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is sugar?

At a molecular level, sugar is a

crystalline carbohydrate. There are

many different types of sugar –

glucose, fructose, lactose, maltose

and sucrose (sucrose is your typical

table sugar, and is composed of

glucose and fructose).

Some of these sugars occur

naturally in fruits, vegetables and

other food groups. However, it’s

the added sugars, used to enhance

flavour and add sweetness, that

have been blamed as a culprit in

a myriad of health issues. These

sugars are usually delivered in the

form of sucrose or fructose corn

syrup, and it is fructose, more than

glucose, that is receiving the most

negative attention.

The highest quantities of added

sugars are found in soft drinks,

fruit juices, cakes, chocolate and

desserts. According to Medical

News Today, just a single can

of cola can contain up to seven

teaspoons of added sugar, while

an average-sized chocolate bar can

contain up to six teaspoons.

At present, the World

Health Organisation’s (WHO)

recommended daily dose of sugar

is less than 10 percent of your

daily total energy intake. WHO

suggests a further reduction to

less than five percent for beneficial

health outcomes.

Many nutritionists recommend

against consuming more than 13

teaspoons a day. 113

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