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Why women use 4

charms to attract

men—Lydia Forson

Army colonel, 5

soldiers killed in Borno

ambush; bandits

kill 20 in Sokoto

Joint Tax Board targets 45m tax payers by Q3' 19




We're ready to defend

ourselves, Ooni tells Buhari


VOL. 26: NO. 63856 FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2019


Senior lawyers, civil society

groups back new CJN

•Say CJN should devise solution to the menace

•Slam process that removed Onnoghen, say it disparaged judiciary

•Worry over independence of judiciary under new CJN











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The Leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakkzaky with his wife Zeenat in Kaduna High Court,

yesterday. PHOTO: OLU Ajayi.


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treatment: IMN

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rally rocks

Benin; EPM

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House in Edo


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FRIDAY JULY 19, 2019 —3

4— Vanguard, FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2019

Stories by Juliet Ebirim

Why I featured Wizkid,Yemi Alade,

others in The Lion King album

—Beyonce US singer, Beyonce has revealed why she

featured Wizkid and other African

artistes in her new album,

The Lion King soundtrack, produced by

Beyonce and packed with Afrobeat artistes

including Yemi Alade, Tekno, Mr. Eazi,

Burna Boy and Wizkid. The singer, who

lends her voice to the character, Nala

in the movie, has even called the

soundtrack “a love letter to


According to Beyonce, she

wanted a collection of songs

from different genres that

express what she’s trying

to pass across. “I

wanted to make sure

we found the best

talent from Africa and

not just use some of the

sounds and did my

interpretation of it. I

wanted it to be authentic

to what is beautiful

about the music in

Africa,” she says in an


“I wanted to put everyone on

their own journey to link the

storyline. Each song was written to reflect the film’s

storytelling that gives the listener a chance to imagine

their own imagery while listening to a new contemporary

interpretation. It was important that the music was not

only performed by the most interesting and talented

artistes but also produced by the best African

producers. Authenticity and heart were important to

me”, Beyonce stated.

Mercy Aigbe slams those

attributing her financial

success to men

he caption of a new picture showing Nollywood actress,

TMercy Aigbe on a foreign trip sees her slamming her

critics. According to her, nobody is bothered now that she’s

hustling, but same people will be quick to attribute her

success to a governor.

Recalling how “naysayers” claimed a governor is

responsible for her financial success, the actress stated that

they are all an attempt to

undermine her hardwork. She

concluded by attaching a

prayer of “working for

nothing” for her


Mercy wrote: 'I am

hustling now oh!!! They

are not seeing me!..,

when I post my estate ,

they will open their

yeye mouths to say ‘one

governor’ abi ‘one

president’ bought me my

mansion, my cars, my estate

etc trying to belittle my

hardwork!.... my prayer

point is, Father every evil,

useless mouth that will

want to rubbish your

blessings in my

life, may Holy

Ghost fire

strike them

and may


continue to

toil without

nothing to

show for it

in Jesus


this prayer

is for you,

may it

locate you


•Mercy Aigbe

Nonso Diobi sheltered

and fed me —Yul Edochie



op Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie took a walk down

memory lane to celebrate fellow actor, Nonso Diobi on

his birthday. Yul Edochie recounted how Nonso sheltered

and fed him during the early years of his acting career.

According to Yul Edochie, his relationship with Nonso

Diobi started off on set in 2005/2006 when ‘he came to

Lagos to hustle’. Nonso reportedly offered him a

place in his house which was closer to the set, fed

him and was always willing to assist him in


Yul wrote: “In 2005/2006, I came to Lagos

to hustle for movie roles. I met Nonso

Diobi on a set, he was already a star then.

We clicked. He said to me ‘come and stay

in my house, it’s closer to our location

than your brother’s house, you’ll be

going to work with me, from there

you’ll get to meet more big wigs in the

game. This wonderful soul gave me a

roof over my head in Lagos, he never

complained over anything, fed me

and was always willing to assist

me in anything. Nonny, I never

forget oo. Thank you bro! I wish

you a very happy birthday and

may God grant you all your

heart desires. Ezigbo mmadu!”

•Yul Edochie and Nonso Diobi


Why women use

charms to attract

men —Lydia Forson

•Aphrican Ace

ctress, Lydia Forson has revealed why women buy charms to

A attract men. The Ghanaian actress in her tweet which

came after sex-charm vendor Mama Gee was arrested,

blamed it all on patriachy. According to Lydia Forson, the

stereotype of women seeing men as all they have to live

for, is what makes them go as much as inserting

substances in their private parts.

She tweeted: “Patriarchy is why girls are inserting

things, bathing with concoctions and putting

“scopatumana” into men’s food to keep them, take

money from them, and steal them from other women.

When a society makes women feel like a man is all

they have to live for, this happens.”

Comedian Aphrican

Ace buys house in US

opular Instagram comedian, Aphrican Ace,

Phas become the latest Nigerian entertainer

to own a house in the US.

Sharing a photo of his new property, Aphrican

Ace recalled how he was mocked when he

bought a Range Rover while living in a rented

apartment two years ago. He concluded by

stating that social media pressure shouldn’t

affect the way people live their lives.

“Everything happens in due time! I remember

when I bought this car two years ago, some

people said it’s dumb to buy a Range Rover

when you live in an apartment...which makes

sense to a certain extent, but never judge

someone’s decisions if you don’t know their

options! Anyways, two years later, I can finally

park this Range Rover in front of my own

home! To God be the Glory!! Don’t let social

media people rush you with their perceptions

of how you should live your life!

vanguardnews @vanguardnews @vanguardnews

Vanguard, FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2019 — 5



being introduced to the African Union Commissioner for Peace and Security,

Amb. Smail Chergui by the CISSA Chairman and Director General, National

Intelligence Agency, Amb. Ahmed Abubakar (2r) while the Outgoing Chairperson,

CISSA, Mr. Benedict Likando (3l) looked on as the President arrived to officially

open the 16th Ordinary Session of the Committee of Intelligence and Security

Services in Africa, yesterday in Abuja. Photo: Abayomi Adeshida.

CORRUPT JUDICIARY: Senior lawyers,

civil society groups back new CJN

•Say CJN should devise solution to the menace

•Slam process that removed Onnoghen, say it disparaged judiciary

•Worry over independence of judiciary under new CJN

By Innocent Anaba,

Henry Ojelu &

Onozure Dania

L lawyers AGOS—Senior

and civil

society groups in the

country, yesterday,

concurred with the Chief

Justice of Nigeria, CJN,

Ibrahim Tanko

Muhammad, SAN, that the

nation’s judiciary was

deeply enmeshed in

corruption but threw him

the challenge of sanitising

the system.

The CJN had, while

being confirmed as

substantive Chief Justice of

Nigeria by the Senate on

Wednesday, said the

judiciary was corrupt and

also said judicial officers

accused of corruption

should be given stiff

penalties, same as other

corrupt elements in the


‘’I always say Nigerian

judiciary is part and parcel

of Nigeria and I am not

surprised seeing some

judges being corrupt but

must be treated same way

other corrupt elements are

treated,’’ the CJN had said.

Those that agreed with

him, yesterday, included

former president of the

Nigeria Bar Association,

NBA, Dr. Olisa Agbakoba,

SAN, Prof. Ernest Ojukwu,

SAN, Norrison Quaker,

SAN, Executive Director,

Cadrell Advocacy Centre,

Evans Ufeli, and

Convener, Voters Initiative,

Wale Ogunade, among

several others.

Agbakoba, others


Concurring with the CJN

yesterday, Dr. olisa

Agbakoba, SAN, said:

‘’The CJN should urgently

announce measures to

tackle judicial corruption,

including implementation

of Agbakoba vs AGF,

declaring the financial

autonomy of the judiciary

and, therefore, Judges can

be paid adequately without

which the war on judicial

corruption may likely fail.’’

on his part, Prof Ernest

Ojukwu, SAN, said: ‘’The

CJN spoke honestly when

he admitted that there are

corrupt judges on the

bench. His duty and ours

is to take all necessary

actions to identify these

corrupt judges and get

them out of the Judiciary.

‘’We need to do this

urgently. The CJN will

give the nation additional

hope and create trust for the

Judiciary if we see the next

appointment of judges

based on criteria of honesty

and transparency. That will

reduce the possibilities of

having corrupt persons slip

into the Judiciary as judges

and judicial staff.

‘’Our rule of law and

democracy can only thrive

if we have an independent

and corrupt-free judiciary.

We should all support the

new Chief Justice of

Nigeria to cleanse and

reform the judiciary

fundamentally and

radically. “

In his reaction, Solomon

Akuma, SAN, said: “It is a

worrisome development

that needs to be checked.

It is hoped that the newly

confirmed CJN will take the

necessary steps to address


Speaking in a similar

vein, Norrison Quakers,

SAN:, said: ‘’A problem

identified is half solved. It

is a welcome development

that the head of an arm of

government has openly

admitted that there are

corrupt judges. The

implication is that evidence

subsists to substantiate the

admission. Perhaps with

this admission, the NJC will

start the disciplinary


‘’The house cleaning

exercise will ultimately

impact on the

administration of justice

and make it more effective

and efficient. Encourage

confidence in court users

and investors.”

Similarly, John

Odugbela, SAN, said in his

reaction,: ‘’Well, I think

that in itself is a challenge

which he identified and

recognized and it is now

left for him to put his own

policy in place to eradicate

or reduce it to its minimum.

‘’For the country, it’s

important for the citizenry

to see the efforts he will

begin to put in place to see

his positive steps in curbing

the menace, knowing full

well that this arm of

government is the last

hope of the ordinary citizen

or the common man.’’

More reactions

Reacting, another lawyer,

Destiny Takon, said: ‘’Well,

there is corruption in every

fabric of our national life, so

you don’t expect the

judiciary to be exempted.

The Judge in every court

did not drop from heaven,

he was raised in the same

sick society as the corrupt

politician or policeman.

‘’My concern is what the

judiciary has become under

the Buhari administration.

The judiciary under

Goodluck Johnathan was

highly independent and

robust to the extent that

majority of irregular

elections were overturned,

even against the PDP and

we witnessed serving

officials of that

administration go to jail.

‘’The narrative has since

changed under the Buhari

administration. The

judiciary has since the coup

against Onnoghen,

become an appendage of

the Executive : the shameful

Supreme Court judgment

on Osun guber election is

still fresh on our minds.

‘’I do not see any prospect

of improvement under the

new CJN, he is an

“establishment guy,”

Buhari booted Onnoghen

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By Bose Adelaja, Olayinka Latona,

Dickson Omobola, Tolulope Oke,

Chiamaka Uba, Janet Somoye

& Anifowose Opeyemi

Asset declaration by Gov. Makinde (3)

The asset declaration

by Oyo State

Governor is a remarkable

and positive disposition

to building a transparent

government and a

journey towards curbing

of corruption in the


Asset declaration,

therefore, should be

emulated because it is a

test of integrity which

gives room for checks

and balances.

-Seyi Ajamu


Governor Makinde’s

asset declaration is

indeed worthy of

emulation. I think he is a

man of integrity and I hope

this integrity will last

through his tenure. I love

his transparency, if only

other leaders will follow

suit. He is a source of

encouragement to the

youths because integrity is

the ability to have the

courage to face the truth

and do the right thing.

-Damilola Salami

Corps member

Well, declaration of

assets shouldn’t be

so much of an issue.

Governors are public

officers, if the citizens so

wish that they declare

their assets, it shouldn’t

be a problem.

Gov Seyi Makinde’s act

is worthy of emulation

anyway, but you cannot

be so sure what these

guys are up to.

-Fafiolu Samuel


Governor Makinde

has done a wonderful

thing by declaring his

assets because leading

with integrity and empathy

requires vision and a

connection to your deepest

self. I think other public

officials should emulate him

by declaring their assets


That’s what we call


-Saka Latifat

Corps member.

Today's Nigeria is a land

of double standards and

shifting of goal posts. The

law is very clear on that but

public office holders starting

from the President, are

playing double standards

yet, he oversaw the sacking

of the Chief Justice of

Nigeria because of same

reasons he has vehemently

refused to comply with. If it’s

not double standards, I

wonder what is.

-Uzoma Aneto

Legal practitioner

Creating a culture of

integrity and

accountability not only

improves effectiveness, it also

generates a conducive

setting in which to work.

However, Governor

Makinde is letting us know

that he is not there to

embezzle but to serve the

people because he doesn’t

really have to declare his

assets publicly but he did.

Kudos to him and he is

worthy of emulation.

-Alli Opeyemi


6—Vanguard, FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2019

Itsekiri displaced by leadership crisis return from 2-yr exile

By Ocholi Sarah

& Abah Comfort

THE Nigeria Police Warri

Area Commander, ACP

Mohammed Garba, has been

commended for the return of

over 150 indigenes of

Ugbeogungun community, an

Itsekiri settlement, in Warri

4 arraigned

for stealing

4 minibuses


By Shina Abubakar


Sulaiman Iyanda, was,

yesterday, arraigned with three

others before an Osogbo

Magistrate’s Court for

allegedly stealing four

minibuses, popularly known as

korope, worth N6 million.

The other accused are

Gbenga Ajibise, 37; Tiamiyu

Easily, 45, and Alabi Sunday,


The charge sheet read in the

court alleged that Gbenga

Ajibade and Tiamiyu Wasiu

stole a minibus with number

plates BKN 557 XA, belonging

to one Mustapha Sheriff at

Ogo-Oluwa area of Osogbo.

It added that the bus was

stolen on June 24.

The two accused persons

were also alleged to have

stolen another minibus with

number plates GNN 451 XC,

property of one Adebusuyi

Kehinde at Odi-Olowo area of

the state capital on July 7.

The duo also, according to the

charge sheet, stole another bus

with number plates KAK 82

YQ, belonging to Taiwo

Adebayo at Agowande area of


According to the charge,

Suleiman Iyanda and Alabi

Sunday received four stolen

Suzuki minibuses from

Gbenga Ajibade and Tiamiyu


The offences were contrary to

and punishable under Sections

516, 390(9) and 427 of the State

Criminal Law.

The four accused persons

pleaded not guilty to the fivecount

charges preferred against


Counsel to the accused,

Kazeem Badmus, prayed the

court to grant the accused

persons bail in the most liberal


The prosecutor, however,

opposed the bail prayer,

adding that the accused were

living, and arrested, outside

the state. He added that

Gbenga Ajibade is an exconvict.

The prosecutor said they may

abscond if granted bail.

The magistrate, Mrs Rofiat

Olayemi, admitted the accused

to bail in the sum of N1 million

with two sureties in like sum.

The matter was adjourned till

August 26 for hearing.

South-West Local Government

Area of Delta State to their


The returnees were displaced

over two years ago during a

leadership crisis in the area.

The Olu of Warri, Ogiame

Ikenwoli, who gave the

commendation, described the

feat as very significant in the

sense that previous security

chiefs in the area have done

their utmost best to get the

displaced people back home in

the time past, but could not

achieve much until now.

The movement of the people

back to their homeland, which

commenced from the NPA Jetty

in Warri on Monday, was

supervised by a team of security

agencies, mostly soldiers from

the 3 Battalion, Effurun, and

Police team attached to the Warri

Area Command.

The displaced persons, mostly

women and children, were

seen at the jetty as early as

6:30a.m., in preparation to

board the passenger boats that

had been arranged to convey

them to their homeland to

reunite with their families and

the loved ones they left behind

over two years.

IGP's directive

ACP Garba noted that the

task was in line with his duty

based on the fact that it was

By Chioma Onuegbu


gunmen have killed two

soldiers and kidnapped an

expatriate worker at a

construction site in Ukanafun

Local Government Area of Akwa

Ibom State.

It was gathered that the incident

occurred on Wednesday afternoon

as the expatriate, whose name

and nationality could not be

ascertained at press time, was

working with Al-Madal

Construction Company.

He was abducted while

inspecting the construction of Ikot

Ibritam, Inen Ekeffe and Odoro

Ikot to Ukanafun Road

construction project awarded by

Akwa Ibom State, while the two

soldiers attached to him were shot

dead on the spot.

According to a resident, Mr.

Idiok, the two soldiers were killed

while escorting the expatriate on

the routine inspection of the road

project along Idim Okpok mini

bridge in Inen Ekeffe, the

boundary village between Oruk

Anam and Ukanafun Local

Government areas.

Idiok explained that he learned

that the gunmen succeeded in

abducting the expatriate

immediately after they shot the

two soldiers dead.

His words: “There was sporadic

Some of the returning exiles boarding boats at the NPA Jetty.

the directive from the

Inspector-General of Police,

Adamu Mohammed, that he

should ensure that the

displaced people return home.

According to him, “it was

based on my oga’s directive to

ensure that all stakeholders in

the crisis signed a peace

accord that would guaranty

shooting at the site and before we

knew what was happening, two

soldiers were dead. The gunmen

also escaped with the soldiers’

guns and took the expatriate


“The incident has created panic

among residents of the area. Some

even ran away for fear of the


Also confirming the incident,

Clan Head of Inen, His Royal

Highness Johnny Obosi said

members of the community were

at the burial of one of their sons,

late Mr. Udoimoh, when they

heard gunshots and

pandemonium ensued.

According to him, “we were at

the burial of one of our brothers,

the safe return of the displaced


“This decision was reached

after series of meeting with

community leaders, elders and

youth bodies’ executives of both

factions and in the course of

brokering peace, I realised that

all those involved in the crisis

are related one way or the other.

late Mr. Udoimoh. When we were

about to be entertained, we heard


“The next report we got was that

two soldiers attached to

expatriates working on the road

project that links my community

with Ukanafun, had been killed

and the expatriate kidnapped.”

Another resident, Mr. Enobong

Etuk lamented: “We wonder why

this incident should happen. The

project had continued smoothly

in Oruk Anam axis, but when it

got to our area, Ukanafun, we

started experiencing killing and


“Government must look inward

to fish out perpetrators of this


“For now, we are still

experimenting with the

process. We still have our men

on ground in the community

to monitor both the safety and

acceptance of the displaced

indigenes and once we are

convinced, we will then

commence disengagement of

men from the area.”

Gunmen kill 2 soldiers in Akwa

Ibom, abduct expatriate

By Chunedu Adonu



inmates serving different jail

terms at the Enugu Maximum

Prisons , yesterday, received their

degree certificates after their

graduation from National Open

University of Nigeria, NOUN.

Speaking at the graduation,

Controller of Prisons, Enugu State

Command, Mr. Ndubuisi

Ogbodo, said prison serves as a

place for reformation and that

NOUN Enugu Prison Study

Centre had produced many

graduates since inception in 2011.

He added: “This programme is

playing a pivotal role to ensure

that inmates are reformed and

rehabilitated. Some inmates, who

graduated from the programme,

were released recently during the

visit of the Presidential Committee

on Prison De-congestion,

because they were found to be fit

for re-integration into the society.”

Vice Chancellor of NOUN,

Professor Abdalla Adamu, who

was represented at the occasion

by Deputy Vice Chancellor

Administration, Professor Justice

Confirming the incident

yesterday, Odiko Macdon, Akwa

Ibom State Police Public Relations

Officer, said the Command was

aware of the incident and was

working with the sister-security

agencies in the state to arrest

those involved in the act.

His words: “We have received

information about the

unfortunate dastardly incident

at the road project in Ikot

Ibritam, Inen Ekeffe leading to

Ukanafun. We are working with

our sister agencies to identity,

arrest and prosecute those


Macdon appealed to residents

of the community to remain calm

and go about their normal duties.

4 Enugu prisons inmates graduate from NOUN

Shokefun, said the university runs

an open door policy and enjoined

those yet to enrol to do so as all

the programmes are tuition free.

“What we are doing today is

presentation of certificate because

we have already held

convocation for the graduates in

March this year,” he explained.

In his closing remark, Enugu

State Commissioner of Police,

Suleiman Balarabe, urged

inmates to utilise the opportunity

given to them by NOUN to get

degree certificates, while serving

in prison.

Vanguard, FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2019—7

Colonel, Captain, 4 other soldiers

killed in Boko Haram battle

•...as rampaging bandits kill 20 in Sokoto

SIX soldiers, including two

officers, who fought to repel

a Boko Haram attack,

Wednesday evening, were

killed by the insurgents.

One of the victims was a

colonel and another captain.

Several Boko Haram fighters

were also killed by the Nigerian

soldiers in the attack that

occurred at about 6p.m. along

Maiduguri-Damaturu Highway

during a patrol by the colonel

and other soldiers of the 29 Task

Force Brigade.

Army has not announced the

development and its

spokesman, Sagir Musa, did

not return calls from Premium

Times seeking comments on the


Also, Premium Times is

withholding the identity of the

slain officers, saying they were

not sure their families had been

briefed by the Army.

The military has avoided

announcing own casualties in

recent months, including the

two lieutenant colonels who

were killed within the past two


However, a military source

said the six soldiers were killed

near their base in Jakana.

A soldier, who went missing

has since returned to base,

sources said. A reinforcement

was sent from the 29 Task Force

UK-based Nigerian bizman alleges

threat to life by ‘fraudsters’


United Kingdom-based

Nigerian businessman, John

Wisdom, has appealed to the

Inspector-General of Police,

Adamu Mohammed, to save his

life from a suspected fraudster,

whom he alleged had threatened

to kill him, after defrauding him.

Wisdom traced the genesis of

his ordeal to January after he

imported a truck into the country.

He said one Michael, whom he

met in the UK, had approached

him, saying he had someone who

would exchange the truck worth

N7.5 million for three plots of


He said he was taken to Ibeju-

Lekki area of Lagos, where he was

shown a fenced six plots of land,

out of which three plots would be

exchanged for the truck.

Thereafter, he said he entered

into an agreement with owner of

the land, whose identity he gave

as Alowonle and handed the

truck to him. But trouble started

after he was denied access to the

land and informed that Alowonle

wasn’t the owner.

His words: “I immediately

reported to the Police at Maroko

Police Station, following which

Michael and Alowonle were

arrested. Alowonle’s vehicle was

held as bond for his release and

Brigade Headquarters in

Benisheik to the Jakana


The remains of the colonel and

five others have been sent to the

Nigerian Army medical facility

in Maiduguri, Borno State


… bandits in Sokoto

Meanwhile, bandits have

killed over 20 persons in Dan

Tatsako village in Goronyo

Local Government Area of

Sokoto State.

A source in the local

government said the armed

assailants arrived in the village

GUESTS escaped death by

the whiskers, as a wing of

a hotel in Abakaliki, capital of

Ebonyi State, collapsed on


The Abakaliki Capital

Territory Development

Authority sealed off the

entrance of the hotel yesterday

morning, but no life was

reportedly lost in the incident.

Ejem Okoro, Special

Assistant on Capital Territory

to Governor David Umahi,

said the hotel was locked to

asked that my truck be returned

to me.

“Alowonle contracted the

service of a retired Deputy

Inspector General of Police, who

transferred the case to the Zone

2 Police Command, where I was

turned from a complainant to an

accused and my younger brother


“A petition was written against

me and the case file alongside the

Prado SUV, held as bond from the

fraudster, was transferred from

Maroko Police Station. But when

the case got to Zone 2, the Prado

SUV was released to Alowonle.

“The IPO at Zone 2, one

Inspector Amao, at the D7

Department kept frustrating the

case and my younger brother that

was assisting me, as I wasn’t in

the country, was locked up in the


“When I returned to Nigeria, I

approached the AIG’s office. He

called the IPO and asked why he

treated my matter badly and he

asked why my truck wasn’t

recovered. The IPO said he was

been influenced by a retired DIG

(Akao). The AIG then asked us

to come on a later date, but when

we got to his office I discovered

that he was already seated with

Alowonle and the retired DIG.

at night and started shooting


He said apart from the 20

persons killed, houses and

other property were destroyed

by the bandits.

He explained that survivors

of the attack fled the village to

seek refuge in nearby

communities within Goronyo

and Isa Local Government areas

of Sokoto State.

The state Police Public

Relations Officer, Mohammed

Sadiq, confirmed the attack, but

at press time said the casualty

figures were yet to be


Many escape death, as hotel

building collapses in Ebonyi

ensure proper probe of the


Autsine Orji, a member of the

hotel management, said they

had noticed a crack on some of

the pillars holding the building.

He said the management

immediately commenced

renovation of the building,

during which the building


Orji said those who lodged in

the hotel were outside the

building for a seminar, when the

incident occurred.

“I joined them but after making

my case, the DIG told the AIG in

my face that he should turn my

case into a civil case. Unknown

to them, I had written a petition

to the IGP and he directed his

operatives at IRT to investigate

and recover my truck from


“My truck was recovered but the

retired DIG came to the IRT and

started pressuring them to release

the truck to his client. I was

informed that he even brought

his client to the IRT office and

kept him in his official vehicle

and ordered that the truck be

release, but the IRT refused and

they also made effort to arrest

Alowonle, but he whisked him


“Ever since, my life has been

under threat.”

However, when DIG Akao

was contacted, he said he didn’t

use his position as a retired

senior police officer to intimidate

or harass Wisdom, adding that

he was briefed as a lawyer and

he took up the matter believing

it was a civil case, since it

involved buying and selling.

Akao stated that his client rights

had been abused and that he had

taken the matter to court to protect

the rights of his client.

... with Emma'nKen (08163121378)

Winch! Prodigal girlfriend.

Let the guy die in peace joor.

What? The barber can

differentiate between

leaders and raiders,

lawmakers and looters?

8—Vanguard, FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2019

VISIT: From left,


Comptroller, James

Aliyu; Deputy



Modupe Shotobi;

Controller, Nigeria

Customs, Oyo and

Osun Area



Abdullahi Zulkifli,

and Governor Seyi

Makinde of Oyo

State, during the

visit of the

Comptroller and

his management

team to the

governor in

Ibadan, yesterday.

Photo: Dare Fasube.

Malabu scandal: How Shell, Eni, Jonathan’s

ministers, others negotiated $1.3bn deal —Witness


major witness in the

long-running Malabu

Oil scandal, on Wednesday,

told an Italian court that Eni

officials knew that the

controversial payment made

in the deal would go to

Malabu Oil company,

controlled by former oil

minister, Dan Etete.

Vincenzo Armanna, former

Eni manager and defendant

in the corruption trial, said in

his testimony that it was clear

to everyone involved in the

deal that Etete would get over

$1 billion, adding that there

was no doubt the money was

going to Malabu.

The former Eni manager

appeared before the court in

Milan to give testimony about

his involvement in the

controversial deal.

Reacting to the prosecutor’s

comment that Eni’s legal

officer denied knowing the

money would go to Etete,

Armanna alleged that they all

knew as they drafted the

agreements, including the

escrow agreement, which

mentioned Malabu.

According to Barnaby Pace

of British transparency group,

Global Witness, who

monitored the court

proceedings, Armanna also

claimed that it was an explicit

request by Eni, rather than

Shell, to filter the money

through the Nigerian

government so that if asked

by the media, they could say

that they paid the

government and not Malabu.

The Malabu scandal

involved the transfer of about

$1.1 billion by Shell and ENI

through the Federal

Government to accounts

controlled by a former

Nigerian petroleum minister,


From accounts controlled by

Etete, about half the money

($520 million) went to

accounts of companies

controlled by Aliyu Abubakar,

popularly known in Nigeria

as the owner of AA oil.


investigators and activists

suspect he fronted for top

officials of the Jonathan

administration as well of

officials of Shell and ENI.

The transaction was

authorised in 2011 by

President Jonathan through

some of his cabinet ministers

and the money was payment

for OPL 245, one of Nigeria’s

richest oil blocks.

Although Shell and ENI

initially claimed they did not

know the money would end

up with Etete and his cronies,

evidence has shown that

claim to be false.

Shell, Eni, Etete, Aliyu and

several officials of the oil firms

are being prosecuted in Italy

for their roles in the scandal.

On Wednesday in Italy, the

prosecutor said there was

evidence that there were

attempts to influence a witness

and that people approached

Armanna and tried to

intimidate him into

withdrawing his evidence.

The witness in his testimony

said he received $1.2 million

from Bayo Ojo, a former

Attorney General of the

Federation, but claimed that

it was an “inheritance.”

Armanna also accused his

former colleagues at Eni of

knowing that bribes would

be paid to Nigerian officials,

adding that they were

planning kickbacks for


He disclosed that the

middleman, Emeka Obi’s

companies were strange,

and were both empty.

He said they wouldn’t

pass Eni’s due diligence,

stressing that all people

involved would have to be

identified which, according

to him, is not possible.

Buhari planning to spend N2.5trn on

debt servicing, Atiku raises alarm

•Says Buhari lacks ideas to create wealth

By Dirisu



week after drawing the

attention of Nigerians to the

nation’s increasing debt

stock since the assumption

of office by President

Muhammadu Buhari,

former Vice President,

Alhaji Atiku Abubakar,

yesterday said N2.5 trillion

would go down the drain by

the end of 2019 in debt


Atiku in a statement,

entitled “Can a nation

survive like this?” said the

alarm he raised recently had

been vindicated with the

release of debt-related

statistics by the nation’s

statistical bureau.

Signed by his media

adviser, Paul Ibe, Peoples

Democratic Party, PDP,

presidential candidate in

the February 23 election,

expressed worry that what

the Buhari-led

administration has spent in

debt servicing in the past

three months was more

than the allocation to some

critical sectors in the 2019


The statement read:

“Again, Atiku Abubakar

wishes to draw the attention

of stakeholders in the

Nigerian project to the

existential threat affecting

Nigeria and for which the

General Buhari-led

administration has chosen to


“Recall that last week,

Atiku Abubakar urged

immediate action to address

Nigeria’s unsustainable debt

burden. This is especially as

the National Economic

Council, which he chaired in

2006, paid off Nigeria’s

entire debt under the

leadership of President

Olusegun Obasanjo.

“As if to vindicate the former

vice president, the National

Bureau of Statistics has

released the first quarter

statistics, which revealed that

in the first quarter of 2019

(January to March), General

Buhari’s regime spent a

whopping N610.2 billion on

debt servicing for domestic

debts. Note that these

monies were spent on

servicing (paying interest)

debt, not in repaying debt.

“To put this in perspective,

in the first three months of

2019, what Nigeria has spent

on servicing domestic debts,

so far, is more than the

combined entire budget for

education and youth

development for the whole

of 2019.

“How did this happen?

How could an administration

double our national debt

from N12 trillion in 2015 to

N24.9 trillion today and still

have no tangible evidence

of development to show for


“The reason is that no

matter how much resources

you give a man who does

not know how to create

wealth, it will never be


“If the current trend

continues, Nigeria will have

spent N2.5 trillion on debt

servicing by the end of

2019, a figure that is more

than our capital budget.

Can a nation survive like


2019 election cases:

S-Court cancels annual

vacation for 10 justices

By Ikechukwu


ABUJA—The Supreme

Court said, yesterday, it

has constituted two panels to

continue hearing cases

during its annual vacation

that will commence on


Consequently, the apex

court, in a statement signed

by its Director of Press and

Information, Dr. Festus

Akande, barred 10 justices

from proceeding on vacation.

It disclosed that the

affected jurists would sit in

two panels that would

comprise of five justices


He said the decision was

necessitated by the

numerous appeals that arose

from conduct of the 2019

general election.

The statement read: "Two

panels of the Supreme Court,

comprising five justices each

will be sitting during the

annual vacation, which

marks the end of 2018/2019

legal year.

“This development arose

from the numerous appeals

on election related matters

that have been streaming to

the court since the conduct

of the 2019 general elections.

“The annual vacation will

commence on Monday, July

22, 2019, but the court has

constituted two panels that

will be sitting during the

holiday period to see that all

election related matters are

dealt with. In view of this

development, all parties

involved will be contacted

through hearing notices.”

It will be recalled that

President of the Court of

Appeal, Justice Zainab

Bulkachuwa, had earlier

cancelled annual vacation of

appellate court justices as a

result of plethora of cases

pending before various

election petition tribunals

across the federation.

Reps urge SSANU, NASU

to halt impending strike

By Levinus


ABUJA—The House of

Representatives has

urged Senior Staff

Association of Nigerian

Universities, SSANU, and

Non Academic Staff Union,

NASU, and other associated

institutions to halt their

impending strike to avert

disrupting the academic


It also called on the

Federal Government to

release the earned

allowance of non-teaching

staff from 2009 to 2016,

urging it to audit university

earned allowance to

ascertain what was paid, to

whom and the balance.

The House also called on

the government to

immediately set up a

committee that will address

the alleged discrimination of

the no-teaching staff and the

995 Nigerians deported from

Ghana in 18 months — FG

By Victoria


ANational BUJA—Chairman,


Commission, Abike

Dabiri-Erewa, has said

about 995 Nigerians have

been sent back from

Ghana through the land

border in the last 18


Speaking at a forum to

receive a Nigerian

Professor exiled in Ghana,

Augustine Nwagbara, in

Abuja, yesterday, Dabiri-

Erewa, stated that while

508 Nigerians were

deported within the last six

months, 486 were

deported in 2018.

