Dirt and Trail August 2019


The new 150 EXC TPI.

Weighing in a little differently on the scales is KTM’s 150 EXC TPI.

Nowhere does the new Kiska-designed more ergonomic bodywork,

reshaped tank and lower radiator position come across more obviously

than on the all-new 150 TPI. First impressions of the 150 are like getting

on a slightly heavier E-MTB bike!

It really feels so manageable, flickable and light it is hard not to enjoy

yourself riding it.

The new 150cc EXC TPI engine takes onboard all the attributes of its

larger capacity, 2T model siblings and with an e-starter system, it is a

treat to ride.

The 150 is aimed at a wide range of riders and you shouldn’t be put

off by the capacity because it is a really capable bike. The linear nature of

the TPI engine, even with 150cc means you have access to torque and

though you make many more gear changes on the track than with the

other bikes, there is more power across the rev-range than you expect.

Riding the 150 is a lesson in being in the right part of the revs and if you

are keen to improve as rider this is the bike to learn the craft of enduro.

Like the bigger capacity TPI models the throttle response is quick to

react adding to that agile feeling and much like the 250 EXC-F, the 150 is

a bike you feel like you can push to greater limits on a track.

In short it is a light and lively two-stroke with all the reduced

weight benefits that a small capacity two-stroke brings plus the lowmaintenance

benefits and reliability of the TPI model.

KTM continues to develop its EXC Enduro range and increasingly the

breadth of development includes software as much as it does hardware.

Changes to chassis for MY2020 have delivered a very real improvement

to the handling across the EXC range which now turn better, deliver

more feedback to the rider and hold lines with more confidence whether

you’re on a single track or wide gravel road. The engine changes across

all models have increased the usable power available on all two and four

strokes – and that includes the feisty, new 150 EXC TPI.

Significantly for 2020, the TPI 300 and 250 models have evolved in

this second generation to keep pushing two-stroke enduro motorcycles

forward to remain at the heart of enduro.

2020 KTM EXC models will be arriving in dealers soon.

For more information visit www.ktm.com


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