy animals are known

the world over. If you find yourself in

Alice Springs and want to get up close

to these wonderful animals then take a

visit to the Kangaroo Animal Sanctuary,

here you will have the chance to feed and

pet the beautiful animals and observe

them as they live in a peaceful, spacious


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We’ve all heard the horror stories of the snakes and spiders that call Australia home. Don’t

worry they aren’t out to get you and are not lying in wait for you. You would have to be

pretty lucky to see the infamous brown snake, but there are many sanctuaries and zoos

where, if you feel brave enough, can hold a snake or tarantula for yourself.

Koalas are often strewn across

websites and postcards; this

is because of their infinite

cuteness. One of the best

places to catch these animals in

the wild is in Port Stephens, just

an hour outside of Newcastle,

Port Stephens is dense with

mahogany trees that offer great

natural habitat for the furry

creatures. While you are here

there are some incredible hikes

you can undertake too.

There is a whole other of animals to

discover off dry land, whether it’s the

Great Barrier Reef in Queensland

or perhaps the less known but just

as impressive Ningaloo Reef in

Western Australia, there is a heap

to enjoy no matter you go. Then of

course there are the animals that

you don’t wish to witness in the

water – sharks and crocs. If you are

brave enough head to Port Lincoln

in South Australia for shark cage

dive experience where you literally

are inches away from sharks as they

swim past you, a truly experience if

you are feeling brave!

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Attraction South

4068 Playford Hwy, Duncan SA 5223, Australia ♦ Tel +61 8 8559 6050 ♦


Home to over 100 species of native

Australian wildlife and over 600 animals

-you can spend a whole day at the park,

you even get the chance to get interactive

with them too. Whether you want to hand

feed kangaroos, watch the dingoes get

fed, get up close and cuddle Koalas, see

the Penguins getting lunch, watch the

Echidna’s play, hang out with and hold

the wombats, chat with the Kookaburras.

There is something for everyone. Last but

not least, there is of course the reptile

house, for those inclined you can not only

observe venomous snakes and reptiles but

also hold the slithery pythons.

Australia is a land of

weird and wonderful

animals, from exotic

creatures to creepy critters;

it is an animal lovers dream

to visit this country. There

is no better way to do this

than a stop at the Kangaroo

Island Wildlife Park in South

Australia. Brimming with a

range of Australian native

animals, a visit here is a

unique chance to get up

close with some amazing

wildlife encounters.

Kangaroo Island is found

just off the coast of South

Australia and can be

reached in only 45 minutes

on a ferry from Cape

Jervis or you can get to

the island with Regional

Express Airways, just a

short 20-minute flight from


Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park caters to the

whole family whether you are looking for

a quick snack or lunch they’ve got all your

aussie favourites as well as cold drinks to

refresh you after a busy day.

A visit to Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park is

a must for anyone who wants to see some

rare, unique and special wildlife. With a

hands-on experience in a safe, friendly and

educational environment this is a day out

you’ll never forget.

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South Australia: Rewards Wonder

Bursting with culture, wildlife encounters, exceptional food and wine, events and

entertainment, South Australia has a lot on offer to reward your wonder. You can taste

your way through world-famous wine regions only minutes away from Adelaide or get upclose

and personal with sea lions, dolphins, koalas and kangaroos at wildlife parks and in

crystal-clear waters. There’s a world of experiences right at your fingertips and, with mild

winters and warm, dry summers, it is the perfect place to visit year-round. Here is just a

taste of some of the things on offer in South Australia.

Go Ghost (Mushroom)


It’s the most exclusive lightshow in South

Australia and fungi are the headline act.

If you’re looking for something unique

to do in South Australia during winter,

rug up, grab your torch and go ghost

hunting on the Limestone Coast as the

unearthly green glow of Ghost Mushrooms

illuminate Glencoe pine forest. A result of a

chemical reaction between fungal enzymes

and oxygen, Ghost Mushrooms typically

emerge after late autumn rains, with the

glow in the dark phenomena lasting for

just a few magical weeks a year, generally

during May and June.

Image credit: deandocuments (Dean Weekley)

Image credit: South Australian Tourism Commission

Snuggle up in a cosy winter hideaway

Nestled in nature, Hideyhole in the lush bush of Ironbank is the perfect spot to unwind

in winter. The insta-worthy glamping cabin is tucked in the picturesque bushlands of

the Adelaide Hills with all the creature comforts you could wish for including an indoor

fireplace, supplies for a gourmet breakfast and Wi-Fi. Bustling with wildlife, sit back and

relax with a glass of red and watch wild koalas, kangaroos and kookaburras from the deck

or rug-up and venture out for a crisp morning bushwalk.