Condemning such act,

she cautioned that the

continent would suffer

should Nigeria decide to

treat other nationals in same


“It will not go down well

in the continent if Nigeria

decides to do what they do

to Nigerians over there.

In his remarks, Nwagbara

stated that he was yet to

receive a letter of dismissal

from the Ghanaian


Stressing that the video

circulating his alleged sack

was doctored, Nwagbara

noted that the entire

scenario was to promote

xenophobia mainly against


Academic Staff Union of

Universities, ASUU.

The resolutions were

reached at yesterday’s

plenary, following a motion

sponsored by Aisha Dukku

from Gombe State.

Moving the motion,

entitled “Urgent Need to

Avert the Impending

SSANU, NASU Nationwide

Strike,” Dukku said it was

important to elicit the

intervention of the House to

prevent further interruption

of academic activities.

She said: “The House

notes that the joint

committee of the nonteaching

staff in the

universities has directed its

branches to mobilise its

members for a nationwide

protest starting on Monday,

July 15, 2019, before

embarking on a strike.

“The action of the Senior

Staff Association of Nigerian

Universities, SSANU, and

the non-Academic Staff

Union of Educational and

Associated Institutions is as

a result of the Federal

Government’s refusal to

recall sacked workers of staff

schools and alleged

discriminatory attitude of

government against nonteaching

staff,” she said.

Other lawmakers who

spoke in support of the

motion, said it was

imperative for government

to address the issue.

The motion, when

subjected to voice vote,

received overwhelming


Consequently, the House

resolved to set up a

committee to interface with

the Federal Government

and the non-teaching staff

to ensure compliance with

the resolutions.

Vanguard, FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2019—9

FLAG-OFF: From left, Mr. Tunde Fowler, Chairman, Joint Tax Board, JTB, and Federal Inland

Revenue Service; Governor Babajide Sanwo-olu of Lagos State; Sir Oseni Elamah, Executive Secretary,

JTB, and Mr. Amidele Zubair, Executive Chairman, Lagos State Inland Revenue Service, at the South-

West flag-off ceremony of the new JTB Tax Identification Number Registration System, in Lagos,


Presidential poll tribunal: INEC produces

documents requested by Atiku, PDP

•PDM loses bid to withdraw from petition against Buhari

•As tribunal rejects ‘strange’ motion to sack Buhari

By Ikechukwu


ABUJA—Sequel to the

order of the Presidential

Election Petition Tribunal

sitting in Abuja,

Independent National

Electoral Commission,

INEC, yesterday produced

some documents the Peoples

Democratic Party, PDP, and

its candidate, Atiku

Abubakar, requested with

respect to their case against

the outcome of the 2019

presidential election.


By Sola Ogundipe

Get rid of red eyes

RED eye usually means

that the whites of the eyes

appear bloodshot. This

happens because of

changes to the blood

vessels that supply the

membrane covering the

front of the eye.

The conjunctiva is the

membrane that covers the

front of the eye and lines

the eyelids. The blood

vessels of this membrane

can dilate, causing the eyes

to appear reddened. This

is usually caused by

infection, allergic reaction

or inflammation.

Rarer problems can also

cause the eye to become

red, such as an increase in

pressure inside the eye. In

most cases, the cause is

conjunctivitis. Here are

some relief tips.

Regularly place a cool

compress over the eyes,

made by soaking clean

cotton wool or cloth in warm

or cold water and then

squeezing it out. Avoid eye

makeup, or choose

hypoallergenic eye

This is even as the tribunal

dismissed an application

that sought to de-list Peoples

Democratic Movement,

PDM, as a party to a petition

challenging declaration of

President Muhammadu

Buhari as winner of the


It also in a dramatic twist,

rejected a strange motion that

sought to sack President

Buhari and declare Chief

Ambrose of Hope

Democratic Party, HDP,


makeup. Use artificial

tears, or over-the-counter

or from pharmacies.

Apply antihistamine

drops if red eyes are due,

for example to a seasonal

allergy. If you are planning

to use eye drops, speak to

a health care provider first,

as some drops may

increase redness.

To prevent red eyes from

starting or worsening,

avoid smoke, pollen, dust,

and other triggers. Do not

wear contact lenses until

the red eye clears. Always

clean lenses properly and

do not reuse disposable


Wash your hands

regularly and avoid

touching the eyes to

prevent infection. Wash

clothes, pillowcases, and

towels regularly.

Bathe or shower before

bed or after coming in from

outside if you have a

seasonal allergy. Wear

sunglasses to protect the

eyes from pollen or dust

when outside.

Though the tribunal had on

Wednesday, adjourned

further hearing on the joint

petition Atiku and PDP

lodged against Buhari’s reelection

till today, the Justice

Mohammed Garba-led fivemember

panel, however,

acknowledged receipt of the

sensitive electoral materials

INEC produced on


It will be recalled that the

tribunal had, pursuant to an

application by the

petitioners, issued a

subpoena against INEC

Chairman, Prof. Mahmood

Yakubu and Resident

Electoral Commissioner,

REC, in Zamfara State, to

produce the documents.

In a letter signed by the

secretary of INEC, Mrs. Rose

Orianran-Anthony, she said

the commission complied

with orders of the tribunal by

providing all the documents

the petitioners asked for,

except the ones relating to

National Assembly re-run

elections, stressing no such

election took place.

The materials were

presented shortly after the

tribunal adjourned hearing

on a separate petition the

Peoples Democratic

Movement, PDM, and its

candidate, Pastor Aminchi

Habu, lodged to nullify the

outcome of the February 23

presidential election.

PDM loses bid to

withdraw from

petition against


Dismissing an application

that sought to de-list Peoples

Democratic Movement,

PDM, as a party to a petition

challenging declaration of

President Muhammadu

Buhari as winner of the

February 23 presidential

election, the tribunal held

that the withdrawal of

application filed by a faction

of PDM, led by its National

Chairman, Chief Frank

Igwebuike, was


The Justice Mohammed

Garba-led five-member

panel held that the group

failed to meet condition

precedents that would have

enabled it to bring the

application outside the prehearing

session the tribunal

held on the petition jointly

filed by its presidential

candidate, Pastor Aminchi


Justice Garba, who read

the lead ruling, held that the

pre-hearing session ended

on June 27, while the

application was filed on July


Tribunal rejects

‘strange’ motion to

sack Buhari

Meanwhile, the tribunal

rejected a strange motion that

sought to sack Buhari and

declare Chief Ambrose

Owuru of HDP president.

Owuru, who was the

presidential candidate of the

HDP, had in the motion

dated June 17, adduced

reason the tribunal should

invoke its powers and order

the Chief Justice of Nigeria,

Justice Tanko Muhammad,

to within 48 hours, swear

him in to replace Buhari.

In the motion he

predicated on eight grounds,

Owuru told the tribunal that

he defeated Buhari with over

50million votes in a

referendum he said was

coordinated on February 16

by Citizen and Observer


Ruling on the matter

yesterday, the Justice Garbaled

panel dismissed the

application it described as

“alien and extraneous” to all

the laws in Nigeria.

The panel held that

Owuru’s request was not

supported by any provision

of either Electoral Act or the

1999 Constitution (as


CAN to Miyetti Allah: Call your

members to order, we can’t be

friends with armed herders

•Urges FG to treat Obasanjo’s letter

with seriousness

By Luminous


AAssociation BUJA—Christian

of Nigeria,

CAN, has urged Miyetti

Allah Cattle Breeders

Association, MACBAN, to

call its members accused of

brutal killings and other

crimes to order, saying their

actions were creating enmity

for the Fulani ethnic group.

CAN President, Rev

Samson Ayokunle, made the

call at a media briefing in

Abuja last night.

Ayokunle, who noted that

the last three years had been

tough in terms of insecurity,

also urged the Federal

Government to treat the letter

by former President

Olusegun Obasanjo with

seriousness because of the

issues raised in it.

He said: “The last three

years have been fierce in

terms of insecurity that our

members have to face all over

the country, many churches

were affected, up till now.

The newly elected Vice

President of CAN, Rev Caleb

Ahima, up till now, cannot

travel out of the place where

he is serving without military

cover because of terrible


“We have told MACBAN

if they want to give

themselves credibility, they

should call their members

who are violent to order,

because nobody hated the

Fulani until the armed

herders began to kill


“So, if there is any enemy

against the Fulani man, he

created the enemy for

himself. They have been

living with us for many years

in our communities; our

children married them and

they also married our

children. But, when they

became too violent and

started carrying AK-47 rifles

and killing people, we had

no choice but to run away

from them.

“We can no longer think we

are friends with that type of

play, it’s too dangerous. So,

let them call their people to

order and ensure that they

remove the enmity they have

created around an average

Fulani person.”

Urges FG to treat

Obasanjo’s letter

with seriousness

On Obasanjo’s letter, he

said: “CAN is interested in

the former president’s letter

being treated with all sense

of responsibility and

accountability as a country

because of the issues raised

in it.

“We think the aim of the

writer is to call the attention

of the nation to things that are

capable of setting fire on the

nation. We think that every

Nigerian has a right, as a part

of this society, if he or she sees

something that will threaten

the peace of this nation to

bring it up and let it be treated

and given the attention it


Buhari seeks stringent measures

against illicit funds, says they

aggravate insecurity in Africa

By Johnbosco




yesterday, attributed the

rising security challenges in

Africa to those who profit

from illegal financial


Consequently, the

president charged the

intelligence community

and security agencies to

tighten the noose against

illicit flows,

In a keynote address at

the opening session of the

16th Conference of the

Committee of Intelligence

and Security Services of

Africa, CISSA, in Abuja,

Buhari said development

and stability on the African

continent had been

undermined by illicit

outflows estimated at about

$60 billion annually.

He said: “Frankly, we

may never know the true

extent of the damage.

Estimates, however,

suggest that African

countries lose over $60

billion annually due to illicit

financial outflows, a

staggering amount for a

continent in dire need of

development finance.

“Corroborating this figure,

a United Nations report on

‘Illicit Financial Flows and

the Problem of Net Resource

Transfers from Africa: 1980-

2009,’ observed that during

the period 1980 to 2009,

between $1.2 trillion and

$1.4 trillion was taken out

of Africa. This figure is half

of the current Gross

Domestic Products of all the

countries of Africa.”

He said theme of the

conference, “Illicit Financial

Outflows from Africa and its

impact on National Security

and Development,” was

timely, urging stakeholders

from the 52-member

intelligence community to

create a template of risk

factors and actionable

strategies and give priority

to examining the links

between crime and

instability on the continent.

President Buhari also

challenged the conference

to put measures in place to

ensure terrorists and

criminals were denied

access to financial systems.

10 — VANGUARD, FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2019

Death toll in Ondo communal

clash rises to four

•As govt imposes curfew

By Dayo Johnson


toll in the bloody

clash over a land

dispute between the

Araromi-Obu community

and the Ikale community

in Ondo State,

yesterday, rose to four.

Eight persons were

injured, while five

houses were burnt at

Ago-Alaye, and four

vehicles burnt during the

communal clash.

This is coming as

residents of Ago Alaye

have reportedly fled the

communities following the


Security personnel have

been deployed to the


Govt imposes curfew

In a swift reaction to the

bloody clash between the

two communities in Odigbo

and Okitipupa council

FUTA teachers, others protest 19

months salary, earned allowance

By Dayo Johnson


of the Federal

University of Technology,

Akure, FUTA in Ondo

State, yesterday, protested

the nonpayment of 19

months salaries to teachers

in the university staff


They said the

nonpayment of their

salaries had left many of

the teachers in precarious


The nonpayment of the

salaries was part of the

concern raised by the

workers during a protest by

the Joint Action Committee,

JAC, comprising of unions

of the non teaching staff in

the university.

The protest by FUTA JAC

was in compliance with the

directive of the Senior Staff

Association of Nigeria

OBA'S STOOL: Royal family

protests alleged imposition

By Dave Oso


Royal Family in

Orugbo-Iddo town,

Ikosi-Ejinrin Local

Government Development

Area of Lagos State

has protested what it described

as illegality and

total disregard for the

rule of law by the immediate

past administration of

the state to install the traditional

ruler of the town.

The family, led by Pastor

Gaius Obarinu alleged that

the stool of Olofin-Ajaye is

in contention as the process

which produced the

traditional ruler requires


Obarinu called on

Governor Babajide Sanwo-

Olu to reverse the alleged


According to him, the

areas of the state, Governor

Rotimi Akeredolu read riot

at the trouble makers.

Akeredolu, who visited

Ago Alaye and Araromi

Obu in Odigbo Local

Government, where

communal clashes broke

out, warned that “his

administration will not

tolerate criminality under

any guise.”

He said: “Whoever is

found culpable in the Ago

Alaye crisis will be made to

face the full wrath of the


“Government will not fold

its arms and allow criminals

perpetrate crimes by

unleashing terror against a

whole town.”

Vanguard was informed

that the death toll rose from

two to four yesterday after

those admitted at the

Trauma Centre in Ondo

died following the injuries

sustained during the

bloody clash.

University, SSANU, and

Non Academic Staff Union,

NASU, that they should

show their grievances over

marginalisation of the non

teaching staff in Nigerian


During the protest,

workers carried placards of

various inscriptions

condemning the

preferential treatment given

to the Academic Staff Union

of Universities, ASUU,

members at the detriment of

other workers in the

university system.

The various placards

displayed reads: Give us

our share of N30bn Earned

Allowance; FG Should Pay

Our Staff School Teachers

19 Months Salary;

No To Discrimination

Among Workers In

Universities; Staff School

Teachers Are Dying Of

Hunger, among others.

royal family comprises five

lineages namely

Ogunsunmiro, Aaroja,

Falade, Odudede and

Tugbedo as headed by

Pastor Bakare Gaius

Obarinu, Messers Sarafi

Alatada, Taju Bello, Saheed

Alagbala and Pastor

Olamayowa David Yekini

who filled a suit No:ID/

2178GEM/2017 at the

Lagos High Court against

the nomination, selection

and installation of the


He alleged that the

monarch, who is former

Sole Administrator of the

LCDA was allegedly

installed amidst tight

security by Governor

Akunwumi Ambode on

April 26, 2019 against a

subsisting court order

before quitting office on

May 29.

PRESS BRIEFING: From left: Jide Olumodimu, MD/CEO Arkland Properties and Investment Co. Ltd;

Joseph Clarke, CEO, Amlad Group; Ronke Jalil, Senior Sales Executive, Eko Atlantic; David Adeleke,

Head of Communications, Eko Atlantic; Haleemah Harling, Senior Sales, Marketing and Events

Executive, Eko Atlantic and Pierre Edde, Sales, Marketing and Development Director, Eko Atlantic at

Arkland Properties and Investment/A&A Tower press conference at Eko Atlantic Sales Office yesterday.

OSUN S'COURT VERDICT: Dancing is better

than looting treasury, Adeleke replies Oyetola

By Dapo Akinrefon


S O G B O —


the Peoples Democratic

Party, PDP, in the September

22, 2018, governorship

election in Osun State,

Senator Ademola Adeleke,

yesterday, flayed Governor

Gboyega Oyetola’s

statement that he (Adeleke)

was not fit to be governor of

the state.

Adeleke, in a statement,

noted that people of Osun

State preferred a honest

dancer to a treasury looter.

Oyetola had said he felt

ridiculed to have contested

against Adeleke during the


The PDP candidate said

dancing to exude

happiness is by far better

than imposing sorrows and

untold hardship by looting

public treasury.

The statement reads:

“Osun people know that I

am not the facilitator and

prime partaker in the

By Ola Ajayi

IBADAN — THE crisis

threatening the survival

of the Yoruba Council of

Elders reached the climax,

yesterday, as two factional

executives emerged

claiming leadership of the


Apart from the interim

executive that had been

steering the ship of

leadership of the council

since 2018, a new set of

executive was put in place

at the Council’s Secretariat,

Bodija in Ibadan under a

heavy security presence.

There has been a running

battle between Col Agbede

(retd) and the Secretary

General, Dr. Kunle Olajide

which led to the

suspension of the scribe.

While the Col Dansaaki

S. Ade Agbede led

looting of the state treasury.

For more than eight years,

Gboyega Oyetola was the

chief enabler of the most

corrupt, inept and antipeople

administration in the

history of Osun State.

“What is more shameful in

Yoruba land than theft? I

dare Oyetola to walk the

streets of Osun alongside

me and see who will get

stoned by the embittered

citizens of our dear state.

The people had voted the

honest dancer and rejected

the false progressives who

had ruined the fortunes of

YCE crisis deepens as two

executives emerge

Osun state and sentenced

generations unborn to

excruciating debt burden.

“Osun people will

remember that immediately

after the apex court ruling,

I issued a press statement

congratulating Oyetola

and restraining our

members and supporters

from violence and antipeace


“I claim credit for

restoring peace and

stability to Osun after the

protracted governorship

battle. At a time Oyetola

and his band of usurpers

were at a loss on how to

manage the usurpation

and its resultant tension in

the land, I deployed

diplomacy and putting the

safety of our people above

all considerations despite

the blatant robbery you now

call electoral loss.

“Let me remind Oyetola

that his records as chief of

staff to Rauf Aregbesola



incompetence as an

administrator but shows his

competence at treasury

looting and hardship


INSECURITY: We won’t allow situation

turn us to rebels — AARE ADAMS

By Dayo Johnson


Onakakanfo of

Yorubaland, Aare Gani

Adams, yesterday,

declared that the Yoruba

executive insisted that the

secretary General of the

council, Dr. Olajide

remained suspended, the

secretary general

summoned a meeting

yesterday in Ibadan where

a seven- member executive

led by a retired justice,

Justice Ademola Bakre was

unanimously voted to

replace the interim

executive put in place last


Agbede kicks

Reacting to the

development, Agbede

described the emergence of

another executive as

“mother of all jokes.”

He said: “They have no

credibility. They are not

serious people. Funnily,

the purported newly

elected president had

initially conceded the

position to me."

nation would not allow the

spate of killings and

insecurity to turn them into


Adam said this last night

while speaking with

newsmen in Akure after

consoling Afenifere leader,

Pa Reuben Fasoranti over

the killing of his daughter,

Mrs. Funke Olakunri by

suspected herdsmen on the


expressway last week


He said: “We would not

declare war over the

security situation in the

region. We are not rebels

and would not allow them

to turn us into rebels.

“My style of Aare Ona

Kakanfo is a modern one. It

is not that of the olden days

where the Alaafin and some

Yoruba Obas with the Oyo

Messi will declare war and

you can go to war.

“We can no longer allow

our people to be killed like

chickens. We can’t keep

quite while Yoruba are being

killed like fouls.

“It is very important that

we have to react to this issue

but we will not over react.

We are being cautious so

that we won’t be setup. The

law is there that we have to

operate within the ambit of

the law. That is one of the

reasons we are being


“We have to be careful not

to fall into their trap. We

have to be careful. It is good

you see me in circulation to

walk with you.

“We don’t want a situation

where we will walk into their

trap because we realised

that this ugly incident is

being coordinated beyond

our own scene. There are

some forces behind them.

“How can ordinary

herdsmen carry AK 47? In

our findings, an AK 47 rifle

goes for about N1 million

and with many bullets. So,

we are looking beyond

ordinary Fulani herdsmen.

“We realized that there

are some forces behind

them and they are in three


“Those who strike in the

bush, those who issued

statements to back them up

and those who are

strategists, who give

instructions to those will

strike and those who issues


“Our problem in Yoruba

land is that we don’t

prepare, we always react.

When we tell our people to

prepare, they employ a

non-challant attitude to it.''

VANGUARD, FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2019 — 11

OLUWO VISITS GOVERNOR OYETOLA: From left; Chief of Staff to Osun State Governor, Dr. Charles Akinola,

the Oluwo of Iwoland, Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akanbi; Governor State of Osun, Mr. Adegboyega Oyetola;

his deputy, Mr. Benedict Alabi; Secretary to the State Government, Prince Woke Oyebamiji and Head of Service,

Dr Olowogboyega Oyebade, during the monarch's visit to the Governor in his ofice,Where, Osogbo.

INSECURITY: We’re ready to defend

ourselves, Ooni tells Buhari

•Says drums of war sounding in Nigeria

•S'West forests taken over by strangers

By Johnbosco



Ife, Oba Adeyeye

Ogunwusi, yesterday,

warned that the South West

zone would defend itself

from marauding

herdsmen, saying the

drums of war are

sounding in Nigeria

Briefing State House

correspondents after

meeting with President

Muhammadu Buhari,

the Ooni said the drums

of war were fast

sounding loud across the

country, warning that the

Yoruba will defend

themselves, with

reinforcement from the

Federal Government.

Besides, Oba

Ogunwusi said he was at

the villa in view of the

rising insecurity

challenges in Nigeria

including banditry,

kidnapping, armed

robbery and insurgency

in the North East.

He said the South

West does not want to

experience any other

war, noting that he came

to speak to the President

on behalf of traditional

rulers towards

improving the security

situation in the country.

His words: “I came to

speak on behalf of other

traditional rulers. The

issue at hand in the

South West is real, which

is insecurity. Those of us

who live in the remote

and rural areas of the

South western part of the

country are insecure

because most of the

bushes are occupied by

strange people and we

have decided to work

with the Federal

government to fish them

(strangers) out.

“Everybody is beating

the drum of war but we

don’t want war. Who can

stand war? We want

something better for our

youths. We should

better use them for

something good other

than shouting war and

anarchy. We don’t want


“We told the President

that and he is on the

same page with us.

Politicians should be

careful not to throw

things out of proportion."

In addition, he said:

“We should make sure

things are right. Mr.

President has actually

given good directives to

security chiefs,

especially the Inspector

General of Police, they

will visit palaces of

traditional rulers in the

South West with

immediate effect.

“We need to work very

closely with them and

other security agencies

in the country. It is very

important for us to put

them to use and work

with the locals; it is very

important so that we can

separate the corn from

the chaff.

“We should not keep

over hyping it and say

what is next is war, no.

We know what Mr.

President has been

saying about the South

Western part of the

country for a long time

and that is peaceful coexistence.

We still want

to keep that, we don’t

want any war to happen.

We don’t want any

attrition and we don’t

want any anarchy. So,

that is what I came to

discuss with him.”

Ruga controversy

He, however, said that

the President assured

him of setting the records

straight on the

controversial Ruga

project, adding that was

blown out of proportion.

He said: “Another

thing that he assured me

of, before leaving,

which I will go and give

back to much more

experienced traditional

rulers in the South West

and our leaders across

board, is that he has

assured that he will say

his own side of the story

about Ruga. He wants to

let the world and

Nigerians in particular,

know the true side of the

story because it is being

read out of context. So,

we should give him the

opportunity to speak as the

number one citizen of the


“What is important for me

is the youthful, exuberant

nature of our youths in

Nigeria. We should not

allow them to take laws into

their hands, they should

not be allowed to start

killing and maiming

innocent people, we don’t

want that. The drums of war

is resonating too much and

we are very worried.”

Strangers in our midst

Asked whether his

comment that the South

West should defend itself

from the marauding

herdsmen was not also

beating the drums of

war, the monarch said

self defense was

necessary when a

stranger visits.

He said: “I told you

that it is real, we have

wrong people in our

midst. So, when we have

wrong people in our

midst, why shouldn't we

defend ourselves? That

is why I came here that

in terms of defending

ourselves; we need more

Federal Government

apparatus to defend

ourselves because we

don’t want to be


Reinforcement from


“It is very important. It

is about the mission of

defending ourselves that

I am here. We need

reinforcement from the

Federal Government

and I just mentioned to

you that the President

has said he will give

directives to the IGP to

go and see every nook

and cranny of our

traditional institutions in

South West. That would

probably extend across

the country because he

told me that he worked

in the North East and

North Central discussing

and working with the

traditional institutions.

We understand our


“We understand our

territory more than

anybody. We understand

our territory very

well. What is important

is that everybody in the

South West is on the

same page. We don’t

want war, we want to

work with the Federal

Government to defend

our land.”

On his reaction to the

alleged stigmatization of

the Fulani across the

country, he said: “Well,

it is not about

stigmatization, it is about

separating the corn from

the chaff.

“A lot of them

(herdsmen) are mixed

up with the good ones.

We are not saying all

Fulani are bad, it is not

only about the Fulani, it

is about the miscreants

that are hiding under the

name of Fulani.

“We want to try as much

as possible to work with

the government. The

government has the

security apparatus and

they are meant to defend

us. That is what we are

looking up to now."

Osun monarch advocates

death penalty for


By Shina Abubakar


of Iwo, Oba

Abdulrosheed, yesterday,

urged the Osun State

government to enact a law

that will make kidnapping

an offence punishable by


The royal father stated this

when he led other royal

fathers in Iwoland to

felicitate with Governor

Adegboyega Oyetola in his

office on his recent victory

at the Supreme Court,

which reaffirmed his


He said: “Fulani people

have been living with us for

over 400 years. I visited the

nomadic settlement in my

area. The schools there

were empty. Many of those

children are not equipped

for the future and they may

not be interested in the

cattle rearing any more.

“Many of those children

We’ll chase criminal herdsmen

out of Yorubaland, OPC vows

By Adeola Badru


gruesome murder of Mrs.

Funke Olakunrin,

daughter of Afenifere

leader, Pa Reuben

Fasoranti, the Oodua

People’s Congress, OPC,

New Era, yesterday, vowed

to drive out all criminallyminded

Fulani herdsmen

perpetrating crimes in


The group, in a statement

issued in Ibadan by its

National Public Relations

Officer, Comrade Adeshina

Akinpelu, also issued a 21-

day ultimatum to the

Nigeria Police and other

security agencies in the

country to fish out the

perpetrators of those who

killed Mrs. Olakunri

wanring adding that

failure to find the killers

after the ultimatum, its

are today engaging in

kidnapping now. Many

armed men of Fulani ethnic

stock are joining forces with

those Fulani that have

been living around us for a

long time. We must

encourage them to go to

school. Education remains

permanent solution to the


“But if government can

impose harsh punishment,

like death penalty, it will

discourage people from

engaging in kidnapping.”

He said it was impossible

to ask Fulani herders to

vacate Yorubaland, saying

as Nigerians they have

right to reside in any part

of the country.

Responding, Governor

Oyetola commended the

royal fathers for coming up

with suggestions that could

assist his administration to

raise revenue, saying the

state’s lawmakers had

commenced work on a bill

that would impose life

sentence for kidnapping.

8 YEARS AFTER: Adeleke varsity

graduates Law, Engineering


By Dayo Adesulu

E University, DE—ADELEKE

Ede, Osun

State is set to graduate 400

students during its 5th

Convocation ceremony

slated for July 21, 2019 at

the institution’s main


The Registrar, Mr. Caleb

Oyerinde in a statement

said: ‘’The convocation is

unique in the sense that the

eight years old tertiary

institution will be

graduating its first set of

Law, Engineering and

Health Information


"The convocation day will

have in display more than

members would embark on

an operation to drive out all

criminally-minded Fulani

herdsmen from the zone

The statement reads:

“Time has come for us to

act now. We will no longer

fold our hands and

allow marauding

herdsmen to continue to kill

us like cows. We cannot

continue to use the blood

of our people to keep

Nigeria’s unity. We are

giving the Police and other

security agencies 21-day

ultimatum to fish out the

killers of Mrs. Funke


“Failure to fish out the

killers, we will have no

option than to take the

destiny of our people in our

hands and drive out all

criminally-minded Fulani

herdsmen, their

accomplices among the

Yoruba and other tribes

perpetrating crimes in

Yoruba land.”

25 reputable organizations

from within and outside

Nigeria jostling to recruit

the fresh graduates that will

be admitted into Adeleke

University Alumni

Association during the


"In addition, other world

class universities mostly

from Europe and United

States of America will be on

ground to conduct

interviews for students who

may want to further their

education outside the


According to the

President/Vice Chancellor

Alao, the essence of the job

fair is to expose the

graduating students to the

real world of work and to

assist them in building selfconfidence.

12—Vanguard, FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2019

By Emma

Amaize, Henry

Umoru, Gabriel


Dirisu Yakubu &

Alemma Aliu



rallies rocked Benin-City,

the capital of Edo State

yesterday, over the order

by the House of

Representatives to

Governor Godwin

Obaseki to issue another

proclamation letter for the

re-constitution of the state

House of Assembly.

Among those who

addressed journalists at

the secretariat of Nigeria

Union of Journalists, NUJ,

during the rally, was

Chairman of National

Association of Butchers,

Edo State, Chapter, Mr

Akhere Odigie, who said

they were ready to

sacrifice their lives to

defend Obaseki.

According to him, “we

are members of butchers

association. We are ready

to die for Obaseki.”

The rally across major

streets and the King

Square in the state capital,

paralyzed commercial

activities in Benin

metropolis for hours.

Meanwhile, Edo

Peoples Movement,

EPM, a coalition of

politicians opposed to the

administrative style of

Obaseki, yesterday, said

there was currently no

House of Assembly in the


The group said: “We

wish to remind the Edo

State government that at

the moment, there exist no

House of Assembly in Edo

State and according to

Section 91 of the

constitution as amended,

no House of Assembly in

Nigeria can have more

than 40 members or less

than 24 members.

"In the fullness of time,

the government of Edo

State will be held

accountable for its

dealings with an

Assembly that has less

than the constitutionally

required membership.”

The Peoples Democratic

Party, PDP, also warned

the leadership of the

House of Representatives

to desist from actions that

violate the provisions of

the 1999 Constitution (as

amended) and capable of

triggering a constitutional

crisis in Edo State House

of Assembly.

This came as the state

Gov. Obaseki

Edo Assembly crisis: Pro-Obaseki

protest holds in Benin; EPM insists

no House of Assembly

•Reps lack power to shut Edo Assembly —Govt

•Protesters accuse Reps of bias

•PDP cautions House over possible constitutional crisis

•12 lawmakers-elect storm NASS, narrate ordeals

government said the

House of Representatives

lacked the constitutional

powers to shut down Edo

State House of Assembly.

Reps lacks


power to shut Edo

Assembly —Govt

The state government in

a statement in Benin City

by Secretary to Edo State

Government, Mr

Osarodion Ogie, said:

“There is nowhere in the

1999 Constitution (as

amended), where the

House of Representatives

or even the National

Assembly, for that matter,

is granted the right or

power to shut down a state

House of Assembly. On

point of fact, such power

is expressly excluded by

the constitution.

“It has come to the

attention of the

Government of Edo State

that the House of

Representatives at its

sitting on July 17, 2019

purported to issue certain

orders regarding the

status and activities of the

Edo State House of


“Among others, it

ordered the state

governor to ‘issue a fresh

proclamation for the

inauguration of the House

of Assembly’ and ordered

the Inspector-General of

Police to shut down the

premises of the Edo State

House of Assembly and

purported to make further

orders in this regard.

“The government and

people of Edo State are



disappointed at the gross

illegality and abuse of

process by the Reps

members. It must first of all

be pointed out that the

emergency supervisory

powers over the activities

of state Houses of

Assembly, which are

contained in Section 11 of

our constitution expressly

donated to 'The National

Assembly' and not one

individual arm of it.

“These powers certainly

do not extend to issuing

directives to a duly elected

state governor to

unlawfully repeat an act,

which had already been

fully carried out in line

with the constitution.

“It has further not been

alleged or concluded by

anyone that Edo State

House of Assembly is

unable to sit. In fact,

whenever the ‘self-exiled’

members-elect so choose,

they can join their

colleagues in plenary in

Benin City.

“It is also instructive to

note that while the

members of the House of

Representatives were busy

in Abuja issuing their

unlawful and

unconstitutional orders,

the fact-finding delegation

of the Senate (the upper

arm of the National

Assembly) was in Benin

City, meeting with


stakeholders with a view

to fashioning a road map

to peace in our land.”

Protesters accuse

Reps of bias

Meanwhile, speaking

during the protest, a

public affairs analyst, Mr

Olu Martins, accused the

House of Representatives

of bias for giving a

verdict on a matter that

was already in court.

“So, we are here to say

Edo State is working. The

guys who came from

Abuja, there is a similar

thing going on in Bauchi

State, but they did not go

there. We want to tell

them that Edo State is not

Lagos State.”

Another speaker, Roy

Oribhabor, state

Chairman of Conference

of Nigeria Peoples Party,

said: “Those who have

enjoyed eight years,

should also give room for

others to enjoy theirs

without unnecessary


“It has come to a time

where all of us in Edo to

say Edo belongs to us.

