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Each issue of ONBOARD Magazine is packed with entertaining and informative features – from technical and educational to lighthearted and lifestyle. All specifically aimed at the yachting professionals with buying power. Our renowned team of journalists and in-house editors deliver regular news items, interviews, reviews and features on essential products and services for every superyacht professional, whether at work or when having fun. The summer 2019 edition is out now and includes features on Electric Tenders, VSAT, Registration, Marinas in the eastern Mediterranean, Interior linens and fabrics, RIBs and what to do when you have expensive artwork on board. Plus, don’t forget to review our 2019 Tenders & Toys supplement. This annual publications includes all you need to know about the latest and great toys, ATVs, Jet Boards, a look at support vessels, gyms and exercise areas on board yachts and our industry leading A-Z tender listing with over 130 vessels.


Giorgio Armani interview

Standard matters

Clean energy cruising

All systems go



Yacht accounting

the modern way

The only multi-currency accounting software

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Giorgio Armani’s principles for style,

simplicity and luxury are there for all

to see













Working in superyachts is a stressful

environment, adding a traumatic event

could tip you over the edge


Award-winning adventurer Jody

Macdonald is making waves in the

photography industry


Designers of electric tenders are

pushing the boundaries of technology

and aesthetics


Great hospitality, expert crew and

flexible schedules in Turkey


Our favourite full service marinas in

the eastern Mediterranean


Marseille in September is the place

to be for the final of the inaugural

grand-prix America’s Cup style series


The design and versatility of the

modern rigid inflatable has gone from

strength to strength


The need for first rate yacht

management software has never

been greater


The importance of choosing a registry

with a good reputation




How VSAT and communication

systems cope with the extra traffic

during charter season







Michael Howorth asks if imitation

really is the sincerest form of flattery


Tips, people, advice and myths from

the world of yachting


Elena Touloupaki points out that many

species in the Mediterranean are

under severe threat













A look at MYBA Charter Show 2019


Damen’s 77m Sea Explorer La Datcha is a game

changer in the expanding world of explorer yachts


Summer is here so you can finally embrace the

new fashion trends.


Paige Hanekom onboard Mimi La Sardine looks

back at her first year in the industry


The latest eye catching designs and trends


What’s new in food and drink this summer and

a look at the excellent restaurants of Salento


The latest beauty facts, fads and tips plus a

look at sound bathing and summer hair care


Editor Chris Clifford recommends his favourite

products and services for the season and beyond






Oliver Fröls, CEO Founder of Marivent Yachts



Roman history collides with beaches, bars and

a great food scene in Tarragona


Inspired Voyage. Worldwide personal adventures





Advice and knowledge from the leading experts

in their fields

Editor Chris Clifford

Editorial Assistant Carol Kenyon

Advertising Manager Tim Morris

Sales Executive Terry Hurley

Art Direction Katie Prentice

Accounts Julie Hewitt

Contributors Frances and Michael Howorth, Tom Harrow,

Claire Griffiths, Laurence Lewis, Sue Pelling, Adam Fiander,

Erica Lay

Front cover Jeff Brown | Breed Media



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Tarragona’s Superyacht Marina

One of the few marinas in the Western Mediterranean

with deep-water berths for superyachts, Marina Port

Tarraco - the superyacht marina in Tarragona – offers the

latest technology, 24-hour security, and an ideal location

in an impressive and historic city. It’s not surprising

that some of the world’s largest superyachts consider

Tarragona and Port Tarraco their home. Welcome to

the home of giants. Welcome to Marina Port Tarraco.

t. +34 977 244 173 • info@porttarraco.com • www.porttarraco.com


The greatest form of flattery

It was the collector, Charles Caleb

Colton who is credited with first saying

“imitation is the sincerest form of

flattery.” The English cleric, well known for

his eccentricities was, like me, a writer

but he lived way back in the late 1780s

and died in 1832. Back then there were no

superyachts and I wonder what he might

have made of the way good ideas in our

industry are today being quickly mimicked

and put out to market.

I make the point because it is not so very long

ago that the New Zealand manufacturers

of clever clips and fastenings had to fight

an intellectual property dispute with a

British firm hell bent on copying what is

a brilliant idea. Fortunately for the Kiwi

firm, they had right and the protection of

very stringent patent law on their side and

the matter was settled, rather sensibly,

way before any case got further than in

house shouting.

But what of the floating platform idea

created by a former yacht crew husband

and wife team. How can they, or anyone

else come to that, protect what is nothing

more than a concept that utilises a floating

pontoon alongside another craft. The

basic idea is centuries old and has been

used to get people on and off ships from

the water’s edge to a higher deck. What

these guys have done is reinvent the idea

and apply it to superyachting. They have

invested hard graft and piles of cash to

get the idea to float (yes, I know there’s a

pun in there somewhere) and now others

are following suit. Captains seeking to

buy such a device are almost spoiled for

choice when it comes to buying this sort of

floating product and in one case the device

offered by the couple’s competitors, has

contracted the manufacturer with the very

same factory the couple themselves first

used to bring the idea to market.

The same can be said for companies

marketing inflatable slides that are fixed

to the side of a superyacht. Who came

first? Who copied who? Which is the

best? Which should a Captain buy? And is

there a moral dilemma here? If you know

Michael Howorth

looks into the moral

dilemma facing

Captains and Crew

when one firm offers

a certain service or

product, where the

ideas were initially

developed and brought

to market by others at

an earlier date

one company has sweated themselves to

death bringing a concept to market and

you know the other has done nothing more

than copy the idea who should you buy

from? I am not sure I know the answer

and through fear of getting letters from

lawyers acting on behalf of clients I am

studiously making sure I do not name

companies or take sides.

What I do know is, that if a company selling

tenders and toys suitable for use on board

my superyacht came along to me with

almost the very same name as a company

I had previously used as a supplier, I might

be, at best, confused. Reversing the order

of the nouns in a company name is surely

nothing if not deceitful?

Now when I worked for a marketing company,

eons ago, long before I gained four gold

bars on my epaulets, I do recall advising

clients that piggyback marketing was a

legitimate selling tool. But back then, my

client was manufacturing a mass market

product that was cheap to make and unit

sales were in the billions in countries all over

the world. Today, piggyback marketing has

a different connotation and is considered

good business. Back then it meant hitching

a ride on the coat tails of a company that

has done all the hard work of making a

product desirable.

And that is my point here. Is it right that

in a market place where there is at best

four or five thousand potential customers

one firm should capitalise on the hard work

of others and reap all the benefits? So I

can quite understand why others who

have invested sweat equity and cash into

an idea and then see it copied might be

a little miffed!

Can you imagine how, for example, the

publishers of a magazine might feel if

someone came along and started an online

site that employed some of the words

used in their own magazine’s title and

splashed it across the internet?

Maybe, and for all I know, someone already

has... surely not?


the inflatable

solution for your yacht





OR CALL: ++49 (8035) 96 39 29

PREMium quality

made in EUROPE







87,500 km 2







On ships in the 18th century,’slush’referred to the

waste fat which was left after the ship’s cook had

boiled salt beef. The fat was skimmed off and stored

in barrels. In the US Navy, the fat was sold and the

proceeds of this sale were called a’slush fund. The

money was spent in buying luxuries for the crew.


Like the male version, this person is never, ever,

young, fit or attractive. Yet bizarrely in some

twisted reverse body dysmorphia, she thinks

she resembles Beyonce. I mean come on, how

can you not find her advances a turn on? A

compliment even? Easy, it’s still harassment

so best thing to do boys, is travel in pairs,

hide, and don’t turn your back on

her in case you get a ‘harmless’

spanked bottom from someone

who looks like your mum’s

friend… with a hangover. Don’t

get conned into adding some UV

protection on her wrinkly walnut

tanned skin either.

Twenty years from

now, you will be more

disappointed by the things

you didn’t do than those

you did. So throw off

the bowlines. Sail away

from safe harbor. Catch

the wind in your sails.

Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Vice-Admiral Robert FitzRoy (1805 – 1865)

was an English officer of the Royal Navy

and a scientist. He achieved lasting fame as

the captain of HMS’Beagle during Charles

Darwin’s famous voyage, FitzRoy’s second

expedition to Tierra del Fuego and the

Southern Cone. FitzRoy was a pioneering

meteorologist who made accurate daily

weather predictions, which he called by a

new name of his own invention: ‘forecasts’.

In 1854 he established what would later be

called the Met Office, and created systems

to get weather information to sailors and

fishermen for their safety. As Governor of

New Zealand, serving from 1843 to 1845, he

tried to protect the Māori from illegal land sales claimed by British settlers.



appeared to be anywhere near as busy this

summer due to lots of owners deciding to venture

off the milk run. Reports that more yachts have

stayed stateside this summer (perhaps to do with

the US built boats being charged to come to the

Med?), and others have gone up to the Baltic to

explore seem to confirm this.

AMERICAS CUP 2021 Lots of yachts now have

New Zealand in their upcoming itineraries.

The Kiwis better be ready for the huge influx of

spectator superyachts, crew and owners heading

down under! Plus, Auckland has abandoned

plans to charge a daily superyacht anchoring fee.

GOING GREEN The pursuance of going

green(er) in yachting is stronger than ever right

now with more and more yachts ditching single

use plastics as much as possible – is it really that

hard guys?

MENTAL HEALTH A hot topic in yachting as

well as other industries. We see reports showing

interior crew seem to suffer the most with low

morale – perhaps this can explain why fewer

stews than ever are staying in the industry?


warned about showing respect when visiting

places of historical interest. There’s been a rise

in insensitive idiots taking selfies, grinning or

posing provocatively at sensitive locations. Grow

up and show some respect. Don’t get caught out

and embarrass yourself and the yacht.

CBD PRODUCTS Are we being prudes here or

what do you think? For example in the UK, the

CBD market is un-regulated, so the sellers can

basically lie on the packaging to curve around

the technical details. Marketeers of some CMD

fruit pastels, tell us our brains can have a chilled

vacation, without the high…. how does that work?

We recommend you get a grip and grow up!

INVESTMENT ADVICE Investing your hard

earned money in a bona-fide investment product

is paramount, whether it’s to save for a property

or for longer term retirement plans. Predicted

massive gains in investment funds backing

marijuana, classic cars and fine wine? Do your

homework, ask your colleagues who they deal

with and invest those euros or dollars sensibly.

But, pay off your debts first!



Guests with


knowledge of





on deck

Yet another


rendition of

Let it Go

Green stew

puking up

all day

Tick off those inevitable moments that

are sure to happen this season


chiller van



4am burger

request to








We went almost completely plastic

free, bought clear glass bottles with

silicone lids and filled them up and

kept them in the fridge for the guests.

They had little jackets to protect them

when being used elsewhere. We also

have a water dispenser in the mess.



scenes from




sex from





during the

big game


We have gone plastic free. We have

installed two water filtration systems

in the crew mess and pantry. We

have glass Chilly bottles for guest

service, branded 500ml Chilly bottles

for cabins, beach days and fridges. All

crew have their own Chilly bottle.


who is


not the wife



Can you arrange for the

dolphins to be dancing at

9pm – the same time that I will be

proposing to my girlfriend?







No sleep




These rays inhabit the

reigns of the Mediterranean

deepwater often up to several hundred metres.

They have an average life span of 20 years and

a very low reproductive capacity, meaning the

population is declining. Coupled with death

from bycatch (being caught in other nets) they

were classified as endangered

by IUCN back in 2006. While

feeding, devil rays can dive

to depths of nearly 2km for

around 60-90 minutes, at

speeds of 22km/h.

Kids’ sticky

fingers on




The award-winning


combines world-class

industrial design, high-quality music

reproduction, intelligent functionality and

an extensive feature set that has resulted

in a rugged, portable marine stereo

system. Simply install the Fusion Puck

with the provided 3M adhesive or screws,

mount the€STEREOACTIVE and enjoy

Bluetooth audio streaming, AM/FM radio,

or USB play backs.


The chance for

mistakes is about

equal to the

number of crew


Ted Turner€


No, because the crew refuse to drink

the tap water. Treatment system is

not run properly by the engineers and

there is no evidence of testing or kits

because they can’t be bothered or

it’s too expensive. But plastic bottles

double the garbage volume.


We are only 22m yacht but we are

trying. Our website and instagram

promotes eco yachting. We buy glass

bottles, no plastic. Our toothbrushes

and qtips are bamboo, all straws are

bamboo and stainless, guests love the

green initiative.


We’ve gone plastic bottle free! We

encourage the guests to bring their

gym water bottles with them but we

also give the guests branded yetis

to drink out of and take home as an

incentive - so far it’s been greatly

accepted by the guests.


I had a Naturizzata system installed

that provides extra filtration and

sterilisation that also produces

sparkling water. Then had customised

bottles with the yacht logo made.

Wish I had done it earlier, it paid for

itself in the first season.

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 11



Lex 790

elex-boats.com | #wearefromaustria #elexfamily #makeyourownwave



Soon available in selected rental locations


̴ 50 km/h


̴ 45 min


14 hp


120 min


55 kg

Lampuga GmbH

+49 (0) 721 61935 600 info@lampuga.de www.lampuga.com

12 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD



To tan or not to tan, that is

the question. Are your charter

guests lounge lizards or

shadow slinkers?


There’s always one person on board

who’s convinced it’s still 1972. Like

a chicken on a spit basting in oil they’re

guaranteed to look like a leathery lizard by

the time they’re 40. Hold on a second, is

that a foil reflector?


Similar to the Rotisserie Chicken

(minus the oil) the lounge lizard

loves to absorb the heat and refuses to

leave the sun lounger if there’s still a ray

to be had. They can be very competitive

when it comes to getting the best spot.

They must get up early if you want to snag

a prime lounger location.


Determined to keep a pale

complexion, the shadow slinker

can be recognised by an enormous hat,

slathered in very high SPF sunscreen

they’re cowering under the largest

umbrella they can find. With a full-body

swimsuit, they certainly stand out from the

crowd and tend to glow in the dark.



The whiter the skin, the redder the

burn and sure enough, day one, the

fairest of the crowd (typically a ginger)

will decide to sit out in the midday sun

and burn themselves to a crispy crisp. For

the next five days they’ll be hiding under

a parasol with painful blisters. Next time

layer on the sunscreen and become a

shadow slinker.



It’s a challenge avoiding the tan line

altogether. There’s always one, the

exhibitionist who’s completely naked and

exposes those places where the sun don’t

shine (and really shouldn’t!). Ouch when

those bits get burned!

The beautiful town of Kalkan nestles in a calm

bay, enjoying stunning views out over the

Mediterranean. Its pretty cobbled streets are

home to quaint Bougainvillea-clad buildings,

housing an abundance of boutiques, restaurants

and taverns. In the old harbour, you can rent a

wooden ‘gulet’ boat for a day trip or enjoy a drink

and a ‘hubbabubba’ pipe in one of the waterside


Take your gear onto

the water without

the fear of getting

anything wet. Fitting

seamlessly onto your

board and packed full of features, this

dry bag will enable you to make every

paddle an adventure. Made from 100%

waterproof TPU fabric and featuring a

YKK aquaseal zip.




Carey Secrett, Director, Superyacht Supply Chain

bars. The bay is home to some idyllic beach clubs

with inviting shady cabanas perched on platforms

on the rocks. There are fantastic snorkelling and

diving spots and the water is beautifully clear and

warm. If shopping is your thing, you will be spoilt

for choice. For the food lover, the town boasts

over 150 restaurants serving a huge variety of

cuisine. This town is a true Turkish delight!

37°10’N 12°43’E


A submerged volcanic island off the south west

coast of Sicily, last erupted in 1831 and rose

above the surface. A four-way dispute over its

sovereignty began, which was still unresolved

when it disappeared beneath the waves again in

early 1832. In 2000 and 2002 it showed signs of a

appearance, but remains 6m beneath the surface.



Our favourite

news apps

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Reuters News

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News (Android, iOS) provides a

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approach, you can check out the

Associated Press’s mobile offering.

AP News (Android, iOS) delivers

stories from the Associated Press’s

network of local, national and

global news writers.

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 13



Our extensive experience and local knowledge ensures bespoke shore support,

port facilities and concierge services that extends beyond Malta thanks to our

worldwide network of support service providers.



T: +356 7925 2928

14 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD




Say hello to the most advanced multipurpose tool ever

made. A more robust version of the P2, the P4 also

includes a saw and 420HC serrated knife so you’re

prepared for every job. Even with 21 tools, it weighs in

at a barely-there 244grams and has a closed length of

just 108mm, so it’s just as comfortable in your pocket as

on your belt. Designed and manufactured in Portland,

Oregon. And don’t forget the world famous Leatherman

25 year guarantee. Lets face it, they wouldn't say this if

they weren’t confident of the workmanship…

€199.95 www.leatherman.com



Philips, medium,

small and extra-small


420HC serrated


Saw and wire



Handy all-in-one

tools are the deckie's

best friend. Easy

to carry and with a

plethora of handy

gadgets to use



Designed for the

outdoors, this

multi-tool even

has a firestarter






compact, with

24 functions





Be ready for

anything that

comes your way


ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 15



Hit the beach in

style with one

of these great

beach towels

1 Slowtide €35 www.surfdome.com 2 Seafolly €35 www.surfdome.com 3 AALTO €99

www.farfetch.com 4 Emilio Pucci €495 www.farfetch.com 5 Stella McCartney €208

www.farfetch.com 6 Dolce & Gabbana €495 www.farfetch.com 7 Slowtide €45 www.surfdome.com

16 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD






One of my favourite genres for the

daytime is disco. It’s light, fun, funky and

is the perfect sound for when the sun is

out and you’re chilling.

Dave Leatherman & Bruce Nolan

Need In Me (Original Mix)

The Braxtons

The Boss (Master at Work Album Mix)Ð


Hit it Off (feat Teni Tinks)

Jimmy Ross & Retide

First True Love Affair (Re-Tide

Traxsource Exclusive Remix)


Operator (Koze edit)


Great beach club sounds are deep,

soulful house sounds without it sounding

too ‘clubby’ or too relaxed.

Miguel Migs feat Omar

We Can Make It

Full Intention

Everybody Loves The Sunshine

(Samir Maslo Remix)

Miguel Migs feat Lisa Shaw

Side to SideÐ


Last Night The Dj Saved My Life

(LeMarquis Remix)

Kings of Tomorrow

Fall For You (Sandy Rivera’s Classic Mix’)


Ultimately you need background music

as it’s a time for food, drinks and talking.

It still needs a bit of funk and soul to it

because it’s preparation for the party.

Princess Freesia

Freesia (Joey Negro Cookie Dough Mix)


Freedom To Love (Yam Who Rework)


I Want Your Love - Dimitri From Paris

Remix [2018 Remaster]

BB Boogie

Sweating And Shaking (On The Dance

Floor) [feat. Monica Blaire]


Nocturnal (ft. The Weeknd)


If you’re entertaining at sea, the chances

are the guests are going to be an

international mix. The set would usually

include bootlegs or mixes of well-known

tracks for people to dance to.Ð

Fatboy Slim Praise You (Purple Disco

Machine Extended Remix)

Calvin Harris GiantÐ

Souxsoul Remember Me

(Soulmagic mix)Ð

Robin S Show Me Love’

(Original version)

Stevie Wonder Superstition

(Opolop mix)

To find these tracks and other mixes visitÐwww.mixcloud.com/djglenjohn

Glen John is a professional DJ from London based in the French Rivera. Playing a blend

of house, R&B and crowd-pleasing classics, Glen has appeared at a host of top London

venues and now performs at various venues and parties in the South of France.





Opened in the 70s this club

led the party circuit on the


Located in Es Pujols and one

of the most popular late bars


Split into three separate areas,

main hall, terrace and relaxation


island for many years and

on the island. Opening at 11pm

area. Opening from 7pm - 4am

continues to be

is now famous for hosting

all the way through to 6am, the

in the centre of Es Pujols.

club capital of the

an evening named Cocoon.

club fills up after 3am when the

Stylish relaxation with a cool

Med. These are our

Open from 1am – 6am.

late bars empty out.

party atmosphere.

favourites for 2019

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 17

Luxury has a rendez-vous with yachting

Book your exclusive VIP programme to discover the Yachting Festival:

helicopter transfers, personalized tour, visit of yachts, VIP club...


10-15 SEPTEMBER 2019





Motor boats

are remaining in the




Sailing boats

are heading for




Quiet Comfort 35 II




Fidelio NC1






Backbeat Pro



We have rounded up the best

sound-cancelling headphones

that will keep the world out and

your music in


PXC 550







20 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD


The protection of the species

is in your hands!

Considering the vastness of the ocean,

the heterogeneity of habitats and

species, the limited available marine

scientists and human resources hinder the

collection of all the data required to carry out

marine science research, the contribution

of Citizen Science is highly valued within

marine research. Marine Citizen Science

is especially helpful in answering questions

that have a large spatial or temporal scope

such as mapping and monitoring species

ranges across extensive geographic areas.

SEAlly© is a mobile application that has been

created in the framework of the project

‘Fishers, Sea turtles & Sharks: Alliance

for Survival’, coordinated by MEDASSET-

Mediterranean Association to Save the Sea

Turtles, in partnership with iSea, to actively

involve and engage citizens. On 14th May

MEDASSET celebrated the Mediterranean

Action Day 2019 to promote citizen science

by organising ‘Sailing Against Bycatch’ event.

SEAlly© was officially presented in an action

that perfectly combined the information,

field experience and citizen science.

The action was implemented on a sailing

boat, which departed from a marina on

the Athens coastline and sailed off into

the Saronic Gulf. During the sailing, the

problem of bycatch and the necessity

behind the development of the application

was analyzed in detail, its operation and

capabilities were presented, as well as its

recordings from Greece and abroad. The aim

of the action was to have a ‘look and feel’

approach followed by its practical exploitation

on board, with the possible recording of

species sighted at sea. Representatives of

Civil Society (fishers, NGOs, foundations,

sailors, etc.) participated in the action and

presented their perspective and experience

through participatory processes, both for

the problem of incidental captures and on

the issues of sustainable management of

the marine ecosystem. Both this action

and SEAlly© aim, among other things,

The Mediterranean

Sea is a biodiversity

hot spot, but


many species

are under threat.

Eleana Touloupaki

outlines a number

of conservation

actions undertaken by


to strengthen the role of citizens in the

collection of primary scientific data, a

perspective which is listed in the EU’s

main guiding principles. An unexpected

surprise during the sailing cruise was the

encounter of a rare marine species, the

common dolphin, which to the delight of

all, we observed several behaviors such

as sleeping, mating and feeding.

SEAlly© is the first mobile application that

allows multi-taxa recording (sea turtles

and sharks) whose abundance is not well

known. Its ‘target group’ are fishers, port

authorities, divers, sailing community and

all sea lovers interested in the protection

of marine ecosystems.

The easy-to-use and interactive design of

the application enables the user to input

information and data about the geographic

location of a sea turtle and/or a shark

sighting, their species, the condition in

which they were found or other specific

features (eg gender). Furthermore, the

application allows the use of the mobile’s

camera to instantly capture images of the

observations. In addition, the user has the

ability to view other users’ records apart

from his or her own.

The collection of these valuable scientific

data will help to study and mitigate the

impacts of bycatch on sea turtle and shark

populations. At the same time, through

networking and co-operation with relevant

projects and initiatives, the application

aspires to contribute to scientific research

and data input at Mediterranean level,

with the ultimate goal of protecting and

conserving sea turtles and sharks.

SEAlly© is available on android & iOS and

users are able to download it for free.

To find out how you can support MEDASSET-

Mediterranean Association to Save the

Sea Turtles, visit www.medasset.org and

follow MEDASSET on social media.

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 21


An investment with

the greatest returnsP

Once again The

MYBA Charter Show

has cemented itself

as the top show for

superyacht brokers

on the Mediterranean.

The partnership with

OneOcean Port Vell

has proved extremely

successful and has

been extended for

another two years

The 2019 MYBA Charter Show was the

third to be held atPOneOceanPPortPVellPin

Barcelona and the 31stPin the event’s

long history. It was a show that set several

new records and raised the bar once again

according to feedback already received

fromPa broad spectrum ofPattendees.

Let’s start byPlookingPat the numbers.PThis

year there were 60 yachts on showPwith

a total L.O.A. of 2,653m and an average

L.O.A. of 44,21Pm.PA positive development in

comparison to theP53 yachts and thePtotal

L.O.A. of 2,521m in 2018.

Their total gross tonnage was 29,464

and the quality of the vessels spoke

volumes!PThe accumulated charter rate

wasP€11.486.500,Pwith the average

charter rate of €194.686.P

ThePexhibitorPstands were manned by 502

dedicated members of staff, with 138

of them belonging to our list of ‘Loyal

Exhibitors’ - those that have participated

in 10Por morePMYBA Charter ShowsPbefore

2016Pand in at least one from 2011 to

2016.PInP2018Pthere wereP494 members

of staffPmanningPthePexhibitorsPstands, a

very small difference versus this year, soPit

doesPindeed seem thatPthe Show enjoys

loyal support and many exhibitors are

returning, an indication that it is indeed

good for business!P

The total numberPof attendees was 2,074

of whom 518 were charter brokers and

central agents. 167 out of the 518 were

MYBA Members.PAlso,Pon board were 616

Captains and crew, who worked tirelessly to

ensure that everything was shipshape, and

65 members of the press who made sure

that the event was well documented.PThe

total number of attendees in 2018 was

1,885 so we can safely say that the

Show’s audience is also growing even

though the acceptance criteria remains

as strict as usual.P

Marta Iglesias, MYBA Charter Show

Consultant, commented on the importance

of the quality of the Show’s attendees:P“In

today’s market, where clients can

accessPextensivePinformation with the

click of a button, their expectations

towards a lifetime experience can only be

met by the deep knowledge of the true

superyacht professionals. The MYBA

Charter Show is the annual event where

all thisPprofessionalPexpertisePisPshared

and enhanced amongstPattendees. With

carefully curated superyachts as the focal

point,PvettedPbrokers, central agentsPand

exhibitors get together for four days

of intense networkingPto ensure that

allPthePrequirements for the ultimate

client experiencePare met. The 2019PMYBA

Charter ShowPwillPsoon provePthat it is,

once again,Pthe launching platform for a

successful charter season.”P

Branding, communication, and all

touchpoints, were designed to enhance

the total experience and the holistic

journey that the Show aims to offer.PAnd

itPalso succeeded in capturingPa broader

audience’s attention via MYBA’s social

media channels. An indication of the online

‘chatter’ that surroundedPthe event was

provided byPInstagram where,Pwith 13,000

followers, the Show scored more than

61,000 impressions in just one week.


During the Show, MYBA The Worldwide Yachting

Association andPOneOceanPPortPVellPalsoPannounced

that they have agreed to renew their

collaboration for the next two years as

far as the hosting of the MYBA Charter

Show is concerned. This means that the

MYBA Charter Show will be returning

toPOneOceanPPortPVellPfor both 2020

and 2021. The MYBA Charter Show is

the first major event of the superyacht

season for the charter sector and it

is owing to the world-class facilities

ofPOneOceanPPortPVell, a marina that can

cater to a Show of thisPcalibrePandPsize,

thatPMYBA has chosen to celebrate the

next two editions at this port.P


It was a spectacular Show and we believe

that it will play a pivotal role in securing

bookings and generating charter revenue.

Thank you to everyone who was a part

of it,Pand we look forward to seeing you

again atPOneOceanPPort Vell from 27 to


ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 23

Damen’s 77m SeaExplorer La Datcha is a game changer in the ever

expanding world of explorer yachts. The custom build for an experienced

owner is equipped with every imaginable toy including two helicopters

Words: Frances and Michael Howorth

With the handover due later this summer the

owner of La Datcha was on hand and excited

at the launching of his new 77 metre expedition

yacht. He and his family attended the event at the Damen

Shipyards hull building yard in Galati. After the launch the

hull was transported to the SeaXplorer outfitting yard in

the Netherlands ahead of delivery in September 2020,

just in time for the yacht’s debut at this year’s Monaco

Yacht Show.

Built with extensive customisations to the owner’s

requirements, including his passion for heliskiing, La Datcha

stands out with her helideck and hangar for two aircraft.

She is fully certified for helicopters up to 4,000kg.

The owner intends to make his new yacht available for

charter in a range of polar and tropical destinations during

his planned extensive two-year global tour. Talking just

before the launch, the owner said, “The Earth is so big

and our life is so short, so we have to explore as much

as we can.”

