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€2 million fines

in Velez-Malaga

By James Warren

FOUR men have been sentenced by

the court in Malaga to three years in

prison and individual fines of €2 million

for the smuggling of large quantities

of hashish.

They were apprehended in Velez-

Malaga in August last year at sea after

the members of the organised

criminal gang attempted to transport

the drug in a speed boat purchased by

the men.

According to reports the boat was

fitted with a false deck where underneath

over 800 kilos of hashish were

stored, which has been valued at approximately

€1.2 million.

The drugs were seized by maritime

officers as well as mobile phones and

a GPS system.

The sentence was issued as the defendants

pleaded guilty to smuggling

and crimes against public health.

THE new coalition government

of Malaga City held a

busy meeting on Tuesday

(June 25) to discuss various

topics including the distribution

of responsibilities and the

organisation of the councillors.

Councillors’ salaries were

also discussed in the meeting

and a unanimous decision was

made to increase the wages of

the board members by 20 per


The La Casona held the

meeting for the new cooperation

to delegate the municipal

tasks between the different

members of the


Three of the

detained men

on the maritime

patrol vessel.

Frantic meetings

for new coalition

involved parties.

Thirty-three different areas

were negotiated and directors

were chosen for each

sector. The managers of the

sectors are expected to be

CREDIT: Twitter @guardiacivil

announced this week.

It is reported that each area

will have a representative from

each political party except

where personal affiliations and

business ties prevent certain

councillors from taking their

post due to conflict of interests.

Local man

arrested for



A 37-YEAR-OLD man has been arrested in Velez-Malaga after

allegedly beating his wife and son in a domestic dispute.

Police were called to the residence in Calle Cristo Resucitado

in the early afternoon on Tuesday (June 25) after neighbours

reported hearing a disturbance.

When they entered the building they reportedly found a 36-

year-old woman and a boy, 15, ‘visibly shaken.’

According to sources, they explained to the officers that the

suspect, known as Jose Antonio GS, had allegedly beaten

them without warning, leaving them with minor bruising.

After a short search officers apprehended the suspect. He

initially claimed that he became angry after discovering that

his son had been growing marihuana in the upstairs bedroom,

however there was no traces of the drug anywhere on the


Outside the house there was also visible damage to their car.

The family have since put in a denuncia against the man.

Jose Antonio was transferred to the offices of the National

Police force in Torre del Mar for questioning.


EWN 27 June - 3 July 2019 NEWS





OLD Maria Heredia Torres

had been missing for two

days before she was found

on the roof of a housing

block in Malaga City. She reportedly

suffers from severe

Alzheimer’s and may have

become disorientated and

made her way up onto the

roof where she fell.

Two arrests

POLICE were called to a

disturbance in the Huelin

district of Malaga. A young

couple were involved in a

domestic dispute during

the early hours that involved

the woman biting

and scratching her partner.

Lux Mundi

LUX MUNDI, Torre del Mar

recently celebrated their 25th

anniversary with a concert in

the Malaga Cathedral. The

packed audience heard the

choir sing along with a violinist

and concert pianist.

ALS light-up


awareness of Amyotrophic

Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) by

illuminating the town hall

and the Puerta de Verde last

week. The aim was to spread

the word among the public,

administrations and companies

to improve quality of

life for patients and boost research.

FOR SALE: The board have reopened offers on the plot of land in Rincon de la Victoria.

Housing land

up for grabs

CREDIT: twitter @aytorincon

THE Ministry of Development, Infrastructure

and Land Planning has put up for sale

five plots in Victoria Park with potential

space for up to 360 new homes.

The land was originally made available

last summer, however the council board

was unable to come to a unanimous decision

over details of the sale and the movement

was postponed.

The total size of the plot is 90,526 sqm

and is located just north of the motorway

in La Cala del Moral.

When the land initially came up for discussion

the mayor of the town, Francisco

Salado, of the Popular Party stated his objections

to the sale.

However last November the case was reviewed

and the sales were approved.

The land will be available for initial offers

until July 17. Thereafter it will become

available to residential and industrial

developers, but the board is expected to

give particular favour to residential developments.

The sale of the land is estimated to bring

€12.6 million to the area.

Vadillo works started

WORK has started in the redevelopment of the Vadillo Industrial

estate close to Motril.

The mayor of the municipality, Luisa García Chamorro,

and councillor for Public Works, European Funds and

Heritage, Nicolás Navarro, have announced that work is

expected to be completed by July 31.

The estate is due to have a renovation of its sewage systems

as well as new pavements on the stretch between the

Shell petrol station and the N-340.

Chamorro has assured people living and working nearby

that she will make frequent inspections of the work to

ensure the quality and efficiency of the work in order to

minimise disruption to traffic, businesses and residents.

“We will manage with transparency and communication

with neighbours and be on top of things,” said Chamorro.

This latest project has been authorised in conjunction

with the redevelopment of the promenade from Playa de

Poniente to Playa Granada.

50 years of the Feria


is staging its annual Feria

from today (Thursday, June

27) until Sunday, a particularly

special event as it celebrates

its 50th year.

The festivities will be

held on the Llano de las

Palmeras area and a packed

line-up of activities, music

and culture has been put together.

Celebrations start with

performances from local

dance groups as well as

family activities throughout


Evening entertainment

starts with a speech from

town hall spokesman, Juan

Rafael Villegas, and culminates

in a live performance

from José Luis Lastre.

Friday promises a fiesta

of food, the crowning of the

king and queen of the fair,

an evening performance

from Al-Andalus Orchestra

and a version of ‘El Callejón.’

Saturday will hold

more of the same with Javi

Cantero singing songs from

his latest album.

The boat regatta of

Jabegas will take place on

Saturday, and the

traditional fishing contest

organised by the Peña El

Chambel will be held on

Sunday. There will also be a

Football Tournament and

the popular running race

starting at the official event


NEWS 27 June - 3 July 2019 3


ONCE wins

in Torrox

TICKET seller José Manuel

Cortés has sold winning tickets in

the Torrox area worth €350,000. He

has been a seller since 2000 and after

finding out the news, he said: “I’m

delighted, very happy, with 22 years

working, it is a very great joy.”

Arsonist hunt

POLICE in Velez-Malaga are on the

hunt for a 32-year-old ‘squatter’ who

is under suspicion of starting a fire in

La Sastrería restaurant yesterday

morning by throwing a Molotov

cocktail through the window. He is

described as having numerous tattoos

and riding a black moped.

Book signing

A BOOK sale and signing will take

place at the Librería Europa, Nerja,

on Thursday, July 11, at 10.30am.

Writer David Stuart Robinson will

be there to sign copies of his five

novels including ‘Journal of a Jezabel’

and ‘The Archduke Has Been


Beach bars

THE beach venues of Axarquia celebrated

the National Day of the

Chiringuito last Wednesday. Bars

from across the coast came together

in a celebration of the staff and

everybody else involved in making

the chiringuitos a valuable part of

beach culture.

Straw fire

A FOREST fire was successfully

extinguished in the municipality

of Rincon de la Victoria, according

to Plan Infoca. The blaze in

the Arroyo Granadillas area is

believed to have started in a

straw warehouse, and thanks to

the quick actions of firefighters

the fire was under control within

an hour.

Rich sea

MORE than 2,000 students participated

in a programme called

‘A sea of history’ this week in Almuñecar.

The initiative is designed

to bring archaeology to the

classrooms and to move the classrooms

to the archaeological sites,

enabling students to learn about

the rich historical past of the region.

High Grade

A STUDENT from the IES Miraya

del Mar, in Torre del Mar

has been given an award for the

second best school grade in the

Malaga Province. Blanca

Sanchez Mellado gained a score

of 13,875 in her selection exams.

REVELRY: The Battle of Wine sees attendees douse each other with the drink.

Booze battle

THIS picture of revellers being

doused with wine comes as northern

Spain’s La Rioja region prepares to

celebrate a festival themed around

the drink on Saturday.

The Battle of Wine takes place in the

Riscos de Bilibio area of the region

every year. Between 30,000 and 40,000

litres are used during the festival, according

to estimates from organisers.

The fiesta begins with a procession

of its participants at 9am.

Attendees carry jugs, bottles and

other containers filled with red wine


TO celebrate gay pride week the town hall in Rincon de la Victoria

has presented a programme outlining the various awareness activities

taking place this week.

The Department for Social Policy and Equality, along with the

Andalucian Rainbow Foundation, has circulated posters spreading

messages of equality and coexistence which also inform the public

of activities going on in the area until tomorrow night (Friday).

An official speech in the town hall today saw supporters and

public figures announce the Campaña de Familia (Family Campaign)

moto, ‘My daughter, my son, maybe I am gay, lesbian, bi,

trans or inter.’

Tomorrow, the final day of the festival and official day of the

LGBTI, the manifesto of human rights will be read out in the

Plaza Al-Andalus at 11.30am. Later in the evening the Provincial

Pride March will take place from 10pm, finishing up in Taperia

Babel. All are welcome.


to the Hermitage of San Felices de

Bilibio. They are led into the battle

by the mayor of Haro on horseback.

Revellers then throw wine over

one another until they are soaked before

returning to Haro for more celebrations

in the Plaza de la Paz.

Mock bullfights featuring calves

that are not killed are among the activities

which take place during the

rest of the day.

The fiesta grew out of an annual

pilgrimage in honour of San Felices

de Bilibio which began during the



medieval era.

The first account of wine being

thrown came towards the end of the

19th century. The addition of revelry

to the festival was at first controversial,

but it became a standard feature

by 1949 when it was first referred to

as the Battle of Wine.

The fiesta began drawing visitors

from outside the area and Haro

Council secured recognition for it as

a festival of interest to tourists in

1965. It received national recognition

in 2011.

Water level fears

FARMERS in the Axarquia region have expressed concerns

over water levels on Lake Viñuela as ‘another long and hot

summer’ is forecast.

Currently land owners are permitted to use 4,000 cubic metres

of water per hectare of land for irrigation until the end of

the hydrological year (September 30)

The allocation of irrigation water available for use until then

currently sits at one million cubic metres.

But some land owners are concerned that the standard allocation

imposed by the Axarquia Water Board is insufficient and

that they are at risk of water cut offs.

In June, six communities reportedly had their agricultural water

cut off for over usage.

Works are currently being completed to pump water from

three points of the Chillar River providing 200 litres per second

to feed the lake at a cost of €70,000.
















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Euro Weekly News


EWN 27 June - 3 July 2019 NEWS

Torre del Mar celebrates San Juan

THE picturesque coastline of

Torre del Mar once again played

host to the traditional start of the

summer, San Juan.

Thousands of party goers

lined the beaches with their

friends and families to bring in

the summer with bonfires, food

and drink and live performances

from some of Spain’s leading

artists added to the magical atmosphere.

pants jumping over the flames in

a tradition to purify the soul.

The El Copo stage came alive

at 9.30pm with a performance

from ‘The Return of the Live

Decade’ led by José Zapata from

Vela. He was followed by Marta

Sanchez who wowed the crowd

with a stunning performance of

hits from his long and successful


His act saw in the firework

SAN JUAN: Thousands of festival goers watched the live

People started making their

display at the castle at midnight


way to the beach in the early afternoon

which marked the start of summer,

to set up their ‘camps’

with picnic tables, umbrellas and

deckchairs, claiming their spot

for the night ahead.

By 9pm the beach was full

with families and groups of all

ages enjoying the last hours of

sun before the fires came into

their own, with daring particiditionally

a moment where people tra-

dip their feet into the

water to wash away evil spirits.

Almuñecar Cultural Programme for July

JULY promises to be a fantastic month

for entertainment for the town of Almuñecar.

Starting on July 4, a Red Cross benefit

gala will be held at the Auditorium House of


July 6, 9pm, Auditorium House of Culture,

Andalucian Flamenco dancing.

July 9, 10pm, El Majuelo Park Auditorium,

an evening of jazz music with Yin Jazz.

July 12, 8.30pm, Auditorium House of

Culture, presentation of the book ‘Nude the

Soul’ by Antonio Medina Olivares.




CONTACT: Esteban Molina: 622 270 166

July 12, 10.30pm, El Majuelo Park Auditorium,

Blues music from Almuñecar Blues.

Watermelon Slim Festival vs Richard Ray


July 13, 10.30pm, El Majuelo Park Auditorium,

flamenco performance from

Raimundo Benítez.

July 13 to 16, parties of the district of the

marines in honour to the Virgin of the Carmen.

July 14 - 22, El Majuelo Park Auditorium,

32nd Jazz Festival on the Coast.

July 24, 10.30pm, El Majuelo Park Auditorium,

Live Samba and Bossanova music.

July 25, 10.30pm, El Majuelo Park Auditorium,

Michael Jackson tribute.

July 26, 10.30pm, El Majuelo Park Auditorium,

music from the Carnivals of Cadiz.

July 27, 10.30pm, El Majuelo Park Auditorium,

Flamenco dancing from Ketama.

July 28, 10.30pm, El Majuelo Park Auditorium,

Jazz and blues from One for my Baby.

July 30, 10.30pm, El Majuelo Park Auditorium,

tribute musical children ‘La Bella y

La Bestia.’

20 tonnes

of trash

CLEANING company

Limasa, on behalf

of Malaga

Council, cleaned up

20.2 tonnes of trash

left on the beaches

of El Palo, Pedregalejo,


Malagueta and La

Misericordia after

the San Juan celebrations.

This figure actually

only amounts to

half the rubbish left

behind last year.

Still, the team started

at the crack of

dawn on Monday

with a fleet of 68 vehicles


tractors, tankers

and specialised

beach cleaners and

finished just before


The Servicio de

Parques y Jardines

(Park and Garden

Service) did a significant

amount of

work on the night of

the event, ensuring

the burden of prepping

the beaches for

Monday morning

didn’t fall solely on


A member of the

council also mentioned

that there

were fewer incidents

of burning rubbish

this year, perhaps

due to the increased

number of warnings

issued by the emergency

services amid

the heatwave forecast.

There were 188 officers

on duty to

prevent any dangerous

activities and to

chase the last of the

festival crowds off

the beach so that the

cleaners could come

in at 5am.

The Malaga Council

praised the emergency

services and

the cleaning teams

after the event saying

that it was the

‘perfect end’ to the



EWN 27 June - 3 July 2019 NEWS



the water

THE 30th edition of the Andalucian

Young Swimmers

Championship took place in

Linares Jiennense at the

weekend, with a total of 25

swimmers taking part and

outstanding performances by

Carla Fernández and Carla


Art work

AN exhibition to bring art

closer to patients and relatives

is being held on the

ground floor of the Regional

Hospital of Axarquia displaying

the works of painter

Lucia Bautista Sanchez, entitled

‘I am, you are... It.’

Camp date

THE mayor of Alcaucin, Ágata

González , councillors Fernando

Córdoba and José Antonio

Marín, met this week to

organise Axarquia’s martial

arts camp (August 23 to 25).

To take part call 686 644 548.

Pool registration flops

THE first day of pre-registration

for the new indoor

pool in Rincon de la Victoria

left future users disappointed

after queues of over

three hours were experienced.