Edo is not for sale. Those

we elected to represent

us have reduced

themselves to gatemen.

Let us tell the governor

and speaker to remain

undaunted and focused.”

No House of

Assembly in Edo


Co-conveners of EPM,

Henry Idahagbon,

Samson Osagie, a former

Speaker of the House,

Thomas Okosun and

Chief Charlton Magaji,

in a statement, castigated

the state government for

foisting an illegal

Assembly on the people.

The group said:

“Following the illegal

inauguration of Edo State

House of Assembly on

June 17, 2019, by which

they clandestinely sworein

a minority group at an

ungodly hour, the

Obaseki administration

has refused all entreaties

to toe the path of legality

to restore peace to the

beleaguered Assembly,

thereby denying Edo

people of the much

needed representation.

“We are, however,

aghast at the statement

authored by the Secretary

to Edo State Government

justifying the illegality the

state government

committed in setting the

24 members elected to

represent the 24

constituencies in the state

against themselves.”

It said government

caused the crisis “due to

its inability to manage the

process leading to the

convening of a new

Assembly and rejecting

the intervention of the

House of Representatives.

The group said: “This is

so because Governor

Obaseki wants to continue

his reign of impunity and

non compliance with due

process in governance as

it is already too evident in

many of the transactions

his government has been

involved in since

assuming power in 2016.”

It, however, commended

the National Assembly,

particularly the House of

Representatives, “which

has taken steps to ensure

that the constitution and

known parliamentary

practice are followed in the

process of convening the

House of Assembly.

“We also wish to urge the

Senate to follow the same

path to restore peace to the

legislature in Edo State so

that there can be no

vacuum in the conduct of

legislative business.

“Additionally, we are

watching very keenly the

anti- party activities of the

governor and his key

officials of government

aimed at destroying the All

Progressives Congress,

APC, in Edo State in favour

of other parties, which they

are now negotiating with.”

PDP cautions

House over




Meanwhile, PDP has

noted that the order by the

House of Representatives

asking personnel of

Nigeria Police and

Department of State

Service, DSS, to shut down

the Edo State House of

Assembly was completely


provocative and has no

place in a democratic


A statement by the party’s

spokesman, Kola

Ologbondiyan, said: “No

section of the 1999

constitution confers the

Reps with the powers to

issue orders to a state

governor or direct the

shutdown of a sitting state

House of Assembly.

Whether in language or

action, such is only

obtainable in a military


“The PDP, hereby, invites

Nigerians to note that

Section 11 of the 1999

Constitution, upon which

the House of

Representatives anchored

its decision, does not in any

way empower the House of

Representatives to shut

down a functioning state


“The PDP berates the

APC leadership for its

inability to manage its

avarice and internal strife,

which are playing out in

Edo State, to the extent that

it is now dragging our

nation into a constitutional


“Our party cautions the

federal legislature to note

that such imperial stance

against a legislative house;

a symbol of the sovereignty

of the people, is selfdestruct

and opens the

fundamentals of our

nation’s democracy to

unwarranted attacks."

12 lawmakers-elect

storm NASS,

narrate ordeals

Meanwhile, yesterday, 12

members-elect of the 24-

member House, stormed the

Senate, where they met the

ad-hoc committee, pleading

for assistance.

According to the

lawmakers, their only

interest is how to resolve the

issue for the benefit of all, go

back to work as they are tired

of staying outside the state.

They also narrated their

ordeal and gave graphic

details of the remote and

immediate cause of the crisis

in the state, just as they

narrated what they went

through in the hands of

Governor Obaseki.

Vanguard, FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2019—13

Delta community, oil firm on

warpath over alleged neglect

BRIEFING: From left, Pastor Grace Oshoko; Pastor Nike Onwurah; Apostle General

Anselm Madubuko and Ambassador Emmy Madubuko, all of Revival Assembly Church,

during a press conference on the church's Azuza 17 camp meeting, in Lagos. Photo: Akeem


N25bn fraud: FG withdrew case against

me to save face, resources —Goje

By Henry



Governor of Gombe

State, Senator Danjuma Goje

(APC, Gombe Central),

yesterday, claimed the

Federal Government

withdrew the two-count

charge against him to save

its face and resources.

In a statement in Abuja,

Goje who was Chairman,

Senate Committee on

Appropriations of the last

Senate, noted that the

charges were more of

persecution than prosecution,

describing the proceedings

by the government as futile

in the first place.

Goje said: “The two-count

charge that were withdrawn

by the Attorney-General of

the Federation were an

embarrassing triviality. The

charges had become more of

persecution than


"It was, therefore, no

surprise to those familiar with

the case when the Attorney-

General of the Federation

withdrew those ridiculous

charges. The attorneygeneral

did the right thing

and should be commended

for saving the face and the

resources of the government,

by terminating the futile


The statement entitled,

“Truth about the withdrawal

by the Attorney-General of

the Federation of the criminal

charges against Senator

Danjuma Goje, was signed

by his counsel, Paul Erokoro,


It read: “Following a spate

of inaccurate and untrue

reports in the media on the

withdrawal of criminal

charges against Sen.

Danjuma Goje, it has become

necessary for the correct facts

to be publicly stated, to avoid

genuine misunderstanding

by well-meaning

commentators and also

expose the malicious

insinuations of mischief


“First of all, the so-called

“N25 bilion fraud” that has

been bandied about in the

media, never featured in the

case. The sum total of all the

monies mentioned in the

charge was about N8 billion.

“Of that total, N5 bilion was

a loan taken from Access

Bank for completion of

infrastructural projects such

as the Gombe airport,

waterworks, numerous roads,

Gombe Jewel Hotels, schools,

hospitals and rural

electrification. The bank

testified in court that the

money was properly utilised

for the projects. The EFCC

investigators also confirmed

to the court that the projects

were all completed.

“On the N1 bilion

agricultural loan, the Central

Bank testified in court that the

loan was utilised in full

compliance with the bank’s

loan conditions.

“Other witnesses told the

court that the governor never

awarded any contract for the

supply of food to Government

House and government guest

houses during his tenure for

the N1 bilion alleged in the

charge or for any other sum.

“On the N1.6 billion for the

supply of English dictionaries

for primary and secondary

schools, the court was told that

UBEC gave its approval and

that the contract was

advertised in two newspapers

and that reputable book

publishers and suppliers

tendered and that SUBEB

awarded the contract to the

lowest bidder.

“As can be seen from the

above, the 19 counts of the

charge that were framed

around the above monetary

issues collapsed during the

trial. The prosecution’s own

witnesses completely exonerated

the defendants. It

was this reason that the 19

counts were all dismissed by

the court, on the No Case


“The two remaining counts

challenged the governor’s

power to approve the

recommendation of the

Commissioner of Finance

that the old, unserviceable

buses of Gombe Line, be sold

to the public, following the

purchase of new ones.

“As every adult in Nigeria

knows, the sale of

unserviceable vehicles is a

routine exercise periodically

undertaken by the

government and even by

private organisations. This

is the first time that the

authority of a governor to

approve such a sale has

been made the subject of a

criminal charge."

Global ranking: 7 reasons our varsities

are poorly ranked — Okebukola

By Dayo Adesulu

DIRECTOR of United

Nations Educational,

Scientific and Cultural

Organisation, NESCO,

Institute for African Culture

and International

Understanding, Professor

Peter Okebukola, has given

seven reasons why African

universities are poorly ranked

in global league and ways to

improve their rankings.

The Chairman of Council

(Board of Regents) of

Crawford University, while

delivering the 14th

convocation lecture of

Covenant University,

yesterday, said: ‘’Low

investment in the research

enterprise, Research capacity

deficits-institutional and

human and inefficiencies in

the system” were some of the

reasons African universities

were poorly ranked.

He explained that when

an institution of higher

learning failed to invest

adequately in research, such

university would be poorly

rated globally.

Other reasons for poor

rating, he noted, include

sharp practices in research,

weak attraction of international

staff and students, low ICT use

in promoting visibility and

poor data collection and

management capabilities.

The formal Executive

Secretary, National

Universities Commission,

NUC, however, disclosed that

for any university to improve

in global ranking, authorities

of such universities must

familiarise themselves with

the most recent ranking

indicators and encourage

national ranking of

universities to prepare the

local for the global.

According to him,

improving investment in

research that would

strengthen institutional and

human research capacities

and attracting international

staff and students were part

of the things considered for

global ranking of universities.

Okebukola pointed out that

steering programme delivery

towards the Sustainable

Developmental Goals,

SDGs, massive national,

regional and global publicity

(use of social media) and

providing learner-friendly

infrastructure should be

taken very seriously among


He said: ‘’Universities are

ranked by several indicators

of academic or research

performance, including

alumni and staff winning

Nobel Prizes and Fields

Medals, highly cited

researchers, papers

published in Nature and

Science, papers indexed in

major citation indices, and the

per capita academic

performance of an institution.

‘’For each indicator, the

highest scoring institution is

assigned a score of 100, and

other institutions are

calculated as a percentage of

the top score. The distribution

of data for each indicator is

examined for any significant

distorting effect; standard

statistical techniques are

used to adjust the indicator if


By Dave Osho

U community GBOKODO

in Okpe

Local Government Area of

Delta State has given

Heritage oil company seven

days ultimatum to address its

demands or the community

will be forced to shut down

its operations.

Youths, women and the

people of the community at

a protest few days ago

blocked the gates of the

company over alleged of

neglect by the company.

The protesters, displaying

placards with inscriptions

such as “OMS has not

employed surveillance from

Ugbokodo”, “Heritage

bluntly refuses Ugbokodo


needs development and

employment from Heritage,”

among others, were led by

the President of the

community, Mr Sunday


Odu during the protest

said: “They promised to build

civic centre for us, till now

nothing has happened;

there was oil spill and they

carried out assessment, still

nothing is happening. We

want our people to be

employed as permanent

staff, not on contract. We

have only two persons

working as cleaners and

contract staff. Our people are

qualified and capable.”

Mr Matthew Ifitel, Coaster

Coordinator, Ugbokodo/

Oteghelle, on his part said

the relationship between his

company, Heritage, and

Ugbokodo community was

cordial, noting that he was

in touch with the

management of the

company, which was held

up as a result of official

engagement in Isoko and

assured that the

management would

address the grievances of

the community.

Insecurity: Create jobs for

N-Delta youths, Jomason

boss urges FG

By Evelyn


FAILURE to create jobs

for youths in Niger

Delta has been blamed for

high rate of insecurity in

the region, with a call on

the Federal Government

to address the issue.

Managing Director and

Chief Executive Officer of

Jomason Resources

Limited, an oil servicing

company in Niger Delta

region, Mr Ogbiya

Martins, made the

assertion, when he

received an award as the

Best Philanthropist of the

year 2019, by the West

Africa Media Community

Award, WAMCA, in


He frowned at the idea

of awarding contracts to

only those outside the

region, when most youths

in the region could handle

Maystar Global Foundation

launched in Ogun


NON Governmental

Organisation, Maystar

Global Foundation, with the

objective of empowering

women has been launched

in Warewa, Ogun State.

Speaking at the event,

President of the foundation,

Princess Olufisayo Adeyemi,

enumerated the objectives of

the foundation to include

“empowering women in the

society, giving to the less

privileged, sourcing and

giving scholarship to the

deserving pupils.”

Also, Dr. Adeoye Solomon

of Babcock University urged

the public to “embrace the

vision of Maystar Global

Foundation because it will

reduce unemployment

such jobs

He said: “Restiveness in

Niger Delta is as a result

of no work to do and the

impoverished state of the

indigenes. Instead of

awarding contracts to only

those in Abuja,

government should give

such jobs also to people

in Niger Delta so that

they can earn a living."

He noted that as part of

measures to contribute its

quota in the region, his

company embarked on a

scholarship project, as

well as in-house training

and post graduate

training in the region.

He said: “So far, over

1000 youths from the region

had benefitted from the

gesture and the aim,

among other things, is to

give them a sense of value.

“Cash loans were given

to indigenes in the area to

run trades of their choices

and to acquire tools for the

skills they were trained on."

among women in the society

and also gives opportunities

to children whom their

parents could not afford to

pay their school fees.”

On his part, Mr. Adeyemi

Olanrewaju. the Chairman

of the foundation, said with

its launch, the foundation

would empower women

within and outside Ogun

State, noting: “Within the

next five years, our plan is

to vocationally train the lessprivileged

in the society,

help orphans, school dropouts

among others. We

believe these will reduce

crime in the society and

empower the younger


14 — Vanguard, FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2019


NNPC Group,

Mallam M. K.

Kyari (right)


Management of

Aiteo, operator of

NNPC/Aiteo Joint

Venture OML 29

Asset, led by its

Managing Director,

Victor Okoronkwo

in Abuja.

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as court adjourns ruling on El-Zakzaky's

bail application

and authenticate its

By Ben Agande


A D U N A —

KADUNA Justice

Darius Khobo of Kaduna

State High Court,

yesterday, adjourned

hearing in the application

for permission to travel to

India for medical treatment

by leader of Islamic

Movement in Nigeria

IMN, Ibrahim El-Zazaky

and his wife, Zinat, to July


The adjournment

however drew the anger of

members of the group who

said “the court

“Unfortunately, once again

shirked in its duties to be

on the side of victims of

extreme persecution by the


It will be recalled that the

IMN leader and his wife

applied to the court seeking

to travel out of the country

for medical attention.

But addressing

journalists after the

adjournment, the State

Director of Public

Prosecution, Mr Dari

Bayero, said the

adjournment was sequel to

an application by the team

of Counsel prosecuting the

IMN leader.

According to him, the

adjournment was

requested to allow the

production time to

examine the medical

reports that accompanied

IMN leader’s application


unveils criticare unit to manage,

brain, kidney problems

THE Lagoon hospital

yesterday in Lagos

launched it's newly acquired

state of the art equipment

in advanced medical care

for Lagos residents and

other part of Nigeria to help

reduce medical tourism.

The Chief Medical

Director of Lagoon Hospital

Dr Jimi Coker said the

hospital in its quest to utilize

the latest technology has

made significant

investment in its critical care

Urology, Neurosurgery and

the new dialysis center at

its Ikoyi facility.

He said further that the

lagoon hospitals choice to

invest hugely on these new

technologies was born out

of the need to fill the gaps

within our countries health

care sector. he state further

that it is is a strategic

decision by our hospital with

the aim to reduce medical

tourism especially the

number of Nigerians

leaving the country to seek

such medical treatment

abroad. He added that if this

continues unabated Nigeria

stand looses revenue up to

USD1 billion in revenue.

With some of the latest

equipment acquired by the

hospital which includes the

Holmium Laser and its

accessories for the

minimally invasive

treatment of kidney and

ureteral stones along with

latest equipment in the

treatment for enlarged

prostrate condition like the

bipolar prostate

resectoscope, which is the

first of its kind in Nigeria.

this will be handled by well

trained and qualified


The Permanent Secretary

for Health in Lagos State

representing the Governor,

Dr Titilayo Goncalves said

that Lagos State

government will on its own

part give maximum support

to the private sector in any

form of technological

advancement that will add

value to the health sector.

genuineness before putting

up argument before the


Counsel to IMN leader,

Mr. Femi Falana (SAN),

insisted after the

adjournment, that his

client, and wife Zinat, were

in dire need of medical


He, howver, said he was

opstimistic that at the

resumed hearing of the

application on July 29, the

Court would grant them

the permission to travel for

urgent medical care.

In a statement issued

after the court’s

adjournment, the IMN

expressed disappointment

with the court decision.

The statement signed by

Abdurrahman Abubakar

Yola, Chairman, Free

Zakzaky Campaign

Committee, the movement

said “unfortunately, the

court once again shirked in

its duties to be on the side

of victims of extreme

persecution by the

government. When it

mattered most, the court

ducked and failed to stand

for truth and justice against

tyranny and impunity.

“It will be recalled that the

applicants are known to be

clearly very ill in detention,

consequent on the brutal

wounds unjustifiably

inflicted on them by the

state agents in the name of

Nigerian army, the resultant

prolonged dehumanizing

detention in the custody of

the Department of State

Security (DSS) and the

obvious poisoning of the

Sheikh. As a result of all

these physical and

psychological stresses, the

Sheikh suffered series of

mild strokes and is at the

risk of further recurrences.

''Meanwhile, he lost one

eye following the military

attack and is at a severe risk

of losing sight completely

in the other. He is now

found to have more than 20

times the toxic levels of lead

poison in his body!

Similarly, the wife has been

under excruciating pains

with shrapnel deeply

lodged in her body for all

these years of inhuman

conditions in detention. She

now is able to ambulate only

with the use of a

wheelchair. Even today

both were unable to walk

to the court room and had

to wait outside while the

case went on.

“In spite of all these, the

court once again has

allowed the government to

kill these innocent people

by installments via

unnecessary delays. We

continue to give praises to

the Almighty for further

evidence that the Nigerian

government is both unable

and unwilling to serve

justice, not even through

the courts. This further

proves to the world that the

Movement and its leader

have been and continue to

be only victims of impunity

and mischievous plots by

the Buhari-led


Humanitarian crisis in the North:

Senate asks FG to release

monies to address problem

By Henry Umoru


yesterday asked the

Federal Government to

urgently mandate the

Federal Ministry of

Finance to release the

money due to North-East

Development Commission,

NEDC, National

Emergency Management

Agency, NEMA, and the

National Refugees

Commission to enable them

address the humanitarian

crises in the area.

The Senate also urged the

Federal Government to

submit to the National

Assembly, Supplementary

budget to meet the funding

gap that was required to

address the humanitarian

crises in the country.It also

urged the Federal

Government to in addition

to fighting the security

threats in the affected

states, pay attention to the

humanitarian crises caused

by the Boko Haram/ISWA,

Farmer–Herders’ clashes

and Banditry activities.

Resolutions of the Senate

yesterday were sequel to a

motion entitled, “ the dire

state of Humanitarian Crisis

in Nigeria especially

Borno, Adamawa and Yobe

States” and sponsored by

former Senate Leader,

Senator Ali Ndume, APC,

Borno South.

The Senate equally

resolved to set up an Adhoc

Committee to visit the

affected states to have first-

Fraudsters cloning FG agencies’

websites — DSS

By Soni Daniel

A Department BUJA—THE

of State

Services, DSS, has alerted

the nation to the activities

of fraudsters who now clone

the websites of key

government agencies

and use same to defraud

unsuspecting members

of the public.

‘Digital learning, a race for

efficiency, competitive advantage'

PHILLIPS Consulting

Limited (PCL) forum,

has said that digital

learning is not a game of

technology; but more of a

race for efficiency and

competitive advantage in

the marketplace.

Senior Partner at PCl,

Paul Ayim, at the Digital

Learning Breakfast

Roundtable discussion

organized at the instance

of PCl in Lagos spoke on

the emerging digital

trends, opportunities it

provides for business

growth and how companies

can successfully incorporate

it into their business


Ayim, who presented a

video clip to show how

technology was changing

learning environment said:

“Digital learning is not a

game of technology or

fanciness; it is more a race

for efficiency and

competitive advantage in

the marketplace.”

Managing Director of Pcl,

Rob Taiwo, who had earlier

in his welcome address

shared a story about how a

chatbot once helped him

resolve a problem with his

iPod and used the story to

explain the impact digital

technology will continue to

have on the workplace.

Olufunke Amobi, the

Country Head for Human

Capital at Stanbic IBTC

Holdings Plc and the

keynote speaker of the

event, supported Mr

Taiwo’s statements.

She explained that digital

trends are volatile and are

causing a change in the

skills required at the

workplace, sometimes

leading to retrenchments.

hand information of the

issues raised and report

back to the Senate.

Presenting the motion,

Senator Ndume who

noted that his people must

not be allowed to die,

however alleged that 80

percent of the money

collected by the Non


Organisations, NGOs as

donations are not to

address humanitarian

crisis in the North East, but

being appropriated by them

for personal use.

Ndume said, “Our people

don’t deserve to die as a

result of insurgency. There

is now banditry,

kidnapping and its

attendant humanitarian

crisis. The remnants of

Boko Haram are in Lake

Chad fringes, Sambisa

forests and. We have over

60, 000 orphans. When

they grow up without

education, you can imagine

they will be worse than

Boko Haram.

“The NGOs are ripping

us, of 80% of what they

receive, they spend it on

themselves. The IDPs

camps aren’t giving

enough in terms of feeding

the destitute. These

money are coming from

US, UK, Germany giving

directly to United Nations

to dispense to be given to

NGOs, they spend mostly

on themselves. There is no

synergy between the

federal government, state,

local and these NGOs.”

In a statement revealing

the fraudsters’ antics, its

spokesman, Peter

Afunanya, yesterday, the

DSS said: “The attention of

the Department of State

Services has been drawn to

activities of some

unscrupulous elements that

clone official websites of

some government agencies

and use same to defraud

unsuspecting members of

the public.

“Instances abound where

the official identities/

paraphernalia of certain

Ministries, Departments

and Agencies, MDAs, have

been deceptively deployed

by these criminals to short

change vulnerable persons.

“Notably, the Nigeria

Social Investment Trust

Fund and national Youth

Service Corps have so far

suffered the tricks of these

fraudsters who use decoys

to manipulate their victims.

“This, in the case of NSITF,

has resulted in loss of

varying sums of money by

those promised huge

returns on Federal

Government’s investments

and other poverty

alleviation initiatives which

ended up as fraudulent

Ponzi schemes or money

doubling ventures.

“On the other hand, some

persons have also engaged

in the illegal sale of NYSC

kits to prospective Corps


Vanguard, FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2019—15

Nigeria can’t

achieve success

with violence,



By Chinedu Adonu

INSPECTION: Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State(left) acknowledging cheers from traders along Old UNTH-

Bunker Road, Enugu, during an inspection of ongoing rehabilitation of the road, yesterday.

Abia community calls for structured

vigilance group

By Anayo Okoli &

Ugochukwu Alaribe

WORRIED by rising

insecurity in the country,

Ikwuano community in Abia State

has called for the setting up of a

well-structured vigilance group to

monitor security in the area and

compliment the effort of the Police.

The community also called on

the Ikwuano Local Government

to constitute a security committee

made up of all the security heads

in the council and the vigilante

heads in the four clans that make

Ikwuano, for effective crime fight.

Rising from an enlarged

meeting of the umbrella union of

Ikwuano community, Ikwuano

By Ugochukwu Alaribe

ABA—ABIA State government

has warned contractors

executing road projects in the

state to ensure they deliver quality

drainage channels in line with the

provisions of the city master-plan.

Commissioner for Information,

Chief John Kalu, who stated this

while reacting to perceived poor

quality drainage channels on

roads projects attracted by some

National Assembly members from

the state, explained that the

situation has caused flooding in

many parts of Aba.

He lamented that some of the

THE people of Enugu South

Local Government Area of

Enugu State have described the

monthly prayer rally organised by

the wife of the governor, Mrs.

Monica Ugwuanyi, as a source

of inspiration to the people of the

state, worthy of emulation.

Speaking when the people of

the council converged on their

headquarters to replicate the

Development Union Federated,

they stressed the need for security

and welfare of the people of the


A communiqué issued at the

end of the meeting and signed

by the President-General of the

union, Chief Anyadiegwu

Uzondu, and the Publicity

Secretary, Chief Chinkwe

Ndimele, urged all indigenes of

the area to be security conscious

and report promptly any

suspicious movement to the Police

and other security agencies as

well as the traditional rulers.

The communiqué made

reference to the advice given to

all towns unions by the Alaigbo

Development Foundation on the

prayer rally, the council chairman,

Mr. Sunday Ugwu, stated that

they were deeply committed to the

spiritual exercise, which he said

“has brought great fortune to our

local government area and

Enugu State.”

Ugwu disclosed that Governor

Ugwuanyi and his wife are a

God-fearing couple with

uncommon humility and passion

need for all Igbo communities to

be security conscious and defend

themselves against violent

attacks, urging their people to

adhere strictly to it.

... as Police burst

kidnappers' den

In a related development,

Special Anti-Robbery Squad,

SARS, in Abia State, has burst a

kidnap hideout and arrested four

suspects at Osisioma Ngwa Local

Government Area of Abia State.

The gang was said to be behind

the abduction of the Manager of

a lubricant producing company in

Osisioma Ngwa area.

Among the four suspects

arrested was a nursing mother,

wife of the gang leader that cooks

for the gang and their victims.

It was gathered that the gang,

Abia govt cautions road contractors over poor drainage

federal lawmakers attracted

projects but their contractors have

refused to consult with the state's

Ministry of Works to review road

plans to accommodate drainage


He urged them to contact the

ministry with their drawings to

know the provisions made in

the city’s plan for channelling

water in order to save the road

from early collapse.

The commissioner noted that

the residents of 2km Garden

Avenue, Aba, have been

suffering from flooding since a

member of the National

Assembly from the state

attracted the road project

without drainage channel.

His words: “The state

government is not against the

road projects. What we are

against is doing such projects

without consulting with the state

Ministry of Works to be familiar

with the city master-plan.

“Government advises that they

review their drawings and

designs to fit into the ones from

the Ministry of Works.

“But what you get is a contractor

doing a project attracted by a

federal lawmaker without

considering the issue of


for people’s wellbeing, stressing

that ever since the governor

entrusted Enugu State to the

hands of God, the state has

continued to witness positive


The council chairman added

that the prayer rally also offered

his administration the opportunity

to interact with the people of the

area and perform the grand finale

which operates with a greencoloured

Toyota Sienna, had

created tension in the city as they

abduct victims in broad daylight

without firing a shot.

Acting on a tip-off, SARS

launched a manhunt for the

gang, leading to the arrest of

the suspects who led men of the

SARS team to their hideout.

Abia State Commissioner of

Police, Mr. Ene Okon,

commended the SARS

Commander, SP Obioguru

Johnbull, and his men for their

gallantry and urged the public

to report suspicious activities in

their areas to the Police.

According to a policeman who

took part in the raid, “the SARS

team got a tip-off about the gang

that operates with a greencoloured

Toyota Sienna,

kidnapping people. They don’t

shoot in order not to attract the

attention of security agents.

“We raided their hideout and

arrested them. Other members

of the gang are still at large, but

we will still arrest them. We are

still keeping the names of the

suspects secret in order not to

jeopardise investigations.”

Items recovered from the

gang include the greencoloured

car, some locally-made

pistols and phones.

Reacting to the arrest of the

gang, some residents of the city

described them as the “gang

that operates with a ghost Toyota

Sienna which had created fear

in everyone” and commended

the Police for the arrest.

Mrs Ugwuanyi’s prayer rally, our source of inspiration— Enugu South

of its empowerment scheme in

keeping with the set objectives of

the governor’s wife’s pet project.

He maintained that it was

because of the monthly rally that

Enugu continues to experience

good governance, especially in

infrastructure development,

regular payment of workers’

salaries/pensions, empowerment,

peace and security, among others.


Chancellor of the

University of Nigeria Nsukka,

UNN, Professor Charles Igwe,

yesterday, condemned

excessive killings and

criminality in the country,

noting that no society can

achieve success in an

atmosphere of violence and


Professor Igwe spoke at a

briefing preceding an

international conference to be

hosted by the university from

July 29 to 31 on the theme

Criminality and Violence as

Growing Global Phenomena

in the 21st Century Globalised


Igwe, who pledged his

administration’s commitment

to proffering solutions to the

menace of insecurity, assured

that he will use his position as

Vice Chancellor of a reputable

institution to do good and

contribute to the growth and

development of the nation.

Expressing satisfaction over

the theme of the conference,

he stated that UNN is an

institution created to proffer

solutions to challenges and

solve societal problems.



elects new


By Simon Adewale

IKWEGHWU community in

Sapele Council, Delta State,

has elected a new executive

committee to run the affairs of

the community for the next

three years.

The newly-elected leadership

is headed by Mr. David Uyalaju,

who was re-elected chairman

while Augustine Akporugo and

Duke Dino Eyarunu were elected

vice chairman and secretary,

respectively. Mr. Stephen

Egedegbe was elected

spokesman while Emmanuel

Oruvwba was elected Public

Relations Officer, among


In his acceptance speech,

Uyalaju promised an inclusive

administration, outlined his

achievements and stated his


Among dignitaries at the

event were Erutode of Okpe

Kingdom, Okakuro Gilbert

Aghogho, represented by

former Sapele Council

chairman, Godwin Atose; and

chairman, Amukpe District,

Mr. Francis Idonoro, who

swore in the new executives.

16—Vanguard, FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2019

CONFERENCE: From left —President, African Business Aviation Association, Mr. Nick Fadugba;

President, Aviation Safety Round Table Initiative representing the Key Note Speaker, Dr. Gbenga Olowo;

Chairman of the occasion and MD, Medview Airline, Alhaji Muneer Bankole; CEO, Topbrass Aviation/

Guest Speaker, Capt. Roland Iyayi and Chairman, League of Airport and Aviation Correspondents,

LAAC, Mr. Olusegun Koiki, during the LAAC's 23rd Annual Conference and Awards in Lagos.

Amnesty office: Don't appoint PDP chieftains,

ex-militants tell Buhari

By Festus Ahon



the aegis of Ijaw Good

Governance Movement

For Buhari, IGGMB, has

urged President

Muhammadu Buhari not

to appoint members of the

Peoples Democratic Party,

PDP and allies of a former

Niger Delta militant leader

as the Coordinator of the

Presidential Amnesty


The former warlords in a

Communique issued after

a meeting signed by their

National President, ‘General’

Zuzu Ebiye and Secretary,

Comrade Glass

Ekonkon, alleged that those

lobbying for the amnesty

position are aides and

relations of a former militant

leader from Delta State.

Stressing the need for President

Muhammadu Buhari to appoint

those who believe in his

administration, they said it would

be a misnomer for the President

to appoint a core PDP chieftain to

head the amnesty office.

The group told President

Muhammadu Buhari to scout for

other credible Ijaw sons and

NCC to generate short code for NIPRD

By Emmanuel


ABUJA—THE Nigerian


Commission, NCC has

offered to generate short

Code to enhance the

operation of the National

Institute for Pharmaceutical

Research and

Development, NIPRD.

The short code, when

established will enable

people call and get desired

information from the

NIPRD in carrying out its

research and development

mandate on drugs and

other pharmaceutical


The Executive Vice

Chairman of NCC, Prof.

Umar Danbatta made the

promise on Thursday when

the NIPRD management

team paid him a courtesy

visit in Abuja.

Danbatta said the

Commission is currently

constrained to make

financial commitment on

the institute, but assured

that it would generate the

code to enable the institute

entertain enquires from the


‘‘Though the commission

has invested heavily in ICT

interventions in schools and

organizations, it has

budgetary constraints at the

moment as the finance

meant for such projects has

been effectively put to use.

‘‘I advise you to generate

a short code which people

can call and get desired

information. The NCC will

gladly give you a short code

to entertain enquires from

the public as its own

intervention effort in

realising your mandate.’’

On his part, the Director

daughters who are unwavering

in pursuing his developmental

agenda for the people of the

Niger Delta region.

The people in the

communique said; “We want to

inform our dear President Buhari

that those lobbying to be Coordinator

of the Presidential Amnesty

Programme for Niger Delta

are allies and relations of former

Niger Delta militant.

“Equally, we also wish to inform

Mr President that those

lobbying for the position are also

chieftain and card-carrying

members of the opposition

Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

These are people who do not believe

that any good will come from

this administration of President

Muhammadu Buhari.

“All the scholarships given by

the previous administration both

at secondary and tertiary were

given to only his family and close

associates forgetting the innocent

Niger Delta youths who fought

for the development of the region.

“On this note, we want the

presidency to watch out for people

with good service records,

unquestionable character,

trusted and proven track records.

We have credible Ijaw APC

members who can man the


Ambulance: Firm debunks involvement

in conveying illegal tramadol

By Emmanuel





owner of the ambulance illegally

used to convey 10

cartons of stolen tramadol,

has denied involvement.

The company, in a statement

on Thursday, said that

the driver hijacked the ambulance

without permission.

It will be recalled that

officials of the Nigeria

Customs Service, Apapa

Area Command, on

Wednesday announced the

arrest of two suspects caught

with 10 cartons of stolen

tramadol conveyed in an

ambulance at Apapa ports.

Medbury said it earlier

Public Affairs, NCC, Dr.

Henry Nkemadu advised

the institute to align with

Nigerian Universities

Commission research

body to help it create data

base. He also called on the

NIPRD team to work with

the ministry of health for

effective dissemination of

health related information

on emergency medical

declared the whereabouts

of driver and ambulance

unknown and missing

before the news broke.

The company stated that

its ambulance was

unlawfully hijacked by the

perpetrators of the

condemnable act.