He added, “I fell in love with the shape, the design. With

two helicopters, you can really go further, you can see

24 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD



Length overall à 77àmetres

Beam moulded à 14àmetres

Depth at side à


Draught à


Gross tonnage à2,560gt

Speed à


Guests à 12

Crew/expedition staff à25


2 x helicopters,1 x submersibleà(3 pax)

1 x VIP tender/rescue boat, 1 x dive supportàtender,

1 x beach landeràtender, 4 x waverunners,

2 x expedition ribs, 2 x snow scooters

the bears and other animals. You can heliski. Any kind of

activities, fishing and so on. With two helicopters you

have absolute freedom to explore any remote territory

as deep as you want.”

The yacht carries extra provisions and facilities for 40 days

of global autonomy without port call, and a superb set of

toys, tenders, snowmobiles and a submarine.

“I’ll be really excited to have this boat the first time in

Kuril Islands and then Kamchatka in 2021,” the owner

continued. “That’s a real excitement because I’ve explored

Kamchatka quite well with the helicopter but it would be

quite nice to explore it from the shore, visit more remote

territories and see the far east of Russia and then continue

on to Alaska. From there, we can go on and do so many

incredible things with this yacht.”

The yacht has a volume of 2,560gt and accommodates

12 guests, in two master suites, together with 25 crew.

The yacht’s exterior design is by Azure Yacht Design,

while the interior is by the owner’s choice of designer,

Vasiliy Shprits whose studio, has also designed many of

the owner’s residential properties.

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 25

26 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD

Sail or







Giorgio Armani has always gone about

his artistic craft by fulfilling a few

simple rules – be bold, be imposing,

be clean and be ruthless. It’s little surprise

then that while every suit, jumper, t-shirt,

leather jacket, pair of jeans, wristwatch

and fragrance fulfils strictly an Italian style

visionary’s modus operandum, his yacht

wilfully obeys the same rules too.

“The self-awareness of whatever it is we

do is an important thing,” says Armani,

opening up with perhaps a predictable dose

of raw philosophy. “We have to consider

the view from the outside as well as how

we perceive ourselves, as really we are a

combination of the two.

“A boat is very similar. Your own perception

of what it is, from the inside, on board, is

very different to almost everyone else’s, but

who is correct in their view? You, or them?”

Armani’s superyacht, Main, was built by

Codecasa in 2008. It measures 213ft long

and radiates in chic lines, rich-black matt

casing, gold piping and a formidable look

that is as imposing as it is unforgiving.

Put it alongside Steve Jobs’ Venus, Sailing

Yacht A (another Philippe Starck creation),

or perhaps even Guilty, complete with

haphazard Jeff Koons camouflage, and you

have four of the most bullish, statement-led

yachts in the world; yet if you had to pick

one, you’d only ever step foot on Armani’s

muscular mega-boat.

“It is fun for me,” the 84-year-old Italian

says. “I do not take it too seriously but it is

leisure, a home, but also a place for work.

“I always want to be working, and if I can

move around and be comfortable, then I’ll

work better. And that’s what Main gives me.”

Sure, the ‘work’ Armani refers to will obviously

include answering the odd email and perhaps

looking over the latest set of new-season

sketches put together by a design team

that has created for him a personal wealth

of over £8billion. Mostly though, when the

day job boards this superlatively dressed

yacht it is for the purpose of photo shoots.

After all, for someone who has always kept

his affairs close to home, where else would

the company’s founder suggest…

Armani’s tours on the yacht have taken him

to locations including Monaco and the Amalfi

Coast, though the designer has been known

to venture as far afield as Jamaica in his time

away from the catwalks. Having previously

taken the wheel at the yacht Mariù – named

after his mother – to sail around the small

volcanic island of Pantelleria, just off the

coast of Sicily, Armani admits he quickly

wanted to go further. “I had spent years

chartering and Mariù was a boat I was in

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 27






love with. For the first time it was something that I could do

as I wanted with. Chartering is fine but you are aware, all the

time, that it is someone else’s property.

Even so, something was still missing, and for Armani, it was a

lack of ubiquity in the design process. For all its qualities, Mariù

was still a craft that was ‘off the shelf’, as it were… and the

shelf wasn’t designed by him.“It had to be me, from start to

finish,” he says – hence, Main.

It’s true to say there are few things that reward the designer

as much as time on the sea. “The privacy is nice. In no hotel in

the world will you get the same level of privacy. But what I like

most is the fact you are in somewhere purpose-built. When it

came to designing Main, it was all me.”

While Codecasa created an incredible exterior, everything

inside was Armani’s vision - the ability to make something from

nothing, and to wear it like a pair of jeans… that was the special

thing, and in reality, those principles are mirrored in the fashion

industry itself.

The yacht, which was built at Codecasa’s Viareggio shipyard in

Tuscany, can accommodate up to 12 guests, and comes with

zero speed stabilisers, which restrict movement on the yacht

when it is at anchor, thus increasing on-board comfort.

The craft is powered by two Caterpillar 2,479hp diesel engines,

has a top speed of 17 knots and can achieve a maximum range

of 6,910 nautical miles at 14 knots. In addition, water tanks

store an impressive 30,000 litres of fresh water.

It is a statement every bit as strong as a well-tailored suit, and

reward for a fashion forefather who has achieved everything

that could have been asked of a modest shop window dresser

in 1950s Italy.

“My biggest, most obvious regret is that I didn’t take care of

myself enough,” Armani has told a national newspaper in 2015,

in referencing a work/life balance that, you feel, only in later

life is he finally beginning to master. “I have always taken care

of other people, more than myself. So much that sometimes

I should have quit my job, or divided my time better between

public and private life.”

While his love affair with the sea is without doubt, it seems the

calling of the mainland will always take Armani back. “That’s because

this is a job that absorbs you completely from morning to night.

I tried to take people, friends, or dates and bring them into my

own work life, instead of doing the opposite, but it rarely worked.”

Time spent on the yacht, and away from the catwalk, clearly

represents a diversion Giorgio Armani thrives on. The similarities

between the two remain - both exude elegance, class, style

and luxury; but unusually, with yachts, he has brought bona fide

fashion to the seas – there is not a hint of white, nor bright

lighting, or marble interiors.

The greater truth though is that whilst separating two worlds,

maybe he has succeeded only in bringing his own – fashion –

closer to him.

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 29

Custom-made Luxury

Yacht Lettering

Essential yacht services for the Balearics

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E info@jplyachting.com


30 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD



Stainless steel,

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500ml sports bottle with bluetooth® speaker


600ml glass tumbler with bamboo lid



Fiona’s Atelier offers you a

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500ml Glass Liner Tartan TM material


500ml vacuum insulated tumbler

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ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 31


We’re told that the first tote bags were

developed as part of an advertising campaign

by either LL Bean or a small shoe store

somewhere in Ohio. Ever since these early

incarnations, these multi-purpose bags have

been adorned by thousands of logos by the

world’s biggest brands. Massively popular

as freebies and give-a-ways at shops or

expos, the tote bag, under today’s more

environmentally educated population is a

trendy and multi-use accessory. In recent

years the cosmopolitan tote has found its

way onto the shelves of the world’s most

exclusive stores. It seems that whether

you are carrying your bio fruit, gym gear

or even the miniature four legged friend,

the tote is here to stay.


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Summer is here so you can finally embrace some new fashion trends


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Espadrilles are the

wear everywhere

shoe of choice


www.farfetch.com €185

32 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD










Boisterous and

brash the Hawaiian

shirt is the way to

go this summer





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ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 33



The coolest swimming trunks so now you can be the most stylish chap poolside

From top clockwise 1Thorsun €235 2 Orlebar Brown €105 3 Thorsun €235 4 Vilebrequin €206 5 Vilebrequin €209 6 Paul Smith € 110

7 Vilebrequin €206 8 Vileberquin €206 9 Vilebrequin €206 10 Orlebar Brown €175

Swimshorts from www.matchesfashion.com

34 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD


Packed with haute-streetwear, the

baseball cap is the way to go









Caps from www.matchesfashion.com



ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 35







Gone are the days when we demonstrate that ‘stiff upper

lip’ mentality, or ‘grin and bear it’… or are they? It seems

each year we are hearing about more tragic events, such

as accidental deaths, serious injuries, or even suicide. How are

crew and management companies addressing these events?

Are they still being swept under the rug? Why does it take a

devastating accident for management companies or owners to

put some sort of process in place for coping with the aftermath?

Let’s start with defining the word ‘trauma’. The dictionary defines

it as ‘a deeply distressing or disturbing experience’. This could

be psychological, i.e. a personal trauma like witnessing a terrible

accident, or physical, such as suffering a serious injury or attack.

Trauma affects people in different ways and responses can be

extremely individual.

36 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD

As ex crew member and now, Senior Dual Diagnosis Clinician and

Social Worker Tarryn Burrows explains, “During traumatic events,

our brain responds with fight/flight/freeze: an automatic response

from our brain and body…we confront it, run away or can’t move.

Traumatic events also typically bypass the memory storage part

of the brain (hippocampus) so that’s why sometimes people only

remember bits of how things happen, e.g. smells, noises…that’s

the brain trying to protect us from what’s happened as well.”

Case in point, deckhand Adam* saw his friend break his shoulder

in a sailing accident during a manoeuvre onboard whilst they

were taking part in a regatta. “Looking back now, I still have

a blank patch I can’t figure out – I saw the cause, I saw the

injury happen, then I guess auto pilot kicked in as the next

thing I remember is him being tended to by the senior crew and

me sat at his head telling him he’s going to be ok! I was told I

apparently ran straight over to him and started talking to him

and comforting him. Can’t remember it though.” Sometimes the

memories return, other times they don’t. The important thing

to remember is that it’s normal.

As Crew Coach Director Karine Rayson says, “How an individual

responds to trauma will be different for each person. For example,

person A may have a different response to a natural disaster

or betrayal of an intimate partner over person B. It’s therefore

imperative that when living and working with colleagues on board

that you are compassionate and empathetic towards each other,

rather than casting judgement on how you think the person

should be responding to a traumatic event.”

Karine believes we, as crew and industry professionals, should

be learning the soft skills necessary to provide the right sort of

support to each other. Be it at peer level, or from seniors. This

is essential for yacht crew, especially when we’re at sea and

mental health care might not be easily accessible.

Trauma can manifest in many ways; this is something we can all

keep an eye out for (both in ourselves or in others). Tarryn says,

“Trauma will often affect a person’s ability to build relationships,

ability to self-regulate their emotions (so they are quick to anger,

moods change frequently, tend to feel depressed/low) and may

result in difficulty sleeping, nightmares, flashbacks, hypervigilance,

over or under exaggerated startle response (‘jumpy’), difficulty

assessing risk. People can also experience fear and chronic anxiety,

hyper arousal/reactivity, avoidance and numbing (helllooooo alcohol!)

and disassociation….easily triggered, incite behaviours (stir things

up), have superficial relationships (isn’t that the superyacht

industry?), test boundaries, lying, deceptive behaviour, demand

attention, no impulse control, feel the need to be in control…”

Karine recommends, “if you are experiencing the symptoms

of àtrauma you should immediately seek support; if the symptoms

go untreated one runs the risks of experiencing comorbid mental

health issues including depression, post-traumatic stress disorder,

anxiety disorders, or alcohol and drug problems which can potentially

threaten a person’s physical and psychological well-being. It is

important to highlight that when being exposed to a traumatic

event it doesn’t automatically mean you will experience the onset

of trauma related symptoms.”

At the moment, the biggest issue in the industry is how much

it’s failing us in this area. Although some yacht owners and

management companies have embraced how important keeping

crew healthy and looked after in every sense (physically and

mentally) and have proven this by offering counselling, medical

support, compassionate leave, and psychological assistance as

well as financial support, sadly these yachts and companies

seem to be in the minority.

Let’s take what happened to Engineer Fred* into account. He

joined a motoryacht, working with a lovely captain who collapsed

on board (fortunately in port) and was later discovered to have

a brain tumour. At the time, Fred went into ‘fight’ mode – he

called the ambulance, he allocated tasks for the junior crew

onboard whilst he and the chief stew dealt with the situation.

Sadly, the ambulance crew had to be convinced the captain

was unwell as when they arrived he’d risen to his feet and was

trying to walk around – albeit he was incoherent and stumbling.

Fred was asked by the owner to take control of the yacht and

to continue getting it ready for an upcoming show.





For the first few days, Fred said the owner would check in to

ask after their wellbeing but that soon stopped and the focus

was all about the yacht show. The most support he had during

this situation was from the Port Authorities who, Fred says,

“offered all the help they could.” There was no counselling or

time off offered, Fred says now he had no idea to even ask for

it, and it was only when he booked himself into a doctor’s after

nearly collapsing himself, that he discovered he was in the early

stages of chronic fatigue and needed to take some time off. The

doctor told him he had not allowed himself any time to process

the shock of what happened. Sadly this lead to panic attacks

for Fred, but after finally stopping, taking time out and seeing a

doctor at home, he’s now back in the industry and more aware

of himself, his limits, and those of others.

Chef Charlotte* was working on a large motoryacht when a

crew member suffered a terrible accident and passed away. In

the days that followed, the crew were let down completely by

the captain, owner, and management company. They asked for

support and medical help and this was denied. They asked for

those crew who’d been directly involved in the accident to be

sent on compassionate leave, again, denied. Faced with an ‘if

you want to go on leave, you quit and pay yourselves’ attitude,

a captain too fearful of being accused of negligence to support

anyone, and an owner and guests who demanded dinner service and

turndowns carry on as normal or being fired (they were onboard

at the time), it’s a wonder the entire crew didn’t fall apart. At

anchor, the internet was cut off to prevent any leakage to the

media, but this left the crew alone and isolated, unable to talk

to friends and family when they needed to the most.

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 37

Following the trip, the management company continued to fail the

crew – finally they were permitted shore leave to seek help, but

even after their approved psychologist had signed them all off to

return to work, they all received word that their contracts had

been terminated – long story short, the crew were effectively

forced into signing away any rights they had. At time of writing,

Nautilus had taken the case on to fight on the crew’s behalf

for compensation. Financial compensation is one thing (if they

receive any) but the lasting effects of a trauma like this which

is dealt with so horrifically will no doubt be felt by that crew for

years to come.







Shereen Soliman, a young woman working in the industry for

some years, suffered a brutal attack in St Maarten some years

ago when she was between jobs; a man attempted to rape

and murder her. It left her with acute Post Traumatic Stress

Disorder. Shereen is an inspiration, quite frankly, she’s taken

her experience and has used it to help others, as well as having

returned to the yachting industry on a freelance basis.

Shereen openly talks about her journey on her blog website,

traumaontour.com which she describes as “one woman’s mission

to explore wellbeing and recover from trauma”. Her aim is to

continue learning and to share the lessons with the reader,

whilst also teaching and coaching about emotional intelligence,

trauma recovery and self-care. One of her side projects, Shereen

has recently been involved with the launching of a new Facebook

page called ‘Yacht Crew – That’s Not Okay’ along with Nathan

Skinner, and Matteo Ichino.

This online forum exists to raise awareness of unsafe and destructive

practices in the yachting industry, with the aim to improve working

conditions for all. Crew are encouraged to send PMs to the

group admins where they can remain anonymous and ergo be

protected. Their aim is to point them in the right direction to

get the appropriate support, be it a safety, or personal matter.

Speaking of support, what resources are available to us? In

the first incidence, we can consider what we can do to protect

ourselves following a traumatic event. Karine recommends these

protective strategies:

•’ Refrain from making any major decisions or life changes

•’ Take time to process the emotional response to the event

and acknowledge what you have just been through

•’ Avoid self medication or overuse of alcohol or drugs ’

to cope

•’ Reach out for support from the people who care about you

and you feel comfortable talking to

•’ Try to maintain a normal routine. Keep busy and structure

your day

•’ Make time to practise mindfulness. Engage in relaxation

activities whether it is a walk on the beach, deep breathing

exercises, meditation or yoga

•’ Be aware of the feelings that come up and find a healthy

way to express them, whether it is writing it down in a

journal or talking to a close friend

•’ Seek professional help - make contact with a counsellor ’

or psychologist

Shereen’s website offers great resources on different therapies

and how to find what’s right for you, from one on one therapy with

a trained counsellor, to holistic alternatives. If you’re not ready

to talk to a person in real life yet, there are apps out there you

could use – and lots of counsellors will offer online chat, video, or

phone counselling. Betterhelp, Talkspace, Breakthrough, these

services will match you with a suitable counsellor who can best

fit your needs. It’s important to remember that what works for

one person may not work for the next, so if you don’t find the

right resource, keep looking.

With mental health awareness on the increase, let’s hope we

see more and more resources popping up, and perhaps more

importantly for us in yachting, more emphasis on training, learning

and development in managing the aftermath of an onboard trauma

from owners, captains and management companies.

Please refer to the side panel for a list of resources.

If you’re reading this and any of this is resonating with you, please

don’t feel that you’re alone. Reach out to any of the sources listed

in this article, a friend, a loved one, or your doctor. Keep well.


The Crew Coach offer a counselling service, details of

which can be found on their website


The International Seafarers Welfare and Assistance

Network offer free, confidential, multilingual helplines

for seafarers and their families


Shereen Solimon’s website


The Professional Yachting Association (PYA)


Nautilus International


British Counselling Services – Sarah Heyler

Tel: +34 663 890 287

Email: info@britishcounsellingservice.com

38 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD



Inflatable toys for superyachts continue

to be popular amongst owners and

charter guests but the man-handling

can take the joy out of the toy for the

crew setting them up. Luke Porter of

Shipyard Supply Co looks at a new davit

crane to assist with inflatable toy set up

Superyacht deck equipment specialist

Shipyard Supply Co (SSCo) has

revealed details of its new davit crane

as a solution for yachts needing support

with inflatable toy installation. Designed for

superyachts of all sizes, the davit crane has

been developed in response to an increase

in demand for large format inflatables.

SSCo commercial manager Luke Porter

explained, “Inflatables come in all shapes

and sizes, and many, especially slides and

climbing walls, have to be secured to the

top deck of a superyacht. If the yacht

doesn’t have a tender or heli-deck crane,

then the large inflatable needs to be manhandled

up there by the deck crew, which

can be time-consuming.

“The new davit crane is designed to be fitted

into a socket on the top deck, so the crew

can winch the inflatable up there, saving

time and man-power. Once finished with, the

crane can be removed and stowed away.”

Luke added, “As a former bosun on a 72m

Feadship, I know how physically demanding

working on deck can be. The davit crane

will help prevent superyacht crew lifting

overly heavy items, reduce the risk of wear

and tear and increase efficiency on deck.”

SSCo works closely with leading superyacht

inflatables specialist FunAir to deliver the

complete package needed for inflatables


John Courtney, MD of Yachting at FunAir

commented, “The new removable davit crane

is the perfect solution for yachts that

don’t have toy storage on the top deck.

We love that the socket can be added to

the top deck with minimal disruption, and

yachts can now enjoy the benefits of a crane

without having to have one permanently

installed. For our largest yacht slides and

climbing walls this makes deployment even

quicker and easier for crew.”

The carbon crane can also be used to

bring cargo onto the foredeck of a yacht,

or to winch heavy toys such as jet skis

or Seabobs onto the transom. The crane

design has been refined using the latest

geometry and full structural analysis has

been undertaken.

The lightweight crane comes in two parts

for easy storage and assembly; it can also

be painted to complement the mothership

colour scheme. The deck sockets have

been designed to fit any make or model of

superyacht, whether it is GRP, steel or

aluminium. With up to a 3m reach, the

crane comes with a Dyneema purchase

system as long as is required for the

height of the yacht. The crane is able to

lift up to 500kg and comes with quality

Spinlock deck fittings and a Harken manual

or electric winch.

Whether it’s stainless steel, composite,

aluminium or wood, SSCo has the

experience and infrastructure to work

on any custom deck equipment project.

For more details Tel: +44 (0)1473 598 091

or visit www.shipyardsupply.co


ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 39


Paige Hanekom talks to Frances and Michael Howorth onboard

Mimi La Sardine, looking back on her first year in the industry

What was it that made you want to join the

superyacht industry?

It is something I have wanted to do for years!

My older brother as well as my uncle had

been in the industry years before I joined and

told me so much about it. I have a passion

for travel and adventure and I find that the

yachting industry allows me to do just that.’

What was your first superyacht and when

did you join her?

My first superyacht was the motor yacht Z.

She is a 65 metre Amels. I joined her at the

beginning of April 2018.

How long have you been aboard your

current yacht and what was it that made

you join her?

I joined Mimi La Sardine at the beginning of

January 2019. She is brand new, and was

still in the yard at Cantiere delle Marche in

Ancona when I joined. The boat was looking

for 6 crew members, and I was offered

the 2nd stew position. It has been a real

privilege to be a part of the journey in setting

the boat and her interior up from the very

beginning.’It has such a unique interior and I

am really proud to work on board.

Why did you join the interior crew rather

than deck crew?

I am actually a stew and a deck crew

member! So when the deck team need

assistance and I have a spare moment from

the interior I step outside and am able to

help wherever I am needed.’

What is your favourite restaurant or bar in

the Mediterranean and why is it special?

Currently it is a rooftop bar in Barcelona,

above Hotel Ohla. Considered by many locals

as one of the best roof top bars in the city

to have a drink at sunset, it has terrace that

features includes a 13-metre-long glassed

walled swimming pool. They make incredible

cocktails, and have greats snacks and tapas!

The vibe is always great and the view of the

city is breathtaking.

Which is your favourite Mediterranean shop

and why do you like it?

I love Natura! We don’t have the chain

back home and I could spend hours in one

whenever I walk in.

How does working aboard a yacht affect

your family life?

My family is extremely close and it can often

be difficult when they are all together and

I can’t be there to join in on the festivities.

However, I have the most supportive family

and they are thrilled that I am doing what I

love. I am sure my younger brother will be

joining the industry within the next year or

so too!

Do you have a pet hate and if so what is it?

My pet peeve is hearing people chew loudly.

If you had a magic wand what would you

change in job?

I would do away with passport and visa

restrictions for all yachties - it is quite a

burden for a lot of us. It would be fantastic

if the process and all the admin was made

a lot simpler to allow us to do what we love.

What advice would you give to someone

thinking of working as a stew on a yacht?

Arrive with a willingness to learn - no matter

how many courses you do, you will always

learn best through experience. Be prepared

to start at the bottom and most importantly

come with an open mind.’

What makes you stand out as a stew?

I like to think that I have a diverse skill set.

I pride myself in my ability as a stewardess

to provide high quality service, housekeeping

and laundry services. However, I am

thoroughly enjoying improving my skills out

on deck too. Growing up with 3 brothers has

taught me that I can do whatever the boys

can do and I am loving the learning process.

I am down to earth and personable which I

think is important when it comes to meeting

so many different types of people.’

What tip for doing your job better are you

willing to share?

Organisation is key. Writing lists of things

that need to get done and providing

deadlines for each project is extremely

helpful in ensuring that everything is

complete on time, especially when things

start to feel overwhelming. Always walk into

a cabin/ on deck with the perspective of a

guest and ask yourself “what would I want

here? What would I like this to look like?”

What were you doing before you starting

working on yachts?

I studied at the University of Stellenbosch

where I obtained a BCom degree in Business

management and my BCom Honours degree

in Financial Management.’

What would you like to do when you cease

working on superyachts?

I would really like to incorporate my

university education within the yachting

industry.’I plan on working towards

becoming a full time purser on board a

yacht, and eventually over time start some

sort of my own business.


Are you a morning or night time person?

Morning - once I’m awake

How do you like your steak?


What is your favourite style of cuisine?


What is your least favourite food?

Oranges in baked goods

What would your last supper be?

Pesto pasta

Name 3 dream dinner party guests?

Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama & Elvis


Where in the world would you visit if you

had the chance?


Where would you want to retire?

Mallorca, Spain

What sport do you most like to watch?


What is your nickname?

Paigey Pooh

What superpower would you like?

To fly

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Watching really bad reality TV shows

What makes you angry?

People who are unnecessarily rude

to others

What have you done spontaneously lately?

Learned to play squash

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The best option to berth in Valencia


Mooring with

finger (the

safest and most



price / quality



services for


Play areas

for users



SINCE 2008

s e r v i c e s

Fuel Bunkering all over the Med

Authorised Dealer - NO FAME Premium Gaz oil

BIO 0.( Duty paid or Duty free)

Marine Cruise Agreement : ID n° IM006170018

Port Assistance / Berth Reservations / Wintering / Sales

Banking Transactions / Cash deliveries / APA Charter

Customs formalities / Arrival & Departures

formalities all over the Med

Immigration Procedures

Postal & parcel reception / courier services

Private chauffeur (LIBERTY)

Business aircraft / Helicopter / Jet


fresh and gourmet products, wines, alcohol, fine foods

Delivery of flower arrangements

VIP Concierge

Crew Uniforms

29, bd de la Ferrage • CS 20005 • 06414 CANNES CEDEX • FRANCE

Office: 0033 960 399 972


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NautiBuoy’s C-Dock is the docking station for

SEABOBS. Launched in November 2016 their

patented design has gone from strength to

strength and now even fits the Ibiza Lift e-Foil

NautiBuoy’s C-Dock is the first

solo and modular docking system

available that is compatible with

Seabobs, the hugely popular underwater

scooter which is a must have on board.

The C-Dock is a modular addition to the

phenomenally successful, award winning,

Nautibuoy inflatable platform range.

Designed to avoid the need for repetitive

lifting of Seabobs in and out of the water,

the simple design provides a drive-in / driveout

solution, which keeps the Seabob safe,

secure and protected.

We had a number of

requests to make a docking

system and decided to be

the first company to create

an ‘off-the-shelf’ product

With the advance in popularity of e-foils,

NautiBuoy has since discovered that the

C-Dock also perfectly fits Lift e-foils. Just

a simple change in strap design is required.

Each C-Dock now comes with straps suitable

for both the SEABOB and e-Foil, which are

easy to switch out for your required use.

Clay Builder, Co-Founder

of Nautibuoy, comments,

“Through talking to our

customers, we realised

that the majority of

yacht owners who have

our platforms, also have

Seabobs, but there was a

universal issue on where the

Seabobs could be kept that

was both safe, close to hand

and easy to use when required. We

had a number of requests to make a

docking system and decided to be the first

company to create an ‘off-the-shelf’ product,

which was compatible with both the F5,

F5S and F5SR Seabob models. Offering a

handy ‘garage’ at water level, our C-Dock

gives both yacht owners and crew peace

of mind that their Seabobs are protected,

whether that is from other yachts, jet-skis

or other watersports equipment.

We also wanted it to work for all Seabob

owners though, and not just those with a

yacht. Our C-Dock means you can anchor

or tether your Seabob anywhere, with our

easy to use secure straps which hold the

Seabob in place. Plus, the C-Dock is the

perfect size to secure and store the e-foils

that are gaining in popularity. The same

drive in drive out principle adheres.”

This latest addition to the NautiBuoy range

works on its own or in conjunction with

any of Nautibuoy’s platform lines. Available

in two options, the Sports C-Dock offers

a unique ‘RIB collar’ style solution which

is super lightweight, stowable and quick

to inflate.

Lifting, sliding on large movements of the

C-Dock on the water surface is prevented

by the 40 litre (10.5 gallon) ballast bag

which is designed to be simple to use and

easy to empty.

The Voyager C-Dock also features a luxurious

teak finish and drop stitch core. Compatible

with all sizes in the platform range, the

Voyager C-Dock offers a smooth continuation

of the Nautibuoy teak platform lines.

Our recent purchase of sea bob

docking stations proved an instant

success, providing guests ease

of access to the Seabobs while

swimming. Quality and refinement

is consistent with the rest of the

NautiBuoy product range.


For more details

Tel: +44 (0)1364 643 921

or visit www.nautibuoymarine.com

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Tempus Electric Bikes came at a time when people needed to revamp their commutes, as well as

their lives. The team at Tempus are passionate about making beautiful products that work well.

€3245 www.tempuselectric.com


The latest eye catching innovations and design trends


A pure work of art. This

masterpiece boasts power

and precision with its 55cm

woofer; purity in its 4-way

integrated driver; deep

and stable soundstage due

to soundwaves without

diffraction; perfect phase

linearity in a 60° cone; and

powerful amplifiers with

customisable settings. In

short, expect all the principles

of Cabasse Spatially Coherent

Source technology at its

finest. Prepare yourself for

total acoustic emotions.

€135,000 www.cabasse.com


The first isodynamic hybrid array headphone…

A blend of premium materials, exquisite

craftsmanship and detailing that’s

unmistakably Meze, Empyrean are one of the

most technologically innovative planar magnetic

headphones in the world.

