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Depending on where the implant

is placed, breast augmentation may

interfere with the ability of an x-ray

to ‘see’ all the breast tissue, and

therefore can hinder the success

of a mammogram. Women with

breast implants should therefore

choose a facility that has technicians

experienced in obtaining reliable

mammograms from those who have

had breast augmentation.

Repeated studies have shown

there is no delay in the diagnosis

of breast cancer in women with

breast implants compared to women

without implants.

Women should inform technicians

of the age of their implants before

mammography, as the age of the

implant increases the risk of rupture

during mammography.

Recently, there have been media

reports about a rare type of cancer

linked to breast implants: anaplastic

large cell carcinoma (ALCL).

Breast-implant associated ALCL

is not the same as breast cancer;

it is a rare type of lymphoma that

develops in the fluid surrounding

breast implants, not in the breast

tissue itself.

Current expert opinion is that the

risk of contracting breast-implant

associated ALCL is about one in

5,000 women with implants. By

comparison, the risk of breast cancer

is one in eight.

The majority of cases are cured

with the removal of implants and

the fibrous capsule around them from

both breasts.

If there are changes in your breasts

associated with breast implants, and

especially if there is general swelling

or a lump, contact your specialist for

further investigation. 107

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