Discover the outback by


Imagine being flown to your own

secluded campsite perched above the

Flinders Ranges. See the beauty of

the outback from the air with an epic

overnight Heli-swag Experience. Jump

on your own private helicopter and enjoy

views over Rawnsley Bluff and Wilpena

Pound before landing at your epic camp

spot on the Chace Range. Watch the

setting sun and marvel at the milky way

in the clear winter sky before tucking in

to a two-course meal and falling asleep

under a blanket of stars.

Set your coordinates for

the otherworldly

d’Arenberg Cube

Spend a day navigating the five storey

multi-functioning wine centre, in McLaren

Vale on the Fleurieu Peninsula. It features

a wine sensory room, 360-degree video

room and beautiful panoramic tasting

area. Top it off with lunch at the Cube’s

restaurant; the first in Australia to create

food using a 3D printer.

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Image credit: South Australian Tourism Commission

Image credit: Chris Bray

Image credit: South Australian Tourism Commission

Meet the friendly locals

Seal Bay on Kangaroo Island has been home to Australian sea lion colonies for thousands

of years. Watch resident sea lions in their natural habitat from a 900-metre-long wheelchair

accessible boardwalk, meandering through the dunes to impressive coastal lookouts. You

can get up-close and personal with the resident sea lions on a guided beach tour.

Get up close to Native wildlife

Whether you’re in a national park or venturing further afield, you’re guaranteed to

encounter iconic Australian wildlife on the Eyre Peninsula. Cuddle koalas in their natural

habitat, spend the day surrounded by kangaroos, dingos and echidnas in wildlife parks

or spot native species in Coffin Bay, Port Lincoln and the jaw-dropping Gawler Ranges.

Get on your bike and watch the Santos Tour Down Under

Pedalling across South Australia in January, The Santos Tour Down Under is Australia’s

greatest cycling event, welcoming the world’s best to the city of Adelaide and South

Australia’s beautiful regions. Tour time provides the perfect opportunity to see, eat and

drink your way around the Barossa, McLaren Vale and the Adelaide Hills.

On your marks, get set for the Superloop Adelaide 500

The Superloop Adelaide 500 is the largest domestic motorsport event in Australia,

showcasing the very best of the motoring world. Experience the growls, roars and

screeches of some of the fastest cars in the world. You’ll also find loads of entertainment

for the whole family, including family fun zones, rides, amusements and face painting.

American rock legends Red Hot Chili Peppers headlined the post-race entertainment at

the 2019 Superloop Adelaide 500 so the bar has been set for next year.

Check out the view from the roof

They’re the best seats in the house, where the seagulls gather to watch footballers fly or

dodge the occasional Big Bash cricket ball. A jaw dropping 50 metres above the vivid

green expanse of the Adelaide Oval turf, it’s also where thrill-seekers can climb skywards

for one of the best views in town. The Commonwealth Bank RoofClimb at Adelaide Oval

sees punters clambering over the billowing rooftops of the spectacular grandstands.

Equally spectacular are the views, be it during the day or at twilight.

Take it easy on the Murray River

Bypass the hustle and bustle of everyday life by floating down the Murray River. Paddle,

sail or water ski past shimmering pink salt lakes, wildflowers and sandy cliffs rising out of

low-lying scrub. Step ashore and enjoy some Riverland hospitality in charming country


Image credit: South Australian Tourism Commission

Want to find out more? Visit our consumer website: www.southaustralia.com

The South Australian Tourism Commission is responsible for promoting South Australia

to the world as a destination for business and leisure travel.

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Ningaloo Reef

Everyone in the world has heard of the Great Barrier Reef. It truly is one of the planet’s

greatest natural wonders. But not many people know about the less frequented, yet

just as magical - Ningaloo Reef. Found on the Western Side of Australia here you will

find whale sharks, turtles, dolphins and manta rays and if you are lucky, humpback

whales can all be discovered here. This area is largely unspoilt thanks to all the attention

the Eastern side of the country gets, so if you want a truly memorable underwater

experience, head to Ningaloo Reef.

With so many places to see, it can be hard to know which ones to do. Take the famous

Australian Outback - the largest part of Australia. It’s hard to pin down exactly how big

the vast region is. The simple facts are that it’s sparsely populated, located inland and

is one of the most captivating regions in the world. Where do you start? Then there is

the captivating waters that surround this giant continent, and then you have incredible

jungles and rainforests that can be found inland.

Here are favourite destinations that we believe are must sees that are often missed out

by people:

Mount Ive Station

Fancy an authentic outback experience?

Look no further than Mt Ive Station in South

Australia, 6 hours North of Adelaide – this is

an opportunity to discover the true beauty

of the outback. This really is a chance for

an authentic experience where you’ll find

all you need at their Shearing Quarters and

can take the opportunity to explore a little

of the awesome property with its scenery

and history.

Less is more out here. Electricity comes

from a solar power system with generator

backup, (which automatically comes on

when the batteries are low). Drinking water

is available from the tanks at the far end

of the stone hut. A truly, minimalist but

rewarding experience. They even have a

bar too! This is a family owned property

consisting of around 250,000 acres or just

under 900000 Kms.