People were invited to

register for use of the pool

on Tuesday, which led to a

huge amount of people turning


Victoria Pérez, who was

part of the long line of people,

said “the facilities

where they have treated us

were not adequate.”

Many users complained

that there were only five

members of staff on hand

whilst people turning up

without the necessary signup

fee and a fault with the

online application system

were also to blame.

The brand new heated

swimming pool along with

state-of-the-art changing

facilities has been nearly

10 years in the making, and

has cost an estimated €4

QUEUES: People were left angry at the organisation of the first day of pre-registration.


The company in charge,

BeOne, took to social media

to ask people for their patience.

“To avoid waiting

times in queues, we recommend

that you do not visit

us today (Tuesday) and do

CREDIT: Twitter @radio1malaga

so throughout week.” Also

the online system will be

operational “as soon as possible.”



A 15-YEAR-OLD girl has been

arrested after allegedly stabbing

a teenage boy, aged between 17

and 18, with a pair of scissors

during a fight at the Fernando

Ruiz Hierro sports centre.

The fight broke out between

a group of youths after the apparent

theft of a purse from one

of those involved.

According to sources, a heated

discussion escalated into a

brawl that involved punching,

kicking and hair pulling.

It was as the fight was calming

down that one of the girls in

the group allegedly took a pair

of scissors and stabbed one of

the older boys in the chest.

The emergency services

were called and the boy was

taken to a nearby health centre

but the extent of his injuries

were unclear at the time of going

to press.

The girl suspected of being

responsible for the incident was

taken to the Local Police station

for questioning and the details of

the incident have been given to

the prosecutors of minors office.

NATIONAL 27 June - 3 July 2019 7


Extolling traditions


VELEZ-MALAGA will host its

Market Evening on Saturday

(June 29), a popular festival organised

by the Guild of the Garden

and Homeless, in collaboration

with the department of Fair

and Festivals.

Together with a bar, there will

be an extensive programme of

performances from 8pm.

Councillor Lola Gamez,

thanked the Brotherhood of the

Huerto y Desamparados, for organising

the event “for the enjoyment

of all the neighbours” in

addition to “the work they do

throughout the year to spread

and extol our culture and traditions.”

Several dance groups will perform

at Antonio Guerra’s dance

academies and also with the usual

participation of the Academia

de Cristina Gallardo. This year

the Bodytonik Fit gym will also

take part, together with the modern

Mari Pili dance academy.

The star performance of the

local flamenco-style group Las

Cositas Claras takes place at


EVENT ORGANISERS: Councillor Lola Gamez with Huan A Iranzo of the Brotherhood of the

Huerto y Desamparados.

claims not fair

FORTY homeowners in Alcaucin

have joined forces to

protest against a fairground attraction

installed next to their

properties in the Puente de Don


They have raised concerns

about the safety of the bumper

car attraction and complained

about the ‘noise and light disturbances’

caused by the ‘death


Spokesman for the residents,

Isidoro Urrestarazu, said residents

of the block, which sits

right next door to the mini

theme park, have also experienced

problems with their electricity

since it was erected.

The neighbours have now

filed a lawsuit and the case is

due to be heard in March 2021.

In the meantime they have demanded

a copy of mandatory

security reports related to the


Mayor Agata Gonzalez has

responded by saying the land is

public land and that the “installation

of the attraction has all

the favourable technical reports”.


EWN 27 June - 3 July 2019 FEATURE

Going round

in circles

DONALD TUSK warned that it was “a political

reality” that Britain is wasting its breathing space

granted in April.

The EU chief said that Brexit could become

“even more exciting” owing to “some personnel

decisions” in London, an indirect reference to the

likelihood of negotiating with Boris Johnson

should he win the Tory leadership race.

“But nothing has changed when it comes to

our position,” he added.

Although Brussels is willing to listen to the

views and suggestions of Theresa May’s successor,

the president of the European Council and

other EU leaders attending the EU summit

warned that the withdrawal agreement the thenprime

minister took back with her to London

was final.

The Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte, echoed

the Irish prime minister Leo Varadkar’s assertion

during the summit that the EU “was hostile” to a

further extension of the UK’s membership beyond

October 31, unless the government’s red

lines changed or a general election or second referendum

were called.

“But only in that case. We’re not going to

renegotiate if nothing changes because that

would go around in the same circles.”


A voice for the north

By Joe Gerrard

CAMPAIGNERS calling for a

second referendum hope to

correct the ‘distorted’ impression

of northern voters.

Focusing on the area where

so many Labour supporters

voted to leave Europe, they

hope to put pressure on Jeremy

Corbyn for a ‘Final Say’


The People’s Vote North

campaign which recently

launched in Leeds, hopes to

give northern voters a louder

voice in the Brexit debate and

reverse the clichéd image of

northerners who all think and

act the same and support


“A destructive Brexit will

affect our region first and

worst with a £40 billion hit to

our economy that will see our

families suffer, our jobs go,

our schools and hospitals

damaged,” a People’s Vote

North spokesperson said.

GIVING VOICE: Brexit protesters in London.

Labour MPs from northern

constituencies who back People’s

Vote North include

Hillary Benn, who chairs the

Commons Brexit committee,

Phil Wilson, the architect of

the plan to engineer parliamentary

support for another

referendum and Bridget

Phillipson, MP for Houghton

and Sunderland North.

The 1,000-strong Leeds rally

was addressed by former

footballers John Barnes and

Peter Reid, athletics world

champion Steve Cram and ex-

Corrie star, Denise Welch as

well as politicians.

This was the first in a series

of ‘Let Us Be Heard’ rallies

that will be held nationwide

this summer.





IBERIA has passed

its ‘Spanishness’


Antonion Vazque,

president of IAG,

announced that the

Spanish airline

would not lose its

right to operate in

the European Union

after a ‘no deal’


AEG, which also

owns Vueling, British

Airways, Aer Lingus

and Level, was asked

last April to present

contingency plans to

Spain, Ireland,

France and Austria.

All have been approved

by the respective


although the

last word goes to the

European Commission.

FEATURE 27 June - 3 July 2019 9


THE PSOE asked Podemos-

Unidos to accept that there will

be no coalition.

The party emerged from the

April 28 general election with

124 of the 176 seats necessary

for a parliamentary majority.

The PSOE’s presidential

candidate Pedro Sanchez needs

the 42 seats won by Unidos

Podemos - the left-wing

Podemos and Izquierda Unida

alliance - but in return,

Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias

wants ministries or a vice-presidency.

Sanchez’s offer of intermediate

ministerial posts is not what

Iglesias wants, but insiders say

that nobody trusts Iglesias to


High price for 42 seats

PEDRO SÁNCHEZ: Needs the seats won by the alliance

Unidos Podemos led by Pablo Iglesias.

toe another party’s line.

Warning bells sounded last

May when the Podemos-

Unidos members of the Mesa

de Parlamento - the Speaker

and representatives from the

principal parties - voted against

barring remanded Catalan MPs

from taking their seats in the

national parliament.

This, it was felt, could be a

sign of things to come, confirming

the PSOE hierarchy’s

desire to keep Iglesias at arm’s


The PSOE’s Organisation

Secretary, Jose Luis Abalos,

confirmed that if necessary

Sanchez will go to the Investiture

debate without having obtained

sufficient backing to

form a government.

Should that fail, he will have

another two months to try

again or call another election,

something that no party wants

but which, paradoxically, could

finally benefit Sanchez.

European ambitions


headed the PSOE’s voting list

in the European elections, although

his future in Brussels is still undefined.

Borrell leaves the Ministry this

coming Friday and told reporters

that any future post was “subordinate

to the project” although it is

known that Borrell wants one of

the top jobs.

He was president of the European

Parliament between 2004 and

2007, but following Borrell’s good

showing in the European elections,

Madrid hopes that the time has

come for Spain to take a more

prominent role in Brussels.

10 EWN 27 June - 3 July 2019 FEATURE

Expats Guide to

Spanish Life

Sponsored by Golden Leaves

For more information about the

sponsors go to

Suspect ‘killed ex’

CREDIT: Mossos/Twitter

New residency


ARRESTED: Man has been remanded for the killing of his ex.

LIVING in Spain can bring with it an array of issues which may not have been encountered

when living in the UK.

There are lots of things to consider, and we are here to help try to make the transition

and life in Spain a little easier by compiling a series of helpful facts and figures

relating to a variety of topics.

While there are new rules for British nationals applying for residency in Spain, there will

be no change to the right and status of EU nationals living in the UK, nor UK nationals

living in the EU, while the UK remains in the EU.

As an EU citizen it is now mandatory to register as a resident if you intend on living in

Spain for more than three months.

You must register in person at the Oficina de Extranjeros (immigration office) - visit: for regional

offices - or a designated police station, which you can find at:


You must make an appointment online before going to your local office or station, which

can be done on the Spanish public administration website: https://sede.administracione

When making your appointment you must select the province where you live and then the

option ‘certificados UE’ and follow the instructions.

You take the following documents with you to your appointment:

Passport or other identity document (not expired)

Official form (EX-18), two copies, filled and signed by the UE national.

In addition, you will need other documents, depending on your situation:

• (employed) - contract of employment or other proof of your employment status.

• (self-employed) - proof of registration in the register of economic activities or other

proof of your employment status.

• (not employment in Spain) - Proof of: health cover valid in Spain; sufficient means to

support yourself and your family.

• (pensioners) - provide proof of public health cover.

• (students) - proof of your registration in an educational establishment; proof of public or

private health cover; formal declaration that you have sufficient means to support yourself

during your stay.

*You will be issued with a credit-card sized residence certificate which will include your

name, address, nationality, NIE number, and date of registration.

*The old A4 residence certificates are still valid, and you do not need to apply for a creditcard

sized alternative unless your circumstances change, for example you move house.

But you can if you want to, at any time.

*After five years of being registered as a resident, you can apply for a certificate of permanent

residence in Spain. The card will be similar, but state that you are a ‘residente permanente.’

This information is for guidance only, and should not be taken as legal advice.

If in any doubt, seek professional help.

by Dilip Kuner

THE ex-partner of a

woman found buried under

a workshop floor of

their shared home has

been remanded in custody

accused of her killing.

Jaume Badiella, 54, is

said to have broken down

and confessed to being responsible

for the death of

Mónica Borràs Villaró, 49,

when police investigating

her disappearance dug up

Lucky escape


escaped with a broken

leg after being trapped

between a taxi and two

buses in a Barcelona


Twenty people were

hurt in the crash which

involved two buses, a

taxi and the motorcyclist.

None of the bus passengers

were seriously

hurt, although the motorcyclist

was taken to

hospital for treatment

to the fracture.

The incident meant

that traffic was brought

to a standstill in the

Plaza de Espanya for a

little more than an


Apparently, the accident

happened when a

taxi braked hard and

the motorcycle hit him.

A bus was also unable

to stop in time and

hit the motorcycle and

finally another bus

crashed into the first.

The motorcyclist was

sandwiched between

the taxi and the first


A passenger on the

first bus explained that

the vehicle braked

twice: “Then people

started screaming, glass

broke. Most of the passengers

were sitting because

the bus was empty.

“I got a wound on my

lip because I hit the

seat in front of me.”

her body.

Badiella was watching

at the time as officers lifted

tiles in his home in Terrassa

to make the gruesome

discovery. They had

used radar to pinpoint the

location. Badiella has

since invoked his right to


He has always denied

any responsibility for the

disappearance of his former

partner last August.

He was the one who reported

her missing. Although

they were no

longer romantically involved,

they still shared a

two-storey house in the

Catalan town.

The suspect maintained

that she has stormed out of

the house after one of her

periodic outbursts that she

received medication for.

Police were highly suspicious

as she left behind

her mobile phone, keys

and car behind.

Lived with


THE grown-up son and daughter

of an elderly woman found

sealed away in a wardrobe may

have been living with the

corpse for two years. In a statement

to a judge, the son has

confessed to smothering his

mother then collecting her pension.

Police are awaiting forensic

reports, but say neighbours in

the tiny village of Pozondon

(Teruel) - population 45 - had

not seen the old lady for two


Officers from the local council

had reported worries about

the well-being of the woman to

social services two months ago.

The two children have been

arrested and are under investigation

for possible murder and

social security fraud.

NATIONAL 27 June - 3 July 2019 11


ALFRED BOSCH: The Catalan Minister formally apologises to the Mexican people.

Cataluña apologises

to Mexican people

THE Catalan region of Spain has formally apologised

for it’s involvement in the 16th century conquests

of the land now known as Mexico.

The government of the autonomous region offered

the apology despite Spain’s refusal to do so.

The apology is in relation to the killings and

other offences carried out during the invasion of

the area towards the indigenous people.

The statement was issued by the Catalan Minister

for Foreign Action, Alfred Bosch, during a

speech at the National Institute of Indigenous

People (INPI). A letter from Mexican president

Lopez Obrador asking for resolution from both

the King of Spain as well as Pope Francis

prompted the apology.

Bosch stated: “What is clear is that the conquest

and colonisation introduced discrimination

and marginalisation to Mexico.”

Bosch’s statement was greatly welcomed by

the Mexican president, and goes to further

strengthen relations between the country and the

Catalan region, with Obrador a public supporter

of Cataluña’s independence.

However the Spanish government remains

steadfast in their refusal to apologise, and went on

to condemn the region for their approach.


EWN 27 June - 3 July 2019 FEATURE

Simon Manley creating our future together.

CELEBRATING TOGETHER: The strong links that unite the UK and Spain.

EWN celebrates Queen’s birthday

at the Embassy in Madrid

Michel and Steven Euesden with Simon Manley and his wife, Maria Isobel.

All fields were represented at the event.

BRITISH Ambassador to Spain, Simon

Manley, extolled the excellent

relationship between the UK and

Spain, both inside and outside the

EU, at a special ceremony last week.

He said, “We must create our future

together,” during his last celebration

of the Queen’s birthday in

Madrid, as his six years in Spain

comes to an end in August.

More than 700 people celebrated

the strong links that unite the UK and

Spain at the Queen’s Birthday Party,

a party to celebrate the 93rd birthday

of Queen Elizabeth II, who in 2019

also celebrates 67 years as sovereign.

The party took place in the British

Ambassador’s official residence in

Madrid under the banner of ‘Creating

our future’ and brought together personalities

from the worlds of politics,

business and society, such as the

Minister of Science, Innovation and

Universities, Pedro Duque; the Secretary

of State for Tourism, Isabel

Maria Oliver; the Congressional

spokesperson for Ciudadanos, Inés

Arrimadas; and the Vice-President of

Banco Santander, Matías Rodríguez-


In his welcome address, HMA Simon

Manley underlined the excellent

ties between both countries and

called for the continuation of this

special relationship in the future.

“We have shared challenges such

as climate change, the ageing population,

Islamist terrorism and the digital

revolution. Inside or outside the European

Union we have to tackle them

together,” emphasised the Ambassador.