The company also clarified

that it has immediately

suspended the driver and

launched investigation into how

the vehicle was used for the

illegal activity.

The statement read in part,

“The initial assumption was

that the driver had stolen the

ambulance, but we were later

informed that the driver had

been intercepted by Customs

officers at the Port and

Tramadol was discovered in

the vehicle.


Earlier, the Director

General of NIPRD, Dr

Peter Adigwe said the visit

was to seek specific

collaboration and

partnership facilitation in

project that will ensure ICT

innovation and investment

to ensure maximum

optimization and usage.

“We will like to clarify that

the driver was at the time of

the incident not authorised to

move the vehicle out of the

premises and acted on his own


“We immediately provided a

replacement fully equipped

ambulance as soon as we

were notified of the incident

and the driver involved has

been suspended indefinitely

pending the report of the investigation.

The statement added, “We

are a law-abiding organisation

and we will like to state that

we are cooperating fully with

the Nigerian Customs regarding

this incident.

The company commended

moves by the Nigeria Customs

to further investigate the

matter .

European shares hit 3-week low as SAP


TECHNOLOGY stocks pushed European shares

to three-week lows on Thursday after software

firm SAP reported poor results, the latest company

to warn about damage from protracted trade tensions

as gloom about earnings spreads across global


Shares in Europe’s most valuable tech company

dove 6% after it said investors would have to wait

till next year for a major improvement in margins

as the business software group reported a 21% fall

in quarterly operating profit.

That added to nerves around the first batches of

corporate results in Europe and the United States

this week and sent Germany’s DAX to a one-month

low. The pan-European stocks benchmark index fell

0.5% by 0832 GMT.

Morgan Stanley profit beats on wealth

management gains, lower expenses

MORGAN Stanley (MS.N) reported a drop in

quarterly profit but beat analysts’ expectations

on gains in its wealth-management business and

lower expenses.

The results capped earnings for big U.S. banks

and underscored weakness in Wall Street-focused

businesses in a quarter marked by lower market

activity due to trade tensions and rising bets of a

cut in interest rate.

Morgan Stanley is distinct from its competitors in

that it gets half of its revenue from wealth

management, which acts as a ballast during market


CBE announces exchange rates

for Egyptian pound

US dollar prices varied against the Egyptian pound

in several banks on Thursday, according to Central

Bank of Egypt (CBE) updated prices.

The average price of the US dollar was recorded

at LE16.55 for purchase and LE16.67 for selling,

while the average price of the euro recorded LE18.57

for purchase and LE18.71 for selling.

The average price of the sterling pound reached

LE20.54 for purchase and LE20.70 for selling.

The average price of the Saudi Riyal recorded

LE4.41 for purchase and LE4.45 for selling while

the average price of the United Arab Emirates

dirham recorded LE4.51 for purchase and LE4.54

for selling.

Star Deepwater, Agbami parties

invest N16.6bn on interventions

STAR Deepwater Limited, a subsidiary of

Chevron Nigeria Limited, and other parties

in the Agbami project, yesterday, said they have

invested N16.6 billion over the last 11 years, to build

and equip 28 chest clinics across the country to tackle

the scourge of tuberculosis.

Speaking at the National Tuberculosis, TB,

Conference in Abuja, Medical Director of Chevron

Nigeria, Mr. Paul Erenyeka, disclosed that the chest

clinics have helped in the fight against tuberculosis,

as over 11,000 cases of the diseases have been

detected in these facilities.

He said, “”Since 2008, we have spent N16.6

billion, the equivalent of $2.7 billion to build and

equip chest clinics which we have donated to

government across the country. Between 2015 and

2017, over 48,000 presumptive tuberculosis cases

have been registered in these facilities.

“With over 11,000 cases detected, the chest clinics

have contributed to about three per cent of the

national presumptive tuberculosis cases registered

and three per cent to the national aggregate of

tuberculosis cases.

Some stories credited to Reuters

Vanguard, FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2019 — 17

CHARLES Dadi Onyeama

was the first-ever Nigerian

judge at the International Court

of Justice in the Hague. And his

author/publisher son, Dillibe (of

Nigger At Eton fame), has written

a biography of his illustrious

father titled: The Man, The

Legend, An Intimate Portrait.

The late Justice Onyeama was

a friend of my late father, Ignatius

Kogbara. This friendship has

been inherited by me and Dillibe,

who have a lot in common,

including the fact that we both

became professional writers and

were both very naughty as


It, therefore, seemed somehow

fitting that Dillibe should kindly

invite me to review his book when

it was launched in Abuja earlier

on this week; and I’m delighted

to report that it is an excellent

read. Justice Charles Dadi

Onyeama’s charmed existence

started from Day One. He was

born in April 1916 with a golden

spoon in his mouth in Eke, a

village in the part of Igboland

that is now Enugu State.

He was the favourite offspring

of a powerful tycoon and despotic

paramount chief who owned a

fleet of luxury cars (at a time

when most Nigerians didn’t even

own bicycles), travelled to

London in 1924 (at a time when

most Nigerians hadn’t set foot

outside their ancestral turfs) and

ruled his domain – which

included vast swathes of land that

extended far beyond Eke - with

a rod of iron.

Dillibe helpfully puts his

father’s birth date into context by

pointing out that he was born

“south of the Sahara in a nation

experiencing an imposed alien

culture not widely dissimilar to

what the Irish had started to rebel

against in Britain just two days


This reference to the Easter

Rising - a European rebellion

launched on the other side of the

globe - in Dublin to be precise -

by Irish republicans fighting

British rule – is typical of Dillibe’s

habitual international

perspective and reflects his

formidable erudition.

Dillibe also possesses a great

Way With Words – as in an

elegant, evocative and literary

style that injects vitality and

spine-tingling atmosphere, as

L-r: National Security Adviser, Mallam Babagana Monguno; Hajia Halima Alfa; special guest of honour, Alhaji Mukhtar Tafawa Balewa;

author of the book, Mr, Dilibe Onyeama; his wife, Mrs. Onyeama; book reviewer, Ms. Donu Kogbara and chairman of the event, Chief Emeka

Anyaoku at the launching of the book, Dadi: The Man, The Legend in Abuja. Pic. Abayomi Adeshida

A son’s tribute to his dad

evidenced by this long poetic


“Eke was a rural community

situated in a fertile valley north

of Uto Hill…It occupied a large

area on the escarpment…(and)

offered a generous feast to the

eye in terms of innate beauty, by

way of a breathtaking panorama

of surrounding hills…These

were enriched by a diversity of

arboreal splendour, with dappled

forest growth and a wealth of

palm, cashew and other

economic trees……from the

higher hills, one is riveted by the

first glow of daylight in the

eastern sky. One watches a tip of

some hill-top glow(ing) red, then

gradually glistening to an orange

radiance amidst a backdrop of

shifting scarlet, purple and

green colours before the

triumphant emergence of the sun

with a blinding intensity.”

Knowledge of

Nigeria’s history

This book is also full of

delicious nuggets of information

that enhanced my knowledge of

Nigeria’s history.

We are told, for example, that

Justice Onyeama “dared the lion

in its lair by giving judgement

against the Federal Government

in two cases - one of which was

upheld by the Privy Council in


…And that Onyeama created

a huge stir when he said, in the

middle of a heated argument

with Yoruba drinking partners

who were ridiculously convinced

that Igbos were planning to go

on an anti-Yoruba killing spree,

that Igbo Domination was only a

matter of time.

Angrily lashing out at chums

was not Onyeama’s style. But the

chums were temporarily

ganging up on him; and his

impulsive retort generated lots of

press coverage, gave many the

false impression that the

normally detribalised Onyeama

was an ethnic chauvinist and led

to an alarming incident that I will

not reveal here because I think

you should discover it for

yourselves by reading the book.

Dillibe shares so many

interesting anecdotes, as well as

several official and informal

photographs from the archives of

Dillibe is

laudably objective

about some of his

father’s errors and

weaknesses, but

this book is

essentially a love

letter from a fan

his father with a dazzling array

of successful friends, mentors,

protegees and colleagues who

share his lofty status as

household names:

His best friend Sir Abubakar

Tafewa Balewa, Nnamdi

Azikiwe, Godfrey Amachree, his

cousin Justice Anthony

Aniagolu, Princess Alexandra

(who represented Queen

Elizabeth at the Independence

ceremony in 1960), Rotimi

Williams, Adetukunbo Ademola,

Norman Williams, Sir Louis

Mbanefo, Bode Thomas, Gabriel

Onyiuke, etc.

The author takes us on a

panoramic journey; and one

almost feels as if one is

personally accompanying Justice

Onyeama, as both child and

man, to Government School,

Bonny; Government College,

Umuahia; Kings College, Lagos;

University College, London;

Oxford University and the

multiple destinations he reached

in the course of his glittering

career, which included a stint as

a Parliamentarian.

Dillibe is laudably objective

about some of his father’s errors

and weaknesses, but this book is

essentially a love letter from a fan.

And if anyone deserves

admiration and affection from his

children and the rest of humanity,

Justice Onyeama certainly does.

Despite his privileged

education, immensely

comfortable family background

and numerous friends in high

places in Nigeria and beyond,

the good Justice was an

unsnobbish man of the people.

He corresponded with the great

Indian nationalist, Nehru, and

socialised with dignitaries

galore, but went out of his way

to visit Eke as often as possible

and to quietly blend in.

Despite being the son of a chief

who was feared for his tyrannical

tendencies, Justice Onyeama

wasn’t a chip off the old block…in

the sense that he was humble

and consensus-orientated.

Despite being the main

beneficiary of his father’s will, he

was scrupulously fair - and

generous beyond the call of duty

- towards his less advantaged

siblings and members of his

extended family.

Dillibe has done his father

proud by brilliantly capturing the

essence of a complex,

sophisticated, iconic gentleman

of many facets: A staunch

Anglophile who had doubts on

the eve of Independence about

our readiness for self-governance

and yet a patriot also.

A highly focused intellectual as

well as an enthusiastic

sportsman. A principled man of

enormous integrity who had

nothing to hide and yet a highranking

member of the secretive

Freemason society. A Eurocentric

classical music aficionado who

could also adeptly dance to

indigenous African drumbeats at

village festivals.


Chief Emeka Anyaoku, the

revered former Secretary

General of the Commonwealth,

was the Chairman of the occasion

at the launch; and he not only

praised the book but made some

remarks about the state of the

nation and urged the

government to “avoid validating

the saying by the German

philosopher, Friedrich Hegel,

that ‘the only thing we learn from

history is that we learn nothing

from history.’”

Anyaoku expressed profound

concern about the widespread

insecurity, poverty and

“unchecked violence by Fulani


Then he urged President

Buhari and the political elite “not

to continue to live in denial of

the seriousness of these glaring

facts which, if not effectively

addressed, are bound to push the

country over the brink of a

national disaster.” Bravo to

Anyaoku for speaking up. I

couldn’t have put it better myself.



Donzol2002@Yahoo.co.uk Or

To 0802 747 6458 Or 0811 675

9752. Please kindly note that

unless you specifically request

anonymity, your email or text

message may be published

with your name and contact

details attached.

18—Vanguard, FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2019

“THE labour of our heroes past shall

never be in vain”. How much

importance do we, the government and

people of Nigeria, really attach to this

line in our national anthem? Shouldn’t

the inspiring words of our national

anthem which we recite at the

beginning of formal and public events

be so deeply etched in our hearts and

consciousness as to reflect in our

routine behaviours and attitudes,

especially towards one another?

Just 11 years after Miss Gloria

Kemasuode, the Bayelsa State-born

sprinter represented Nigeria at the 2008

Summer Olympic Games in Beijing,

China in the 400 by 100 metres relay

(along with Halimat Ismaila,

Oludamola Osayomi and Franca

Idoko), she is today reportedly wandering

the streets of Yenagoa. Gloria, a

staff of the Bayelsa State Sports Council,

is said to be suffering from a mental


Save Olympic Silver medalist, Gloria

Kemasuode today

In Nigeria and most parts of sub-Saharan

Africa, people react to mental illness

with automatic stigmatisation and

abandonment. Instead of victims of this

form of health challenge being taken

to appropriate specialists for medical

attention they are abandoned to suffer

and die on the streets. This is linked to

the superstitious belief that mental illness

comes from witchcraft, past evil

deeds, personal indiscretions (such as

weed smoking and drug abuse and

misuse) and ancestral curses.

Even individuals who are supposedly

educated still allow themselves to be

ruled by these negative sentiments

though mental disorder is merely an

illness that affects the brain.

It is unfortunate that even an

individual who represented Nigeria

and won a silver medal for the country

could be so easily abandoned at the time

she needs our assistance and solidarity

most. It is unfortunate that, even in

this social media era, no blogger or

credible media house has seen it fit to

highlight the plight of this 40-year-old

Nigerian Olympic heroine to enable

good Nigerians come to her aid. We

also wonder aloud how come the

Bayelsa State Government has

managed not to notice the pathetic

situation she is facing.

We call on the Bayelsa State

Government, the Federal Ministry of

Sports (especially the Athletics Federation

of Nigeria) and our public-spirited

compatriots to please rise and help

check Gloria into an institution where

she can be nursed back to normalcy.

When people give their best talent

and energy in the juice of their youth

to serve this country and make us proud

with garlands of accomplishments we

owe them our eternal gratitude. We

must return the favour when they fall

into health challenges or destitution.

When people know that Nigerians

value their sacrifices they will be more

eager to serve the country and make

her great.

Let us save Olympic Silver medalist,

Gloria Kemasuode TODAY!


Suicide: Why banning Sniper is not enough

By Ladesope Ladelokun

WITH the media abuzz with sordid

tales of death by Sniper misuse,

it is not unexpected that calls for the ban

of the pesticide have reached new

decibels in recent times. It is even more

so due to reported and unreported cases

of suicides traced to it. Having been

domesticated by many Nigerians for use

as insecticide despite it being made for

pests, the pesticide has worryingly found

usefulness among Nigerians who just

want to end their frustration and misery

by guzzling it.

Truth be told, one cannot dismiss with

a wave of the hand the danger the

pesticide poses to respiratory organs

when inhaled. But the call for a ban on

the pesticide simply because some people

do not know when to apply the brakes

is an overkill - something akin to cutting

off the head to treat a stubborn


No doubt, death by suicide has

assumed a frightening dimension. But

the menace is not peculiar to Nigeria.

According to the World Health

Organisation, WHO, close to 800,000

people die by suicide every year. More

troubling is the fact that the world health

body says suicide is the second leading

cause of death among 15 to 29-year-olds.

While those who argue that restricting

access to means of suicide is a wellknown

measure adopted to check death

by suicide, they must also be reminded

that attention can only shift to other

means of suicide aside from Sniper

without a holistic approach to tackling

the menace.

Interestingly, in South Korea, “The

Bridge of Death” in that country is

notorious for being a Mecca of sort for

people who just want to terminate their

lives by simply jumping off it. Now,

juxtaposing South Korea’s “Bridge of

Death” and Sniper - which has arguably

become the favourite means of suicide

for frustrated Nigerians eager to bid the

world farewell - the convenient solution,

going by the logic of advocates of Sniper

ban, would be to destroy “The Bridge of

Death” were it built in Nigeria.

But who does not know that is only

tantamount to tackling the symptom of

a disease instead of the cause. Call it an

action that can be likened to treating

ringworm when afflicted with leprosy,

and you will not be wrong. Neither

banning Sniper nor restricting access of

Nigerians to it answers some pertinent

questions. Why would anyone want to

take their life? Could poverty be the

reason? Is it possible they have a mental


Only recently, some Nigerian

lawmakers blamed the rising wave of

suicides on the alarming rate of poverty

in Nigeria. With Nigeria being the

poverty capital of the world, to deny that

poverty is a factor would amount to

playing the ostrich. Of course, Senator

Rochas Okorocha brought an interesting

twist to the debate by calling for the

creation of the Ministry of Happiness to

dish out happiness aplenty to frustrated

and depressed Nigerians!

The story of one Madam Veronica

aired on Channels TV recently captures

how poverty can catalyse the process of

terminating one’s life. Veronica had

confessed that but for her daughter, she

would have drunk Otapiapia (locally

prepared insecticide) because life was

hell for her after the demise of her

husband. The mother of six had

lamented that feeding her six children

was a tall order let alone meeting their

basic needs after her business crumbled.

Also, there are reported cases of young

people who took their lives because they

We must bear in mind that

apart from Sniper, people have a

thousand and one ways to die if

they are determined to bid the

world farewell

had poor grades in school as

undergraduates and those who believed

there was nothing to live for after several

failed attempts to secure admission into

Nigeria’s tertiary institutions, among

other cases.

It is also noteworthy to state that

information obtained from the website

of World Population Review in a report

it titled: “Suicide Rate By Country 2019”

reveals that France, Canada, Germany,

South Africa, Switzerland,

Singapore,China and Nigeria have

17.7,12.5, 13.6, 11.6, 17.2, 9.9, 9.7 and

9.5 suicides per 100,000, respectively.

The aforementioned cases explain the

complexity of the problem of suicide in

Nigeria and why seekers of solution

must be broad-minded in their approach.

It is instructive to note that Madam Vero

already had an alternative to Sniper

even before ban-sniper-evangelists


It is true that the spate of suicides-bysniper

make a compelling case for drastic

measures to be taken to save our

compatriots, but we must bear in mind

that apart from Sniper, people have a

thousand and one ways to die if they

are determined to bid the world farewell.

We need more than ever before a

national suicide prevention strategy. It

is time we made suicide prevention a

health priority by providing easy access

to mental health care. In a country

where religious leaders wield enormous

influence on their followers, the National

Orientation Agency has dependable

partners in pastors, imams and other

religious leaders to buck this ugly trend.

Governments at all levels must also

treat the issue of poverty with the needed

gravitas. Tokenism or dishing out

handouts will not cut it. If we must

properly address the nagging problem

of suicide, its causes must be tackled

with special attention on preventive

measures to make Sniper and other

means of suicide unattractive.

•Ladelokun, a public affairs analyst,

wrote from Ogun State

Joint Tax Board targets 45m tax

payers by Q3’19

•Flags off new TIN registration system

By Babajide Komolafe &

Monsuru Olowoopejo

The Joint tax Board (JTB),

yesterday, said it aims to

achieve tax base of 45 million

people by the end of the third

quarter of this year (Q1’19).

Chairman, JTB, Mr.

Babatunde Fowler, disclosed

this during the South-West

flag-off ceremony of the Tax

Identification Number (TIN)

Registration System and

Consolidated National

Taxpayers Database.

Speaking on the benefits of

the new TIN registration

system, Fowler said: “We

believe that the new system

will reinforce the laudable

efforts of this administration

towards building a robust taxrevenue


system, promoting a tax

friendly environment and

ensuring a sustainable and

inclusive economy for all


“We are confident of this

because the last four years

have seen a number of modest

milestones in tax-revenue

administration, some of which


Expansion of the tax base

from 10 million to 20 million

taxpayers with the potential for

an increase of up to 45 million

before the end of the third

quarter of 2019; Growth in

Internally Generated Revenue

(IGR) of states by 46.11

percent from N800.02 billion

in 2016 to N1.16 trillion in

2018; Growth in FIRS

collections by 53.81 percent

from N3.30 trillion in 2016 to

N5.32 trillion in 2018, with the

2018 total collection of N5.32

trillion being the highest

collection ever in the history














$105.30 -0.65

2,437.00 13.00

$11.57 -0.22

$61.93 -1.73

$55.21 -1.57

305.95 306.45 306.95

381.9786 382.6028 383.2271

343.3371 343.8982 344.4593

310.1997 310.7067 311.2136

2.8384 2.843 2.8477

0.5039 0.5139 0.5239

421.7615 422.4507 423.14

44.4628 44.5359 44.609

81.5758 81.7091 81.8424

422.4558 423.1462 423.8366

45.9716 46.0467 46.1218

. 21.8701 21.9059 21.9416

CBN Exchange rate as at 18/07/2019

of Federal Inland Revenue

Service (FIRS), while Non-Oil

Revenue, with a collection of

N2.85 trillion accounted for 54

percent of total revenue


Fowler who is also the

Chairman of FIRS added

that the new system will

ensure that taxpayers’

information is available

whenever and wherever it’s


He stressed that the

system possesses the

capability to integrate with

relevant agencies and

leverage on already captured

data, deploy analytics to

discover underlying and

correlating trends and patterns

that could lead to increased

IGR for all tiers of government.

The agencies, according to

him, include Corporate Affairs

Commission (CAC), Nigeria

Vanguard, FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2019 — 19

Customs Service (NCS),

Nigeria Immigration Service

(NIS), Federal Road Safety

Commission (FRSC), Central

Bank of Nigeria (CBN),

Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement

System (NIBSS), Nigeria

Identity Management

Commission (NIMC) and

Nigerian Communications

Commission (NCC).

“This would significantly

reduce the burden of manual

taxpayer information

management and by

extension grossly crash the

cost of collection,” he added.

From left: Chairman, Joint Tax Board, Mr Babatunde Fowler; Executive Governor, Lagos

State Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu; Executive Secretary, Joint Tax Board, Oseni Elamah;

Executive Chairman, Lagos Internal Revenue Service (LIRS), Ayodele Subair at the South-

West flag-off ceremony of the Tax Identification Number (TIN) Registration System and

Consolidated National Taxpayers Database in Lagos.

NFIU to de-register dormant companies from


By Yinka Kolawole, with

agency report

The Nigerian Financial

Intelligence Unit (NFIU) said

it would begin to deregister


companies, otherwise

known as shell

companies, from

September this year.

Shell companies are

inactive entities or

companies registered for

future purposes.

NFIU Director,

Modibbo Tukur,

announced yesterday that

the unit would publish the

criteria for companies to

keep their registration


He said this would rid

the system of shell

companies that could

potentially be used for

fraud, adding that for

companies to exist, they

should have physical


Tukur stated: “If anyone

establishes a company, it

has to be a company

indeed and we have to be

firm on this. This has

become more important

now given the rollout of the

Economic Community of West

Africa States (ECOWAS) single

currency because, with that, we

know that capital and investments

will move across borders and it is

a single currency.

“So, we have to step up

regulation to avoid fraudulent

transactions. We will begin by

September and some companies

will have to be deregistered if they

do not meet the criteria.

“We will publish the parameters

and also give them enough time

to regularise after which those

that do not comply before the

deadline will be shut down. If you

have an empty company hanging

in the system, it is a potential

danger and we should not allow

it to thrive.”

Recall that NFIU and Securities

and Exchange Commission

(SEC) signed a memorandum of

understanding, on Wednesday,

to combat Ponzi schemes and

fraud in the capital market.

Road transport fare inched up in June — NBS

•As prices of egg, others decline

By Elizabeth Adegbesan

The average fare paid by

passengers for bus journey

within city rose slightly by 0.26

percent month-on-month (MoM)

to N182.84 in June 2019 from

N182.37 in May 2019.

National Bureau of Statistics

(NBS) disclosed this in its

Transport Fare Watch report for

June 2019, adding that that the

fare also rose by 8.26 percent yearon-year

(YoY), in spite of the YoY

decline in the price of petrol during

the period.

However, the prices of agric eggs,

tomatoes, rice and yam dropped in

June, reflecting the 0.23 percent

drop in the composite food index

recorded during the period.

NBS stated: “Average fare paid

by commuters for bus journey

within city increased by 0.26

percent MoM and increased by

8.26 percent YoY to N182.84 in

June 2019 from N182.37 in May


“Average fare paid by commuters

for bus journey intercity increased

by 0.17 percent MoM and

decreased by 7.06 percent YoY to

N1,606.92 in June 2019 from

N1,604.22 in May 2019.”

The report however noted that

average fare paid by commuters

DPR to sanction

oil, gas


without data

By Udeme Akpan

THE Department of Petroleum

Resources, DPR, has

concluded plans to sanction oil and

gas producers that fail to upload

their production data into its official


Speaking yesterday in Lagos at

the sensitisation workshop

organised by DPR on National

Production Monitoring System

(NPSM) for oil and gas operators’

compliance officers, Mr Ahmad

Shakur, the Acting Director, said

that about 75 compliance officers

of oil and gas operators attended

the workshop.

Shakur, who was represented by

Mr Akpomudjere Okiemute,

Assistant Director, Management

Branch of Upstream, said that the

purpose of the engagement was

to ensure full compliance to

production and export data upload

into DPR’s official platform.

He said that such collective

platform would deepen

stakeholders understanding of the

operations and relevance of

NPMS to the nation.

Shakur stated: “NPMS is a webbased

platform that provides rapid

and efficient electronic data

collection database and reporting

system, which is envisaged to

replace the paper-based reporting.

“The NPMS project

implementation includes two pilot

exercises where DPR collects realtime

data at source (one landbased

terminal and one Floating

Production Storage and Offloading


“The pilot established that

independent real-time monitoring

improved the quality of

surveillance which enabled

national rollout to all other terminals

during the project implementation

phase. The system was also proven

to facilitate surveillance,

production reporting and


He added: “We have observed

over the years that some companies

are yet to comply fully with the data

submission via the NPMS portal

in contravention of the provisions

of Section 43 and 52 of the

Petroleum (Drilling and

Production) regulations of 1969 as


“The agency has set up a

compliance team with the task to

drive monitoring and ensure full

compliance with data submission

via the platform. Operating

companies were invited to submit

two compliance officers dedicated

to handle NPMS matter to ensure

continuous upload of production

data into the platform as required.

Going forward the operators would

also be held liable for noncompliance.”

for journey by motorcycle per drop

decreased by 0.36 percent MoM

and 10.31 percent YoY to N117.00

in June 2019 from N117.43 in May


Meanwhile, in its Selected food

price watch data for June 2019, NBS

stated: “Selected food price watch

data for June 2019 reflected that the

average price of a dozen of agric

eggs medium size decreased YoY

by 8.23 percent and increased

MoM by 6.55 percent to N495.32

in June 2019 from N464.87 in May

2019 while the average price of

piece of agric eggs medium size

(price of one) decreased YoY by 5.01

percent and MoM by 8.20 percent

to N39.30 in June 2019 fromN42.82

in May 2019.”

20 —VANGUARD, FRIDAY, JULY 19, , 2019


FRIDAY JULY 19, 2019 —21

22 —VANGUARD, FRIDAY, JULY 19, , 2019


FRIDAY JULY 19, 2019 —23

24—Vanguard, FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2019

A fit and healthy

body; the best


statement for


For many years now, wellness

sensitisation has been on the

increase by NGOs,

government agencies,

international organisations and

many others. However, perhaps

cultural or religious beliefs

sometimes hinders many women

from paying attention to self care

which is her capital. There is

nothing anyone can transact for a

long term without capital.

Otherwise, such a transaction will

be a short term investment which

can wind up at anytime.

Every Homemaker needs health

which is her capital to do the things

that God has endowed her with.

She needs the capital to multitask

at home, office, family, etc

especially in a country where she

has to work, pay her tax and at the

same time provide for her needs.

She needs the capital in Africa

especially in Nigeria where many

Homemakers do most of the

runnings to care for the children,

and at the same time care and

satisfy the husband in order to be a

responsible and good woman.

Unfortunately, many

Homemakers prefer to invest in

things that should come as added

value to the capital. It is when your

capital- health is sound that those

things become relevant. It is you

that gives value to those things and

if there is no sound health, the

jewelry, clothing, shoes etc, have no


Ensuring that the children get the

best in life is good, but not at the

expense of your health. It is when

you are there for them, healthy, that

you can be of benefit to them. If

you don't take care of your health

and you fall ill, you will soon be a

burden to them.

Nurturing yourself is not selfish

– it’s essential to your well-being as

well as the family's.

The video that went viral last

week about a woman full of life

dancing at a function who

suddenly collapsed and lost her life

is a food for thought for everyone.

No matter how minute the sign you

feel in your body, don't joke with it.

Leave every other thing to care for

yourself. If you are not there, things

will still run smoothly.

Tiredness according to

information available to

Homemakers leads to fainting

which is called blackout. It is

said to be common when a

woman is 40 and above. Please

women should not joke with


Fainting is said to be a

temporary loss of consciousness

that happens when the brain

does not receive enough oxygen.

It comes on suddenly, only lasts

for a short time and you recover

fully within a short period.

What to do if you suddenly

feel tired:

Ensuring that

the children

get best in

life is good

but not at the

expense of

our health.

•Lie down flat with your legs

up on a chair or against a wall.

Or, sit down on the ground with

your head between your knees.

Please do not just sit on a chair.

•Squatting down on the heels

can be very effective too and it is



i n


• When

you feel better,

get up


If symptoms return,

resume the position until

help comes your way.

Should you faint again, see

your doctor immediately.


Consumer Rights Agency investigates

source of impurity found in malt drink

Consumers in Lagos State can

now heave a sigh of relief from

every form of abuse on their rights

as Lagos State Consumer

Protection Agency is not resting

on her oars to protect the rights of

every consumer in the state.

In her effort to demonstrate the

state government's concern about

the welfare of its citizenry,

LASCOPA, last week made a

proactive visit to investigate the

factory of the International

Brewery, makers of the product

that contained a suspected

impurity as alleged by a


According to the General

Manager of the Lagos State

Consumer Protection Agency

(LASCOPA), Mrs. Kemi

Olugbode, the Consumer’s

Protection Law of the State which

centres on quality, quantity, purity

of products, price and avoidance

of unfair practices by

manufacturers will be interpreted

to the letter on behalf of


During the visit, Mrs. Kemi


health is wealth and its

your capital.

Hillary Clinton said, "You have

Olugbode said, although the

incident occurred in Abuja based on

the video that went viral recently, but

the proactive visit to the company

becomes expedient given the fact

that the largest consumers of Grand

Malt, the product in contention, are

in Lagos.

Olugbodi added that government

will not relent in its efforts at getting

to the root of the matter, pointing out

that the company’s close - circuited,

automated and non-human

involvement process of operation

notwithstanding, the investigation

is still ongoing in a bid to safeguard

the interest of consumers.

In his remarks, the Agency’s

Director of Scientific Investigation,

Research and Development, Mr.

Deji Badejo implored the company

to take a closer look at the use of

plastics in the packaging of

products, as the object found in the

malt drink by the consumer could

have been prevented in the face of

meaningful safety measures.

Responding, the Plant Manager

of the Company at the Gateway

end, Mr. Tony Agar commented on

just one


to live. It is


Own it, claim it,

live it, do the best you

can with it."

Enjoy your week

the series of laboratory test carried

out on the sample within and

outside the country to ascertain

the particular object in the drink

and the possible cause, revealing

that production of the said Malt

drink has been stopped since the

incidence, pending the outcome

of the investigation.

He, however, commended the

Lagos State Government for its

foresight activities and the

enormous priority placed not only

on the interest of consumers in the

State but also, protection of their

rights, adding that the company,

which is the second-largest plant

in Africa will cooperate with the

State Government in its desire to

investigate the incident.

The Agency’s Management

Team investigated various

departments of production,

including the source of water,

filtration, storage facilities for raw

materials, disposal unit of spent

materials as well as packaging

section where the suspected

particle in the Malt drink could

have slipped in

CONSUMER WATCH A place that makes you plan ahead

Items Prices Items


Items Prices

Basket of Tomatoes N8,000 - N11,000

A bag of Pepper (Rodo) N 6,500 - N8,000

A bag of Long pepper N9, 000 - N12,000

A bag of Onions (white) N12,000 - N14, 000

A bag of Onions (Red) N9, 000 - N11, 000

50kg of long grain Rice N16,000 - N16,500

A derica of long grain Rice N250 - N300

50kg of short grain Rice. N15,000 - N15,500

A derica of short grain Rice N250

A crate of eggs N1,000 - N1,100

A bag of Olotu beans N14,000 - N38,000

A bag of Oloyin N15,000 - N20,000

A bag of Yam Flour (Elubo) N63, 000 - N69,000

A bag of Garri (Yellow) N5,000 - N8,000

A paint bucket


A bag of Ijebu Gari N5,000 - N8,000

A paint bucket


25 Litres of Vegetable Oil N10,500 - N11, 000

10Litres N5,500 - N6000

25 Litres of Palm Oil N9,000 - N9,500

5Litres of Palm Oil N1,900 - N2,000

Salt N50 - N200

Noodles- 70g N1,900 - N2,200

Spaghetti (1packet) N180 - N200

Macaroni(1packet) N180 - N200

Semovita (10kg) N2,800 - N3,000

Pampers (cartons of 8) N3,400

Seasonings N100 - N500

Tomato paste (2,200g) N1200 - N1500

Tomato paste (Medium) N550 - N700

Tomato paste(small)


Tomato sachet (a roll)


Pack of toilet roll (48pieces) N1500-N1,800

A Satchet of milk


A Sachet of beverage




5 Litres of Kerosine N1,100

12.5kg. Cooking gas N3, 700

Yam (1 tuber). N400- N1,000

Ugu Leaf (a bundle) N3, 000 – N4, 000

A dozen of tied Ugu Leaf N7,50,

Moin-Moin Leaf (a dozen) N800-1,000,

1 pack- N150

Carton Titus ice Fish N19,000

1 Carton of Kote ice fish N14,500

1 Carton of Sawa iced Fish N10, 000, 1Kg-N600

Vanguard, FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2019—25

VISIT: Delta State Commissioner for Basic and Secondary Education, Chief

Patrick Ukah and Principal of Ogbemudien Model Secondary Schl, Agbor, Mrs.