€2700 www.mezeaudio.com

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The Colmia kit gives a great visual effect and is

ergonomically epitomised, with a combination of wood

and stainless steel. European oiled walnut wood provides

a good grip and gives pleasure to touch. This type of

wood exhibits antibacterial properties and in combination

with a fixed steel creates a harmonious system of health

and nature. Colmia is dedicated for home gym/private

use as well as for personal trainers and gyms.

€8,350 www.pentfitness.com


A unique round backgammon table decorated

with inlaid brass and palms, that flips into a chess

table. Alexandra Llewellyn has re-imagined the

oldest recorded board games in the world with

this innovative and one-of-a-kind circular palm

backgammon table.

€20,600 www.alexandrallewellyn.com


Named after the iconic Cornish beach, the Fistral

Surfboard is LINLEY’s first foray into surfboards.

Fully functional, the 7’2 Fistral Surfboard features

a unique hollow, skin and frame made out of

sustainably sourced Paulownia timber and a 70s

inspired marquetry motif that catches the eye.

€33,500 www.davidlinley.com

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When it comes to capturing our expansive oceans,

diverse rivers and intense arrays of marine life, it

helps to have a vested interest in everything sub-aqua.

For Jody MacDonald, the commitment is three-fold – firstly,

the award-winning photographer runs a business that offers

kiteboarding exhibitions around the world by catamaran. Add

to that a passion for the seas, discovered as a child on a

family holiday to the Maldives; and by the time you get to the

Idaho-born adventurer’s extensive list of ocean photography

awards, you might question whether she need set foot on dry

land again. The answer, of course, is yes… to take more photos!

“Underwater photography has always been a real thrill of mine,

but in truth, the perfect shot can happen at any place, any

time, and I wouldn’t ever restrict myself to one medium,” says

Jody, who has visited 90 different countries, paraglided over

the Himalayas,€and built a portfolio of projects that reflect a

passion for social change and environmental preservation as

much as they satisfy her own aims to explore and adventure.

“It is a thrill and a pleasure to be able to travel, to document

everything through photography, of any kind, and I can’t think

of a time when I won’t do this… I love it so much.”

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As for the mechanics of her art, Jody says the cameras are

largely the same, irrespective of whether she is ankle-deep in

desert sand, swimming in a tropical ocean, or paragliding at up

to 50mph with a $10,000 camera in hand.

“Obviously the big thing that changes in the water is the housing

of the camera,” she continues. “I always want the best one I

can get and don’t want to hold back to suit the environment.

Obviously a high frame rate is essential, and it must be compact

- if you are swimming with a really big, housed camera body, your

manoeuvrability is really going to be compromised.

“Technology continues to help this process along – with every

passing year the cameras are getting smaller and the frame-rate

is increasing. In the past, the cameras with the best quality were

also usually quite bulky and that was always a big challenge.”

While Rajan passed away in 2016, the value of Jody’s craft remains

in visual images will last forever. “The thing with photography

is that it has no shelf date, and there are very few things like

that in the world. It is fixed in time and preserved so that people

hundreds of years in get a glimpse of what life was like for us,

and that feels very special.

Elephants also form the basis of one of Jody’s main conservation

projects at the moment. “The Asian Elephant is running out of

space and they are having a lot of problems, particularly in Northern

India. You wouldn’t think population increase in elephants would

be a problem, but combined with loss of habitat it is, and there

is proving to be a direct conflict between the elephants and the

humans. I have also paired up with Sea Legacy and I am working

on some projects with them regarding ocean conservation. It’s

good to be busy!”




Jody, who part-owns a 60-foot catamaran called The Cabrinha

Quest, typically uses the latest Canon Mark III, a 50 Megapixel

Canon 5DSR for slower photography when not taking action shots,

and also has a variety of Leica cameras. In the water, she uses

Aquatech Imaging Solutions as housing for the Canon bodies.

One of her most iconic shots to date is that of an elephant

swimming in the sea. Rajan was thought to be the last of a group

of 10 of the animals who were brutally forced to learn how to

swim in the Andaman Sea, the stretch of water that separates

the Indian Ocean from the Bay of Bengal. His task was to bring

logged trees to nearby boats, but when logging was banned in

2002, Rajan was out of a job.

“I initially found out the story of the elephant by watching the

2006 movie The Fall. They had him swimming in this tropical blue

water in the film - I saw it and thought, ‘Okay, that can’t be

real’. I had been sailing around the world and there was nowhere

that this was happening. I thought that they had just created

a set for the movie.

“So I started doing some research and found out where they

filmed it, and that the elephant really did exist, so I went there

and found them!

“I would say, of the many hundreds I have done, that is the project

I have enjoyed the most. It was such a beautiful thing to see

the relationship that the elephant had with his owner - they had

been together for over 30 years and watching the bond between

them was incredibly special.

“I spent two weeks with them, just following them around,

documenting them and getting to know them a little bit. It was

like mother and child, and pretty incredible to watch. There is

nowhere else in the world where you will see that or experience

that, so that was incredibly surreal.”

Work commitments aside, Jody, much like Rajan in his final

years, is truly a free spirit. Ambitious in going after commercial

projects, you do sense she will never let business interrupt what

is a pure interest in the outdoors and art.


“Photographers are always great at being in the field and taking

photos, but the business side seems much more of a challenge

for us,” she admits. “We’re not really trained in that area and

being in the office is a complete juxtaposition, so it does become

a challenge to balance the two. Even social media is a full-time

job in itself, and obviously when you have more followers you also

come under a lot more scrutiny and criticism. Everything has to

be perfect, right down to use of grammar, it seems,” she laughs.

“Really, it is a combination of everything, but most of the time

I think I am getting that blend right.”

So has she ever taken ‘the perfect photo’? “Well, firstly, when

you want a particular shot, you will pretty much do anything to

get it, but I don’t really know if I necessarily believe there is any

such thing as the perfect shot,” Jody admits. “Really, it is all

so subjective. I definitely believe you can get lucky, but on the

whole great photographs require time… understanding light,

subjects, and time of day, particularly. For instance, I lived in

Morocco for a year and there were certain photographs I tried

to take. The perfect shot was all about light and the subject

coming into play, and I think I went back to the same place for

about a week to try to get it.


Whilst a huge advocate for the encouraging others to consider

the merits of photography, Jody implores people to go about

their craft in the right way.

“I think today we are trying to conform and take pictures that

we are seeing on Instagram… the ones everybody else is taking.

My advice, if you want to stand out, is to do the opposite of

that… oh and get some waterproofing housing for your camera!”

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Demand is growing for the marine industry to provide clean,

quiet, and affordable alternatives to combustion engines

for use in tenders. Experts in the field of clean energy are

confident that the new breed of electric motors coming onto the

market will satisfy both boat builders and end user requirements.

As a result, there is an air of excitement among boatbuilders

who believe clean and quiet alternatives are about to change the

way tenders are built and used on board superyachts.

Electric engines are designed to be a direct replacement for a

traditional diesel engine both in size and cost. Already several 48

volt DC electric motors, designed to replace small diesel engines

are available for boats up to 10 metres and larger canal craft.

Companies are manufacturing and marketing marinized chargers

and inverter/chargers which, when working alongside lead acid and

lithium batteries, complement and facilitate the use of electric

motors to drive water jets and conventional propellers.

The efficiency of these new style drives means that there are

new tenders emerging onto the market that offer an excellent

range as well as being easy to service and maintain on board

the mothership. Without the need of water cooling systems or

gearboxes and with their direct connection to shafts, electric

tenders are, right now, at the cutting edge of technology. Several

are now beginning to emerge onto the market that feature

motor direction, throttle and navigation controls in one digital

colour touch screen display that really look like the future has

already arrived.

For those looking to reduce both noise and emissions, the

affordable electric option offers really efficient and reliable

electric that are sensible alternatives to the traditionally powered

superyacht tender.

Rim-driven and brushless motors capable of delivering more torque

using less energy are becoming available to boat builders and with

new lithium batteries capable of storing a higher charge from

deep cycle charging which crucially can be repeatedly undertaken

without damage, the electric boat scene is gathering momentum.

One of the most recent breakthroughs in the world of electric

50 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD

motors, comes from Siemens who have designed a motor for

the aeronautical industry that could well be adapted they say,

for marine use. With a weight of just 50kg the motor delivers

a continuous 260kW (348hp), at just 2,500rpm which is about

five times more power than equivalent systems.

With a new generation of digital controllers, managing the ebb

and flow of energy with predictive intelligence and the fast

development of battery technology, things are looking up. The

Dutch manufacturer Mastervolt pioneered full-size 12 and 24

volt lithium-ion batteries for marine use. Their second generation,

Ultra range are one third of the weight of an equivalent leadacid

design and come with a claimed life cycle of at least 2,000

deep discharges. Complex electronic circuitry connecting each

cell ensures perfect charge and discharge balancing, and guards

against the risk of overcharging.

Batteries employing the use of oxygen as one of the reagents

are in development and could, be made for a fifth of the price and

a fifth as light as lithium, and offer operation times five times


The SAY 29E currently holds the record as the fastest

e-boat in the world (series production, 8-10 m). The

48kn fast and extremely seaworthy carbon composite

construction is powered by a drive from Kreisel Electric,

the most innovative supplier of e-mobility in Europe. A

staggering 360 kilowatts provide the thrust for breathtaking

acceleration and make the 29E the forerunner of a new

generation of tenders and chaseboats. Her wavecutter

bow and the sidewings of the ultra-light hull (at only 400kg)

provide maximum stability and enable incredibly high

speeds on all water conditions. Behind this special boat, the

SAY brand and at the head of the shipyard is Karl Wagner,

one of the most experienced carbon specialists in Europe.

With his expertise Wagner raised the in-house quality

standard and engineering at SAY to an automotive level and

optimised the production.

Length 8.85m

Beam 2.78m

Engine Kreisel

Top speed 48kn

Max engine capacity 360kW

out put of 500hp

Weight 1380kg


longer. Graphenano based in Spain has developed a graphene

polymer battery called the Grabat, which it claims is 33 per

cent the weight of lithium ion and four times the energy density.

These batteries can recharge 33 times faster than lithium ion,

and retain over 80 per cent of their capacity.

When it comes to powering yachts by electricity it would seem

that the future is not far away. But what we do know is, that some

of the electric tenders on offer are also pushing the boundaries

of design aswell.

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motorboat built with passion and a love of detail. If

A you have grown up with boats and have very high

expectations for a motorboat of sophisticated technical

design and at the same time competitive performance. Back

in 2013, Nina and Christian Lex devoted themselves to the

challenge: their own boat brand. A boat with style, elegance

and individuality - modern with a sense of tradition, the

unique eLex 610 and now the sporty and longer Lex 790 have

arrived. In a short space of time the brand Lex Boats has

become a large part of the electric boat scene.

Specifications ELEX 610

Length 6.10m

Beam 2.12m

Draft 0.36mð ð ð ð ð ð ð

Electric motor 4 - 60kW

Max speed 43km/h

Dry weight 570kg without engine

Battery Lithium Mangan batteries



For over 25 years Budsin has been building

some of the finest electric boats available. The

boats are crafted one at a time by people who love

their job. They range in size from 15 to 22 feet

and their virtually silent operation provides hours

of running time, with top speeds of five to seven

knots. Conversations can be conducted at normal

levels and the driver’s controls are convenient

and unobtrusive, demanding very little attention.

Handling is accurate and smooth, it will do a 180° in

a boat length. Hand made by passionate and skilled

craftsmen, so if you’re looking for something a little

more subtle and special, give Budsin a call.

Specifications LIGHTNING BUG

Lengthð 4.57m

Beamð 1.3m

Draftð ð0.38m ð ð ð ð

Electric motor 0.7kw

Max speedð 9.6 km/hr

Batteryð 2 x 90 a/hr AGM main bank, 2 x 55 a/hr

AGM optional reserve bank


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This Swedish first class manufacturer of 100 percent

electrical crafts, is leading the way in the marine

industry with the market’s most modern e-boats.X Shore

crafts are built and designed around three main pillars:

design, technology and sustainability. The combination

of speed and distance in an electric boat is what makes

X Shore’s crafts unique. Today the boats reach top

speeds of 40 knts and a fully charged battery can take

you a distance of 100 nautical miles. The hydrodynamics

is important for the technology to work. X Shore

collaborates with Rolls Royce to test and develop the

most advanced hull, shaft, propeller and rudder.

Specifications EELEX 8000

Length 8m

Beam 2.6m

Draught 0.8m

Weight 2200kg

Charging 8h on 360 V, 12h on 220 V

Top speed 40 knots

Cruising speed 25 knots

Max range 100 nautical miles in lower speeds



The innovative team behind Q-Yachts conceived the vision of bringing to

the market a unique boat which offers the same experience of relaxed

speed and silence, that sailing offers. Thanks to the innovative propulsion

technology and the hydrodynamically optimised hull, the boat produces

minimal noise and wake.The Q-Yachts concept represents yet another

ncessary step in the evolution of boating - where the journey truly becomes

the destination.

Specifications Q30

Length 9.3m

Beam 2.2m

Draft 0.6m

Max speed 15 kts

Electric motor Oceanvolt AXC 20–20 kW

Dry weight 1600kg

BatteryOceanvolt 30kWh


ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 53


www.randboats.com sales@randboats.com +45 3151 3030

The SAY 29E holds currently the record as the fastest e-boat in the world (series production,

8-10 m). The 48 kn fast and extremely seaworthy carbon composite construction "made in Germany"

is powered by a drive from Kreisel Electric, the most innovative supplier of e-mobility in

Europe. Nevertheless you can order your SAY29 also with a standard propulsion system.

Either way - speed up with SAY!

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The new Tender 15 is a superyacht tender with

timeless modern style. In typical German

fashion, it is uncompromising in terms of handling,

ergonomics and functionality. SCHAAF have designed

the ideal vessel for shuttling guests to and from the

mothership and exploring idyllic bays. Probably the

most striking feature are the runners, which have

both a functional and aesthetic purpose. These

allow the tender to be easily and safely placed on

any garage platform without the need for expensive

adjustments. This tender is very well positioned with

a choice of jet propulsion or outboard. But with their

sustainable approach, the Tender 15 is also available

with an electric motor.

Specifications TENDER 15

Length 4.50m

Beam 2.00m

Draft 0.38m

Battery Kreisel / KBP60

E-jet ENGIRO 205W_16018_SSR

Propulsion E - JET 50 KW



Vita Yachts was established in 2017, with the aim of bringing the

latest in automotive technology and engineering to the marine

world. Its team comprises a naval architect at the forefront of electric

boat design, a head of production from the superyacht industry, and

a head of power and performance who was formerly a key member of

the Mercedes F1 Engines team. Vita has been a major sponsor of the

Blue Marine Foundation since 2018, with a percentage of each boat

sale committed to the conservation of the world’s oceans.

Specifications IX

Length 8.99m

Beam 2.49m

Draught 0.40m

Weight 4200kg

Max speed 40knts

Cruising 70km at 25knts

Propulsion 1 x UQM Powerphase

Pro 220 Electric Motor, 1 x

Alamarin AJ245 Water Jet

Energy storage Kreisel 58.75kWh

liquid cooled lithium ion battery


ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 55

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The innovative Danish boat manufacturer

RAND Boats offers 4 unique tender models

ranging from 5.4m to 8.5m. Among the four

models, the luxurious and sporty Supreme 27

is the perfect companion for superyachts, and

can easily be lifted onto the deck due to its

low weight, or be used as a chase and sports

boat with its strong offshoring capabilities. The

overwhelming space aboard the Supreme 27

culminates at the aft sun lounge which provides

a remarkable queen size three-man bed.

Whatever the purpose you are sure to arrive

in style with one of the most trailblazing and

sustainable boats on the market.

Specifications°SUPREME 27

Length 8.40m

Beam 2.55m

Draft 0.35m

Weight 1550kg

Engine 10 – 110kW

Top speed 25knts

Cruising speed 19knts

Max range 140nm



Beau Lake’s Tahoe ’14 Electric°Runabout°combines the beauty

and mystique of classic wooden boat aesthetics for today’s ecoconscious

audience.°Co Founders, Lee Kline and Paul Lavoie, look

back to the craftsmanship of bygone eras with tremendous respect

and look to emulate that kind of quality in everything they craft. The

self-draining electric boat consists of three primary construction

components; the hull, cockpit liner and deck surface, while an

ergonomically designed, hand-carved wooden tiller with joystick

component steers its course. The°Runabout’s molded fibreglass

body, inlaid maintenance-free veneer deck, compartmentalized

cooler that contours to the boat°and beautifully finished stainless

steel castings and hardware invoke the essence of a Beau Lake

state of mind. Added luxuries includes marine upholstered seating,

Bluetooth speaker system and accent lightening. The luxury Electric

Runabout is propelled by Torqeedo’s German engineered 2.0 PodDrive.

Specifications TAHOE

Length 14’

Beam 5’

Draft 14”

Max speed 7 knots

Electric motor Torqeedo Cruise 2.0

Dry weight 500lbs

Battery Torqeedo 24-3500 lithium


ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 57



Southern Cross Blue Cruising

are specialists in gulet

charters. Great hospitality,

expert crew and flexible

schedules - what else is needed

The Eastern Mediterranean is drawing custom away from

the traditional milk runs of the western Med and for good

reason. Charter visits to Turkey, with its incredibly diverse

coastline and fascinating culture is growing year on year. However,

as the sun sets over the hills with the background noise of the

church bells, you’ll most likely find yourself in complete solitude.


Embarkation in Bodrum harbour around 4:00 pm. Welcome

meeting on-board. Visit the various sites in Bodrum including

the Museum of Underwater Archaeology located in the Crusader

Castle. Stroll to the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, one of the Seven

Wonders of the Ancient World to see the remains of this fantastic

monument. Dinner aboard the gulet overlooking the Bodrum

harbour as the sun sets behind the castle. Overnight stay either in

Bodrum harbour or a more secluded bay near by.


Cruise to the ancient town of Knidos for swimming and lunch.

Wander amongst the ruins of Knidos Town, the only surviving city

of the Dorian Hexapolis and a famous port and medical centre

in antiquity. In the afternoon cruise towards the quaint town of

Datça for an overnight stay either in the harbour or a bay close by.


Cruise to Serçe Bay for swimming and relaxing in one of the bays.

This area has beautiful clear water and is great for snorkelling. Its

strategic location as a shelter from harsh weather has resulted

in many shipwrecks at its entrance, including one which is on

display at the Museum of Underwater Archaeology in Bodrum.

In the late afternoon, cruise to the large town of Marmaris with its

cosmopolitan atmosphere and ample shopping. Spend the night

in the harbour or in a nearby bay at anchor.

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Cruise to Ekincik for a not to be missed

engaging tour of ancient Lycia, one

of the highlights of a Blue Cruise.

Embark upon a flat bottomed, local

riverboat to visit the environmentally

protected Dalyan Delta wetlands, with

their beautiful tall reeds and diverse

wildlife. Continue onto the ruins of

Caunos, including the extravagant

Lycian tombs carved directly into the

cliff sides. Continue up the river and

indulge in the famous mineral mud

baths reputed to bring a rosy glow

to the skin. On the return, visit Iztuzu

beach, home to the Caretta Caretta

loggerhead turtles. Spend the evening

in Ekincik Bay.


Early start for Ölüdeniz. (Cruising time

approximately 5 hours.) Depending

on the weather breakfast will be

served en-route or the gulet will

stop for breakfast in Ag Limani. Visit

the famous Lagoon in Ölüdeniz and

enjoy the beach which has all kinds

of watersport facilities including

hang gliding. In the late afternoon,

cruise to Gemiler Island. Just fifteen

minutes from Wall Bay, (once home to

Byzantine pirates), the remains of an

entire village are there to be explored,

including mosaics uncovered in 1999

and a basilica. A wonderful place to

swim and snorkel. Evening at anchor

at Gemiler.


Southern Cross Blue Cruising

offers a carefully chosen

repertoire of private gulets for

groups ranging from 2 to 20

persons. The success is founded

on the standard of the crew,

yacht and service, but especially

value for money. The choice is

always yours as the itinerary on

the gulet is always flexible. When

you discover an anchorage that

you particularly love, then you

can spend extra time there. At

night, if you’re in the mood to

groove, you might want to go

ashore and enjoy local Turkish

nightlife in Bodrum, Gocek or

Marmaris. Or, you may prefer to

fall asleep to the sounds of the

sea in a quiet secluded cove

whilst others party away nearby.

For more details contact:

Southern Cross Blue Cruising

Tel: +90 252 316 2434


Cruising the Fethiye Gulf anchoring in

its many famous bays surrounded by

pine forests with excellent swimming

and relaxing. In the afternoon,

enter Gocek harbour for strolling,

sightseeing and shopping. Spend the

night either in the harbour at centre or

in a bay nearby.


Leave Fethiye to enter the Göcek

Gulf with yet more crystal clear

bays for swimming and relaxing. In

the late afternoon or evening after

dinner, proceed to Göcek harbour

where we anchor for the night, with

disembarkation in the morning.

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Heading East

If you’re thinking of heading to the Eastern Med this summer

season take time to visit one of these full service marinas

Yalikaval Marina


As The Yacht Harbour Association’s

2018 Gold Anchor award owner

in the superyacht marina of the year

category Yalıkavak Marina welcomes

yachts of all sizes with superyacht

facilities. It has 640 berths for yachts up

to 140m offering a dynamic lifestyle and

unique privileges for boat owners and

visitors. As Turkey’s first high-capacity

mega yacht marina, Yalıkavak Marina

mixes an idyllic location with superb

amenities and technical services. The

Marina hosts an open-air shopping mall

with 106 brands, gourmet restaurants,

bars, cafes, clubs, entertainment venues,

plus award-winning hotels; Yalıkavak

Marina Beach Hotel and Yalıkavak

Marina Boutique Hotel, a Spa & Fitness

Centre and variety of events and

activities are on offer.

37°6’27.69’N – 27°16’58.70’E

No. of berths 640

Max length 140m

Max draft 12m

VHF 16 & 72


Limassol Marina


Limassol Marina combines elegant residences

and a full-service marina with an enticing mix

of restaurants and shops. Located in the heart of a

vibrant city. The marina development offers luxury

apartments and exclusive villas with their own private

berths or direct access to the beach offering a

unique retreat complete with a spa and fitness club,

leisure and cultural facilities. Since Limassol Marina’s

opening in 2014, the marina has been changing the

face of its most vibrant city, making history with

each successful milestone. Located in the heart of

Limassol and surrounded by a rich history and an

international community, Limassol Marina offers

650 berths for yachts from 8m to 110m. A wide

range of high-end restaurants and luxury boutiques

complete the holistic lifestyle which comes with a

home or superyacht in the development while a team

of experienced professionals ensures the smooth

running of all operations. The top-of-the-range

spa and fitness club further enhances the range of

activities and services available.

34°40’0N, 33°02’4E

No. of berths 650

Max length 110m

Max draft 9m

VHF 12


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The first phase of Luštica Bay’s

state-of-the-art marina has been

successfully completed, and this

world-class facility now offers 50

berths for boats up to 45m. The marina

officially opened in August 2018 and

has already achieved approximately

70% occupation. Seafarers can enjoy

yacht assistance from a multilingual

professional team and work on a host

of exciting additional services is well

under way. A fuel station and border

crossing are planned as a part of the

next stage of the marina development,

with dry boat storage and a service

centre for marina clients. The next

phase of construction is expected

to begin soon and will significantly

increase the number of berths available.

With the completion of the final phase,

Luštica Bay’s marina will be able to

accommodate 176 boats. For those who

enjoy an active vacation, the marina’s

renowned sailing school offers courses

from IYT Worldwide – one of the world’s

leading yacht training programmes.

42°23’00”N 18°40’00”E

No. of berths 50

Max length 45m

Max draft 5m

VHF 68


Marina of Agios Nikolaos


well protected marina in all weather conditions, built to European

A standards and capable of accommodating up to 255 vessels up to a

maximum of 70m. The various dry dock facilities for approximately 100 boats

and technical services are professionally run and complemented by a 65 ton

travel lift. The marina is located in the heart of the town and provides easy

access to the centre of town, the main archaeological sites and other places

of interest. This city is the perfect destination for charter guests interested in

learning more about Greece and its history. Every summer the Municipality of

Agios Nikolaos organises cultural events, music and dance events, theatrical

performances, exhibitions and cultural shows. Plus, during the Naval week,

artistic swimming, waterskiing and wind-surfing contests are organised.

Location: 35°11.1’N/25° 43’ E

No. of berths 35

Max length 70m

Max draft 8m

VHF 12


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Become a Chedi Residence owner

with our new payment plan

The new, and already award-winning, five-star The Chedi Luštica Bay hotel is now in its second operational

season and more in demand than ever, with a limited selection of the fully furnished, waterfront

Chedi Residences still available. We have now created special, new payment plan that makes the buying

process as effortless as possible, so you don’t have to wait to relish life as it should be.


+382 77 200 100 | TheChediResidences@LusticaBay.com | LusticaBay.Com

Kos Marina


Kos Marina is located one mile south east from

Kos old harbour and offers 250 berths with

mooring lines, water supply, electricity supply 220

& 380 V from 16 to 250 Amps, wifi, and satellite TV.

The Kos Marina premises are patrolled 24 hours

by guards with cctv covering the entire complex.

All piers are equipped with fire stations with fire

extinguishers, alarm system, fire hoses with both

fresh and seawater circuit. All piers are equipped

with emergency stations comprising lifebuoys,

lifelines, emergency telephones and rescue

ladders, a pilot speedboat, WC-showers, trolleys,

parking lot, bilge pump out, sewerage pump out,

waste oil disposal, refuse containers, fuel station.

administration building with reception, authorities,

info centre, meeting rooms and guests’ suites.

There are local Bank ATMs, baggage storage and

postal services, a shopping centre with cafeteriabistro,

restaurant, supermarket. With a further

boat yard, and a dry storage area adequate for 150

yachts, 100 ton Boat lift (ASCOM), 35 ton hydraulic

trailer. The complete marina for guests and crew

alike situated in crystal blue waters.

36° 53’ N 27° 18’ E

No. of berths 250

Max length 80m

Max draft 5m

VHF 77


ACI Marina Split


With charming scenery, towering mountains, archaic

castles and cultural delights, Croatia is fast becoming

an increasingly popular destination for superyachts that are

looking to cruising grounds further afield from the traditional

French Riviera. Split in particular offers something unique

and original for both guests and crew; whether it’s exploring

Diocletian’s castle, walking the quaint cobbled streets, enjoying

the vibrant nightlife or drinking cocktails from a rooftop bar

with a view over the ancient city, it’s no surprise ACI Marina

Split makes the list. The marina in Split is surrounded on almost

every side by a breakwater to protect it from the currents and

strong southern winds, and on approach offers views of some of

Croatia’s stunning architecture, including the tall bell tower of the

Cathedral St. Domnius on Marjan Hill. Offering over 350 berths for

superyachts up to 90m, the marina has been modernised in order

to offer vessels the service they expect and deserve.


No. of berths 10

Max length 80m

Max draft 5m

VHF 17


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Composed of engineers, project managers, highly qualified in-house teams

with fully equipped shipyards and service points in Turkey

Tel: +90 212 26 26 726 Email: info@ krmyacht.com www.krmyacht.com

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Karpaz Gate


The unique 5 Gold Anchor Karpaz Gate

Marina on the idyllic Karpaz Peninsula

started the year by celebrating more award

recognition following continued praise from its

berth holders. The marina was again voted by

boat owners as one of the world’s most popular

Gold Anchor-accredited marinas in TYHA Marina

of the Year Awards 2018/19. The full-service

marina, which will launch an on-site luxury

boutique hotel and spa in Spring 2020, achieves

a high level of customer satisfaction due to the

superior standard of its services, operations

and leisure facilities. Offering a sanctuary for

yachts and owners who are seeking to escape

more crowded regions and avoid high levels

of EU bureaucracy, the marina provides a safe,

peaceful, tax-free and hassle-free home. It is the

first private Port of Entry in Northern Cyprus

and can allow entry at any time of day or night

with advanced notice and is flexible on duration

of stay. The on-site boatyard and Technical

Centre can meet all your maintenance demands.

