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GIVI ST605 TanklockED

Bag 5 Litre - RRP R2495

During every coffee break taken whilst out on a

motorcycle ride, there is the constant fear that

one’s personal belongings might disappear

from one’s trusty two-wheeled machine.

But now, thanks to the TanklockED system

patented by GIVI, every rider can rest

assured that their belongings are safe!

In order to ensure increased security,

the TanklockED system enables the

rider to secure the bag to the specific

flange mounted to the fuel filler cap

using a security lock key. It is possible

to attach and detach the bag from the fuel

tank without the need of the key, which is only

necessary when leaving the motorcycle unattended.

Ask your dealer.

Yamaha Finance – A first for

the motorcycle industry…

Yamaha always innovate. They have designed

a finance package to make motorcycling more

attainable to a larger portion of the market.

You can now buy any Yamaha Motorcycle through

Yamaha Finance with a balloon payment and

reduced monthly payments tailor made to suit you.

The final balloon payment can also be re-financed

over two years at the end of the contract term.

Effectively you could actually reduce your monthly

instalments by up to 45%, but do bear in mind that

the smaller your monthly instalment the bigger your

balloon payment at the end. So now, instead of

having to buy a second hand banger because that

is all you can afford, you can now buy a brand new

bike with all the peace of mind of a warranty and

aftersales back up that comes with it. Use your fully

paid up old bike as a trade-in/deposit to reduce your

instalment even further.

This is really great news for the market as a whole,

not only is it hopefully going to stimulate new bike

sales and get more people riding, but it is also going

to generate more good quality used bikes.

Check out www.yamaha.co.za for some great deals

or to find your local dealer or call 011 259 7600.

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