Grace Ogbuagu-Asemota, when the Commissioner visited the school in continuation

of the monitoring of 2019 promotion exams in public secondary schls

in the state yesterday.

FOUNDATION: From left; Event Coordinator, Mr Biola Sogbesan; Chairman,

Maystar Global Foundation, Mr Olanrewaju Adeyemi; President, Mrs

Olufisayo Adeyemi, and Secretary, Mrs Temitope Olurinjon, all of Maystar Global

Foundation, during the inauguration of the NGO in Warewa, Ogun State.

BIRTHDAY: From left: Mrs. Arouriwo Akpoghelie; CEO/MD, Baked Treats

Confectioneries, Mr. Emamoke Gbobodo; Celebrant; Mrs. Anna Gbobodo; Mr.

Udhedhe Gbobodo; CEO, FomeFitMe; Mrs. Enifome Okposo; Mrs. Ogheneweke

Otuagoma, all children of the celebrant, at the 70th birthday thanksgiving service

of their mother held at Good Shepherd (Anglican) Church in Lagos.

PUBLIC SECTOR AUDITORS SUMMIT: From left; Auditor-General,

Bauchi State, Alhaji Abdu Usman Aliyu, Auditor-General for the Federation

AuGF, Mr. Tony Ayine and CEO, Auditors Academy, Mr. Yemi Osho

at the 14th Public Sector Auditors Summit held at the International Conference

Centre, Abuja.

26 —VANGUARD, FRIDAY, JULY 19, , 2019

KINGDOM of Saudi Arabia’s

Ministry of Health has issued new

health regulatory guidelines for

Hajj and Umrah pilgrims and other

travellers into the Kingdom for the

1440 Hajj season.

Based on World Health

Organisation, WHO's report of May

2019, citizens from countries

exposed to the various diseases

must be vaccinated against such

and are required to present

attestation of the said vaccination

at the point of arrival into the

Kingdom. The diseases are Yellow

Fever and Poliomyelitis. In

addition, all means of transportation

from the affected countries must be

disinfected before travelling into the

Kingdom. For travellers exiting

countries exposed to Dengue Fever

and Zika Virus, apart from

disinfection of transport carriages

by relevant authorities in line with

international patterns, citizens are

mandated to avoid exposure to

mosquitoes prior to their journey to

Saudi Arabia.

Various advisory guidelines were

also issued; among them is the

Dhul Qadah 16, 1440 A.H.

Hajj: S/Arabia issues new health


ory guidelines

*Vice-President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo (2nd right); former

Governor of Osun State, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola (middle),

Ogun State Deputy Governor, Mrs Noimat Salako-Oyedele;

Vice-Chancellor, University of Lagos, Prof. Oluwatoyin Ogundipe

and The Companion National Amir (President), Alhaji

Thabit Wale Sonaike, during the 4th National Discourse of

The Companion, an association of Muslims in Business and

Professions at UNILAG auditorium, Akoka, Lagos recently.

preference for vaccination against

Seasonal Influenza to be

administered 10 days before

arriving in Saudi Arabia. With

respect to the commonly

experienced Infection of Upper

Respiratory System, health

authorities in Saudi Arabia warned

travellers against contact with

animals especially camels, avoiding

direct contact with symptomatic

persons and shunning untreated

milk as

well as

h a l f


meat. The



a l s o



of general





of the



and after

food and

after toilet




a n d



are highly




t o



o f


water and




of food

items into

t h e


i s


except for


foods in



f o r



Life's beautiful

Life's beautiful, tenuous and magically brief. The

good that you extend to humanity is what endures,

and anchor your life to Allah's goodness.

Focus on what matters and let go of what doesn't.

The temporariness of our living is real. Believe also

that doing good yields the enduring favors of Allah.

May Allah gift to you and all yours inner peace,

calm and balance. Happy Jumat — Dr Adewale

Adeeyo, OON

consumption. These too must be

transparently packaged. Moreover,

pilgrims are advised not to eat foods

cooked and kept for long without

being refrigerated. They are

advised to wash fruits and

vegetables thoroughly before

consumption and drink lots of water

to prevent heat stroke. Also, it is

advised to stay away from direct

sunrays by using umbrellas and

remaining under shades.

The Saudi Ministry of Health

reassures pilgrims and other

travellers that in case of a disease

outbreak or any other health

emergency, the Kingdom’s

authorities, in collaboration with

WHO, will take additional

measures to contain it. Therefore,

each participating country’s medical

mission is advised to isolate a room

where ambiguous infectious

disease carriers will be secluded

and compulsorily reported to the

Saudi authorities. Other infectious

diseases are to be reported as well.

It will be recalled that NAHCON

Eko o Club Eid-il-Fitr party


*From left: Barrister Tajudeen Agoro; President of EKO Club,

Dr. Shamsusdeen Ade Dosunmi; Social Secretary, Alhaji Hakeem

Folarin Ambode and the Welfare Secretary, Alhaji Tunde Hassifi-

Mumuni during the Eko Club Eid-el-fitri party 2019 held at the

Club House, Bode Thomas, Surulere, Lagos recently.

*From left: Alh. Shakiru Anjorin; Prince Shamsudeen Alani

Ope both past Presidents, Prince Babatunde Adele standing

and Mrs Olori Adeola Ope at the event.

*Some elders of the club at the event.

strongly advised that only medically

fit persons should register for the

Hajj exercise. This is reiterated by

Saudi Arabia in its counsel to

persons with severe illnesses and

physically weak individuals, such

as the aged and pregnant women,

to reconsider participating in the

Hajj exercise that is known to be

generally strenuous. However,

persons with terminal illnesses who

insist on travelling for Hajj are

advised to carry along medical

items relevant to their condition,

plus adequate drugs in original

packets to be complemented by

prescription letters by medical

doctors in government hospitals.

Most of the guidelines are in

conformity with those of Nigeria’s

Federal Ministry of Health, FMH,

another member of World Health

Organisation. This is the reason

why FMH has been facilitating free

inoculations to pilgrims and other

international travellers, plus

coordinating enlightenment on

relevance of these vaccines.


FRIDAY JULY 19, 2019 —27

Dhul Qadah 16, 1440 A.H.

Hajj Mabrur holds seminar for pilgrims

•As NDLEA warns against hard drugs

•Take care of your luggage—Customs

INTENDING Hajj pilgrims

have been warned against

trafficking illegal and contraband

drugs such as cocaine, tramadol,

heroin and cannabis to the

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during

the 2019 Hajj exercise.

Alhaji Mahlum Musa from the

National Drug Law Enforcement

Agency, NDLEA, made the

disclosure while speaking at a

Hajj Seminar organised by one

of Nigeria’s leading Hajj and

Umrah operators, Hajj Mabrur

Ventures Limited, HMVL, in


Alhaji Mahlum also mentioned

kolanuts as one of the illegal

drugs forbidden by the Saudi

authorities despite its popularity

among Nigerians, especially

during traditional ceremonies.

The representative of NDLEA

therefore warned Nigerian

pilgrims to abstain from illegal

drugs and other unlawful

dealings, adding that “the lives

of indicted pilgrims will not only

be terminated, but such acts will

Airline applauds Lagos board

•As state concludes airlifts

THE Lagos State Muslim

Pilgrims Welfare Board

has been commended for

exhibiting exceptional

competence in the handling of

2019 Hajj operation.

The duty manager of Flynas

Airline, Mr. Tijani Ilu, gave the

commendation at the Murtala

Muhammed International

Airport, Ikeja, during the

airlifting of 432 intending

pilgrims from Lagos State, today.

Mr. Ilu stated that the

consistency and competency

displayed by the state ensured

a smooth and seamless airlifting

exercise which was

unprecedented and unequalled

in the history of Hajj operations

in Nigeria.

He added that officials of the

airline in Lagos also received

accolades from their

headquarters in Saudi Arabia.

In his response, the Amir-ul-

Hajj, Dr. AbdulHakeem

AbdulLateef, expressed the

state’s appreciation to the

airline for the quality services it

has rendered so far.

In the same vein, the

Chairman Ad-hoc Committee on

2019 Hajj in Lagos State, Hon.

Ahmed Jebe announced a brief

break in the airlifting operation

immediately the 4th batch

departed for Saudi Arabia. He

said that the break was to allow

both the Board and the airline

to rest and rejuvenate for better


Meanwhile, the airlift of

pilgrims has been completed.

The operations which

commenced on July 10 has

also strain Saudi/Nigerian ties

and of course, damage the good

reputation of Hajj Mabrur as one

of the trusted Hajj and Umrah

operators, as well as Nigerians

in general.

The first phase of the Hajj

seminar which held on Sunday

at the Islamic Centre, University

of Lagos Central Mosque,

Lagos, also had in attendance

personnel from the Nigerian

Customs Service, NCS, legal

practitioners, members and

executives of The Muslim

Congress, TMC and spiritual

leaders, among other prominent


Hajj is a spiritual journey -


The Naibul Amir, Cultural

Affairs of TMC, Ustadh

Sheriffdeen Ibrahim noted that

the hajj exercise is a spiritual

journey which requires

maximum preparation.

In his words: “Going for Hajj

is answering the call made by

ended with the last batch

leaving the Murtala

Muhammed Airport, Lagos for

Madinah. A total of 2,233

pilgrims have been airlifted in

six batches. Except for the last

batch, all Lagos pilgrims have

also embarked on visitation to

major holy sites in Madinah

and set to leave the city for

Madinah in continuation of the

hajj rites.

Prophet Ibrahim. The journey is

a spiritual one which requires

preparation, the best of

preparation, according to the

Qur’an, is piety.

“The call is a meeting with

Allah and it’s time to purify your

soul. We must get prepared fully

in terms of knowledge by

reading books on hajj, gathering

money and also arranging for

food, which should not be in


“Psychological preparation is

also important. The mind must

be ready for the various rites and

obligations so as to maximize all

rewards inherent in hajj. Time

management is also important.

Know what to do, when to do it

and why you do it. This would

aid us in having a Hajj Mabrur,”

he said.

Exhaustion, dehydration

common problems facing

pilgrims - Dr Busari

Earlier on Saturday, the

agency in collaboration with the

TSH Medical Team carried out

a thorough medical check on its

intending pilgrims, numbering

about 350.

The screening, which included

clinical and laboratory checks cut

across pulse rate, blood

pressure, height, weight,

consultations, blood sampling,

genotype, hemoglobin level,

sugar level, pregnancy test and

vaccinations, among others.

Speaking with newsmen, the

Medical Director of TSH, Dr

Abdul Wasiu Busari explained

that the screening would aid the

operations of the venture during

the hajj exercise.

He said the most likely

challenge to be faced by pilgrims

*Alhaji AbdulGafar Olowonisakin Amir, Folawiyo Hajj

contigent and other leaders of the group during their airlift

to Madinah, Saudi Arabia for hajj rites.

From left: Operation manager, Hajj Mabrur, Alhaji AbdulHamid

Oyinlola; Managing Director, Hajj Mabrur, Alhaji AbdulHamid

Solate; Chief Superintendent of Customs, Alhaji Abdullah A.B;

NDLEA representative, Alhaji Mahlum Musa; Hajj Mabrur Secretary,

Barrister Amoo at the agency's seminar recently.

*Cross section of Hajj Mabrur pilgrims at the event.

Shocking: Gov. Badaru rejects Amirul Hajj

•As 893 pilgrims set to perform hajj in the state

No fewer than 893 intending pilgrims from Jigawa State will be

airlifted to the holy land for this year’s hajj exercise, as Governor

Badaru rejected the services of Amirul Hajj for the first time since the

commencement of hajj operations 27 years ago.

Speaking to journalists in his office, the Executive Secretary of the

Jigawa State Pilgrims Welfare Board, Sani Alhassan Muhammad said

the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria, NAHCON, allocated 1,472

hajj seats to the state, adding that the board sold only 893 seats and all

the pilgrims have paid their monies in full.

The board Secretary explained that sensitisation workshop has been

conducted for the intending pilgrims on how to perform hajj rites


Sani Alhassan stated further that the state pilgrims enjoyed double

discount from federal and state governments on their deposited hajj

fare to the tune of N116, 000.00, noting that an accommodation discount

was also secured for the pilgrims which amounts to 3,000 Saudi Riyadh

and was refunded to all the pilgrims.

Meanwhile, Governor Badaru has charged intending pilgrims to be

good ambassadors in the holy land and imbibe the culture of patience

and tolerance.

Saudi Arabia targets 30m pilgrims

by 2030—Consular General

By Bashir Bello

The Consulate-General of

Saudi Arabia in Nigeria

(Kano), Yusuf Alghamdy on

Wednesday said that the

country targets to reach 30

million pilgrims to attend hajj

exercise by year 2030.

This is against this year’s,

3 million pilgrims expected

to perform the 2019 Hajj

exercise from across the


Alghamdy disclosed this

during the inaugural flight

ceremony at the Umaru

Musa Yar’Adua

International Airport,

Katsina to airlift the first

batch of 520 intending

pilgrims from Katsina and

Nigeria to the Holy land in

Saudi Arabia recently.

He equally begged

Nigerian intending pilgrims

to desist from smuggling

narcotics saying it is a very

serious crime in Saudi

Arabia which will be taken

seriously against defaulters.

According to him: “As we

all know, Nigeria is one of

the largest countries in terms

of number of pilgrims


“And under the new vision,

Nigeria and all other

countries are to increase the

number of pilgrims to reach 30

million pilgrims in Mecca by

2030 Insha Allah.

“And also I would like to say

that the vision which aims to

provide pilgrims with high

quality services, is carried out

with participation of 82

governments and will provide

electronic services for pilgrims,

most especially smart phones,

along with the other services

designed for people with special


“Developing Hajj Operation

and services in the Kingdom is

among the top priority of the

Saudi Government and by

extension, the country servicing

Muslims and Islam,” he said.

Alghamdy continued: “Please

follow the rules and regulations

that will be provided to you by

Saudi Arabia authority. Please

smuggling of narcotics and

drugs into Saudi Arabia is a

serious crime that will be taken


“Please check your bags and

check all your belongings and

make sure you have nothing

illegal that will hold you back

and make your hajj not as easy

as we want it to be.

“And do not take any item that

does not belong to you because

you are responsible for your own

bag and any item found inside

your bag.”

28—Vanguard, FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2019

•Late Funke Olakunri

By Dayo Johnson

AKURE — THE news of

the murder of Mrs. Funke

Olakunri, the 58-year-old mother

of two girls and second daughter

of National Leader of Pan-Yoruba

Socio-Political group, Afenifere,

Pa Reuben Fasoranti, by

suspected herdsmen, was

received across the country and

beyond with rude shock.

She was shot along Benin/Ore/

Sagamu Expressway, last


Ironically, she was travelling

to Lagos for the birthday of her

grandchild when life was

snuffed out of her by the killers

said to be no fewer than 20.

No doubt, the sad incident

dealt a big blow on the family of

the nonagenarian Yoruba leader,

the entire Akure Kingdom and


It was a painful loss and

indeed, a trying period for the

93-year-old politician who years

back, lost a daughter, Bunmi, to

the cruel arms of death.

Both the high and the low in

the society, including former

President Goodluck Jonathan,

Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo,

state governors, former

governors, Fasoranti’s political

associates, lawmakers, serving

commissioners, clergymen, and

church members among others,

have visited the ljapo residence

of the Fasorantis to commiserate

with them.

President Muhammadu

Buhari had personally called Pa

Fasoranti on phone to console


•Feyisike Olakunri: Second daughter


My wife’s killers ’ll never know

peace —Bereaved husband

*My mum was coming to Lagos for my daughter’s

birthday, says Feyisike, second daughter

What I’ll miss most about my

daughter – Fasoranti

Speaking with Vanguard, the

father of the deceased, Pa

Fasoranti bemoaned what he

would miss about his daughter.

“Her warmth, her openness,

she was friendly with everybody

and she was a go-getter. She

was good on her job. She was

very good. She was not

interested in public affairs but

she was very keen on the issue

of peace,” he said.

What she meant to me

– Widower

Also, the deceased’s husband

of over 30 years, Idowu

Olakunri, on the kind of person

Funke was, said: “I had a very

good and beautiful wife. She was

a neatness freak, kind,

generous, loving, caring and

selfless. My happiness is that

she left a very good legacy

behind because she touched so

many lives irrespective of your

religion - Christians, Muslims,

easterners, northerners. In short,

she was Nigerian personified,

she will never discriminate, very

hardworking woman who was

very loyal to her bosses.

“She abhorred corruption; she

would never touch anything

dirty, she was mindful of her

background. The Olakunris are

well known in Nigeria, so also

the Fasorantis, so it was as if she

was carrying two burdens and

she tried as much as possible to

make sure that the names of the

two families were never


“I don’t know how to cook, I

don’t know how to boil water, I

don’t know how to buy things,

completion of the projects.

Confirming the incident,

Permanent Secretary, Lagos

State Ministry of Housing, Mr.

Wasiu Akewusola, said: "It is sad

that some unscrupulous

individuals would vandalise or

loot projects initiated for public


While decrying the situation,

Akewusola hinted that some

criminals have started illegal

sand digging activities at other

ongoing housing projects in

some axis including Ikorodu,

thereby endangering the land

structure of the area.

He said: “The replacement of

she did everything for me. She

was my mother, my sister, my

confidant. What can I say? They

took her away but those who did

it, those who are complicit

through their action or inaction,

will never know peace. Since the

incident happened, it has been

my prayer is that those who

participated or those who

through their action or inaction

are complicit, will never know


On her unfulfilled dreams

“Her major unfulfilled dream

is her inability to bury her dad.

That had always been her

prayer. All the time that we were

together, she was praying that

God should give her long life to

bury her father; it’s a dream

unfulfilled. My wife was a

survivor, she survived a big

accident, she survived cancer,

and she beat diabetes. Why I

said she beat diabetes, there was

a time her blood count was

between 400 and 500. I am

happy for her because she was

able to see her grandchildren,

she just came back from the USA

where she went to celebrate the

first birthday of her

granddaughter and I am happy

that she saw and held her

grandchildren. Her unfulfilled

dream was to see Nigeria of her

dream but can we see the

Nigeria of our dream in our

time? That is the question that

concerns all Nigerians.”

On how the family members

will miss her

“Her role can never be played

or her position be filled. She had

this presence to change the

atmosphere of a gathering the

moment she entered it. She was

restless, she would not take any

second position, she was like a

commander-in-chief on the

battlefield. Her presence was

electrifying; she was a good

manager of people. She knew

how to build relationships and

nurture them, the qualities are

numerous, I cannot remember


Speaking on how the deceased

related with her father while

alive, the husband said: “She

looked like her father, as you can

see. She loved her father to

death. It was always ‘my father,

my father.’ I must tell you the

relationship cannot be

quantified, she loved her


On the killing

“It is shocking and it shows

poor security situation in our

country. For people to suddenly

jump out of the bush to the road

and start attacking people, it

shows that Nigeria is heading

towards disaster. I am not going

to say that Nigeria is going to

break down, but the people in

charge must take responsibility

for the security of the people.

“I must say the lukewarm

attitude of President

Muhammadu Buhari is

encouraging these herdsmen.

There are stories here and there

that if they are arrested, there is

always an instruction 'from

above' that they should be


“The President must come out

to say he is not in support of

these killer herdsmen in any

form and allow the security

agencies to perform their duties

and give them the maximum

support that they need.

“They have killed my wife

now, it is painful, I don’t care if

they come after me, but the truth

must be told that President

Buhari by his action and

inaction, is encouraging these

killings and banditry.

“If Nigeria breaks up today, as

far I am concerned, he should

be held responsible. When you

prefer an ethnic group above

others, we have history, history

will judge you.

“If you say you are above the

law and nobody can judge you,

you are a Muslim and you

believe in karma, you believe in

Allah, I leave you in their court,

they will judge you accordingly.

“They know me. You know my

address, you can direct your men

to come and kill me. They have

done what they could. They

can’t do worse.

“This woman has a 93-yearold

father; they want to see him

suffer. Those who are

responsible for this suffering will

never know peace. They will

forever suffer.

“You pray to God every day,

you go to mosque every Friday,

you rule a country only for people

to be slaughtered like chickens

and you are keeping quiet and

not doing anything about that,

well, I don’t care, you will never

know peace.”

She was everybody’s heroine

– Second daughter

Also speaking with Vanguard,

the second daughter, Feyisike

described her late mum as

“selfless, she liked to be in

everybody’s business, she was

everybody’s heroine, and my

children’s super heroine.

Everybody loved her, she was

hard working and a great

woman. She didn’t deserve to

go like this at all, not even this


Vandals storm Lagos HOMS, cart away electric poles, cables, others

By Monsuru Olowoopejo



materials and electric ploes

worth millions of naira have

been carted away from the sites

of Lagos Homes Ownership

Mortgage Scheme, HOMS, in

Ikorodu Local Government Area

of the state.

Vanguard gathered that the

property removed from the

housing projects in Ibeshe,

Igbogbo, Agbowa, Odo Onosa

and Ayandelu axis, by vandals

include electric poles, cables from

transformers, fittings and others

which were expected to aid the

these items and restoration where

applicable, will definitely have

huge financial implications and

also result in delay in delivering

the homes to the prospective


He, however, assured that the

state government's resolve to

meet “the housing needs of the

people is non-negotiable. We will

continue to forge ahead in

delivering on our mandate in

spite of setbacks, especially the

looting of some of the projects by


The permanent secretary urged

community leaders and residents

around the area to assist in

securing government’s

investment in some of the ongoing

housing projects in the state.

Akewusola also confirmed the

readiness of the state government

to deliver on its mandate in the

provision of high quality shelter for

the people in spite of the setbacks.

‘’The commitment of the state

government in meeting the shelter

demands of the people is

unwavering hence, we are

working out strategies to keep

vandals and hoodlums out of the

ongoing schemes. We will also step

up our monitoring activities to

ensure that nefarious activities are

completely eradicated.”

Vanguard, FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2019 — 29

Confronting the menace of open defecation

By Rotimi Ojomoyela


of the residents in the

ancient city of Ado-Ekiti, the

Ekiti State capital, open

defecation is as old as the city


People are used to relieving

themselves in the open without

let or hindrance from any


Most of the households in

these areas usually rear pigs to

take care of their faeces. Also,

houses built close to the hilly

and rocky part of the city hardly

have toilet facilities, as the

spaces on top of the rock provide

a veritable avenue for open


According to experts, this old

culture of going out in fields,

bushes, forests, open bodies of

water or other open spaces to

defecate, which has stubbornly

held sway in Ekiti, Oyo and

many parts of the country,

despite the rapid urbanisation,

is responsible for the death of

more than 100,000 children

under the age of five annually,

as a result of exposure to unsafe

water and sanitation.


Nigeria ranks second among

countries practising open

defecation globally, according to

the findings from the 2018

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

National Outcome routine

mapping (WASH NORM)


The survey also revealed that

24 per cent of Nigeria’s

population (47 million people)

practise open defecation.

This came to the fore at a twoday

media dialogue on

sanitation tagged: CLEAN UP

NIGERIA: Use the Toilet

Campaign, facilitated by the

Child Rights Information

Bureau, CRIB, of the Federal

Ministry of Information and

Culture in collaboration with

United Nations Children’s

Fund, UNICEF, held recently in


It was gathered that out of 774

local government areas in

Nigeria today, only 13 had

stopped open defecation, while

provisions of seven million

toilets on the average, in

Nigeria would stop open



But the Federal Ministry of

Water Resources, FMWR, with

the support of UNICEF Nigeria

and other development partners

and stakeholders, are currently

leading the campaign to end

open defecation by 2025 and

achieve universal access to

safely managed sanitation.

Economic, social and health


According to experts, open

defecation has an economic,

social, security and health

impact on the nation’s


EDITOR: Dayo Johnson

Deputy Editor: Dapo Akinrefon

08023844928 (sms only)


Ola Ajayi


Dare Fasube


Daud Olatunji


Rotimi Ojomoyela


Monsuru Olowoopejo Lagos

Adeola Badru


A Water, Sanitation and

Hygiene specialist with the

United Nations Children Fund,

UNICEF, Mr. Bioye Ogunjobi,

who spoke at the media

dialogue said Nigeria loses

about 1.3% (N455 billion) of

GDP annually due to poor

sanitation and a third of that cost

is as a result of open


He highlighted percentage of

population practising open

defecation across the six geopolitical

zones which include

North-Central 53.9 per cent,

South-East 22.4 per cent, North-

East 21.8 per cent, South-South

17.9 per cent, South-West 28.0

per cent and North-West 10.3 per


Experts argued that where

open defecation is

preponderant, women are often

at more risk of experiencing

violence and multiple health


They stated that women with

poor sanitation facilities are

more susceptible to hookworm

infestation resulting in maternal

anemia, which in turn is directly

associated to adverse pregnancy


How displaced Zamfara miners invaded Ijesaland

By Shina Abubakar


Itagunmodi, a village in

Ijesaland, Osun State, it is a

settlement that lacks both basic

amenities and peace that is

associated with a village


It is located after Ibodi Village,

off Ilesha/Ile Ife Expressway.

Itagunmodi earned its place

on the Nigerian map having

been blessed with large

deposits of gold.

But, what ordinarily ought to

have been a source of joy for the

teeming populace of the

community and the state as a

whole, is now its source of


Itagunmodi’s gold deposit

has become a major impediment

to peace in the community and

by extension, some other

villages in the area, as the influx

of youths from the northern part

of the country is scaring away

residents, whose major

occupation is farming.

It was gathered that mining

activities has been going on in

the village since the 1920s but

the village has never been

under panic until recently when

mining activities was banned in

Zamfara State.

Villagers at risk

A villager, Timothy Amandi,

Tiv from Benue State, who has

lived in Itagunmodi since 1959,

said that large presence of the

miners, has put many of the

villagers at risk.

Amandi said: “All sources of

water for the villagers had been

contaminated because of the

mining activities. We only drink

from a stream called River Ayo,

and we are even afraid they

may extend their activities to the

river because they are gradually

moving towards it.

“They came with their wives

and whatever they need, their

The Head of Child Rights

Information Bureau in the

Federal Ministry of Information

and Culture, Mr. Olumide

Osanyinpeju, who spoke at the

media dialogue posited that

“Sanitation is essential

ingredient to the survival and

development of children. It

could reduce the severity and

impact of malnutrition. It can

also help in reducing the

spread of intestinal worms, as

well as promoting dignity and

boosting safety, particularly

among women and children.”

He urged Nigerians to

cultivate the habit of using

toilets and desist from practising

open defecation because of its

attendant risk and consequence

on human health, especially on

the children.

Osanyinpeju said the Federal

Government would not relent in

the campaign to end open

defecation in the country.

He said: “To address this

situation, President

Muhammadu Buhari declared

a state of emergency in the

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene,

WASH, sector in November

2018 and reaffirmed Nigeria’s

commitment to eliminating open

defecation in the country.

“The president launched a

national campaign to jump-start

the country’s journey towards

becoming Open Defecation-

Free (ODF) nation by 2025.”

A communication specialist

with UNICEF, Dr. Geoffrey

Njoku tasked the media to step

up reportage of issues around

sanitation and to sensitise the

people on the need to shun open

defecation and imbibe use of


wives supply them. They don’t

buy from us in the village. Even

accommodation, most of the

houses they occupy are given

out free. Many labourers also

built make shift lodges where

they live.”

Also narrating his ordeal, an

indigene of the town, Mr.

Moses Kolade, said he narrowly

escaped death, after he was

attacked by the northern youths

who invaded his farmland in

search of gold.

“As I got to my farm sometime

last year, I was surprised to find

some labourers already digging

holes in search of gold. I tried

to stop them, but because of

language barrier, they did not

understand me. I stopped them

by shouting at the top of my


“Immediately they heard that,

they surrounded me and started

hitting me with clubs. I was also

matcheted before I managed to

escape from the scene and

headed to the police station. Two

policemen, who were not armed,

followed me down and before we

got to my farm, they had left.

They, however, did not return to

my farm after that incident. They

could have killed me if I had not

escaped from them.”

30 —VANGUARD, FRIDAY, JULY 19, , 2019

The weapon of deportation

and White America

MARCUS Garvey was a

Jamaican who left school

at 14, established the Universal

Negro Improvement Association,

UNIA, at 27 and moved the

association to Harlem, New York,

two years later. His messages about

the dignity of the Black person, their

empowerment, charity work, and his

slogans of 'Africa, Unite!' and 'Back

to Africa' caught like wildfire in a

dry harmattan.

He sought to relocate many

African Americans to Liberia. The

UNIA had a large Black Star

shipping line which was partly to ship

willing African Americans back to

Africa. Due to large financial

obligations and managerial

incompetence, the company


The White establishment used this

as an excuse to charge Garvey with

“mail fraud” arising from the sale

of the company’s shares. It

manipulated the judicial system to

imprison Garvey, and use the

conviction as the basis to deport him

on December 1, 1927.

He was 40. The deportation

destroyed the UNIA, set Black

struggles across the world back by

decades. As for Garvey, the

deportation negatively impacted on

him; he moved from Jamaica to

London where he died in 1940 at 53.

The media sons and daughters of July

By Lanre Idowu

JULY, the seventh month of the year,

holds special attraction for quite a

number of our media professionals.

Journalists and broadcasters, educators and

administrators, publishers and

entrepreneurs, it is the birth month of at least

13 Nigerians who have contributed their fair

share to the development of the Nigerian


For at least five of them, July 2019 is a

month of landmark celebrations. We have,

so far, celebrated three such milestones. The

first started with a well attended book

presentation of Chief Segun Osoba’s

memoir, Battlelines: Adventures in

Journalism and Politics on July 8, one week

ahead of his 80th birthday. The presentation

lived up to its billing and saw the author

walking his talk in past appeals to fellow

opinion leaders to document their

experiences for posterity.

The presentation was a reunion of

journalists, politicians, and members of civil

society. From Vice President Yemi Osinbajo,

to the leadership of the National Assembly,

to the leaders of the All Progressives

Congress, current and past governors of

Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Ekiti, Kano, Bayelsa,

Osun, Oyo, Akwa Ibom, Rivers, and Cross

River states, and former ministers, the

politicians were there in their sartorial


The media, led by everyone’s uncle, Sam

Amuka, accompanied by the publishers of

The Guardian, Thisday, Premium Times, and

The Nation, were present. Managing

directors, editors, columnists, reporters and

photographers across different generations

were there to share in the joy of their own. It

was appropriate to have former Head of

State, General Abdulsalam Abubakar,

preside over the ceremony with Tony

Reviews of his trial exonerated him.

One of them was the 1987 United

States Congressional Hearings

which affirmed that Garvey was

innocent but that in the America of

his day, he was guilty as charged. But

the Congress held that despite its

findings, it had no legal basis to

exonerate a dead man. The Garvey

story was not just about the negative

effects of deportation on human

beings, but also its use as a political

tool to fight perceived enemies,

whiten America and destroy

principled resistance. This is what

President Donald Trump is doing in

America today.

A human being classified as

“illegal” is not likely to be

psychologically balanced. Such a

label does not tell his story. People

who migrate legally or illegally are

propelled to do so for various


Usually, it is in search of better life,

employment or in order to flee

persecution or criminality. Imagine

a person from Honduras, El

Salvador or Guatemala trekking for

weeks or months, sleeping under

open skies and going through the

rigours of getting to America, raising

a family only to be told decades later

that he is to be deported to the old

country from which he had fled!

Imagine the African who raises

Deportation in

a country like

America has

become a

weapon to

depopulate, and

an instrument

of family


Momoh who straddles the media and

politics, and such corporate chieftains as

Oba Otudeko, Razak Okoya and Jim Ovia

also present.

For the actual birthday on July 15, Chief

Osoba spent it quietly with his nuclear

family at a private reception in London,

joined only by a handful of friends. The

Alake-in-Council and the Osoba-George

family of Oba Abeokuta proudly took out

newspaper advert space to celebrate their

own, a distinguished journalist, chief of

Egbaland, a two-time governor of Ogun

State and prominent political leader.