N35° 33.5’ / E34° 13.6’

No. of berths 300

Max length 60m

Max draft 5.5m

VHF 10 or 16


IC Cesme



chic and vibrant marina village set in a natural

harbour is sensitively integrated within the

traditional maritime city of picturesque Cesme. Cesme

Marina offers 400 fully serviced berths for yachts

up to 60m where yacht owners can enjoy the classic

mooring experience. Cesme Marina comes to life at

night, when a vibrant, fun atmosphere pervades in the

restaurants, cafes and bars along the promenade.ÀAs

an ancient Mediterranean port, Cesme is a charming

place to visit, a great base for wintering your yacht in

Turkey and a perfect home port to explore the Islands

of the Aegean - with the idyllic islands of Chios, and

Lesbos in easy reach.ÀIts position at the tip of the Izmir

peninsula provides convenient access to the Aegean

Sea, with its estimated 300 vibrant islands as well as

to the wider cruising grounds of the Mediterranean.ÀOn

top of the luxury marina berths Cesme Marina has

a fully serviced boatyard with an 80-ton travel hoist

and a 20-ton boat mover as well as storage ashore for

up to 100 yachts. Customs and Immigration offices

are a short walk from the marina. The marina team at

the Capitainerie will be pleased to advise on opening

times and other formalities. Yachts entering Turkey are

required to obtain a transit log (yacht cruising permit).

When leaving Turkey, yachts should depart within 24

hours of clearing out.


No. of berths 400

Max length 60m

Max draft 5mÀ

VHF 72


ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 65




Simple and generic antivirus is no longer fit for

purpose: a genuinely effective, multi-layered,

maritime cyber security solution has to combine

cyber awareness, network security and endpoint

security. Words: Wayne Perks, Manager of

Security Services, Inmarsat Maritime

66 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD


Cyber security, or

the lack of it, is

often portrayed as

a pivot point upon which

the smooth running of

contemporary society is

precariously balanced.

There can be little doubt

that it legitimately represents one of the

most fundamental concerns of our times,

considering that the integrity of everything

from business-critical services and sensitive

personal data to asset monitoring, transport

network infrastructure and even political

processes is now entirely contingent upon

the impregnability of online networks.

Maritime cyber security naturally presents

its own set of specific challenges. Cyberattackers

have been characteristically quick

to exploit vulnerabilities in this sector,

leading to threats not just on individual

vessel systems, but also sophisticated,

enormously damaging ransomware attacks

on multinational shipping conglomerates.

In the superyacht sector alone, the

statistics make for sobering reading. In

a poll conducted for Inmarsat’s 2018

Superyacht Connectivity Report, almost

40% of respondents admitted that their

onboard cyber security regime merely

consisted of a basic firewall. Combine

this in the bigger picture with the 2017

findings of FutureNautics’ Ship Operators

Cyber Security Survey, in which 39% of

respondents reported a cyberattack on

their vessels’ onboard systems within the

last 12 months, and it becomes obvious

that cyber resilience remains an issue that

entire swathes of the seafaring community

urgently need to engage with.

At its most basic level, the initial problem

may be one of perception. The assumption

among superyacht skippers and crew has

often appeared to be that a standard

antivirus programme will cover all their cyber

security requirements. Not unreasonably,

many are drawn to the idea of a one-shot

easy fix, a silver bullet that will discreetly seal

off their systems for good – job done. There

is, of course, no such thing, and infallible,

100% cyber security is a hopeful concept

at best; so it’s important to acknowledge

that an in-depth cyber defence incentive

consisting of multiple layers is by some

distance the most effective approach to

adopt for achieving far higher security.

It is for this reason that Inmarsat developed

its Fleet Secure Portfolio, which consists

of three services – Fleet Secure UTM

(Unified Threat Management), which is a

comprehensive set of tools designed to

continuously inspect, detect and protect

the vessel’s network; Fleet Secure Endpoint,

a powerful multi-layered endpoint security

solution to prevent attacks whilst removing

infections and threats throughout the

onboard endpoints; and Fleet Secure

Cyber Awareness, cyber security training

specifically targeted for seafarers, raising

awareness to assist in preventing threats

before they get on board. Each service is

separate, so customers can opt to choose

one of the three, or deploy all of them. The

Fleet Secure Portfolio actively seeks to

maintain a secure system core by ringing it

with this three-pronged defence strategy

combining network security, awareness and

training, and endpoint security.

Generic antivirus software only has antispyware

and anti-phishing capabilities, and

will only work if the most recent update

version is installed. Updates often need

to be actioned on a daily basis, and with

modern attack vectors encompassing

methods to bypass antivirus there can

still be no guarantee to catch every form

of malicious software.

However, in order to fulfill its brief, Fleet

Secure Endpoint has to encompass a raft

of additional duties including ransomware

prevention, botnet protection, network

monitoring, web control, multi-engine

scanning, endpoint health status and threat

alerting, and the provision of a full asset

inventory – software, hardware and so on.

Clearly, a proactive means of detecting,

alerting and reporting ever-more insidious

and cunning methods of cyberattack is key

to staying ahead of the curve. The Fleet

Secure Endpoint solution is designed to

spot new nodes on the network or malign

encryption attempts: the solution instantly

informs users of any anomalous activity which

deviates from the ‘known good’ configuration

while simultaneously barring access to all

files on the device, segregating the affected

part of the system so that other systems

aren’t impacted.

In purely practical terms, another attractive

aspect of the solution is that it places

little surplus demands on contracted

Inmarsat’s 2018 Superyacht

Connectivity Report revealed

almost 40% of respondents

admitted that their onboard

cyber security regime merely

consisted of a basic firewall

bandwidth and requires no extra outlay

on hardware. Operating via high-speed

broadband connectivity, it determines

external attacks including, crucially, malware

which may have been introduced into the

vessel’s local area network by accident.

It has been estimated that 95% of maritime

cyberattack incidents are caused by simple

human error. The entire network can be

compromised by crew members downloading

from unreliable sources, unknowingly plugging

infected USB sticks into operational IT

equipment (navigational equipment and

engine monitoring systems, etc), or even

merely charging their vape pens through

USB ports. The belief that devices which

carry no data are impervious to infection is,

sadly, untrue. And on this topic, superyacht

crews need to be made aware that tech

items such as drones, smart TVs and music

systems are also vulnerable.

Preventing accidental cyber security

breaches such as these before they

can occur is a central pillar of the Fleet

Secure ideology. The first line of defence

is to encourage best practice through

detailed guidelines, appropriate training and

strict adherence to designated processes

(including the regular changing of system

passwords and Wi-Fi access codes). To this

end, Inmarsat has collaborated with the

Marine Learning Alliance and management

consultants Stapleton International to

devise Fleet Secure Cyber Awareness – a

dedicated cyber security training regime

to enlighten crews and captains about the

many ways through which the onboard IT

infrastructure can become compromised.

Forewarned is forearmed...

For more details

Contact a local Inmarsat partner

or visit www.inmarsat.com/maritime

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Marseille in September is the place to be for the final of the inaugural

grand-prix America’s Cup-style series Words: Sue Pelling

Sir Russell Coutts and Larry Ellison’s new, highprofile,

grand-prix league known as SailGP looks

set to challenge the America’s Cup (ACC).

By extracting all the positive elements learned from their

experiences from the ACC, Coutts (three-time America’s

Cup-winning skipper), and Ellison (businessman and

two-time America’s Cup winner) have come up with

a simple, easy to follow global professional racing

format. Crucially, this World Sailing-sanctioned event

has given the ACC boys the opportunity to start afresh,

exploit their passion for commercial development of

competitive sailing, and produce what they expect

to be a thrilling, new, fan-centric grand prix racing

circuit that ‘redefines’ sailing.

The original idea of this five-event, grand prix series,

launched last October at a glitzy affair in London,

was to feature six national teams on identical superfast,

wingsailed F50s foiling catamarans and wow

the crowds with intensely competitive, high-speed

inshore racing. In short, Coutts and Co hoped to bring

the sport of sailing closer to fans and spectators

than ever before.

With two events having already taken place this year –

Sydney, and San Francisco – and the fan base building

on a daily basis, it is a case of ‘so far, so good’ for

SailGP. Momentum is also building for the remaining

three acts – New York, Cowes, UK, and the grand

final in Marseille, France where a $1 million is up for

grabs in the single match-race final between top

two teams.

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 69





Office: +34 971 745 572 Onno: +34 609 466 616 Marko: +34 639 442 761 info@aplusriggingmallorca.com www.aplusriggingmallorca.com


marine air conditioning & refrigeration

“A New Company with Familiar Hands”

• Supply of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems

• Annual service and maintenance

• Breakdown repair

• Upgrade and overhaul of old systems

• Design and installation of new systems

• Problem solving of long standing problems

• Improving maintainability of systems

• Telephone support for our customers

wherever they may be


Calle Gremi de Ferrers 48

Pasaje Travessia Ferrers

07009 Palma de Mallorca

Illes Balears, España



Land: +34 971 23 07 71

Mob.: +34 680 81 54 12

70 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD

After two full days of intense racing at the

most recent event in San Francisco, the

Australia SailGP Team helmed by Olympic

gold medalist Tom Slingsby, took the top

honour by just one point from the Japanese

SailGP Team. Australia now lead the series

by two points overall going into the gruelling

third event.

San Francisco Bay certainly lived up to

its reputation for this event by delivering

spectacular conditions to allow the thrilled

fans a ‘courtside’ seat to witness all the

thrills and spills of this sort of racing with

speeds of over 45 knots recorded just off

the shore.

Commenting on the progress of SailGP in

the run-up to the third act in New York,

Coutts (SailGP CEO) told Onboard, “San

Francisco was everything we hoped it would

be. It provided a spectacular backdrop for

our US debut, a fantastic challenge for

our world-class athletes and an exciting

spectacle for the fans. All the teams have

really stepped up a gear and it shows what

effect the open access to data is having

on the teams’ performance. It’s certainly

going to make the next event in New York

even more exciting.”


The F50 is a redesigned, supercharged

incarnation of the AC50, which was used for

the 35th America’s Cup in 2017. Developed

by pioneering technicians and engineers at

Core Builders Composites in New Zealand,

these super-fast wing-sail cats are, given

ideal conditions, expected to break the

prized 50-knot (60mph/100kph) barrier.

Coutts added, “We are aiming to be pioneers

of new technologies and boat design and,

with every crew on the same groundbreaking

F50 catamaran, this isn’t a tech arms

race, rather the ultimate test to establish

the best sailing team in advanced foiling


©All images - Sail GP


LOA 15m (49.2ft)

Beam 8.8m (29ft)

Wing height 24m (78.7ft)

Sailing weight 2,400kg (2.4tons)

The final in Marseille – 18-22 September

will feature a winner-takes-all, $1 million

championship match race between the

season’s top two teams to conclude three

days of racing. The plan is for practice

racing on 18-19 September, followed by

three fleet races on 20 September, three

fleet races on 21 September, then a further

two fleet races capped off with a feature

match-race finale between the season’s

top-two teams on 22 September. Racing

in Marseille will take place in the Rade Nord,

outside the famous Old Port of Marseille

with daily racing from 1400-1600.


Cowes, UK (10-11 August)

Marseille, France (20-22 September)


United States

Great Britain






SailGP has partnered with BWA Yachting, a

leading marine agency services company,

to manage and deliver SailGP Adrenaline

Yachts – a premium superyacht experience

for the new global sports championship final

in Marseille.

For those who want to witness the intense,

high-speed races from the comfort of their

own superyacht, SailGP Adrenaline Yachts

membership grants a premium position on

the racecourse perimeter in a designated

superyacht viewing area.

Contact Laura Esteve

at l.esteve@bwayachting.com

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 71






Founded in Dartmouth in the 90s, this family run business is now

controlled by its second generation who are developing and

evolving the brand, but are keeping the company’s core values

that have driven the success of Ribeye within the superyacht

tender market. Ribeye have an impressive list of superyacht clients

with its project management team able to assist in custom lifting

points and solutions for any lifting arrangement whether you are

looking to store the tender in a garage, on the deck or through

a towing system. Their experience in tailoring each RIB solution

to the mothership allows for seamless integration by offering

CAD drawings and renderings throughout the process to ensure

the design, performance and fit are perfect. Ribeye specialise in

providing high performance tenders that are dry, smooth and

stable whilst finished to an extremely high level. Their diesel

inboard and petrol outboard tender range is from 5-10m with a

SOLAS and Beachlander range from 6-8m. Deck layouts have a

large degree of customisation, but broadly fit into three categories:

rugged explorer yacht specification, utility-based crew tenders and

luxurious guest tenders.

For more details Tel: +44 (0)1803 832060

or visit www.ribeye.co.uk

72 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD


British RIB designers and manufacturers, Rib-X, have

been actively involved in research, development

and design of rigid inflatable boats since 2003.

Lead by Colin Baldwin, a former Research and

Design Engineer at Jaguar Cars who has an eye for

the finer detail. He has embedded and embodied

the values of innovative design and exceptional

quality at Rib-X. Clients are actively encouraged to

participate in the design process. Owners are able

to visit their fully equipped manufacturing facility,

where they can view at first hand the construction

of their commissioned RIB. The Rib-X SOLAS

range is probably the world’s largest. Their leading

edge designs are developed by the same in-house

design team responsible for their extensive bespoke

superyacht portfolio. Innovation, safety and quality is

integral in all SOLAS designs, available as RIBS and

hard boats, with some very interesting leading edge D

tubing designs, means that safety can still be styled.

For more details Tel: +44 (0)116 247 7017

or visit www.rib-x.co.uk


Each Xtender is designed and built to meet the unique needs

and preference of their clients, closely matching their yachts.

Xtenders stands for excellence in manufacturing and worldwide

support. Starting each project with a blank sheet of paper, they

offer fully custom tenders ranging from 6m up to 16m. They

build light and durable tenders, made exclusively from carbon

fibre.°Xtenders accomplishes this lightweight philosophy by

constructing their complete tenders in pre-preg carbon fibre

which is cured in an autoclave. A production technology known

from Formula 1 and the aerospace industry, which provides the

optimal structural performance while keeping the weight to

a minimum. Assembly and completion of each tender is done

in house in Almere, The Netherlands. Assembly, drive train

installation, electrical and hydraulic installation, painting, and

testing are performed there by the best Dutch craftsmen under the

supervision of design and engineering teams to ensure perfection.

For more details Tel: +31 (0)62 11 977 21

or visit www.xtenders.com°

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 73


The ultimate in modern ‘new technology’ yacht tenders,

RAFNAR’s Leiftur 1100 offers the long sought-after stability,

speed, safety, and sea-keeping required within the demands of

global cruising and exploration, providing remarkable comfort-atsea

for owners and guests, and a solid working platform for crew

operating under duress in often challenging situations. The unique

and patented ÖK Hull from Iceland provides a displacement-type

motion and passage through the water at high speed above 40 knts

in moderate to large seas with very little bounce-and-slam, and with

very little fatigue experienced by guests and crew after long hours

at sea from the mothership during exploration trips. The Leiftur 1100

series has been lauded by owners, brokers and basically anyone

that’s been luckily enough to experience a test drive. Rafnar and

its hull technology will remain a benchmark for radical changes for

some time to come in the RIBs market, and Rafnar will continue to

develop further models built on this very successful vessel.

For more details Tel: +34 659 011 071

or visit www.rafnar.is


Extender are the first folding tenders with

a rigid keel made of rubber and fibreglass

designed to occupy less space on board

and to offer more space (within the tender)

once unloaded to water. They fold up easily

in less than 2 minutes thanks to the patented

closing system and are totally customisable

in colours, finishing, accessories and

lengths. They are engineered for a complete

range of uses, from the biggest model EXT

645 (4,05 folded), EXT 610 (3.90m once

folded), EXT 560 and EXT 520 (3.30 folded)

and the family EXT 430/460/490 (2,70 m –

3.30m folded) also available in version S with

a min. height of 0.85m at aft and 0.95m at

bow thanks to an innovative engine rotation

system. The Extender family also offers a

hydro-jet engine model, the EXT 640 Idro

(4.30m folded). Finally, the special shape of

the vertical prow gives the tender a longer

water line (about 95% of the overall length),

enabling it to glide easily on the water even

with a low power engine. This increases the

comfort and safety during navigation.

For more details Tel:+39 0375968490

or visit www.tender-extender.com

74 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD


The X-Craft R7xx Beachlander range offers the most

multipurpose yacht tender solution between 7m

and 8m. The tender can be employed to serve as many

purposes for a superyacht tender. The open deck layout

provides a spacious interior, enabling the tender to act

as a comfortable people carrier, offering seating for up

to 12 passengers + 1 crew during ship to shore transfers.

Boarding and disembarking is safe and easy with the

sturdy boarding stairs and railing on starboard as well

as with the in-house developed fold out bow steps for

beach landings. The tender’s drivetrain delivers ample

power for water sports with either the ski tow eye or the

removable carbon fibre wakeboard pole. Other bespoke

amenities include a fresh water tank with shower system,

a tailor-made rain/spray dodger for the forward section,

a custom made removable bimini top, sturdy boarding

poles at all access points including the swim ladder,

fender storage inside the leaning bolster, valuables

storage under the steering console with charging points

for smart phones and a refrigerator incorporated in the

starboard boarding stairs.

For more details Tel: +31 229 218 423

or visit www.xcraft.nl


The Bruuge Marine Center present a brand new leisure line in

the Osprey range. Osprey is already well known for its ‘No

nonsense, heavy duty’ Ribs for the hard user with a basic deck

layout which is really popular for sports people, divers, fishers and

rescue customers. But now Osprey has designed a new line-up

with a family friendly and luxury deck. These new models of 6.8,

7.3 or 8.00m are based on the popular Vipermax-hull, but they

have a practical and spacious deck, a streamlined console with

tinted screen (Seasport), a sundeck with integrated storage at the

bow, an engine well with a comfortable bench and huge storage

space. It comes with 2 jockey seats as standard, but other seating

arrangements are possible as an option. In other words despite this

new design of a familiar deck, it’s still possible to make a custom

built RIB with the colours and seats of your choice to match the

mothership. Now you can build your own Osprey tender with

complete confidence.

For more details Tel: +32 (0)50/31.35.87

or visit www.bruggemarinecenter.com

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 75




Open Tenders


+31 229 218 423



4,05 m


Space on board and

comfort at sea

Technical details







Min. height


EXT 645 6,45 m 4,05 m 2,30 m 1,32/1,48 m

EXT 610 6,10 m 4,05 m 2,30 m 1,32 m

EXT 560 5,60 m 3,30 m 2,10 m 1,23 m

EXT 520 5,20 m 3,30 m 2,10 m 1,23 m

EXT 490 4,92 m 3,30 m 1,82 m 1,10 m*

EXT 460 4,62 m 3,00 m 1,82 m 1,00/1,10 m*

EXT 430 4,32 m 2,70 m 1,82 m 1,00/1,10 m*

* S version: 0,85 m (at aft)/0,95 m (at bow)

6,10 m

Tel. +39 0375 968490 - info@tender-extender.com


Extender mezza pagina 180x130 GIU19.indd 1 19/06/19 15:37

76 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD


SACS dedicated the Rebel 47 to those who

live the sea as a state of mind. To those who

know how to make it theirs, can challenge it

and take it to its limits. Well if you go for the

three 350hp Mercury Verado package, you’ll

see what they mean. It vessel has a relatively

clean appearance, yet delicately shows off its

image of being a bit of a rebel. Its innovative

technology, which derives from an in-depth

study of technologies applied in the fields of the

military and rescue services, evolves and powers

all the qualities of this world class RIB. And just

because it’s a bit of an animal doesn’t mean

that it can‘t satisfy the more delicate owners

with its luxury seating arrangements, below

deck amenities and all-round sexy appearance.

The finishing touches are typically Italian with

nice touches of leather here and there. If you’re

looking for a head turned as you approach the

quayside, consider the Rebel. She’s a monster

with just enough class to delight any owner or

charter guest.

For more details Tel: +39 0396 88 54 89

or visit www.sacsmarine.it


The tender range PIRELLI brand has been designed, conceived

and manufactured by Tecnorib for the use on yachts of various

sizes. Starting in 2017, the relationship between Tecnorib and

Pirelli, managed within the Pirelli Design project, whose goal, in

line with the focus of Pirelli Group on the prestige and premium

car segments, is to increase the equity of the PIRELLI brand by

developing specific design projects to offer unique, iconic and

one-of-a-kind products. Today, Tecnorib has the mission to offer

demanding expert owners and crew a rigid inflatable tender in the

range between 3 to 19 metres, built entirely in Italy and featuring

high performance, maximum quality detailed fine design. Equipped

with jet or stern drive engines, the TecnoRib PIRELLI J tenders have

a reduced height to perfectly fit the yachts’ garages, combining

handiness and ease of use with the pleasure of high-performance.

Attention is paid to the smallest detail, from boarding ergonomics

to finest components for a total comfort under the sun or through

the sea breeze. The exclusive design allows full customisation, to

match the feeling of the master boat.

For more details Tel: +39 (0)2 72080357•

or visit www.tecnorib.it

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 77



Refueling and bunkering from

Porto Montenegro and Bar

to Kotor and PortoNovi



If you’re looking to venture

on land, Wandering Yacht has

a fleet of Mercedes Minivans



Small personal tours to

discover the hidden gems

of Montenegro



A range of bespoke

services for yachts

berthing in the area



Exclusive food tasting

events, and private

chef hire



Seamless transfers plus

assisted immigration and

customs clearance

W: www.wanderingyacht.com E: booking@wanderingyacht.com T: +382 69333693



Voyonic’s Neil Carrington looks at how Brexit and social

security will affect employment in the yachting industry?

Brexit is a matter of great uncertainty

and yet it is likely that it will have

a huge impact on all of our lives

in one way or another. Below we have

summarised the recent events of Brexit

and look specifically at how it will affect

the global employment industry including

superyacht crews.

Firstly, when will the UK actually leave the

EU? Following numerous meetings between

the UK government and EU representatives,

Britain’s withdrawal from the European

Union was moved from April 2019 to

October 2019.

We are still awaiting some indication of

what Brexit will mean in terms of social

security, particularly following the collapse

of Theresa May’s much-maligned Withdrawal

Agreement, which would effectively have

preserved the status quo for a couple of


Currently, EU social security is co-ordinated

under EC 883/2004 and related legislation.

However, the United Kingdom’s withdrawal

from the common market, including the

free movement of labour, will mean this

may no longer apply.

In an announcement in April 2019, HMRC

stated baldly that if there was no deal, then

international workers and/or their employers

could have to pay contributions in two

states, depending on any agreements those

countries had outside the EC 883/2004

framework. HMRC went on to state that the

UK government was working on reciprocal

agreements with other EU states to ensure

cover until at least 31 December 2020.

Prevailing opinion is that existing reciprocal

agreements, such as those currently

covering the Channel Islands and/or Isle

of Man, will be relied upon. It is notable

however, that there are no agreements

of this kind with many of the EU states.

It is also notable that some of these

agreements apply only to nationals of the

agreement states, unlike the EU provisions

which were based on residence. A South

African national resident in France, for

example, would not be covered under the

pre-existing France-UK agreement.

With such a diverse workforce in the industry,

serving aboard UK and EU flagged vessels,

management of social security liabilities

is not going to get any easier.


Voyonic Crewing Limited based in

Guernsey have been providing global

employment solutions to the marine

industry for over 10 years. As part

of a global payroll alliance, with

associated businesses in the UK and

Malta, specialising in legal, tax and

social security, they genuinely believe

that they have the solution for most

employment situations.

To find out more about the services

Voyonic offer visit www.voyonic.com

You can contact a member of our

team on +44(0)1481 711828 or email


It also seems highly likely that European

and British authorities alike will take a

greater interest in mobile workers within

the marine industry as a whole.

We strongly recommend that anyone

concerned about their position contact a

professional advisor and ensure that their

payroll provider really can handle the modern

marine employment environment.

Voyonic have highly-qualified individuals on

the Board who are well-versed in the tax and

regulatory environment from a corporate

perspective as well as marine specialist

areas such as MLC compliance, Quality

Management, seafarer tax and social

security. This is a complicated area and

expert advice is needed.

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 79






Some of us will remember the bell pull in the salon that tinkled

in the kitchen and summoned the maid to her mistress.

Or the orders barked from the bridge. It wasn’t all that

long ago. And few now navigate by the stars except to relive the

romance of olden days. In their distant past, some yacht captains

did work that way: but whether they remember it nostalgically

or with a sense of nausea, the digital age pounced fast and

fearsomely and systems on superyachts changed lightening quick.

And they’re not finished yet: This month ONBOARD magazine

consults the systems experts to find out what’s new and crucial

to run a tip-top-tight and safe ship.

If the barking orders and the bell pulls are finished, any management

system still needs to be as simple as possible for all the crew to

use, not just the engineers, suggests David Clarke at Superyacht

Operating Systems (SOS). It should allow the crew to enter and

update their own details and upload certificates, whether they’re

on board or ashore. And it should have a built-in verification

process for the captain or purser to monitor. All data entered

should seamlessly populate crew lists, digital In/Out Board,

Vacation Tracker, Hours of Rest, Familiarisation, Muster List,

and so on without the need to re-enter duplicate data. “Lastly,”

says Clarke, “all this information needs to be accessible to the

80 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD

shore-based fleet manager for compliance with the relevant

codes, transparency, and general vessel management.”

Charlotte Proth at Rosemont Monaco SAM adds that any Safety

Management System, paper or digital is only as effective as its

users, so training and familiarisation and a strong safety culture

are key to ensuring an effective management system. She says,

“With any software system there is a risk of creating a tick-box

mentality so it’s important for us as a company to work with

captains to create a positive safety attitude on board.”

The system also needs to be proven effective under pressure and

in every circumstance points out Tobias Allebrodt at IDEA Data.

“While onboard, crew should be able to access the system totally

offline in case there is no internet connection available. This

implies a reliable technology for data synchronisation between

the YachtPand the Management Server,” says Gregoire Hardi

from Deep Blue Soft.


With an install base of more than 150 yachts

and 1,500 users DEEP Blue has become

a market reference in the new generation of yacht

management software. Developed in collaboration

with yachting professionals, DEEP Blue is a fully

integrated solution which covers 100% of the yacht

operations through different modules: finance,

technical maintenance, human resources

management, crew & yacht documents, ISM

& Charter. DEEP Blue provides unique secured

synchronization technology between on board

and the master server ashore, allowing a fluid

and efficient ship to shore communication.

obtain approvals from management and owner

reps remotely, follow safety procedures and access

100% of yacht data from any device (PC, Mac, iPad or

mobile phone) to control all your yacht operations.

For more details email: dbs-info@deepbluesw.com

or visit www.deepbluesw.com








The management system is best implemented during the build

process or as soon as possible after purchase. Rosemont spend

2-3 days on board each vessel providing the captain and crew

with familiarisation and training in the Safety Management

System both from a practical and regulatory perspective. Crew

also have continual access to software support.


“Crew and guest general safety starts with the correct application

of onboard procedures, whether or not the yacht is under mini

or full ISM with a well structured Safety Management Manual

in place,”Psays Hardi. Deep Blue procedures are organised and

accessible to all crew through a central platform (Deep Blue

DashPBoard). All authorised crew membersPcan access all

safety procedures in real timePfrom any device during the yacht

operations with guests onboard. Crew in charge can be reminded

automatically of scheduled procedures, drills, check lists, using

the ISM or PMs Deep Blue module.

The SOS platform removes the time delay typically associated

with non-automated systems and provides the captain and fleet

manager with real-time knowledge so they can address safety

concerns immediately. Digital crew and guest In/Out Boards

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 81



Simple It's

Yacht Management & Compliance Software

The only fully paperless solution

for compliance & everyday SOPs



82 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD



RYS LIVE is Rosemont Yacht Management’s bespoke digital

cloud-based document management system providing

seamless on-line and off-line management of the yacht’s

certification, documentation and records. RYS LIVE has

been designed to reduce and streamline administrative

tasks on board saving time and space, allowing the yacht

to run a truly paperless ISM system. In addition to standard

ISM Management components, RYS Live has dedicated

custom-built modules for risk management, hours of rest,

crew & guest lists, crew & yacht certificates, and planned

maintenance. Each user has the ability to fill and submit

forms, checklists and reports accessible directly from any

computer, iPad or phone.

For more details Tel: +44 (0)207 117 0148

or visit www.yachtownership-solutions.com/en

integrate with the Muster Roll so that the captain can easily

see who is on board and who needs to muster in the event of

an emergency. Says Clarke, “The Total Superyacht’s data-rich

environment enables the captain and manager to know which deck

most accidents occur on across an entire fleet, or the average

number of days it takes each vessel to complete a non-conformity

report, or understand which positions exceed their HOR. So

captains and managers can see what areas require attention

in order to continually improve safety for crew and guests.”






Rosmont’s RYS Live system is similarly populated with several

safety related forms and checklists, risk assessments and

operating procedures as well as tools for monitoring planned

maintenance and crew hours of rest.


