Dirt and Trail August 2019


experience with this brand so I do not have a point of

reference to speak from, other than having owned, ridden

and tested a multitude of various motorcycles over the

last 40 years or so.

I cannot remember the last time I had so much fun

riding any bike. Shado commented that I was giggling

like a kid that had just learned to ride. We rode everything

from good tarmac, jumping the speed bumps and

driveways like the neighbourhood hooligans to hitting

a couple of interesting dirt trails with a couple of jumps

to boot and not once did I feel that there might be any

quality issues with the TSR 250, it felt solid, planted and

stable in every situation. We revved the nuts off of it and

were pretty sure we would hurt the engine in some way,

but after a solid day of abuse and misuse the TSR was

still in tip top condition.

Ergonomically the bike seemed to suit all three of our

very differing physiques, Mike is shortish and quite solidly

built, Shado is sort of average height and can hide behind

a twig and I am quite tall and need a bit more of the tree

to hide behind. Nobody complained about the height, the

riding position, cockpit layout or anything, in fact nobody

mentioned anything about the comfort of the bike which

means it isn’t uncomfortable. The bars are reasonably

wide and comfy and everything is exactly where you

instinctively go looking for it. A feature we all really liked

a lot was the fact that all 3 bikes were equipped with USB

charging ports for your smart phones, FAN…freaking…

TASTIC, these flipping phones batteries are always going

flat at the most inconvenient times…

All in all I cannot fault the TSR 250 or the Big

Boy brand in anyway, it is by no means a high end

performance bike and doesn’t pretend or aspire to

be, what it is, is good value for very little money, (only

R24,999.00) for a foot into biking. S.A.M.’s philosophy is

they want to cradle the new comer to biking and are quite

happy to have the other brands take them the rest of the

way. make sure you catch the August issue of RideFast

Magazine for our impressions on the other two bikes.

Get it up .... Big Boy

Your test riders are

...... these mooks

Here are all the technical specs on

the Big Boy TSR 250.

Engine: Single-cylinder, 4-stroke with counter balance shaft

Displacement: 223,4cc

Fuel Consumption: 3.0litres/100km at 70km/h

Max Power: 12.5Kw/8,000rpm

Cruising Speed: 70-95km/h

Clutch Type: Manual, 1N2345

Starting System: Electric and Kick-start

Max Torque: 18.3Nm/7,000rpm

Max Speed: 110km/h

Brakes: Front-disc, rear-disc

Tyre Size: Front-90/90x21, rear-110/90x18

Seat Height: 880mm

Wheel Base: 1,400mm

Dry Weight: 122kg

Tank Capacity: 12Litres

Max Rider Weight: 150kg

Service Intervals: 3000km/6 months

Check out www.samotorcycles.co.za for your closest

dealer, there are 88 of them to choose from or call their

head office on 011 794 6399.


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