Dirt and Trail August 2019


fast, even faster and took in a few slow

sections to soak up the views.

These bikes are both excellent, but are

very different beastys.

The Super Ténéré,

Smooth cruising…

If you are looking for a very civilized

kilometer eater that is totally happy on any

gravel or tar road, then this is a bike well

worth consideration. Yamaha has stuck with

this one for a long time – and when you ride

it, it’s easy to understand why. Powerful,

comfortable and capable are all words that

come to mind when you describe this bike.

This is an adventure touring bike of some

note. It has a big fuel tank and that upright

riding posture that makes long trips in the

saddle more comfortable. Perhaps not as

comfortable as the rolling easy-chair ride

of a Goldwing or similar, but then it’s not

intended for the same type of journey.

From the cockpit, the first thing you

notice is how much room there is and how

tall the bike is. It’s superbly comfortable,

the riding position is very upright, the seat

tapers in well and has two height settings

which is essential for a tall bike. Despite

the size, the bike is surprisingly nimble and

light feeling. We had no trouble weaving

or maneuvering it between traffic. The tall

Ténéré is great for traffic dodging. Perched

on the bike you sit above all cars. The

tapered handle bars are wide and give your

arms a bend that feels natural and your

elbows are not too tucked in or too far out.

It comes standard with off-roadish

features such as a skid plate, handlebar

brush guards, and the adventure-bike

suspension that gives you a bit more wheel

travel than a street-only bike. We like the

The clocks are starting to

look a bit dated now...

grooved footpegs that, when seated, give

you a cushy peg underfoot. When you get

into more technical riding and you stand

up, the cushioning compresses under your

weight and gives you more sure footing on

the underlying metal pegs. The seat height

Cool lights, no beak but an

aggressive look to it...


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