CosBeauty Magazine #85


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In this issue:
- The Breast Report - your guide to augmentation
- Put an end to bad hair days
- 24 hour makeup, products that last
- Sex appeal - do you have it?





Choosing the

right foundation

can be a daunting

beauty aCtivity.

here are our tips to

relieving your stress

when searching

for the perfect

foundation fit.

It’s the canvas of every beauty look

and the go-to confidence booster

when our skin has decided to go

haywire: foundation. But, as with all

other beauty products, there are a million

and one different foundation options on

the market and it can get just a wee bit

confusing for a gal.

Besides finding a foundation that

matches your skin colour, you need to

find one that is best for your skin type.

Knowing your skin type and your desired

level of coverage will be the key to

finding your perfect match.

Foundation comes in a variety of

forms, with the four main types being

liquid, cream, stick and powder. The

right foundation can even out your skin

tone, give you a healthy complexion and

conceal flaws and pigmentation. With

each type comes a different finish and

level of coverage.

The correct shade of foundation

will mesh well with your skin and

complement your complexion. If there’s

an obvious un-blendable line between

your foundation and your natural colour,

you know you have chosen the wrong

shade (#floatingwhiteface, anyone?).

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