Dirt and Trail August 2019


This is a family affair.

The mileage was checked on each bike and

we were set off in intervals – and told not to

take short cuts. Solid routes were sorted for

the day with the adventure crowd separated

from the road bikes at the refreshment stop

before lunch. We were on a DL1000, so we

joined the adventure route – a scenic, pillion

friendly 50km odd gravel road to the lunch


Mpumalanga does boast some of

the very best riding in the world and the

adventure section did not disappoint. It

was a very scenic and entertaining route

that dropped us from the mountain tops

into the Lowveld through forests and

craggy mountain passes. Photo stops

were plentiful with plenty of time taken for

photographs and for the riders to have a

stretch and allow a dust gap. In between all

of this, eyes are peeled for a stray pinecone

or perhaps a feather…

Lunch was at the Mankele Mountain

bike track, where Suzuki laid on a few

challenges for the teams… a Smartie such

where participants had to suck up a Smartie

in a straw and transport it across a jumping

castle into a bak on the other side. Whoever

moved the most Smarties won. We moved

about 3. The winning team managed 17…

Next up was the bicycle of screams…

They took the chain off a kids bike, put it on

top of what seemed like a tower and you

freewheeled down onto a motocross track.

Whoever got the furthest won. We did not

win that either.

Lastly was the toilet roll challenge. One

team member held a roll of bogroll inside a

Suzuki Jimmy. The second stood with the

end of the roll in the middle of some cones

C’mon sir, please put our pic into

the magazine...

You need to visit the red Bus in

Lydenberg... Too cool!


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