Spain and the UK have trade flows

of more than €62,000 million per

year. More than 300,000 UK nationals

live in Spain and nearly 200,000

Spaniards live, study and work in the

UK. Academic ties and the collaboration

between security forces in the

fight against drug trafficking and terrorism

are also very strong.

This was the last Queen’s Birthday

Party in Madrid for Simon Manley

who, in August, will hand over to the

new Ambassador Hugh Elliott, who

has been Director of Communication

in the Government’s Department for

Simon Manley talking to Pedro Duque.

Exiting the EU, and the Foreign and

Commonwealth Office.

“I am grateful to the Spanish people

for their collaboration and help,

and I confess that this has been the

best job of my life,” adds Manley.

Simon and Maria Isabel cut the cake.

Illustrious celebrations

EWN owners Michel and Steven Euesden were personal

guests of British Ambassador to Spain, Simon

Manley, at the illustrious celebrations of his six years

in residence in honour of HM Queen Elizabeth II’s


The Euesdens were among 700 plus people honoured

with an invitation to a reception and party in Madrid last

Thursday, during which the Ambassador praised the

strong relationship between Spain and Britain and

thanked the Spanish Forces for their continued efforts in

the safekeeping of the population of Spain.

Michel said: “We are proud to be British and so thankful

to be living in Spain. What a brilliant combination, a

fantastic community, fabulous mixture.”

The guests joined Simon Manley and his wife Maria

Isabel as they marked the last time he will celebrate the

Queen’s birthday as Ambassador.

Wishing the Queen a happy birthday, Michel added:

“The British Ambassador Simon Manley and his fantastic

team throughout Spain have done the Queen proud.

“Congratulations to the Embassy and Consulate, who

have really shown our Spanish friends how to party.”

The video summary of

the party is available on

YouTube and the photos

can be downloaded from


Using the hashtag

#QBPMadrid2019 on

Twitter and Instagram

you can see everything

related to the party. The

Embassy has just

launched its official

Instagram channel


FEATURE 27 June - 3 July 2019 13


Advertising Feature

COMPREHENSIVE COVER: For all eventualities.

Extra peace of

mind for bikers

IF you are a bike owner then you are used to

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• Emergency roadside repairs

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• Vehicle recovery to your home


• Obtaining and dispatch of

duplicate keys abroad

• Emergency accommodation while your

bike is being repaired

• Provision for emergency car hire,

accommodation or alternative travel

The Travel Assistance service is an

emergency breakdown service and is

available in English 24-hours-a-day, seven

days a week. No need to get your hands dirty.

No need to put on the spare tyre. No need to

get your bike to your local garage.

With Linea Directa, one of Spain’s leading

insurance providers, their Travel Assistance

service will have you back on the road in no

time. Linea Directa is an intelligent decision

when it comes to making your motoring life


Best price. Better cover.

We hope the information provided

in this article is of interest.

If you would like to contact

Linea Directa please call

902 123 309

More information

about Linea Directa online





€936.5 million • 27 June - 3 July 2019

This is the amount Santander has agreed to pay

Allianz group for its 60 per cent share in joint

venture Allianz Popular.

Spain escapes

EU law fine

SPAIN has been ‘let off’ an €80

million fine for delays in implementing

its new mortgage law.

The European Commission

has informed the European

Court of Justice that the law has

now been brought in correctly,

so it is withdrawing the case

and possible fine.

Political instability, the situation

and repeated elections have

been blamed for the delay in

implementing the legislation

that brings Spain into line with

EU regulations, which should

have come into force in March


Trump threat over Google tax

PRESIDENT Donald Trump has

told Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez the

US will react “very harshly” if plans

for a ‘Google Tax’ go ahead.

The warning came on the eve of

this week’s G20 summit and is

aimed at Spain and France in particular,

as well as other European nations

who may consider such a


US Trade Representative Robert

Lighthizer, who is the main advisor,

negotiator and spokesman for Trump

in the area of trade, was speaking to

a Senate committee when he issued

the warning.

By Dilip Kuner

He said that “President Trump

will respond very harshly” against

European countries that insist on applying

tax pressure that, in his opinion,

“discriminatorily penalise

American companies.”

The US ambassador to Spain,

Duke Buchan, wrote to the Spanish

government last November to ask

that a proposed new tax be withdrawn,

saying that Sanchez should

not try to impose such a tax without

international agreement within the

Organisation for Economic Development

Cooperation (OECD).

The government has said that it

plans to create a new tax as soon as

possible because it considers it necessary

for Google and other digital

platforms to pay more than they currently

do. It hopes to raise €1.2 billion


Nadia Calviño, Spain’s Minister

of Economy and Business, said: “It

is a priority to jointly address the

special challenges posed by the taxation

of new business models of digital

platforms. The government assures

that this declaration does not

change the plan to create the new



MONEY SPINNER: Sports make big contribution.

Sports spend

on the rise

SPORTS tourism was worth €2.44 billion to Spain in 2018, up

10 per cent on the previous year.

According to figures in the Annual Sports-Related Statistics report

from the Ministry of Culture and Sport, €1.41 billion of that

came from visitors to the country, compared with the €1.26 billion

spent in 2017.

Tourists resident in Spain spent €1.03 billion on sport-related

trips, compared with €957 million the previous year.

In total, 4.1 per cent of all trips made for leisure, recreational or

holiday purposes by Spanish residents were for sports purposes.

The number of sports clubs increased in 2018 to 67,512, a rise

of 0.7 per cent in 2017.

Cash deal for

machine firms

BASQUE automotive group CIE

Automotive has spent 58 million

acquiring two companies dedicated

to the machining of parts in Celaya,

Guanajuato State (Mexico).

It has bought Maquinados de

Precisión de México and Cortes de

Precisión de México, whose Ebitda

(gross operating margin) is expected

to reach €16 million by the end

of 2019. Jesús María Herrera, CEO

of CIE Automotive, explained that

the purchase will allow it to expand

significantly physically and commercially

in the future.

The companies are being paid for

in cash.

Price rise


INFLATION in Spain dipped

on the back of lower than expected

electricity and fuel

prices in May to a year-onyear

rate of 0.8 per cent from

1.5 per cent the previous

month, according to the National

Statistics Office.

Big exposure

THE eurozone financial system,

including banks, investment

funds, pension funds and

insurance companies, has a total

exposure to companies affected

by anti-emissions regulations

of €720 billion, says

the ECB.

Breaks price

SOCIAL media use, checking

personal emails plus unscheduled

coffee and cigarette

breaks cost Spanish

companies €3.3 billion a

year in lost time, according

to a study by work analysts

Adecco, although unions say

breaks can increase productivity.

Call for closer banking ties

SPAIN’S central bank has called for closer banking

ties within the EU and in particular a euro

zone deposit insurance scheme and stabilisation


It says that Europe as a whole faces significant

financial risks from ageing populations, low productivity,

high national debt and a Brexit-related

economic slow-down.

The Bank of Spain said that the European Deposit

Insurance Scheme (EDIS) would make the

financial sector more resilient and be the final

part to a full banking union within the eurozone.

Speaking in a presentation of the bank’s annual

report Governor Pablo Hernandez de Cos

said: “It is necessary to complete (the) revision

of the Economic and Monetary Union to avoid

the single currency still being exposed to tensions

in case of high-calibre disturbances.”


EWN 27 June - 3 July 2019 FINANCE, BUSINESS & LEGAL









ADMIRAL GROUP 21,620 2,60 0,55 74.063

ANGLO AMERICAN 21,655 0,45 0,10 113.938

ANTOFAGASTA 8,964 0,07 0,01 45.707

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ASTRA ZENECA 64,140 0,56 0,36 142.973

BABCOCK INTE 4,793 0,76 0,04 31.386

BARCLAYS BANK 1,489 0,11 0,00 2.205.691

BARRATT DEVE 5,596 -0,56 -0,03 74.797

BAT INDUSTRI 27,795 -0,63 -0,17 269.332

BILLITON 19,690 0,10 0,02 213.788

BP 5,569 0,13 0,01 1.210.758

BRIT.AEROE 4,877 0,52 0,02 155.573

BRITISH FOODS 24,310 -0,42 -0,10 17.671

BRITISH LAND 5,402 -0,05 -0,00 151.050

BRITISH TELECOM 1,989 -0,80 -0,02 1.869.312

BUNZL 21,480 1,78 0,38 29.953

BURBERRY 17,920 0,50 0,09 81.418

CARNIVAL PLC 34,110 -2,56 -0,90 66.285

CELLTECH 29,770 0,20 0,06 42.754

CENTRICA 0,883 -0,23 -0,00 1.514.953

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CONVATEC GROUP 1,434 1,16 0,02 39.102

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EASYJET 8,776 -0,63 -0,06 228.903

EXPERIAN GROUP LTD 24,320 0,48 0,12 29.657

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GLAXO WELLCO 15,842 0,77 0,12 423.801

GLENCORE INTL 2,809 0,25 0,01 1.565.439

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HAMMERSON 2,770 -2,13 -0,06 360.312

HARGREAVES LANSDOWN 18,993 -0,05 -0,01 42.175

HSBC 6,477 -0,41 -0,03 1.142.741

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Units per €

US dollar ................................................1.13769

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Switzerland franc ...................................1,11225

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Norway kroner........................................9,65537



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FINANCE, BUSINESS & LEGAL 27 June - 3 July 2019 EWN 17

Too many


in Spain

THE Spanish jobs sector

remains one of the biggest

problems within the country’s


The unemployment rate

is expected to continue to

fall, but is predicted to

take until 2021 before

reaching around 12 per

cent, according to the

Bank of Spain.

After a five-year slump

in the economy from 2008

to 2013 unemployment

soared to almost 27 per

cent, but has since fallen

to 4.7 per cent in the first

quarter of this year.

“While it’s true that the

unemployment rate has

fallen significantly since

the economic recovery began,

it is still very high,”

said Governor of the central

bank Pablo Hernandez

De Cos.

Lower AVE costs call

AVE: High speed service being opened to competition.

THE current cost structure for operating

high-speed trains should be

reformed as the market is opened

up to competitors to ensure lower

ticket prices.

This is the conclusion of the

Comisión Nacional de los Mercados

y la Competencia (CNMC). In

a report is sees the need to ‘modify

in depth’ the fees that infrastructure

owner Adif charges for the use of

tracks and stations. Last year,

Renfe paid it €1.228 billion. Adif’s

liabilities add up to around €18

billion, and its only major source of

income is the fees it receives.

The regulator does not go into

depth on how the lowering of fees

will affect the financing of the

debt. But it considers the setting of

fees needs to be pitched right if

competitors are to enter the market

and reduce ticket prices.

The body, chaired by José María

Marín Quemada, says that royalties

will be ‘key’ in the design of commercial

strategies carried out by

operators that break Renfe’s monopoly,

such as the French company

SNCF, which has already shown

its interest in operating in Spain.

Both Renfe and SNCF have announced

their intention to create

low-cost subsidiaries with which to

increase the occupancy of the trains

they will operate.

In the opinion of CNMC experts

‘the conditions are in place’ for the

opening to competition of the AVE

in December 2020 to provide a better

service for passengers and generate


This will help capitalise on the

investment already made in what is

the second biggest high speed network

in the world.



in RD&I

SPAIN is the only country

within the EU 5 - the top

economic nations - to have

reduced spending on RD&I.

The Independent Fiscal

Accountability Authority

(AIReF) has said that ‘total

investment has fallen between

2009 and 2016 by -

10.2 per cent,’ in contrast to

total investment growth of

17 per cent amongst the 28

countries of the European


In contrast to Spain, the

other EU 5 nations increased

RD&I expenditure

in the same period. In the

case of France this was by

10.3 per cent, while in Italy

the increase was 12 per

cent. In the United Kingdom

the rise was close to 15

per cent.

By far away the leading

country was Germany,

where the figure reached a

remarkable 24 per cent.


EWN 27 June - 3 July 2019 FEATURE




A sign of the times

I TRULY can’t make up my mind whether society

reflects the media, or the media reflects society.

I suppose, when it comes down to it, they’re

all actually in it together. I remember the 50’s,

when BBC radio comprised the Light and Third

programmes and the Home Service.

In those early days, they flatly refused to play

anything with a modern ‘beat,’ and utterly

scorned the new, and to their mind, utterly degenerate

‘Rock n Roll.’ The presenters wore dinner

jackets and tuxes to the studio - even though they

couldn’t be seen. Television was also strictly controlled.

Dress codes were strongly adhered to,

Elvis Presley was only filmed from the waist up,

and even mild swear words were utterly taboo.

After the Epilogue, the National Anthem always

preceded the ‘test’ card which followed at

around midnight. (Many families stood to attention

in their living rooms while God Save the

King rang out!) Was it all a good or a bad thing?

Well I’m sure we all have our own opinions about

that. It was however a fairly accurate reflection of

society as it was during that post war recovery period.

A time when we had absorbed all the violence

we could stomach, and patriotism was paramount

to those who had survived the conflict. Fast forward

to the present day. With the advent of scores

LOVE ISLAND: A reflection of modern society?

of channels and wavelengths - all trying to create

their own money tree - the first thing that goes

completely by the board is any semblance of responsible

or moral obligations.

In fact, in their endeavours to attract more attention,

some of the offerings of today’s media

are almost beyond belief. (‘OAP’s Behaving Badly’

simply pales by comparison!)

I recently heard some radio station play a song

whose lyrics comprised of nothing but the F

word, chanted over and over again. There is a TV

‘dating’ programme that actually presents couples

to each other stark naked. Apparently some male

contestants are picked as possible partners merely

for the size of their manhood! Cilla must be positively


Although I have never viewed the Mallorca

show, to me the rules for the highly popular ‘Love

Island’ however, truly do take the whole tin. This

is the ‘contestants’ code’ insisted on by the producers

of a programme that has been voted one of

the most popular reality shows ever.

Rule 1. No masturbating. 2. No total nudity. 3.

No sex while drunk. And, in an almost ludicrous

effort to take the moral and hygienic high ground

- rule four and five informs the contestants that

there is to be ‘no smoking’ on camera and that

‘condoms must be used at all times’!

And if all that doesn’t reflect the attitude and

priorities of our modern society, nothing does.

And finally what a pleasure to watch the Ladies

World Cup. A chance to really enjoy the game of

football; instead of enduring a bunch of posturing,

egotistical prima donnas, more worried about

their hair styles and bank balances than the beautiful

game. Well done England. Last eight at the

time of writing.

Keep the faith.

Love Leapy.

Leapy Lee’s opinions are his own and are not necessarily representative of those of the publishers, advertisers or sponsors.

FEATURE 27 June - 3 July 2019 19




PRAISE the Lord and pass the

ammunition, as the wartime song

had it: Spain just reached 10th

place in the world’s digitisation

stakes. But half of us still lack basic

digital skills.

First the good news: Spain

knows its way around a mousepad

and touchscreen far better than

Germany, France or Italy. Half of

all shopping searches here are

made by mobile phone, though 71

per cent of the actual purchases

happen on computer.

