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of potential sexual partners, using

visual and other cues, and that our

standards of physical attractiveness

arise from these adaptations,’

McBride continues.

Regardless of culture or country

of origin, men find similar female

traits attractive. Their preferences

are biologically and evolutionarily

programmed to find signs of youth

and health attractive, so as to seek

females that are best suited to carry

on their genes.

Studies have found that female

figures with slender bodies, a low

waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) and

large breasts are rated as the most

attractive, healthy, feminine-looking

and desirable for both casual and

long-term romantic relationships.

‘Large breasts consistently enhance

the attractiveness rating of both

slender and heavy figures, so long as

they have a low WHR,’ says McBride.

‘Polish research has shown that

women with large breasts and a small

waist had larger amounts of female

hormones than women with a broad

waist and large hips; narrow waist

and small breasts; or broad waist and

small breasts.’

The significance of the WHR is

directly linked to fertility, as a low

WHR is believed to correspond to

the optimal fat distribution for high

fertility. If a woman is seen to be

more fertile, she is also seen to be

more attractive.

‘Women with a low WHR may also

be healthier, given that a high WHR

resulting from a bloated abdomen

can be a sign of parasite infection.

A high WHR in a female can also

predict menstrual irregularity,

hirsutism (excess hairiness), elevated

plasma triglycerides, diabetes,

hypertension, cardiovascular disease,

gall bladder disease and cancer of the

endometrium, ovaries and breast,’

McBride explains.

But large breasts and a small waist

aren’t the only physical assets men are

drawn to. Other characteristics said

to be prized by our male ancestors in

Scents appeal

Scientists have also discovered

that scent plays an important role

in the sexual attraction of males

to females. At certain points

during the menstrual cycle, women

produce more or less oestrogen and,

accordingly, their scent becomes more

or less appealing to men. Research

indicates that oestrogen triggers blood

flow to the hypothalamus in the male,

but not the female, brain.

In fact, research into our sense of

smell has determined that a simple

kiss has evolved in the Western world

from the universal human greeting of

smelling one another’s hands or faces.

Although such smells are not blatant,

and may not register in the conscious

mind, such smells influence mood and

sexual mating preferences.

Unlike pheromones, which are

long-distance chemical messengers

in the Animal Kingdom, these are

subtle protein secretions detected

at close quarters. ‘They enable

humans to determine whether they

are genetically similar or different,’

says Prof Rob Brooks. ‘Opposites do

attract,’ he says. ‘It’s like an internal

communications system.’

their potential mates were full

red lips, clear and smooth skin, clear

eyes, lustrous hair and good muscle

tone; all indications of a healthy,

youthful woman.

‘These in-built preferences seem

to be aimed at ensuring males find

suitably fertile females who are

healthy enough to reproduce and,

in turn, produce healthy children,’

says McBride. ‘These mechanisms

are instinctual and generally

subconscious. Men don’t think to

themselves: “I must find a woman

with a WHR of 0.7 and smooth skin”.

We just find these characteristics

appealing and they are almost

universally sought after,’ he adds. 39

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