Dirt and Trail August 2019


We packed all our

luggage for the weekend.

The boxes fit snugly and once

you get the hang of them,

are quite easy to remove

and refit without a fuss.

Beautifully shaped to

match the bike, they are

very unobstrusive when

you ride. They are, however

quite strangely shaped,

so – not really suitable for

big luggage. The top-box,

especially could be bigger.

With some savvy

packing, we loaded some

spare jocks and socks, smart

shoes for dinners instead of our

smelly Forma Adventure boots and

a change of clothing each. For day to

day use or a quick weekend trip like

this, the boxes are perfect!

Freeway gobbler:

The DL is so comfortable on the

freeway. We hit the Witbank straight

early in the morning and cruised along

at speeds slightly in excess of the local

speed limits. Suzuki sure does know

how to build a V-Twin engine, it’s a

blend of smooth torque and predictable

power that makes this bike so easy

to ride. A long freeway can get boring

and uncomfortable, especially for the

passenger, but Sinead had no complaints.

She was quite happy perched

out back, listening to tunes on

our SCS intercoms watching the

world whizz by over the top

of the riders helmet.

Up front, ergo’s are

Perfect, with comfy

seating position. The

simple adjustment screen

does a great job at

keeping everything calm

in the cockpit. Handlebar

switches are logical and

the analogue/digi clocks

are easily legible…

The bike does not feel as

big or tall as – say the Africa

twin or the KTM1090R – and

this is largely due to the fact that Suzuki

has not run a 21 inch front wheel. This

makes the bike more manageable for

shorter peeps. Handling and power on the

road is so comfortable and predictable.

We did adjust the rear suspension stiffer

via the easy to use wheel out back. It

made a noticeable difference with the

passenger and the load.

Mpumalanga is a treasure trove of

twisty roads and we spent an awesome

weekend zooting around with a flock

of other motorcycles. Chris Kuun was

tasked with giving the DL riders a bit

of an adventure route – and he found a

spectacular 50km piece of rough gravel

for us to ride. We tagged in at the back


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