We’re avid online buyers of

clothing, travel and books, and according

to the EU as recently reported

in this fine paper, Spain

joins Ireland in having made the

most progress in connectivity, human

capital, use of the internet,

digital integration and digital public


Though anyone who has tried

navigating the snakes-and-ladders

of Spain’s bureaucracy online may

perhaps beg to differ.

The bad news is that one in five

people here are not online, and

So who’s a digital dummy then?

Not all of us have bridged that digital divide, warns Terence Kennedy

one in two lack those basic digital

skills. Given that most six-yearolds

could reprogram a NASA

space mission while playing Postman

Pat, that means an awful lot

of we more, um, mature people

who simply don’t know our Alt

key from our Enter.

And so many of us still make

such elementary computing mistakes.

For instance, we join the

23 million other people around the

world who use 123456 as a password

and then wonder why our

bank accounts get hacked.

Or we compose a borderline-obscene

e-mail to the object of our

attraction and then a ham-fisted

click sends it off to the wrong person.

(Note to the local tax authority:

I really didn’t mean to infer an

unnatural attraction to your earlobes,


At the other end of the scale are

those so terrified of the internet that

they miss out on all the good stuff:

cheap deals online, all the world’s

knowledge at our fingertips, all the

cat videos you can handle, unlimited

choice for everything from airtickets

to car hire to the sins of the

flesh, and and and…

It does all come at a price.

Those of us who have bought into

this brave new digital world face

problems our forefathers could not

have begun to imagine.

Our attention spans are shot,

we’ve forgotten how to remember

telephone numbers (or indeed how

to do basic maths), we text because

absolutely nobody phones

any more.

And we just keep falling for

stuff. Beware the next time a nice

man from Microsoft in India

phones out of the blue to offer his

kind help in sorting out a problem

they detected. You have been

warned. Again.

Humanity 2.0

WHY are some folks so

resistant to technology?

I know many who are

convinced putting a credit

card anywhere near a

computer will get their

bank accounts looted.

Older folks fall back

quickly on the argument

that if we all buy online,

our high-street shops will

disappear. They might,

eventually, but that’s not

our problem as we’ll be

pushing up pretty daisies

by then.

Some older people fear

social isolation, desperately

needing interaction

with ‘real’ people, not

those online.

For them I have news:

hordes of bedroom-bound

teenagers are in the same


At least you dear reader

could surely never be as

computer-illiterate as the

learner who was told to

press any key, but couldn’t

find one labelled ‘Any

key.’ Could you?

20 EWN 27 June - 3 July 2019 FEATURE

All good pals



- and not entirely impartial reaction -

to the Spanish political scene

WELL that’s a turnup for the

books, or should it be turnip?

Vox does not believe in the EU

but did not hesitate to present its

list of candidates on May 26, presumably

on a Trojan Horse basis.

Funnily enough, the VOX EuroMPs

must sit with the nationalist

New Flemish Alliance (N-VA),

Flemish allies of Carles Puigdemont,

the self-exiled former regional

president of Cataluña who

declared independence on October

27 then scarpered.

Vox managed to get where it is

by banging on about Spanish unity

and calling on the national government

to send in the Army to

Cataluña and now its EuroMPs are

sitting with Puigdemont’s pals.

You could call it democracy at

work but you could also call it


It’s never too late

MANUEL VALLS, the former

French prime minister who also

happens to be Spanish - and a Catalan

- ran for mayor in Barcelona under

the Ciudadanos banner.

In the end the most-voted parties

were the pro-independence ERC

and Ada Colau’s Barcelona en Comun,

but Valls was brave enough

not to listen to the diktats of Cs’

leader Albert Rivera.

He offered his unconditional support

to Colau to keep out ERC’s

Ernest Maragall who pledged to use

the position of Barcelona mayor to

further independence.

Colau took up the offer and

Rivera has since disowned Valls and

the three Cs councillors who followed

his lead.

Rivera drew his red line by ruling

out any pact that would allow the

PSOE to form a national government

but slightly relaxed his cordon

sanitaire municipally and regionally.

Since the May 26 elections it is

obvious that Rivera has obtained

more municipal and regional benefit

from Cs’ pacts with the socialists

than being in thrall to Pablo Casado

and Santiago Abascal.

Hoping for the


PEDRO SANCHEZ will go to his

investiture debate without knowing

who will support him.

Podemos supremo Pablo Iglesias

could do the dirty on him if he

doesn’t get the ministry he thinks

he’s entitled to.

Pablo Casada can’t support him

and Albert Riveraç won’t, although

the PNV nationalist will

probably come through, leaving

just odds and sods and the Catalan


So if Sanchez gets his votes that’s

exactly what his opponents want:

backing from the wrong quarters

and a stick to beat him with.

In other words, Spanish politics

at their most typical and their worst.

Wear a yellow ribbon

SO Ada Colau is once again back in Barcelona’s city hall.

And what has she done? She’s hung a yellow ribbon from the

balcony, causing distress to the PSOE and giving Casado,

Rivera and Abascal a fit of the vapours.

Colau always hedges her bets and obviously needs to placate

her considerable number of pro-independence voters.

Those yellow ribbons denote solidarity with the remanded

members of the former regional government responsible for the

short-lived UDI.

But is it separatist to feel that they should not be in prison, as

Colau obviously does? And quite a few people outside Cataluña

for that matter.

YELLOW RIBBON: In the Generalitat local government building.

Advertising Feature

Is there a doctor in the house?



Christina Sharp

IT’S not the first thing that springs to

mind when thinking of your holidays,

but would you know what to do if you

needed a doctor or hospital abroad?

There’s no harm in being prepared is


These days it’s easy enough to use

smart phones or tablets to search the

nearest medical facility wherever you

are, but if you need medical attention

while you’re away, these tips will help

when you need it most:

• Top recommendation - buy Travel

Insurance! Not only will it pay for unforeseen

emergency medical expenses,

but any decent travel insurance has a

24hr Medical Assistance Service to help

in a medical emergency abroad. If you

need hospitalisation, they will co-ordinate

medical assistance and sort out

costs directly with medical providers.

They usually have qualified medical, and

DON’T BE STRANDED: Be prepared if you

need a doctor while you are on holiday.

multilingual staff on-hand to help with

any medical emergency that could arise.

This can be a life saver, as it means you

get the support you need without

shelling out cash first, or worrying about

language barriers. They also arrange

medical repatriation home too if necessary,

including doctor or nurse escorts.

• EHIC: If you live in the EU and are

travelling within the EU, you get reduced-cost

or free state-provided medical

care with a European Health Insurance

Card (EHIC). It’s very useful, but

state facilities aren’t always so easy to

access in tourist areas. You may find

yourself using a private facility nearby


• Paperwork: Always carry your travel

insurance; EHIC; details of medication

you take; and any other pertinent

health information (like allergies).

• Minor ailments: Try the local pharmacy

for minor health issues abroad.

Many can give quick, informed advice

and dispense medication for irritating

holiday mishaps, like infected mosquito

bites, upset tummy, or sunburn.

• Package holidays: If you’re in a hotel

or resort they can often provide details

of a local medical facility (usually

private). They may even have on-site

medical help. Be careful that you check

that any on-site medical personnel are

properly medically qualified.

• History: Remember, a doctor abroad

won’t have your full medical history -

always communicate any medical conditions

and medication you are taking.

• Keep receipts: for any medical treatment/medication

you pay for. You’ll

need them to make a travel insurance


Remember - not buying Travel Insurance

could be the most stressful and expensive

mistake you ever make. You’ll

also miss out on the 24hr Assistance Service

to pay costs upfront, make arrangements,

and help with repatriation. It’s a

small price to pay for 24hr holiday peace

of mind.

Globelink Travel Insurance: for people living in Europe. Visit, or call

(UK) +44 1353 699 082 or our Spanish link line 966 265 000.




Cryptic • 27 June - 3 July 2019




7 Small dog or cat, perhaps - it

has energy (6)

8 President used to clean up (6)

9 Delight in Google Earth (4)

10 Being brave, I printed anyway


11 Organise alternative drink

outside (4,3)

13 Old car not starting creates fury


15 Italian sauce for some of

Europe's tourists (5)

17 Number of workers that pay

rent (7)

20 Doctor Marten with no

decoration (8)

21 Tom's initial request for a job


23 Customer left one small coin

outside (6)

24 Tension created by southern

transport (6)


1 Trade on the coast of Kent (4)

2 Frogman has time to change

direction (6)

3 Tiresome work outside (7)

4 Chess player with renewed

energy (5)

5 Crushing melons is serious

business (6)

6 Occupant inserted in ruins (8)

12 Set aside six deliveries left in

Code Breaker

Parisian street (8)

14 It tends to confuse one involved in

oral examination (7)

16 Picked on editor after cooked eats


18 Blood supplier using major

thoroughfare? (6)

19 Stave off a match (5)

22 Some Scots wi’ glasses drink (4)

Each number in the Code Breaker grid represents a different letter of the alphabet. In this week’s

puzzle, 16 represents P and 17 represents Q, so fill in P every time the figure 16 appears and Q

every time the figure 17 appears. Now, using your knowledge of the English language, work out

which letters should go in the missing squares. As you discover the letters, fill in other squares with

the same number in the main grid and the control grid.


1 Popular 1940s dance (9)

5 Counterfeit (5)

7 Discourage (5)

9 Heal (4)

10 Summerhouse (6)

12 Lack of emotion (6)

13 Faucets (4)

15 Unable to move or resist motion (5)

16 Faithful (5)

18 Very rich flaky crescent-shaped roll (9)


1/17 Miscellaneous collection of things sold

together (3,3)

2 Posing no difficulty (4)

3 Pandemonium (6)

4 Anxious to learn (7)

6 Trash (7)

8 Treatment intended to relieve or heal a

disorder (7)

9 Make clear or easily understood (7)

11 Inner city slum (6)

14 Large deers (4)

17 See 1

English - Spanish

The clues are mixed, some

clues are in Spanish and

some are in English.



7 Sometimes (1,5)

8 Armchair (6)

10 Inútil (inepto) (7)

11 Sweet (5)

12 Junco (4)

13 Fiebre (5)

17 Relajar (sosegar) (5)

18 Nothing (4)

22 Proyectos (5)

23 El más caro (7)

24 Cadenas (6)

25 Más perezoso (6)


1 Cowboy (7)

2 Árbitro (7)

3 Laws (5)

4 Charcos (7)

5 Stem (of a plant) (5)

6 Caminos (5)

9 Emerald (9)

14 Estaciones (partes del año) (7)

15 Briefcase (7)

16 Invoice (7)

19 Opaque (5)

20 Never (5)

21 To earn (5)

OUT • 27 June - 3 July 2019







(January 21 - February 19)

Involvement in a situation connected with

someone close may not be the best

option this week. Giving advice is all well

and good so long as you are sure of your



(February 20 - March 20)

Some disruption to your plans annoys

you but there’s no point getting in a huff.

Outside influences cannot be stopped

but you are able to keep calm yourself.

Rising to the bait will play into someone

else’s hands. Although a situation must

be dealt with, do it in your own time and

in your own way.


(March 21 - April 20)

It seems that you are putting a lot of

effort into whatever you do without

getting as much out as you would like.

However, as the week goes by, you will

realise that it is only a temporary

situation. Sometimes, it takes others a

period of adjustment before they are

ready to accept changes of a personal



(April 21 - May 21)

The brick wall that you start banging your

head against this week is not an illusion.

It is, indeed, true that others are not

responding to you in an expected way.

By Wednesday this wall will start to fall

and people will be more receptive.


(May 22 - June 21)

Everything seems an effort at the

beginning of this week but as energy

levels pick up you will gain momentum.

Tackle one thing at a time and realise

that Rome was not, indeed, built in a day.

As the weekend approaches you will

begin to realise that you have been far

more effective than you thought.


(June 22 - July 23)

You really do need to come to an

understanding with friends over a social

matter, although this may take a little

effort this week. It is clear that there are

those who are less helpful than others,

but this could be because of a



(July 24 - August 23)

Be a social animal this week and you will

strengthen both people and business

contacts. After being busy last week, you

may be inclined to take it easy. If it is the

case that you really are low on energy,

then use the telephone or email to full

advantage to keep in touch.


(August 24 - September 23)

Someone well and truly treads on your

toes this week and it really puts your teeth

on edge. There are some bridges that

may not be mended at the present time

and are best left alone. Show your

generous side but resist the urge to give

in on an important issue because you are

likely to regret it later.


(September 24 - October 23)

What a lovely surprise to find that

something you have always wanted is

coming your way at last. Keep a firm hand

with finances and take control if you want

to organise things for the better.


(October 24 - November 22)

Be cautious this week with your money.

You have been aware for some time now

that a change in your finances is likely.

You have this in common with many

others in your situation. Seeking

professional help can be free and can

make a big difference.


(November 23 - December 21)

A special chance to try something new

should not be passed over. No one

expects wonders from you, they are

happy just to see you enjoying life. A

recent change in your attitude to your

future is already showing. Luck is just

waiting for you to invite her in.


(December 22 - January 20)

Your home life gives you the most

satisfaction at the moment even though

someone seems to be challenging you.

Some things are best ignored until they go

away of their own accord and that also

often applies to people. There is a time for

everything and choosing it will make a

task that could be difficult that much





Saturday June 22

6 9 17



Saturday June 22

Friday June 21

44 57

3 4 19


39 46


Tuesday June 18

12 24 37



5 8 9





Thursday June 20

7 9 14

35 39 48

JOKER: 4 812 959

Saturday June 22

1 2 3

12 18 27

JOKER: 2 488 626



Sunday June 23

8 19 22

30 34




















Fill the grid so that every row, every

column and every 3X3 box contains the

digits 1-9. There’s no maths involved. You

solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic.




1 Chaos, 3 Start, 6/18 Pay cut,

8 Rooster, 9 Usual, 10 Begs,

13 Apex, 14 Hasty, 17 Indulge,

19 Maybe, 20 Talon.


1 Copy, 2 Scream, 3 Slow,

4 Authentic, 5 Thrush,

7 Yesterday, 11 Radium,

12 Latest, 15 Flee, 16 Stun.




1 Rivet, 4 Arcades, 8 Bengali,

9 Munch, 10 Snoop, 12 Bolster,

13 Racket, 14 Apples, 17 Needles,

19 Scout, 21 Latin, 22 Epigram,

24 Smashed, 25 Elder.


1 Robes, 2 Van, 3 Trample,

4 Akimbo, 5 Camel, 6 Donatello,

7 Spheres, 11 Orchestra,

13 Rankles, 15 Passive,

16 Ascend, 18 Lunch, 20 Timer,

23 Rid.



1 Jealous, 5 Ropes,

8 Iniciar, 9 Nurse,

10 Elope, 11 Posters,

12 Clavos, 14 Cartón,

17 Stretch, 19 Bomba,

22 Ancla, 23 Sin usar,

24 Obras, 25 Enlaces.



1 Juice, 2 Árido,

3 Oxígeno, 4 Stripe,

5 Rings, 6 Percent,

7 Stepson, 12 Castaño,

13 Atracar, 15 Albañil,

16 Chiste, 18 Teams,

20 Music, 21 Atras.



How many English words of four letters or more can you

make from the nine letters in our Nonagram puzzle? Each

letter may be used only once (unless the letter appears


this case R) and there must be AT LEAST ONE NINE

LETTER WORD. Plurals, vulgarities or proper nouns are not


Fill all the empty squares using the

numbers 1 to 9, so that the sum of

each horizontal block equals the

‘clue’ on its left, and the sum of

each vertical block equals the clue

on its top. No number may be used

in the same block more than once.


