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Taking Motorcycling

to the kids

Thanks to Everest Primary school principal and staff

in Newclaire for their efforts.

Nice one guys!!


Grass-roots is a well-used term these days. We

reckon that if we can introduce motorcycles to the

youth in an interesting and informative way, they

might just, in turn, become motorcyclists. Brian

Capper, Neil van der Ross, Dean Rigney and friends

agree with us, and for the third time, on Mandela

Day, they did just that...

This in from Neil:

What a day! What an event!

The message before the stunts are performed is

one of informing the kids about the various motor

sports we all enjoy.

We give the kids insight into our history and the

effort that is takes for athletes like Brian to achieve

so much.

We stress the importance of a good education.

We highlight the dangers of drugs alcoholism ,

gangsterism and bad company. Something all of us

are tested by at some stage.

We detailed how we achieved our personal goals by

many sacrifices made by athletes and their parents.

We explained the many hours, weeks and years

of training that it takes to participate at the highest

level of competition.

And Brian Capper gave them a “Hey wow!” show

that was meant to be 67 minutes could not be

finished because the chants of “We want more!” by

the excited kids.

The difference between the bikes and skills

displayed brought home the message of the

Motorsport athletes.

The Motokids junior grass roots program was also

shared with the kids. Literature and information was

handed out.

And the kids were blown away by bikes and Brian’s


We are so glad our positive message was so well


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