CosBeauty Magazine #85


CosBeauty is the #BeautyAddict's guide to lifestyle, health and beauty in Australia.
In this issue:
- The Breast Report - your guide to augmentation
- Put an end to bad hair days
- 24 hour makeup, products that last
- Sex appeal - do you have it?


attraction is a youthful appearance,

which is linked to reproductive

capacity. In humans, mate ‘value’

therefore declines with age, beginning

in early adulthood. It follows, then,

that we are naturally inclined to

enhance our appearance.

But what attracts a man to a

woman fundamentally differs

from what women seek in a male

partner. ‘In virtually all of the

human populations sampled, males

rated physical attractiveness

(usually associated with youth)

significantly more important in

mate choice than females did,’

says Australian evolutionary

anthropologist Sean McBride.

‘Females, by contrast, mostly rated

earning potential and ambition-cumindustriousness

as more important

factors when choosing a mate.’ In

other words, the attractiveness of the

man is directly linked to his skills and

prowess rather than his looks.

‘An evolutionary perspective

on human behaviour suggests that

human beings, like members of other

animal species, are likely to have

adaptations for assessing the “value”

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