Already super-complex and super-effective, operating systems

are constantly tweaked for safety and service improvements.

One example is the SOS Total Superyacht’s guest In/Out Board

(operated by crew) that doubles as a security measure to identify

guest movements with a time stamp and activity selection. This

helps the captain confidently answer an owner’s question such

as, “Do you know where my daughter is?”


SOS also provides a Luxe Knowledge Centre that crew can access

and find verified information about everything related to guest

service: silver service, cocktail recipes, barista procedures, laundry

care and guest personal care as well as expert information on

the care of all the luxury surfaces typically found on superyachts

(teak, marble, crystal, brass, paint, etc).

IDEA are soon to release software for boats of 30-45 metres.

It will allow a 360° management view and can see shortcomings

(due certificates, trainings, etc.) in advance for the vessel even

in a heavy charter season.

Rosemont has recently launched an interactive Risk Management

module to its software which means crew are guided through the

Risk Management process step-by-step resulting in a workable

plan for managing risk on board. The software also allows crew

to register and monitor their hours of work and rest which is

viewable by the captain and shoreside management.

Over the last two years Deep Blue Soft has been developing

the ISM module for full ISM or mini ISM yachts. Explains Hardi,

“The challenge was to integrate such a complex module into our

management system/platform, from which crew,°managers, DPA

or owners’ Reps can switch in one click from purchase orders,

to payrolls, to safe manning, technical maintenance, to ISM

procedures.°The system also uses our unique real time ‘Ship to

Shore’ communication system and data synchronisation between

the onboard server and master server ashore.°This has drastically

changed life onboard for mainly officers and pursers, but also

for other crew members, offering each user with a professional

work frame they can°rely on every day.”


It’s the experience and complex know-how of the operating

system companies that make the products so slick but simple

to use. But that’s not all. As Tobias Allebrodt points out: he

chooses to listen to yacht crew and not second guess. “We

try to develop for our customers solutions they tell us they

want to use instead of thinking, German like, what we think

they might want.”

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 83



+33 646 697 727 toulon@metropoletpm.fr



Toulon Bay Yachting

Maquette-V0.indd 1 12/06/2019 11:26:43

84 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD



Yacht Accounting the Modern Way. The only multicurrency

accounting and payments platform with a

fully integrated prepaid card designed specifically

for the yachting industry. Voly is tailored to all clients

connecting ship to shore simultaneously with a

customised reports suite for dedicated users all

with data security at its core. Voly utilises the latest

technologies in the form of a mobile crew app for

expense reporting online and offline, coupled with

an integrated prepaid MasterCard. The prepaid card

ensures all transactions are recorded directly into Voly,

meaning no more monthly reconciliation! The Voly

integrated payments platform allows administrators to

pay suppliers directly through the accounting platform

alongside access to operational accounts for full

financial management; one system for all your needs.

For more details Tel: + 44 (0)7968 123015

or visit www.voly.co.uk

SOS are currently beta testing their latest creation: a digital

Guest Preference Database. It can be used as a stand-alone

product or integrated with any of the Luxe, vessel management

or ISM products. It completely removes the need for handwritten

preference sheets and the cumbersome scanning, emailing and

printing process that entails. Guests are sent an invitation from

the yacht and they can complete and submit their preferences

on their phone, tablet or computer.

Says Hardi, “Our clients appreciate the automatic software

upgrades they all benefit from’every three months, knowing that

we continuously develop Deep Blue to match the best yachting

standards,’working in collaboration with yachting professionals

for yacht operators. Our community of users and clients is very

demanding but this is what challenges us every day and this

is what has’made Deep Blue successful in this niche market.”

Nowadays everything is right there ready at the push of a

button and perhaps the day of a fully automated crew-free

superyacht is not that far off in the future. But where would

be the fun in that?

The important thing to recognise is that in the past, on board

technology in these departments has perhaps been behind

those of similar businesses ashore. I’m sure the global 5 star

hotel chains have had interior management systems, predictive

maintenance systems and all-in-one accountancy systems for

many years. It’s just taken the yachties a little time to adopt

these practices but perhaps the techies have only just discovered

that our industries needs these practices. Or did they think that

an industry with a little over 5,000 targets wasn’t worth the

investment? What ever the reason, it’s here and it is definitely

improving life on board for the crew and guests.

It will definitely become a larger part of the business, but

maybe, just maybe, it will allow you sailors to get back to what

you do best.


Unlike the average Planned Maintenance System (built by engineers for

engineers), Total Superyacht is a comprehensive Vessel Management

System catering to the needs of every department on board. Its ground

breaking design has a fresh approach and functions in the ways crew

really need. The founders, of Superyacht Operating Systems (made up

of veteran yacht crew and well established as the industry’s leading

standard operating procedure experts), collaborated for three years with

some of the most respected management companies and DPAs to ensure

that the built-in one-of-a-kind all inclusive digital compliance solution

would be an industry standout. Its first rate features also include the

ability to work offline.

For more details email app@SuperyachtOS.com

or visit www.TotalSuperyacht.com

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 85

Would you

like to be

sure your

Yacht Chef

isn’t just

a cook?


Lifetime Membership free of charge

offered using the discount code ONBS19

Apply for a SeaStars Certificate of Competence

86 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD

food & drink

What's new in food and drink. The latest trends

for you to try over the summer months



What is calamari?

Calamari is a culinary term used to refer

to squid as food. In Italian, calamari (plural

forcalamaro) can be used in reference to the

animal and squid versions of food.

Where does calamari come from?

Squid exist in every ocean and sea (with the

exception of the Black Sea) and half of the

total global squid consumption occurs in

Japan, where is it calledIka.

Are calamari healthy?

Squid is mostly protein, with small equal

percentages of fat and carbohydrates. It's

healthy, low-calorie protein rich in zinc,

niacin, and vitamin B12. Though all around

a very healthy ingredient, squid does have

a high cholesterol count like shrimp. The

cooking method can drastically impact how

healthy it is once served - breading and frying

calamari rings transforms it into a food that's

high in carbohydrates, fats, and calories.






Originating from Austin Texas

this classic dry rub is a secret

combination of sea salt, pepper,

cayenne and garlic powder. Just get

the meat straight out of the packing, rub,

leave for 10 minutes and slap on the BBQ.


This spicy old family recipe from

Goldsboro in North Carolina is

sugar free, fat free and remains a

closely guarded secret. Spiced up

just a little back in 1946, shake well and

apply liberally.


This yellowish chilli from Peru

combines fruity flavours with a

punchy heat. It’s considered one of

the defining ingredients in Peruvian

cuisine and plays a major part in

many ceviche recipes as well as a

sauce for everything from chicken

to potatoes.


Are your soft herbs slightly past their best or

wilted? Whizz them with olive oil and freeze in

an ice cube tray for instant flavour-packed fixes

to finish soups, steaks and stir-fries.





Roasted tea leaves are

ground at a slow speed

using traditional

granite slabs until

it is a fine powder.

This tea has been

developed specifically

to be made with milk

(either dairy or plant-based) and can be

simply mixedwith cold milk, whisked with

warm milk, or made as a shot with textured

milk like a latte.In cold milk the tea tastes

uncannilylike chocolate milkshake with a

lot of natural sweetness from the roasting,

and a comforting malt-drink flavour.



It's time to ditch

your corkscrew.

Canned wine

isn't just a

passing fad



The 2018 bubbly white

is made from the

Bacchus grape.

It is crisp, dry, and

lightly sparkling,

offering delicate notes

of pear, grapefruit and

elderflower. Perfect

for a jolly good natter.



Lively, crisp, dry and

seriously drinkable,

this classically

styled French pale

rosé is from the


region; dry and crisp

with hints of dried




The ever popular

Pinot Grigio grape

is now available

with fizz! This lightly

sparkling Pinot

Grigio hails from

Hungary, (really...)

It is fresh with a

peachy hint.

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 87






D e


i e s

i v e r

Food Waste Disposer

Glass Bottle Crusher


+357 99 652 586 | info@marsalwaste.com | www.marsalwaste.com

88 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD

under the grill

Sergio Marichales, Chef



They need to refresh as

well as pack a punch.

These cooling mixes will

hit the hot spot


After 8 years working in kitchens around

the world from hotels to Michelin rated

restaurants, Sergio now finds himself in the

galley on the high seas

What is your favourite dish to cook?

Honestly seafood in any way, from fish to shells and

shrimps makes me smile. It reminds me a lot of my

childhood when living in Venezuela and having the

Caribbean so close.

What is your favourite restaurant?

By far I would say Osteria Francescana in Modena Italy

has my heart as it was a full experience on top of a great

meal .

What is your favourite kitchen gadget?

It has to be the thermomix, due to the range of recipes

that can be accomplished with it plus the precise cooking

with temperatures makes it a not to be missed for me.


Put 6 raspberries, 1/2 tsp brown sugar and 2 lime quarters in a

tumbler, then pound with the end of a rolling pin. Add 3 fresh mint

leaves and bash briefly. Fill the glass with crushed ice, then pour over

50ml cachaça. Stir and top with 3 mint leaves and 3 raspberries.


Mix 100ml vodka, 4 tbsp elderflower cordial and lemon juice. Fill 2 tall

glasses with ice, strain in the mixture. Top with sparkling water.


Peel 1/2 cucumber and blend to a purée. Strain to remove the seeds.

Use glass with ice, add 50ml gin, the juice of 1/4 lime, 2 lime slices and

a few fresh mint leaves. Stir and top with chilled soda water.

Serves 4



Place spinach in a medium serving bowl. Add chicken, strawberries and

walnuts; toss gently to blend.

Top with your favourite dressing and eat right away, or hold on the

dressing and pack it up for meals later on.

Where do you think is the best city in the world for food?

Giving my travels through Asia I have to say that for the

moment it is Hong Kong giving not only the local flavours

but also the amazing international ones, it reminds me of

happy times and great food altogether.

The one ingredient everyone needs in their€galley?

Olive oil.

What was the last meal you cooked for yourself because

you really wanted to eat it?

Tika Massala Curry.





450g €cooked chicken

breast, sliced



What is your most memorable food moment?

The mornings either in Margarita Island or in La Guaira

(coast by central Venezuela where my grandparents live)

eating fresh seafood from clams to fresh fish on the grill.

Where is your favourite local market for fresh produce?

I would say the markets in Italy are my favourite from

those amazing tomatoes to lovely seafood.

Who is your favourite provisioner and why?

I have been working with Provide and Supply ever since I

started in the industry, I have a personal relationship with

them and they already know what I need.

Most outrageous guest request?

Shark Fin Soup by a mile most definitely.



SQUISHY TOMATOES Get rid of fruit with dark

spots or mould, but those that are mushy

and are leaking liquid can still be useful

BRUSHCETTA Roast tomatoes as for soup, adding garlic and

thyme, and/or oregano. Pile onto toast or bread with a

scattering of basil and some creamy goat’s cheese.

FATTOUSH Chop tomatoes and add to cucumber chunks, sliced

red onion, shredded lettuce, mint and parsley and toasted pitta

strips. Dress in a mix of garlic, olive oil, wine vinegar and

lemon juice, then finish with dried cumin and sumac.

PAN CON TOMATE Rub toasted sourdough with a garlic

clove. Grate tomatoes and spread the pulp on the

toast. Sprinkle with sea salt and olive oil.

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 89


Your time is precious, so make it

count. Ooni Koda fires out jawdropping

pizzas in 60 seconds

flat. No assembly, no mess, no

fuss. Cooking outdoors with gas

has never been so simple (or so

beautiful). It’s the easiest backyard

pizza oven that you’ll find… if

you’ve ever been intimidated by

the idea of making pizza, the Koda

is one of the most convenient and

affordable ways to do it.

€269 www.ooni.com

You may not need them but you could certainly get used to them


Beer enthusiasts

normally recommend

pouring your bottled or

canned beer into the

glass with a bit of splash

to create bubbles

Sadly, doing so will also

destroy the precious

bubbles. Menu have

invented a tool to

separate the foaming

process from the

pouring process.

€20 www.menu.as


Release the ice cubes from the tray with a twist and serve them

in the insulated metal bowl. Use the ice cube tray as a lid and

place the tongs on top. Comes with integrated ice cube tray

made of silicone to make it easier to pop out the ice.

€99.95 www.evasolo.com

90 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD



Concrete. Corian. Wood. Steel. Brass. Glass. Largely ordinary materials not

ordinarily found on espresso machines. AnZa in Concrete offers Brutalist

overtures at once softened by contrasting white ceramic accents. Born out of

passion for good coffee and boredom with the default home espresso machine

vernacular, the AnZa aims to bring new life and love to your countertop.

€990 www.anzacoffee.com


Cause a shake and stir at your next

cocktail party with the Authentic

Models Fire Extinguisher C. Shaker.

Drawing inspiration from the original

antique cocktail shakers of the 1930s Art

Deco movement, this distinctive shaker

creates the perfect retro style statement.

Sculpted from polished nickel in a silver

finish, it is shaped like a vintage fire

extinguisher, with a charming set of

party rules engraved on the front.

€160 www.houseology.com


This eye-catching professional

quality, stainless steel meat injector

allows you to apply spices, broths,

and brines deep into the thickest

cuts of meat. Inject your meat

before a long smoke session

for a moist and succulent end

product. Easy to clean with regular

household cleaner.

€35 www.webbsdirect.co.uk

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 91

The grapevine

When wine really matters and you are looking

for professional advice, you can rely on these

providers for an efficient and reliable service


Berba is the Adriatic’s premiertax freewine

provisioning company. Based in Porto

Montenegro, its 120,000 bottle collection

includes the most sought-after wines from

around the world. Whether it’s Grand Cru

Burgundy, a crisp and lovely rosé or a

fascinating local wine, Berba not only has it

but can deliver it without any additional costs.

Shipping to Montenegro can be risky, but

since Berba’s wines are already there, delivery

is simple, quick and easy. For the complete

collection and prices, download Berba’s

catalogue from the website or call to speak to

Mike directly.

For more details Tel: +382 67 423 722.

or visit www.berba.me

VSF Group


SF take supplying wine very

seriously and have over 26 years

of experience! They are quite unique as

they keep stock! They have over 35,000

bottles of the worlds’ finest wines and

spirits in the temperature-controlled

warehouse. They compile the wine list

with highly sought after regions and

vintages, trending new discoveries, as

well as all the old favourites. If you see

something in their wine list, they have it

in stock and is immediately available and

delivered fast. They can match wines

to your chef’s menu and will quote

with relevant tasting notes to help with


For more details

Tel: +33 (0)4 22 10 67 70

or visit www.vsfgroup.com

92 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD


Establish your own on board cellar. Cellier is the

top supplier of wine, spirits, beverages and

soft drinks in Greece, with a leading position in

sales and with more than 80 years of experience in

representing the most prestigious brands. Cellier has

a network of four retail stores in Athens, Psychiko,

Kifissia and Syngrou Ave., where you can find a

large variety of more than 1,500 labels of wines,

spirits and more, from both Greek and International

producers. The yacht provisioning services by Cellier,

is the best choice if you want to spend your time in

Greek waters carefree, enjoying every mile of the

way. Cellier delivers to all marinas in Greece, offering

quality services.

For more details Tel: +30 210 4533551

or visit www.cellier.gr

Fine Wine Works

Along with a commitment to sourcing the wines your guests really

want at the best market prices, Fine Wine Works (FWW) stocks a

selection of core wines in its temperature-controlled cellars. These are

those must-have yacht wines - from Provence rosé to French fizz and

more - that can be delivered for last-minute emergencies. Crew haven’t

been overlooked either, with favourites from home at prices that won’t

break the budget. For 2019 FWW has launched its PURE collection: an

exclusive selection of fine and rare wines. With PURE, yacht crew are

able to present to their Owner and charter guests a list of the word’s

most sought after wines - all in stock and available for immediate

delivery and drinking. Names such as Domaine de la Romanée-Conti

and from Burgundy and Pétrus and Mouton Rothschild from Burgundy.

FWW has carefully handpicked this exciting range.

For more details Tel: +33 6 42 15 51 21

or visit www.finewineworks.com

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 93

Riviera Wine

Riviera Wine is a dedicated and passionate

wine company who offers you the complete

solution to all your wine needs on board. Be it

wine supply, bespoke expert advice, WSET® crew

training and much more. They are offering some

of the best prices in the industry and are the only

wine supplier in yachting headed by a Master of

Wine. Their team is driven by an urge to truly be

of service to you, always do the right thing and

spread their passion and knowledge for wine

through all they do.

For more details Tel: +33 (0)4 93 34 49 66

or visit www.rivierawine.wine

No12 Fine Wines and Provisions

No12 Fine Wines and Provisions are superyacht dedicated

purveyors of fine wines, spirits and cigars. They have offices

and warehouses in Mallorca and Malta and have also recently set

up in Port Vell Barcelona were they are the only dedicated wine

provisioners in the area. The company has grown from strength to

strength in a relatively short span by never losing focus on the four

main pillars – Provenance, Partners, Premium Personal Service and

Peace of Mind – ensuring that their clients are guaranteed the best

possible wines, spirits, cigars and service above everything else.

For more details Tel: +356 2560 7191

or visit www.no12wines.com

94 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD


Rosso Alfresco...get

the ice bucket ready

Our regular wine

guru Tom Harrow

recommends his

favourite chilled reds

which would make

perfect partners for the

BBQ this season

The wine world is forever shifting

boundaries and breaking down

barriers, and drinks choices are

less black and white (or red and white).’

Even leaving aside orange and pink wines,

styles of lighter, fresher, more digestible

reds, with less extraction, crunchier fruit,

softer tannins and more toothsome acidity

are becoming increasingly voguish, and the

only thing cooler is cooling them.’With the

temperature rising outside, as alternative

aperitifs, versatile food wines, or as a

last vivifying glass before retiring to your

cabin, below is a hand-picked selection of

the most interesting chillable reds from

off the beaten track. ’

Biddenden Vineyards Gamay 2018

Most producers in England have

grubbed up the neutral teutonic

varieties like Reichensteiner and

Dornfelder, that sound like World

War Fighter Aces, in favour of

nobler grapes Chardonnay and

Pinot Noir especially.’Whilst the

majority of plantings are dedicated

to sparkling wines there is a

growing production of still wines,

white and red.’The long and blissfully warm,

dry summer of 2018 produced an abundant

and exceptional quality harvest and the

first red wines are just starting to hit the

market, among them is this fantastic Gamay

from Biddenden in Kent:’juicy, fresh, and

herbaceous-edged, this is British Beaujolais

and perfect summer drinking.

Schiava (various)’

A humble but satisfying lunch-time

red from the hills of the South

Tyrol in North Italy, Schiava comes

from the Latin for ‘slave’ so has no

pretensions but better examples

exceed expectation.’ Called Vernatch

to the German-speaking locals (and

in Germany known as Trollinger),

the characters of raspberries,

grapefruit peel, rose petals and a

whiff of smoke are common. Elena Walch in

Termeno (Tramin) and slightly further north

Mannincor in Caldaro (Kaltern) make two

particularly commendable examples, which

are well worth seeking out and popping in

the fridge or ice bucket alongside a plate

of cold smoked meats, fish and cheeses.

Domaine Tissot Poulsard Vielles Vignes

The Jura region of France, between

Burgundy and Switzerland, is one

of the country’s least well-known

but has a long history of viticulture

and indigenous grapes which make

distinctive wines with less familiar

but still engaging flavour profiles.’

Poulsard is a thin-skinned variety

that makes anaemic-looking but

nevertheless elegantly perfumed

and flavoursome reds full of woodland fruits

and earthy, herbal tones. Bénédicte and

Stéphane Tissot make a particularly nice

example, farmed biodynamically, and from

old vines, giving extra complexity and a

little more structure than most.

Douloufakis Winery Liatiko ’

Liatiko is a native variety of Crete

and the Douloufakis Winery in

Dafnes, now run by third generation,

Italian-trained winemaker Nikolas,

is definitely an estate whose

wines are worth looking out for

when mooring up in Elounda.’The

Dafnios red has a light, almost

tawny colour, but is medium-bodied

with rich, stewed plum and red

fruits and soft, spicy tannins - a gentle

Cretan Cote du Rhone.’ Trailed through

the water off the back of the tender for

twenty minutes at a safe and moderate

speed, will clarify the aromas and flavours

and add a touch more freshness to this

very attractive summer red.’

Ochota Barrels The Fugazi Vineyard

Grenache 2017

A brilliant, new-wave Aussie red

from surfers and punk enthusiasts

Taras and Amber Ochota, the

limpid Fugazi Grenache is all about

perfume, texture and bite and a

world away from the opaque, jammy,

oaky cherry-bombs that litter the

region.’ Wafts of cloves, clay, pot

pourri, and dried cranberry assail

the nostrils and the vibrant, acid-led

palate riffs around hedgerow strawberries,

smoked thyme and Turkish Delight. Best

served at cellar temperature or just below,

this versatile, pungent red is a beaut with

fat, soy-marinated tuna steaks or spicy

game sausages fresh off the BBQ on a

quiet beach with the sun going down.

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 95

Savour Salento








For seafood lovers, this is one to remember, with an

excellent selection of locally caught dishes. The views are

stunning so it's worth getting there for sunset and an apero

before diving into the menu. As with all the region's eateries

the wine selection is superb and reasonable priced.

Localita' Ciardo S | Localita Ciardo, 73040 Santa Maria di

Leuca, Castrignano del Capo

Tel: +39 0833 767870 | €€€€


They say it's where tradition meets innovation,

so one is always sceptical about what is going to

appear on the plate….. The head chef and owner,

has followed in her father's footsteps and has

championed this new style of developing innovative

recipes based on tradition and local ingredients. The

wine selection is exceptional and make sure you

book in advance…

Via Basiliano Cenobio 23, 73028, Otranto

Tel: +39 0836 801636 | €€€€€


A simple but nicely decorated restaurant with a

homely feel but make sure you grab a table on the

terrace. Prices are great, service is wonderful and

you’re really made to feel at home and relaxed. Local

dishes following the region's passion for simple

ingredients with some added flare. You will definitely

want to go back!

Riviera Cristoforo COLOMBO 17, 73014 Gallipoli

Tel: +39 346 407 5330 | €€€

96 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD



A lovely setting and nicely styled

restaurant serving a variety of fresh

meat and seafood together with other

locally sourced ingredients. Equally

famous for their wine selection, the

team are efficient and friendly in this

cute well situated restaurant. Booking

in advance is recommended.

Via Benedetto Cairoli 25, 73100, Lecce

Tel: +39 0832 300456 | €€€

Restorante Bros



Using local and fresh produce, there is

no menu, in short they keep bringing

dishes until you’re fit to burst. A unique

experience if a little theatrical, but one

certainly for the bucket list of your

gastro tour of the region. The wine

list is a little limited, but nonetheless,

local and a perfect accompaniment to

the food.

Via Gallipoli 48, 73044 Galatone,


Tel: +39 345 615 5711 | €€€


Perfect for a casual lunch or an early low-key dinner in a beautiful location near

the Duomo. The eatery is a deli styled restaurant with a wide choice of local

favourites all served under the jazzy soundtracks in the background. Once again

fresh local produce is an important ingredient in all the offerings including a well

priced wine menu.

Via Guglielmo Paladini 2 | Centro Storico, 73100, Lecce

Tel: +39 320 384 0988 | €€



800g cream

12g gelatine

200g strong ricotta 120g fresh sea urchin


•À Heat cream and ricotta at 60 °C

•À Dissolve the soaked gelatine and blend until smooth

•À Pour and cool in serving bowls


450g of '00' flour 225g of water

25g yeast

16g salt

•À Combine flour, water, yeast and knead for three minutes


Add the salt and knead until you get a uniform paste


Literally meaning

'small ears' in Italian, this

homemade, ear-shaped

pasta is ideal for soaking

up any delicious



155g butter

120g flour

•À Combine the ingredients to obtain a smooth mixture

•À Form a rectangle and cool





Spread the first dough and place the second dough in

the middle

Close as if it were a pastry

Give 3 simple turns and 1 double turn

Place on a baking tray and put in the oven for 9 minutes

at 160 °C


Stir the soup and pour a fresh drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Serve crackers as a side accompaniment

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 97

Your dedicated yacht agent

in the ports of Tuscany

The unit “Luxury Yacht Special Services”

is dedicated exclusively to the reception of

superyachts berthing at the port of Livorno and

at the Marinas of Pisa and Rosignano. Our main

mission is to supply first-class and round-the-clock

assistance to Owners, Guests and Captains.



Phone ++39 0586 211000

C.F./P.IVA 00175160498





98 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD

ody beautiful

The latest facts, fads and tips to help keep

you in ship shape condition this summer




With the most astonishing views of the

island, Santorini’s beautifully designed

Andronis Concept Wellness Resort is

situated just outside the picturesque

village of Imerovigli.. Don’t miss the

complimentary morning yoga sessions

on the terrace, and be sure to book

a massage at sunset, overlooking

the sea. It’s also the perfect base for

exploring the island, if you can tear

yourself away.




Shown to reduce blood pressure while

packing twice the immune boosting

antioxidant content of its paler

counterpart, black garlic also promises

to leave no trace of bad breath.



anti- inflammatory properties, turmeric

also helps detox the liver and boost the

immune system. It particularly goes well

with carrot and orange. Push 2 carrots,

3 peeled oranges and a knob of ginger

through the juicer. Stir in 1/4 tsp ground

turmeric and serve.




Coca-Cola makes hair look shinier

as it is acidic (so closes the cuticle).

Other ingredients like high fructose

corn syrup would make the hair

sticky and gritty. It won’t actually

clean the hair or scalp. Also@regular

cola-rinsing@may@cause the shaft to

become brittle.




daily mindfulness

app that also

prompts you to input

how you’re feeling.

Select your mood when you open the

app and it will suggest the meditations,

yoga sequences, or acupressure that

could serve you best in that moment.

ROOTD Downloading

Rootd means you can

work on improving

your panic and

anxious mood while

supporting a femaleled

app. In addition to mindfulness

exercises and step-by-step guides to

tactics such as deep breathing.



MZ Skin’s ‘Light-Therapy’

mask has five coloured

light settings that each

promote different benefits

for an overall radiant

complexion. Adjust the comfortable

strap to hold it securely in place.



Kettlebell Connect is the world’s first

smart kettlebell by Jaxjox.

Creating a solid home gym is tricky,

particularly when you lack an extra

room to devote to your fitness pursuits

or simply live in a small apartment. The

magical JaxJox kettlebell may be the answer @

with six kettlebells in one.

What is it? Within a single piece of equipment, you

get a weight range from 5 to 20 kilos. Five weights

are stacked on a base plate with a hollow kettlebell

covering them. Selecting one of six weight options on

the LCD display causes the bell to pick up or drop the

appropriate number of weights.

How does it work? The kettlebell cycles through the

weight options with a gentle whirr, and integrates

itself into circuits easily, even as they get harder.

You replace the kettlebell on the base, press the plus

button, wait three seconds for a beep, then pick it up

again and it’s heavier.

The upside? Good kettle bells are expensive and take

up space. This is a great way of having a variety of

weights in your small flat or cabin.. Plus it’s visually

clean, yet advanced letting you know how long you

train, it also sends ‘personalised workout insights’ via

the Jaxjox app.

The down side? The heart-pumpingly prohibitive

expense at 350 Euros for one.

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 99




• Service Call Buttons

• Formats and finishes to suit

different yachts

• Coloured LED feedback & haptic

buzzer for Press and Accept

• Uses Yacht Wi-Fi backbone

• Simple to implement and with

cComm Radio system

• Easy integration and customisation

with Crestron / AMX

• Waterproof design

• Over 1 year battery life

• Location awareness

+44 (0) 1306 257250 | info@channel28.co.uk

100 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD


Gong Ho

With an increasing number of people touting the benefits

of sound bathing we decided to try for ourselves

Sound bathing

The USP Meditation without the aggravation of moving.

The playing of instruments such as gongs and crystal

bowls produces powerful vibrations that help you block

out the outside world and induce a restful, meditative

state. Think of it as a digital detox.

What happens? You are placed in a lying position on a

yoga mat and covered with a blanket whilst wearing an

eye mask. After a short meditative exercise the gong

begins and lasts for around 30 minutes. At the end of this

bells bring you back into the room.

What does it feel like? The sound cocoons you from the

outside world; being close to the gong means you feel

the vibrations, something physical as well as audible. The

vibrations can be super intense, so there is definitely a

physical sensation. The vibrations are also meant to lower

body temperatures, hence the slowing down of heart

rates and the possible need for a nice comfy blanket. The

end result is a definite change of mindset.