Average: 11

Good: 15

Very good: 22

Excellent: 28


deer deft diet dire dirt doer doff dote edit feed ford redo reed

retd ride rode teed tide tied toed trod defer deter doter drift

droit eider erode feted fetid fiord fired freed fried offed tired

treed tried defier defter dieter differ dotier editor foetid retied

riffed rifted rioted teredo tiered triode offered FORFEITED



EWN 27 June - 3 July 2019 TV LISTING



10:15am Ill Gotten Gains

11:00am Homes Under

the Hammer

12:00pm One Day That

Changed My


12:45pm Caught Red


1:15pm Bargain Hunt

2:00pm BBC News at

One; Weather

2:30pm BBC London

News; Weather

2:45pm London Kills

3:30pm Escape to the


4:15pm Garden Rescue

5:00pm Money for


5:30pm Flog It!

6:15pm Pointless

7:00pm BBC News at

Six; Weather

7:30pm BBC London


8:00pm The One Show

8:30pm EastEnders

9:00pm The Sheriffs are


10:00pm Ambulance

11:00pm BBC News at


11:25pm Regional News

and Weather

11:30pm Weather

11:35pm Question Time

12:35am This Week

7:00am Wednesday in


The day's political


7:30am Ill Gotten Gains

8:15am One Day That

Changed My Life

9:00am Equator From the


10:00am BBC News at 9

11:00am Victoria Derbyshire

12:00pm BBC Newsroom


1:15pm Politics Live

Andrew Neil and

guests discuss the

big political issues

of the day.

2:00pm Tennis: Eastbourne

6:15pm Flipping Profit

7:00pm Eggheads

7:30pm The Repair Shop

8:00pm Inside the Factory

9:00pm The Family Brain


10:00pm Who Should Get

to Stay in the UK?

11:00pm Mock the Week

11:30pm Newsnight

12:10am Weather

12:15am Glastonbury



1:45am The Ranganation

8:00pm Beyond 100


BBC News

teams in

Washington DC

and London

report on the

events that are

shaping the



Match of the

Day Live: FIFA


World Cup

11:00pm Madagascar

12:00am Britain's Lost






Utopia: In

Search of the



Richard Clay

asks whether

utopia is a state

of mind that can

therefore be

found within.

Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders

Tommy finds

himself engaged

in bloody battle

with Luca


and his gang.

Peaky Blinders

7:25am Cheers

8:20am Everybody Loves


9:40am Frasier

10:10am Frasier

10:40am Frasier

11:10am Ramsay's


Nightmares USA

12:05pm Undercover Boss


1:00pm Channel 4 News

1:05pm Couples Come

Dine with Me

2:05pm Posh Pawn

3:10pm Countdown

4:00pm Fifteen to One

5:00pm A Place in the


6:00pm Four in a Bed

6:30pm Beat the Chef

7:00pm The Simpsons

7:30pm Hollyoaks

8:00pm Channel 4 News

9:00pm George Clarke's

Old House, New


10:00pm Catch-22

11:00pm 999: What's Your


12:05am Celebrity


1:05am ICC Cricket

World Cup

2:05am Ramsay's


Nightmares USA

9:05am Digby Dragon

9:20am Little Princess

9:40am Shimmer and


9:55am Floogals

10:10am Sunny Bunnies

10:15am Jeremy Vine

12:15pm Bargain Loving

Brits in the Sun

1:10pm 5 News


1:15pm Police


2:10pm Access

2:15pm Home and


2:45pm Neighbours

3:20pmThe Lodger: Evil


5:00pm Friends

6:00pm 5 News at 5

6:30pm Neighbours

7:00pm Home and


7:30pm 5 News Tonight

8:00pm Portillo's

Hidden History

of Britain

9:00pm Dirty Britain

10:00pm The Hotel


11:00pmLiam v Noel:

Brothers at War

12:05am Operation Live

1:05am Celebrity


Up Bodies

12:00pm One Day That

Changed My


12:45pm Caught Red


1:15pm Bargain Hunt

2:00pm BBC News at


2:30pm BBC London

News; Weather

2:45pm London Kills

3:30pm Escape to the


4:15pm Garden Rescue

5:00pm Money for


5:30pm Flog It!

6:15pm Pointless

7:00pm BBC News at Six

7:30pm BBC London

News; Weather

8:00pm The One Show

8:30pm Garden Rescue

9:00pm A Question of


9:30pm EastEnders

10:00pm Still Game

10:30pm Mrs. Brown's


11:00pm BBC News at


11:25pm Regional News

and Weather

11:30pm Weather

11:35pm The Graham

Norton Show

12:25am Killing Eve




Ill Gotten Gains

One Day That

Changed My Life



10:00am BBC News at 9

11:00am Victoria


Daily news and




discussion of

breaking stories,


interviews and


interaction via

social media.

12:00pm BBC Newsroom










Politics Live



Flipping Profit


The Repair Shop






10:00pm The Looming


10:50pm Glastonbury






World News


The day's

leading stories.

Match of the

Day Live: FIFA


World Cup

11:00pm Glastonbury


From Worthy

Farm in


Lauren Laverne

introduces the

set by Kevin




slow-pop band

Tame Impala.




Boy George's

1970s: Save Me

from Suburbia

The BBC's My



continues as Boy

George revisits

his teenage


Big Hits: TOTP

1964 to 1975


7:25am Cheers

8:20am Everybody Loves


9:40am Frasier

11:10am Ramsay's


Nightmares USA

12:05pm Undercover Boss


1:00pm Channel 4 News

1:05pm Couples Come

Dine with Me

2:05pm Posh


3:10pm Countdown

4:00pm Fifteen to One

5:00pm A Place in the


6:00pm Four in a Bed

6:30pm Beat the Chef

7:00pm The Simpsons

7:30pm Hollyoaks

8:00pm Channel 4 News

9:00pm The Crystal Maze

10:00pm Celebrity


11:00pm The Last Leg

12:05am Naked Attraction



ICC Cricket

World Cup

Drunk Wedding

9:05am Digby Dragon

9:20am Little Princess

9:40am Shimmer and


9:55am Floogals

10:10am Sunny Bunnies

10:15am Jeremy Vine

12:15pm Bargain Loving

Brits in the Sun

1:10pm 5 News


1:15pm Police


2:10pm Access

2:15pm Home and


2:45pm Neighbours

3:20pm A Honeymoon

to Die for

5:00pm Friends

6:00pm 5 News at 5

6:30pm Neighbours

7:00pm Home and


7:30pm 5 News Tonight

8:00pm The Gadget



When Buildings



10:00pm The Nile:

Egypt's Great

River with

Bettany Hughes

11:00pm Jane McDonald:

My Life Story

12:05am Top of the Box

7:00am Good Morning


9:30am Lorraine

10:25am Tenable

11:30am This Morning

1:30pm Loose Women

2:30pm ITV Lunchtime


2:55pm ITV News


3:00pm Judge Rinder

4:00pm Dickinson's Real


4:59pm ITV London


5:00pm Tipping Point

6:00pm The Chase

7:00pm ITV News


7:30pm ITV Evening


8:00pm Emmerdale

8:30pm Tonight

9:00pm Emmerdale

9:30pm The Cruise

10:00pm Psychopath with

Piers Morgan

11:00pm ITV News at Ten

and Weather

11:30pm ITV News


11:45pm Caught on


12:45am Beecham House

1:35am Beecham House





Dress to Impress

Dinner Date




10:25am The Ellen



11:25am Superstore

12:15pm You've Been


12:45pm You've Been















The Ellen



Dress to Impress

Dinner Date

Take Me Out

You've Been


You've Been


You've Been


Two and a Half


9:30pm Superstore

10:00pm Love Island

11:00pm Shopping with

Keith Lemon

11:35pm Family Guy

12:05am Family Guy

7:55am Heartbeat

9:00am Murder, She


9:55am On the Buses

10:30am On the Buses

11:00am Rising Damp

11:30am A Touch of Frost

1:40pm Heartbeat

2:45pm Emmerdale

Frank and Kim

argue over

looking after the

rescued ponies.

Annie receives a

letter from

Henry's solicitor,

while Chris and

Kathy have no

luck house


3:15pm Emmerdale

3:50pm Coronation Street

4:20pm Coronation Street

4:55pm A Touch of Frost

7:00pm Heartbeat

8:00pm Murder, She


9:00pm Vera

A fisherman's

body is found

tangled up in a

North Sea

trawler's net.

11:00pm Foyle's War

1:05am Inspector Morse

7:00am The Car Chasers

7:25am The Saint

8:20am Kojak

9:10am Quincy, M.E.

10:15am Minder

11:20am The Sweeney

12:25pm The


1:35pm The Saint

2:35pm Kojak

3:40pm Quincy, M.E.

4:45pm Minder

5:50pm The


6:55pm The Sweeney

8:00pm The Chase

9:00pm Road Racing


Action from Kells

Road Races at


Circuit in

County Meath.

10:00pmEnemy of the


11:05pm FYI Daily

A round-up of

the latest



11:10pmEnemy of the


12:40amCape Fear

1:40am FYI Daily

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Sports Fans


7:30am Good Morning

Sports Fans


8:00am Good Morning

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8:30am Cricket World

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The day's main

headlines from

England and


9:00am Good Morning

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10:00am Good Morning

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11:00am Live ICC Cricket

World Cup

West Indies v

India. Coverage

of the groupstage


from Old

Trafford in


8:00pm Live Betfred

Super League

11:00pm Live PGA Tour


12:00am Sky Sports News

1:00am Sky Sports News

2:00am Sky Sports News

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9:30am Lorraine

10:25am Tenable

11:30am This Morning

1:30pm Loose Women

2:30pm ITV Lunchtime


2:55pm ITV News


3:00pm Judge Rinder

4:00pm Dickinson's Real


4:59pm ITV London


5:00pm Tipping Point

6:00pm The Chase

7:00pm ITV News


7:30pm ITV Evening


Round-up of the

main national




8:00pm Emmerdale

8:30pm Coronation


9:30pm Endeavour

11:20pm ITV News at Ten

and Weather

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12:10amNever Say

Never Again

7:00am The Planet's

Funniest Animals

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8:10am Dinner Date

9:00am Emmerdale

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10:25am The Ellen



11:25am Superstore

11:50am Superstore

12:15pm You've Been


1:10pm Emmerdale

2:15pm You've Been


2:45pm The Ellen



3:45pm Dress to Impress

4:45pm Dinner Date

5:50pm Take Me Out

7:30pm You've Been


9:00pm Two and a Half


9:30pm Superstore

10:00pm Love Island

11:05pm Celebrity Juice

11:50pm Family Guy

12:20am Family Guy

7:00am Coronation Street

7:25am Coronation Street

7:55am Heartbeat

8:55am Murder, She


9:50am On the Buses

10:55am Rising Damp

11:25am A Touch of Frost

1:40pm Heartbeat

2:45pm Emmerdale

3:15pm Emmerdale

3:50pm Coronation Street

4:20pm Coronation Street

4:55pm A Touch of Frost

6:55pm Heartbeat

8:00pm Murder, She


9:00pm Paul O'Grady for

the Love of Dogs

9:30pm Tommy Cooper


10:30pm Tommy Cooper


11:30pm Foyle's War





7:00am The Car Chasers

7:25am The Saint

8:15am Kojak

9:05am Quincy, M.E.

10:10am Minder

11:20am The Sweeney

A member of a

group of convicts

slips off the roof

and dies during a


12:20pm The Professionals

1:25pm The Saint

2:30pm Kojak

3:35pm Quincy, M.E.

4:40pm Minder

5:50pm The Professionals

6:50pm The Sweeney

8:00pm The Chase

9:00pm For Your Eyes


10:30pm FYI Daily

10:35pmFor Your Eyes


11:35pm Underworld:


12:35am FYI Daily




River Monsters






Good Morning

Sports Fans


Good Morning

Sports Fans


Good Morning

Sports Fans

Cricket World

Cup Centre

The day's main

headlines from

England and


Good Morning

Sports Fans

10:00am Good Morning

Sports Fans

10:30am Good Morning

Sports Fans

11:00am Live ICC

Cricket World


Sri Lanka v

South Africa.

2:45pm Live Formula 1



Live ICC

Cricket World


Live Betfred

Super League

11:15pm Live PGA Tour


12:00am Sky Sports


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NATIONAL 27 June - 3 July 2019 25




Nora is the author of popular psychological

suspense and crime thrillers and a freelance


To comment on any of the issues raised in her column, go to

I WAS, as you’d expect, minded to write

about the Middle East this week or, if not

that, the UK PM wannabes or, failing that, the

latest gaffe/threat of the Trump regime, but

fortunately I came across a story of real AND

international importance.

The story I spotted was that scientists have

discovered that coffee doesn’t just keep you

alert; it keeps you alive. As little as two cups

of coffee a day can raise your life expectancy

by as much as TWO years, reducing the risk

of cancer, heart problems and even neurodegenerative

brain diseases. Wow!

Well, not exactly another MOBO study

(Masters Of the Bleeding Obvious), but I’d

really love to read the methodology section of

this ‘research.’ What nonsense, and how did

they come up with such a random number

even if TWO years is in anyway believable.

Walking every day will do that for you and

more. And it’s ridiculous to ignore the number

of other variables in someone’s dietary

habits and lifestyle to focus simply on a single


And next week: too much coffee will be

bad for your haemorrhoids! Just what ARE

these researchers drinking to come up with

Hey, wake up! Study uncovers

yet more useless bits of research!

such conclusions? Nonetheless, I love coffee

so I’m just going to accept it. Now all I need

is to find studies with similar conclusions on

alcohol and dairy...

So, along with fake news and fake facts,

we also have this so-called scientific ‘research’

from which scientists take the facts

they like best, gently and carefully manipulate

them, ignoring anything ‘inconvenient’ or

likely to give a contrary impression. Paid for

by big business with highly trained professionals

happy to do anything for the money.

In the end, it’s all about telling porkies, isn’t

it? And telling porkies can even be extremely

profitable these days.

In other news, researchers discover a link


DAY: Does it

keep death’s

door away?

between the Pope and Catholicism. And the

Marriage Foundation says marriage is good

for you. Well, who’d have thought?

As always, I am available to solve any of

the world’s remaining problems, for a small

fee (#piousface)...

Nora Johnson’s psychological crime

thrillers ‘Betrayal,’ ‘The Girl in the Woods,’

‘The Girl in the Red Dress,’ ‘No Way Back,’

‘Landscape of Lies,’ ‘Retribution,’ ‘Soul

Stealer,’ ‘The De Clerambault Code’

( available from

Amazon in paperback/eBook (€0.99;£0.99)

and iBookstore. All profits to Costa del Sol

Cudeca cancer charity.


