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Hyperpigmentation is perceived as

the third most important skin problem

after wrinkles and sagging.


pigmentation treatments, notably

cosmelan ® and dermamelan ® ,

are world-renowned for their

effectiveness. However, it’s not only

the quality of the treatment that’s

important, it’s also the experience

and expertise of the professional

administering it.

The mesoestetic ® Pharma Group

recently held its third in a series

of Specialised Depigmentation

seminars in Australia as part of a

global initiative. This worldwide

program is for clinics seeking a

cutting-edge advantage, by becoming

a mesoestetic ® Certified Specialised

Depigmentation Centre.

What does that mean for you?

Well, the comprehensive course,

which was lectured by mesoestetic ®

International Trainer, Sabine Wallez,

resulted in a total of 51 Specialised

Depigmentation Centres certified

across Australia. Therefore you can

be confident that the staff members

at these clinics are trained to ensure

you will attain the best possible

results with your procedure and for

your condition.

The topics covered in the

course included the importance

of the diagnostic component in

hyperpigmentation treatments such

as melasma, PIH, solar and senile

lentigos and ephelides, as well as antiageing

solutions and the importance

of sun protection.

According to Catherine

Biedermann, Managing Director

of Advanced Cosmeceuticals, the

course was an incredible opportunity

for Australian skin professionals to

learn first-hand about depigmentation

from Sabine Wallez and to hone

their specific skills for treating

hyperpigmentation. CBM

cosmelan: what is it?

Cosmelan is a one-time, professional skin

brightening treatment developed by mesoestetic ® to

help reduce the appearance of pigmentation spots

and even out skin tone in a matter of weeks with

minimal side effects. The clinically proven results

are truly impressive, achieving up to 95 per cent

improvement in the majority of cases. Treatments

with the cosmelan topical solution are tailored to

each individual and the results are long lasting.

What to expect

The cosmelan treatment consists of two

phases and it is imperative that you follow the

directions given by the treating professional to

achieve complete success.

Phase 1 – in the clinic

The cosmelan 1 Mask is applied in the clinic

and left on the skin for a period of time which

is determined by the medical professional

according to your skin colour and type. This is

usually around 8 hours.

Phase 2 – at home maintenance

The mask is removed at home with mesoestetic ®

hydra milk cleanser and followed by an application

of hydra-vital factor k cream. Cosmelan 2

maintenance cream is applied at home according

to the recommended protocol of the medical

professional. The objective of this highly effective

maintenance cream is to ensure the continued

brightening of the complexion and fading of skin

discolourations while restoring luminosity.

After applying the cosmelan 2, follow daily with

hydra-vital factor k and hydrating moisturiser

with sun protection.

Peeling of the treated skin begins in

approximately 48-72 hours and lasts about

three days; hydra-vital factor k is provided for

multiple applications during the day and evening.

Follow-up is in 7-10 days at which point a marked

reduction in major discolouration will be evident.

Pigment reduction continues with the at-home

application of the cosmelan 2 product over the

next six months.

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