On the 13th, it was the turn of Ben Egbuna,

retired Director General of the Federal

Radio Corporation of Nigeria, to mark his

elevation into the club of septuagenarians.

His family hosted him to a modest


For this broadcaster whose media career

traversed two public media organisations,

the FRCN and the Voice of Nigeria, the

second leg will see him present his rich

memoir, A Fulfilled Destiny, on what life has

thrown his way from the backwoods of the

South East to his secondary school days in

Lagos and Ogun states, his civil war

experience as a combatant and in his career

as a broadcaster. His account offers

uncommon insights into a lot of shenanigans

in the public broadcast sector and the tussle

between professionalism and proprietorial


Nduka Obaigbena, the duke of

publishing, and Andrew Okungbowa of the

New Telegraph, took their turn on July 14.

Obaigbena ferried his clan from Owa, Delta

State and friends from the media and

corporate Nigeria to church to mark his

entry into the world of sexagenarians. The

following day, he, like Osoba attracted

leading names from the media and politics

to Eko Hotel. In typical Obaigbena fashion

money to travel for a better life;

overcomes the dangers of the desert,

the rigours of starvation and

sometimes enslavement in countries

like Libya, surviving the suicidal

crossing of the Mediterranean Sea

in order to get to Europe, only to be

deported after some years.

Deportation in a country like

America has become a weapon to

depopulate, and an instrument of

family separation. Visualise the

negative effect on the nine million

American children whose

undocumented parents live under the

constant fear of deportation.

Imagine the overall effect on 11.3

million undocumented persons who

are in danger of being deported if

the security agencies obey President

Trump’s marching order this month.

It is true that undocumented

migrants were also deported during

the Obama administration, but the

motives included a preference for

legal migration. However, the

Trump motive is primarily racist;

part of an ultra-right wing campaign

against people of colour. Trump

himself, a grandson of German

immigrants has used attacks on non-

White countries to justify


The fact is that 87percent of

immigrants in America are non-

White. Mexico with 11.2 million

it was an evening with a lot to digest: a

musical feast, a dialogue of four panelists

on how to fix Nigeria, and a lot to eat and


The fourth landmark is on the 23rd when

the Lagos State Government, under Osoba’s

chairmanship, hosts journalism’s living

legend, Chief Lateef Jakande, founder of the

Nigerian Guild of Editors, Nigerian Institute

of Journalism and the Newspaper

Proprietors of Nigeria, a former governor

of Lagos State and federal minister, as he

joins the league of nonagenarians.

A fifth landmark celebration follows on

July 30 when Eric Teniola, one time editor,

Evening Punch, former director at the

Presidency, joins Egbuna in the

septuagenarians’ club and presents his book,

On the Spot.

For former editor in chief of The Punch,

Sola Odunfa and Lanre Arogundade,

director of the Independent Press Centre,

July 13, their birthday was quietly spent.

Arogundade, however, introduced his latest

book, Media and Elections: Professional

Responsibilities of Journalists on the 16th.

John Momoh, chairman, Channels

Television, had a quiet birthday on July 1.

So did Dayo Sobowale, ex-Daily Times,

Union Bank, and columnist with The Nation

on Saturday, Juliet Brimah of The New

Telegraph, Ebun Sessou of Vanguard and

Gboyega Akinsanmi of ThisDay on the


Vanguard, FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2019—31

migrants accounts for 25 percent,

followed by China with 2.9 million

or six percent, India with 2.6 million

or six percent, Philippines with two

million or five percent and El

Salvador with 1.4 million or three

percent. Overall in 2017, South and

East Asia accounted for 27 percent

of immigrants in America; Mexico,

25 percent; Europe/Canada, 13

percent; the Caribbean, 10 percent;

Central America, eight percent;

South America, seven percent; the

Middle East, four percent and Sub-

Saharan Africa, four percent. Trump

has consistently attacked all except

Europe and Canada.

Most of his attacks are against

Mexico whose migrants he profiled

as criminals and rapists. Trump

relentlessly attacks China for

allegedly taking American jobs. For

Asia and the Middle Belt, he signed

an Executive Order banning people

from several countries with Muslim

majorities from travelling to

America. He characterised African

countries and Haiti as “shithole

countries”, asking rather for more

immigrants “from places like


In August 2017 when there was a

clash between White supremacists

and human rights protesters in

Charlottesville, Virginia during

which the racists killed a counterprotester,

Trump blamed both sides

for “egregious display of hatred,

bigotry and violence”.

When people protested that human

rights campaigners cannot be

accused of displaying hatred and

bigotry, he responded that there are

“some very fine people on both sides”.

Are there really “very fine” racists?

However, Trump’s racism and

using deportation as weapon against

non-White people is not limited to

the undocumented; he also wants the

documented, including lawmakers

of colour, out! For instance, he

tweeted that coloured

Dare’s return on the backpage

of The Nation on July

9 is welcome relief to his


Send Opinions & Letters to:


Congresswomen, Alexandria

Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib and

Ayanna Pressley (none of whom is

an immigrant) and Ilhan Omar, who

came to the US as a refugee aged

12, are people "who originally came

from countries whose governments

are a complete and total catastrophe,

the worst, most corrupt and inept

anywhere in the world (if they even

have a functioning government at

all), now loudly and viciously telling

the people of the United States, the

greatest and most powerful nation

on earth, how our government is to

be run. Why don't they go back and

help fix the totally broken and crimeinfested

places from which they


Speaker Nancy Pelosi responded

that Trump’s plan to “Make America

Great Again" has always been about

making America White again. ” The

four Congresswomen took up the

Trump challenge. Ms. Tlaib said:

"Want a response to a lawless and

complete failure of a president? He

is the crisis. His dangerous ideology

is the crisis. He needs to be

impeached." Ms. Ocasio-Cortez told

Trump: "On top of not accepting an

America that elected us, you cannot

accept that we don't fear you either."

Ms. Omar told Trump that he is

"stoking White nationalism because

you are angry that people like us are

serving in Congress and fighting

against your hate-filled agenda";

while Ms. Pressley shared a

screenshot of Mr. Trump's tweet,

saying: "This is what racism looks

like. We are what democracy looks


Humanity needs to stand by the

victims of American deportation and

the four Congresswomen. If

humanity had stood up to Hitler

rather than appease him as Europe

is doing to Trump today, millions of

Jews might not have been gassed and

millions more would not have died

in the senseless Second World War.

The 16th is the special day of the ‘odd

twins’, the flamboyant Dele Momodu,

publisher of Ovation and the gentle Taiwo

Obe, founder of The Journalism Clinic. We

will have to wait till 2020 for their own

Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Professor Olatunji Dare, respected scholar,

veteran columnist and DAME laureate and

Kabir Garga Alabi, deputy editor of The

Guardian share the 17th. Having been

forced by illness to suspend his column for

six months, Dare’s return on the back-page

of The Nation on July 9 is welcome relief to

his admirers. His concluding barb to the

Boxer-Senator who pummelled an Abuja

shop attendant is clear evidence of what the

reader has missed. Observed Dare: “The

distinguished senator was exploring the sex

toy shop in keeping with his oversight


The 19th, Lanre Idowu’s birthday, would

be spent putting finishing touches to two of

his latest titles, Media On My Mind and

Uneven Steps: The Story of the Nigerian Guild

of Editors, billed for release this year.

July is also the birth month of ThisDay’s

Eniola Bello (21), and Chief Ajibola

Ogunshola (14), former chairman of Punch

Nigeria Ltd, who are still healing from the

loss of their loved ones. Whilst Bello lost his

wife, Ogunshola’s daughter also passed on.

As we pray for the consolation of the Holy

Spirit for their two families, we ask all to

join in praying that good health will be the

portion of us all.

If anyone knows of any month with a

richer gathering of media sons and

daughters, we will be glad to know of it.

Until then, may the Lord perfect all that

concerns these beloved children of July to

continue to serve Nigeria well with their

talents, time, and treasures.

•Idowu runs Diamond Awards for Media

Excellence, DAME and Diamond

Publications Ltd.

32 — Vanguard, FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2019


By Joshua Adeyemo Phone 08056180139

PISCES: Although success is not forbidden today, if

care is not taken you would miss good opportunity in

painful way probably through careless remark by somebody

closer to you. Try to be very diplomatic.

ARIES: Your finances are favoured, especially if you

don’t allow unending hard work get the better off you.

Reason with your spouse and partners.

TAURUS: Your being positively assertive will enhance

your prospects, yet you will need to be as practical as

you can be. Serious minded lovers are favoured.

GEMINI: Those of you with what looks like protracted

domestic pressure may find the needed solution if you

don’t try to run away from reality that will stare at you.

The more receptive you are the better for you.

CANCER: Things are getting better as the much

needed stability is getting closer to your base. This is a

good day to back your reasonable hopes and wishes

with positive and practical action for realization.

LEO: Success indicated for many natives of this Star,

especially those of you who are more ambitious along

your career/business lines willing to be as hard working

as possible. Think of both immediate and far future.

VIRGO: Those of you who are hard working are

meant to earn success. Joining forces with other reliable

sources will never be a bad idea today. Respect the


LIBRA: You are closer to good business and/or career

opportunities more than you can imagine now, although

you will need to take positive initiative in practical way.

It is good to keep your business secrets.

SCORPIO: Your Solar 7th and 11th houses of partnership

and social activities are positively highlighted.

The more practical you are today the better for you.



“Nobody is going to do your life for you. You have to do it

yourself. And you have to do it no matter what is true. No

matter what is hard. No matter what is unjust, sad, sucky

things befall you. Self pity is a dead end road. You can make

the choice to drive down it. It’s up to you to decide to stay

parked there or to turn around and drive out” — Cheryl Stryed.

Life isn’t predictable and the solutions we seek to answer our

life questions don’t always come nicely wrapped. The ability

to yield and be flexible as we work out means to define our life

pathways is vital. —Ella Randle

TERROR MUDA in “Never say goodbye”



The old woman

looks after the

child to grow its

teeth and the

young one in turn

looks after the old

woman when she

loses her teeth. ~

Akan (Ghana,

Ivory Coast) proverb

By Kola Fayemi

SAGITTARIUS: You will have more to gain if you pay

good attention to what your reliable friends are saying

about your social life the way it will have positive effects

on your image/career and/or business lines.


CAPRICORN: This is one of your good days of this

month which you will need to utilize fully. Those of you

who are more ambitious will have more profit to show

for your practical efforts. Don’t neglect your love life


AQUARIUS: Success indicated for you. If you are

more observant, some of your past efforts will begin to

yield good fruits the way your finances will be enhanced.

It is important you take domestic issues seriously too.



Send your date e and place of birth th to the Astr


Counselling, P.M.B 100

007, 7, Apapa, Lagos






Taurus although, second sign of the zodiac, is the first

of the earth signs, and that means leadership ability

especially when it comes to reckoning with who is who

among people that have staying power and those that

can be regarded as serious minded (hard workers) and

practical set of peop1e.Through Venus — its’ ruler, Taurus

rules money, movable possessions, and steadfastness.

That is why Taurus born people hate whatever can

lead to or be regarded as insecurity and they are good

managers of both money and other material related


You appear cool headed and like true Taurus, you can

exhibit ability to be patient and the degree of perseverance

in your inner—self is truly high. However, if anybody

takes you for granted or try to take undue advantage

of you, he/she will be surprised with the level of

resistance and/or resentment you will show.

With the influence of Taurus in you, you are more of a

person with powerful personality with strong determination

to wear both oppositions and obstacles out of

your way via renewed struggle and consistency. You

see, people that do not really understand you may label

you as an obstinate and excessively stubborn person. In

fairness to them, there is some degree of stubbornness

in you, however, if you rightly or wrongly think that

failure is starring you at face, the bull in you can induce

you to act like all head no heart type of a person.

Taurus element is earth, its’ quality is fixed and its’

symbol is the bull. That is why they (Taurus born persons)

attach importance to money and security. In fact,

financial crisis can lead to despondency for Taurus born


Earth connection makes you a practical person who

will work very hard and patiently too. Native, of earth

signs are cautious and reliab1e and they will rarely

day dream. The quality of Taurus which is fixed makes

it easy for you to always see your important projects to

logical conclusion. Because of your unwillingness to

change your mind unnecessarily, some people will call

you a rigid person, but nobody can rightly accuse you

of laziness. In-fact, fixed quality of Taurus is another

indication of reliability in your horoscope.




By Lawrence Akapa

Vanguard, FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2019 — 33

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A-Ibom govt tasks ministry with

publications harmonisation

...Bans indiscriminate publications by MDAs

By Chioma Onuegbu

UYO—IN a bid to

ensure proper

management of information

in the state, the Akwa Ibom

Government has approved

the harmonization of all

publications of government

activities, through the

Ministry of Information.

According to a statement

yesterday in Uyo, this was

one of the key decisions

taken, during the second

term inaugural State

Executive Council meeting

presided over by Governor

Udom Emmanuel, at the

Council Chamber,

Government House, Uyo.

Briefing newsmen shortly

after the meeting, the

Commissioner of

Information and Strategy,

Mr. Charles Udoh,

explained that the decision

was aimed at ensuring

coordination of all

publications in


He said, “By this

approval, all Ministries,

Those looting Nigeria’s money

are not poor — PROF RADDAH

By Emma Una



Raddah, Executive

Secretary, Presidential

Advisory Committee

Against Corruption has

said that most of those

stealing the nation’s

resources are not poor but

rich and well placed people

who are taking advantage

of their positions to make

more money at the expense

of the majority of Nigerians.

Raddah in Calabar, Cross

River State, yesterday at a

citizens enlightenment

programme on the fight

against corruption listed

such class of people as

ministers, governors,

council chairmen, bank

managers and top

government officials who

have access to public funds.

He said, “There is a

correlation between

poverty and corruption

because what is meant for

road construction, railway

projects, education,

Duru assures Deltans that Okowa'll

fulfill campaign promises

By Simon Adewale

Achieftain of Peoples

Democratic Party,

PDP, in Ughelli North, Delta

State, Mr Duru Ufuoma,

has assured that Governor

Ifeanyi Okowa, will perform

better in his second tenure

than he did in his first

tenure for the benefit of


Duru, who is the National

Chairman of Coalition of

Urhobo Youth Leaders,

CUYL, gave the assurance

when he hosted the Urhobo

24 kingdom’s executive of

CUYL, at Orogun, Ughelli

North Local Government

Area of the state, with about

Departments and Agencies,

have been mandated to

discontinue the publication

of journals and magazines

and by that, all materials

and information should be

channeled to Ministry of

Information for proper


Udoh explained that in

line with the

administration’s focus on

industrialization and

following the resuscitation of

the hitherto moribund stateowned

paint industry,

Peacock Paints, renamed,

Ibom Paints Ltd, the state

government has moved to

increase patronage of the

paints, directing all

contractors handling paintsrelated

projects in the state

to make use of the product.

“This has become the

regulation of the state

government and is binding

on all contractors even when

contracts are to be signed,

those contracts must

indicate that the paints are

to be used, the paints must

be Ibom Paints.''

healthcare and airport improvement

is taken away by

a few people to become

very rich and in such

situation majority of those

whose welfare would have

been improved by such

projects become worse off.

“If N1million is budgeted

for 1,000 people and there

is corruption, only 100

people may get it and the

rest is left to suffer and

because they are angry,

they take to kidnappings,

armed robbery, militancy,

terrorism, so corruption

does no one any good

except the corrupt.

“Corruption is not only at

the federal level but also at

the state, local and ward

levels because 50 percent

of resources are allocated to

the states and third tier of

government and most

times, such monies get

stolen or is

misappropriated, so we

have to make sure

everything is done to

monitor those at the local

government level.”

733 members in


He told members of the

group that, “With all

seriousness, Deltans,

particularly members of

CUYL should be patience,

courageous and be

hopeful, that Governor

Okowa will do better things

than he did in his previous

tenure in office.

“Okowa is a man who

knows what to do, how to

do it and when to do it and

he is using his past

experience to correct his

past mistakes to enthrone

equity, transparency,

accountability and

tranquillity in the state.''

Okowa names Aniagwu, Amagbadugba, Tsekiri,

7 others as Commissioners-designate

By Festus Ahon


governor, Dr Ifeanyi

Okowa, yesterday,

forwarded to the state

House of Assembly another

set of 10 nominees for

appointment as

commissioners and

members of the State

Executive Council for

screening and possible


The names of the

nominees were read on the

floor of the House by the

Speaker, Chief Sherrif

Oborevwori during the


The nominees as read out

by the Speaker include; Mr

Charles Aniagwu, Mr

Ifeanyi Egwunyenga, Dr

Mordi Anonye, Mr Ovie

Oghoore, Prince Emmanuel

Amgbaduba, Mrs Gbubemi

Ikolo, Mr Matthew Tsekiri,

Mr Christain Onogba, Mr

Omamofe Pirah and Chief

Henry Sakpra.

Okowa said the

nomination was in exercise

of the powers conferred on

him by section 192 (2) of the

constitution of the Federal

Republic of Nigeria as


The governor said he

would greatly appreciate if

early action was taken to

confirm the nominees to

enable him effect the

appointments in line with

the constitution.

In a related development,

Governor Okowa has

forwarded 15 names for

appointments into the Delta

State Oil Producing Areas

Development Commission,

DESOPADEC, to the state

House of Assembly.

The Speaker at the

plenary read the letter from

the governor conveying the

names of the nominees to

the House.

The nominees include

Chief Michael Diden,

Chairman, Chief Askia

Ogieh, Managing Director,

Mr Shedrack Agediga,

Chief John Nani, Chief

Daniel Mayuku and Mr

...Appoints Askia Ogieh as DESOPADEC boss

Leonard Anoka as

Executive Directors.

Others include; Mr

Griftson Omatsuli, Dr Paul

Oweh, Chief Kent

Okiemute, Mr Joyce

Overah, Mr Anslem

Nwokenye, Mr Paul

Bebenimibo, Mr

BAYELSA GUBER: Independent Public debate'll

produce peoples’ governor — PANDLEAF, PNP

By Onozure Dania

TWO Niger Delta

groups, Pan Niger

Delta Youth Leadership

Forum and the Persons Not

Party, PNP, have called for

an open and independent

public debate among the

governorship aspirants

seeking party nominations

to contest the 2019

governorship election in

Bayelsa State, noting that

the interactive session with

the people will stop

imposition of candidates

and produce an acceptable

candidate that will succeed

Governor Seriake Dickson.

The groups in a statement

yesterday by the state

Chairman of PANDLEAF,

Mr Collins Odondiri and

the National Coordinator of

PNP, Mr Pureh Kalango,

said studies had shown

that debates promote

political awareness, and to

a large extent reduce voter

apathy ahead of party

primaries, campaign and


They said, “Bayelsa

voters have a lot to gain

from this debate in this era

of multi-million naira

campaigns and slick

political messaging.

“The potential of personal

debates will reveal and

humanise the men and

women behind the glossy

ads and focus-group

approved slogans. Just as

the battle is not for the

strongest, so the race isn’t

for the fastest but, of the

Lord; God.

Ikechukwu Akozor, Chief

Vincent Oyibode and Dr

Ossai Samuel as members.

The governor said the

appointment followed the

expiration of the Governing

Board of the Commission

and in exercise of the

powers conferred on him by

“We call for an

independent debate among

candidates before party

primaries. We are told lies

during campaigns when

candidates who are utterly

unpatriotic, lacking in good

character and not qualified

are packaged by campaign

organisations and

presented to Bayelsans,

Nigerians as God-sent.

“This call became

necessary due to the

overbearing influence of

political parties, leaders

and aggrieved candidates

have over candidates that

By Emma Amaize


S A B A —


environmental activist, Chief

Newton Jibunoh, has

stressed the need for Africa

to produce another Nelson

Mandela, as the continent

and entire global

community celebrated the

life and ideal of the late

President of South Africa,

Nelson Mandela,


He spoke at this year’s

commemoration of Nelson

Mandela Day, held in

Asaba, Delta State. The lowkey

celebration featured

music, dance, poetry,

interactions and tree

planting activities.

He said, “As Africa and the

entire global community


Mr. Gbega Adefaye,

GM/Editor-in- Chief.

V a n g u a r d

Newspapers (left)

and Dr. Niran

Malaolu, CEO, Rock

City FM during the

launch of Lanre

Arogundade's "Media

and Elections,


Responsibilities of

Journalists" in Lagos

on Monday.

section 7 (1) of the


The nominees have been

asked to summit 35 copies

of their curriculum vitae to

reach the Clerk of the

House on or before July 22,

2019 and appear for

screening on July 23, 2019.

win party primaries. We

believe from studies that

debates promotes political

awareness and to a large

extent reduce voter


“Bayelsa voters have a

lot to gain from this debate

because in this era of

multi-million naira

campaigns and slick

political messaging,

nothing beats the potential

of personal debates to

reveal and humanise the

men and women behind

the glossy ads and focusgroup

approved slogans.”

Africa needs another Nelson

Mandela, says Jibunoh

once again on July 18 to

celebrate the life and ideal

of Nelson Mandela, we

must look North, South, East

and West to find another

Mandela because if only a

very small percentage of

Africa can be like him, the

world and our continent will

be a better place.

“With this year’s theme

calling for action against

poverty, we believe that

more than ever before, we

need men like Mandela,

who are ready to serve

selflessly and prioritise the

health and wealth of their

nation over their pockets.

“With another day like

today, we recall the

difference a man like

Mandela made in the

world and not just in his

home country, South Africa.''

34—Vanguard, FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2019

FG registers 2.4m poor,

vulnerable youths in 15

states for YESSO

By Anayo Okoli


million poor/

vulnerable individuals

have so far been captured

in the World Bankassisted



Youth Employment and

Social Support

Operations, YESSO,


This is the number of

poor/vulnerable people so

far captured in the 15

states of the federation

currently participating in

the programme.

Abia State is the only

participating state in the

South-East geo-political


Acting National

Coordinator of the Federal

Operation Coordinating

Unit, FOCU, Mrs. Hajara

Sami, who announced

this, said: “The Public

Work Fare, PWF, scheme

was established to provide

immediate community

chosen labour-intensive

activities for individuals

from the register of poor


President for


THE President of Nigeria

Union of Petroleum and

Natural Gas Senior Staff

Association of Nigeria,


Olabode Johnson, who

died on May 31, will be

buried today. Lying in state

is today at 8:30a.m., at his

3, Chicago Street, Karsana

residence. Funeral service

is at International

Conference Centre, ICC,

Garki, Abuja. Interment

follows at Gudu Cemetery,



MADAM Sarah Bello, 70,

is dead. She died on April

23. She is survived by

children, among whom is

Titilayo Alowooja;

grandchildren, and greatgrandchildren.

She will be

buried tomorrow at

Idiroko, Ogun State.

and vulnerable.”

According to her, the

scheme also provides

immediate financial

assistance to these

vulnerable members of

the society to engage in

some economic activities

to enhance their

consumption and avail

them other sources of


Sami disclosed that

140,000 YESSO Public

Work Fare, PWF,

beneficiaries have been

deployed, while 3,594

skills-for-job, S4J,

graduates were already

practicing their acquired

skills in different sectors

of the economy.

She further announced

that a total of 2,837 are

currently in the field and

explained that Abia and

six other states have

started orientation and

will soon be deployed on

the S4J component.

Also, over 325,236


households with over 1.6

million individuals have

been captured in the

unified register of

beneficiaries in the

North-East, out of which

44,188 internallydisplaced

persons, IDPs,

have already received

over N1.4 million as

basic grant on the

Targeted Grant


According to Mrs.

Sami, who flagged off

the programme in Abia

State, the “the flag-off

ceremony signified the

commencement of

support to unemployed

youths with low level of

education from poor and

vulnerable households,

who will be benefiting

from monthly stipend of

N7,500 through the PWF

for the next one year.

By Chinonso Alozie



Election Petition Tribunal

sitting in Owerri has

admitted results in 388

polling units alleged to

have been omitted by the

Independent National

Electoral Commission,

INEC, during the

governorship election of

March 9, which produced

Emeka Ihedioha of Peoples

Democratic Party, PDP, as


The governorship

candidate of All

Progressives Congress,

APC, Hope Uzodinma,

VISIT: From left— State Business Manager, Kano State, Mr. Godwin Ogidi; Country Sales Manager,

Abiodun Adigun, both of Credit Direct Limited; Head of Service, Kano State, Dr. Kabiru Shehu; Divisional

Head, Corporate Services, Oluseyi Tolu-Boluwatise; Head, State Business, Femi Mogaji, and Head, Brand

Marketing and Communications, Joseph Osodi, all of Credit Direct Limited, when the firm's paid a courtesy

visit to the Head of Service in Kano.

Ihedioha orders forensic audit

of local govts' accounts

•...says Okorocha’s govt had 250 bank accounts

•...to submit list of commissioner-nominees next week

By Chidi

Nkwopara &

Chinonso Alozie


government has

ordered “a comprehensive

forensic audit of the local

governments’ accounts.”

Governor Emeka

Ihedioha who gave the

order yesterday while

addressing a cross section

of stakeholders in Owerri,

expressed shock “at the

level of financial

malfeasance in that tier of


He said: “I have set up a

Committee chaired by




charged with the

responsibility of carrying

out a comprehensive

forensic audit of accounts of

the 27 local governments in

the state.”

While directing the

Ihedioha vs Uzodinma: Tribunal admits

results of 388 polling units

(petitioner) tendered the

results before the tribunal

which were accepted as

exhibit by the tribunal.

Uzodinma claimed the

votes not included in the

results declared were that

of Ngor Okpala, Oguta,

Obowo, Ikeduru, Oru East,

Oru West, Oguta, Ohaji/

Egbema, among others.

Uzodinma also testified

that the duplicate copies of

forms EC8C and EC8B,

were supposed to be part

of the results but were


However, all the

respondents at the tribunal

objected to the evidence

presented by Uzodinma.

Committee to

painstakingly probe the

alleged financial

malfeasance in the local

council areas, the governor

also told Imo people that

“the last administration

operated the local

government system in the


The governor also

disclosed that the Rochas

Okorocha administration

had no fewer than 250

accounts that were largely

operated by private

individuals and the system

lacked transparency and


Ihedioha said that while

he was campaigning, he

underestimated the degree

of fraud and looting

perpetrated in the state by

the immediate past


His words: “We are barely

50 days old in office today

(yesterday). Investigation

has shown that there was

consistent looting of public

property and last minute

sale of government

property at give-away

prices to friends, relations

and associates of the last


Governor Ihedioha

further disclosed that his

administration has

“received over N30 billion

garnishees order from

even suspicious contracts,”

promising that the full

weight of the law would be

visited on all those who

pilfered the state funds or


...lists achievements

Also yesterday, the

governor said that he is

prepared to submit the list

of his commissioners to the

state House of Assembly.

“Early next week,” he

said, “I will forward the

names of the

commissioner-nominees to

the state House of


He took time to explain

some of the actions he has

taken to remedy the

identified wrongs

perpetrated by the last

administration and

reiterated his commitment

to the principle of

separation of power, due

process and rule of law.

The governor also said,

among other things, that on

the economic front, he had

“maximised accessing of

resources from intervention

funds of the Central Bank

of Nigeria, CBN; Bank of

Industry, BoI; and

Development Bank of

Nigeria, DBN, to stimulate

small and medium-scale

enterprises and create


"I have also maximised

attraction of private sector

investment (local direct

investment and foreign

direct investment) to

stimulate economic growth,

employment and poverty

reduction, while

expanding the IGR base

through relevant taxes and


“On water supply, pipe

borne water became

complete luxury as we

couldn’t find functional tap

water anywhere in the

state. The Imo State Water

Authority has undergone

some restructuring and is

now equipped to begin

putting in place, the

required systems for pipeborne

water provision.

“In a month, some parts

of Owerri will certainly

have access to water.

“Previously, public

expenditure was not

backed by budgets. Today,

budget formulation will be


...as INC tasks

Ihedioha on

herdsmen threats

Meanwhile, the

leadership of Igbo National

Council, INC, led by Chilos

Godsent, yesterday, called

on Governor Ihedioha to

tackle the issue of

herdsmen intimidation

and invasion of farmlands

in some communities in

the state.

Godsent spoke to

Vanguard in Owerri,

adding that Ihedioha

should declare their

activities in the state illegal.

INC also called on the

state Commissioner of

Police, Rabiu Ladodo, to

parade herdsmen found

destroying people’s farms.

According to Godsent,

“the Igbo National Council,

INC, is very saddened

with the nefarious activities

of the herdsmen in many

communities in Imo State

since the controversial

RUGA settlement and

National Livestock

Transformational Plan of the

President Muhammadu

Buhari-led Federal

Government were mooted.

“We have noted the

security implications of the

illegal activities of these

herdsmen in these

communities and we are

very shocked that the

governor of Imo State has

kept silence in the face of

all these rampaging

herdsmen in Imo State.”

VANGUARD, FRIDAY, JULY, 19, 2019 — 35

Justice Karatu’s treatment, example of assault on

independence of judiciary

By Joseph Otteh

On June 14, 2019,

Governor of Kebbi

State, Atiku Abubakar

Bagudu removed Justice

Elizabeth Karatu, from office

as acting Chief Judge of the

State and appointed Justice

Sulaiman Ambursa to act in

that capacity, following the

Kebbi State House of

Assembly’s refusal to confirm

Justice Karatu as substantive

Chief Judge of the state.

Before this time, Justice

Karatu had petitioned the

National Judicial Council, NJC,

alleging, among other things,

that she was being victimised

by state authorities on grounds

of her Christian faith and that

Justice Ambursa had played a

part in efforts to frustrate her

confirmation as Chief Judge of

the state.

On July 5, 2019, which was

Justice Karatu’s last day in

judicial office, she was

effectively prevented from

approaching her courtroom

where she was scheduled to

deliver the last of her

judgement(s), by an officer of

the Nigerian Security and Civil

Defence Corps, who said his

actions were in compliance

with a directive given by

undisclosed persons. Live

footage of the scene showing

Justice Karatu being prevented

from entering her court has

circulated widely on social and

news media. The government

of Kebbi State has not disputed,

as much as we know, the

current narrative of this event.

Preventing court proceedings

from taking place is a brutal

*Justice Elizabeth Karatu

assault on rule of law and

judicial independence.

This is not the first time that

Judges have been prevented

from accessing their courts,

recalling the events in Ekiti

State in 2014. In every instance

where this happens through

the deliberate act of a person

or authority, it is a gratuitous

contempt of the adjudicational

authority of the courts as well

as a grave assault on the rule

of law and the administration

of justice in Nigeria.

It is one of the most sinister

ways of preventing courts from

playing their roles as arbiters

of disputes and guardians of

the liberties of the people and

thereby represents a major

threat to the rule of law and


Legally speaking, what the

official of the Nigerian Security

and Civil Defence Corps did

was a classic act of judicial

to welcome delegates and

guests to the high-octane City

of Lagos with its very rich and

diverse nature, bustling with

entrepreneurs -The Centre of


“Theme of the conference is

Facing the Future. Nigeria

recently welcomed a new

democratic administration

following the just-concluded

2019 general elections. A new

administration of the Nigerian

Bar was ushered in last year.

Within the period of six years,

Nigeria has experienced

markedly mixed fortunes,

including the-end-a-boom

period, a recession and, more

recently, a slow recovery.

These events underscore the

exigencies for a well-defined,

deliberate template for Facing

the Future”.

“The conference will address

issues around the rule of law,

independence of the judiciary,

access to justice and protection

of fundamental human rights,

the economy and how to pilot

the present to assure a better

future. The theme: Facing the

Future, is borne out of the

pressing need to invest in a

sustainable foundation for an

optimistic future. “The

phenomena of globalisation

and technology have evolved

contempt – contempt of court,

in all of its complexion.

Whoever authorised the said

officer to prevent Justice Karatu

from accessing her court is also

a principal contemnor and all

of them should be made

accountable for their actions. It

is also an interference with the

administration of justice which

is a criminal offence in quite a

number of jurisdictions,

including, possibly, Kebbi


The incident has profound

other implications: the day of

the incident was the last official

working day for Justice Karatu

as a judicial officer. She was in

court to deliver final verdicts.

The Constitution requires that

court proceedings must be held

in open court. Preventing

Justice Karatu from accessing

her office invariably means that

she couldn’t deliver her

judgements in a legitimate way,

and no longer could do so

validly after that day.

This means that the entire trial

conducted on the case(s) due

for judgment would return a

blank, and the efforts and

expenses of everyone involved

in them in vain. This would be

a huge travesty, and a major

set-back for the access to justice

rights of those concerned,

given that the right to a fair and

reasonably-timed trial is a

constitutional right, besides

representing a major waste of

public resources expended in

conducting the trial. Those

responsible for interfering with

the judicial process in this

malevolently obstructive way

and occasioning these futilities

must be held responsible for

their actions.

