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east implant


1. Implant shape

Choosing the right implant

is dependent on your existing

breast size, shape, symmetry and

projection, body type, and your

personal preferences.

There is no one breast implant

shape that is best for everyone.

Your surgeon is the best resource

for determining what breast

implant is best for you and your

body type.

Round implants

Round implants are circular with

an even projection of volume.

They are a good choice for those

who want more fullness in the

upper part of the breast and

tend to give greater cleavage.

Many surgeons agree that round

implants are typically the best

choice for those patients with

well-shaped natural breasts who

desire a straightforward breast


Teardrop implants

Teardrop, or anatomical, implants

more closely resemble the natural

shape of a breast, gradually

sloping downwards to produce an

attractive straight line from the

collarbone to the nipple. Teardrop

implants tend not to be as full as

round implants but because they

are fuller in the lower half they can

also provide greater projection in

proportion to the size of the base,

making them particularly suitable

for women with little natural

breast tissue. Mild elevation of the

breast and the nipple can also be

achieved, making them particularly

suitable for women who have mild

droopy or tuberous breasts.

2. Implant size

Breast implant sizes are designated by

their volume, typically ranging from

90 to 900 cubic centimetres (cc), or

by their weight. One gram of silicone

is equivalent to slightly less than 1ml

(1cc). The higher the number, the

larger the implant.

They are also made with different

diameter bases to suit different widths of

chest wall and with low to high profiles

(amount of forward projection). For this

reason, each manufacturer produces a

number of ‘styles’.

It’s important to take your natural

breast width into consideration. Your

surgeon will measure the base diameter

of your chest to determine the ideal

width of implant. If the implant is

too wide for your chest, you may

get ‘webbing’ between your breasts

(symmastia) or too much ‘side boob’. If

the implant is too narrow, it will not fill

the chest appropriately and be difficult

to create a shapely cleavage.

The choice of implant projection is to

a large extent a personal one. A woman

with adequate breast tissue and a shape

she is happy with may opt for a lowprofile

implant that will simply increase

the size of her breasts. Another patient

seeking to create cleavage, or a patient

with some degree of sag, may prefer

a high-profile implant that can help

achieve these results.

Your surgeon will take into

consideration the width of your chest

and breast tissue and advise you on the

most suitable implant size and style for

your individual anatomy.

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