Kakadu National Park

Another area of Australia that doesn’t get

as much attention as it deserves is the

Northern Territory. One immense highlight

of this particular region is Kakadu National

Park. Covering a territory roughly half the

size of Switzerland, this is an area abundant

with wildlife and natural wonders. Not only

is its nature deeply alluring but it has a

history that is fascinating too, with a past

that is steeped in aboriginal heritage. It is

thought that they have live here for 65 000

years, the oldest living culture on earth.

The history of the region can be seen

today in rock art in the form of paintings

at Nanguluwur, which tell the stories of

the first ships that brought Europeans to

the land. Look out for the crocodiles that

lurk in the wetlands found in the park, it is

thought there are more than 10 000 here,

a staggering amount but just goes to show

what an amazing spot this National Park

really is.

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Vanuatu is a land of wonder and fascination, with some many highlights; it can be

hard to know exactly what to do. So let us help you and pick our favourite 5 things

to do in the beautiful region.

Volcano Trek

Located on Ambrym Island, the twin

volcanic peaks of Mount Marum and Mount

Benbow both contain active lava lakes

inside their craters. This two-day trek is

truly ad adventure, hiking through jungle

and steep mountains – it isn’t a trip for

the faint hearted. It is worth the hardship

though, because as you reach the top you

will discover an amazing bubbling lava lake,

it will feel like you are looking at the very

center of the earth.

Head to the bar

It won’t take you long to become familiar with the local drink of Kava. Made from the

roots of the Kava plant, you will find it served in Kava Bars or ‘Nakamals’ as they are

known locally. This local drink goes back more than 3000 years, it is an integral part

of Vanuatu custom and it has a strong spiritual background in the country. Kava is not

actually alcoholic, it is actually a drug extracted from the plant of the same name. It has a

relaxing effect similar to marijuana; it is not addictive or dangerous and can be enjoyed in

the perfect surrounds of this beautiful region.

National Museum of Vanuatu

Blue Lagoons

Perhaps the most touristy thing to do

on the island – and for good reason.

The blue lagoons that are found in

Vanuatu are a spectacle to behold.

The most popular lagoons are Riri

Blue Hold, Nanda Blue Hole and

Matevulu Blue Hole. The azure blue

waters are also perfect for diving, so

whether you are a snorkeler or a scuba

diver, beginner or expert there will be

a diving spot for you.

This fascinating museum is housed in a traditional building opposite the country’s

parliament. Founded in 1959, here you will find, ancient artefacts such as a tamtam

(slit gongs or slit drums), outrigger canoes, ceremonial headdresses, shell jewellery and

examples of Lapita and Wusi pottery. The mission of the museum is to “promote, protect

and preserve the different aspects of the culture of Vanuatu. This is a great way to learn

about Vanuatu, its history and culture.

Visit Port Olry

This sleepy village lies at the

end of a sealed road on the

eastern side of the Island.

This small, francophone

fishing village is home to

one of the world’s most

stunning stretches of white

sand that are hugged by

majestic turquoise waters. As

you gaze out upon the sea

you will notice picturesque

offshore islands which only

adds further to this dramatic

landscape. This is the

second largest settlement

on the island and there is

plenty to do here in forms of

restaurants and bars too.

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Unique Experiences

Vanuatu ♦ Tel +678 591 5510 ♦ couleursdesiles.weebly.com

An archipelago ripe for

discovery, Vanuatu has it all,

pristine beaches, remote islands and

a culture that dates back centuries.

It is a region ripe for discovery. If

you have a sense of adventure, then

book a tour with Couleurs des iles,

a locally owned tour company that

has more than 10 years experience

in the tourism industry. With a whole

host of packages available, you

can experience the true beauty of

Vanuatu and get lost in its majesty.

Coulers des iles are bilingual (French

and English) and can provide

personalized tours to suit your

holiday here. Choose from one of

the many packages or, you can even

design your own tour.

To take the stress out of your travels,

Couleurs des iles does an airport

“meet ‘n greet”, as well as providing

transfers. As they are experts on the

region, they are also able to arrange

hotel bookings, just let them know

where you want to stay and what

kind of accommodation you are

looking for and they will find the

perfect match to suit your tastes.

What separates Couleurs des iles from

other tour operators in the region is that

they offer full day round island tours

and half-day tours. No visit to Vanuatu is

complete without a stop off at the world

famous Cascades Waterfall. Coleurs des

iles can arrange tours here allowing you

take in the beauty of this stunning piece

of nature. Not only that, they can arrange

fishing tours, snorkelling tours, museum

tours, kava tours, cultural village tours and

city tours as well as full day cruises and

sunset cruises. They truly have everything

covered here and if you want to get a

full experience of what Vanuatu has to

offer than take up the chance to tour with

Couleurs des iles.

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