A strong response needed:

What the judiciary must do

If the judiciary allows any form

of this impunity to stand, it will

shoot itself in the foot, inflicting

harm on itself and its own

powers and dignity, while

opening the gates for repeat

occurrences of similar acts in

the future. If its responses come

up short or light, it sends an

ambivalent message about its

own strength or resolve to

defend itself when its core

values are attacked, as well as

its integrity as an institution of

government. A weak response

will further reduce the image

of the Judiciary in the eyes of

both members of the Judiciary

and the wider public.

The leadership of the Judiciary

(in both Kebbi State and

nationally) must therefore;

fully, impartially and

transparently investigate the

NBA holds annual conference on Facing the Future in Lagos

The Nigerian Bar

Association, NBA is set to

hold the 59th edition of its

Annual General Conference,

AGC in Lagos from August 23-

29, 2019, with the theme: Facing

The Future.

Addressing newsmen on

programmes lined up for the

week-long event, Mr Gbenga

Oyebode, SAN, Chairman,

Technical Committee on

Conference Planning, TCCP,

said: “This year, the

conference will feature over 30

technical sessions and

showcase sessions where

subject-matter experts,

business leaders and

renowned political leaders in

various fields of endeavour

will lead conversations

primarily aimed at

envisioning the future of the

legal profession, within the

context of a rapidly changing

and evolving world, and

anticipate the adaptive

measures that practitioners

will be required to embrace in

light of these imminent

changes. “Notably, subject to

registration, the conference is

open to all members of the

NBA and, indeed, members of

the public, and the Local

Organising Committee of the

NBA is enthusiastically ready

*From left: NBA President, Paul Usoro, SAN, Former

Chairman, Access Bank and Chairman, NBA 2019

Conference, Gbenga Oyebode, and Seni Adio, SAN,

Chairman, Technical Sub-Committee for the 2019 Conference,

during a World Press Conference to unveil plans for the 59th

Annual general Conference of the Nigerian Bar Association.

exponentially over the years

and have disrupted

practically every sphere of

society. Artificial

intelligence, block chain,

financial technology, cloud

computing, electronic

documentation and

electronic discovery are a few

that will

directly continue to impact

the manufacturing and

service sectors including the

legal and justice sub-sectors.

The conference will

interrogate the current legal

regulatory environment,

lawyers’ response to



preparedness to harness

these tools for efficient legal

services delivery and a

technology- driven judiciary.

“This year, the conference

places the NBA sections and

their respective specialist

Tel: 08152060944

incident and bring those

responsible for interfering with

the administration of justice in

this way to account;

Related to this, it will also be

particularly important to

interrogate the response of the

(acting) Chief Judge of Kebbi

State, Justice Ambursa to the

incident and clarify whether he

knew of it at the time it was

taking place and responded to

it in a manner expected of a

person at the helm of the state’s

Judiciary. Should his response

be found wanting, this should

be grounds for concluding that

he cannot discharge the

functions of a Chief Judge


Where the laws applicable in

Kebbi State establish the

offence of interference with the

administration of justice,

ensure criminal prosecution of

all persons responsible for

interfering with Justice

Karatu’s right and duty to

access her court room and

deliver her judgments.


If Nigeria’s Judiciary steps up

to the plate, and offers a

principled and bold

intervention on this incident,

this would be a significant way

for the Judiciary’s new

leadership to announce that

change is underway and that

the Judiciary will no longer be

a stamping ground for acts

capable of publicly ridiculing it.

This is the kind of hope

Nigerians desperately seek to

see in the horizon, however

distant it seems, particularly in

these troubling times. “

Joseph Otteh is Convener,

Access to Justice.

sessions at the heart of the

conference programme for


“Lawyers will have a real

opportunity to focus on their

areas of interest and benefit

from exposure to emerging

practice areas to be better

equipped and reinforced to

Face the Future.”

A forced RUGA will break

Nigeria —- Uzamere

Continued from yesterday

to concretize what they are all

putting out. That is when

Nigeria will go up in flames.

Apart from the arrangement

between the Hausa/Fulani and

the Yorubas, how about the Igbos

who are about 1/3 of the country?

We the historians know how this

is going to work out. When men

like me talk, it is not the Holy

Spirit that is talking through me,

but history.

We know that Nigeria is already

at war, because there is no way

you can suppress a people for

too long; they will react.

According to Obasanjo in his last

letter to President Buhari, he

said Nigeria is already at the

precipice and we are going to

fall over the cliff.

36 —VANGUARD, FRIDAY, JULY 19, , 2019


FRIDAY JULY 19, 2019 —37

38 —VANGUARD, FRIDAY, JULY 19, , 2019


This is to confirm that Miss

Akpovona Idama and Mrs.

Akpovona Ojimi Elick refers

to one and the same person

and I now wish to be known

as Mrs. Elick, Akpovona

Ojimi. All former document

remains valid. General public

and banks should take note.


I, formerly known as Miss

Odili Anthonia Chigozie, now

wish to be known as Mrs.

Chigozie Anthonia Asiodu.All

former documents remain

valid.General public please

take note.


I, formerly known as Inye

Don Pedro, now wish to be

known as Inye Romeo. All

former documents remain

valid.General public please

take note.


I, formerly known as James

Adeolu Jaiyeola, now wish to

be known as James Adeolu

Adenekan. All former

documents remain valid.

General public please take



I, formerly known as Akpos

Godwin Bawo, now wish to be

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Bawo.All former documents

remain valid.General public

please take note.


I, formerly known as Bassey

Robin Iyohokwa, now wish

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Bassey Robin. All former

documents remain

valid.General public please

take note.


I, formerly known as Evuhie

Choice Princess, now wish to

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All former documents remain

valid. Zenith Bank Plc.

General public please take



I Sunday Zide hereby confirm

that the names Sunday

Zikedemeteide, Sunday Ziede,

and Sunday Zide refer to one

and the same me. I now wish

to be known as Sunday Zide.

All former documents remain

valid. General public please

take note.


I, formerly known as Mrs.

Oroye Rachael Zino, now

wish to be known as Mrs.

Oroye-Okpoudhu Rachael

Zino. All former documents

remain valid. General public

please take note.


I, formerly known and

addressed as Miss Ejera

Ekpeme Martha, now wish to

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Inegbedion Erovwo Martha.

All former documents remain

valid. General public please

take note.


My name is Obarhuakpor Moses

Obedeti but was wrongly captured

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on my Access Bank account.

Obarhuakpor Moses Obedeti

remains my correct name. All

former documents remain valid.

General public please take note.


I, formerly known as Miss

Faleye Grace Olayemi,now

wish to be known as Mrs

Owoseni Grace Olayemi.All

former documents remain

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take note.


I, formerly known as

Igberikebina Rose, now wish to

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Roselyn. All former documents

remain valid.General public

please take note.


I, formerly known as Terhile

Gift Yua, now wish to be

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Onyinyechi. All former

documents remain

valid.General public please

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My name is Okotie Excellent but

was wrongly captured asYoung

Okotie Excellen during my account

opening with Ecobank Bank Plc.

Okotie Excellent remains my

correct name. All former documents

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take note.


I, formerly known as Mary

Amarachi Mbah, now wish to

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Okonkwo. All former

documents remain

valid.General public please

take note.


I, Asheta Miletwelve Terry wish to

notify the general public that in my

BVN details my name was

erroneously written as Asheta

Oldtom Miletwelve Terry instead of

Asheta Miletwelve Terry which is

my correct name. All former

documents remain vaild. First bank.

General public take note.


I, formerly known as Miss Pigiagha

Linda Bubeleye, now wish to be

known as Mrs. Pigiagha johnbull

Jumbo. All documents bearing my

former name still remain valid.

General public, Nembe west and East

Local Government Areas and all

relevant authorities please take note.


This is to certify that the

names Dele Ogunkanbi Femi

and Abel Femi refer to one and

same me. I now wish to be

known as Dele Ogunkanbi

Femi. All former documents

remain valid. General public

please take note.


I, formerly known and

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Ahaze, now wish to be known

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Ehis-Okoro. All former

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Idorenyen Ezekiel.All former

documents remain

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This is to confirm that the

names Bibiana Matthew

Benson and Bibiana Matthew

Ukpong refer to one and the

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Benson. All former document

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Ndekwu. All former documents

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That upon documentation and BVN

Registration, my middle name Samuel

was omitted. My correct name is

Solomon Bile-Ilama Samuel. All

documents bearing my former name

still remain Valid. General public,

GTBank plc, UBA plc, First Bank of

Nigeria plc and all relevant

authorities please take note


I, formerly known and

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Osarumwense, now wish to be

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Philomina Egun. All former

documents remain valid. Delta

State University, Abraka and

general public please take note.


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This is to confirm that Pemu

Felix Tsola and Pemu Felix

refers to one and the same

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to whom it may concern and

the general public to please

take note.


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Mercy Omojaye now wish

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All former documents remain

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correct spelling of my name

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Abeke Collins Efe. All former

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general public is to please take

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General public please take note.

This is to confirm that Eboka

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In some of my documents, I bear

Ogheneovo Gabriel Asanuvwie

Asanuvwie Gabriel and Asanuvwie

Gabriel Ogheneovo. I now wish to

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Ogheneovo. Former documents

remain valid. General public please

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I, formerly known and addressed as

Miss Eburajolo Shator Sandra, now

wish to be known and addressed as

Mrs. Itseatomofe Sandra Anakwenze.

All documents bearing my former

names remain valid. Federal

Polytechnic, Auchi, Edo State, UBA

Plc and the general public should

please take note.


I, formerly known as Miss

Obiti Osarugue Rachael, now

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Gill Osarugue Rachael. All

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Former documents remain

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Adline Uchanma Iwuala,now

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Adeline Uchanma Ahaghotu.

All former documents remain

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Mmachukwu Omonode,

now wish to be known as

Mmachukwu Orizu. All

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Oghenesuvwe, now wish to

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Roland. Former documents

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My name is wrongly captured

in my BVN as Chukwu Ugochi

Miriam That My Correct

Name Is Achiebah Ugochi

Miriam. Former documents

remain valid. General public

please take note.


I, formerly known as Miss

Ugedi Tuwaye Grace, now

wish to be known as Mrs

Idolo Tuwaye Ugedi. All

former documents remain

valid. The general public is to

take note.


I, formerly known, called and

addressed as Krigbode Anthonia

Yinlayefa (f), now wish to be known,

called and addressed as Ebide

Anthonia Yinlayefa. All documents

bearing my former name remain valid.

The general public and to whom it

may concern should please take note.


I, formerly known as Miss

Ekhator Ehiosu Judith, now

wish to be known as Mrs.

Ehiosu Judith Nagudia. All

former documents remain

valid . General public please

take note.


l, formerly known as Okeke-

Ekpe, Chisom Patience,now

wish to be known as

Chukwunwike Chukwusom

Blossom. Former documents

remain valid. General public

take note.


I, formerly known as Miss

Onyinye Jane Ofili, now

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Onyinye Jane Igbo. All

former documents remain

valid. The general public is to

take note.


I, formerly known as Agu

Chioma, now wish to be

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All former documents remain

valid. General public please

take note.


FRIDAY JULY 19, 2019 —39

‘No-deal’ Brexit dealt blow by UK




mentarians dealt a

blow on Thursday both

to the dying embers of

Prime Minister

Theresa May’s administration

and to the likely

next leader, Boris

Johnson, even before

he’s been confirmed.

MPs defeated the government

in a vote that

Argentina freezes Hezbollah

assets, 25 years after AMIA



Argentina have ordered

the freezing of

Hezbollah assets in the

country and effectively

designated the Lebanese

Islamist group - which it

blames for two attacks on its

soil - a “terrorist” organisation.

The announcement

on Thursday coincided

with a visit by United

States Secretary of State

Mike Pompeo, as Argentina

marks the 25th anniversary

of the deadly

bombing of a Jewish community

centre in Buenos

Aires in which 85 people


Argentina blames Iran

and Hezbollah for the 1994

attack, but both deny any

responsibility. Argentina

also blames Hezbollah for

a 1992 attack on the Israeli

embassy in Buenos Aires

that killed 29 people.

The country’s investigation

into the truck bomb

targeting the Argentine Israelite

Mutual Association

(AMIA) has made little

progress, however. No one

has been brought to trial in

either that case or the embassy


Argentina’s financial information

unit ordered the

freezing of assets for members

of Hezbollah and the

organisation as a whole

one day after the country

created a new list for

people and entities linked

to terrorism.

should thwart any efforts

to suspend parliament

in order to push through

a “no-deal” Brexit.

Parliament has repeatedly

voted against allowing

a “no-deal” withdrawal

from the European

Union, and the

notion of suspending -

or “prolonging” - the

elected chamber had

been mooted as the most

likely way the next

prime minister would be

able to force the United

Kingdom to crash out

without a deal.

Such an eventuality,

analysts say, would trigger

a near-unprecedented



Johnson has made the

UK’s withdrawal on October

31 - “with or without

a deal” - the central

thrust of his campaign to

become the next leader

of the country’s ruling

Conservative Party, and

has never ruled out the

possibility of proroguing

parliament in order to

get his way.

US honours Nigerian Imam who hides

Christians from killers


who saved 262

Christians from killer

herdsman by hiding them

in his mosque and home,

has been honoured by the

US government.

Imam Abubakar Abdullahi,

83, received the International


Freedom Award alongside

four others from Cyprus,

Sudan, Brazil and


The imam had saved the

Christians in Barkin Ladi

area of Plateau state in

central Nigeria who were

running away from the


More than 80 others

were killed in the attack

that targeted Christians in

the area, and the number

could have been more

without the intervention

of the imam.

The imam had told the

BBC that he wanted to

help because more than

40 years ago the Christians

in the area had allowed

the Muslims to

build the mosque.






40 — Vanguard, FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2019

Vanguard, FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2019 —41

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Air Marshall Saddique Abubakar (L) with Air Officer Commanding Air

Training, Kaduna Command, Air Vice Marshall Muhammed Sulaiman and

others during the inauguration of NAF Marriage and Single Officers Quarters

at Nigerian Air Force Base in Kaduna, yesterday. Photo: NAN.


Senior lawyers, civil society

groups back new CJN

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so he could have a

surrogate for a CJN. My

palpable fear is that more

corruption would reign in

the judiciary under this


On his part, Evans Ufeli,

Executive Director, Cadrell

Advocacy Centre, said:

‘’First of all, the new CJN

must admit that the process

that brought him in as the

acting CJN and now the

substantive CJN is one that

was orchestrated by the

executive through violation

of extant laws, given how

the former CJN , Justice

Walter Onnoghen, was

suspended by the


‘’The aforesaid act is in

itself corruption as the

President’s action brought

the judiciary on its knees

with ridicules powered by

executive lawlessness.

Having said that, it’s not

untrue that some members

of the Bench are corrupt

and I think the challenge

can be streamlined to that


‘’It’s worrisome, no

doubt, but there are many

incorruptible Judges in our

judicial system too and they

have held this arm of

government tacitly and

judiciously. However,

what corruption portends

for the Nigerian state as it

relates to the judicial

system is a prognosis that

may have the state thrown

into socio-economic

turmoil, that may lead to

democratic paralysis and

endemic political


‘’The judiciary is the last

hope of the common man

and that premise is

sacrosanct. We must,

therefore, be reminded that

the affliction of the judicial

arm of government

underscores in great

magnitude the fall of


‘’The judicial arm of

government is the chamber

of justice or if you like; the

Naira depreciates to N

361.62/$ in I&E window

By Elizabeth Adegbesan

THE Naira, yesterday, depreciated slightly to

N361.62 per dollar in the Investors and

Exporters (I&E) window.

Data from FMDQ showed that the indicative

exchange rate for the I&E window rose to N361.62

per dollar yesterday from N361.61 per dollar on

Tuesday, translating to 36 kobo depreciation for the


The volume of dollars (turnover) traded on the

window dropped by 40 percent to $167.12 million

from $279.72 million traded on Wednesday.

However, the naira appreciated by 50 kobo in the

parallel market.

According to naijabdcs.com, the exchange rate

platform of the Association of Bureaux De Change

Operators of Nigeria (ABCON), the parallel market

exchange rate dropped to N358.5 per dollar

yesterday from N359 per dollar on Wednesday.

temple of justice, it must

be kept holy, it must only

admit noble men to the

bench who will keep the

stream of justice clean at all


‘’The current trend of

corruption in Nigeria which

has caught up with the

judicial system is one that

is undesirable and such

must be subjected to

national discourse and

concrete criticism.

‘’The intention here is to

save the judiciary first and

by extension the country

from invidious hands of

treacherous men who are

bent on desecrating the

temple of justice with

contempt. The state must,

therefore, fish these

disconcerting men and

women and bring them to


Reacting, Wale Ogunade,

Convener, Voters Initiative,

said: ‘’The ball is in his

court now to sanitize the

judiciary. He has every

power at his disposal.

‘’I want to believe that the

legislature too will support

him in this move. And I

know that the NBA too will

be supportive, the executive

is interested.

‘’All we want is somebody

who will have the political

will to drive the process and

give it a meaning. it is not

as if there are no laws to

deal with corruption in the

judiciary but what we heard

so far is that the political will

to drive it is not there but if

he can come, have the

political will, have a

character of strength to

drive it, obviously we will

go far.’’

Another lawyer,

Emmanuel Ochai, said in

his reaction: ‘’The judiciary

is the product of the

Nigerian society at large.

Judges do not fall from

heaven, but are part and

parcel of the society. If

Nigeria as a whole is

battling with the menace of

corruption, then the

judiciary is also affected,

same as the executive and

legislative arms of


‘’It was very bold of the

CJN to have admitted that

the judiciary has challenges

of corrupt judges. Having

admitted same, I believe he

has identified the problem

and will definitely find the

solution to the said


‘Reacting in the same

manner, Malcolm

Omirhobo, said: ‘’The new

CJN should first remove the

speck from his eyes before

removing the log from the

eyes of other judges. What

corruption can be more

than the gross violation

of the constitution and

helping the executive to

undermine the

independence of the

Nigerian judiciary ?

‘’As it stands, he cannot

be talking of corruption

because the judiciary is

bound to be corrupt under

his watch, especially when

the executive and judiciary

arms of government in

Nigeria are fused together

as one.’’

Former Vice President,

NBA, Monday Ubani, said:

‘’He is not the first CJN to

admit that. It is of public

knowledge. The issue is

whether it is pervasive or

of a smaller dimension. If

pervasive, it is dangerous.

If smaller, it can be curtailed

and those who commit the

crime of corruption should

be shown the exit door.”

‘Situation better

than before'

Another lawyer,

Olanrewaju Ajanaku, said:

‘’The truth is that the

situation is better than

before. There had been a

rejuvenation in terms of

remuneration and,

therefore, attendant severe

consequences for those

found wanting.

‘’The ‘war’ is on and I

believe so many of them will

sit up and not be caught in

the web of corruption. It is

good to keep the war going

but, it cannot be totally

eradicated. So many

underlining issues are


‘’One, will individuals

who are family members,

business partners or people

who have favoured some of

our judges over time who

then need favour from them

say no to requests for help?

The answer is obvious as it

would be deemed a

payback time.

‘’In other instances,

where families are not

involved, where there has

been an involvement of

certain individuals in the

eventual appointment of

the person to the bench,

then, it is an unwritten code

to ‘help out’ when the need

arises. All these help,

assistance or by any other

name you might call it is


Dele Igbinedion, another

lawyer, reacted this way:

‘’First, the CJN should be

commended for His

Lordship’s candour and

courage in calling

corruption in the judiciary

by its name and not

window dress it. Any other

Jurist in his position would

have gone to great lengths

to bury his head in the sand

like an ostrich. So, this is a

commendable step.

‘’Secondly, this is a good

day for the Judiciary. An

admission that there is

corruption is a

demonstration of the will to

confront it. So it should be


‘’I am gratified that the

Judiciary is moving in the

right direction by

confronting the monster of

corruption and taking steps

to deal with it decisively.

The future of the Judiciary

in Nigeria looks bright.’’

Ogu Ogedi, said: ‘’As

embarrassing as the

admission may seem, I

personally think the

admission on the part of the

CJN is a ‘confessional’

statement in the right

direction. This is because

having discovered and

admitted this fact, the onus

is now on him to take

drastic measures to salvage

the judiciary from the said


‘’The era of suspension

and/or sitting on the fence

is no longer tenable as a

defence. He must

challenge himself as the

leader of that arm of

government to ensure

utmost sanctification of that

section. He has just by that

admission stated that he

knows, it is now incumbent

on him to either remedy the

situation or allow same to

further swim in oceans of


Boniface Ohemu said: “It

is true, the Judiciary, even

before now, has challenges

of corruption, particularly

with Judges, which

portends danger for the

country but you know the

Judge is also a product of

the society. If the society

does not create the

opportunity, the Judge

won’t be corrupt, that is not

to make excuses for a

corrupt Judge anyway.

‘’In facing this issue

critically, we have to look

at the procedure for

appointing a Judge.

Where politicians play

deciding role, there is

bound to be problem. For

instance, where a political

case or any case

concerning a powerful

personality is pending

before a Judge and he is

approached with an

inducement in other to

decide the matter in the

person’s favour, some will

give in because the

consequence could be

heavy on them.

‘’Faced with this kind of

tempting challenge, you

either get corrupted and do

their bidding or not but you

see, most of our Judges are

too timid, that is a problem.

Another problem is that,

like I said earlier, a Judge

is a product of his society,

the average Nigerian wants

to make money by any

means, live flamboyant life

and secure a future for his


‘’I believe strongly that if

the Judiciary can

rejuvenate itself, the

country will be put on the

right track but how can this

be achieved? First, it

should purge itself totally

of corruption; two, it should

be resolute in deciding

matters as it is.

‘’Pedigree, know how and

temperament are some of

the virtues someone should

possess to fit in, against

knowing a powerful

politician as qualification

for appointment as a


In his reaction, David

Fadile said: ‘’The common

man whose last hope is the

judiciary is in dire trouble.

Corruption among the

judges is the worst plague

that can ever befall a nation.

Rather than the CJN

bemoaning the institution

he heads, he should as a

matter of urgency set all

machinery in motion to

address this avoidable

plague, beginning from

justices of appellate


Morah Ekwunoh said:

‘’No doubts, the statement

coming from the person

and occupant of the office

of CJN, who is in the

position to see and know it

all, metaphorically

speaking, is akin to an

earthquake on the

foundation of Nigerian

judiciary, with the

attendant reverberations

and ripples. ‘’This is

because he is eminently

placed in such vintage

position as CJN and

Chairman, National

Judicial Council (NJC),

which deals with

complaints against judicial

officers, from where he

could sieve facts

constituting the substratum

of his assertion.

‘’His proclamation and

declaration of war is,

certainly, worthy of

c o n s i d e r a b l e

commendation, it being

the first time in the long

and unbroken anal of

Nigerian judicial history

that it’s head is taking the

bulls by the horns, and

visiting his colleagues

and peers with such

intense public stricture,

particularly as it is coming

at the peak of the

government’s relentless

and apparently

irreversible war against


‘’Notwithstanding His

Lordship’s laudable

declaration, solemn and

contemplative pause over

it raises serious, and

some curious and

worrisome issues of,

among others, whether,

by calling for the corrupt

judges’ treatment the

same manner common

criminals are treated,

presupposes breaches of

constitutional safeguards

open to them, particularly

in the area of


requirements of the said

erring judges’ referral,

first, to the National

Judicial Council, prior to

their humiliation, as

common criminals.

‘’It is against the

background of the



constitutionality and rule of

law in such corrupt

judicial officers’ handling

that caution is advised,

much-as the CJN’s

declaration is, as said

before, salutary.’

42 —Vanguard, FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2019

By Theodore Opara

Dana, DFM committed to Nigeria auto

industry — Hathiramani

IN a bid to bring the best of

Chinese auto brands to the Nigerian

market, Dana Motors Limited

in partnership with Dongfeng

Motor Corporation, DFM, has introduced

the full range of DFM

brand of vehicles to the Nigerian

auto market. Positioned to be the

new dress code for Nigeria roads,

the introduction of DFM brand in

Nigeria is aimed at meeting the

ever-evolving needs of customers

ranging from exceptionally delivered

quality aftersales services to the

best-in-class model range from the

sedan, to SUV and all terrain Pickup.

Though, a Chinese brand, DFM

is one of the global brands with a

unique innovative design that continuously

remains at the vanguard

of leading auto brands and setting

the pace in automotive engineering

across the globe. DFM has continued

to spread its operations all over

the world with its growing footprints

in Africa, particularly Nigeria. Assembled

and distributed here in Nigeria

by Dana Motors Limited,

DFM is set on the path of limitless

possibilities in the Nigerian auto

market, as it boasts of impressive

penetration of Dana Motors operations

to give the brand a far-reaching

presence across the major cities

in the country. DFM brands are now

available in passenger cars, SUVs

and pickup trucks.

Innovative and

stylish designs

•L-r:Henry Lian, Commercial Manager DFM Africa, Alhaji Hassan Grema, representative of the MD/

CEO Dana Motors Ltd and Stanley Ebeigbe, Principal Partner DFM Nigeria at the unveiling of the DFM

vehicles in Lagos.

Making its first entry into the local

market at the newly opened

DFM showroom on Akin Adesola

Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, the

Chinese brand depicts the forward

thinking automotive engineering

that’s evident in the top-of-the-segment

model range that had continued

to draw praises from other countries

of operations across the globe,

owing to its innovative and stylish


Speaking on the partnership,

Jacky Hathiramani, Managing

Director/CEO of Dana Motors, said,

“all of us at Dana Motors are extremely

proud to introduce DFM,

the leading Chinese brand into the

Nigerian automotive markets. And

we are here to build more than just

great cars. We aim to set a new standard

in the Nigerian auto industry

by providing consumers with worldclass

products and services while engaging

customers exceptionally

with quality service deliveries at every

touch point.

“Having been a major stakeholder

and the leading company in the

Nigerian auto industry, Dana Motors

Limited has been offering bestin-class

brands with a second to

none after-sales service to customers

in the country for over two

decades. Together, both Dana Motors

Limited and DFM Global are

committed to providing the best-inclass

cars to meet our esteemed customers’

vehicular requirements and

exceed their expectations with quality

after sales services.”

DFM award-winning products

are now among the most popular

cars on sale in China and some parts

of Africa, gaining praise for attractive

design, high-tech features, and

reliability. The company’s distinctive

design identity runs through the

brand’s entire vehicle line-up, making

the brand’s cars immediately

recognizable. The newly launched

DFM model range in Nigeria is

proof of the company’s plans to introduce

cars that cater to the changing

paradigm of the Nigerian market

in the near future, said, Henry

Lian, Commercial Manager, Africa,

DFM Global.

On the provision of after-sales service

support for Dana Motors, Henry

stated that the DFM global team

are readily available to provide all

the necessary spare parts and expertise

to support Dana Motors Limited

in delivering exceptional after

sales service to the teeming customers.

In line with the operational approach

of DFM in Nigeria, the newly

launched DFM brand vehicles will

be rolled out from Dana’s assembly

plant in Lagos. The locally produced

compact sedan, SUV and all-terrain

pick up are specially built for

the Nigerian market.

Why we settled for Nord brand — Ajayi



Nord Automobiles Limited,

an indigenous auto company, Mr.

Oluwatobi Ajayi, has explained

that the Nord brand of vehicles introduced

by his company will give

Nigerians real value for money.

Ajayi who spoke to Vanguard

Motoring in his Lekki office recently

described Nord automobile as

a brand that takes the needs of Nigerian

environment into consideration

during the assembly of the

vehicles. According to Ajayi who

was listed among Forbes 30 most

promising young entrepreneurs in

Africa in 2018 as well as 10 most

influential entrepreneurs under 40

in Nigeria by the Business Insider

Magazine, he nurtured the dream

to give Nigerians the best of automobiles

in 2016 while he was the

managing director of Jetvan Nigeria


He said, "I have always wanted

to own an automobile brand that

Nigerians should be proud of. This

has always been my dream. So in

•Nord Flit bus

•Oluwatobi Ajayi, Chairman/CEO Nord Automobiles Ltd

2016 when Nigeria went into recession

and I was the managing

director of Jetvan Nigeria Ltd, a

company that markets Mercedes

Benz sprinter in Nigeria, I wanted

an alternative for my customers,

something that would give them

value for their money and my

search ended with Nord.

“When Nigeria went into recession

and the customers couldn’t

cope with the price of Mercedes

Benz sprinter which is a premium

brand, I sought for a quality brand

to cushion the gap and that was how

I found Nord, a brand that gives

real value for money."

The Nord Flit mini-bus on sale at

the company comes loaded with an

array of features. Apart from having

the Toyota Hiace big body it

comes with anti-lock brake system,

electronic brake distribution system

good legroom, comfortable

seats, three year warranty, high roof,

air-conditioning system, led lights,


On their preparedness to deliver

excellent services and after-sales,

the chairman said, “we have outlets

in Lekki, Ikotun, Ijebo Ode,

while Ajah and Port Harcourt will

soon be ready."

According to him, the vehicles

being offered are durable and elegant,

and yet competitively priced.

They have low total cost of ownership

compared to the

Best time to

own new

Nissan SUV


Nissan Sales Company has

unveiled ambitious sales offer for

cutting-edge Nissan SUV range

to enable discerning automobile

enthusiasts take advantage of its

ongoing bargain sales tagged:

“The best time to own a brand new

Nissan SUV is now.”

Structured in line with the Nissan

tagline ‘Innovation that Excites,’

the offer promises limitless access

to Nissan SUV range including

the Kicks, Qashqai, X-Trail and

Patrol at a starting price of only


The dealership is also assuring

intending buyers of Nissan’s

ambitious three-year or 100,000km

warranty plus other niceties that

could broaden customers’

affections for the Japaneseengineered

brand. Stallion NMN

Head of Sales and Marketing,

Amit Sharma, who gave this hint

in Lagos said “Nissan SUV range

are great family vehicles packed

with full safety features that ensure

safe smooth ride – whether you

are on the school run or exploring

the country.”

competition.That is why we are

confident that the Nord vehicles

would soon be a household names

in Nigeria.

He added, “the Nord Flit is Toyota

Hiace and Nissan Urvan’s

competitor but we have advantage

of price. Our products should be

preferred because we adopted Toyota

standard, our vehicles are as

elegant as Toyota and equally durable

yet offered at 40 per cent less

the price. The secret is that they

also use Toyota spare parts coupled

with our excellent after-sales

network coverage." With Flit, he

said they are targeting transporters,

schools, churches, car hire

companies, corporate organisations

as well as other private individuals.

Expressing no doubt on their

ability to break into the market,

the Nord CEO said, “we have all

it takes to break into the market

because we are big enough to deliver

and young and small enough

to be flexible to our customers' demands

which to me is a combination

for delivering great vehicles

and service with our experience in

marketing Mercedes Benz sprinter.

We don’t have problems delivering

the Nord vehicles in Nigeria

from the last quarter of the year,

you shall feel our presence. Some

customers that have tested our

products have given it a thumbs

up. It is going to be the next big

thing in the Nigeria auto industry.”

Nord automobiles designs,

sources, develops, assembles, distributes,

markets and provides

sales and after-sales services of

Nord vehicles.

Their range of vehicles cuts

across buses, sport utility vehicles

and passenger cars. They include

the Bolt bus, flit bus, Aso truck,

Trum big bus etc. Others are Q3

sedan, Q5 SUV, Ben SUV, Tank

pick up and urban sedan.

Vanguard, FRIDAY July 19, 2019 — 43

Election will be free, fair,

credible – Elder Udo-Tom, REC

•Says desperate politicians must shun do-or-die attitude

Elder Monday Udo-Tom is the Resident Electoral Commissioner, REC, of

Bayelsa State. In an exclusive interview during the 2019 Post-election

review held by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC,

in Lagos, Udo-Tom reaffirmed his commitment to ensure the

November 16 governorship election in Bayelsa is free, fair, and


Expectation on the


Bayelsa State may look

like a small state but if you

are there, you will realise

that is not small. The terrain

of Bayelsa has made it a very

big state because over 25

percent of the state is

riverine. Therefore, our

responsibility is some how

very cumbersome. The

expectation of the people of

Bayelsa is that the election

on November 16 will be

free, fair, credible and

acceptable and that is what

we promise to deliver.

For the past one month we

have been having series of

stakeholders meeting

updating them on what we

did in the past and what we

intend to achieve during the

election. And that has given

us a great impetus to deliver

service to the Bayelsa people

at a higher level than what

happened before. We are

prepared to do what is right

through procurement of

materials, employment and

training of adhoc staffs, their

deployment shall be wellguided

by the rule of the

game and by the law.