Does it work? You’ll be energised with clarity of thought.

You’re left with a feeling of positivity and euphoria.

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 101

Hair’s to


Intense heat and UV

rays have the ability

to sap your strands

of moisture, shine,

movement and colour.

Treat your hair like

you treat your skin

this summer




If you are going for a swim in the

pool or ocean, apply a thin layer

of coconut oil or conditioner’in

your hair before jumping in’to

protect it. The silicones in the

conditioner will keep chlorine

and other chemicals away from

your hair.


If your hair gets easily greasy

and sweaty and you feel the

need to shampoo every day,

choose a mild’shampoo. Focus

on cleansing the scalp and not

your hair.

Summer is in full swing, the sun is shining

and the advertising gurus swamp us with

a plethora of skin care products to protect us

from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. But, what

about those long flowing locks you ladies spend

so much money on?

Shouldn’t you be protecting your hair from the

harmful effects of the sun, heat, salt water and


By now, you don’t need anyone to tell you about

the importance of sunscreen. Without it, you’re

susceptible to an increased risk of sunburn

(ouch), visible aging (no thank you), and skin

cancer (scary). But there’s still one area you

probably neglect: the top of your head. The skin

on your scalp is prone to sunburn just like the

rest of your body and should be treated with the


same degree of respect. Just because you’re

lucky enough to have a good head of hair, it

doesn’t necessarily mean you’re protected.

Not only does stepping out sans UV protection

leave you susceptible to burning and the

connected negative effects, but it can also

lead to hair loss, oxidation, and breakage. Your

hair could get dry and brittle and burning the

scalp can also cause damage to the follicle and

potential hair loss…boys.

Plus, that perfect shade you achieved at the

salon could look completely different after a day

in the sun. Colour-treated hair has a higher

chance of fading, as the colour molecules are

more delicate and sun exposure will cause them

to oxidize and fade.You pay enough to achieve

your desired colour so remember to protect it.


Prepare your hair for summer

by using an overnight hair

treatment. All you need to do

is apply a leave-in conditioner

from roots to ends and wrap a

towel around your hair – leave it

in overnight and wake up in the

morning with soft, smooth hair.


Sun exposure, salt water and

sweat can pull moisture from

your strands, leaving them dry

and prone to breakage. To avoid

this, start with wearing a nice

wide brimmed hat. This will

help keep the sun’s rays off your

hair, thus protecting your hair

from dryness and preserving the

colour (with the added bonus of

protecting your skin!)

Try one of these home remedies to

nourish and protect your hair







Bananas and olive oil nourish the hair

Eggs replenish the proteins lost due to

sun damage

Honey moisturises hair

Mayonnaise acts as a natural


Beer and vinegar add shine and


Strawberries and aloe vera help repair

dry and damaged hair

Deep conditioning mask to bring back

moisture and shine


1 cup mayonnaise (room temperature)

½ cup olive oil

3 egg yolks


Mix everything in a bowl and apply to

your hair, especially the ends

If you can, wrap your hair in a towel and

leave on for about 20 minutes

Rinse out using plain water


Water is your BFF. While you

may be doing all of the above to

protect your hair from the sun,

if you’re not drinking enough

water, you’re not going to achieve

anything. Your hair and your skin

will benefit immensely from the

amount of extra fluids. So opt for

cooling liquids and fresh fruits and

vegetables that will help keep your

hair healthy and hydrated.

102 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD



2 3 4

To serve and protect

These are the best products to protect your

hair from the harmful effects of the sunshine

5 6 7


Colour Protect Locking Spray

€12 www.paulmitchell.com



€22 www.igkhair.com



€25 www.sephora.fr


Young Again

€35 www.kevinmurphy.com.au


Sunshield UV Defence

€22 www.philipkingsley.co.uk


Sincere Hair Veil

€25 www.sephora.fr

8 9 10


Hair Protector

€28 www.ultrasun.com


Hair in the sun

€22 www.sachajuan.com


UV Protective Primer

€30 sephora.fr


Moisturising Protective Oil

€12.50 www.uk.nuxe.com

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 103

Interior moves

When it comes to linens and fabrics, it is all in the

detail. These are our favourite interior suppliers to

keep your yacht looking stylish and modern

MC Interieur

Michelle Monique Cézanne, born in Frankfurt

am Main - Germany, has lived in Monaco

over 10 years. Her company, Michelle Cézanne

Interieur, offers a perfected style with an

individual concept of exceptional, international

and hand-selected items. Her client portfolio

consists of yacht owners and crew, hotels,

architects and selected private clients. Michelle

offers exclusive indoor and outdoor furniture

from suppliers such as Dedon and Siebensee,

custom built and sustainable products, marine

proof textiles and flooring, with individual

designs on demand. A whole range of products

can be personalised or entirely produced for

our unique clientele. The close cooperation

with family owned companies, have formed the

foundation of the business.

’For more details Tel: +377 9310 5436

or visit www.mcinterieur.com


Extex have been designing and developing luxury fabric collections to

transform outdoor living for over fifteen years with a fabric library that now

includes 13 stunning ranges to suit all styles. Renowned for their outstanding

performance qualities and luxurious feel, the superior fabric ranges promise to

instantly update outdoor environments by bringing comfort and interior trend

influences to the marine world. Choose from a comprehensive collection of

beautiful outdoor fabrics in over 100 colour options, including light neutral tones

that evoke subtle sophistication and vibrant, bold shades that promise to bring

your yacht to life. The latest range from Extex, Alpine, is a new range of outdoor

fabrics with patterns inspired from geology. Reflecting a softer colour palette of

greys, browns and beige, the Alpine range is cool in tone but hardwearing. Alpine

uses a polyolefin solution dyed yarn to ensure it stays colour fast to light and stain

and mould resistant. Ideal for ocean life and the harsh summer sun, Alpine fabrics

share the all-weather durability that the range’s name reflects. Fully machine

washable and 100% recyclable means Extex Alpine won’t impact the environment

after its use and is the choice for the eco-conscious consumer.

For more details Tel: +44 (0)1634 718 871

or visit www.extex.co.uk

104 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD


Heirlooms are synonymous in the yacht industry for combining

the very finest materials and traditional craftsmanship to create

linens of exceptional quality. The dedicated team of highly skilled

crafts people share a vision of quality, passion for perfection and the

desire to create linens of lasting beauty giving the best night’s sleep.

Their expertise in designing and manufacturing bespoke linens allows

them to create linens that are as individual as the yachts themselves

and people they work with. To meet with their clients’ needs

Heirlooms have created a range of luxurious spa linens specifically

designed to enhance the spa experience.

For more details Tel: +44 (0)1243 820 252

or visit www.heirlooms-linens.com

Gillian Weir

A wealth of experience supplying accessories to the superyacht industry has led

Gillian Weir to specialise in one of the finest fibres in the world, cashmere. Gillian

Weir weave for high-end retailers including Harrods and their throws, blankets

and cushions can be found in the most luxurious superyachts, homes and ski

chalets, from the Caribbean to Courchevel. Each piece is custom made to perfectly

accessorise any interior. Hand woven in a choice of pure cashmere, a silky blend of

bamboo and cashmere or 50/50 cashmere and merino lambswool, these are items

to be treasured. With a palette of 165 luscious shades and 12 weaves to choose

from, the options are endless.

For more details Tel: +44 (0)1943 467 353

or visit www.cashmereandrarefibres.com

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 105

Victoria Yachting°

manufacturer in France with exceptional design

A capabilities, Victoria Yachting has been a leading light

in the yachting world for the past 25 years. Over the years,

Victoria has acquired an expertise in high-end comfort

products such as premium mattresses and bed linen. The

Victoria mattresses, topper and bed bases assure peaceful

nights to over 1,000 yacht owners every year. Every piece is

made by hand and to measure in Victoria’s fabrics in northern

France, and is one of a kind.

For more details Tel: +33(0)328 339 060

or visit www.victoria-yachting.com

Glancy Fawcett

Glancy Fawcett are an established designer, supplier, project

manager and luxury homeware supplier working with the world’s

most exclusive projects. Having outfitted more than 450 superyachts,

150 residences and 100 private aircraft over the past 30 years, they have

developed the experience and understanding required when creating

incredible living spaces. The service and people make the Glancy Fawcett

experience unique. With an extremely personable approach and a worldclass

showroom, they help with the specification, design and delivery of

an extensive range that includes luxury tableware, silverware, bed linens,

towels and general accessories. With an impressive 750m 2 showroom

housed in The Old Engine Works in Manchester, UK, offering Europe’s

widest range of samples under one roof.

For more details Tel: +44 (0)161 876 5356

or visit www.glancyfawcett.com

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 107

Sorgiovanni Designs


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108 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD

Fiona’s Atelier

Fiona’s Atelier’s aim is to inspire its clients with

the very best selection of brands and products

to make a yacht interior perfect for any discerning

owner or guest. They are specialists in yacht

supplies that can help to master the art of receiving

guests. They collaborate with more than 300

carefully selected wholesalers and brands to source

the finest materials and fabrics. Whichever fabric or

style you choose, (Egyptian cotton satins, combed

and mercerised; or their pure Egyptian cotton

percales from 200 TC to 1030 TC) you can be

assured that all the linens are made with the highest

standards and with great attention to detail. For

the bathroom, they carefully select the best towels,

slippers and bathrobes from brands such as Abyss,

Yves Delorme, Frette, Haman, etc.

For more details visit www.fionasatelier.com

Aiko Luxury Linens

Aiko Luxury Linens is a curated boutique that focuses on providing

the finest European bed linens and tableware for the home, yacht,

and private jets. They have been a well established supplier in the custom

bedding industry for the past 15 years. Their priority on relational client care

and bespoke collections is what makes Aiko unique. Aiko Luxury Linens has

carefully selected their product lines with consideration to the quality and

superiority of their offerings. You can find designer collections from Christian

Fishbacher of Switzerland, bringing Swiss quality, precision, and attention

to detail to the world of linens. DEA, Cottimaryanne and Quagliotti in Italy,

and Mirabel Slabbinck

of Belgium, push the

boundaries of style with

their artistic designs.

Specialising in custom size

bedding and finishes such

as monograms, logos, and

embroideries. No project

is too big or small for

Aiko Luxury Linens. They

work closely with personal

clients, corporations,

interior designers, and their

celebrity clientele to make

their dream space a reality.

For more details

Tel: +1 305 591 7663

or visit


ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 109



Pandora Mather-Lees discusses fine art export sanctions

and the associated risks with crossing international

borders without the relevant paperwork

In August 2015 Sailing Yacht ADIX

was arrested in Corsica against

a backdrop of media attention

and a Picasso masterpiece which

had been adorning the interior was

confiscated. Until this time, few

in the industry would have been

aware of the implications of cultural

heritage laws for captains, crew

or indeed the yacht management


The painting in question now sits in Madrid National Museum

and the owner, Jaime Botin, faced up to 4 years in prison and

a potential €100m smuggling fine. In most cases the objects

are simply confiscated on the spot and subsequently destroyed

or unceremoniously disposed of. It is unclear how many such

incidents concerning superyachts have evaded the Press,

however with increasingly valuable artworks on board, these

itinerant floating homes entering new territories are forming a

rich picking ground for customs and international authorities.

National treasure laws exist in developed territories to preserve

its nation’s heritage for future generations; a kind of anchor

for our place in history and a means by which we inform our

past. Objects may have significant fiscal as well as cultural

value, and countries are becoming more protective and even

aggressive in their bid to win objects back. In some cases this

has created diplomatic incidents.

Each territory has its own thresholds, standards and rules. In

the UK, the Waverley Committee established three principles

in the 1950s. This Arts Council committee decides whether an

object marked for export is of outstanding aesthetic beauty,

of critical importance for study and educational purposes or

whether it represents a valuable part of the nation’s history.

Lawrence of Arabia’s dagger, Jane Austen’s Ring and Canova’s

Three Graces were refused export licences for such reasons

and English museums and philanthropists were sought to match

the sale price to compensate the new foreign owner so that

they can remain in the UK. Even if granted the right to leave the

country, licences have been revoked. In a recent extraordinary

case, Italy revoked its licence for a painting of Camille Borghese

sent to the Frick Collection in Manhattan. Italian authorities

claimed “they did not know at the time the sitter was Borghese”

despite the fact that there was a clearly marked label to this

effect on the reverse! Understanding documentation relating

to items on board is thus critical especially when onboarding

new pieces of any value.

Endangered species

Such laws are just one of the export sanctions risks that

captains and chief stews must be trained to field. Endangered

species is another. ‘CITES’ regulations were established when

182 countries signed up to the Washington Convention in

1973 to control the movement across borders of what now

amounts to 36,000 species and growing. These include coral,

ivory, rosewood, butterflies and any number of oddities that

have ended up aboard luxury vessels.

Superyachts have been impounded for something as innocuous

as a fish skeleton to something as ridiculous as a butterfly

painting by artist Damian Hirst. Industry anecdotes also

include one rock musician’s rosewood guitar, another’s grand

piano for its ivory and an owner’s inlaid cabinet where the

ivory was hacked out Why are these laws in place and why are

110 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD

customs officers trained to search for these objects crossing

borders? A CITES licence must accompany objects crossing

borders comprising or containing protected species, so a

review of objects and documentation on board is therefore an

important preventative measure. It is an area of compliance

which dovetails with sustainable and responsible sourcing.

Burmese teak decking from Myanmar recently caused a flurry

throughout the industry with press reports of yachts which

were below par. A third area relates to imminent EU regulation

on looted antiquities crossing borders.

This is the first ever EU

law regarding import of cultural

heritage and anyone shipping items

inwards must seek a licence for

entry into EU territory

Antiquities and importation

Pandora Art Services working closely with ACREW Yachting

hopes to educate captains, crew and management during

September’s Monaco Yacht Show as part of the ‘INSIGHTS’

programme started in Monaco this April. Vessels crossing to

and from EU borders should understand the new regulation

relating to looted antiquities. EU Regulation 2019/880, framed

at the end of 2018, brought into force in 2019 and taking

effect fully from 2020 and beyond is essentially about stemming

terrorist financing in conflict zones. Concerning the import

of antiquities over 250 years and artworks over 200 years

old, artefacts from outside EU territory must carry sound

provenance with documentation to demonstrate they are clean

from illicit trafficking. This is the first ever EU law regarding

import of cultural heritage and anyone shipping items inwards

must seek a licence for entry into EU territory. Each country

will establish a register of licences and for other categories,

statements of origin.

Responsible sourcing demands weeding out conflict objects,

looted for instance from museums and archaeological sites in

Syria and Iraq. Cultural items from both territories are already

barred, however antiquities are now being traded internationally

via multiple channels to fund terrorism, so this means enhanced

vigilance. Value is immaterial and the European legislation

specifies that painting, drawing, coins, sculpture, engravings as

well as archaeological pieces apply. There are two categories,

but antiquities are the more stringently controlled.

For the superyacht industry, states with weaker laws, varied

border control or which are known vulnerable trafficking routes

into Europe will be under scrutiny. Turkey along with other

destinations in the East Mediterranean meets this criteria.

The region is important for the superyacht industry and there

is a strong case for raising awareness with captains, yards,

crew and yacht management in how to prepare.

Along with these impending changes, other considerations

for superyachts transporting art and artefacts concern the

spoils of war. The museum world is undergoing incredible

political pressure to return cultural objects taken during earlier

conflicts. The Elgin Marbles in the British Museum is a famous

and longstanding debacle and more recently, French President

Macron has ordained that all the Benin Bronzes and African

artefacts looted from present day Nigeria be returned. How

this will play out with treasures finding their way into private

portfolios remains to be seen.


The superyacht owner is inevitably an art collector and what

can happen on land, can happen at sea. Vessels over 40 metres

typically have lush interiors and carry fine art on board and vessels

are growing with interior space becoming more impressive as

one seeks to surprise and delight guests. Risks with fine art

pervade, but can be contained and prevented.

ACREW’S April 9th INSIGHTS day in Monaco highlighted a number

of key concerns bringing in conservators, shippers, art advisors,

yacht security professionals and an art data company. Pandora

Art Services subsequently announced a Market Intelligence

Whitepaper detailing the numerous facets of art on board and how

to mitigate these risks. An addendum will be published following

the second INSIGHTS group during September’s Monaco Yacht

Show. There will be an overview of the looted antiquities and

other facets of dealing with art on board from industry experts.

A free copy of the report can be obtained via Onboard magazine.

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 111






So, the owner is in a dreamy mood

just after supper. He and his wife

are sitting on the terrace watching

their children filling in the white blanks of

their new Flag Ship State colouring books.

“Which flag state shall I choose for our new

yacht?” he asks them. “Mozambique!” cries

the boy. “With the AK-47 and bayonet!”

“I like Bhutan with the dragon,” says his

daughter “Look! He’s lovely!” His wife smiles,

“Maybe you should get some sound advice.

It might actually matter quite a bit.”

Wise words from the Mrs. Because the

flag that flutters on the back of a yacht

matters. A lot.

To explain the pros and maybe cons of

various flag states ONBOARD talks to some

flag representatives and law firms dealing

with private and commercial superyacht



Binta Jallow, from the BVIs says, “A yacht

owner looking to register his yacht has

as many options as anyone wishing to

buy a yacht. Therefore some thought and

research has to be carried out by the owner

or their representatives before he decides

on a flag that would suit him. It is usual

practice to consult a legal professional for

advice.” Some of the questions Jallow hopes

the expert would ask include: Where does

the owner reside? The EU has some very

complex taxation rules. Where would the

owner want to operate the vessel? The US

Coast Guard has rules that are different

from other international requirements.

However, if operating only in the Caribbean

then there are not many challenges. Is the

vessel for pleasure or commercial use?

What nationality are the crew? How is the

boat financed? Will there be a mortgage on

the vessel? Where was the yacht built, by

whom, when and where was it delivered?

It’s important to choose a registry with a

good reputation. Choosing a registry with

a poor reputation or one targeted by Port

States could have a detrimental effect on

the smooth running of the vessel. Dr Silvana

Zammit Partner for Global Property, Yachts

and Jets at Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates

explains, “Yacht owners need to choose

a flag registry that is safe and secure,

both economically and politically. Stability

is key. Just view the MoU White list, you’ll

see that jurisdictions such as Malta and

the UK are two of the most sought after

registries, with Malta being the largest in

Europe. And remember that a poor record

will inevitably affect the decisions of the

future lenders and underwriters.”

“One must consider the political stability

and reputation of the registry. Owners

should find out where disputes can be

settled and under what jurisdiction.”

Advises Jallow, “The choice of the registry

will come to the fore only when the yacht

encounters disputes and problems. Will

the yacht get Consular access in distant

foreign ports? Will the yacht get naval

protection in piracy and strife prone areas?

Will the yacht get security information

from the flag state? These are some of the

questions that a yacht owner must ask

before deciding on a suitable ship register.”

Once the yacht owner decides on what

is important for him/her then the relative

merits of the flags can be compared. Mag.

Virna Ayala echoes this advice: “Choose

a ship registry that offers security,

transparency and rapidity to owners.

Where you would be sure all your rights

will be respected because there is legal

security and a real legal system under

the flag and with courts specialised in

maritime law. This is fundamental in your

flag choice.”


Should it run as a private or commercial

vessel is a simpler question to answer:

Explains Jallow, “There are very strict

112 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD

definitions for being called a pleasure vessel

and be registered as such. Pleasure vessels

in essence usually mean that the owner

operates the vessel for their personal use

and does not make any profits out of the

operation. The vessels are only required to

comply with very few maritime legislations.”

Once the owner decides to operate a

vessel commercially, things get more

complicated: The yacht must comply

with international laws relating to its

construction, outfitting and manning. Says

Jallow, “The rules are very complex and it

needs a trained surveyor to certify them

fit for commercial operation.” Dr Zammit

echoes this by confirming, “Certificates

of compliance are required, registration

and maintenance fees are generally higher

as are fees for insurance. Therefore the

cost of buying and maintaining a yacht

for commercial use is much higher. More

certification is required and there could

be more restrictions on crew.”

In the EU, the choice between private and

commercial has become very complex as

each state has its own customs and tax

laws that must be followed. So yachts

prefer to switch between commercial or

pleasure depending upon the state that

they are in. “The Virgin Island Ship Registry

(VISR) is happy to provide such a facility,”

says Jallow. “For example, we have a client

wishing to change the registry between

pleasure and commercial in the European

Union. According to new French customs

regulations, the owner is authorised to

charter non-EU residents under the

temporary admission relief but under a

commercial certificate of registry.”


“In France, it is perfectly possible to

remain under temporary admission and

under a commercial certificate of registry.

In Spain, it is also possible, but it requires

obtaining a chartering license which is

very difficultÐto obtain. As a consequence,

the client would like to have a commercial

certificate of registry when renting the

boat out in France to non-EU resident

charterers and a pleasure certificate of

registry when using his boat privately in


If at this point in the game, the owner

hasn’t decided to ditch the idea of buying

a boat, Mag. Virna Ayala points out that

at the Panama Ship Registry, there are

no pros or cons of commercial or private

registration. A private yacht has to pay a

fixed tax of $1,000 (if Panamanian national)

or $1,500 (for a foreign company) every

two years. Ð



The Virgin Islands Shipping Registry (VISR)

is the Maritime Administration of the British

Virgin Islands (BVI), offering first-class

services for ships and seafarers, including

marine certification, and advice for yacht

owners requiring BVI yacht registration. It

is also able to serve the global market as a

provider of international yacht registration,

safety and advisory services. The role of the

VISR is to implement the maritime policies

of the Government covering shipping

operations, safety of life at sea, security, the

prevention of, and response to, pollution

from ships and yachts.

For more details Tel: +1(284) 852 1957

or visit www.bvifinance.vg


Once an owner chooses a flag state to

approach for registration, is there a chance

he will be rebuffed at the door? Jallow

explains, “Every registry has their own

criteria on who they will accept on to their

registry. Firstly it depends on the type

of registry: traditional or open. Certain

registries may not accept persons from

countries in any UN sanctions list or the

black list of the Financial Action Task Force.

The BVI has its own eligibility list as well.”

The Panama Ship Registry doesn’t have any

owner’s nationality, age or vessel tonnage

criteria, once the owners comply with the



So we’ve got this far, but we’re still a

marathon away from flying a flag. Now

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 113


International Lease Solutions

Dr Silvana Zammit

Global Property, Yachts & Aircraft


+356 2205 6606

Mr Steve Muscat Azzopardi

Senior Manager, Corporate


+356 2205 6608

Malta | Cyprus | London | Zurich | Hong Kong


The Isle of Man is a modern jurisdiction with

a strong emphasis on quality, high standards

and efficiency, providing a first class service.

A Red Ensign jurisdiction with a customer

focused flag state administration, offering

pragmatic, and swift customer service to

ship and yacht owners, managers and

builders globally.

The Isle of Man is home to the award

winning Isle of Man Ship Registry which

is leading the way when it comes to

technology and digitisation and one of the

first flag states to issue digital certificates to




The Isle of Man Ship Registry is one of

the world’s leading registers of ships and

superyachts - a British register providing the

very best service to its clients and a natural

choice for owners looking for quality and

partnership from a flag administration.

E: shipping@gov.im

T: +44(0)1624 688500

W: www.iomshipregistry.com


@Isle of Man Ship Registry

114 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD




The multi-disciplinary yachting team regularly advises

owners, prospective owners, financiers and managers on

the sale/acquisition of superyachts, yacht financing and

registration of mortgages, yacht importation, VAT and

crew-related matters. In an ever-changing environment,

an international network of like-minded professionals

is pivotal if one is to avoid the pitfalls of fiscal, legal

and technical compliance. The yachting team regularly

participates in conferences and attends yacht shows to

create and maintain an open channel of communication

with its peers across the globe.

For more details Tel: +356 2125 2893

or visit www.credence.com.mt

the owner has to choose the ‘type’ of

registry he/she wants: Open? Traditional?

Offshore? Onshore? What does all that

mean? “There are many differences between

the types of registry,” says Ayala, “the

most significant of which are the taxes...”

A Traditional Closed Registry is open

only to ships of its own nation. “In other

words theyÀallow only vessels that are

owned by companies or persons that are

residents of that country,” advises Jallow.

“Traditionally, closed registries have a twofold

requirement, firstly, incorporation

in country of registration and secondly,

principal place of business in country of

registration. In a closed registry, the tax

is charged on the earnings as compared

to open, wherein the taxes are on the

basis of tonnage.”

An Open Registry hasÀvirtually no

restrictions, “However, this has led to

allegations of sub-standard ships,” warns

Jallow. ‘Open registers denote flags of

convenience for ships.”

A ship registered in a country is required to

fly the flag of that country and is entitled

to the privileges and protection of the

country. Registration provides title to a

ship which is important for the ship to

enter into trade relations.

Offshore Registries permit, as an economic

incentive, the hiring of foreign crews at

wages lower than those payable to domestic

crews. Says Jallow, “It was viewed as an

alternative to open registry,Àto counter its

effects on shipping. Prior to the advent of

secondary registry,Àtraditional maritime

countries were offering various forms of

financial incentives to ship owners, thus the

main objective of secondary Registry was

the phasing out of subsidy and incentive

schemes.” Dr Zammit confirms, “States

such as Malta and Cyprus offer an open,

or international registry. Owners opt for

registration under these open registries

for a variety of reasons including reliability,

stability, reputations, fiscal planning and

opportunities for crew employment.”

Hybrid Registers offer attractive

combinations of national and open

registry features designed to

lure shipowners. Just as open registers

developed in response to national registries,

so hybrid registers have developed in

response to open registries. Jallow

explains, “They are easier to access and

have fewer entry requirements than most

national registries. They tend to maintain

a nationality link between beneficial owner

or management of the vessel and the flag

State. In general, hybrid registries tend to

offer financial incentives and advantages

similar to open registers.

Some hybrids allow foreign shipowners

access to the registry once certain

technical standards are met. The Norwegian

and Danish International Ship Registers,

the Isle of Man, and Madeira permit foreign

owned or controlled vessels in certain

circumstances while the German and the

French International ShipÀRegisters do

not have nationality requirements. But,

what about changing legislation?



The Isle of Man’s global centre of excellence

for superyacht business is centred around its

highly successful international Ship Registry.

The team responds quickly and pragmatically

to the fast-changing needs of the industry,

contributing, advising and assisting with new

build and conversion projects globally. The Isle of

Man Ship Registry’s experience in applying the

Red Ensign Group Yacht Code to all sizes of yacht,

delivers solutions to yards and managers, ensures

compliance with codes and conventions and

provides peace of mind to owners.

For more details Tel: +44 (0)1624 688500

or visit www.iomshipregistry.com

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 115


Virgin Islands Shipping Registry

operates within a stable British

based legal system

Our Merchant Shipping Laws

protect the Owners, registered

vessels and associated mortgages

British Virgin Islands

The BVI is a vibrant democracy enjoying

decades of political & social stability

Super Yachts are surveyed under the Red

Ensign Group’s prestigious Large Yacht


With over 4000 yachts, the VISR are experts in the

registration, survey and inspection of all types of


The BVI is a world leader in company formation

The jurisdiction is tax neutral



Pioneering, innovative and leading

the way in global business solutions,

the British Virgin Islands (BVI) is an

internationally respected business

and nance centre with a proven

commitment to connect markets,

empower clients and facilitate

investment, trade a capital ow.

3 rd Floor, Cutlass Tower, Road Town, Tortola, BVI VG1110

T: +1(284) 852-1957 E: info@bvinance.vg

W: www.bvinance.vg | www.bviglobalimpact.com



The new Red Ensign Group (REG) Code

came into force on 1 January 2019. The

code consolidates an updated version of

the Large Yacht Code (LY3), and the latest

version of the Passenger Yacht Code (PYC).

The new Code also has what is known as

a ‘retrospective application clause’. This

means that there are sections within

the Code that will be applied not just to

new vessels, but to existing vessels also

that are currently certificated under the

existing Large Yacht Code or Passenger

Yacht Code, from the first annual survey

after 1st January 2019. The revised Marpol

Annex 5 under regulation MEPC 70 came

into effect on 1st March 2018. The main

change for yacht owners is the additional

category (E-Waste) to be included in the

garbage record book. The Republic of

Panama decided to adopt the REG YACHT

CODE, edition January 2019, part A, for


The General Consulate of Panama located in the

legendary Vieux-Port of Marseille. Together with

the vessel registration, the Consulate also provides

the Seaman Books for officials and ratings within

a rapid timeframe. The clients may pay their

taxes and other services directly, without any

intermediaries in the Consulate, having the same

official prices of the Panama Maritime Authority.

