CosBeauty Magazine #85


CosBeauty is the #BeautyAddict's guide to lifestyle, health and beauty in Australia.
In this issue:
- The Breast Report - your guide to augmentation
- Put an end to bad hair days
- 24 hour makeup, products that last
- Sex appeal - do you have it?


A duo gem, stick foundation can also be used as a

concealer. The coverage tends to be heavier, making

stick foundations perfect for covering up those niggling

blemishes and imperfections! As well as wearing the hero

cape for bad skin, the heavier coverage can also cover up

scars, redness and dark under-eye circles. Bonus!

Stick foundation is usually small and portable,

meaning no risk of a messy purse. Because of the heavier

consistency, stick foundations may not be suitable for

everyday use if you’re prone to blemishes.

This formula is best for normal to oily skin. However if

you have dry skin, make sure to apply a bit of moisturiser

first to avoid that ‘cakey’ look.



Marc Jacobs

Beauty accomplice

Concealer &

Touch-Up Stick, $44

Nude by Nature Touch of Glow

Highlight Stick, $24.95


A great on-the-go foundation,

powder truly is a touchup hero.

Lightweight and non-clogging,

powder applies evenly and

blends easily to achieve a radiant,

natural looking complexion.

Mineral powder is becoming

a very popular alternative and

is a great bet for people with

sensitive skin or allergies. Powder

is suitable for those with oily skin;

however be cautious not to apply

it too frequently, to avoid drying

out your skin.

Powder comes in compact

form (usually with a handy little

mirror) and is best applied using

a big ol’ fluffy brush. 45

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