By Emma Ujah,

Abuja Bureau Chief

S the race to the Creek

AHaven hots up, a chieftain

of the Peoples’ Democratic

Party, PDP, in Bayelsa State,



Ituamokumo, has said that

Mr. Timi Alaibe deserved to

succeed Governor Seriake


He spoke in an interview

with Vanguard, in Abuja,

Ituamokumo said that Alaibe

had paid his dues in the PDP

at the state, regional and

national level and towered

above all other aspirants.

His words: “For those who

don’t know, Mr. Timi Alaibe

has paid his dues in PDP, at

the state level, as well as,

regional and national levels.

We are talking of someone

who was there from the

beginning of the PDP as the

current democracy started in


The PDP chieftain said that

founding members of the PDP

in the state knew how much

Mr. Alaibe did to ensure the

building of the party and

ensuring that it remained the

dominant party in the state in

the last 20 years.

On the do-or-die antics of

political parties and


We had a reason to attend

an advocacy for peaceful

election in Bayelsa State

and my keynote speech was

on participatory election

and not war. Therefore, we

are not part of any war, we

are only coming to conduct

election as allowed by the

dictates of the constitution.

Our message to every

Bayelsan is to give peace a

chance. Many are of the

view that Bayelsa is always

troublesome. Let politicians

in the state try to change the

narrative in the coming

election. And it seems the

people themselves are the

ones clamouring for peace.

I am believing God that we

would achieve peaceful

election on November 16. I

have been telling Bayelsan

politicians that if they

should kill anybody, it is

their own brother or sister

they will kill unjustly

because of elections. That

brother or sister may have

been destined to be a

governor in the future. If you

look from that perspective,

Those insulting Alaibe

“At a time like this, all kinds

of groups will emerge, trying

to look for money. May be

those who have come up with

all these names, PDP

Restoration Network; PDP

Stakeholders; PDP

Restoration Foot Soldiers and

what have you, may be people

looking for money and they

may be thinking, if we can do

this or that, the Governor will

call us and give us money.

“And if such group of persons

are attacking or focusing on

one particular individual, it

means that individual is very

important. I say so because

people cannot attack someone

who is not important.”

Ituamokumo said that many

of those currently parading

themselves as members of the

Restoration Team were people

who came in to enjoy the

benefits of the original

Restoration Movement which

included Mr Alaibe and other

notable PDP leaders in the


His words: “Some people

ascribed to themselves

membership of the Restoration

Team. I believe these are

essentially supporters of


should be voted

for based on

their character



When you buy

votes you are


Bayelsa and

Nigeria at large

we should make sure that no

life is lost during any

election for any purpose.

Former President Goodluck

Jonathan is from Bayelsa

and during the Presidential

election in 2015, he said his

ambition was not worth the

life of any Nigerian and I

believe that as a foremost

person from Bayelsa, they

Governor Seriake Dickson. I

said so because that was the

name given to his campaign

organisation during his


“But let me add that when

we talk of Restoration Team in

Bayelsa PDP, that was the

name that was given to the

team that brought Dickson on

board as Governor of Bayelsa


“The members of that team

included people like Hon.

Fred Agbedi, who was the

Director-General, King A J

Turner, who was the

Chairman, Hon. Nelson

Believe, Mrs. Marry Ibikake,

Chief Degi who is now a

senator on the platform of

APC, Chief Ikiwa, Chief

Ezegara, Surveyor Akene, Mr.

Timi Alaibe, Sen. Emmanuel

Paulker, Heineken Lokpobiri

were all members of the

Restoration team.

“This team was instrumental

to Dockson’s emergence as

governor of Bayelsa State. At

a point some left the

Restoration Team because of

some unpleasant things that

they observed in the the

Dickson administration.”

The original group that

metamorphosed into

Restoration Team were a

group of friends who were

essentially former President

Goodluck Jonathan's

supporters when he was still

deputy governor of Bayelsa.

That group, the chieftain

disclosed, later became the

major political structure of Dr.

Jonathan when he became

the governor of the state,

following the impeachment of




His words: “At the

beginning, these people were

a Committee of Friends which

was essentially made up of


should emulate him.

We have written to them

and are willing to meet with

all political gladiators in the

state. We are still going to

have series of stakeholders

meeting starting from when

the ban on political

campaign is lifted in the

state. We cannot have

elections without

stakeholders meeting to

discuss peaceful coexistence

and the way


On the menace of votebuying

ravaging our

electoral system

That is an issue the INEC

is addressing at every given

time. In the last election, we

had to change the position

of our cubicle in order to

curtail and monitor this

dastardly act of desperate

politicians inducing voters.

In our stakeholders

the Jonathan Support

Group. So the Restoration

Movement or team

metamorphosed from the

Committee of Friends when

Jonathan was Deputy

Governor of Bayelsa State. It

was through that committee

that Jonathan’s political

structure started.

''And from there when

Governor Diepreye

Alamieyeseigha was

impeached, Jonathan became

governor. When Jonathan

became governor, he

appointed Dickson as

Commissioner for Justice.

That was after he crossed over

from the Alliance for

Democracy where he was the

state chairman.''

Five aides of governor

declaring interest

On the declaration of

interests of several of

Dickson’s aides or members of

his administration,

Ituamokumo said that it was

funny and their claim that

they were endorsed by the

governor was doubtful.

According to him, “It looks

like a child’s play. Majority

of the people who are

contesting are from the

Restoration Team, which is the

Governor’s team. I find it very

funny. People may be looking

at it as if it is the governor that

is sponsoring them.

“But if the governor is the

one sponsoring them, how

many people will the governor

sponsor at a time? How many

people will he endorse to

occupy the seat? I don’t

believe that it is the governor

that is sponsoring five or six

persons to contest the state

governorship election.

“I don’t think the governor

can waste the state’s

resources like that. N21

meetings we will continue to

discourage vote-buying.

Candidates should be voted

for based on their character

and antecedents. When you

buy votes you are shortchanging

Bayelsa and

Nigeria at large. But in the

first instance there is no

buyer without a seller. So, we

are equally appealing to

Bayelsans not to sell their

votes because by so doing,

they are doing themselves a

disservice by collecting

money from someone who

is not competent enough to

be their governor. Later, the

money he or she is supposed

to use in constructing roads,

schools and other

infrastructures would then

be used for personal

aggrandizement. So vote

selling is a big challenge for

INEC as the commission

cannot be everywhere at

every time. Vote is a trust and

•Urges Gov Dickson to be neutral

million to buy Nomination

Form. In five or six places, that

money is enough to at least

do one project. I don’t think,

as clever as the governor is ,

he will waste money in

sponsoring all those persons.

“Today some people who

came to benefit from the

struggles of founding

members of the Restoration

Team are now the ones saying

they are the ones to dictate

things in Bayelsa.”

Alaibe owes no one apology

for returning to PDP

The Chieftain added that

those asking Mr. Alaibe to

apologise before his ambition

could be supported had no


His words: “Those calling for

apology are not serious. Has

the person not declared

publicly that they are back to

PDP? A person who has

returned to PDP with all his

supporters and declared so in

an open forum and such a

person has been so warmly

received by the party; where

will the apology come from?

What is the apology for?

“The question is, people who

are demanding for apology,

what contributions have they

made towards the

development of PDP in the

state, region or at the national

level? People who are

demanding for apology, what

have they done for the party?

Have they contributed to the

party more than the person

that they are demanding

apology from?

“The Timi Alaibe I know is a

PDP man. He has always

been a PDP man until 2015

when he left to contest the

governorship election on

another party platform. But he

returned soon after.

“Let me tell you, many

people don’t know that

civic responsibility that

should be given to

Nigerians instead of being

tele-guided during


Don’t you think the level

of abject poverty is

contributing to votebuying?

Poverty is a thing of the

mind, you maybe rich and

decide to live poor. The

ability to be able to be

contented with the level you

are now is what keeps you

going. The problem with

Nigeria is that many want

to be like Mr. A and if you

don’t have the means of

being like Mr. A then you

start having problem. Do

you know that the so called

rich also collect money from

politicians? So, it is the state

of the mind and the ability

to say no to inducement.

On his advice to

politicians and the

electorate ahead of the


I will urge candidates to

be their brothers’ keeper.

Don’t see elections as a door-die

affair. Be

magnanimous in your

victory and accept defeat

gallantly. If you don’t win

today, it does not mean that

you won’t win tomorrow.

Politicians should be open to

the competition. If you

don’t win, you embrace the

person that won. The person

that won should be able to

carry a lot of people along

because when you win an

election, you are not just

ruling the party, you are also

ruling over every person in

the community. Therefore

your responsibility is to

everybody in your

community, constituency

and the whole country. By so

doing you are going to

change the narrative of

politics in Nigeria.

Alaibe deserves to be Bayelsa governor

– Ituamokumo

Dickson himself was, from the

beginning of this democracy

in 1999, a member of the

Alliance for Democracy. In fact

he was State Chairman of that

party in Bayelsa. He came to

PDP during the

Alamieyeseigha saga. When

he was AD chairman, his

party did not produce even a

local government councilor.

Yet he crossed to PDP and was

appointed a commissioner for

Justice by then Governor


“As he left AD to the PDP

through AJ Turner, what

contributions had he made to

the party before getting all

these benefits? He is the

greatest beneficiary of the

PDP rule in the state since

1999. He is the first governor

to enjoy two terms. No other

governor has been in office for

eight years in Bayelsa, apart

from Dickson.”

Dickson should be neutral

Ituamokumo urged

Governor Dickson to remain

neutral in the contest for the

next governor of the state by

providing a level-playing

ground for all PDP aspirants

and to support whoever picks

the party's ticket after a free

and fair primary election.

He said: “Dickson should be

thankful to God almighty, to

Jonathan and to Bayelsans.

Dickson should not look for a


''He should not make any

move to impose a successor.

He should ensure a levelplaying

ground for all

aspirants and whomever God

blesses to pick the PDP ticket

in the state, should be the

governor’s candidate,

remembering where he is

coming from, and the support

that others gave to him to

ascend to that office.''

44 — Vanguard, FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2019

2019 AFCON Final:

Senegal v Algeria

Mane, Mahrez

tango for ultimate

trophy in Africa

The hopes of two nations

will tonight be firmly



the shoulders of Sadio

Mane and Riyad Mahrez as

Senegal and Algeria battle it

out in the Africa Cup of Nations


The Premier League stars

have helped fire their teams

into tonight’s showpiece

match in Cairo adding to the

successful seasons with their

respective clubs.

Mane won the Champions

League with Liverpool, while

Algeria captain Mahrez was

part of a Manchester City side

who completed the first men’s

domestic treble in England.

The two have been evenly

Mane ready to

trade champions

league title for

AFCON trophy

matched throughout the competition

too. Both have scored

three goals - two behind Nigeria’s

Odion Ighalo - with

Mahrez’s last-gasp free-kick

booking Algeria’s place in the

final while Mane scored the

winning goal against Uganda

in the last 16.

Today’s final will be the second

time the two sides have

met in the competition this year,

having been drawn together in

Group C.

Algeria won the group match

1-0 - which sealed their spot

in the last 16 - thanks to a 49thminute

Youcef Belaili goal. It

is the only goal Senegal have

conceded in the tournament

and the result saw them finish

Senegal forward Sadio

Mane says he would

swap his Champions League

winning medal with Liverpool

for winning the Africa

Cup of Nations tonight.

Mane helped Liverpool

beat Tottenham to win the

Champions League final

on 1 June, and has three

goals in five starts at the •Mane

Africa Cup of


“For sure, I would be ready even today [to swap],”

Mane told BBC Sport.

The former Southampton player, 27, added: “Maybe

I don’t need to swap when we win it hopefully.

“We know it won’t be easy but it’s normal, it’s part

of football. Algeria is a great team and now I’m just

looking forward to playing in the final and to win


Odion Ighalo has decided

the AFCON 2019 is his

last outing for Nigeria.

The 30 year-old is expected

to make a formal announcement

on his international retirement


Ighalo scored five goals in

Nigeria’s AFCON 2019 campaign

in Egypt and is in contention

for the competition’s

second in the group behind

their final opponents.

Senegal will be without key

centre-back Kalidou

Koulibaly for the final. The

Napoli defender picked up a

second yellow card in three

matches during the semi-final

and he will now serve a suspension.

Aside from this, both sides

should have fully fit squads to

choose from.

Senegal manager Aliou

Cisse was the country’s captain

when they were Africa

Cup of Nations runners-up in

2002, losing on penalties

Cameroon during a home


The former Birmingham City

and Portsmouth midfielder is

hoping his current team can go

one better than the 2002 contingent

and win the competition.

“There is a pride at getting to

the final. It had been 17 years

since we got this far, since my

generation in 2002,” Cisse


“Our philosophy is to take a

game at a time and try to play

the best football to erase the

disappointment of 2002. It’s a

dream to win the title not only

for me, but for all the Senegalese

people. We are close to realising

this dream that we

could not achieve in 2002.”

Ex international, Jonathan

Akpoborie has advised

the Nigeria Football Federation

and the Super Eagles technical

crew not to overhaul the

bulk of players that represented

Nigeria at the Africa

Cup of Nations.

Nigeria defeated Tunisia 1-0

to claim the third-place bronze

medal thanks to an Odion

Ighalo’s 3rd-minute strike in

the first half.

Although some football pundits

have started craving for total

rijiging of the team after

their 2-1 lose against the Desert

Foxes of Algeria in the Semi Final,

the former Wolfsburg star

said that there are some quality

players worthy of doning the

country’s colours.

Akpoborie, who was part of

the Nigeria team that won the

Ighalo ponders International retirement!

golden boot.

Footballlive gathered that

the player is stalling on the

announcement until after the

tournament, but his inner circles

had been kept in the

know about his decision to


Ighalo has been Head

Coach, Gernot Rohr’s, first

choice striker.


Ahead of today’s final match

of the 2019 Africa Cup of

Nations, the Confederation of

African Football (CAF) has

threatened to enforce a $10.000

fine on the Algerian FA after

supporters attacked Egyptian


Algeria secured a spot in the

CAF drops Pinnick as 1st Vice


•As his tenure


The term of the President of

the Nigeria Football Federation,

Mr. Amaju Melvin

Pinnick as the 1st Vice President

of the Confederation of

African Football along with

that of the 2nd and 3rd Vice

Presidents expired today.

In line with Article 22(4) of

the CAF Statutes, every two

years when elections are held

at the CAF Congress (as took

place today), the CAF Executive

Committee on the proposal

of the CAF President,

elects a 1st, 2nd and 3rd Vice

President respectively from


first edition of the FIFA U-16

Championship in 1985, scoring

in the final against the then

West Germany, also revealed

that Nigerians must be proud

of the team performances in


“I must confess that Nigeria

has not really done badly at the

Africa Cup of Nations. In football

you can win all the games

and that’s why they say you win

some and you lose some.

“I really commend the efforts

African Cup of Nations final following

their last minute win

against Nigeria in the semi-finals.

According to CAF officials

Algerian fans in Category 3

threw water bottles at some

Egyptian supporters staying

the East Stand and tried to

among its members.

Significantly the renewal of

Amaju Pinnick’s tenure was

not proposed by the CAF

President because of fundamental

differences on focus

and direction.

Pinnick accepted the decision

of the President as it

aligned with his own view

Omeruo preaches

continuity for

Eagles youngsters

CAF slams


fine on


climb the barrier to attack

them in the 72nd minute after

some of them celebrated

Ighalo’s equalizer.

Following the incident CAF

decided to fine the Algerian

FA with a sum of $10.000 before

retracting the punishment.

They threatened to enforce

the fine once again if the

incident was to take place

again in the final.

having considered matters

surrounding the administration

of African Football which

has dovetailed into the Nigerian

Football space. He will

however remain a bonafide

member of the CAF Executive

Committee to continue with

his madate as such.

Super Eagles defender,

Kenneth Omeruo said there

was need for the present crop of

players to continue with the national

team, if the country were to

win soccer glory in the future.

Omeruo who along side John

Obi Mikel and Ahmed Musa


were the only surviving Super Eagles

class of 2013 in the squad to

the 2019 AFCON submitted that the

future was bright for the team, because of

the abundant youth talent in the team.

“The future is bright for us and I hope this

team is together and we play more matches

together, “

“We wanted to be in the finals but it was not


‘Coming back from a painful loss and fight for

this third place wasn’t easy you know, but am happy

we have achieved that. “ Omeruo concluded.

Akpoborie advises NFF not to overhaul Super Eagles


of the players considering the

fact that they did their best to

win the Third Place, a bronze

medal regardless of the fact that

they lost 2-1 against Algeria in

Chukwu thanks Pinnick,

commends Eagles

Former Super Eagles Cap

tain and coach, Chairman

Christian Chukwu has once

again thanked the President

and executive members of the

Nigeria Football Federation,

NFF, for their rapid response

while he was ill.

The Nigerian football legend

who was bailed financially

by Philanthropist Femi

Otedola who ensured he got

the best of medical treatment

in London said that words

would not be enough to thank

NFF President, Pinnick

Amaju for his prompt response

in his time of need.

‘’I wake up every day praying

for Amaju, Otedola and

the Governor of Enugu State,

His excellency Ifeanyi

Ugwuanyi. It is only God who

will reward them for their assistance’’,

Chukwu who stayed

nearly two months in London

where he underwent treatment

and surgery at the renowned

Wellington Hospital said.

‘’They and all Nigerians demonstrated

love to me. I thank all

of them’’, Chukwu said.

Speaking on the bronze medal

won by the Super Eagles after

beating Tunisia 1-0 in the third

place match at the AFCON in

Egypt, Chukwu said that it was

better than nothing.

‘’I congratulate the players and

their coaches and Amaju and his

the semi final. However, it won’t

be fair if our football body (NFF)

decide to overhaul the team because

that would be like starting

from the scratch.

“One thing we must understand

is that every team came

to the competition to win the trophy

and it’s only one team that

will lift it. Losing to Algerian

shouldn’t be seen as a disaster

based on the fact that it was a

narrow defeat. And it could have

happened to any teams.


NFF members. It is a commendable

feat if you remember

that Egypt that hosted and

was tipped to win failed by the

way side’’, Chukwu who won

a bronze medal in Tunisia

while he was Chief coach of the

Eagles said.

‘’Lets celebrate the team.

There is bright future for the

team with those young and talented

players’’, he emphasised.

Vanguard, FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2019 — 45

Sturridge banned,

fined for gambling

Daniel Sturridge has been fined

£75,000 and banned from playing

football until July 31 after being found

guilty of breaching the FA’s gambling


Sturridge has been given a six-week ban,

four of which have been suspended until

August 31, 2020, meaning he is free to play

football again from July 31 in the event he

commits no further breaches of FA’s


The Regulatory Commission

investigation found that the former

England international had instructed his

brother, Leon, to bet on a possible move by

him to La Liga side Sevilla.

The Commission also found that, in

issuing that instruction, Sturridge had

provided his brother with inside

information for that purpose.

The FA respectfully disagrees with the

Regulatory Commission’s findings and will

be appealing against the charges which

were dismissed and the sanction which was


In response to the verdict Sturridge issued

a statement that said: “I am grateful to the

panel for the time and consideration given

to my case. I would also like to thank my

family, friends and legal representatives for

the support they have given me throughout

the past very tough 15 months’’

Klopp: Liverpool

cannot spend like

Madrid, Barca, City

Jurgen Klopp says Liverpool are not in a

position to compete financially with the

champions Manchester City and European

rivals Paris Saint-Germain.

Pep Guardiola has shelled out more than

£500m on players in his two years at City,

while Liverpool have spent roughly £300m

in the same period.

The only addition to Liverpool’s squad

this summer has been Dutch youngster

Sepp van den Berg, and Klopp has

reiterated he does not expect to do any

major business in this window.

“We are pretty relaxed in that, we will see

what’s coming up,” Klopp told Liverpool’s


“How I said, it will not be the biggest

transfer window of LFC; we invested a lot

in the team in the last two years, I would

say. We cannot spend every year in the same


“People talk about it like, ‘now another

£300m or £200m’. There are maybe only

two clubs in the world - it looks in the

moment like Barcelona and (Real) Madrid

can do the same - (Manchester) City and

PSG that can do it every year."

nter Milan hope to offer Romelu Lukaku

I£41m over five years, including bonuses, if they

can convince Manchester United to sell the

Belgian striker.

Inter’s latest proposal for Lukaku

would guarantee United £63m, including

add-ons, but structured over two or three

years. It is believed that is still short of

United’s expectations with the club wanting

more than the £79m they paid Everton in


Sky in Italy say the Serie A club are

reluctant to match that asking price and

would prefer to find some middle ground.

Sky Sports News reported on Wednesday that

Lukaku’s absence from United’s pre-season friendly

win over Leeds was the beginning of the departure

process, with the striker missing the game with what

is described as being related to a minor ankle injury.

Negotiations are continuing between the clubs but

Inter remain frustrated with the situation regarding

Mauro Icardi. The Argentine is surplus to

requirements but the Nerazzurri are yet to receive

any firm offers as they attempt to operate within FFP


Barcelona advised

against Neymar move

by medical staff

Barcelona have been advised against making

a move for Neymar this summer due to

concerns over his recent injury history.

The 27-year-old has seen both of his seasons at

Paris Saint-Germain curtailed by foot problems,

limiting him to 30 appearances in his debut

campaign and just 28 last term.

Neymar then picked up an ankle injury which

ruled him out of this summer’s Copa America, and

AS reports that Barcelona are increasingly

concerned about how much football he has missed.

Medical staff have reportedly suggested that a

sprained ankle would not have been enough for

him to miss the entire Copa America, and that the

problem could have once again been something to

do with the broken metatarsal that has plagued the

Brazil international over the past two seasons.

Barcelona are worried that the bone has not healed

properly and could break again easily unless

Neymar undergoes an operation which would see

him ruled out for a significant length of time.

Despite this, the Spanish champions remain

interested in bringing the attacker back to the Camp

Nou for what would likely be a world-record fee of

around £200m.

Lukaku to be offered

£41m contract by


Etebo, Eagles

strongest man

at AFCON 2019

•As Rohr wants him to

move to a bigger club

Stoke City’s midfielder, Oghenkaro

Etebo turned out to be the Super

Eagles strongest player during their

Africa Cup of Nations campaign here

in Egypt.

Of all the 23 players Coach Gernot

Rohr took to the competition, only the

former Warri Wolves playmaker played

all seven matches and the full 630


The player who picked up one yellow

card during the campaign apart from

playing all the games was also the only

player that was not substituted.

Rohr while commending Etebo, said

he still has age on his side but advised

that he must aim to leave the lower

league in England and play for a big

club anywhere in Europe.

“Etebo must move up to a big club,

players must grow and play in big clubs,

most of the work is done in the clubs,

not in the national team,” he said.

The German tactician said that the

Super Eagles attack was good but that

Odion Ighalo, though a good scorer,

must reconsider remaining in the

Chinese league from where he comes to

the national camp either fatigued or

injured .

He stressed that if remains the teams

handler, he will need to beef up areas he

knows are lagging behind, adding that

“we need players who are playing in

their clubs. We have players playing all

the time in their clubs but we don’t have

Riyad Marhez, we don’t have Onana like

Cameroon, we don’t have Champions

League players”, he said.

Port Harcourt Polo Club

plans mini Polo tournament

The Port Harcourt Polo Club has concluded plans to host a

mini-Polo tournament to honour its outgoing President

before the end 2019

Disclosing this to reporters in the Rivers State capital, the

new head of the club, Leo Edochie said the upcoming minitournament

would hold before the the main Polo tournament

scheduled for January 2020 gallops off in the garden city.

Edochie said the new leadership, led by himself and Chukwudi

Dimpka, was in the process of upgrading the general

environment of the club to make it meet international best

standards and improve media relations, while also increasing

the internally generated revenue of the club.

He pointed out that the club was also working hard to ensure

that the expansive complex was conducive for all those there

for business, pleasure and social engagements

Edochie said, ‘’we look forward to partnership with other

reputable and charitable non-governmental organizations even

as we will continue to visit Polo friendly organizations so as to

improve relationship with these organisations for the

development of polo’’.

He further disclosed that the Port Harcourt Polo Club has

secured approval from the Rivers State Schools Management

Board to conduct Debate sessions amongst schools in line with

the mentorship and character development of students in the

public primary and secondary schools.

‘’This is in line with our nine-point vision for this prestigious

club’’, he added.

46 — Vanguard, FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2019

Eagles can win 2021

AFCON if ... Rohr

Super Eagles manager, Gernot

Rohr is of the opinion that the

current crop of players can win the

2021 edition of the Africa Cup of

Nations if the loopholes noticed are


In an interview shortly after his

squad pipped Tunisia to the bronze

medal at the Al-Salam stadium on

the outskirts of Cairo, the German

tactician who has come under

serious criticisms for the team’s

crash in Egypt, said that the team

have bright prospects, could

improve and become winners in two

years time.

“The future (of the team) is very

bright, we have young players who

can still progress and can still

improve (because) there’s a very

good spirit in the team”, he said.

Stressing that the players have

learned a lot from the 2018 World

Cup and the AFCON in Egypt, Rohr

said “If this team can improve in

specific positions, let say in the next

two years, the team can be the

AFCON winner. That’s the target but

I don’t know if it’s with me”.

AFCON bronze

delights Rohr

By reaching a new mark of

eighth win of the Africa Cup of

Nations as well as the country

featuring all registered 23 players

in the competition for the first time,

have been sources of delight for the

under fire Nigerian coach, Gernot


Nigeria beat Tunisia with an

early goal scored by Odion Ighalo

on Wednesday night to place third

among the 24 teams that competed

for the ultimate prize.

At the post match conference

Rohr said his experimental side

justified his belief in them and that

the team will go places in the next

few years as champions of Africa.

It was Rohr’s first Afcon medal

having been a coach at the 2017

tournament in Gabon.

“I am happy that this is my first

AFCON medal after some years

sojourn on the continent and

using all the players or completing

a circle is something that doesn’t

come most often and overalal the

team spirit worked well for us in

the tournament despite few lapses

in the our journey before tonight,”

he remarked.


Despite assurances

from his employers, the

NFF, that he will be

staying on the job,

Rohr said he has

one more year on

his contract but

could still be eased

out, hinting that

he would be

paid off if it


because there

is a clause in

the contract.

“True I have

a contract but I


can go out of this contract, and there’s

a clause. I will think about what

happened last month and last year”,

he said.

The former coach of the Gabonese

national team said that he would

take some rest after the AFCON

tournament for a reappraisal to

know if he could still continue

handling the Eagles.

“ Truth is that I love this team, I

love Nigeria but there were so some

problems. I have to take a little bit

of rest and rethink if I will continue

with Nigeria”, he affirmed.

Former Super Eagles

midfielder, Mutiu

Adepoju has described John

Obi Mikel as one of the

country’s most outstanding

players after the national

team captain call it quits from

international football.

Mikel announced yesterday

in Egypt, same place he

played his first Africa Cup of

Nations tournament, that he

was retiring from

international football.

“I want to congratulate and

commend him for what he

has done for the country,”

Adepoju told Goal.

“Sometimes when you feel

you have done your best and

feel it is the right time for you

to leave, then you have to

leave. Nobody stays in a

place forever.

Mikel retires from

international football

Nigeria captain John Mikel Obi has

confirmed his retirement from

international football.

The 32-year-old midfielder made 89

appearances for his country between

2005 and 2019, scoring six times.

Mikel, who has just signed for

Trabzonspor in Turkey had already

told BBC Sport that the 2019 Africa

Cup of Nations in Egypt would

be his last appearance on the

continental showpiece


“At the age of 32 it’s

time for me to retire from the national team and

let the youth take over, (sic) who’ve done an

amazing job securing a bronze medal at AFCON

2019,” he wrote on social media.

“Egypt is a country where I’ve started and have

finished my national career. In 2006 I played my

first official championship for my country.

“The 2019 African Cup of Nations marks my

last championship for national team with Super


His expected decision comes despite coach

Gernot Rohr saying Mikel could guide his young

team for a few more years in their quest to reach

the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Adepoju pays retiring Mikel tribute

“Overall he has done very

well. He has represented the

country very well. I wish him

all the best.”

Adepoju is confident the

present Super Eagles have

enough young players who

can take over from the

midfielder, with the likes of

Social media has been flooded with

tributes to Nigeria captain John

Obi Mikel following his retirement

from international football.

On Thursday, after Nigeria won

bronze at the 2019 Africa Cup of

Nations, Mikel announced he will no

longer be available for selection for the

Super Eagles as he wanted to pave

the way for the younger generation.

During his 14-year spell with the

Super Eagles, the two-time African

Young Player of the Year played 88

matches and scored six goals.

Hayatou shuns CAF


•Nchekwube, obi

Cameroonians are not happy with CAF over the

treatment meted to their compatriot, Alhaji Issa

Hayatou who was voted out in place of Ahmad Ahmad

from Madagascar.

President of FECAFOOT, the Cameroon football

governing body, Seydou Mbombuou Njoya was

reported to have said in Cairo that CAF extended

invitation to Hayatou to attend the AFCON final

holding today at the Cairo International Stadium but

the Octogenarian may not honour it.

He disclosed that he has been urging the Ahmad

led CAF exco to no avail to honour Hayatou, adding

that inviting him now is belated.

According to a source who heard the FECAFOOT

boss complaining, he argued that CAF was not fair

to Hayatou and Cameroon especially as it concerns

the AFCON hosting right which it withdrew from

them and handed over to Egypt.

The source further said the embittered football boss

said that if CAF likes, it could as well withdraw the

right for the 2021 edition it has granted their country.

Alex Iwobi, Oghenekaro

Etebo, Semi Ajayi in position

to fill the void.

“I believe we have younger

players who can take over

from Mikel and continue the

good work,” he added.

“Many of them have

experiences after playing in

“My national

career started in 2003

under 17 World Cup

and I’m grateful for

the national team for

placing me on the

world arena and

giving me an

opportunity to show

my skill and have an

incredible National

and International

career,” Mikel added.

“Thank you to all

my Nigerian

supporters and to my

country for all the

trust, support and

love you’ve shown me

over the past 15


Fans react to Mikel’s retirement

His leadership and service to the

country earned him applause from

fans on social media.

One of the fans simply called Oseni

wrote, “He (Mikel) received a call that

his father had been kidnapped and still

Eagles abandon

hotel food for



Super Eagles on the last

night of their stay at the Le

Meridein Hotel at the Cairo

International Airport

abandoned their continental

cuisine for Nigerian delicacy.

A Nigerian lady of Yoruba

descent, it was reliably

gathered, had brought a

Nigerian delicacy of eba and

egusi soup for them as dinner

after their 1-0 win over Tunisia

in the third place match.

Ostensibly bored by the

continental delicacies they

have been eating since they got

to Egypt, the players

descended on the Nigerian

food and consumed with


Members of the supporters

club, mostly from the Vincent

Okumagba and Afolabi

factions who constantly visited

the Eagles hotel as well as

some journalists helped

themselves with the hotel food

which the players abandoned.

the World Cup and coming

third in the Africa Cup of

Nations in Egypt.

“Experiences are not born

with, we gain experiences

from the job, so I feel we have

players who can continue

from where he stopped.”

went on to play and represent Nigeria

with everything he had.

Another fan, Silas Patrick Dung

writes, “At 32 Super Eagles captain

John Mikel Obi retires from internal

football. Thank you for the services

rendered, wish you the best as you

pursue club football to end your

footballing career.”

Otuedon Yemi wrote, “Farewell to a

great man John Mikel Obi as you retire

from international football. We are

forever grateful man”.

... Hit night club

to loosen up

The Super Eagles who were cold

after the semi final loss to Algeria

last Sunday came alive after their

bronze medal victory against Tunisia


Majority of the players who sang

for joy after they were handed their

medals at a brief ceremony at the Al-

Salam stadium were said to have hit

a night club to loosen up after a

rigorous campaign in the AFCON

“Most of the players went to a

nightclub after the game to celebrate

the third place victory and end of their

rigorous campaign”, a camp source


Meanwhile majority of the players

have shunned the chatter flight

brought to take them to Abuja and

have returned to their various bases.

It was gathered that top on the list

is team captain, John Obi Mikel and

his vice, Ahmed Musa as well as

leading AFCON scorer, Odion Ighalo

who limped out of the bronze medal

game after scoring the lone goal.

Others who left Cairo yesterday are

Leon Balogun, Ola Aina, Samuel

Kalu, Jamilu Collins, Oghenekaro

Etebo, Henry Onyekuru, John Ogu

and Kenneth Omeruo.


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