Can they pay the president?

I live on an urbanisation of 100 properties.

Only 12 properties are inhabited by permanent

residents. Seven of these have previously acted

as president. At the end of this year our president and

vice president are standing down and there are no

volunteers for the positions. We were informed at our

last AGM that, if there were no volunteers, the names

of permanent residents who had not previously been

president would be grouped together. One of these

would then be randomly selected to take over the duties

of president for one year. This would be a random

selection from five names. As owners who are nonresident

are equally responsible for the community,

should their names also be legally included in this selection?

N K (Costa Blanca)

Of course it

is better for the

president to be a

full-time resident




of Spain, but you are right. The absentee owners

must share the responsibility. Here is an idea. Recent

changes in the law allow for community presidents to

be paid for their services. Perhaps the offer of a

stipend in the amount of community fees would attract

some volunteers to be president

Send your questions for David Searl through lawyers

Ubeda-Retana and Associates in Fuengirola at, or call 952 667 090.

Are we easy targets?



Views of a

Grumpy Old Man

LAST week the BBC announced they were

scrapping free TV licences for over 75s except

those receiving pension credits. The BBC was

told that it could increase the licence fee if it

covered free TV licences for over 75s, but

now seem to have broken the terms of that

deal. How do they get away with it? They

made a deal, that’s it.

Anyway they have got away with it, but

they shouldn’t and the government shouldn’t

let them. It was probably always going to happen

with scumbag, lying politicians and a

massive corporation involved. But it doesn’t

have to happen. If I was in charge this is how I

would solve it.

Advertisements. In this day and age every

single bit of media exists because of advertising.

It’s not the dark ages for goodness sake.

I’m not even talking about normal advertising

like ITV or many other stations. One idea is

that every programme is sponsored by one


They already do product placement. It

would stop the silly bits of duct tape on people’s

hats, sweatshirts etc. I mean, how daft is

that anyway? Another way it could be funded

is by taking the lead from many apps that you

have on your ‘phone. Have BBC Premium,

which keeps it advert free and you pay the licence

fee that you pay now or even charge a

bit more.

Or have BBC Light, which is free, but has

ad breaks like the other 500 TV channels I

have now. But either way the 75+ group

wouldn’t have to pay. It really annoys me

how often this type of thing happens to OAPs.

Is it just we’re easy targets and believed to be

of no use to them?

By now everybody knows my thoughts

about Donald Trump and I know that his hard

core followers think he can do no wrong, but

even ignoring his lies, his racist, homophobic,

misogynistic remarks and his all-round, just

plain ignorance he has manged to sink to a

new low.

He is now re-tweeting Katie Hopkins in his

ramblings and if you don’t know how bad that

is, google Katie Hopkins. Here’s a small resume.

She’s the one that was fired from LBC

in the UK after a tweet that called for a ‘final

solution’ to Islamic terrorism, which, some

suggested, was a reference to the extermination

of Jewish people by Hitler. I don’t think

anything else has to be said about her but it

just confirms my feelings about Trump.


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to Kids

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The Ultimate


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Best Ever Dishes

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House: Tricks of

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Match of the Day

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World Cup



10:00pm Glastonbury


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11:00pm Glastonbury


1:30am Blackadder

Classic comedy,

starring Rowan

Atkinson and



2:00am Blackadder

Classic comedy,

starring Rowan

Atkinson and

Tony Robinson.

2:30am Blackadder

3:00am Our Musical


Former Scissor

Sisters singer

Ana Matronic

and Martyn

Ware, who

was in both the

Human League

and Heaven 17,

reveal a playlist

packed with

disco classics.

4:00am A Year to Save

My Life: George

McGavin and





Everybody Loves



The Big Bang


10:15am The Simpsons

11:30am Young Sheldon

12:25pm Four in a Bed




A Place in the


Danni Menzies

helps Mal and

Sue from Suffolk,

who are looking

to retire to


Sun, Sea and

Brides to Be

The daily

struggles of a

team of British



working in





6:00pm Portrait Artist of

the Year

7:00pm Channel 4 News

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9:00pm Captain America:

The First Avenger

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ICC Cricket

World Cup

8:20am Noddy: Toyland


8:40am Digby Dragon

8:50am Peppa Pig

9:10am Ben and Holly's

Little Kingdom

9:25am Paw Patrol

9:45am Nella the

Princess Knight

9:55am Wissper

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We'll Take it


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Britain's Past

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Built Britain

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Marr Show

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Still Rocking At


12:30am A Question of


7:20am Glorious Gardens

From Above


8:05am Gardeners' World 9:00pm

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Best Bites

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Venice to Istanbul

12:30pm Super League 1:30am


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and Small 2:00am

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2:45am Question Time





10:00pm Glastonbury


11:00pm Glastonbury





Classic comedy,

starring Rowan

Atkinson and

Tony Robinson.


Classic comedy,

starring Rowan

Atkinson and




Classic comedy,

starring Rowan

Atkinson and




Classic Cellists

at the BBC

7:25am Frasier

7:50am Frasier

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8:40am The Big Bang


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6:30pm Coast vs Country

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Including sport

and weather.

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World Cup

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The Restoration


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Dirty Britain


Tenants, Slum



Tenants, Slum


Funniest Ever



Rich Kids Go


5 News


The Wonderful

World of


Gino's Win

Your Wish List

10:00pm Utterly




11:00pm Utterly




12:00am Info not






are Go

ITV News

The Sara Cox


10:25am Saturday

Morning with

James Martin

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Lose Weight

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Fun Capsule

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Unseen Bits

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Keith Lemon

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12:05am Family Guy

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8:15am The Royal

9:20am Inspector Morse

11:40am A Touch of Frost

6:00pm Agatha Christie's


The sleuth is

reunited with old

friend Ariadne

Oliver, who has


commissioned to

stage a game of

murder hunt at a

summer fete in

the grounds of

Nasse House,

the recently

purchased home

of wealthy

financier Sir

George Stubbs.

8:00pm Midsomer


10:00pm Vera

12:00am Vera

2:00am Emmerdale






World of Sport:

Last Orders

The Protectors

The Professionals

The Memoirs of

Sherlock Holmes

The Memoirs of

Sherlock Holmes

10:30am ITV Racing: The

Opening Show

11:30am Hand of God

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Sports Fans

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Cup Centre

The day's main

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Sports Fans

10:00am Good Morning

Sports Fans

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World Cup

Live ICC Cricket

World Cup

New Zealand v


Coverage of

the groupstage


from Lord's

in London.

10:30pm Live PGA Tour


12:00am MLS Live



Sky Sports


Live Fight Night




v Walter


10:25am John and Lisa's



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Escape: Hidden


12:45pm Midsomer


2:40pm ITV News and


2:44pm ITV London



Harry Hill's Alien

Fun Capsule

3:15pm Star Wars:

Episode II

- Attack of the




ITV News and


ITV News


9:00pm Trevor


10:00pm Beecham House

11:05pm ITV News and


11:14pm ITV London


11:20pm Britain's Busiest

Airport -


11:50pm Code Blue:


12:50am Wild Bill

1:45am Jackpot247

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Guinness World


7:25am You've Been


7:50am Emmerdale

10:55am Coronation


1:55pm Take Me Out

2:55pm Catchphrase

3:40pm You've Been


4:45pm Dirty Dancing:

Havana Nights

5:45pm FYI Daily

5:50pm Dirty Dancing:

Havana Nights

6:30pm The Haunted


7:30pm FYI Daily

7:35pm The Haunted


8:15pm Liar Liar

9:15pm FYI Daily

9:20pm Liar Liar

10:00pm Love Island

11:00pm Love Island:


12:05am Family Guy

12:35am Family Guy

1:05am American Dad!

7:00am On the Buses

7:25am The Royal

8:20am Heartbeat

9:25am Heartbeat

10:25am Long Lost Family

11:25am A Touch of Frost


Peter Lawson is

shot dead in an

armed robbery

at his premises

and Frost's


unearth a tragic

family secret.






A Touch of Frost

Inspector Morse




Christie's Poirot

10:00pm The Comedy


11:00pm Vanity Fair

12:00amDeath Becomes


Two romantic

rivals are both

granted the

secret of eternal

youth by a



7:00am World Cup


7:20am The Professionals

8:25am The Professionals

9:25am Motorsport UK

10:25am World Superbike


11:25am Brdc Formula 3


12:30pm Live British

Touring Car


7:00pm The Car Years

7:30pm World of Sport:

TV Firsts

7:50pm Rooster Cogburn

Rooster Cogburn

is back in the



FYI Daily

A round-up of

the latest



8:55pm Rooster Cogburn

10:00pmA Fistful of


11:00pm FYI Daily

11:05pmA Fistful of


1:05am Training Day

7:00am Sky Sports


8:00am Good Morning

Sports Fans

8:30am Cricket World

Cup Centre

9:00am Good Morning

Sports Fans

10:00am Good Morning

Sports Fans

News and

views on

today's early

stories, a look

at the back

pages, a tip on

today's racing

and a sporting



10:30am Live ICC


World Cup

England v


Coverage of

the groupstage



Edgbaston in



Live PGA Tour


12:00am Live US Seniors

Tour Golf

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OPINION & COMMENT 27 June - 3 July 2019 27


Letters should be emailed to

or make your comments on our website:

What a cunning plan

DEAR Editor,

Every year, without fail the French

go on strike, they have demonstrations

and generally disrupt people’s plans,

particularly during the all too brief

tourist season. It is, it seems, more of a

hobby for them rather than any number

of legitimate industrial disputes.

Air traffic controllers striking and

fishing boats blockading the ports are

two common protests and are two monotonously

regular inconveniences.

Then this year, we get the Gilets

Jaunes, the series of protests against

their government. Blockading Paris and

the auto routes, disrupting travellers at

whim. I read the newspapers and yet

still do not understand what they are trying

to achieve.

Then, I had a thought - perhaps, just

perhaps these strikers and blockaders

are really employees of the Spanish

Tourist Board, employed to get people

to come to industrially, peaceful Spain.

What a cunning plan.

The French are really revolting.

Viva la Revolution.

Stan Reynolds

Respect Spain

DEAR Leapy Lee.

Enjoyed your article last week very

much (Issue 1772, June 20).

I was told the same as you, you are

an immigrant so why are you against

them. I quote again the same as you, I

came in the front door… Respect Spain

and pay my own way.

Like so many of us.

Keep writing, enjoy your columns.



Not in the picture

TO the editor

I saw the reports and the great pictures

from your 20-year celebration and

firstly as a regular reader for these past

seven years, can I wish you every success

for the next 20.

I was jealous to see the party, it did

look like fun and I would have loved to

be there, but, there was one thing missing,

Where was Leapy Lee?

I did not see a single photo of the

man in any of the pictures and trust me,

with the help of my wife’s magnifying

glass - I looked. I even looked at your

internet site, but could not see him, I

cannot believe he was not there. He’s

not camera shy, is he?

Oh, and a second question, did you

play his song ‘Little arrows’? I have to

believe that you did, it would be a great

homage to our own one hit wonder.

M Parker

DEAR Sirs,

The debate between

prospective leaders of

the Conservative party

brought to light several

things. Firstly, if

they were not happy

with their stools, why

didn’t they say so and

threaten to walk. No


If they were being

continually interrupted

by Ms Maitlis, why

didn’t they say so and

threaten to walk. No


It seems that if a future

prime minister is

going to be elected

with no cojones, what

chance is there for

them on the world


No cojones


Margaret Thatcher

had more cojones than

Justice at last! Poor lass has suffered so much for

all this time. I hope she can now heal and try to

put this nightmare behind her.

Edwina T

Benidorm landmark El Castell

closes for the summer season

I think it is nice that the owners have allowed the

excavation. Although it means removing one spot

temporarily, preserving the heritage is important.

Erik R

San Juan festival left beaches

full of garbage

Yes there should be bins, but that is no excuse,

any of them!

Yours truly

R Spenceley

All letters by email or post should carry the writer’s address, NIE and

contact number though only the name and town will be published.



take your rubbish with you simple as that, don’t

leave for someone else to clear your mess up, no


Irene G

Stay safe as temperatures soar

to ‘potentially dangerous’ levels

across Spain

If you see a dog in a car and windows closed, police

say take photo then break the window.

David M



Justice is done

JUSTICE has been done. The La Manada ‘Wolf Pack’ gang

has been convicted of rape.

Finally, the 18-year-old victim of a horrific gang rape at the

Pamplona bull running festival of San Fermin can move on

with her life, three years after the event.

Her quest for justice should never have come to this. While

the police are faultless - they acted immediately in tracking

down the perpetrators of the horrendous crime - the rest of the

justice system is not.

When the five men who took advantage of the young

woman were cleared of rape and convicted instead on the lesser

charge of sexual assault, there was understandable outrage

in the country.

No one could understand how the men - who not only assaulted

the victim at least 10 times in the most depraved ways

but also posted a video of the assault to a WhatsApp group

called La Manada - were not guilty of rape.

It came down to the interpretation of the law made by a

lower court. It decided that according to the letter of the law

for an assault to be considered rape then it has to be accompanied

by either violence or the threat of violence - for example

showing a knife.

Ridiculously, the court seemed to imply that because a lone

woman did not fight back against five grown men, then it was

not rape.

Fortunately, the Supreme Court decided otherwise. Let us

hope this sets a precedent that other judges follow in future.

Now we want to hear your views.


Readers who have missed correspondence can see all letters - which can

be edited before publication - posted on:

Wolf Pack guilty of rape says Supreme Court

EWN online this week


Irish man dies in Costa del Sol

pub stabbing

Always walk away from any sign of trouble SAY

nothing just walk away. You never know who you

are dealing with as was the case here... RIP

Maurizio D

Four Brits stabbed in Magaluf

Street brawl after phones and

wallets are ‘stolen’

This ‘stabbing thingy’ is just getting worse. Knife

crimes have become the norm now… carrying a

knife should be a jailable offence.

Pat W

106,744 Page views

*For week 14 - 20 June 2019

In light of recent attacks in bars and pubs in popular Spanish holiday

resorts, do you think more should be done to protect revellers?


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THE IRON LADY: Margaret Thatcher - a force to be

reckoned with.

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An explosion in

the woods is

linked to the

activities of a

villain working

out of a local


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Action from the

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featuring two


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& Beauty JORIS


MOST of us like things to change

for the better in our lives because

we know deep inside that change is

good. If life in general did not

change, it would be at a standstill.

The way we live as we know it

would come to an end very soon.

So change is part of our existence.

Nature changes, people change,

everything changes all the time.

We have known this since we were

born and still many of us find it

very difficult to embrace change.

During our lifetime we humans

condition ourselves all the time.

Specially with those wonderful

things that we like or love a lot.

This is normal human behaviour.

Nothing wrong with that.

The danger, if we may use this

word, lies in the fact that we get

stuck in the (over) protective environment

we are creating or someone

else is creating for us.

