Dirt and Trail August 2019


No Contest, the second gen feels twice as fast...

a real world comparative test and collected

the faster one from Bikers Warehouse.

It’s a “WHEELIE” good new package.

Ride Impressions:

We’ll tell you this. Chalk and cheese.

Road: The previous gen Honda is fun in

lower gears, perhaps a little sluggish as it

steadily accelerates to a top speed at about


The new gen bike is twice the fun as

it snarls through the gears, accelerates

like the clappers and blitzes past 125kph

without thinking about it.

We saw 145kph before we ran out of

quiet road. We reckon that it should top out

at about 150 odd KPH. Which is plenty fast

for a bike like this!

Dirt: Umm. No contest.

Jaun weighs in at 70 odd kilogrammes. This

editor weighs a bit more at 105.


Jaun on the 1st gen, Glenn on the new gen.

The new gen EATS the standard all the

way from the bottom right up to the top

ending three full bike lengths ahead in a

distance of approximately 200m.

Run 2:

Swap: Roley on the first gen, skinny on the

new. Big dust cloud and about four bike

lengths later, the latest rendition EATS the

standard for breakfast.

Runs 4, 5 , 6… Swap. Same result.

Swap just to be sure…. And so-on.

It’s not just about speed though. The

new mapping has altered the torque

dramatically. On the first gen, you battle

to pull a wheelie. On the latest rendition,

the rear wheel is either stepping out, or the

front wheel heads for the sky with very little


A slightly dull motorcycle suddenly

comes to life.

Good news:

As of right now, this model is available in the

mapped version. It makes a lot of sense.

Chat to your local Honda Dealer


Both bikes were fitted with aftermarket

silencers, The first gen Honda East Rand

bike has a locally manufactured silencer,

the new gen has a Leo Vince silencer, mini

screen, spots and Cycra hand guards.

Development on the bike by Bikers

Warehouse www.bikerswarehouse.co.za

The first gen was loaned to us by Honda

Wing East Rand Mall:



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