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Leading Olivia’s expert skincare

team is General Manager and

Brand Developer of Retreatment

Botanics, Trudi Jaye, who

worked alongside Olivia, the

Gaia Directors, Gaia therapists

and green skincare scientists to

perfect the finished product.

Here, we speak with her about

the brand’s journey.




We have these amazing treatments

and incredibly skilled therapists at

Gaia. When the Retreat fi rst opened,

we would externally source skincare

to use in our treatments. At times,

the therapists would even source

organic ingredients themselves, often

from our own garden!

As Gaia grew and became this

amazing destination for health,

wellness and natural beauty

treatments, Olivia said, “you know,

we have this extraordinary wealth of

knowledge in our team, why don’t we

create our own skincare, where we

have control over the ingredients and

the integrity of the products.”

We wanted to create and use a

skincare brand that refl ects Gaia and

all we stand for. We believe we have

achieved this.

Retreatment Botanics is a way

for people to take the rituals and

experience of Gaia home with

them, to continue their self-care and

soul-care journey with the beautiful

herbs and essentials oils, which

evoke the feeling of Gaia, as well as

being really effective. This was so

important for us. Olivia is passionate

that something really works as well as

being lovely to use.

Trudi Jaye

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