At that certain time when change

Change is not difficult - it

is the resistance to change

HUMAN NATURE: Many of us find it difficult.

is knocking at our door, our first

reaction will be not to open it. We

would rather put an extra lock on

it. Or two.

Fear of losing the golden cage

we are in. Fear of having to let go

of our daily routine life we just

love so much. And this is completely

understandable. So at that

certain point when we hear the

knocking we start resisting change.

CHANGE: Is life, is future and is inevitable.

We are putting ourselves in a

protective mode, in the fight-orflight

response mode.

Change itself is not that difficult

at all. Not as long as it brings us

comfort, peace of mind, happiness

and all those other positive things

we like. We do not want to lose the

good things in life. Of course not.

So now we have to learn to let

go of the fear, of the resistance. Because

change is ultimately good.

Change is life. Change is future.

Change is inevitable. Change belongs

to us as food and water, as

light and breathing. Change is part

of our body and soul. It is what we

as humans need to move on for

many years to come.

Look from now on at change as

the most normal thing in your life.

Even if at first sight you feel that

resistance. Some questions. How

many times in your life have you

already said after something

changed that you were happy for

it? Been asking yourself why you

were so afraid of it? Finding out

later that it was the best thing that

ever happened to you?

Give yourself the power, the permission

to walk through any

change in your life with full confidence.

Start loving it, start conditioning

change as a wonderful positive

part of who you are. Day in,

day out. Let change be your unique

guide that brings you those things

your soul needs. If you can do this

your life will ‘change’ for the

good, the better, the best. And you

will walk on this planet from now

on with a big smile on your face.

CHANGE: Embrace it!

Joris PLU - Marbella - Malaga

Life, Relationship & Move

Forward Coach

all info on

Helpline 24/7 - Phone &


+32 472 401 611

+34 666 030 428

Microneedling to

more perfect skin

Moisturisers: do they help

MOISTURISERS are more marketing than medicine with companies

careful to limit claims on what products can do. All moisturisers

will hydrate skin by blanketing it with a layer of grease

suspended water molecules. The grease holds the water in place

for thirsty skin cells to dip into rehydrating as they naturally lose

water during the day. The only active ingredient which may be

included in a moisturiser that has the ability to slow the effects

of ageing is sunscreen with moisturisers which include an SPF.

DONE by a dermatologist or

DIY at home with a tool like a

paint roller with a head of needles

a press release from the American

Academy of Dermatology

claims micro-needling is the ticket

to boosting collagen, minimising

wrinkles, smoothing scars

and recapturing youth.

A minimally invasive procedure

microneedling (also called

Collagen Induction Therapy) pinpricks

the face with invisible

puncture wounds. Deeper layers

of skin respond to this stimulation

by rebuilding with collagenrich

new tissues; collagen a protein

keeping skin youthful, firm,

and which when lost results in

visible signs of ageing.

Board-certified dermatologist

Sejal Shah, MD says: “It works

the same way lasers do, only

you’re injuring the skin mechanically

instead of using heat or light

MICRONEEDLING: Skin miracle.

and is better tolerated with fewer

side effects and less downtime.”

With immediate results, microneedling

improves skin tone

and texture giving an instant radiant

glow and plumping the face

whilst using only the body’s natural

healing mechanisms and

therefore giving very natural results.

Stimulating collagen in and

around pores causes a ‘filler effect’

allowing them to appear dramatically

reduced if not closed.

Long term results also look

promising with a study in 2008

on 480 patients treated with four

microneedling sessions producing

a 400 per cent increase in collagen

and elastin six months after

completing treatment.

Microneedling is also effective

in the treatment of scars, stretch

marks and sun damage, including

the discoloured hyperpigmentation

of melasma and unlike laser

or chemical peels can be applied

to any area of the body.

Gabe Lubin, founder of

Cartessa Aesthetics, on the benefits

of professional treatment as

opposed to at home microneedling

said: “Physicians can

select with robotic precision the

exact depth best for each patient’s

skin type whilst using secondary

treatments such as radio frequency

for fine lines, blue and red

LED for scarring and the application

of specialist tailored antiageing

preparations to treat multiple

skin concerns.”

Whilst professional grade microneedling

needles can be as

long as 3mm, at-home rollers do

not normally have needles longer

than 1.5mm, a needle long

enough to treat fine lines and

faint scarring.

Update on food, drink, entertainments, what’s on and weekly happenings



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27 June - 3 July 2019


SEVILLA: Travel spot for South

Korean celebs.

FORMER 2017 Love Island contestant

Olivia Attwood and Bradley

Dack were in Marbella last week as

guests of honour attending a footballer

friend’s wedding in Marbella.

Attwood, 28, confesses she and

Blackburn Rovers star Bradley

Dack, 25, have considered marriage

saying: “He’s my best friend and it’s

just easy. This is my most serious

relationship. We’ve both sowed our

wild oats and know what we want.

We’ve lost each other before. We’re

in a place where it’s now or never.”

CREDIT: Lee Min Jung / Instagram

South Korean celeb visitors

SPAIN has joined the list as a

popular travel location for young

South Korean celebrities with

singer Jung Chae Yeon and actress

Lee Min Jung spotted in


Jung Chae Yeon, 21, a singer

and actress best known for being

a member of the South Korean

pop girl group DIA formed by

MBK Entertainment was spotted

in Sevilla in a selfie accompanied

with actress Lee Min Jung.

Guests of


CREDIT: Instagram

Olivia and Bradley at La Sala.

Lee Min Jung uploaded the

picture to her Instagram and captioned

the photo ‘A Barbershop

in Sevilla. First meal with Chae

Yeon and Soohyeon teacher in


Lee Min Jung and Jung Chae

Yeon will be appearing on

MBC’s variety travel programme

‘A Barbers Shop in

Sevilla’ which will air in July.

Olivia flew out to Marbella last

week with Bradley to attend the

wedding of his fellow Blackburn

Rovers teammate Darragh Lenihan

who wed his childhood sweetheart

Shauna during a ceremony held at

the Villa Padierna hotel in Marbella.

Olivia and Bradley were spotted

together drinking and relaxing at the

nearby celebrity restaurant La Sala

in Puerto Banus the next day, a popular

haven for celebrities such as

Kanye West and Ricky Martin.

A GOOD TIME: Kate Middleton and Queen Letizia.

Kate Middleton snubs

Queen Letizia?

ROYAL fans suggested another feud brewing this week when a video circulated

around social media seemingly showing Kate Middleton ignoring Queen Letizia

of Spain during the Order of the Garter in London.

In the video Kate exits her car, greets several people, and finally fails to acknowledge

Queen Letizia who many suggested Kate should have curtsied to.

The viral video clip which shook social channels, of course, shows only a few

moments of the full day of festivities.

In fact Kate Middleton and Queen Letizia had already greeted one another earlier

that day. Photos from the event of the Duchess and the Spanish Queen show

them having a good time in each other’s company.

Kate Middleton and Queen Letizia appear to have nothing but a friendly and

civil relationship with misleading social media posts the only evidence indicating


CREDIT: Casa de S.M. el Rey / Twitter

Weekend Beach Festival

Credit: Matthew Waller Wikimedia

Free flamenco

THE first three Fridays in

August will see some of the

biggest names in contemporary

flamenco performing

for free in the open-air theatre

on top of the Cerro de

San Cristobal, Velez-Malaga

at the Acompasao Festival.

Doors open at 9pm.

The reformed Black Eyed Peas on stage.

THE Weekend Beach Festival returns to

Torre del Mar in a bigger and better format

than ever for the sixth year running. What

started as a relatively low key event now

takes place over four days (July 3 to 6) with

more than 85 acts performing on two stages.

Whilst the bulk of the artists are Spanish,

two international acts in particular, the Original

Wailers and the Black Eyed Peas will be

flying in to appear.

When Bob Marley first came to international

fame, he added American guitarist Al

Anderson to the Wailers line-up of Jamaican

musicians and it is his guitar work which is

prominent on such numbers as No Woman

No Cry.

He created the Original Wailers in 2008

with another former member Junior Marvin

and in 2013 after Marvin had left, the band

received a Grammy nomination for their

Miracle album.

The Black Eyed Peas need little introduction

as with more than 70 million albums

and singles sold, they are one of the most

successful bands of all time.

There was a hiatus when singer Fergie left

the band and founder Will.I.Am followed a

solo career, but they are now reformed with a

new female singer Jessica Reynoso appearing

from time to time.

Tickets are available for the day or the entire

Festival as well as camping but for full

details visit

27 June - 3 July 2019 •





© EWN 2019

New mortgage law

SPAIN’S new mortgage law has finally

come into force.

It is designed to incorporate European

directives on consumer protection into

Spanish law and includes several aspects

beneficial to the customer.

It is most beneficial to people taking on

new loans, but what about those who already

have a mortgage?

According to bank comparison website there are some measures

that will affect existing mortgage

holders, although most of the new regulations

are not retrospective.

Chief amongst these is the one that reduces

the cost of converting a variable

mortgage to a fixed rate loan, and secondly

a tightening of regulations for foreclosures.

When it comes to swapping loans from

variable to fixed rates, banks may now

charge a maximum of 0.15 per cent of the

outstanding capital within three years of

the initial contract being signed. After this

period the transaction should be free.

Before the law came into force, the usual

commission for novation (where the

GOOD NEWS: New law makes swapping to a fixed rate loan cheaper.

Now the cost

should be a

maximum of


contract was changed for another loan at

the same bank) was 0.5 per cent, while

the subrogation commission (changing to

another lender) was up to 0.5 per cent for

the first five years and 0.25 per cent thereafter.

Therefore, the application of this measure

will mean savings for current mortgage

holders who want to switch to a

fixed rate to take advantage of low rates

offered by banks in the current market.

For example, a borrower who wants to

move to a fixed rate on a mortgage contracted

two years ago with a pending

capital of €50,000 would have been

charged up to €250 under the old regime.

Now the cost should be a maximum of

€75. But remember - there may be notary

and land registry fees to pay as well.

The second article that applies retroactively

is the one which regulates the application

of the early maturity clause. This is

the step taken by banks to enable them to

foreclose on the mortgage and

seize the home after missed payments.

The new regulations establish

tougher requirements to apply

this clause. During the first half of

the mortgage term, the money

owed must exceed 3 per cent of

the capital granted or reach an

equivalent of 12 instalments. In the

second half of the loan term, the missed

payments must be worth at least 7 per

cent of the principal of the loan or an

equivalent of 15 monthly payments.

In addition, the lender must give the

debtor one month to catch up with any

pending payments before being able to

start the execution process.

It has also been made easier for existing

mortgage holders to swap banks

should they so wish.

THE unsold stock of new housing

fell by 3.6 per cent last year

to 459,876 units, according to

figures just released by the

Ministry of Development.

This means that the number

of empty new properties has

fallen by 30 per cent (189,904

units) in the last 10 years.

In 2005 there were just

195,184 new units in the ‘property

bank,’ a figure that would

peak at 649,780 houses in


After the bursting of the housing

bubble began a slow ‘absorption’

of this remaining

stock, although in most of the

most popular coastal destinations

there is in fact now a

shortage of new build properties

available for sale.

The problem is that many entire

developments were taken

over by the banks when developers

defaulted on loans.

The ‘bad bank’ Bankia,

where many of these ‘deals

gone sour’ were parked, has

recently said it will start a

process of legally being able to

sell these homes.

So, although the coastal regions,

where the construction

boom was concentrated,

have the largest

number of new

Unsold housing

stock decreases

unsold homes, developers of

the latest new builds have little

problem selling. It seems to be

simply a bottleneck in the

process that means properties

lie empty.

The Valencian Community

heads this particular list with

86,137 units, almost 20 per

cent of the national total. Next

is Cataluña, with a stock of

73,048 (16 per cent), and Andalucia,

with 69,327 units (15

per cent). By province, Alicante

(39,309) and Barcelona

(38,048) are the areas with the

highest number of new unsold

homes. Castellon, Valencia,

Murcia and Almeria also

have considerable


The Community of Madrid,

on the other hand, accounts for

8.73 per cent of the total stock

(40,145), while Toledo, where

building happened on a massive

scale due to the proximity

of the capital, represents 4.75

per cent of the total (20,714


By region, the biggest fall in

new stock last year was in the



where it was reduced by 30

per cent. In the Balearic Islands

10 per cent of these

properties were bought.

By province, Guipuzcoa,

Malaga, Huelva, Huesca

and Lugo all saw

stock decrease


more than 10 per cent.

The presence of these

homes in the property bank

seems to have little effect on

the market generally, as many

were built in inaccessible and

unpopular locations. Some experts

say that many may well

be bulldozed in the long term

as the market concentrates

on less speculative

developments in

sought after


POPULAR: New builds are selling well.

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Currencies Direct

Let’s talk currency

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Currencies Direct

Let’s talk currency

27 June - 3 July 2019 33


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how important it is to

have pets relaxed and happy, being

cared for at home whenever

possible. This matters especially

when pets are particularly young

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travel away from home you want

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Saints and sinners

FIFTY years ago, a wise sceptic

advised that if I had any

questions about religion I

should always ask an atheist.

When I asked her why, Barbara

Smoker, who celebrated her

96th birthday this month,

replied: “Because people often

arrive at non-belief after they

have assiduously studied religious

texts and usually come to

know more about the subject

than most believers.”

When I asked how much research

she had done, she chuckled

and said “I was born into a

devout Catholic family and decided

to become a nun. So obviously

I did a great deal of


At the age of 26 she concluded

that religion was tosh, and

spent the rest of her life promoting

humanism. In fact, she’s

just published her autobiography,

‘My Godforsaken Life:

Memoir of A Maverick.’

Another of my contacts, Californian

artist Shell Fisher, also

knows a lot about holy scripture.

But he approaches

faith from another angle. He uses

his amazing talent to point

out religious absurdities, and

his illustrations are used in a

Freethinker bulletin sent out

weekly to several thousand subscribers.

Knowing how well-versed

Shell is in Christian mythology,

I asked him whether he knew

of the patron saint of lunatics.

To my surprise, he’d not heard

of Christina Mirabilis, known

as Christina the Astonishing.

Born in the 12th century in

Belgium, she suffered a massive

seizure in her early 20’s.

Assumed dead, she was about

to be buried but she arose from

her coffin and ‘levitated to the

rafters.’ She claimed to have

seen Hell, Heaven and the

Almighty, who sent her back to

save sinners.

According to legend, she

would throw herself into fires

and frozen rivers, allow dogs to

tear at her flesh, all the while

imploring God’s mercy.

Though covered in blood, her

CHRISTINA: About to be buried, arose from her coffin, and sent back to save sinners.

skin would immediately heal.

She lived in a forest, slept in

rags, and sustained herself by

suckling her breasts.

Now the reason I approached

Shell about Christina is that I

am currently writing an irreverent

article for the Freethinker

about some of the weirdest people

who attained patron saint

status, and I believed that he

was the best person on the planet

to illustrate the piece.

My article will document the

lives of people such as St Drogo,

who was afflicted by a mystery

ailment that made him

physically repulsive. So he’s

now considered the patron saint

of unattractive people.