This Consulate of Marine Marchants e offers a

wide range of services, including authentication of

signatures and legalisation of documents needed

for sales and mortgages. The Panama Ship Registry

is one of the most trustworthy and respected flag

states in the world.

For more details Tel: +33 (0)

or visit www.consulatgeneraldepanamamarseille.com

the yachts up to 12 passengers and part

B, for the yacht up to 36 passengers.


Binta Jallow sums up succinctly the reasons

a yacht would register with the British

Virgin Islands: Its reputation and expertise

flies high internationally; It’s easy for a

vessel and any mortgage to be registered

with ensured security in a politically stable

environment with a British-based legal

system and infrastructure. The (VISR) is

a member of the Red Ensign Group. Any

vessel registered within the REG, is a

‘British ship’ and is entitled to fly the Red

Ensign flag and reap the benefits.

Why Panama? We ask. Mag. Virna J. Ayala

looks aghast. You ask me this? She replies.

“Because, Panama yacht registry is a

public institution, not a private office.

Our clients may pay their taxes and other

services directly in any of 64 Marine

Merchant Consulates around the

word, at the same official price as the

Panama Maritime Authority, without

any intermediaries. Moreover, the

Consulates provide the Seaman



An international law firm with offices in

Malta, Cyprus, London, Zurich and Hong

Kong, Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates is a

multidisciplinary practice with a highly

experienced team specialising in shipping

and yachting. Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates

assists with the full spectrum of vessel

ownership – from vessel sale and purchase

to tax advice, to marine mortgages and

registration of vessel, as well as ship owning

and the set up and administration for VAT

Yacht Leasing Structures. The specialist team

constantly ensure a high quality of service to

clients seeking the most effective solutions.

For more details Tel: +356 22056606

or visit www.chetcuticauchi.com

Books offer official log books for Panamanian

vessels and yachts. Our registry has a

tradition of more than 100 years and we

are an A Group member of the IMO.”

Dr Zammit from Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates

warns, “It is vital to keep a close eye on

the benefits for each possible flag. New

legislations and regulations are constantly

being proposed and put forward for the

betterment of security, environmental

protection and for improving transparency

in the maritime sector. Proper planning

and a trusted partner that has a wide

range of international knowledge is vital.”

Clear? The owner draws a slug from a

large glass of whisky. “Tell me again,” he

says. “From the top. And slowly this time.”

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 117


Chris Clifford recommends his

essential products and services

for the coming season

Port Tarraco

Marina Port Tarraco is one of the few existing marinas of its kind in

the western Mediterranean designed to offer deep water berthing

for the world’s largest yachts. The latest technology, standards

and security levels for the visiting VIP vessels in combination

with the bespoke Concierge Service, will ensure that each yacht

and crew receive a warm welcome and any personal assistance.

The marina offers 33 berths between 45 and 160 metres and

complete range of berthing facilities.

For more details Tel: +34 977 244 173

or visit www.porttarraco.com

Kronos Yacht Agencyð

Offering solutions for all your yachting requirements during your stay in Greece,

regardless of your port of entry or itinerary. Kronos are legally authorised

to clear yachts in and out of Greek waters. They have corresponding agents

throughout the Greek Islands who will happily assist you for the duration of

your visit. Should you prefer it, all billing can be taken care of through their

central office, thereby offering the advantage of a trouble free trip with

settlement of accounts taking place only once.

For more details Tel: +3022410 78407ðor 6972032034

or visitðwww.kronosagency.comð

JPL Yachting

JPL Yachting is a yacht agent, concierge and

brokerage firm in Palma de Mallorca. Situated

at the famous Club de Mar marina on the city’s

harbour front – the company offers the full

spectrum of services in English, German and

Spanish for yacht owners, guests and crew;

prospective buyers and those wishing to charter

a vessel. The experienced team at JPL Yachting

handle all aspects of docking in Palma for their

international clients. In addition, they take care of

immigration and customs formalities, for smooth

arrival into port, and shortened clearance times.

For more details Tel: + 34 646 549 865

or visit www.jplyachting.com

118 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD


SeaStars is creating a multi-platform communication tool to

officially recognise and enhance the yacht chef profession. They

provide a clear and defined career path to all chefs wishing to

progress in this most rewarding and exciting industry. With the

unique Certificate of Competence, owners, recruiters and captains

will have access to all the relevant information about a chef

position candidate, unbiased, verified, at a glance. SeaStars is

the answer to the industry needs.

For more details Tel: +44 (0)208 191 8566

or visit www.seastars.lifep

Argentario Yacht Services p

Based on the coast of Tuscany, Argentario is a professionally

registered yacht agency in Italy. They are perfectly situated

and qualified to satisfy any type of request and to offer your

yacht full assistance wherever you are in the Mediterranean.

Based in the stunning Argentario area in Tuscany, they are

able to reserve berths and to assist you with services both

at sea and onshore. Available 24/7, together with the handson

approach and the personal assistance to their clients will

ensure a first class services for guests and excellent support

to Captains and their crew. Their mission is simple: focus

on the client’s needs and give complete client satisfaction.

For more details Tel: +39 3349997049

or visit www.argentarioyachtservices.com

Freestyle Slides

Freestyle has been providing bespoke custom inflatable docking

systems for several years and has been evolving the docks alongside

the myriad of requirements and feedback from owners and captains.

Perfectly sculptured to transom shapes, custom cut-outs for

specific jet skis or Seabobs, hand laid faux teak finishes, the

client’s wishes can all be achieved with the in-house design team.

For the larger docks, Freestyle now have a modular zipper system

allowing for easier deployment and flexibility. This along with a

lifetime warranty marine grade zippers and anchor points gives

the crew and owner the perfect customisable docking system.

For more details Tel: +1 727 563 2003

or visit www.freestyleslides.com

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 119

Superyacht Tenders & Toys

In May, Queen’s Award winner Superyacht Tenders & Toys (SYTT)

announced the opening of its new superyacht toys rental division

in Monaco. The move comes in response to rising consumer

demand and offers the company a base outside of the UK in the

midst of uncertainty surrounding Brexit. The new department

will specialise in eco-friendly rentals, including FunAir exclusive

inflatables, RS sailing dinghies and electric toys such as the

Seabob, Lift eFoil and bikes. The rental service will be managed

by Roxane Ducruet. Having worked in the yachting industry for a

number of years, Roxane has a wealth of experience and a wide

network of contacts having lived in Monaco her whole life.

For more details Tel: +33 (0)6 60 89 14 39

www. superyachttendersandtoys.com

Valencia Mar

Valencia Mar offers 340 berths from 8 to 120 metres and is one of

the safest marinas in the Mediterranean with all its moorings with

quays. Valencia Mar is a state-of-art marina built in 2006 in the run

up to the America´s Cup. From 2018, Valencia Mar has had a new

management team that is concentrating developing its offerings and

new services for the visiting superyachts. Valencia Mar offers an

unbeatable quality / price ratio thanks to its spectacular facilities,

moorings with unique quays with staff always on-hand to satisfy the

visiting customer.

For more details Tel: +34 647 356 951

or visit www.valenciamar.com


The Mallorca based air conditioning and refrigeration

company. The team at MTSea are qualified and

experienced in both refrigeration and yacht engineering.

They will assess any issues you may have on board,

work with you to find a solution, make recommendations

and complete the work regardless of the scale of the

project. The company is multilingual with everyone

speaking English. MTSea offers a superyacht class

service including long-distance engineering support to

customers who have a problem but no access to local

services. MTSea is proud to be the agent for Octo

Marine in Mallorca, look out for the van in your port.

For more details Tel: +34 971 23 07 71

or visit www.mtseasl.com

120 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD


Gusman Yachting

Gusman Yachting is a superyacht agency for

the entire Maltese archipelago. Their extensive

experience and local knowledge ensure bespoke

shore support, port facilities and concierge

services that extends beyond Malta, thanks

to their trusted worldwide network of support

service providers. Apart from offering superyacht

assistance in and around the Maltese archipelago,

Gusman Yachting also offers worldwide yacht

chartering and brokerage through Idea Yachting;

specialists in sale, purchase and charter of yachts.

Idea Yachting has been setting the standard in

luxury yacht brokerage since 2014. Operating from

the Grand Harbour Marina’s waterfront on the

Island of Malta, the Idea Yachting team has more

than 30 years yachting industry intelligence that

will guarantee your vision and requirements are

impeccably satisfied.

For more details Tel: +356 7925 2928

or visit www.gusmanyachting.com


Established in 1996 by Onno van der Spek, A+ Rigging

has since grown into one of the leading superyacht rigging

service centre in the Mediterranean. A+ Rigging is able to

refit any type of mast on any type of boat – simple. They are

experienced in traditional classic sloops, schooners and ketches

but also have enormous amount of experience in the world

of modern racing boats. A+Rigging are well connected with

all the big mast manufactures such as Hall Spars, Southern

Spars, Offshore Spars Nordic mast and work closely with

the world’s largest rod and rigging manufacturer – Global

BSI. The experienced team is able to service all rod rigging,

wire rigging and modern PBO or Carbon rigging.

For more details Tel: +34 971 745 572


Superyacht Supply Chain

Superyacht Supply Chain is a new concept for the yachting

industry, providing a unique platform for on board Heads of

Department to meet with the suppliers that are most relevant to

their yacht’s specific requirements. Taking place in key yachting

hubs, these events will offer dedicated face to face meetings

between on board decision makers and the companies they want

to see. Captains and HoDs will receive a tailor-made schedule of

meetings for services they specifically need for the yacht based

on the preferences they have indicated. Yachting suppliers gain

valuable face time with clients who have expressed interest in

their products. The first Superyacht Supply Chain events will

be taking place in 2020. If you would like more information on

taking part as either a supplier or a buyer, contact them now.

For more details Tel: +44 (0)3300 555 777€


ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 121

The Ports of Toulon

The Ports of Toulon have been continually improving

their services for the yachting sector in recent

years. The Port Authority’s on-going programme

of refurbishment of deep-water berths for vessels

with LOA up to 300m is attracting new shipyards,

suppliers and yacht service companies. In 2019,

the new Monaco Marine shipyard started business,

berths in the south part of the bay were made

ISPS-compliant, and this has brought new clients

to check out the Ports of Toulon’s possibilities.

As this programme is continuing in 2019/20, new

improvements are being made to existing berths

and fresh availabilities are under development.

Alongside berthing, winter lay-up and easy refuelling

are key benefits for the Toulon Bay area and its

major activities.

For more details Tel: + 33 (0)4 83 24 30 60

or visit www.ports-tpm.fr

Wandering Yacht

Wandering Yacht is an established nautical luxury brand dealing

with port services, concierge and chartering in Montenegro.

At Wandering Yacht your ease of mind and comfort is of

utmost importance to them. Arriving, checking in, launching

and docking are all in their capable hands so you can enjoy your

much awaited Montenegrin experience. Through the formulation

of an experienced and multilingual ‘crew on land’ that meets

the demands of the crew at sea, the level of luxury service on

board the yacht is maintained on land, ensuring a memorable

experience. For more details Tel:+382 (0)69 333 693

or visit www.wanderingyacht.com

Port Profile

A platform designed by yacht crew, for yacht crew recruitment.

Sign-in, complete your profile, and post or search for jobs. The

system finds matching candidates based on the criteria of your

job post or the experience and qualifications entered by the

candidate. You review matches, invite suitable candidates or

apply for matching positions. Shortlisted candidates go to the

chat window, and chat to the crew member or recruiter. Simple!

For more details Tel: +44 (0)7380892121

or visit www.portprofile.com

122 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD



If you have a hunger for adrenaline rushes reaped by the thrill

of water sports, you have a lot in common with the Deramar

founders, who in the early ‘00s decided to take their passion and

share it with the outside world. They now own a serious fleet of

sea toys (with the latest products and models) for sale and for

rent.0Their repertoire includes being official dealers of Seabob,

Jetsurf, Kymera, Lampuga, JOBE, Funair and Aquaglide. Their

expert team of engineers offer great after sales and mechanical

service, should it be required.0Deramar’s customer service

engagement proactive and flexible.

For more details Tel: +30 210 80 70 7750

or visit www.deramar.com0


For the past 12 years Fabrice Viard and his international team at

Liberty Yachts have been providing a 7/7 24h service, in order to

assists crews and enable guests and owners to enjoy their time on

board. Over the years Liberty has developed a personalised relationship

with each of its clients, enabling them to offer a tailor made service,

attentive to the constant market changes but ready to satisfy each

request. Liberty offers a complete range of high end services to

its clients, from provisioning, fuel bunkering to berth reservations

throughout the Mediterranean Sea.

For more details Tel: +33 960 399 972


G.Panessa & C. S.p.A.0

The specialised unit ‘Luxury Yacht Special Services’

within Panessa, is a dedicated team for the reception

and care of superyachts and their crews berthing at

the port of Livorno and at the marinas of Pisa and

Rosignano. Their mission is to supply first class and

round the clock assistance to Owners, guests and

Captains. Services offered include husbandry, customs

and immigration procedures, berth reservations,

bunkering, provisions and spare parts supply, plus all

the services that a valued customer would receive

when staying at a luxury hotel.

For more details Tel: +39 0586 2110000

or visit www.g-panessa-co.it0

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 123


SPINERA presents one of the most thrilling and ultimate fun ride

experiences on the water with its self-rotating tubes from its

latest product line. This highly resistant fun tube is available in

two different versions and offers space for up to six or up to 12

people. Endless Ride 4-6 and 8-12 is manufactured from a heavy

duty and durable material, which is specially created for yacht

owners and water ski school operators who require long-lasting

quality. Thanks to its numerous handles everyone will easily find the

right grip for the wildest tube rides on the market. Spinera also

offer a variety of waterskis, kneeboards, wakeboard and bindings.

For more details Tel: +49 (8035) 96 78 79 - 24

or visit www.spinera.com

MARSAL Waste Management


YACHTNEEDS provides yacht crew wherever they are, to confidently

source carefully selected, specifically catalogued, high quality onshore

professionals, products and services. Crew can chat live, apply for

the industry’s latest jobs and listen live to Superyacht Radio, all in

one app. Download it for free from the App Store or Google Play!

YACHTNEEDS, the only superyacht app you will ever need!

For more details email info@yachtneeds.net

or visit www.yachtneeds.net`

Marsal is a specialist waste volume reduction equipment

supplier: compactors, shredders and granulators for all

general soft waste materials generated on board luxury

yachts and ships. MARSAL is also proud to announce they

recently were awarded the ‘exclusive’ agreement with MS

Yacht Services for all machines the company supplies. They

are proud to introduce the unique GlasstoSand Bottle/

Container Oppressor. The machine has a small footprint

and is very eco-friendly with 90% volume reduction leaving

a 100% safe to handle sand-like material. Think Green

and re-cycle your on board waste.

For more details Tel: +357(99)652 586

or visit www.marsalwaste.com

124 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD



Lampuga produces premium electric surfboards combining

innovative designs and state of the art technology that offer

fun and exciting experiences on the water, with the touch of

a button. The boards are user friendly, completely emission

free and are built to the highest safety standards.0But, just

as important is the fact that they are a huge amount of fun,

easy to master and an exhilarating experience great for all

ages. The Lampuga Air will shortly be offered at selected

rental locations across Europe, making them available to

every yacht that is looking to add some excitement to their

charter. More information about the existing and future rental

locations is available on the website. If you are interested in

joining Lampuga’s exciting partner programme, get in touch

with the Lampuga team.

For more details Tel: +49 (0)721 61935 6000

or visit www.lampuga.de

KRM Yacht Refit & Repair

KRM Yacht is the first and only company in Turkey specialising

in superyacht refit services with professional in-house teams,

consisting of engineers, architects, craftsmen and meticulously

picked and agreed subcontractors. KRM have in house services

for high quality finishing for painting, interior, carpentry and

metal works with fully equipped workshops at their refit facilities

in Istanbul and Antalya plus, they also have a technical service

point at Göcek which happens to be in the middle of the best

cruising area in Turkey. All the refit projects are managed by

experienced projects managers who have the necessary years

of experience with superyacht refits.

For more details Tel: +90 212 26 26 726

or visit0www.krmyacht.com0


Anchorlift0Technic deliver a wide selection of

davits for tenders, RIB tenders and JetSkis up

to 7m, for mounting on swim platforms and on

the deck.0For yachts0that don’t have0a0hydraulic

platform or crane for lifting the tender out

of the water,0Anchorlift0Technic have created

a unique swing/tilt type davit called DD5, for

tenders and jet skis up to 3.5m0and0300kg.0All

products are 100% European made with the

best finish possible and made from the best

316L stainless steel available.0Davits are fully

adjustable and fit most tenders/jetskis available

on the market today.0

For more details Tel: +47 900904140

or visit0www.anchorlifttechnic.com0

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 125


Marivent Yachts

From their Port Adriano test centre and new showroom offices in

Ibiza, Marivent Yachts continue to provide the best quality service

which keeps them as the number one Fjord dealer worldwide since

2014. Marivent Yachts services are far reaching, from providing

their clients with winter storage facilities, sales brokerage for

pre-owned yachts, maintenance options and now new charter

services for the Balearic region and internationally. They have

also introduced expertise to help owners and companies with the

management of yachts over 20 metres. Marivent are specialists

in providing a true ‘all in one service’ with a focus on quality and

unique yachting brands such as Fjord, Prestige, Austin Parker

and now the luxury Excess Catamarans.

For more details Tel: +34 670 760 569

or visit www.mariventyachts.com

POD International


The team at POD International have recently enhanced their product

range with the introduction of the luxury Yachtbeach Pool. With the

new Yachtbeach pool you have enough space for bathing, swimming

as well an integrated lounging area for extended sunbathing. The

pleasant teak foam top surface is extremely gentle and comfortable to

walk on or lie down on, and the teak look helps match this extension

to the mothership. The 6m x 4m pool will protect the users from

unwelcome marine life, jellyfish or any other marine particles and is

a secure swim area for children under supervision.

For more details Tel: +49 (8035) 96 78 79 - 24

or visit www.theyachtbeach.com

The first fully integrated online temp recruitment

platform for the private yacht industry connecting

yachts seeking crew and crew seeking yachts.

Dayworkers register on the app indicating their

location, availability, skills and experience in

a standard format that recruiters can easily

recognise and react to. Registered yacht

managers, captains and owners request a

dayworker using the website or app; a dayworker

is then dispatched to the yacht’s location at

the requested date and time. DayWorker.com is

not a recruitment agency. Its sole purpose is to

provide a fast, convenient and secure way for

yacht operators to book freelance day workers.

For more details visit www.dayworker.com

126 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD

Interior & Outdoor Furnishings for

Yachts, Residencies & Aircraft


Anchorlift Technic, Oslo Norway Phone: +47 90090414 Email: roy@anchorlift.com www.anchorlifttechnic.com

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 127


Voyonic Crewing Ltd

Voyonic have been providing global employment solutions to the

marine industry for over 10 years. Services provided by Voyonic

range from basic managed payroll bureau services through to

the full crew HR management and employment solutions for both

international shipping companies and superyacht owners. As part

of a global payroll alliance, with associated businesses in the

UK and Malta, specialising in legal, tax and social security, they

genuinely believe that they have the solution for most employment

situations. Voyonic pride themselves on their brighter approach to

client relationships where they believe every client is number one.

For more details Tel: +44 (0)1481 711828

or visit www.voyonic.com

Gordon S. Blair Law Offices

Gordon S. Blair is an independent law firm, established in Monaco

in 1920. They provide comprehensive, personalised and high-quality

services to individuals, worldwide families, local companies and

international groups. They address a large number of cross-border

issues on a wide scope, including with the office in Switzerland

(Geneva). The multilingual team relies on an ideal combination of

various levels of experience, expertise, efficiency and innovation.

This commitment to serve their clients’ best interests has

cemented the companies reputation over time.

For more details Tel : +377 93 25 85 25

or visit www.gordonblair.com

Shipyard Supply Co.

Due to customer demands, SSCo

have designed and developed a new

davit crane especially to handle large

format inflatables. Today’s inflatables

come in all shapes and sizes, and have

to be secured to the top deck of a superyacht. If the yacht

doesn’t have a heli-deck crane, then the heavy inflatable needs

to be man-handled up there by the deck crew; a huge task

in itself and one that can be time consuming both in setting

up and bringing down. The new davit cranes are designed

to be fitted into the sockets of the top deck, so the crew

can winch the inflatable up there, saving time, man-power

but more importantly in a safe environment. Once finished

with, the crane can be easily removed and stowed away.

For more details Tel: +44 (0)1473 598 091

or visit www.shipyardsupply.co

128 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD







With 5G already implemented in parts of the USA and

with the help of working-parties and user groups,

European 5G coverage gradually being introduced

in ‘trial’ cities, it’s testament to the relentless

demand and voracious appetite for faster, ever

more sophisticated mobile connectivity.

Areas of society set to benefit greatly from 5G are numerous;

pretty much all of us in fact. The world of media and entertainment,

for example, is one of the more obvious areas. Others are the

energy industry, the health industry and manufacturing where

robotics, logistics and anywhere, in fact, where inter-business

communication is required. The much talked about ‘driverless

car technology’ will also rely upon 5G when the technology

becomes available.

Just as shore-based needs are set to benefit, it’s much the

same for yachts. During busy peak-periods on a large 30m or

40m+ yacht, it would not be unreasonable to assume that at

least 12 data-hungry guests, and up to 20 or more hard-working

crew, are expecting to receive instant, lag-free connectivity,

uninterrupted telephoning, video-conferencing, almost continuous

use of social-media, online gaming, use of cloud-based applications,

HD TV and potentially all at the same time!

With that kind of demand in place, it’s good to know that cellular

technology and land-based communications providers are very

much part of the future framework for yacht connectivity moving

forward. In fact, the yacht market now has a very good choice

of both VSAT (very small aperture terminals) and land-based

communication providers. All the companies I spoke to offer a

sensible and logical ‘hybrid’ solution, switching between the two

systems to maintain continuity, speed and reliability.

Satellite companies have brought about accelerated developments

in progressive LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellite technology, and

High Throughput Satellites (HTS) and GEO satellite platforms,

where impressive technology gains are being made.

130 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD


Yacht owners, charterers and crew are needing

increased bandwidth for their communication and

entertainment requirements. VSAT manufacturers

are responding by offering higher power off the

shelf solutions. Recently launched products are

a new 2.4m antenna offering C and Ku band

services with an upgrade path to Ka band and

tracking of non geostationary satellites, there is

also a significant increase in power on 60cm and

80cm solutions. SES can offer VSAT solutions

bespoke to what you actually need. A hardware,

airtime and service offering from SES is tailored to

keep you connected. SES are accredited to Lloyds

ISO9001:2015 and approved by Lloyds, DNV-GL,

ABS and Rina as radio surveyors.

For more details Tel: +44 (0)1634 295500

or visit www.ses-marine.com

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 131

Within the next decade, experts predict the earth will be covered

by small satellites at low heights working directly above, not within

range of the human eye, of course, that would be ridiculous, but

capable of providing vastly improved mobile coverage and faster

connectivity akin to the home experience.

As the name suggests, Low Orbit Satellites orbit the earth as

low as a few hundred kilometres high and, although the concept is

not actually new, in terms of numbers, the LEO satellite market

can shortly expect to receive a greatly increased number and

large constellations in the thousands of these relatively small,

relatively low-cost satellites, that can be upgraded, swapped

out and changed far quicker than their larger, more costly GEO

satellite (Geostationary Earth Orbit) counterparts.

‘Traditional’ GEO satellites, with their large data-carrying

payloads, are satellites located at 36,000km height and remain in

a stationary position relevant to the earth and follow the earth’s

own rotational course. LEO satellites (and to an even lesser

extent, MEO - Middle Earth Orbit satellites), on the other hand,

are not held in fixed earth positions, and they can be deployed

to different locations, but need physically many more of them

to give true global coverage.

Broadly speaking, the two different satellite types are

complementary, and consumers derive the best combined service

when both types are deployed and working together. To receive

higher-capacity, higher-speed connectivity, yachts may need to

review their existing antennas, thus ensuring they can receive

and transmit this lovely additional data set to come our way.

I intentionally use the word ‘review’ here (as opposed to using the

word ‘replace’) because chances are replacement of a ‘full-fat’

Dome antenna may not be required, but for any other reason

than the more attractive, low-profile appearance of flat-panel

antenna terminals, which, from an aesthetic point of view, most

of us would probably prefer.

One thing that stood out with companies I talked to, is the

provision of flexible, demand-based data that enables service

providers to point additional bandwidth to yachts during busy

periods. The process is quick if the yacht is known to the provider

and vice-versa.

Operating from eight strategic sites in the UK, Ships Electronics

Services Ltd (SES) has years of experience working within global

leisure and commercial marine industries, including military,

and is a dealer and distributor for some of communications’

biggest names.

SES Leisure Manager, Paul Rees, told me, “Flexibility is key to

providing what’s required. We work with large airtime providers

that offer an opportunity to upgrade or downgrade bandwidth

requirements on a monthly basis. “We can offer data plans that

are not subject to capped tariffs and other usage restrictions,

in this sector you will most likely be limited by either what your

hardware can handle, or airtime cost.”

Real time data wireless & satellite communications company,

Excelerate, CEO, David Savage, told me, “Yacht clients generally

want full internet requirements, including consistency of speed


Yachtprojects International supply hardware, software

and airtime for the following services. VSAT, both Ku,

Ka, C band and GX. Fleet broad band, Iridium and

GMDSS , in-house supported VOIP phones and 4G.

They also supply TVRO and service globally and are

a one stop shop for the above and compliment this

with bespoke onboard networks including firewalls,

managed LAN and managed WiFi, both for open

and revenue stream applications. Their managed

networks are Ðsupported remotely 24/7/ 365.

Recently Yachtprojects International have released

their ‘Ethernet over power system’ Ðfor minor or quick

deployment networks where 350Mbps suffice.Ð

For more details Tel:+44 (0)740 880 2485

or visit yachtprojects.net

132 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD


Unifying Communications

Mobile 3G/4G



Single contract

associated to

multiple SIM






Integration with

your existing


24/7 NOC






and service and expect the same standard as a good 5-star hotel.

“The charter season is finite, so this itself presents logistical

problems. We buy and manage our data in real-time, so we

can change the speed of VSAT onboard in a matter of seconds

compared to others. “I’ve never understood why yachts should

be tied to long contracts because why would a yacht want to

pay for high bandwidth capacity when there’s no one onboard?

The flexibility that we provide presents challenges at times,

but we have plenty of headroom on our networks anyway and

we always ensure seasonal capacity to cope with the unusually

high demands.

“Buying and managing our own satellite capacity in real time,

means we can deal instantaneously with requests and can wind

it back when that demand subsides, or normally when guests

depart that is.”

The concept of flexible data plans allowing users to cope with

highly fluctuating data volume is supported by OmniAccess,

whose Plexus Controller provides an easy to use tool for network

selection, monitoring and controlling user traffic. OmniAccess

Deputy CEO, Carlos Carbajal, told me, “The ‘like-home’ experience


OmniAccess provides you with unparalleled NextGen

Broadbeam VSAT speeds of up to 400Mbps, local

WiFi networks as well their NextGen iO mobile

(4G) data plans. These various networks are

integrated through their cutting-edge traffic-steering

application, so as to always provide you with the

best connectivity experience depending on your

requirements, whether this be for latency sensitive

apps or for higher bandwidth needs such as HD video

streaming. To ensure all your networks run smoothly

their state-of-the-art Network Operations Centre is

available to you 24x7, should you ever encounter a

complication or require support from the team.

For more details Tel: +34 971 01 63 33

or visit www.omniaccess.com

lies in combining different technologies available (WIFI, 4G/5G,

VSAT) and being able to steer traffic through the correct channel

depending on the requirements of the specific application. Video

streaming, data download or uploads are not latency sensitive

and can be channelled through our VSAT connection, whilst

gaming or video-conferencing is better channelled through 4G

or Wifi, when available.”

Plexus Controller appears to be well up to the job when Carlos

said, “Plexus TV will compress high bandwidth video into a

smaller IP stream whilst ensuring you retain HD video quality,

and our NextGen iO ‘traffic steering’ capability automatically

selects between VSAT, 4G/5G or local WiFi networks depending

on the device requirements and available connectivity.”

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 133

A Wärtsilä company

Upgrading your

Marine Electronics or

Entertainment Systems?

Talk to the experts...

Supply, Installation and Service

SES is one of the most experienced suppliers

and installers of navigation, communication and

entertainment systems. We understand marine

electronics and what is needed to ensure their

performance and reliability meets or exceeds

customer expectations. You can rely on SES for

either new installations or when it’s time for

system upgrades.

