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Breast augmentation has increased by more than 200% since

1997, according to stats from the American Society for

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Possibly the earliest representation of breasts in art is the Venus

of Willendorf, a tiny 11.1cm limestone statuette thought to date

from 24,000-22,000 BC. She was found in 1908 by archaeologist

Josef Szombathy at a Paleolithic site near Willendorf.

Human breasts function differently to those of other primates.

In other primates, the breasts grow only when the female is

producing milk. When the non-human primate has weaned her

young, her breasts flatten back down. In humans, the breasts

develop during a female’s adolescence, usually well before

pregnancy, and stay enlarged throughout her life.

Legend says that Hercules became immortal after he drank the

milk of the divine goddess Hera while she was sleeping. When

she woke, and realised he was not her own child, she drew her

breast away with such force that the milk spurted into the heavens

and created the Milky Way.

A fourth century prostitute was said to have been spared the

death penalty by baring her breasts. When it seemed the verdict

of her trial would be unfavourable, she removed her clothing. The

judges were so impressed by their beauty that they acquitted her.

It is believed the word ‘Amazon’ was derived from the Greek

‘a-mazos’, which means ‘without breast’. In Greek mythology, it

is said that the Amazons had their right breast removed so they

would be able to use a bow and arrow more freely and throw

spears without the physical limitation and obstruction.

No two breasts are exactly the same size; usually the left is larger.

From infancy to just before puberty, there is no difference

between the female and male breasts.

Although unusual, extra or ‘supernumerary’ nipples are not really

that rare, occurring in one out of 18 people. Pop stars Carrie

Underwood and Lily Allen and actor Mark Wahlberg all have a

third nipple. Anne Boleyn, the wife of King Henry VIII, is said to

have had a third nipple or even a third breast.

When it comes to milk production, size doesn’t matter. The milkproducing

structures are the same in all women. Just because one

woman’s breasts are bigger doesn’t necessarily mean she would

have or make more milk.


Questions to

ask yourself

before surgery

By answering these questions honestly

and reviewing them with your doctor,

you will become much clearer about

whether breast surgery is a good choice

for you psychologically and emotionally.

Why do you want to have

breast augmentation surgery?

How do you feel about your

body image right now?

Is anyone prompting you to

have the surgery?

Do you suffer from an emotional

or psychological disorder?

Did you recently experience a

stressful event or crisis, like a

divorce or the loss of a loved one?

Are you a perfectionist, and do you

find minor flaws with many parts of

your body and with your life?

Would you be prepared to handle

a complication if something goes

wrong after surgery? 109

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