Then there’s St Adjutor, the

patron saint of swimmers; St

Balthasar, the patron saint of

playing card manufacturers; St

Columbanus, the patron saint of

motorcyclists and St Lidwina,

the patron saint of ice skaters.

This Dutch woman fell while

ice skating at the age of 15 and

never fully recovered from her

injuries. After a life of piety and

pain which ended in 1433, her

grave became a site of pilgrimage.

She was canonised in 1899

by Pope Leo XIII.

But back to Christina the Astonishing.

I discovered that

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

performed a song about her in

1992. The lyrics are brilliant.

You can access them here:

Acclaimed songwriter George

Gershwin said it best when, in

1935, he wrote ‘The t’ings dat

yo’ li’ble/To read in de Bible/It

ain’t necessarily so ...

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Fellowship of Jesus Christ

the King Whether you live in

Spain or are visiting our area,

we would be delighted to welcome

you to the Fellowship of

Jesus Christ The King. Our

meetings are characterised by

uplifting songs and relevant

sermons and a modern but

reverent service, followed by

free tea or coffee & biscuits.

Why not come along and

make new friends, every Sunday

at 10.30. (John 3:16)

Pasaje San Miguel, Nerja ,

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806 267/951 978 844 Find us

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Rolls Royce

Wraith Eagle VIII



Royce Wraith

Eagle VIII.

UNIQUE: The now famous

RR Clock.

ROLLS ROYCE has announced

its limited edition collection car,

the Wraith Eagle VIII, which

was released on the

shores of Lake Como

at this year’s Concorso

d’Eleganza Villa

d’Este, in May.

Created by the

Bespoke Collective

at the House

of Rolls-Royce, a

Collection of just

50 Wraith Eagle VIII

motor cars is named

after the power unit used

in Allcock and Brown’s

first Transatlantic crossing, 100

years ago (The bi-plane was

powered by twin 20.3 litre, 350

bhp, Rolls-Royce Eagle VIII engines).

Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief

Executive, Rolls-Royce Motor

Cars, said: “Wraith Eagle VIII is

at once an object of desire; a

homage to heroes and a protagonist

to today’s visionaries. This

Rolls-Royce Collection demonstrates

the extraordinary skill of

our Bespoke Collective at the

Home of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood,

West Sussex.

“Bespoke remains the jewel in

the crown of the marque, creating

luxury items that defy the

trend of mass luxury manufacturers

using ‘tick-box’ options to

answer customer demand.”

The exterior is meant as a representation

of Alcock and

Brown’s compelling night time

adventure. Swathed in Gunmetal

with a Selby Grey upper twotone,

the colours are separated by

a brass feature line, a hint at the

detailing that lies within. The

black grille vanes draw immediate

reference to the Rolls-Royce

Eagle VIII engine cowling on

the Vickers Vimy aircraft, the

wheels are part polished with a

translucent shadow finish.

Within, Selby Grey and

black leather are accented

by brass, redolent of the

brass sextant so integral

to the success

of the transatlantic

journey. Executed

in a contemporary


the material populates

key areas

throughout the

cockpit of the Collection.

Brass speaker

covers depict the estimated

flight distance of

1,880 miles and ‘RR’ monograms

are embroidered in brass

coloured thread onto headrests.

A flash of brass complements

the navigator door panniers,

whilst the door of the driver includes

a brass plaque with

Churchill’s quote commending

the duo’s remarkable achievements.

Even the now famous RR

clock has given a nod to the

duo’s achievement. All their instruments

were frozen, so in this

car, the clock is in a retro styling

and presented with a unique icy


CO2 emission: 369-357 g/km;

Fuel consumption: 17.3-17.9

mpg / 16.3-15.8 l/100km.

38 EWN 27 June - 3 July 2019 MOTORING

Classic Car Club of Andalucía

CCCA summer season

off to a flying start!


OT only do

CCCA members

enjoy their

driving, their

cars and seeing the beautiful

Andalucian countryside, they

also enjoy a marvellous social

scene with many parties,

lunches, dinners and other

gatherings. This past weekend

saw the Club put on its annual

Summer Ball at the Hotel

Tamisa Golf as they have on 10

previous occasions!

The hotel boasts one of the

most beautiful settings on the

coast. On a balmy summer

evening tables were set up

around the kidney-shaped

swimming pool which, with

Mijas golf course as the

backdrop, provided the most

stunning setting and ambience.

After an hour or so of

Cava and canapés and then

an excellent three-course

dinner, music was provided

by the exceptionally talented

Mark Connor and

Michelle Williams, who

soon had the gang up and

dancing the evening away.

The stage and the dance

floor had been set up outside,

which in turn contributed much

to the marvellous ‘ambience’

being enjoyed by everyone.

The evening had been organised,

as usual, by the Club’s

vice-president, Brian Ladd,

who sadly has been rather poorly

and was unable to attend.

Appreciation of his efforts was

shown by the huge round of applause

he received when

thanked by Club President, Ian


The Club continues its programme

of events through the

hot summer months and next

on the calendar will be the July

dinner at Treetops Restaurante

on Tuesday, July 2 where dining

will be ‘al fresco’ under the

stars on the beautiful terrace


On the following Saturday,

July 6, the Club will have a

A superb atmosphere!

In from the UK - Jerry Watson and Yvonne.

classic car run and

lunch, although the

route, start and finish

venues have yet

to be announced.

Membership of

this active and vibrant

classic car club

is possible still for

owners of classic cars

by contacting the Club

at info@cccandalu

The Jaguar Enthusiasts


The Costa del Sol

chapter of the JEC continues

to grow under the

guidance of Chairman

Philip Wray and his wife

Jenny. Their next event

is a car run and lunch

Peter and Pauline Bull.

Franco and Kim Subbiani.

Paul McCarthy and friends.

which will start from

the shopping centre at

the Centre Comercial

at Rincon de la Victoria

just south of junction

252 of the main

A7 towards Nerja at

11.00am on Saturday,

June 29.

The run will take

in some fabulous

scenery on the edge

of the Montes de

Malaga before running

along a ridge

with fabulous

views both sides towards

the sea and

the inland mountains.

The route

will then head

north before turning


back towards the

sea for a coffee stop followed

by more countryside and a Cava

stop on the seaside. From

there it is a short drive to Lo

Pepe Molina in Almayate

where lunch will be served.

If you would like to join in

the fun please contact Philip

Wray at jec.costadelsol@gmail.


Classic Car Show, Estepona

We’re very fortunate that in

our beautiful part of the world

there is so much interest in the

world of classic cars. Car clubs,

rallies and shows are very

much common place here.

This coming weekend, June

29 and 30 there is a two-day

classic car show in Estepona.

Called the Festival de Coches y

Motos Classicás and will be at

the Palacio

de Congresos. Entry

is only €10 pp and there

will be music, food

trucks and other refreshments

available over the

entire weekend.

There will also be a

short classic car run

through Estepona on the

Sunday. The run will start

from the Palacio, go

through to the Avenida de

España with a coffee stop in

the Port at Reinaldos which

will give people another

chance to see the cars close


I understand there are

still entries available for

those wishing to go along

and more information can

be gleaned by contacting

Lucinda Caupain, the

event organiser, at costa

I also hope to have

more information on the

Marbella Concours D’Elegance

set for July in the next issue.

Acquiring a Classic Car

I am often asked by readers

about joining the Classic Car

Club of Andalucia and maybe

acquiring a classic car to take

part in the fun.

Information on the Club can

be found on the website or by

emailing info@cccandalucia.

com. Those wanting to acquire

a classic car can look at the

Classified section of the Club’s

website, as above.

That’s it for now, there will

be more classic car news in this

newspaper in two weeks time.

Further information on Classic Car Club of Andalucia events can be found on the Club’s website

Membership of this vibrant club is open to anyone owning a genuine classic car here in Spain. Saca tu coche clásico del garaje y diviértete con el.

SPORT 27 June - 3 July 2019 39


Mallorca back in La Liga

IN CONTROL: Daní Rodriguez.

MALLORCA are back in the big tine

after a stunning comeback in the second

leg of their play-off final saw

them overcome Deportivo la Coruña.

They will be back in La Liga facing

the likes of Barcelona and Real

Madrid for the first time in six years

after they overturned a two-goal

deficit from the first leg.

Ante Budimir, Salva Sevilla and

Abdon Prats scored during a 3-0 win

in the second leg held at their home

Iberostar Stadium, leading to a 3-2

success on aggregate.

The result means that they join Osasuna

and Granada as the teams promoted

this year.

The result on Sunday led to scenes

of celebrations, with thousands of

fans flooding on to the pitch to salute

their team at the final whistle.

There were noisy scenes in Palma

through the night as the celebrations


French Open champion and Mallorca

native Rafa Nadal was in the

stands to back his local team

He posted a picture of the fans’

celebrations on Instagram saying:

‘No words, incredible emotions.’

Mallorca had finished the La Liga2

season in fifth place but overcame

fourth placed Albacete in the playoff


Third positioned Malaga were

beaten by Deportivo who had finished

sixth. In last Thursday’s first

leg Deportivo had won 2-0 after Mallorca’s

Marc Pedraza was shown a

red card in the first half.

Past glories

ARE McLaren finally showing signs of reclaiming

past glories?

Their Spanish driver Carlos Sainz certainly

hopes so after an excellent weekend in

France - home country of his team’s engine

suppliers Renault - saw him take sixth place

and eight championship points.

Of course, there is a heck of a long way before

he can even think about catching Mercedes.

Lewis Hamilton took his sixth win of

the season as he showed his mastery at the

Paul Ricard circuit, a full 95.4 seconds ahead

of Sainz.

But at least the Woking-based team can

start a challenge to be the ‘best of the rest’

after Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull.

Hamilton drove a flawless race to beat

teammate Valtteri Bottas, with the Ferrari of

Charles Leclerc in third.

Then came Red Bull’s Max Verstappen and

in fifth spot was Sebastian Vettel’s Ferrari.

Sainz too drove a good race, with a blistering

start nearly putting him into fourth in

front of Verstappen until Leclerc (legitimately)

blocked him off.

He did, however end up beating the other

McLaren of Lando Norris, who nevertheless

was named Driver of the Day, much to the

chagrin of sections of the Spanish press.

Queens title for Spanish veteran

SPANISH veteran Feliciano

Lopez has become just the

third wildcard to win the

Queens tennis championship,

joining Ivan Lendl (1989) and

Pete Sampras (1999).

And as if winning his second

Queens singles title at the

age of 37 wasn’t enough, he

also helped Andy Murray

ease his way back into competitive

tennis by partnering

him to a doubles triumph later

the same day.

To say Lopez’s win was

unexpected would be a bit of

an understatement. Up until

the start of the tournament he

has only won three ATP main

draw matches all year. By the

time he had completed the

week he had four more under

his belt and some silverware

for his trophy cabinet.

He beat Frenchman Gilles

Simon 6-2, 6-7(4), 7-6(2) in a

tournament that holds fond

memories for him. He won at

the Queens Club in 2017 and

was runner-up in 2014.

Now number 53 in the ATP

Rankings after jumping 60

places, he has also become

CHAMPIONS: Lopez and Murray triumphed at Queens (right).

the oldest champion at this

event in the Open Era.

“I thought the best moment

of my career was when I won

this tournament in 2017, but

it’s right now,” said Lopez.

“He (Simon) was coming up

with unbelievable passing

shots and I was a little bit

desperate, to be honest. The

tie-break is a bit of a lottery,

of course, but I’m just so happy

to win here.”

This was the seventh ATP

tournament success in

Lopez’s career, and his fourth

in grass, a surface that suits

his service game.

He then teamed up with

Andy Murray who was making

his comeback from hip

surgery in January, and who

Credit: ATP Tour

could surely not have been

expecting a title in his first

tournament back.

Speaking after the event

Murray said: “I just won the

doubles with Feli, with a metal

hip. It’s mental, really.

“That’s a cool thing to be

able to have done just because

of where I was a few

months ago. I wasn’t thinking

about this… I was really happy

to be pain-free and enjoying

life, literally just doing

normal things. It’s really special.

It’s more special than a

lot of the singles tournaments

that I’ve won for a lot of different


He and Lopez defeated top

seeds Juan Sebastian Cabal

and Robert Farah in the opening

round, then third seeds

Henri Kontinen and John

Peers in the semis.

In the final they defeated

Rajeev Ram and Joe Salisbury.

7-6(6), 5-7, 10-5.

Murray said: “In terms of

how I was hitting the ball, I

think I did okay.

“There’s things I can do

better. I think a lot of it is positioning

on the court, like

where to stand after Feli has

hit a return or where to position

ourselves at the net.

“But one of the things

that’s quite difficult with doubles

is that you’re never going

to find the partner who

has everything, and you yourself

don’t have everything. I

have flaws in my game and

Feli will have weaknesses in

his game. But we used our

strengths and complemented

each other very well. You

need to be able to do that and

not get frustrated with yourself.”



27 June - 3 July 2019

Real Madrid bear arch rivals Barcelona to win the 2018-2019 Liga Endesa

basketball title in the championship play-off on Friday. The 74-68 win made them

champions for the 35th time.

to read more visit

Triumphant return

By Dilip Kuner


has made a triumphant return to

competition two months after

suffering a fall, which forced

his withdrawal from the classic


For the second consecutive

year he has won the Route of

Occitania (France). It is some

recompense for the Spaniard,

who lost out on the Giro d’Italia

as a result of that fall.

On Sunday he started the

fourth and final stage of the

cycling road race with a narrow

eight-second advantage

over Colombian Iván Ramiro

Sosa but the Movistar team

had no problem defending

Valverde’s first place.

The last stage victory was

taken by Frenchman Arnaud

Demare (Groupama FDJ),

who won the sprint, ahead of

Sacha Modolo.

The Spaniards David

González and José Rojas were

WINNER: Valverde retained his title.

fourth and fifth to the finish

line. Valverde will now go to

the Spanish Championships in

his hometown of Murcia with

more confidence.

He said: “I feel very well,

and as I said the other day, you

can see that the preparation

and rest in these two months

after the injury have been very

good. Now it’s time to think

about the Spanish Championships

and, above all, the

Tour de France.”

Credit: Aubin Lipke / La Route d'Occitanie /Movistar

He added: “My objective is

to help (teammates) Nairo and

Mikel and to make the best

possible Tour together. At no

time will I be a leader; my job

will be to help them 100 per


EMBARRASSING: Clement Berardo ran out of balls.

Bogey course

FRENCHMAN Clement Berardo was disqualified

on the first day of the Andalucia-Costa del

Sol Match Play 9 after he ran out of golf balls.

He was on hole 16 when the embarrassing incident

happened at the Valle Romano course.

Tournament director Federico Paez explained:

“It was very windy, the fairways are narrow and

the rough is very thick vegetation.”

Berardo had a bad day with a quadruple bogey

nine on the first hole, a double bogey, two more

bogeys and two dropped balls on holes 14 and


Credit: Trophee Hassan II/YouTube

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