% +44 (0)1634 295500 (24 hrs)



Distributors with factory trained engineers for:

Marine Network Solutions



DATES (2019)

July 16 th -18 th

Aug 20 th -22 nd

Sept 17 th -19 th

Oct 22 nd -24 th

Nov 19 th -21 st

This 3-day training course is aimed

at ETOs, Chief Engineers or other

similar positions. It introduces

the fundamentals of VSAT

communications systems and

TCP/IP networking essentials.

Participants will gain hands-on

experience using real equipment

on live satellite networks.

sales@omniaccess.com www.OmniAccess.com +34 971 22 19 79

134 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD







Regarding the ever-present need to have security in place,

Excelerate have their roots working with Government emergency

response and mission-critical incidents, so their level of network

security and protection ticks almost every box.

David said, “Our teleports are ISO 27001 accredited, and this

gives us capability and credibility for Level 4 risk – an internationally

recognised 24/7 security level required by many Government

departments before major contracts are offered. Not just for

cyber-security, but total resilience, whereby we operate 2x

teleports and 2x satellites inter-connected, with instantaneous

failover, so if one goes down the network continues to function

via the other.”

“In the same way some businesses have good cyber-security

policies in place and others don’t, the same rule applies to

yachts, so, where we can, we try and ‘mitigate’ risk by offering

all our clients help with their on-board security advice or needs.”

When questioned about security, OmniAccess’ Carlos Carbajal,

confirmed, “Security is paramount and present in all our

products in multiple forms. We we take a global view, utilising a

combination of tools, applications and processes to ensure our

clients traffic is always secured. From encryption of over-theair

traffic, management of on-board firewalls and encryption of

VOIP communications, we take security very seriously indeed.”


Excelerate Marine is a full end-to-end supplier, integrator

and maintainer of Yacht Technology Solutions. They

strive to differentiate themselves by being an inventor

and developer of their own solutions as well as being

a Satellite Network Operator with real time control of

bandwidth provision and quality. Excelerate provides

customised flexible 4G and VSAT tariffs that really do

reflect the yacht’s needs throughout a season at very

competitive costs. Through an innovative and user

focused approach, Excelerate enables the ease, freedom

and security to always connect to data, video, voice

wherever and whenever. They can package solutions

to create unrivalled value, scalability and flexibility. For

more details Tel: +33 (0)4 83 58 03 43

or visit www.exceleratemarine.com

With speeds of up to 400mbps achievable from GEO satellites,

final delivery is still very good, but from iphone to satellite and back

it’s a 72,000km round-trip, and latency can present problems,

combined with other logistical difficulties associated with the

vast distances involved.

Regarded a major and significant step-change within the

communications industry, low earth orbit LEO satellites are

predicted to overcome many of the difficulties some users are

currently experiencing, a view commonly held by David Savage,

when he said, “In the next decade or so, I foresee we will walk

out of the office, the i-phone will be working on Low Orbit

satellites and a 5G network and we won’t even know it because

it will all work seamlessly, on one bill, that won’t be excessively

expensive either.”

Others such as OmniAccess have clearly set out their future

strategy, as Carlos Cabajal told me, “We’re closely engaged with

Telesat as launching partner of their upcoming LEO constellation

projected for 2022-23. The planned LEO constellation includes

200+ new satellites, which will offer global coverage, much

higher speeds than current VSAT technology, as well as much

lower latency. We have already started testing the first LEO

satellite recently launched by Telesat and we’re confident this

is the future of satellite connectivity for the marine industry

and the service will more than satisfy the demands of Owners.”

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 135

A day in the

life of...





fter spending his informative

years living in Madrid, Oliver

Fröls built a marine business and

distribution agency for Bombardier

PWCs, eventually overseeing 700

dealers worldwide. This invaluable

experience sent Oliver on to his

next project called Marivent Yachts.

Based in Mallorca, the yacht broker

and charter company is the main

representative for Fjord Yachts but

includes within its portfolio Arcadia

Yachts, Prestige, Austin Parker and

more recently Excess Catamarans.

Oliver has together with his team,

been awarded numerous accolades

and awards including being the number

one global distributor for Fjord Yachts

seven years running. After working

and living on Mallorca for the past

30 years, Oliver’s network of friends

and business associates is wide

reaching. With spending much of

his time visiting the marinas, ports

and maritime associated businesses

on the island, Oliver’s a well known

and respected resident on the island

always arriving with a smile and a joke.


After an early breakfast at home, when he’s not travelling, Oliver travels to the

Palma office for team meetings. This time of year, the last of the boats are leaving

the sheds, the sales team present updates on the sales funnel for new boats across

the product ranges, and the yachts planned

for imminent delivery are discussed to make

sure any specific owner additions have been

completed. From a potential client’s first

point of contact with the company, to

the actual yacht’s delivery and servicing,

Oliver keeps a close eye on the customer

journey and demands a high level of service

from all the team. The team has a close

relationship and work together more like

a family with Oliver being the respected

and loved patriarchal figure.

Across the multiple brands, logistics

plays a key part in delivering these

levels of service, so Marivent’s

interaction with its partners such as

Hanse Yachts, Arcadia and Prestige is

of the upmost importance. Clients are

far and wide and each customer can

have different options throughout the

specific yacht, so complete track and

trace of yacht specifics is paramount,

together with the desired delivery dates

being met. “Purchasing a yacht, no

136 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD

Show, Monaco, Cannes and Dusseldorf to yacht shows further north

in Europe and across the Atlantic, Marivent as a sales agent for

its brands is busy all year round. The shows are longer within

the high season months and require attendance throughout

the year in many different locations. Logistically this is

a massive undertaking and together with its partner

brands Marivent carefully plans staff and yacht

transport and sets down a specific set of goals

for each show. Oliver notes, “It’s important for the

business to have a plan when attending these shows

and be able to look back and track leads or at least

monetize our show attendance to some extent.”

Marivent has recently set up a new office in Ibiza

and developing this region is of growing importance.

Driven by customer demand, Marivent have always prided

themselves on developing the brand to deliver the best

possible customer experience throughout their yacht’s lifetime.

Opening the new office in Ibiza is a direct effect of client demands

and is already proving to be a successful location. Quite often the

final meetings of the day are with the after sales department to check on all work in

progress and make sure delivery schedules and any planned maintenance is running

as planned. We discuss client feedback and see if suggestions or comments need to

be addressed or can in fact be brought in to our business plan to enhance service

standards. Marivent’s goal is to deliver a seamless service from A-Z, to deliver the

perfect customer experience. This has been the business ethos for Oliver over the

past 30 years and will continue to be so.

matter the

size, is a


decision, but

taking delivery

is a wonderful

moment for any

person. So, it is with

great attention and pride

that we make 100% sure every detail is ticked off at

this stage of the client journey with us. The actual moment

of delivery can be quite emotional for all concerned,

maybe sounds silly, but this is everyone’s favourite day.”


Of an evening at least twice a week, Oliver will find himself

‘networking’ somewhere across Europe either at a shipyard, the

Hanse Group or with another partner or supplier. Building Marivent

as a brand and delivering the highest levels of service is at the

forefront of Oliver’s mind and this face to face contact with business

associates is vital. “It allows us to give precious feedback to the

shipyards,” Oliver explains. “Developing various strategies to drive

all the brands is in everyone’s interest and just like our lunch time

office conversations, these evening ‘business’ discussions often

help in bringing some wonderful business ideas to fruition.It’s

important to look at what other successful brands are doing and

see if anything can de developed for the Marivent family.”


Lunch is often spent with the team, where a more relaxed

and informal chat about the business and island life in

general takes place. From these more relaxed discussions

(many now an adopted business processes) some great

ideas have been born – it’s an ideal time to chuck about

ideas and have people from different departments put

in their personal feelings and comments. The foundation

of Merivent is and has always been to work as a team

and for everyone to have an element of input.


Marivent have some form of representation at all the boat

shows across the world. From a larger scale presence at

the grander Mediterranean shows such as the Palma Boat

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 137


In this effervescent port city, Roman history

collides with beaches, bars and a food scene

that perfumes the air with freshly grilled seafood



A sleek, modern hotel in the new part of

the city just a 15 minute stroll down the

Rambla Nova to the old city. Service is

excellent, sea view rooms, modern and

comfortable - you get the idea.

www.hotelastari.com | €€€


A revered hotel just a couple of blocks

from the old city. A clean and simple 3

star hotel that does the job… On-site gym,

pool, buffet breakfast – great staff, great

value for money and comfortable.

www.hotel-lauria.com | €€€


Although dating back to the 12th century,

the interior of Terra Dominicata is utterly

contemporary. The minimalist rooms and

suites feel in tune with the building’s

history. Spend the day in the hotel grounds,

soaking up the views from the pool.

www.terradominicata.com | €€€€


Just on the outskirts of town, but well

worth the trips in and out of the city.

Incredible spa to pamper yourself, great

restaurants and bars, with very well

appointed rooms. Your typical beach & spa

hotel, but with that added touch of luxury.

www.granpalashotel.com | €€€€€


This boutique hotels offers 13 exquisitely

decorated suites with designer furniture

and the obligatory ‘pillow menu’. The pool

and garden areas are a little oasis of

tranquillity, with a range of restaurants,

bars and the option to visit the Boella

vineyard. Book it Dano!

www.laboella.com | €€€€



A must on any visit to the area, Nacho

Pous has built an enviable reputation for

delivering innovative local Mediterranean

cuisine. The award winning restaurant is

simply decorated and in a beautiful location,

perfect for any celebration or just a quiet

lunch. The set menus are an incredible 22€

per person - astounding value.


€€€ | +34 977 24 71 16


A vegetarian restaurant with a cozy feeling

serving carefully prepared and delicious

food. Located in the old town just a minute

form the Cathedral, the simple Nordic style

decoration sets the perfect scene to enjoy

some incredibly innovative dishes.


€€€€ | +34 877 06 48 50


Located in the historic centre, built into

a farm, the vestiges of the old medieval

buildings are still present. This unusual

setting means the restaurant offers

various choices of room style, from common

areas, the private dining experience to

kitchen style seating arrangements. But

not forgetting the spectacular food based

around daily specials and locally sourced

traditional cuisine.


€€€ | +34 977 252 428

138 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD



With a history of over 20 years, this

eatery offers simple, local, good quality

and excellent value fare. Great for large

groups, no frills, no messing but nothing

special either. Well worth the money with

generous portions and great service.


€€ | +34 977253170


A typical coastal seafood eatery, with the

added twist of being decorated as a large

vintage yacht or even pirate ship…great

value, great service with an interesting and

varied range of fish dishes. Arrive early or

book to get a table on the terrace.


€€€ | +34 617 49 46 54



Cheap cocktails, lively and friendly locals

with live music every Sunday, could you

ask for more?


A superb little intimate jazz club with

regular live gigs and filled to the brim every

night adding to the wonderful atmosphere,

with the extra added bonus of serving great

value drinks.


This place is a must for before and after

dinner cocktails. There is an extensive

choice of cocktails available in this lively

and perfectly located bar. The place is localy

known for its buzzy ambience and brilliant

night time lighting. A great place to visit

with friends.


Probably the oldest bar in the city with

a traditional feel and offering. Definitely

one for the bucket list to mix with the

locals and even sample some of the local

dishes on offer.



The ancient Roman ruins were placed

on the list of UNESCO World Heritage

Sites in 2000. The site includes an

amphitheatre, theatre, circus, city walls,

Roman necropolis and an aqueduct, which

lies just outside the city.


Built in the 2nd century the site measures

130m by 102m and could hold over 15,000



Declared a national monument in 1905,

and was constructed in 1154. A glorious

building with a bell tower 70m high.


The museum includes archaeological

findings of Tarraco’s Roman and early

Christian past. The museum’s origins lay

in the 19th century, making it the oldest of

its kind in Catalonia, with some collections

assembling objects found from the 16th

century onwards.


Finally, let´s not forget about Tarragona´s

beautiful beach, Playa El Milagro. The golden

sands of this Costa Dorada beach attracts

visitors from all over and it offers a 980m

stretch of sand as well as views of the port.



41°06. 5´N 001°14. 6´E


Tel +34 977 244 173

Email info@porttarraco.com

Website www.porttarraco.com

Max length 160m

Max beam 32m

Max draught 9m



The fascinating Concurs de Castell

celebration takes place in Tarragona,

every two years. In October, the Le

Tarraco Arena and the streets of

Tarragona are filled with 32 teams

of everyday people climbing up each

others’ backs and onto shoulders in

an effort to make the tallest human

pyramid. A sight to behold.


The fishing quarter, a picturesque area

and well worth a stroll, watch the

fishing boats bringing in their catch,

whilst sampling tapas and aperos…


The terrace and the paths that

extend from it offer a multitude of

photo opportunities. Continuing a little

further along the beach, the scenery

becomes more rugged, providing a wide

range of landscapes and backdrops.


The largest festival of its kind in the

region, taking place for 10 days in

September, with origins tracing back

to the 14th century.


A locally popular old-town wine

and tapas bar. Tables huddle under

streetside umbrellas and there’s no

wine list. The team will just dig you out

something tasty from the impressive

wine collection featuring Catalan DO

favourites like Penedès and Montsant.

Check out the down-to-earth tapas.

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 139




Papua New Guinea is one of the least explored

countries in the world. Impenetrable forest and

smouldering volcanoes make nature a fortress

in this tropical land. Watch as birds of paradise

flit between the trees with their magnificent

plumage and crocodiles skulk in the muddy

mangroves. Make your way through the rainforest

by helicopter, boat and on foot, accompanied by

a leading documentary producer, a researcher

and local tribesmen. Only a handful of people

have been privileged enough to visit these

forgotten lands of the Kaningara tribe.

140 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD















Sense the timeless power of nature in

Kamchatka and witness one of the highest

concentrations of volcanoes in the world.

This land of primal beauty resembles Earth

in the earlier chapters of its creation, with

spurting geysers and erupting calderas.

With no roads or railways connecting to

the outside world, Kamchatka is a haven

for wildlife. In September, mammoth

brown bears patrol the waters for salmon

in unrivalled numbers and the volcanic

landscape holds an enormous untapped

potential for adventure. This remote and

little-known region of Russia can offer a

multitude of fascinating activities, such as

searching for migrating whales alongside

a marine guide. Itineraries can also include

heli-skiing, bear tracking and diving to

underwater smokers.

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 141

Luxury Toy Rentals & Sales


48 Peiraios, Moschato, 18346, Athens, Greece

T: +30 210 80 70 775





From Roman wrecks to sunken Grecian

cities, the Mediterranean’s seabed is

awash with historic sites. Destinations

such as Malta and Italy have long been

popular for yacht charters, but the new

way to explore is with a submersible

onboard. Steered by Cookson pilots,

these 2-to-7 seater vessels give the

freedom to search the waters for

shipwrecks carpeted in crustaceans and

historic sites that have only recently been

discovered. A submersible is the perfect

viewing platform to spot life beneath

the waves and to truly appreciate the

beautiful marine life our oceans offer.



Over 250 miles south from of Baja California lies the

Revillagigedo Archipelago, four little-known islands

of volcanic origin and exquisite underwater activity.

Known as the ‘superhighway’ of the Pacific Ocean,

some of the planet’s most majestic sea creatures ride

its currents. Observe manta ray mass migrations and

help scientists monitor sharks and contribute to the

conservation of the precious ecosystem.




Being the highest, driest and windiest

continent on Earth, Antarctica is a city

of icebergs. An expedition yacht with

helicopter and submersible on board

offers the best vantage point to view this

extraordinary environment. Join leading

scientists in climate and wildlife research

and learn more about a continent that has

changed the way we view our evolving

world. Visit the Vernadsky Research Station,

where long-term climate trends are studied.

Every day aboard a yacht here will be

different as you witness the ever-changing

elements and the concentrations of wildlife.


Founded in 2009, Cookson Adventures has pioneered the concept of world firsts in luxury adventure travel.

For further information visit www.cooksonadventures.com

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 143

Recruiting crew or

finding the perfect

job at sea?

A new kind of yachting recruitment is

now here with everything in one place.

Recruitment just got a hull lot easier!

Sign up today


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Is a passage

plan optional?

A recent Admiralty

Court decision

in London gave

shipowners, operators

and Masters a

timely warning as

to their collective

responsibilities to


Words: Capt A. Croft


In brief, a container ship grounded leaving

port due to ignorance of shallow ground

warnings in a port fairway which should

have been no go areas for a ship of this

size and draft. The London court denied

compensation under marine insurance as

it had determined that:

•à The vessel’s passage plan was defective

with respect to the failure to appraise

no go areas making its subsequent

passage unsafe.

•à The passage plan made the vessel

unseaworthy. The court found that

effective passage planning, and

seaworthiness are linked.

•à The unseaworthiness of the ship was

the cause of the grounding as the

Master did not know of this danger

in his subsequent action to leave the


•à Due diligence to ensure seaworthiness

was not properly exercised by ships

officers. The Safety Management

System did not excuse the owner from

liability as ships’ officers are employees

(servants or agents) of the owner.

How does this ruling potentially affect

large yachting operations?

Although marine insurance is of generally

little interest to Captains of superyachts,

this ruling now makes a new emphasis on

the proper preparation of passage plans

and also, in its execution, and monitoring.

A failure on part of the Captain or his

officers potentially exposes any otherwise

well-run yacht to Port State detention and

other penalties.

By merely being in a Port State’s waters,

with a passage plan on board which does

not clearly incorporate ALL currently

available updated corrections and notations

to paper or electronic charts, a yacht

may be deemed unseaworthy and unsafe

to proceed to sea. However, in yachting

there are some other relevant points to

bear in mind.

Extract of SOLAS Regulation applicable

to small vessels and pleasure craft

Regulation 34àapplies to all vessels but the

degree of voyage planning may sensibly be

less for small vessels and pleasure craft.

There is still a need for prior planning, but

the plan need not be written down. The

following should particularly be taken into

account when planning a boating trip:

See www.mcanet.mcga.gov.uk/public/c4/


AlthoughàRegulation 34àonly applies when

proceeding to sea, small craft users should

adhere to the voyage planning principles

when also sailing in categorised waters.

Master’s liability

Secondly, and in addition, under SOLAS V, if

the Master is responsible for the Passage

Plan, and the Plan is found incomplete or

deficient, then the Owners may have a

claim on their insurers based on ‘Crew

Negligence’. See further information at:



which gives the Rule on the Master’s

Discretion...and which rather forbids

interference from the Owner or Manager.


Whilst the lack of required certificates

and supporting documents may render

the vessel unseaworthy, it is as well for

us to recognise the various conditions

under which SOLAS V may not apply – e.g.

tonnage limits of 150GT for all voyages

and 500GT for International Voyages, and

to also appreciate the various relaxations

which flag-states may have agreed for

smaller vessels flying their flags.

For example, The UK Codes of Practice

which are accepted as equivalence to the

technical requirements of SOLAS, and

their appreciation that (quote) ‘degree of

voyage planning may sensibly be less for

small vessels and pleasure craft’ (unquote).


The PYA recommends that the recent

court ruling on the Container Vessel LIBRA

case should be presented in the yachting

sector as more of a reminder to those

in yachting who should take note of the

need to apply the professional statutory

requirement to APPRAISE, PLAN, EXECUTE

and MONITOR all movements of their

vessels at all times…..even when moving

anchorage position!

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 145


Management & Administration Services . Registration & Leasing Structuring . Crewing & Payroll

Call: +44 (0) 1624 717717 . Email: info@icapmarine.com . Visit: www.icapmarine.com

I-Cap Marine is a yachting and marine management company that is approved to act as a Representative Person by the

Isle of Man Ship Registry and is a member of both the British Maritime Federation, European Committee for

Professional Yachting and is a part of the I-Cap Group of Companies, with our Malta business being affiliated to the

Super Yacht Industry Network (Malta).

From our offices in Malta and the Isle of Man, I-Cap Marine’s dedicated Superyacht Team specialises in the provision of

expert advice and exceptional management and administration services to owners and their advisors in respect of:











I-Cap Marine Ltd. Registered Office, Bridge Chambers, West Quay, Ramsey, Isle of Man, IM8 1DL.

Integrated-Capabilities (Malta) Ltd is licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority

Integrated-Capabilities Ltd is licensed by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority

Ask the experts

Advice and knowledge from the leading experts in their fields



Clyde & Co






I-Cap Marine Ltd



The Spectrum IFA Group













The location of the

superyacht (international

waters or territorial

waters) as well as the flag

of the yacht determines

the laws and regulations

a drone operator should

comply with. Within

the EU, it is governed

by the national aviation

authorities of each

member state unless you

have permission from the

relevant authorities. The

law prohibits flying smallunmanned


aircraft (i.e. a drone fitted

with a camera) within 50

metres of any vehicle,

structure or person not

under the control of the

person in charge of the

aircraft. If your superyacht

is flagged under the

British Red Ensign, you

may fly a drone to capture

photos and video footage

over your own yacht and

the surrounding area as

long as you comply with

the afore mentioned

restrictions. In the

territorial waters of

other jurisdictions, local

laws must be followed.

Proven hybrid electric

power is certainly the

immediate way forward

for superyachts and the

clean fuel alternatives

being investigated by

various superyacht

shipyards is a positive

step. The Norwegians

have introduced tough

environmental legislation

and are driving towards

electric hybrid and batterypowered

vessels, with

several innovative new

build projects aiming for

zero emissions by 2030.

The various small boat

OEMs starting to produce

100% electric solutions

are a positive step for a

cleaner marine environment

too. Yet to power an

80m yacht by battery

alone is still many, many

years away. You cannot

hurry chemistry and the

chemical process needed

for battery manufacture

on the scale and output

required to power and run

all systems onboard by

current battery/lithium-ion

energy storage systems. A

superyacht is required to

do so much more than just

ferry her owner and VIPs.

As we all know, effective

communication is always

of great benefit. Whilst

at sea, however, it’s also

of paramount importance.

Whether it’s the Captain,

the Crew or the Support

Services Partners ashore,

the smooth, efficient and

indeed safe running of a

boat at sea involves the

co-operation of many

key stakeholders, each

of whom have their own

important and unique

part to play. Effective

communication is always

a two-way cycle with its

delivery and understanding

being critical to its

success, regardless of

whether it’s face-toface,

by telephone or

via online messaging.

Pivotal in this effective

communications cycle is

the Yacht Management

Services Provider who, fully

understanding the roles

and responsibilities of the

different stakeholders,

can effectively liaise with

and bring together all the

parties, thus ensuring the

provision of clear and rapid

information, actions and


First and foremost,

pay off any existing debts.

These cost a ridiculous

amount in interest. Then

build an Emergency Pot.

At least three months’

salary available at all times

in case you find yourself

looking for a job. Thirdly,

save for education in order

to progress your career,

consider the costs of

education. Plan for the

next course and how much

it will cost (including travel

and accommodation), divide

this by the number of

months before the course,

and save every month.

Fourth is the longer term

‘Exit Pot’. What might

you do when you leave

yachting? A land based job,

start your own business,

retire? Save at least 25%

of your remaining income

every month. Penultimately,

what about a ‘Property

Pot’ If you want to invest

in property, then start

planning early. Last but not

least the very necessary

‘Fun Pot’. Set an amount

each month for having fun

and travelling. Saying no

to another night out is the

hardest part!

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 147



Global Employment Solutions | Payroll Management | HR Expertise and Advice | Pensions

& Auto-Enrolment Solutions | International Social Security Expertise | Employee Benefits

Full compliance with the Maritime Labour Convention | Crew Management

We look forward to welcoming

you on board.

T. +44 (0) 1481 711828

E. enquiries@voyonic.com


Efficient. Connected.

Working together.

We understand the mechanics of team building.

Your partner in recruitment

Stay connected.

Please visit our Antibes office.

tel. +33 (0) 492 904 610

MLC 2006 accredited by Lloyds Register


email. info@ypicrew.com

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148 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD


New generation,

New jobs

Laurence Lewis looks

at the new skill sets

needed by the next

generation of crew that

could give them the

edge over their peers

when looking for that

next position

Generation Z, people born during

the mid-nineties, is entering the

workplace in the yachting industry.

With their high-tech and hyper-connected

upbringing, they bring a new set of behaviours

and expectations in their place of work.

That’s just as well, as their work place is

changing too and over the last few years

recruiters have seen exciting new jobs

arising in the industry.


The crew entering the market are now

expected to come equipped with a large

spectrum of skill sets to meet the needs

of the 2.0 yacht owners and captains. The

good thing is that Generation Z can multi

task, even more so than Millennials. With

constant interaction with apps, texts,

videos they are used to paying attention

and monitoring a variety of media and this

will definitely set them apart from older



One such new job is drone pilot. We started

getting these requests the last couple of

years but nothing like this season when we

have seen the demand for Drone Pilots rise

by 30 %. The pool of available candidates

is still not very large but is increasing

steadily. Of course, as always in yachting,

it is about multi-tasking, so the drone

pilot will always have another job aboard

such as deckhand, bosun, 3rd/ 2nd`officer. `


What a great opportunity for a tech

savvy person to start a career! Drones

have become interesting on a couple of

levels for yachts. We have all seen those

beautiful videos of yachts cruising in

the sunset, of people jet skiing in idyllic

settings, kite surfing in the best spots.

Drones capture the experience of yachting

and allow guests to go home with great

footage of their friends and family at play

in the most desirable locations around

the world. This is the ultimate holiday

souvenir; it does not get better. Of course,

drone pilots also provide great content

for marketing videos for charter yachts

whose Instagram accounts flourish as

they compete for followers. Drones can

also help in terms of inspection of hard to

reach or normally in-accessible areas on

the yacht, it’s a new pair of eyes, handy

to have for the deck crew before starting

a job. Becoming a certified drone pilot is

definitely an interesting path to follow,

which sets candidates apart in a market

where owners and captains are looking

for more and more extra skills. `

A new generation of yacht owners whose

centre of interests lie in extreme sports

calls for a new breed of deckhands, so

here comes the deckhand/ kite surfer

instructor! For the 2019 Med season we

have received a plethora of requests such

as “looking for a fun, sporty kite surfer

deckhand”. Whilst they spend some time

teaching guests how to kitesurf their main

duties will still be regular deckhand tasks

such as washdowns, setting up the deck,

line handling`and tender driving. Many of

these jobs are of course on expedition

vessels that spend much of their time

around the Pacific but not all. For those

looking to enter this buoyant job market,

the International Kiteboarding Organization

are a good place to start and for now, the

demand for such candidates outweighs

the supply.


Another highly popular request this year

has been for Spa and Beauty, Massage and

Sport Therapists and we doubled the number

of placements in this segment between

the 2018 Mediterranean season and the

2019 season, perhaps not surprising as

the size of yachts keeps on increasing. For

many guests, for instance, a massage has

become part of their enjoyment onboard

the yacht to help them unwind from their

busy life ashore. Popular treatments for

guests and crew include deep-tissue

massages, and treatments designed to

be anti-stress and anti-fatigue. Therapists

cater for a variety of requests and need

to specifically be aware of how to address

over exposure to the sun and sea.


Wellness and well-being are the defining

concepts of our time and these new jobs on

yachts address these needs. For recruiters

this is also a stimulating time as we look

forward to welcoming and accompanying

newcomers into the yachting industry.

ONBOARD | SUMMER 2019 | 149










La Trinité-Sur-Mer to Cowes




ICC Sydney




Porto Cervo, Italy




Torbol, Italy




Cowes to Plymouth, UK




Lelystad, The Netherlands




Torquay, UK




Falmouth, Cornwall, UK




Cannes, France


P La Rochelle, France




Cowes Yacht Haven, Isle of Wight





P Stresa, Italy




Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina




Mayflower Park, Southampton, UK




Solent Racing Club, UK




Puerto Portals, Spain




Port Hercule, Monaco




Palma de Mallorca, Spain




Bonifacio and Saint-Florent


P Mallorca, Isle Balearics

150 | SUMMER 2019 | ONBOARD


FJORD 52 open

36 40 44 52 open | 44 coupé | 36 MY tender | 38 xpress

MARIVENT YACHTS / Port Adriano, Mallorca

Tel: +34 670 760 569 / oliver@mariventyachts.com

UNIQUE YACHTS GERMANY / Gewerbestr. 8, 87787 Wolfertschwenden

Tel: +49 151 211 653 24 / guido@fjordyachts.de


the power of German engineering








UK: +44 2380 01 63 63 FR: +33 489 733 347 US: +1 954 302 9066

email: rental@sytt.co www.superyachttendersandtoys.com

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