Dirt and Trail August 2019


The myriad of updates has made a great bike

even better

All EXC models are fitted with the WP XPLOR 48 upsidedown

fork as previous with the split fork design delivering

separate damping circuits – the left-hand fork damping

only the compression stage and the right hand one only

the rebound.

For 2020 the fork has a new, mid-valve piston for more

consistent damping, as well as new clicker adjusters on

the upper fork caps for easier adjustment.

On the track the effect of this new setting keeps the

front end a touch higher as you track through the trees

with less tendency to dive. When you transfer hard onto

the front under braking or downhill sections, there’s a

sense of increased bottoming resistance which gives more

confidence on the brakes.

Standard on the SIX DAYS models and optional on the

standard models, the three-stage spring preload adjuster

are easier to use now without tools as well.

Too cool!

The Four Strokers:

350 EXC-F

Hot on the heels of the EXC TPIs is the 350 EXC-F. Many

people’s favourite EXC simply because it feels like a great

balance of power, weight and handling.

Like the 300 2T, the 350F delivers power that can be

docile and careful or it can give you the “grunt” when you

want it which is why so many, from racer to hobby riders

like it – at once a really enjoyable trail bike that is just as

ready to take you racing on the weekend.

Having that range of power at your right hand gives you

the flexibility of using one or two gears for long periods like

the bigger four strokes, but it is still ready and lively if you

want to switch it to beast mode.

It comes as a surprise how usable all the four strokes

are despite their quite different characters.


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