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Medik8 is a British company, which manufactures in the UK, yet complies with

European standards. It is a brand rooted in science and nature and follows a combination

of eight core principles.



For stockists call 1800 242 011

or visit


Medik8 is on a mission to demystify antiageing

skincare. The company believes

looking 40 when you’re 50 is as simple as

following its anti-ageing philosophy ‘vitamin

C plus sunscreen by day, vitamin A by night’.


While anti-ageing is at its core, Medik8 also

provides solution specifi c skincare for a range

of skin concerns. It understands customers

often want their skincare to do more than one

job for them. That’s why its products can help

clear blemishes or pigmentation while also

helping to prevent premature skin ageing.


Formulations are important and Medik8

knows what to add in and what to keep out.

No fads or fashions. No parabens, phthalates

or sulphates, no microbeads. It may sound

contradictory, but some ingredients get

weaker when more concentrated so Medik8

researchers work tirelessly to fi nd the sweet

spot in every formulation - the concentration

that delivers the best results with minimal

irritation. Sometimes that means less is more.

Medik8 uses clinically proven ingredients with

original research behind them.


Many active ingredients in professional

skincare are incredibly unstable and diffi cult

to work with. Medik8 promises to deliver

professional strength products to the market as

freshly as possible. Its serums are handmade in

small batches by the master blender at its own

UK-based ISO certifi ed labs. This helps ensure

the products are still powerful and effective

when they reach its clients.


Medik8 is an independent company and

this allows it to be totally free in product

development with fresh ideas and swift

new product creation. Medik8 develops all

its ideas and products in-house in its own

state-of-the-art labs.


You’ll only fi nd Medik8 in professionally

trained clinics, spas and specialist

websites. This ensures clients will receive

the attention, care and tailored skincare

advice they deserve.


It is important that active ingredients can

reach the correct location within the skin

to provide results. Medik8 uses liposome

and micro-emulsion technologies that

work like protective ‘bubbles’ around

the molecules to ensure ingredients can

reach the right place; avoiding being

stuck in the upper layers of the skin

and causing irritation. The company

develops and frequently patents its own

original research, often collaborating with

universities and academics.


Of course, Medik8 products are 100%

animal cruelty-free. The company is

dedicated to minimising its impact on

the environment whenever possible.

The manufacturing processes are energy

effi cient, without interfering with results.

Medik8 uses recycled paper for all of its

packaging and 40% recycled glass in its

serum bottles. Even its buildings are run

from 100% renewable energy sources.

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