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2020 MODELS.

IN SA SOON! And that’s big news!

In 2019 Suzuki did a major

number on their RMZ 250. Sadly,

the bike was not imported to SA,

but this year, the 2020’s are on the

way… 2020 brings no mechanical

changes. Only the graphics have

been updated. Full feature on

these bikes soon…

The 2019 Suzuki RM-Z250 motor was

seriously upgraded. The big physical

changes are the new cylinder head and dual

fuel-injector system. However, electronics

have also been improved. Suzuki claims

“greater power output with improved throttle

response through the entire rev range.” The

cylinder head got new intake ports, and new

cam timing. The new shape is designed

to improve the

delivery of the fuel/

air mixture into

the combustion

chamber for

additional power.

The intake cam now

has move valve lift for

additional power


Twin fuel

injectors feed

the motor,

with increased

pressure behind

them. The

primary fuel injector

is mounted on the

bottom of the throttle

body, and aims the fuel at the butterfly

valve for more complete mixing. A second

injector is placed at the inlet duct from the

air filter. This adds additional air/fuel mixing

time before entering the engine, as well

as keeping the charge cooler. The new

fuel pump output pressure is a 17 percent

increase over the previous model.

Air intake has been improved via a 30

percent larger air cleaner opening. The routing

from the air cleaner is also more direct. A new

throttle body simplifies actuation. Suzuki tells

us this gives the rider a better feel between

the motor and the throttle.

All-new exhaust system for the Suzuki RM-

Z250. The new system has a longer head

pipe, a midsection that is tapered, and a fourlayer

muffler that is legal for AMA racing.

New second gear. The ratio has been

changed to interact better with the new

power delivery. The five-speed transmission

and multi-plate clutch are otherwise


Plug-ins that change the fueling. In

addition to the stock air/fuel mix setting,

Suzuki includes two couplers that you

can plug in. One makes the mix richer

and the other makes it leaner. This will

appeal to racers who don’t want to get into

complicated and detailed settings they may

not understand—or get right.

Traction management system

updated to react more quickly.

The ECM monitors throttle

opening, engine speed, and

gear position (though not

wheel speed) to come up with the

best possible ignition timing

and fuel injector operation.

Three holeshot modes.

There’s an alwayson

Base Mode.

The A-Mode is for

low-traction starting

conditions, and the

B-Mode for hightraction


Once you hit fourth

gear or six seconds

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