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The assessment of physical beauty varies

enormously across both time and cultures.

What one person considers sexy or beautiful

might be far removed from what another

perceives as attractive. However, there

remain widely held standards of physical

attractiveness, and achieving a positive

aesthetic outcome is crucial to the success of

cosmetic procedures.

When it comes to assessing the breasts,

you may be forgiven for thinking it’s all about

size. Indeed, breast augmentation involves

adding volume to the bust, but a satisfactory

augmentation is about a whole lot more than

just adding volume.

‘There is no such thing as the ‘perfect’

breast,’ says British plastic surgeon Dr Paul

Banwell. ‘However, there are four aesthetic

guidelines that can help surgeons deliver a

beautiful-looking breast.’

These guidelines, which refer to the

proportions of the upper and lower breast,

their slope as well as the position of the

nipple were investigated by a group of London

Plastic Surgeons at the University College

and Royal Free Hospitals. In a study entitled

‘Concepts in Aesthetic Breast Dimensions:

Analysis of the Ideal Breast’, Mallucci et al

used computer measurements to examine

the dimensions and proportions of 100 pairs

of natural (non-enhanced) breasts deemed

attractive, and identifi ed four features

common to all.

‘The study revealed that in all cases the

level of the nipple lay at a point 20 degrees

above the horizontal where, on average, the

proportion of the breast below it represented

55 per cent of overall volume of the breast and

above it 45 per cent,’ explains Dr Banwell.

‘In most cases, the upper pole was either

concave or straight, and the lower pole of the

breast was convex, creating a full curve.’

The UK group also analysed images of the

breasts of ordinary women both before and

after implant surgery to establish whether, if

a breast deviates from these measurements,

it becomes less attractive. The answer, they

found, was that it does, regardless of size.

However, Dr Banwell is keen to reinforce the

importance of tailoring breast shape and size to

the individual proportions and circumstances

of each patient.

‘A one-size-fi ts all approach is not

appropriate,’ he says. ‘We have a way of

assessing the aesthetics we’re trying to achieve

with a breast augmentation, but it’s important

to do that via a tailor-made approach.’

This involves detailed measurement, careful

discussion with each patient and judicious

selection of the optimal implant shape, texture

and method of placement.

‘Every breast is different in terms of its shape

and size and in terms of its characteristics,’

says Dr Banwell. ‘The surgeon has to assess

that and then needs to make a judgement

based upon the patient’s wishes in terms of

what they want to achieve versus what can

actually be achieved.’

With so many media infl uences, today it is

even more important to marry your wishes,

as the patient, with what is both realistic

and achievable. ‘It’s all about having realistic

expectations of improvement,’ he says.

‘Communication with the patient is therefore

so important. The patient needs to fully

understand what’s involved, and if there is any

discrepancy between what they want and what

can actually be achieved, it’s the responsibility

of the surgeon to point that out.’

The education and knowledge of patients

has changed in the past decade or so, and they

are becoming increasingly discerning about

the shape and type of implants they want.

However, the most common request remains:

for breasts to be ‘natural-looking’.

With an experienced and skilled surgeon

and the right expectations, you can look

forward to the most natural-looking,

aesthetically pleasing breast augmentations

for your individual requirements. 101

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