CosBeauty Magazine #85


CosBeauty is the #BeautyAddict's guide to lifestyle, health and beauty in Australia.
In this issue:
- The Breast Report - your guide to augmentation
- Put an end to bad hair days
- 24 hour makeup, products that last
- Sex appeal - do you have it?


Exfoliation removes the dead

surface cells which contribute both

to dryness and oiliness and can

cause blocked pores and problems

like acne. Exfoliation also stimulates

the circulation.

Scrubs treat the surface of the

skin and help unclog pores, while

exfoliants remove surface cell debris

and leave skin fresher and looking

brighter. Common types contain

alpha hydroxy acids and glycolic

acids, found in plant extracts.

It is essential to exfoliate regularly

at home, but nothing beats a

professional treatment which will

leave your skin glowing and fresh -

well worth the expense.

7. endota spa organics Atmica

& Menthol Recovery Scrub 250g,

$40, 8. endota spa organics Daily

Renewal Exfoliant 90ml, $45, 9. PCA

Skin ® Daily Exfoliant, $79.20, 10.

Synergie Mediscrub, $79.




10. 71

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